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Indian Muslims Held Firm against Islamic State, As They Had Against Al-Qaeda: National Security Adviser Ajit Doval
National Security Adviser Ajit Doval

The bigger thing is from the entire ulema of India, not even one Muslim religious leader has supported ISIS. All of them have issued fatwas against it saying it is unIslamic.” Mr. Doval added, “There have been at least five or six cases where some youth showed some inclination to join the ISIS. It was their parents who approached the police and intelligence agencies and sought their help in preventing their wards from joining. Now this is where India is different…..

Current Affairs

(Reuters) - A suicide bomber killed 45 people at a volleyball match in Afghanistan on Sunday, a provincial official said, as foreign troops withdraw from the country after more than a decade of fighting. Mukhles Afghan, spokesman for the governor of Paktika province, said at least 50 more were wounded in the attack in Yahya Khel district, where residents had gathered to watch a tournament final. He said most of the casualties were civilians.

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Islam, Women and Feminism

Yazidi Families Reclaim Girls Seized By Islamic State – For a Price
Sheema Kermani, Pak Women,s Rights Activist

Stop Commodification of Women, Indian Commerce Minister

Women with a Vicious Cause: ‘Deviant’ Mothers Disastrous For Children

To End HIV, Stop Violence against Adolescent Girls

African Union Pledges a Stop to Child Marriage

Afghan Women's Soccer Team Building for the Future

This 17-Year-Old Has Given 45 African Girls an Education by Selling Headbands

Voices Grow Louder Against Women Abuse in Africa

Africa Tasked On Self-Confidence in Youths, Women

Embrace Enterprise, Arab Women Told At Global Entrepreneurial Summit

Tanzania Sees Surge in Girls Reporting Rape and Kidnapping

Young Woman Murdered Not Wearing a Veil While Driving In Tripoli

Karachi’s Unsung Women Are Its Real Heroes, Say Rights Activists

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Islamic World News

Egypt Could Send Forces to Stabilise Future Palestinian State: El-Sisi
Sirajul Haq, Pak Jamaat-e-Islami chief

Arab World

Rift Widens among ISIL Leaders, Al-Baghdadi

Dozens of ISIL Terrorists Killed in Iraq's Anbar


Jama Masjid Warns Against ‘Plot’, Anoints Shahi Imam Bukhari’s Son

5 Kashmiri Boys Held For Poll Boycott Call on Social Media

South Asia

30 Taliban insurgents killed in counter-terrorism operations

Drone strike leaves 6 militants dead in Nuristan province


Boko Haram kills 48 fish vendors in northeast Nigeria


Iranian Speaker: Takfiri Terrorists Trying to Create Rift among Muslims

Turkey trains Kurdish Peshmerga forces in fight against ISIS


Handful of Corrupt Rulers Have Held Whole Country Hostage: Jamaat-e-Islami

Three Lashkar-I-Islam (LI) Militants Killed In Clash with Khyber Agency Peace Legion


Up To 300 Swedes Fighting With ISIS: Official

More British ‘Mercenaries’ Join Fight against ISIS

North America

U.S. plans to arm Iraq’s Anbar tribesmen

Southeast Asia

Muslims, Buddhists team up to bring about peace for Rohingya

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Islamic History

Historicity and Religious Sanctity of Architecture in Islam - Part 3: Muslim Extremists’ Cultural War is against the Legacy of Muslim Predecessors
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

Central Asia, Iran and Spain have been truly magnificent citadels of Islamic culture, art and architecture. Muslim predecessors, both rulers and religious scholars, endorsed and encouraged building of architectural structures, monumental mosques and madrasas and even Sufi shrines and mausoleums with big tombs and domes. When our Muslim predecessors or the Salaf in those parts of the Islamic world did not oppose the architectural advancement, why the present-day Salafis, who loudly claim to follow the Salaf, are vehemently opposed to it?...

Books and Documents

Aisha bint Abu Bakr:  the Fascinating Woman
Amanda Quraishi

Her place in the history of Islam is vital particularly with regard to the way Islam addressed the issue of women in the society. The Prophet showed through Aisha how Islam raised woman and made her equal partner to the message of God. During her life with the Prophet, Aisha was like the representative, or the deputy, of women before the Prophet. In other words, she was directly instrumental to the embodiment of the message of the Qur’an the Prophet in the real life.” Indeed, Aisha is often held up as evidence of Islam’s progressive stance on women’s rights by today’s Muslim feminists. …

Islam, Women and Feminism

Female Imams Strive To Act as Mentors for Muslim Women in Western China
Fatma of Tunisia, Winner World Muslimah Awards, 20

