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What the ‘Hell’ He Is Doing, This Zakir Naik?
Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

During a question hour time he says ‘agar deviji hongi tabhi to dawat denge’ (you invite the goddess to Islam only if she exists). It does not take a genius to realise that he is making fun of Hindu goddesses. If one hears him say this then one will realise that his aim was to denigrate Hinduism and its beliefs. On one occasion he had said that ‘Allah’ is mentioned in the Rig Veda, but when I checked it up on the internet, I saw no Allah, and instead the word was ‘Hari’! Dr Naik says what ‘Petrodollars’ Islamists ask them to say. A Maulana can never have so much money so as to open an Islamic organization, a school and 3 TV channels. He is also planning to launch a news channel.....

Dilemma of Innocent Muslim Minds
Prof. Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal, New Age Islam

Dilemma of Innocent Muslim Minds
Prof. Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal, New Age Islam

Survival and retaliation are integral part of the human psyche. An average human being reacts in a similar way as he is attacked by his opponent; whether it is in the form of a physical assault or an exchange of harsh words or feelings of hatred. Ironically, in the case of blasphemy against their Prophet or religion, Muslims are at a loss for evening out the scores, as it is a part of their unshakable faith to believe in and respect the prophets of the Christians and the Jews as well as their revealed books….

Hated, Feared and Misunderstood: Christians and Muslims Ten Years after 9/11
Matthias Drobinski

Mohammed Atta believed himself to be a good and devout Muslim. He most probably died in the firm conviction that there is can be nothing more lofty for a believer than to give his life in the name in the God – and also to kill people in the name of God whose lifestyle is blasphemy in the eyes of the Almighty. Terrorism and suicide were for him service to God in its purest form....


An Un-posted Letter to PM Singh: Why all of us Pakistanis want to move to India
Faiza Mirza

Mr Singh, many Pakistanis will refuse to openly admit this but most of us would like to be considered eligible for Indian nationality. The reason behind our desire to move is extremely simple. It is because India since 1947 has grown as a nation, an economy and a country. Despite of the poverty and other related issues, we all see India as a progressive society and in a very positive light. We all want to live in a country which is ruled by secular politicians where fascist elements are given minimum representation in the parliament; a country where people can coexist or at least consider this ideology a welcoming thought….

The best part of the festival was the display of religious tolerance. All Muslim families wrote letters to their relatives living afar, inviting them for the Mariamman festival. Every Muslim home used to have so many guests during those days. The same way, people of different faiths arrived for the three-day float festival of the Natchiar temple, making it grand by their presence, participating in the festival activities organised outside the temple.....

Judaism, Christianity And Islam: Are They One And The Same?
Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all great religions. They are, in fact, the same religion but on different levels. Fundamentally there is not an iota of difference among them. The most important thing is the belief and worship of one God. When Moses (pbuh) was asked about the first commandment he said ‘Hear O Israel! Our Lord, Our God is one’. When Jesus (pbuh) was asked the same thing, he, too replied the same words ‘Hear O Israel! Our Lord, Our God is one’....

Seventy European Muslim and Jewish leaders pledged on Wednesday to show "zero tolerance" to hate preachers of any faith including their own ranks... Imams, rabbis and community leaders from 18 countries agreed to jointly counter bigotry against Jews and Muslims and combat legal threats to common religious practices such as circumcision of boys and the kosher and Halal ritual slaughter of animals....


The Honourable Lord Krishna: A Prophet of Allah
Qasim Rashid

While many recognize the differences between Islam and Hinduism, few may appreciate that according to Islamic principles and Prophet Muhammad, Lord Krishna was a true Prophet of God. The obvious question that emerges is that if the same God sent Lord Krishna and Prophet Muhammad, why do Islam and Hinduism have notable theological differences? Simply put, Islam only argues that the original core teachings of Hinduism and Islam are the same...

There is no denying that France is now a culturally diverse country, and at times struggles to deal with its diversity. Even today, history and its legacies play a major role in shaping contemporary French society and collective memory for non-Muslims and Muslims living in France.


Violence Against Muslims Not In The Spirit Of Jesus
Shayne Looper

Jesus used a Samaritan for the hero in the famous story we call “The Good Samaritan.” He made a point of visiting a Samaritan village and spent some time there. He was open about his disagreement with their religious views, but he clearly valued them as people. When two of his disciples threatened retribution against some Samaritans, Jesus promptly rebuked them: “You don’t know of what spirit you are.”

After Attacks, Israeli Schools Confront Hate
Jodi Rudoren and Isabel Kershner

The vast majority of these discussions will take place in something of a vacuum, since Israel has separate school systems for Arabs and Jews (and, indeed, distinct ones for secular, religious and ultra-Orthodox Jews). The rare exception is Tamer’s school, Hand in Hand, which runs three campuses enrolling a total of 950 students.


A Muslim at the Gurudwara
Mariana Baabar

But then, 62-year-old Muhammad Khurshid Khan is no ordinary volunteer; as is apparent from his name, he is not even a Sikh. Till recently, Khan was Pakistan’s deputy attorney-general. He was sacked for giving Pakistan a ‘bad image’ by polishing shoes and sweeping floors at Amritsar’s Golden Temple, and other Indian Gurudwaras and temples during an official visit last March....

Palestinians Fear New Israeli Moves In West Bank
Lourdes Garcia-Navarro

Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians have been frozen for almost two years. But Palestinians say that doesn't mean events aren't happening on the ground. Recently, the Israeli military issued orders calling for evacuation and demolition of nearly a dozen Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank. Palestinians see this as evidence of Israeli plans to annex the territory, though Israel denies this......


