• Did anybody read the following verses from the Quran with respect to dealing with those who do not mean any harm to Muslims? There ...
    ( By Mubashir )

  • ( By Mubashir )
  • “Yeah, I made up the whole thing,” Hirsi Ali admitted on camera to a Zembla reporter who confronted her with her lies. How refreshing an expose’ ...
    ( By rs )
  • How Interesting!Rabindranath Tagore's remark dated Sept. 1931 "We cannot afford in this heart-breaking time of crisis, to indulge in mutual recrimination" is so true today. Rafiq Sahab's remark, ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • This nonsense is put out by the Islamophobes and not the ISIS
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Muhammad Yunus Sahib's following advice needs to be supported by every Muslim:"It is time that the Imams in each mosque all over the world ...
    ( By Satbir Singh Bedi )
  • It blows my mind that anyone wants to hurt Islam by bringing up Mutah. No, <a href=""> mutah</a> is not permissible!  is not permissible.
    ( By MJLondon )
  • I am sorry but the authentic translation of the Quran does not match those of the author.  Quran does sanction bloody Jihad against disbelievers. ...
    ( By Satbir Singh Bedi )
  • Dear Mike Ghouse,Having just pleasantly terminated conversation with Secular Logic under another thread, I am provoked by his pithy remark: ‘so it is now a question of ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • Unlike the word Kafir, the word Mushrik has a fixed meaning throughout the Quran.   One may chose to translate it as "Polytheist" or an equivalent expression such ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Very well said. The path to change does not begin with laws (it ends with them). It begins with respect and change in our daily ...
    ( By sonika rahman )
  • Verse 9:5 should never be discussed alone since it is modified by 9:4 and 9:6 with  the effect that the command to kill the ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • To: Respected Muslim Readers @ New Age Islam   Subject: HIS SECULAR HOLINESS   “Secular Logic,” seems to have reached the end of what he calls, “Fruitful Discussion.” Not sure, what he ...
    ( By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia )
  • So its come down to semantics now.
    ( By secularlogic )
  • Mr Yunus,It is alright. I am not offended. "Believers" and "Muslims" has become so synonymous that one has to make a special effort to ...
    ( By secularlogic )
  • To: Respected Muslim Readers @ New Age Islam   Subject: NAY, BUT YE WILL COME TO KNOW   Knowing the deadly mental syndrome known as “Indifference,” which has plagued the Muslim minds, ...
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  • To: Respected Muslim Readers @ New Age Islam   Subject: THE TRANSLATION OF QUR’ANIC VERSE 9:5   As-Salaam Alay-Kum   From the two words “Kill” to “Slay” used by the Islamic scholars ...
    ( By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia )
  • To: Respected Muslim Readers @ New Age Islam   Subject: THE TRANSLATION OF QUR’ANIC VERSE   As-Salaam Alay-Kum   From the two words “Kill” to “Slay” used by the Islamic scholars with ...
    ( By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia )
  • SLAY, KILL, BELEAGER & BESEIGE   POLYTHEISTS, IDOLATORS, PAGANS, MUSHRIKUN & ASSOCIATORS     Sūrah: Al-Tawbah (The Repentance) – Chapter: 9 – Verse: 5   Sahih International: And when the ...
    ( By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia )
  • Mike has done an admirable job correcting gross misrepresentations of Islamic dicta. Instead of using the Quran as a source book of rules, we ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Thanks Yunus sahib, for your long comment. Very useful, informative.
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • To: Respected Muslim Readers @ New Age Islam   Talking about “Flip-Flop,” here are some of the quotes which will help enlighten all of my fellow Muslims about a mysterious ...
    ( By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia )
  • To: Respected Muslim Readers @ New Age Islam   Talking about “Flip-Flop,” here are some of the quotes which will help enlighten all of my fellow Muslims about a mysterious ...
    ( By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia )
  • Sir, Your oft-repeated mantra that someone has not understood Islam and as such, he or she is ignorant, is an insult to other's intelligence.  You gave ...
    ( By Mohammad Asghar )
  • Dear Secular Logic, My opening words in the last comment; 'believers and Hindus' are technically incorrect and offensive as Hindus are also believers. Sorry ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • Dear Secular,I love both believers and Hindus and all mankind. My (jt) exegetic work which is duly approved and authenticated and under posting at ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • Yunus Saheb,   Fear and Hate drives “Secular Logic,” to continue to thrash any sensible explanations which you submit to him/her attention. Isn’t it a complete insanity?   Beware ...
    ( By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia )
  • Secular Logic,Just scroll down and see. I have answered the question on uncleanliness twice. The other points are best taken up in greater detail in ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Normal 0 false false false EN-US ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • Mr Naseer Ahmed,I believe I have read that article and we had some discussion about how many people agreed with that definition of Kaafir. ...
    ( By secularlogic )
  • Mr Yunus, I am sorry if pointed questions are making you uncomfortable. Actually, it is pointed questions and pointed answers that are usually more ...
    ( By secularlogic )
  • A good expose of Ayyan Ali is available on
    ( By C M Naim )
  • Secular Logic,My article " who is a kafir in the Quran? Part 3 gives a very direct answer.
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • “Satyamev Jayate - Truth alone triumphs”
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • Dear Secular Logic,Your asking me pointed question: "to unequivocally say that those who worship idols and who practice polytheism commit no sin?"  I am no one ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • The subject of battles covering the Medinian period covered in the following article.What does "Smite at their necks or finger tips meant?" The clear ...
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  • Verse 16:106 and related issues covered in my article below:The Law of Al Taqiya in Islam
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  • Verse 65:4 In rare cases menses  may not begin until the age of 18 without any defect  (these girls are statistically speaking outliers) and if ...
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  • Dear Mike Ghouse,While I agree with most of what you have written, I also disagree on some of the points.In our search for political ...
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  • Hello Yunus Saheb,   As-Salaam Alay-Kum   Subject: WHERE IS THE COMMON SENSE & HUMAN DECENCY?   I keep cautioning you that the “Grand Prosecutor,” like “Secular Logic,” will never ever ...
    ( By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia )
    Islamic Ideology