Tunisian Wins Muslim Beauty Pageant, Calls For Free Palestine

Saddam’s Granddaughter’s Pre-Wedding Snaps Flood Social Media

Saudi Female Employees Prefer Male Bosses

FOMWAN Condemns Restrictions on Use of Hijab

Egyptian Actress Ridiculed For Speaking Broken English at Cairo Festival

G. Bissau Launches First FGM Prosecutions

Crimes against Women: NHRC Issues Notice to Tripura, India, Government

Princess Hussa Bint Salman: Saudi Women Making Valuable Contributions to Society

Jihadi Bride from Glasgow Complains New Home in the Islamic State Is 'Too COLD'

Wichita State to Host Reception for Muslim Women's Rights Activist Raheel Raza

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Islamic World News

Egypt's Al-Azhar Condemns Carrying Of the Quran in Protests
Rajnath Singh, Indian HM

Arab World

Iraq's Attack Claims Lives of 26 ISIL Terrorists in Tikrit

ISIS kills 25 Anbar tribesmen in Iraq


Al-Qaeda in Yemen Denounces ‘Expansionist’ ISIS

Turkey, US Play down Differences on Fight against Islamic State


Up To 80 People Killed By Suspected Ugandan Rebels in Congo –Group

Gunmen execute 28 on Kenya bus near Somalia border: police

South Asia

19 Taliban Militants Killed, 4 Wounded In Counter-Terrorism Operations

Taliban Launch Complex Attack on Army Base in Nuristan


Pakistan's Jihadis Rally around ISIS Banner

Nawaz Sharif Asks Obama to Raise Kashmir during India Visit


Terrorism in India Is Pakistan Sponsored: Rajnath Singh

8 Yrs after Sachar, Muslims Still Out Of Govt Jobs and Schools: Panel


UN: Myanmar Must Give Citizenship to Rohingya Muslims

Berlin Says 550 Germans Joined Jihadist Cause in Syria And Iraq

‘Jihad’ at French summer camp: leaders mimic executions

North America

Former Canadian Soldiers to Join Kurds to Fight IS

Southeast Asia

Indonesia to Stop Sending Women Workers Abroad

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Islam, Women and Feminism

Marriage and Martyrdom: How ISIS is Winning Women
Vivienne Walt

In al-Qaeda’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, young armed men holed up on the battlefield far from their families. But in Syria ISIS aims to install a purist Islamic state—an entire new country—as its name denotes. And so ISIS fighters are looking to build lives that are far broader than fighting the war, ones in which they can come home after a day’s battle to a loving wife and children, and home-cooked meals. As such, recruiting women into ISIS is not simply about expanding the organization. It is the essential building block of a future society…..

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

The Islamic State's Terrifying Strategy
David Ignatius

U.S. strategists want to create a “national guard” version of the tribal militia known as the Awakening, which in 2007 and 2008 crushed al-Qaeda in Iraq, the predecessor of the Islamic State. But overlooked evidence shows that the jihadists have worked systematically to destroy the Awakening and assassinate tribal leaders who might challenge their rule.....

Islam and Politics

The World Must Prevent ISIS from Obtaining Pakistani Nukes
Ahmad Hasib Farhan

Among all the nuclear states Pakistan is the only country that leaked and transferred nuclear technology to the countries that are still under UN and US sanctions. It is also the only nuclear state that shelters and protects terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Haqqani Network and many others. The Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, leaked nuclear secrets to North Korea, Libya and Iran…..

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad
The Boko Haram ‘War’
The Editor, Nigerian Guardian

A fact remains that the bulk of the people in the northeast do not support Boko Haram. But they need to be liberated from the group’s clutches. Politicians should realise that unless and until the Boko Haram is effectively checked, there may be no country to govern by 2015. ….

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

“These places should be for prayer and not for giving extremist speeches, talks that incite people to violence and terrorism,” Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa told Reuters. But ultra-conservative Islamists complain the government crackdown impinges on their freedoms.“What we are living now is a repression of mosques,” said Abd Arrahem Kamoun, a conservative preacher who was dismissed in the government crackdown. “Today it is harder to control the younger Salafists after all the repression.”.....


Deterioration of Human Rights in Iran
Shabnam Assadollahi

While the international community is focused on getting nuclear deals with Iran, it is easy to ignore the fact that Iran is also one of the world's worst human rights violators. When the constitution of a country and the law of the land are based on Sharia and Islamic law, inequality between men and women, Retribution Law, execution for being enemy of God (Mohareb), death by hanging, there is little hope of anyone condemning these acts....

Current Affairs

AMU’s Tragedy of Errors
Rakshanda Jalil

Unlike previous occasions, the university chose to come together in a rare show of solidarity. Angered by the media trial and what it perceives as a wilful stereotyping by the outside world, the students union — both of the Women’s College and the university — led a protest march on November 12, carried placards expressing support for the vice chancellor and burnt effigies of the national daily that had first carried the news report. Taking this to be a classic case of the “Stockholm syndrome”, I probed and prodded those I met during my two-day visit. While some felt this was a “Ghar Ka Maamla”,...

