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Books and Documents

Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab: The Man behind 'Deviant Innovation' That Would Become Wahhabi Islam
Ziauddin Sardar

He was against all forms of pluralism, and loathed the traditional "elasticity of doctrine, ritual and practice" that made Islam dynamic and vibrant. His theological position, writes Michael Crawford, "made him condemn much of the Islam of his own time". It was thus natural for ibn Abd al-Wahhab to declare that following any school of Islamic jurisprudence, except his own Hanbali School, was indistinguishable from shirk, or polytheism…..

Islam and Politics

English/Urdu Bipolarity Syndrome in Pakistan
C. M. Naim

It may be more accurate to assert that the ‘Anglophone’ population in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad prefers it that way. Who are these ‘Anglophones?’ The people who quickly switch to English when after starting a serious conversation in Urdu, seldom buy and then read an Urdu newspaper, and prefer to look with disdain at what they may perchance see in Urdu—’Just some more backward thinking.’—rather than take it as seriously as any scribbling from the English language sister journals of the same Urdu dailies.....

Islam, Women and Feminism

No Plan to Set Minimum Age for Marriage of Girls: Saudi Grand Mufti
Sakeena Majeed, Ohio Muslim woman

Muslim Bride Stirs Applause at Sydney Memorial

Makkah Region Top for Runaway Girls

Seven Bosnian Schoolgirls Aged 13 And 14 Fall Pregnant On Class Trip

Jihadist’s Widow Posts Picture of a 4 yrs Old Boy Posing with Toy Gun by IS Flag

Rocker Turned ISIS Recruit Lures Girls, Says Life Is ‘Awesome’

Muslim Woman Attacked By German Racists

Saudi Woman Apologizes For Attending Soccer Match

Ohio Muslim Woman Sues Over Jail Church Attendance

Saudi Sponsors Pay SR400, 000 Arrears to Housemaids

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Islamic World News

Iran’s IRGC 'Massacring' Iraqi Sunnis It 'Saves' from ISIS
Maulana Abdul Aziz, Pak Lal Masjid Cleric


Palestinian Cleric Says Husbands Must Know Password for Wives' Facebook Accounts

Arab World

Iraqi Army Kills Over 30 Isil Terrorists in Anbar

20 Jihadists Killed In Failed East Syria Airport Attack

Egyptian Court Lifts Ban on Granting Citizenship to Palestinians


Liberal-Religious Bonhomie over Peshawar Carnage Dissipates

Lal Masjid Protesters Receive 'Threats from Taliban'

South Asia

28 Militants Killed In Afghanistan


UN Panel Chief Calls Hafiz Saeed ‘Sahib’, India Seeks Clarification

North America

US May Not Target Mullah Omar after This Year

US Mulls Putting N. Korea on List of Terrorism Sponsors

Southeast Asia

Malaysia ISIS Recruits ‘Take Out Loans’ To Fund Trip


Somalia Turns To KSA in War against Terror


Sacking of Islamophobic Television Presenter Provokes Free-Speech Row in France

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Pakistan Must Discard its 'Good Taliban, Bad Taliban' Narrative
Beena Sarwar

The Peshawar attack won't prevent future attacks unless the Pakistani government upholds the rule of law and prosecutes murderers. The Pakistan government has yet to prosecute those who are already in custody on terror charges, like the two attackers in the Ahmadi attacks of 2010, captured by Ahmadi worshippers and handed over to the police. Although charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act and still in custody, they have yet to be punished…..

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

The State’s Duty is to Truly Counter Terrorism
Huma Yusuf

Only a state can take the kind of holistic measures needed to truly counter terrorism: strengthening the criminal justice system; reviving local policing; revising hate-filled school curriculum; upholding hate speech laws; and cutting the flows of terrorism financing. Only the state can match the organisation and resources of the militant groups that are destroying Pakistan…..


The State Has No Right to Interfere In the Relationship between Man and God
General Pervez Musharraf

I also believe that religion is a private matter between a person and his creator. The state has no right to interfere in the relationship between man and God. The separation of church and state is mandatory. It must be respected…..

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Pakistan: The Blood Price Of Faustian Bargains
Mirza Waheed

It is perhaps another measure of the deep schisms in Pakistan's body-politic that apologists for such openly hostile groups go into conspiracy-theory mode every time the former commit an atrocity. Very soon, the Pakistani Taliban and their affiliates may have to distance themselves from their defenders in TV studios and on social media, because even when the Taliban triumphantly claim responsibility for murderous attacks, the apologists seem to say, "No, you didn't do it, bro." That evergreen excuse, the foreign hand, is invoked even as leaders of extremist groups openly address rallies in Pakistan's cities, threatening more murder. ….