    'IS Members Went to the Same Mosques and They Received the Same Religious Messages as the Rest of the Community'
    Hakim Khatib

    Media outlets in the Arab world were flooded by news, explanations, and interpretations condemning the Islamic State, calling it un-Islamic. Prominent Islamic scholars from different countries all over the world condemned the actions of IS and confirmed the message that IS is not related to Islamic teachings, but on the contrary destroys Islam….

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    The attack on a madrasa teacher and a freethinking columnist of Kolkata, Masum Akhtar is another grim reminder of the fact that extremist Islamic elements are gaining strength in West Bengal, a state that has been a centre of liberal thoughts and religious and cultural tolerance. Mr. Akhtar who is also the head of the madrasa in Metiabruz, a predominantly Muslim area of Kolkata with a sizeable population of Shia sect of Islam was attacked probably for his discussion on Islam from his own point of view in the class a few days ago. He says that some of the students might have misinterpreted the content of his lecture and circulated rumours about his ‘anti-Islam’ views in the locality. On 26th of March, he was attacked with a group of people wielding iron rod. He sustained head injuries and was admitted to a hospital. After being discharged, he lodged a police complaint against the extremists but the police has not yet made any arrests. The local people have submitted a mass petition alleging that he has been making anti-Islam remarks hurting the sentiments of Muslims......

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Pakistani Man Sells Daughters to Pay Jirga Fine
    Zehra Duman, Islamic State Widow

    70 Women, Including 9 Schoolgirls, Left Germany to Join ISIS

    Child Marriages Still Widespread In Rural Areas in Bangladesh

    Islamic State Widow Zehra Duman Lures New Jihadi Brides to Syria

    Female Wing of Jeddah Municipality Offers Superb E-Servives

    Muslim Women across East Lancashire Reject ‘Barbarism’ Of Islamic State

    In Thailand’s Muslim South, Authorities Turn a Blind Eye to FGM

    Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Iran: Facts And Figures

    Saudi Female Students Present Research Papers On Several Pressing Issues

    Pak Children Assembly Pays Tribute to School Attack Victims

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic World News

    Arab Joint Force to End Western Military Intervention in Middle East
    Sirajul Haq, Jamaat-e-Islami chief

