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What Christianity and Islam Have In Common
Harrison Akins

Islam is part of the same Abrahamic tradition as Christianity. Key figures within the Bible — Abraham (Ibrahim), Moses (Musa), Mary (Maryam), and Jesus (Isa) among others — are all respected prophets and figures within Islam. There is a chapter in the Quran about Mary and, within the Quran; Jesus is the only person who can perform miracles. Within Islam, Christians and Jewish people are therefore treated as “People of the Book” ....

Bridge-Building Is Needed Between Cultures In Canada
Mansoor Ladha

Quebec has been a province where Muslims have always been targeted by online intimidation and Islamophobic vandalism. The former PQ government is guilty of spreading anti-Muslim feelings by proposing that public-sector workers should be prohibited from wearing “conspicuous” religious symbols such as turbans, Kippah, Hijabs and clamping down on Burqas and Niqabs....


Shared Names of God in Islam and Judaism
Rabbi Allen S. Maller

Because the Qur’an is filled with beautiful Arabic poetry; it is not surprising that the the Qur’an is also filled so many beautiful names of God. Because the Jewish tradition reaches back more than thirty five centuries; it is not surprising that Jews have focused on many additional names for God over those many centuries. Yet, because all the many names of God, call upon the same One God, it is also not surprising that many of the 99 beautiful names of God in Muslim tradition also appear in Jewish tradition....

How the Bhakti Tradition’s Celebration of Radha-Krishna Is like Sufism’s Exaltation of Heer-Ranjha
Haroon Khalid

The character of Ranjha in the legendary story has uncanny similarities with Krishna. To woo his love, Ranjha becomes a cowherd – in his childhood, Krishna is depicted as a cowherd, Gopala. And just as Krishna’s flute has an irresistible impact upon maidens, Ranjha too is adept at playing the flute and this is what draws Heer to him....


Christian and Islamic View of the Man on The Cross
Mustafa Akyol

The Qur'an is not a work of literary narrative, as is the Bible. As a scripture that provides guidance (Huda) and a reminder (Tadhkira) to humankind, it gives more emphasis to spiritual edifications than to providing a full account of facts. So, the Quran's main concern with the Jesus story, too, is not to give a full account of the Jesus story, but rather to put it in the right theological perspective......

The Christian Boy Who Ruled The Muslim World

The Christian boy from Bosnia had grown up to rule the Muslim world. Not everyone liked this arrangement, least of all the Ottoman Sultanas, whose power was on the rise towards the end of this period, especially after Selim II was succeeded by his son Murad III, a handover again overseen by Sokollu, who remained Grand Vizier....


The fact that Egypt has begun to defend its Christians is a positive move for the entire region; Egypt’s defence of Christians is a major blow to ISIS and its supporters. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al Sisi understands the importance of these recent actions and knows that he must stem the tide of ISIS before it takes a hold of Egypt....


Does The Qu’ran Support Attacks On Judaism?

In no way is the Qur’an anti-Judaism or anti-Jewish. However, there are people now, and there were people in the past; who have misused verses in the Qur’an for the purpose of vilifying and attacking Jews and other people of the book. Just as some Muslims have misused verses in the Qur’an to attack and vilify Sunni, Shi’a or Sufi Muslims; some Muslims, as well as some Christians and some Jews, have misused some verses from their own Holy Scriptures for unholy purposes of disrespect, disparagement and even destruction...

Lahore's 'Festival Of Lights': A Sufi Tradition Burning Bright In The Face Of Extremism, Puritanism
Haroon Khalid

Shah Hussain’s union with his beloved, the young Hindu boy Madho Lal, also exemplifies this love. Consumed by their passion, their individual identities dissolved and emerged Madho Lal Hussain. They are now always referred in conjunction. One cannot exist without the other....


There were some confusion about the rules on female runners, and whether they could run at all. Organisers told Al Jazeera women are allowed to run as long as they adhere to Iran's dress code. The marathon website states: "Women are obliged to wear a headscarf or sports bandana (so that your hair will be covered). A T-shirt with long sleeves and a running pant can be a good choice. Please keep in mind that the length of the T-shirt cannot be too short. You may not wear shorts or skirts showing bare legs.”...


Have you ever been wronged by anyone? What then? “Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.” Are you conscious of having helped someone or sacrificed for someone? If yes, then you don’t know that there is no other whom you could oblige. Humans are only one soul. The universe is part of me or my projection. This is what Iqbal’s Asrar-i-Khudi begins expounding. It is only a vain or mean person who brags about his good doings or plays a victim complaining about everyone else.....


Europeans Betray the Teachings of Jesus Christ
Fatima Abushanab

Now, the danger we face from our European friends' attitudes is developing into a great catastrophe. Therefore, more than ever, we have to be mindful of the need for positive dialogue to create an environment of coexistence based on respect, love and understanding. This is exactly what Jesus would expect from Europeans today....

The Jihadi Who Turned To Jesus
Patrick Kingsley

It is a transition that has surprised everyone, not least of all himself. Four years ago, Mohammad tells me, "Frankly I would have slaughtered anyone who suggested it." Not only have his beliefs changed, but his temperament has, too. Today, his wife, Hevin Rashid, confirms, with a hint of understatement, that he is "much better to be around."...


