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Interfaith Dialogue

Saudi Arabia and the Vatican Preach Message of Peace and Tolerance
Maha Akeel

One of the most important steps taken by the OIC in this area was the establishment of the Sawt Al-Hikma (Voice of Wisdom): Centre for Dialogue, Peace and Understanding. This aims to address the discourse of hatred by promoting self-revision, correcting misconceptions and extremism, and spreading the principles of coexistence and mutual understanding among different nations and civilizations....


Righteous Christians and Muslims Saved Jews in the Time of the Holocaust
John A. Elzufon

We honour, as we should, not only those who died in the Holocaust and those who rescued Jews and other victims of the Holocaust, but also all men, women and children, past and present, who have died as a result of hatred and bigotry and all men and women, Jews, Christians, Muslims, of all faiths and of no faith, who have then and continue now to fight evil of whatever nature....

If fraternity is the soul of the demos, then that was slaughtered last week in the ‘city of brotherhood’. Who did it? Which particular section of our society? Well, one part of our soul killed the other, each of us was diminished and when the heart-wrenching outcries of people were piercing the sky, the dark forces were talking of “appeasement’ and electoral gains. Today, I saw the entry gate of Asansol again, the engravings are still there, bright, emblazoned in full glory – nobody talked of that though except Imam Rashidi, who executed it in perfection and in spite of his irreparable loss, secured the spirit of the city (democracy) – co-living....

Hindu and a Muslim Started Living Together, What Happened Next Won’t Surprise You
Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty

Kush said residing among Muslims also made him increasingly conscious of certain things the majority community never do. “For instance, sweets are distributed in my office during Diwali, like every other office. Though there are a substantial number of Muslim employees in my office, sweets are never distributed during Eid. I began doing it and it is now an office ritual.”...

A Mahatma in an Imam
S Gopalakrishnan

A Mahatma in an Imam
S Gopalakrishnan

In 2018, Sibtulla Rashidi, a boy who just appeared for his Class 10 board examination was killed in Asansol. His father, the imam of a Masjid in the city, in all likelihood, did not know what Gandhi had done in a similar situation in the past. But he interpreted his son’s death for the cause of peace....

Deen, Dharma and Quran: Words in the Holy Book Indicate Semitic Contacts with Other Civilisations
Khaled Ahmed

Nadwi holds that there are Sanskrit words in the Quran, which point to the Arabs’ realisation that India was the origin of perfumes and medicines. The first word is “Zanjbeel”. It is referred to in verse 76:18 when Allah describes the bounty of paradise. The inhabitants of Paradise will drink form cups mixed with “Zanjbeel”. Nadwi says it comes from Sanskrit “Zaranjaber” — being the name of the common berry in India. Zanjbeel is ginger. The other Sanskrit word found in the Holy Quran is Kafur. Verse 76:5 further explains the quality of the wine in paradise: It will smell of Kafur....

Non-Muslim Heroes of Pakistan Movement
Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani

Only a few people know that the Pakistan Resolution was penned by Sir Zafarullah Khan, who belonged to the Ahmadi community. Many may not know that the first national anthem of Pakistan was composed by a Hindu poet, Jagan Nath Azad, on the personal desire of the Quaid. It was broadcast on Radio Pakistan on August 14, 1947 and was officially used during the first one-and-a-half years....


God and Caesar Clashing In Jerusalem
Harry Hagopian

Jerusalem is a holy city that is precious to all three Abrahamic faiths. So in this conflict between God and Caesar, Palestinians can draw strength from the biblical story of David defeating the giant Goliath of Gath. If it were done then in admittedly different circumstances, surely it can also be done today....

Interfaith Conference: Opportunities for Dialogue and Challenges of Conflict
Fahad Suleiman Shoqiran

Interfaith dialogues must be based on scientific and not diplomatic standards. Diplomatic speeches are important sometimes but when religious representatives and figures sit in one hall, they must be frank enough to clearly talk to one another and debate each other. They must begin dialogues with discussing religions, their fates and areas of differences as focusing on what religions have in common does not lead to a debate that offers knowledge but to holding a mere friendly meeting....

A Different Perspective on Valentine
Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, New Age Islam

A Different Perspective on Valentine
Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, New Age Islam

Also in every religious tradition love has been cherished. Islam is no different. The stereotypical image of Muslims as invaders and bloodthirsty warriors have even rendered many Muslims oblivious to the fact that Sufism in Islam is the highest epitome of Love. We also have the tradition of Yusuf-Zulaikha, Shireen-Farhaad, and Laila-Majnoon as the manifestations of true love. We cannot turn a blind eye to these chronicles that are a part of our history. So we need to celebrate Love as it is what makes us the highest creation of God. Love for an opposite gender can be the first stepping stone towards the eternal love for God....

Albanian Muslims Saved Jews
Cnaan Liphshiz

Owing partly to what locals call Besa, a local code of honour and neighbourly conduct, the rescue and survival of approximately 2,000 Jews by Albanians for decades had remained largely unknown. But thanks to recent studies and films, it is taking its place as a rare ray of light during otherwise dark times....


Christians and Muslims Must Work Together For Peace

The concluding section of the document insists that "our very eternal souls are all also at stake if we fail to sincerely make every effort to make peace and come together in harmony." "Let us vie with each other only in righteousness and good works," the authors add. "Let us respect each other, be fair, just and kind to another and live in sincere peace, harmony and mutual goodwill."...