    Arab World

    Scores of Terrorists Killed, Injured in South-western Parts of Syria

    Iraq Forces Hunt Diehard Jihadists after Tikrit Victory Claim

    South Asia

    40 Insurgents Killed and Wounded In Operation Zulfiqar in Southern Helmand


    29 Dead, 24 Injured in Fresh Saudi Air Raids on Yemeni Factory

    Palestine Officially Joins International Criminal Court


    Young British Muslims Declare Own Jihad against Isis and Other Terrorists Who 'Hijack' Islam

    Schools Fear Easter Holiday Exodus of Teenagers Joining ISIL in Syria


    World Powers Unleashed Bloodletting in Muslim States for Their Interests: JI

    Blast in Tirah Valley Kills Two Security Personnel


    Tunisian Protesters Condemn Saudi-Led Airstrikes on Yemen

    Southeast Asia

    Jakarta Govt Says Media Bans to Restrict Islamic Fundamentalism

    North America

    Pentagon Backing For Arab Military Force


    India Intensifies Pullout of Nationals from Yemen, Saudi Offers Help

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’


    Islamic Society

    .... a particular stream of which is actually disseminating a distorted outlook of life among the students, to an extent that they are apparently willing to kill or get killed without any question in the belief that they would be rewarded in the afterlife. It is instructive that none of the assailants did even read any of Oyasiqur’s blog postings yet killed him because a ‘senior’, maybe a teacher or a student of one Madrasa or the other, told them that Oyasiqur ‘was writing against Islam and the prophet Muhammad’....

    Current Affairs

    Secular Martyrs: In Bangladesh, Battle against Islamists is Taking a Decisive Turn
    Washiqur Rahman Babu, Bangladesh young blogger

    Babu’s killing, on Sunday, has made clear the darkening threat that Bangladesh’s Islamists pose to the country’s intelligentsia. Executed in a savage attack on Monday, which the police say was likely carried out by the al-Qaeda affiliated Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT), the killing was just the latest in a long, grim series....

    Debating Islam

    Exposing Anti-Islam Author Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Latest Deception
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    While promoting her new book, Heretic, on a March 23 episode of "The Daily Show," Somali-born author and anti-Islam activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali made a staggering claim: “If you look at 70 percent of the violence in the world today, Muslims are responsible,” she told host Jon Stewart....

    Current Affairs

    Kolkata Madrasa Head Attacked For ‘Trying To Be a Rushdie’
    Masum Akhtar, a Newspaper Columnist

    “The fight is between true Islamists and the distorted ones. I am not anti-Islam. But my free thinking is not accepted by fundamentalist Muslims who are doing a great harm to the religion,” he said....

    Books and Documents

    The Sufi Islamic traditions evolved over history with a degree of interaction with Hinduism on the sub-continent. It is a school that includes philosophers and mystics. Sufism embraces the Koran and most of Shia and Sunni Islam's beliefs. Sufis believe that Sufi teachings are the essence of every religion, and indeed of the evolution of humanity as a whole….

    Islam, Peace, Justice and Dialogue
    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

    Islam, Peace, Justice and Dialogue
    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

    Some of the Prophet’s companions wanted to first solve the problems that existed at that time between the Makkans and the Muslims, instead of first accepting peace. The Prophet did not agree with this approach


    Islam Would Never Allow Farkhunda to be Lynched
    Bisma Tirmizi

    The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a very gentle man, he was famed for his honesty, kindness and gentle ways; it was the Prophet’s (pbuh) humanity that made many a people of that era, and of today, convert to Islam. There are countless stories of born again Muslims who have studied the Prophet (pbuh) and his teachings and have changed the course of their own lives for the better….

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    While militant groups and hot-button issues like Sharia law have understandably drawn significant attention, more fundamental questions about the causes of Islamic extremism in the region have not been adequately examined. Why is the culture of intolerance, hate and violence that permeates so much of the Middle East now being manifested in Southeast Asia….