Current Affairs
Tunisian Elections: Left Gains As ‘Islamists’ Lose
Dominique Lerouge and Freddy Mathieu

Unlike October 2011, the bulk of left forces were united for the elections. The number of elected members of the Front Populaire increased from 6 to 15, including 6 from the Workers’ Party, 4 from the United Democratic Patriots, 2 from the LGO, and 3 Arab nationalists. Strong pressure will be exerted on the Front to vote confidence in the future government, and even participate in the latter, or vote for the budget...

Islam and Politics

Turkey's Bark and Bite
Burak Bekdil

Turkey is not the only country reflecting the Islamist hypocrisy when it comes to trafficking money with the Palestinians -- and Israelis. As recently highlighted in an article in The Times of Israel, official data tells of a booming, but very discreet, trade relationship, blossoming between Israel and Malaysia -- another "loud voice against Israel and a benefactor for the 'Palestinian cause.'"…

Current Affairs

US-Assisted Taliban Surge Bad for India
G Parthasarathy

The most significant development that India can ill afford to ignore is that the US no longer regards the Mullah Omar-led Afghan Taliban as an Al-Qaeda “affiliate”. It also does not see the Taliban as a terrorist group A recent report issued by the Pentagon has, for the first time, alluded to “sanctuaries” in Pakistan for harbouring terrorists on its borders with both Afghanistan and India....

Arabic Section

Radical Face of Saudi Wahhabism  الوجھ الراديكالي للوهابية السعودية
S. Irfan Habib

ومن المفارقات حقا أن النظام التركي اليوم متورط في مساعدة جماعة إرهابية تسمى الدولة الإسلامية  (IS)التي تعهدت بنشر الإسلام الوهابي في جميع أنحاء العالم. الوهابية الحالية التي صدقها ومكنها النظام السعودي لها أصول عنيفة و جنائية تقريبا من القرن التاسع عشر للميلاد. إذا نظرنا إلى بداياتها، وجدنا أنها تشجع كراهية تامة تجاه حياة الإنسان وكل شيء آخر لا يتفق مع جدول أعمالها الضيقة الطائفية. ولنشرح المفارقة أولا.

Hindi Section

मंदिर में खुदा है न मस्जिद में खुदा है, जिस दिल में हो मोहब्बत उस दिल में खुदा है। यह पंक्तियां भेड़पाकड़ के लोगों पर सटीक बैठती है। इस गांव में हिंदू और मुसलिम समुदाय के लोग मिलकर एक मस्जिद का निर्माण करवा रहे हैं। कौमी एकता का यह प्रयास मजहब के नाम पर समाज को बांटने वाले लोगों के लिए करारा जवाब है।

गांव की कुल आबादी में करीब एक हजार मुस्लिम बिरादरी के लोग रहते है। गांव में अब तक कोई मस्जिद नहीं थी। गांव के 62 वर्षीय असरफ मियां जब एक वर्ष पूर्व हज से लौटे तो उन्होंने गांव में मस्जिद निर्माण की बात रखी।

Urdu Section

یہ کوئی تین چار سال پہلے کی بات ہے۔ راجدھانی دہلی میں واقع جامعہ ملیہ اسلامیہ کے انجنیئرنگ کالج اڈیٹوریم میں اتحاد  بین المسلمین پر ایک پانچ روزہ پروگرام منعقد کیا گیا ۔ ایک مشہور عالمی تنظیم (جس کانام ظاہر کرنا مناسب نہیں ہے) کے تعاون سے ہورہی اس کانفرنس میں ملک بھر کے علمائے کرام او ر دانشوروں  کے علاوہ بیرونی ممالک کے مندوبین بھی اچھی خاصی تعداد میں موجود تھے ۔ اس کانفرنس کے آخری دن بھی علماء کی دھواں دھار تقریریں جاری تھیں ، اتحاد بین المسلمین کےنعرے بلند کئے جارہے تھے ، علماء اپنی تقاریر میں اللہ کی رسی کو مضبوطی سے تھامے رہو کا پیغام دے رہے تھے ، تقریروں میں بار بار بتایا جارہا تھا کہ شیعہ سنی کو آپس میں لڑوانا یورپ امریکہ کی سازش ہے اس لئے ،اس سے بچو۔