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

What the Taliban Really Want Is Implementation of Pakistan’s Constitution
Aakar Patel

To answer the question that analysts have been scratching their heads over: what the Taliban really want is implementation of Pakistan’s Constitution. That is why it is difficult to fight them because they say they are right on the question of law. No fight against them will succeed, or can even be properly started, unless the confusion over the Constitution and its promise is resolved…..

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Peshawar Carnage Implications
Babar Ayaz

Suffering terrorism, violent sectarianism and an independence movement in Balochistan, the people are questioning, now openly, the policy of nurturing various jihadi groups by the state. Is the state ready to change its skewed strategic culture is a question asked by many writers. Christina Fair, in her latest book Fighting to The End, is not very hopeful. But I would like to take some solace in what a retired senior official once said, “Old policies of the state are like the Titanic; they need time to change course.” I hope it does before we hit the iceberg…..

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Turning Point Peshawar?
Hamid Mir

The whole world is standing with Pakistan. This is an opportunity not only for Pakistan but for the whole of South Asia to unite and strike the enemies of humanity without any distinction between good and bad. Let us stop our dirty double games with each other. Let us play fair for the sake of the memory of all those innocent people who have lost their lives in terrorist incidents all over South Asia in the last one decade……

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Wash My Blood-Stained Bag, Mama
Osama Bin Javaid

My brother said they were checking if anyone was playing dead by putting the hot barrels of their guns on their necks. Anyone who made a noise was shot. My brother turned his phone to silent and played dead too. There was so much blood coming out of his bullet wound that they didn't bother to check if he was alive. This time he was really scared. He said, 'don't come to get me or they will kill you too. They just killed my friend'…..

Current Affairs

RSS Hindutva Antics Give Lease of Life to Muslim Right
Hasan Suroor

Narendra Modi's prime ministership may still be a work-in-progress, but for the wider Sangh Parivar it looks like mission accomplished and it might just as well go and hang out the buntings. For, in barely six months, it has succeeded in undoing years of hard work by the Muslim community to defang its own fanatical fringe. Just when it seemed that the Muslim Right had started to come under pressure, it has been given a new lease of life by groups such as VHP and Bajrang Dal with their relentless hate campaign…..

Islam and the West

However, amidst this flurry of activity there are few signs of any actual anti-extremist education taking place. Our concern is that the Prevent focus on identifying young people viewed as vulnerable to radicalisation is taking attention away from the need to promote the prevention of extremism through educational approaches that build individual and collective youth resilience that not only just teach the principles of democratic citizenship but actually put it into practice…..

Current Affairs

The Astrologer Turned Islamic Radical
Jacob Siegel

There is little about the Sydney hostage taker’s life that makes sense aside from his violent death. That’s because Sheikh Man Haron Monis was a fraud. He was a phony sheikh using an adopted name, preaching religious virtue while he was fighting sexual assault and murder charges. He carried out his violence in the name of ISIS, the radical Islamist group fighting in Iraq and Syria, but even that connection seems to have existed mainly inside his own head. Monis has been called a “Lone Wolf” terrorist, and it’s clear that he was inspired by radical groups like ISIS…..

Urdu Section

In the Name of Today's Grief  آج کے غم کے نام
Mujahid Barelavi

طالبان اپالوجسٹ کے سر خیل کثیر الاشاعتی اخبار کے کالم کاروں کے کالم  کے کالم اٹھا کر دیکھ لیں یاپھر اس سے وابستہ چینل کے اینکروں کی ویڈیو کلپس ریکارڈ سے دیکھ لیں ..... بڑے فکری اور نظریاتی دلائل سے لیس ہوکر یہ Good  اور Bad طالبان کی اصطلاح استعمال کرتے ہوئے ان کے ظالمانہ چہروں  پر پردہ ڈالتے رہے ہیں .... اپنی نوجوانی کے زمانے میں افغان جہاد میں شریک اس کثیر الاشاعت ادارے سے وابستہ ایک کالم نویس جو بزعم خود افغان ایکسپرٹ ہونے کے  بھی دعویدار ہیں  با قاعدہ منتخب حکومت .... اور واشنگٹن  پر زور دیتے رہے کہ  Good طالبان سے فوراً مذاکرات کا دروازہ کھولا جائے .... اس کے لیے وہ باقاعدہ ..... ناموں کی ایک فہرست بھی پیش کرتےرہے جن کی خدمت میں اسلام آباد اور واشنگٹن کو پیش ہوکر افغان مسئلے کا قابل عمل حل تلاش کرنا چاہیے .....