    Ijtihad, Rethinking Islam

    The Prospects for Reform in Islam
    Raza Rumi

    Islamists view Sharia as the sole legitimate source of politics and government; consequently, they believe that Sharia must be enforced around the world by a powerful and expansive Islamic State….

    The War Within Islam

    ISIS Declares War on Mohammad's Covenant
    Azeem Ibrahim

    The Prophet's Constitution of Medina brought together what Muslim scholars describe as an Ummah Wahidah where all the residents of the state, Muslims, Jews, Christians and pagans, ensured religious freedom, gave all groups representation, established the security of women and declared that no weapon can be carried or blood be spilled on the Haram land of the Islamic state....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Misogyny in the Name of Religion
    Sana Saleem

    The most recent poster child for this misogyny is Maulana Sherani, of the good old Council of Islamic Ideology. He’s back with yet another statement on marriage, divorce and all things women….

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    Terms such as “Islamic,” “Islamism” or “Islamist” are offered to distinguish Islam -- the peaceful religion -- from Islamism, the extremist ideology. The problem, of course, is that all of these terms are derivatives, by way of suffixes, of the word “Islam.” If the term created to describe the ideology is a linguistic derivative of the word “Islam,” then the ideology concocted to inspire the act must also be a theological derivative of the religion Islam; such is the underlying messaging at play here, however inadvertent....

    Books and Documents

    The book is comprised of four chapters; the first presents an analytical critique of this elitist current. El-Sharif explains that Islamic feminism searches in religious texts, the Quran, the Prohet's sayings and in Islamic Fiqh(jurisprudence) with the purpose of presenting new readings and interpretations of some matters regarding women....

    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    Marketing Daesh
    Rafia Zakaria

    Marketing Daesh
    Rafia Zakaria

    The theatre of brutality and barbarity enacted by Daesh — the Arabic acronym for the self-styled Islamic State — is not new to Pakistanis. For a country long embroiled in the seemingly endless fight against the Taliban, nearly all of Daesh’s acts are a repeat telecast. When the Taliban march into a town, Swat or Miramshah or even the outskirts of Karachi, they ban women from public spaces, mete out their own brand of justice in town squares, unleash a barrage of floggings, beatings and beheadings. All of it is carefully documented in videos and pictures….

    The War Within Islam

    Yemen, in other words, has become the latest proxy battleground in the sectarian struggle now playing out across the Middle East. It did not have to be this way. The Houthis, unlike Hezbollah and other Shiite movements, do not take directions from Tehran, and have received relatively small amounts of aid....

    Islam and Politics

    Is Iran Conquering the Middle East?
    Juan Cole

    In neither Iraq nor Syria has Iran invaded or even sent infantry, rather supplying some special operations forces in aid of local Iraqi and Syrian initiatives, at government request. In both countries, Iran has Sunni clients as well as Shiite ones. In both countries, local forces reached out to Iran for patronage in the face of local challenges, not the other way around….

    Hindi Section

    Declare The ISIS As The Kharijites  आई एस आई एस को ख्वारिज क़रार दिया जाए
    Muhammad Yunus, New Age Islam

    आई एस आई एस के नाम पत्र जारी करने वाले सभी उलेमा इस बात पर सर्वसम्मति है कि इस्लाम के नाम पर अंजाम दिए गए उपरोक्त सभी अपराधों कुरानी एह्केमात से पूरी तरह अलग हैं। मुख्तसर मुद्दत की खिलाफत राशदा (632-660ई ) से, उनके जैसा होने की तो बात ही छोड़ दें, जिसने एक महान सामाजिक और विचारों की क्रांति ला कर दिया था, आई एस आई एस एक आतंकवादी संगठन है जिसने इराक में अमेरिकी हमले के बाद जन्म राजनीतिक खोला को इराक और उससे मिले क्षेत्रों में एक भौगोलिक पहचान हासिल किया है।