Urdu Section

ایک بات یاد رکھنے کے لائق ہے کہ باچا خان نے جد وجہد کا آغاز کیا تو ا سکا ایک ہی مقصد تھا ، کہ کسی طور پختون   خطہ میں تبدیلی آجائے ۔  اور یہ جانتے ہوئے کہ تبدیلی صرف تعلیم سے آسکتی ہے ، موصوف نے اسے باقاعدہ تحریک  کی شکل دینا چاہی ۔ سیٹلڈ اضلاع میں انگریز نے اجازت نہ دی، تو اپنے ایک دوست فضل محمود مخفی کے ہمراہ ریاست دیر میں  اسکول کھولا ۔ جو اس تیزی سے مقبول ہوا کہ نواب صاحب گھبر ا گئے اور پولیٹیکل ایجنٹ کی مدد سے نہ صرف اسکول بند کروایا، اس کی عمارت بھی گرادی ، اور باچا خان کو ساتھیوں سمیت علاقہ  بدرکر  دیا ۔ مگر انہوں نے ہمت نہ ہاری اور کچھ ہی عرصہ بعد ہشت نگر او رگرد و نواح میں اسلامیہ مدرسہ کے نام سے کئی اسکول کھولے ۔ جن کا الحاق جامعہ ملیہ اسلامیہ ، دہلی کے ساتھ کرادیا گیا ۔ ان کے اور ڈاکٹر خان صاحب کے بچے بھی اسی مدرسہ میں پڑھتے رہے۔ 

Urdu Section

Islamic Preachers Need to Strengthen the Foundational Islamic Principle of Moderation  !مسلم مبلغین اعتدال پسندی کے بنیادی اسلامی اصول کو نہ بھولیں
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

خدائے تعالی سے دعاء کرنے کے لیے مسلمانوں کو سب سے بہترین راستہ دکھاتے ہوئے قرآن کریم مسلمانوں کو صراط مستقیم پر قائم رہنے کی تلقین کرتا ہے: ‘‘اے اللہ ہمیں سیدھے راستے (صراط مستقیم) پر چلا’’۔ (سورہ الفاتحہ آیت: 6)۔ صحیح معنوں میں پورا قرآن اس آیت کی توضیح و تشریح ہے، کیوں کہ اس کتاب الہی کا بنیادی مقصد ہی ہدایت اور اعتدال کا راستہ دکھانا ہے۔ اس آیت کا مطالعہ کر نے کے بعد ایک سچے مسلمان کو ہمیشہ ‘‘صراط مستقیم’’ کی طرف اللہ کی ہدایت کا متلاشی ہونا چاہیئے جسے بجا طور پر اعتدال پسندی، یسر وآسانی، توازن، وسعت ظرفی اور فکری کشادگی کا راستہ قرار دیا جا سکتا ہے۔

Islamic Society

Friend, Philosopher and Imam
Tahir Mahmood

William Shakespeare wrote “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”. In India, some are “born” Imams, some achieve Imamat and some have Imamat thrust upon them. So in which category does the Imam of Delhi’s great mosque figure? This is a monumental question, whose answer would determine the religious validity and legal tenability of what is going on in that great historical building of India, the Jama Masjid.....

Islam and Politics

It was in a sunny day in April 1986 when Iranian supreme spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini was talking to the families of the Iranians who were killed or injured during the bloody Iran-Iraqi war when he said ” Lastly but not the least, I strongly encourage you all to continue to be loyal to the Islamic republic, which was made of the sacrifices of your children, and you have to work very hard to set the grounds for the appearance of the saviour of humanity , the last Imam, Hazrat Baqeyyatu Allah- my soul for his sake-, by being completely ready to sacrifice for exporting the revolution to every place on earth!...

Radical Islamism and Jihad
Facing massive appeal of Radical Islam, Moderate Muslims must refute Jihadist theology of violence with a coherent narrative of Islamic moderation, says Sultan Shahin at UNHRC in Geneva
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

We, the silent majority of moderate Muslims are disoriented. Can those Muslims who cherish democracy, peace, and pluralism still have a say in world affairs? Only a tiny fraction of one and a half billion Muslims see in the Quran and Hadees a permission to kill innocents from other sects and communities. But Islam or Islamism is being equated with terrorism because the vast majority of Muslims are still passive and silent.

Thirteen years after 9/11, the Islamist terrorist threat has become more diverse, more complex, and more dangerous. It seems that while the world has focused on fighting the terrorists militarily, it has not faced the challenge of the ideological narrative that Jihadism offers. It is this Islamist extremist narrative that has gained momentum now, animating not only groups like al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, al Nusra, ISIS, etc but also independent actors who may prove even more dangerous. ...

What are we, the Muslim moderates, doing wrong? Why are our youth joining the radicals?

What has happened is that Jihadists have worked out a radical narrative of Islam, a complete theology of violence, xenophobia, hate and Islam-supremacism based on common Muslim beliefs which they are using to brainwash Muslim youth, while we moderates have no coherent narrative or theology of peace, pluralism, co-existence and gender justice to counter that.

So what is the way forward? In my view, this situation calls for a clear refutation of the Jihadist ideology and working out a coherent narrative and a consistent theology of Islamic moderation, peace and gender justice. If not now, when?.....

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