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Islam and Sectarianism

Why I support Hamza Ali Abbasi standing up for Pakistan’s Ahmadis
Shamila Ghyas

Who here is the perfect Muslim and in a position to tell others how to practice their religion? No one. And what kind of example are you setting by acting violent and full of hatred? Please remember, unless you act differently, you are no better than the ISIS.

Pakistan and Its Hate Crimes
Yasser Latif Hamdani

Pakistan and Its Hate Crimes
Yasser Latif Hamdani

...If the Prime Minister (PM) is serious about what he promised in his Diwali speech recently, one hopes that he will begin by taking real and stern measures to combat the proliferation of hate materials in society. Pakistan must ensure that the life and liberty of each Pakistani, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, is equally protected and safeguarded by the state. A Pakistan that fails to do so is a Pakistan not worth having.


What If Allama Iqbal Had Remained An Ahmadi?
Kashif Chaudhry

What if Sir Zafarullah Khan had left the Ahmadi community just as Sir Muhammad Iqbal did? Today, he would have been the shining star of right-wing Pakistan. Chapters in Pakistani textbooks would have been dedicated to his work. There would have been endless songs singing his praise, and every time the state of the Muslim world was discussed, he would have been presented as an icon, a flag bearer of our rights and freedoms. Mullahs would have been heads over heels in love with him. He would have been declared the saviour of the Ummah. Every Pakistan – young and old – would have been celebrating his legacy like no other.....

Sectarianism, Communalism and Secularism in Bangladesh
Muhammad Zamir

Within Islam, there has also been conflict at various periods between Sunnis and Shias;  with many inspired by Wahhabism and other ideologies declaring Shias to be heretics and/or apostates. A classic case in point has been Pakistan. One of the largest Muslim countries in the world, it has seen serious Shia-Sunni sectarian violence. Almost 80- 90 per cent of Pakistan's Muslim population is Sunni, and another 10-20 per cent is Shia, the second largest Shia population of any country after Iran. ...


Is the Pakistan Council of Islamic Ideology Trying to Incite Genocide of Ahmadis?
Umer Ali

Ahmadis have faced persecution and oppression of the worst magnitude. And with statements like these, what is Maulana trying to imply? Everyone knows the punishment of an apostate is death in Islam. Does he want all Ahmadis hanged? Although the position of Council is just a ceremonial one and has nothing to do with the law, even passing such remarks can provoke the religious zealots to kill people. Is Maulana Sheerani trying to incite genocide of Ahmadis?


Ahmadiyya Apartheid and the Quest for Tolerance

Ahmadis are a salient facet of Pakistani society. They have the highest literacy rate of any community, are prominent in the civil service and excel as teachers, scientists and Military Officers. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan is Sir Zafarullah Khan, an Ahmadi who drafted the Pakistan resolution-the famous 1940 declaration by the All India Muslim League calling for the creation of a Muslim State.

Thank You, Hamza Ali Abbasi, For Supporting My Right to Be Ahmadi
Kashif Chaudhry

Pakistani actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi, is always in the headlines for one reason or another. Recently, I wrote an article criticising his comments that apparently belittled Pakistan’s minorities. However, this time I am writing to congratulate him on supporting Pakistan’s minority Muslim communities – or at least those that self-identify as such.

Pakistan: The Sectarian Fire
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Pakistan: The Sectarian Fire
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Sectarian strife has afflicted Pakistan virtually from the moment of its birth, but has escalated continuously since 1979, with the then President General Zia-ul-Haq's 'Islamicisation' of Pakistani politics. Shias resisted this process as the 'Sunnification' of Pakistan, since most of the laws and regulations introduced were based on Sunni Fiqh (Jurisprudence). Notably, in July 1980, 25,000 Shias gathered in Islamabad to protest the Islamicisation laws....


This level of harmony is common in Bangladesh, even outside an Islamic context; Hindu Pujas are routinely attended by Muslims and Hindus alike, across the country. None of this has ever been an issue in Bangladesh, not that is, until a strident and divisive Salafism started taking root here.


Power and Sectarian Politics, Again
Azis Anwar Fachrudin

This phenomenon is among the main viruses infecting contemporary Indonesian democracy. In the case of Sampang in Madura, the supposed deviance of Shia is being exploited by certain groups to gain political support for the upcoming local elections there. In other regions, local leaders have passed sharia-based bylaws to woo popular support.


The misguiding concepts of the two groups about each other have done nothing more than seriously destroying the unity of Muslims around the world while provoking hatred and anger for each other. The discussions are mostly superficial and I being a Sunni myself do not believe in the core Shia concepts but I was once a believer of many misconceptions regarding Shias.

Suicide Attacks Against Shias: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pakistan Press, 30 October 2015

Suicide Attacks against Shias

By Syed Kamran Hashmi

Jihad Packets

By Tammy Swofford

When rape is not considered rape

By Zeeba T Hashmi

Obama’s Decision and Taliban Reaction

By Zafar Iqbal Yousafzai

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


The emotive issue of Syria is an obvious place to start to expose the flaws in the sectarian approach. Iran supports the Assad government, the argument goes, because the core of the Syrian state is Alawite, a sub-branch of Shi’ism. But there are at least three reasons why the idea that a sectarian bond explains Iranian backing for Damascus is wrong.