Urdu Section

Historicity and Religious Sanctity of Architecture in Islam - Part 3  اسلام میں فن تعمیر کی تاریخی حیثیت اور مذہبی حرمت- حصہ 3: مسلم انتہاپسندوں کی ثقافتی جنگ اسلاف کے ورثہ کے خلاف ہے
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

بارہویں صدی میں تعمیر کیے گئے یادگار مقبروں کے علاوہ، بخارا میں بہت سے دیگر تعمیراتی عمارتیں سامانیوں اور ازبک باشندوں کے دور سے ہی محفوظ ہیں۔ 1417 میں تعمیر کیا گیا الوگ بیگ جیسے پندرہویں صدی کے مدرسے کی چند عمارتیں اب بھی محفوظ ہیں۔ سب سے مشہور تعمیراتی باقیات میں سے ایک 45 میٹر بلند ٹاور کلیان مینار ہے جسے آرائشی اینٹوں سے تیار کیا گیا ہے۔ بارہویں صدی کی ایک بڑی یادگار عمارت سلجوق کے تعمیر کردہ مخروط گنبد کے ساتھ چشمہ ایوب کا مزار ہے۔ بخارا کی دیگر یادگاری تعمیرات میں "کوکلدش " نامی ایک بڑا مدرسہ، دیوان بیگی مسجد اور کلیان مسجد ہیں۔ کوکلدیش مدرسے کا رقبہ 80 میل طول اور 60 میل عرض ہے جو کہ اپنی حیرت انگیز سجاوٹ کے ساتھ وسط ایشیا کا سب سے بڑا مدرسہ ہے۔

Arabic Section

يجب أن يوضح علماء ديوبند ما إذا كانوا حقا واقفين جنبا إلى جنب مع الإرهابيين، كما ادعى المولوي عبد العزيز. هل العلماء الذين أصدروا الفتاوى ضد الإرهاب يتابعون الشريعة الأخرى؟ وقد أفسد المولوي عبد العزيز شرف رجال الدين بأنشطته. ومن المثير للدهشة أن نرى موظفا حكوميا يدعم الإرهابيين بلا خجل، إذ أن الأمة كلها تريد التخلص من تهديد الإرهاب، ولكن بعض الناس الضالين يدعمون الإرهابيين ويريدون استيراد المزيد من الإرهاب كممثلي تنظيم داعش.

Urdu Section

Interpretation of Gen Zia's Dream  !جنرل ضیاء کےخواب کی تعبیر
Ra'uf Klasra

آج وہ سیاسی مفاد پرست پشاور میں والدین کے آنسو پوچھنے گئے ہیں ۔ جنرل مشرف نے بھی یہی  کچھ کیا تھا ۔ اس نےبھی طالبان کے گارڈ فادر کو خیبر پختون خوا کا وزیر اعلیٰ بنایا اور طالبان کو کھلی چھٹی دی کہ وہ جو چاہیں صوبے میں کرتے رہیں ۔ طالبان کے سب سے بڑے حامی مولانا فضل الرحمٰن  کو قومی اسمبلی  میں اپوزیشن لیڈر بنایا تاکہ وہ اسے ووٹ دے کر اقتدار میں زندہ رکھیں ۔ سب تنخواہیں  عوام سے لیتے رہے اور وکالت طالبان کی کرتے رہے ۔ مولانا  فضل الرحمٰن کتے تک کو شہید او رمنور حسن ملک کے مسائل کاحل عوام کے قتال میں تلاش کرتے رہے ..... آج وہ قتال شروع ہوگیا ۔

Hindi Section

तकरीबन हर समाज में शादी घरवालों की रज़ामंदी से करने का रिवाज़ रहा है लेकिन साथी चुनने की प्रक्रिया को लेकर कई बार नौजवान लोगों के खट्टे अनुभव रहे हैं.पश्चिम के कुछ मुसलमानों की ये राय है कि जोड़ी मिलाने वाली ऐसे ऑनलाइन प्लेटफॉर्म्स होने चाहिए जिनसे उलझन और शर्मिंदगी दोनों ही कम हों.

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Time to Confront the Taliban Apologists in Our Midst
Maria Amir

The past two days have seen the country ‘congratulating’ itself for standing united in the face of this atrocity: Imran Khan has been revered for ‘calling off his Dharna’, our Prime Minister has been applauded for ‘acting quickly’ and demanding that the death penalty be enforced on prisoners on death row. We are all supposedly ‘united’. Really? Is the bar so low that we now congratulate ourselves for having had the decency to muster up a human response to an inhuman tragedy that goes beyond the power matrix? Apparently, it is…..