    Urdu Section

    دعا و عبادت کی حقیقت کو سمجھنے کیلئے دو چیزوں کی تشریح ضروری ہے۔اوّل الفاظ: ماہرین ِ روحانیات کے ہاں ہر  حرف کا ایک خاص رنگ، اور اس میں ایک خاص طاقت ہوتی ہے۔غیب بینوںClairvoyants نے حروف کو لکھ کر "تیسری آنکھ" سے دیکھا تو انہیں الف کا رنگ سرخ، ب کا نیلا، د کا سبز اورس کا رنگ زرد نظر آیا۔پھر ان کے اثرات کا جائزہ لیا تو بعض الفاظ کے پڑھنے سے بیماریاں جاتی رہیں۔

    Urdu Section

    When Will We Reclaim Islam’s Spirit of Justice and Respect for Women?  احترام نسواں اور انصاف پر مبنی اسلامی روح کی بازیافت
    Samar Fatany

    قرآن مجید کی متعدد آیات میں خاص طور پر ماؤں کے خلاف کسی بھی رویہ کو سخت حرام قرار دیا گیا ہے۔ آج بھی بہت سے مسلمان ان قرآنی تعلیمات کا احترام کرتے ہیں جن میں ان خواتین کے ساتھ احسان اور حسن اخلاق کا معاملہ کرنے کی ہدایت دی گئی ہےجو ہر نسل کی مائیں ہیں۔مسلمان مائیں آج بھی بے شمار مصائب و آلام کا شکار ہیں کیوں کہ مسلم معاشروں میں خواتین کے قانونی حقوق پر اتفاق رائے نہیں ہے اور ان کے کردار کو حاشیہ پر ڈال دیا گیا ہے۔

    Islamic Ideology

    Refutation: 13 Doctrines of Radical Islam and ISIS
    Mike Ghouse

    I am sick of these guys who present only half truth.  Finding the truth is your own responsibility, go buy three different translations and figure it out yourselves.  Your peace of mind is your business. Now, here are those 13 propaganda verses and my response directly from Quran. I hope no one is gullible enough to buy this propaganda. In the future if you see these, please visit the Quran, read three verses before and three verses after the verse and you will appreciate the wisdom of all loving merciful and just God......    

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    Tip-Toeing Around Islamic Extremism
    Peter Singer

    Finally, the repeated use of "Islamic" as part of the description of enemy groups may make it appear that the West is "at war with Islam." That could lead more moderate Muslims to fight alongside the extremists, thus broadening the conflict and making it more difficult to end....

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad
    Facing The Jihadist Challenge: Muslims Need To Refute Jihadis’ Xenophobic, Supremacist, Millenarian Thesis And Focus On Islamic Pluralism, Says Sultan Shahin At UNHRC In Geneva
    Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

    Facing the brutalities of Islamist terror, while President Obama will not go beyond calling it violent extremism, the head of Sunni Islam's oldest seat of learning, Jamia al-Azhar admitted in a counter-terrorism conference in Mecca that extremism was caused by “corrupt interpretations of Quran and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad”, and Islamic curriculums needed to change.

    This call for reform, coming from Jamia Al-Azhar, is gratifying. But a half-hearted approach to reform will not work. The problems Muslims face are very basic and cannot be solved with mere tinkering with text-books. The global Muslim community will have to introspect. One question repeatedly asked, for instance, is about the contextual verses of the holy Quran that are utilised by Jihadists to brainwash our youth. Jihadists present these contextual verses as an eternal guide for Muslims.

    One would imagine that the followers of Islam who believe, and many certainly do, that Islam is a religion of spirituality, peace, coexistence and tolerance, would be up in arms against the Islamic State. But while routine denunciations from some sections do come occasionally, there is no outrage visible in the Muslim society. The world cannot help noticing that while tens of thousands of Muslims come out on streets to demonstrate the moment there is an allegation of so-called blasphemy against any one, hardly any Muslim would protest at the myriad brutalities perpetrated by Islamist terrorists.

    Clearly there is something wrong, some disconnect, some deeper and more complex phenomenon at work than what can be understood from a superficial look at the issue. Instead of expressing outrage, we find thousands of Muslim young men and women running from their comfortable homes, private schools and cushy jobs to fight and join in the brutalities of the so-called Islamic State. Some 12,000 Muslim young men and women are said to have joined so far from 80 countries……

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