Who is Killing Pakistan's Shias?
Malik Siraj Akbar

In a January 2015 report Conflict Dynamics in Sindh published by the United States Institute for Peace, authors Huma Yusuf and Syed Shoaib Hassan warned that extremist organizations were increasingly active in Sindh's central and northern districts. Sectarian militant groups and the anti-state Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were consolidating their presence in the province in the rural areas.

Is Saudization A Form Of Racism?
Ibrahim Muhammad Badawood

Is Saudization A Form Of Racism?
Ibrahim Muhammad Badawood

Racism is a thorny issue although Islam set the limits and boundaries over 1400 years ago when Allah the Almighty revealed the Qura’nic ayah: “Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you” (49:13). The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said “there is no preference for Arabs over non-Arabs, nor for non-Arabs over Arabs. Preference is only through righteousness.”

Russia and Iraq: Putin, Champion of the Shia

Not all Sunnis and Shias are so entrenched, however. Militiamen loyal to Muqtada al-Sadr, a powerful Shia cleric, insist they will fight Russians as fiercely as they once fought Americans. And Sunnis hopeful of returning to Mosul, Iraq’s second city now in IS’s hands, doubt Mr Obama is up to the job. To retake Mosul, we’ll need the Russians,” says Mishaan al-Jabbouri, a Sunni politician and tribal leader who was briefly Mosul’s mayor.


The Deceit Of Sectarianism
Ibrahim Kalin

Sectarianism subverts politics at both national and regional levels and breeds extremism in the end. It takes religious, ethnic and secular forms or a combination of them. It is grounded in a deceitful self-centrism. It enforces polarization while claiming to protect its own interest. It resorts to extremism in the name of fighting it.


Sectarian Incitement As A Weapon In The Gulf
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

A video showing a Saudi young man verbally abusing a taxi driver because he hanged a picture of a religious symbol in his car has recently gone viral, with many voicing support for the taxi driver and demanding his rights be defended.


This Black Woman’s Anti-Muslim Rant Shows How Deep British Racism Goes
Joseph Harker

We’re getting used to racist rants being filmed, shared and loaded on to YouTube. The latest example, however, is not only shocking but, for me, deeply depressing too. Footage taken on a bus in Brent, north London, this week shows an Islamophobic rant by one women against two other passengers. “Fucking Isis bitches,” she calls them. “Go back to your country where they’re bombing every day.” The original film of the tirade lasts, in total, five long minutes.


The recent national meeting of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) elected senior cleric Ma’ruf Amin as its chairman for the next five years, succeeding Din Syamsuddin, shortly after Ma’ruf was elected supreme leader or rais aam of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU).


The ground reality is that Pakistan has settled its own nationals, besides Afghan, Chinese and other nationals by thousand folds, to change the demography on one side and multiplied its Army, Para Military and Punjab rangers on the other. After demolishing Gilgit Scouts Pakistan also punished the NLI by sending them to the civil war zones in Pakistan after 1999 Kargil war, when NLI demonstrated tremendous bravery against Indian Army. Due to their courageous acts of bravery in the war, Pakistan Army headed by General Musharraf realised the threat of keeping NLI within GB and subsequently displaced NLI from GILGIT BALTISTAN and dispatched them to the deeply troubled areas of Pakistan.....


Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan: The Legally Declared Non-Muslims
Raza Habib Raja

Ahmedis are a relatively recent sect of Islam, and ever since their formation, they have been despised. However, before the passing of the Second Amendment, they had not been actively discriminated by the state, all of which subsequently changed. ...

Qur’anic View of Success in Human Life
Qazi Wadud Nawaz, New Age Islam

Islam Demands total acceptance of the Truth and does not allow any partial acceptance.  An opportunistic Trend of Partial Acceptance creates a fertile ground for mushrooming hypocrisy which is more harmful than total rejection of the Truth. There is no scope for hypocrisy in Islam, but partial acceptance encourages hypocrisy and adds to their number within the ranks of the Muslim Community. Total Acceptance and allegiance to the Quranic Truth is an essential criterion of Faith of a Muslim and translating this Faith into Action to serve the cause of Allah in this world, is the essence and most fundamental strategy of Islamic Code of Life. ....


Fighting Sectarianism in Islam
Sayeeda Warsi

The universal Islamic definition of what constitutes a believer in Islam is extremely simple: La Ilaha Illallah Muhammad ur Rasulullah: a belief in God and Muhammad as his Prophet (peace be upon him). There are no other stipulations or conditions at all for belief. Even at the time of the Prophet, there were differences of opinion between his Companions over his religious instructions that were interpreted in different ways, even over sacred duties such as prayers. The Prophet viewed those differences of opinions as healthy, as an inevitable diversity, and even as a blessing of, the faith.

Pakistan Is the Fountainhead of Sectarian Extremism
Yasser Latif Hamdani

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan is the fountainhead of sectarian extremism. Not only did it violate all principles of citizenship and a citizen’s relations with the state, it dealt a deathblow to Muslim unity in Pakistan. Takfir (to declare someone an apostate) is not a recent phenomenon: Muslims have been declaring other Muslims Kafirs (infidels) for centuries now. In the 1940s, Jinnah was declared not just a Kaafir but the Kaafir-e-Azam or the great infidel by the Ulema (clergy) opposing him. His crime was twofold....

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