Islamic World News

ISIS ‘Executes 100 Deserters’ In Syria’s Raqqa
Fethullah Gülen

Arab World

Bombings Kill 10 in Iraq

Saudi Security Forces Kill Four ‘Terrorists’


Row over Indologist’s Anti-Islam Remarks at a Goa Conclave


Extremists in Nigeria Lining up Elderly and Shooting Them

Algerian Army Kills 3 Islamist Gunmen


Al-Qaeda ‘Bursting With Pain’ Over Pakistan School Attack

Four convicts in Musharraf attack case executed in Faisalabad

South Asia

Taliban IED Kills 7, Including Children in Kunar Province

7 Police Martyred, 5 Taliban Killed In Jawzjan Attack


Police Kill Knife-Wielding Man Shouting Islamic Slogans


Quran Recitation and Candlelight Vigil in Ankara for Peshawar Victims

4 Houthis Killed In Clashes with Tribesmen in N. Yemen

Erdoğan ‘closely following’ judicial process against Gülen movement

North America

US Warns Its Citizens against Potential Threats in Pakistan

Southeast Asia

Police Source: Syria-Bound Indonesians Financed by Terror Convict

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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Islam, Women and Feminism

New Face of Terrorism in Afghanistan-Women Bomb Makers
Yasmine Hamdan, Lebanese Singer

Austrian Teen ‘Poster Girl’ Who Joined Daesh Killed In Syria

Lawmakers Put Violence against Women on the Agenda For 2015

Police Release Nine Indonesian Women and Children Bound for Syria

ISIS Pamphlet Authorising Child Rape Disgusts Indian Muslims

Mozambique Legalises Abortion in Effort to Stem Maternal Deaths

Young Kenya Girls Deplore Female Genital Mutilation

Protect Our Girls, Urges AU Special Envoy during Her Nigeria Solidarity Mission

All the Prostitutes of Turkey, Unite

Lebanese Singer Yasmine Hamdan Enters Oscars Race

Bangladesh Govt committed to women empowerment

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

It Wasn’t the Final Atrocity: From Time To Time, Pakistan Shall Continue To Witness More Such Catastrophes
Pervez Hoodbhoy

…if Pakistan is to be at peace with itself then it must seek peace with its neighbours and begin disassembling the apparatus of jihad. The bitter truth is that you reap what you sow Today, massive militant establishments hold the Pakistani state hostage. They run their own training centres, hospitals, and disaster relief programmes. When Sartaj Aziz, adviser to the prime minister on foreign affairs, said that Pakistan was not going to target militant groups which “did not pose a threat to the state”, he accidentally spilled the beans. In fact he was merely restating Pakistan’s well-known zero-sum paradigm — we live to hurt others, not to better ourselves…..

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad
How the Pakistani Taliban Became a Deadly Force
Declan Walsh and Douglas Schorzman

Through the years, the militants have also hit Pakistani military and intelligence targets, including a suicide bombing in the canteen of Pakistan’s elite special forces commandos, the Special Services Groups, and a hostage-taking inside the army’s General Staff Headquarters in Rawalpindi. The Pakistani Taliban were also behind fatal bomb blasts on softer targets like the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad in September 2008 and the Pearl Continental Hotel in Peshawar in 2009.....


Radical Islamism and Jihad
Facing massive appeal of Radical Islam, Moderate Muslims must refute Jihadist theology of violence with a coherent narrative of Islamic moderation, says Sultan Shahin at UNHRC in Geneva
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

We, the silent majority of moderate Muslims are disoriented. Can those Muslims who cherish democracy, peace, and pluralism still have a say in world affairs? Only a tiny fraction of one and a half billion Muslims see in the Quran and Hadees a permission to kill innocents from other sects and communities. But Islam or Islamism is being equated with terrorism because the vast majority of Muslims are still passive and silent.

Thirteen years after 9/11, the Islamist terrorist threat has become more diverse, more complex, and more dangerous. It seems that while the world has focused on fighting the terrorists militarily, it has not faced the challenge of the ideological narrative that Jihadism offers. It is this Islamist extremist narrative that has gained momentum now, animating not only groups like al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, al Nusra, ISIS, etc but also independent actors who may prove even more dangerous. ...

What are we, the Muslim moderates, doing wrong? Why are our youth joining the radicals?

What has happened is that Jihadists have worked out a radical narrative of Islam, a complete theology of violence, xenophobia, hate and Islam-supremacism based on common Muslim beliefs which they are using to brainwash Muslim youth, while we moderates have no coherent narrative or theology of peace, pluralism, co-existence and gender justice to counter that.

So what is the way forward? In my view, this situation calls for a clear refutation of the Jihadist ideology and working out a coherent narrative and a consistent theology of Islamic moderation, peace and gender justice. If not now, when?.....

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