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Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, We wish to assure you of our prayerful solidarity during this time of fasting in the month of Ramadan and the celebration of ‘Id al–Fitr that concludes it, and we extend to you our heartfelt best wishes for serenity, joy and abundant spiritual gifts....


India's Multiculturalism Must Be Preserved
Vinod Saighal

Should good sense not prevail to let the past rest in peace and insist on re-imagining history as they would have liked it to have been, an appeal is made to the Honourable High Courts and the Supreme Court to set down guidelines so that abundant caution is exercised and extensive consultations undertaken prior to making changes of the type mentioned above.....


At A Hindu Saint’s Gujarat Ashram, a Clarion Call For Indo-Pak Peace
Sudheendra Kulkarni

This is what Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Nawaz Sharif attempted, and the endeavour was carried forward by Dr Manmohan Singh and Pervez Musharraf. A broad framework for resolving the Kashmir issue is already in place, and it is known as the four-point Musharraf-Manmohan formula. Despite some differences between the two sides, this formula can still serve as the basis for a fresh bilateral dialogue....

The Interfaith Guru
Yoginder S. Sikand, New Age Islam

The Interfaith Guru
Yoginder S. Sikand, New Age Islam

In itself this feature of this scripture sends out some incredibly powerful messages: that Truth is universal and One, and that although Truth may be expressed in different ways by people from different social backgrounds, it transcends humanly-constructed divisions of language, name and form, and caste, community and creed; that spiritual wisdom should be honoured wherever it may be found; that in God’s eyes there is no special caste or religious community; that true devotees of God can be found in any and every caste, ethnic, religious and linguistic community; that caste and creed are no barrier in realizing God;...

We cannot find any religion or school of thought that does not deem this an important aspect in its teachings. Some have detailed accounts and teachings – such as Islam – whilst others are not so detailed, although none have been silent on this matter. Most of these religions have a very positive view of the future. Their overall picture of the end of humanity is a bright one. What seems to be the general pattern in the revealed religions is that they all describe a period of difficulties and calamities before the final outcome.....

People Are Trapped In History, and History Is Trapped In Them
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

Non-Muslims, ignorant and misunderstanding Islam, fear it. They believe it threatens their most basic values. Similarly, Muslims have their own misconceptions. They, reacting to the hate and fear of non-Muslims, create a kind of defensive posture within their societies and a combative environment built on militant rhetoric. In this heat and misunderstanding, the voices of sanity are drowned….

Mishkal Mosque: An Ode to Pluralism
Manu S. Pillai

Today, amid talk about consecrating a Hindu temple upon the ruins of a violently destroyed mosque, perhaps it would be worth reflecting on Mishkal, where a Hindu king reconstructed a Muslim place of worship, and avenged those who were not followers of his faith but were still his people. The Portuguese brought blood and hate into their world, but together this Hindu king and his Muslim subjects chose a greater ideal, preserving in Mishkal both a house of god as well as a timeless principle.....

Today, Joplin’s mosque is housed in a plain building surrounded by a black gate and a fluttering American flag. One afternoon last month, kids were running around there, getting ready for an Arabic lesson. On the wall, posters explained the similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism....


The Spirit of Ramadan – When the Prophet of Islam Opened the Door of His Mosque For Christians
Dr. Craig Considine

Not only did Muhammad speak cordially with members of the Najran delegation, but he opened the doors of his mosque so these Christians could pray in peace. After this friendly visit, the Prophet sent representatives to deliver a letter to Bishop Harith. The letter reminded the Christian Najrans that Muslims were a benevolent people who encouraged good will, commanded charity, and deterred evil at all costs. Muhammad also assured them that he was not interested in converting anyone to Islam and that Muslims would help to protect Christians against any tyrants or potential conquerors....


Why the Middle East’s Christians Are Under Attack
Mustafa Akyol

Concerned Westerners must understand that the problem calls for not a battle against Islam but a struggle for religious freedom. As a recent academic initiative, Under the Caesar’s Sword: The Christian Response to Persecution, put it well, religious persecution is a global problem, and Muslims and Christians sometimes find themselves as co-victims — at the hands of Chinese Communists, for example, or Hindu supremacists. Religious freedom is a fundamental right deserved by all — and therefore it must be defended for all….

It is therefore noteworthy that the followers of Quran are instructed not only to defend their own houses of worship but also to put their lives on line to defend others against persecution. It is a matter of shame, disappointment and regret that today the various protectors, the martyrs and so called soldiers of Islam not only persecute and drive their brethren out of home and hearth but destroy their own as well as other religious houses of worship on the holydays where the name of the Universal Creator Lord is invoked, and deprive them of all semblance of life, let alone the dignity of life that their Book ordains for all! The recent spate of attacks on mosques, synagogues and churches – the houses of worship the world over by these savages with Arabic sounding titles of their organisations is a matter of utter disgust, particularly when for their political strategies they invoke the name of Islam, such as ISIS.....

Neo-Islam, like Neo-Hinduism, Is Injurious to India’s Pluralism
Abdul Shaban

Interesting class divisions have emerged in so far as the expression of religiosity in the community is concerned. The neo-rich perform Haj multiple times and overspend on sacrificing animals, festivals and marriages — all this, while the poor and lower classes struggle to survive and face the brunt of Hindutva. The profligacies of the neo-rich have immense social and economic opportunity costs for the Muslim community, especially when it is in an adverse relationship with prevailing political powers, and is being asked to respond to its own problems.....