A Jain and A Muslim Family Break Bread And Barriers Together In Meerut
Betwa Sharma

This is how it works: the Khans never cook non-vegetarian food when the Jains come over for a meal, and they eat only vegetarian food when they pay a visit. When hosting a party, the Khans prepare a few dishes without onion and garlic. And when they all go out to a restaurant, the Khans just don't order any meat. And really, if it's that simple, it makes one wonder why has "Muslim food" become a bone of contention? ....

Bhai Mardana Born In a Muslim Family, Was a Life-Long Companion of Guru Nanak
Kulbir Kaur

I reside where you reside O Mardana!” says Guru Nanak. In Sikh history and religion it is impossible and rather unthinkable to remember Guru Nanak without Mardana. The relationship and bond between Guru Nanak and Mardana is very symbolic and significant. It is sacred but reflects upon the everyday mundane life as well.....

Teach More, Not Fewer World Religions in Schools
Aref Assaf

It would be difficult to teach art, music, literature and most social studies without considering the impact of religions. No one would have learned that it was Muslims who invented Algebra!  It is both allowed, if not encouraged, to teach objectively about the role of religion in the history of the United States and other countries

In the case of our town, the “Stop Muslim Lessons” was intended to stir trouble and fester fear mongering. It instead, and thankfully, fostered greater empathy and solidarity with this fellow Muslim. That’s my America.....


The London-based Caliph of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad has repeatedly condemned extremist ideology and said in the aftermath of the Paris attacks that:“Under no circumstances can murder ever be justified and those who seek to justify their hateful acts in the name of Islam are serving only to defame it...


Seamlessness of Spiritual Experience across Religions
Alakananda Ma

As a mystic, all religions are “doorways” and “windows” as Ma said.  None are exclusive truth even if they are any one person’s truth.  This concept seems so hard for many people to handle.  I believe most people are drawn to a single theology (including atheism or agnosticism) to help them make sense of their life.  But then there are those of us that cannot hang our hat on any one theology and who see the Divine Light shining in all paths....

We, retired civil servants belonging to different Services and batches, wish to register our deep concern at the continuing incidents of mindless violence in the country, especially those targeting the minorities, and the lackadaisical response of the law enforcement machinery to these attacks.

We seek now and without delay a clear response from the Hon’ble Prime Minister and his government on these issues, along with immediate and firm action against the perpetrators of such hate crimes against minorities in this country by the respective law enforcement authorities.....

If Mughals Did Not Loot India, What Exactly Was Their Contribution To India?
Rana Salvi

According to him, the Mughals came to India as conquerors but lived in the subcontinent as Indians, not colonisers. They merged their identity as well as that of their group with India and the two became inseparable, giving rise to an enduring culture and history. He goes on to say Mughals being seen as foreigners was never a point of discussion till quite recently, so well had they integrated and assimilated into the country they had made their own...

How Pakistani Sikhs Fleeing the Taliban Made the City Of Nankana Sahib a Cultural Hub
Haroon Khalid

Togetherness brought a sense of empowerment, such as they had perhaps never experienced before. Sikh festivals which had been confined to prayers inside a Gurudwara became major public events. There was a heightened sense of Sikh identity, particularly among the youth who took the lead in reviving religious traditions that had been abandoned for generations....

The Story of the Rabbi Who Died For Muhammad
Rabbi Allen Maller

In the following centuries, Jews from Spain to Mesopotamia lived much freer lives under Muslim rule than previous centuries of Christian and Zoroastrian rule. Rabbi Mukhayriq was right in thinking Muhammad would begin a new era in world history. Perhaps his devotion to a Messianic future of peace and brotherhood can inspire Islamic and Jewish religious leaders today to heal past wounds, and make Jerusalem a city of peace for the future....


The Light of Albania: How Thousands of Jews Found Refuge in Europe’s Only Muslim Country
Larry Yudelson

The story of how Ms. Neumann, her parents, and all the other more than 2,000 Jews who made their way to Albania lived out the war unmolested stands in sharp contrast to how Jews fared elsewhere in German-controlled territory. The Albanian interior minister took the two days to distribute the Jewish refugees among Albanian families. “He went back and said to the Germans, we looked for Jews but we didn’t find any.”...

Respecting All Religions
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Respecting All Religions
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The proposal that all religions be considered equally true defies the inner conviction of human beings, since everyone has a particular belief and faith that is the only thing they can be confident of in this world. In this world, which is full of trials and tribulations, strife and suffering, the Truth is the only thing that we can hold on to. The suggestion that we accept all religions as being true is not practical, and certainly not the solution to bring about unity…..

Abraham Davis had his mouth open, but no words were coming out. We were sitting together on his mother’s couch near her Christmas tree earlier this month and I had just played him a short recording of the president of Fort Smith’s Al Salam mosque. Abraham had vandalized the mosque with two friends more than a year before. It was an act of bigotry that he deeply regretted. His expression of remorse — written in a letter from jail — and the mosque’s forgiveness....


A Holiday Message: The Citizens of the State Are Of Two Categories, either Your Brethren in Religion or Your Brethren in Humanity
Raheel Raza

When the Muslims reached the court of the Negus, he asked them who they were and what they knew of Christianity and Jesus. Jafar read from the Quran the chapter on the birth of Jesus and said that Muslims are told to revere Jesus. He said that Christians are referred to as “people of the book” in the Quran. It is recorded in tradition that Negus stepped down from his throne, and with tears in his eyes, he drew a line in the sand with his staff. Then he addressed the court and said, “The difference between us is as fine as this line in the sand and we are the light of the same candle.”...

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