How Sikhs Migrated To US, Fought Prejudice and Built a Community
Vikram Doctor

It is a story worth remembering in the wake of the horrific massacre at the Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The motivations of Wade Michael Page, the killer are still unclear, but almost definitely involved the white supremacist ideology he subscribed to which sees groups like Sikhs as illegitimate interlopers in America. But as the story of the Punjabi-Mexican marriages shows, their roots run deep in the USA, as do the prejudices they have always had to deal with.....

The Great Wall of Silence: India And Pakistan are separated by Radically Opposed Ideas of Secularism and Religionism
M.J. Akbar

What is the difference between Indians and Pakistanis? The answer is uncomplicated: there is no difference. We are the same people, with similar personality strengths, and parallel collective weaknesses. Why then have the two nations moved along such dramatically different arcs in the six decades of their existence? India and Pakistan are not separated by a mere boundary. They are defined by radically opposed ideas. India believes in a secular state where all faiths are equal; Pakistan in the notion that a state can be founded on the basis of religion....

Independence Day: O God, Put Out This Fire for Us
Anwar Iqbal

So here is a story that can only happen outside the Subcontinent because back home Indians and Pakistanis do not meet each other. They spend their entire lives believing in whatever they are told about each other. Although he had heard that Muslims too were killed in the riots, he had never met one who had lost parents, like he did. Not until he met Riaz....

Is The Sikh Shooting Christian Terrorism?
By Mike Ghouse for New Age Islam

Is The Sikh Shooting Christian Terrorism?
Mike Ghouse

As an American, Indian and a Muslim, I stand by the Sikh community and hope to find sustainable solutions to prevent shameless events like this from happening.  As Americans we need to come together to build an America where no one needs to live in apprehension, discomfort or fear of the other. Blaming will not bring the lives back or solve the problems, pushing the bigots to the corner will not do it, engaging them in a normal day to day life has a chance of nurturing goodwill….

Sukhadiya Das extols the virtues of fasting. “There are many benefits. First of all, it requires control of the mind. The person who fasts not only keeps away from food or water but also from other evils including abusing others. For example, during other times, we may use bad words when a person accidentally hits you with his vehicle on the road......


Squabbling About a Name: Reflections on Religious Exclusivism
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

The next time you spot a Hindu, make it a point to greet him with a ‘Salaam!’, and wish the next Muslim you see with ‘Shanti!’ I’ll bet you they both would be horrified, shocked, or, at least, visibly uncomfortable. The Hindu might think you’ve mistaken him for a Muslim by Salaam-ing him and the Muslim might think you’ve hurt his feelings by using a ‘Hindu’ term to greet him!...

Faultlines of Hindi and Urdu

One such example of the huge wall conventional literary history has erected between related linguistic traditions – or rather within one linguistic tradition – is that of Hindi and Urdu. What was once a shared common language of people of India stretching from Peshawar to the borders of Bengal split into two languages, Urdu and Hindi, towards the end of the 19th century? As a result, there arose two artificially separated literary cultures, each harking back to a different literary past due to the chauvinistic attitudes both of Hindus and Muslims. This cultural chauvinism was to subsequently embroil them in a practice of divisive politics, and each language became a marker of religious identity....


Dialogue of Humanities in Lyon France
Asghar Ali Engineer

It was indeed an intellectual treat to be in dialogue with leading intellectuals, writers and poets of France and French speaking world. There were representatives from all over North Africa i.e. Algeria, Tunis, Morocco, Mali, Egypt and several other countries and also people living in France from these countries....


Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and Recent Riots
Asghar Ali Engineer

The world was shocked when news came about riots in Rakhian state (Arakan) of Myanmar between Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists in which more than 100 Muslims have been killed and property worth millions have been destroyed. AMAN (Asian Muslim Action Network) which has Asia wide network decided to intervene and bring about peace in Myanmar (Burma) which, otherwise, has been a peaceful country. It was decided to have an inter-faith dialogue between three principal religious communities of Myanmar i.e. Buddhists, Muslims and Christians....

Carnage and the Motives: Anti Muslim Violence and Anti Sikh Massacre
Ram Puniyani

Gujarat is a different cup of tea. From the decade of 1990, with BJP government coming to power, all the wings of RSS combine, VHP, Bajrang Dal and their patriarch RSS came to full scale, unrestrained activity. RSS Chief Rajendra Singh declared that Gujarat is the ‘Laboratory of Hindu Rashtra’. Different villages of Gujarat started putting the hoarding outside their villages. ‘Welcome to so and so village of Hindu Rashtra’. The carnage of Gujarat is a part of the series of anti Muslim violence being spearheaded by the divisive ideology of religion based nationalism....

Circumcision in Germany: When Judges Become Religious Referees
Matthias Drobinski

When Abraham was 99 years old war, the first Book of Moses tells us, God made a pact with him and his descendants: If you're true to me, I'll be true to you. There would be special sign for this pact: "All male children, as soon as they are eight days old, must be circumcised." According to the Islamic tradition, Abraham first carried out this act on himself – with the help of an axe. Circumcision of male children thus was, and still is, the indelible archaic distinguishing feature of Jews and Muslims...

Comparison with India would invite ire from the informed as well as uninformed segments of the population a few years back, but the steady improvement of relations or willingness to live with fine-tuned misunderstandings and mutual hostility no longer provokes anger or leads to suspicion. Comparison is always healthy as it brings to the fore the counterfactual facts and reasoning, jolting the brain to think and prodding the brawn to act....

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