When a Priest Recognized the Prophethood of Muhammad
Dr. Craig Considine

“… The Prophet returned to Khadija while his heart was beating rapidly. She took him to Waraqa ibn Nafal who was a Christian convert and used to read the Gospel in Arabic. Waraqa asked (the Prophet), ‘What do you see?’ When he told him, Waraqa said, ‘This is the same angel whom Allah sent to the Prophet Moses. Should I live till you receive the Divine Message, I will support you strongly.”....

When Philosophy Needed Muslims, Jews and Christians Alike
Peter Adamson

And many of the thinkers mentioned above argued that philosophy offered the best resource for the interpretation of sacred texts, whether the Torah, the Christian Bible or the Quran. So it is no coincidence that in the Muslim al-Kindi, the Christian ibn ‘Adi, and the Jew Maimonides, the One God of Abrahamic tradition bear a striking resemblance to the god of Aristotle’s Metaphysics....


To Coexist — Study Other Religions
Shagufta Gul

Let’s have a look at the concept of coexistence in different religions. In Hinduism, speech and behaviour need to be honest and not harsh. If peace is desired, peace of others needs to be taken care of. Christianity talks about human interdependence and mutual concern for one another. Buddhism believes in sharing sufferings and happiness and working alongside other individuals in society. Islam clearly states that there shall be no compulsion in religion....


Muslims and Jews Break Bread, and Build Bonds
Sharon Otterman

“When you have a natural affiliation with people, you can advocate for them effortlessly,” she said. “It’s like you don’t think about advocating for a relative. And I really liked the idea that friendship and common ground naturally emerges from sharing food together.”....


The Lessons a Muslim Learnt From Her Visit to Gurudwara Dera Sahib
Aminah Suhail Qureshi

Guru Granth Sahib has 1,430 Ang (parts) and yet another flabbergasting piece of information was the congruency of the first Ang with Surah Ikhlas (chapter 112) of the Holy Qur’an. There is no harm in learning from any individual or a different faith as every entity in its entirety comprises salient attributes that must be acknowledged and learnt from....

Pope and I in Cairo
Andre Vltchek

Pope and I in Cairo
Andre Vltchek

“The first temptation is to letting ourselves to be led, rather than to lead… The second temptation is complaining constantly… The third temptation is gossip and envy… The fourth temptation is comparing us with those better off… The fifth temptation is individualism, ‘me, and after me the flood’… the final temptation is ‘keep walking without direction or destination…”...


Pope Francis Calls on Christians to 'Cross Over to the Other Side' to Meet Muslims
Dr. Craig Considine

Francis’ approach to Muslims is characterized by a willingness to “cross over to the other side,” as the American Magazine reports. By this he means that Christians and Muslims need to be “peacemakers, not fomenters of conflict; fire-fighters not arsonists; preachers of reconciliation and not instigators of destruction,” as he noted in his speech in Cairo....


Muslims Helped Jewish Neighbours Every Year
Rabbi Allen S. Maller

It would be a major mistake to judge from the Palestinian-Israeli political conflict in the 20th century that Jewish-Muslim relations have usually been poor. The opposite is true. Prior to the rise of secular political nationalism in the last half of the 19thcentury, and the rise of politicized religion within Judaism and Islam in the last half century; Jewish-Muslim relations were usually characterized by neighbourliness and amity....


On The Importance of Relations with Vatican, Other Religions
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

The Pope is thus a religious figure of great significance as he influences his followers and to end national and religious extremism which advocates racial supremacy and political divisions.  There are more than 8 million Copts in Egypt and they were never a target before religious extremism emerged. They were never a target during the reign of the monarchy or during the presidential terms of Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar al-Sadat but they became one after extremist ideologies surfaced.....


A Call to Worship: Replace Loudspeakers and Allow Compassion to Speak
Iftikhar Gilani

It is time to make worshipers understand that faith cannot be amplified by loudspeakers. Decibels are not measures of faith. But yes, compassion towards others reveals the strength of faith. The reality is every religion teaches care and concern for others. If people come to this understanding, tolerance and kindness can flourish....

Still On Meaning of Easter in Islam
Afis A. Oladosu

Brethren, Maryam’s sojourn in the monastery are marked by series of miracles which the Quran recalls with delight. Those miracles occurred as precursors to the fulfilment of her divine mission in life and on earth. For example, each time Prophet Zakarya enters the monastery with the intention to give her (Maryam) food, he finds in her presence enough meal to satiate her hunger. Each time he asks her “where did you get this?” Maryam would respond: “It is from the Almighty; He provides sustenance to whoever He wills without measure”....

The Cheraman mosque's appearance - baby blue with a coral tile roof, two minarets and a spacious courtyard - belies its age. It has been subjected to a series of renovations over the centuries. It remains an active place of worship. Many of Kodungallur's more than 7,000 Muslim residents worship here, as do some Hindus.  "In the dusk and the early morning, you can see a lot of Hindus coming over here and praying here,"...


Francis is expected to highlight the plight of Christians amid recent violence in Egypt, while continuing his mission to reach out to Muslims. Even for a politically savvy pope, that is a delicate balancing act, on top of obvious security concerns in a country recently attacked by the Islamic State....


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