Why Sufi Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Holds the Key to Pakistan’s Future Security
Akrita Reyar

For a more moderate future, investing in traditional Islam and propagation of Sufism will help the common man remain liberal. Because the moment the man on the street starts turning radical, Pakistan will be caught in a vortex of violence that is already pulling it towards its centre. Pakistan needs more Sehwans, where men and women can dance together. Where Muslims, Hindus and Christians practice spirituality with the same ardour and where the keeper of the shrine is still a Hindu....


It was a surprise of surprises to me. Holi in Pakistan! Was I dreaming? I pinched myself. No, I wasn't dreaming. Nonetheless, I went to the department on the day of Holi. It was a colourful spectacle to behold. There were colours everywhere. Students and professors were playing Holi. The moment I entered the department, all greeted me with Holi Mubarak ho in chorus. It was really unexpected. Dr Abbas told me that Punjab University had been celebrating Holi right from its inception in 1882 and the tradition was never broken even during and after partition....

In Mughal India, Holi Was Celebrated With the Same Exuberance as Eid
Rana Safvi

This fundamentalism is a recent phenomenon. In the past, the influence of the Sufi and Bhakti movements encouraged harmony between the communities. In Alam Mein Intikhaab Dilli, Maheshwar Dyal writes, “Holi is an ancient Hindustani festival which is played by every man and woman irrespective of religion and caste. After coming to India, the Muslims also played Holi with gusto, be it the Badshah or the Faqeer."....

Religions Must Speak To the Faithless, As Well As To Each Other

More contentiously, both luminaries confessed to being exasperated at times by the general view that religion was a separate, optional and fenced-off part of human life. For many people, noted Ms Siddiqui, “belief in God is part of their culture, so they cannot think of their culture without belief in God.” Lord Williams likewise observed that for much of human history, religion had been as integral to society as cooking or making music. People living with that mindset simply could not imagine a community without a sense of the sacred....

Chaiti Chand Festival Is Still Celebrated Passionately By Sindh's Hindu Community
Zahida Rehman Jatt

Gradually, a cult of river worship developed in some of the areas where the Indus flows. The devotees personified their beliefs: Muslims would call him Khawaja Khizar, Zinda Pir, and Sheikh Tahir, while Hindus would evoke him by the names like Uderolal, Amar Lal, Uday Chand, and Jhulay Lal...


Semi-divine females or Yoginis have been an integral part of the Indian folklore. These women were naturally beautiful and had voices which could charm the listener by the emotional intensity of their songs, a sort of heavenly chant which was not of this world. Many a king and commoner was enchanted by Yoginis who appeared suddenly in wood, glen and dale or standing under a gnarled tree or beside a stream where the angler was taken by surprise….


Everyday Realities of Hindus in Pakistan

Nowadays, the storm of intolerance has been spreading like wildfire across the Asian region, and in Pakistan, you can read chapters of intolerance in many headlines - Ahmedis are targeted, Christians' villages are being set on fire, Shia, Hazara community have it equally difficult et al. Hindus face the same problems as other non-Muslim communities.....

Catholicism Has Done More Harm To Australia Than Islam. Where's The Outrage?

I also know that our fellow Islamic citizens in Australia overwhelmingly join me and the rest of us in condemning Sharia as an oppressive, archaic, harsh and undemocratic code of law when it is used by extremist groups and governments to terrorise and control Muslim people – especially Muslim women – in some Muslim majority nations....


Muslims Give Money to Jewish Institutions That Are Attacked
Daniel Victor

“To come to the U.S. and create this amazing life where everyone felt safe and secure and able to be who they were, that was an incredible thing coming from Eastern Europe,” Ms. Perle, a hospice medical social worker, said. “For this to have happened where my family has been laid to rest was just heartbreaking. These are unconscionable acts.”...


Two Muslim Conquests of Jerusalem

A notable example is Jerusalem, which was twice in history conquered by Muslims. The first Muslim conquest was in 637 under Caliph Hazrat Umar (RA), and the second occasion was in 1187 when Salahuddin Ayyubi (known in the West as Saladin) conquered Jerusalem from the Christian Crusaders. After each conquest, Muslims treated the people of Jerusalem, comprising mostly of Christians, with great humanity and tolerance...


Religion is concerned with the science of the knowledge of man’s real nature and with the development of the consciousness of the eternal truth of the spiritual unity and solidarity of humankind and of civilization. Religion has no social or political status, and there cannot be any such thing as a ‘minority religion’ or a ‘majority religion’, and, ipso facto, there can be no ‘religious minority’ or ‘religious majority’....

How Moses Cartoon Killed Turkish Satirical Magazine
Mustafa Akyol

The cartoon in question depicted Moses and his fellow Israelites walking together right after the parting of the Red Sea. Moses, with staff in his hand, was pictured as bragging about how he accomplished the miracles. Others walking with him, however, were complaining about his bragging. One was suggesting that he should have defeated the pharaoh’s soldiers. Two others were telling him to “shut up” and even using the F-word….

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