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Islam and Sectarianism

Politicisation of Sectarianism
Nawar Fakhry Ezzi

Aside from extremists, the differences in religious teachings and interpretations between Sunni and Shia were similar to the differences between any Sunni schools of Islam. Most of the Shia religious leaders and imams did not even label themselves as Shia because they were the descendants of the Prophet (pbuh) and were scholars on their own merit and their teachings were rightfully acknowledged and valued by all Muslims not only Shia....

The Deep Divide Within
Diana Moukalled

The Deep Divide Within
Diana Moukalled

Arab vs. Kurd, Sunni vs. Shiite, Christian vs. Muslim, Lebanese vs. Syrian, Arab vs. Persian — take your pick. But what is truly making this already unbearable situation worse is the involvement of a not inconsiderable portion of those who are in the public eye. It is not just politicians and militants, but journalists, writers, and so-called intellectuals who have now taken up this divisive baton....


Sectarian rhetoric is on display most explicitly in the language used by militant groups. The Islamic State jihadist group, for example, regularly denounces Shias and others as heretics....


Radicalism, Not Sectarianism, is the Threat in Yemen
Manuel Almeida

The message that the Yemeni conflict has little to do with the kind of sectarian violence that plagues Iraq and Syria has been circulating with increasing intensity in mainstream and social media. In many ways, the message is correct. Instead, it is radicalism that threatens to disintegrate Yemen....

A Violent Endgame
Irfan Husain

A Violent Endgame
Irfan Husain

Mohajirs responded to the young Altaf Hussain in large numbers as he affirmed Mohajir pride and dignity. Gen Zia spotted an opportunity to use this new group to cut the PPP down to size, and allegedly helped the party establish itself. The Zia period also saw Pakhtuns, Punjabis and Sindhis form ‘ethnic’ parties, while established parties acquired militant wings….


Most Houthis follow Zaidism, a sect that traces its roots to 8th century Arabia and the campaign of a great-great grandson of the Prophet (PBUH) who rebelled against the Umayyad caliphs of the time....


Tired Canards about Yemen and Sectarianism
Dr Mohammad Taqi

Whether the request for troops comes from a Wahhabist monarchy or an Alawite regime, the answer should be a resounding no. Maintaining a non-aligned posture is prudent diplomacy and should not have to be justified on the basis of a flimsy Shia-Sunni binary....

Spreading Fitnah!
Zafar Bangash

Spreading Fitnah!
Zafar Bangash

What we are witnessing today is reconfirmation of a prophetic Hadith; let us remind ourselves of what the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said about Najd. There are many Hadiths that predict the eruption of a great Fitnah (sedition) from there....


Sunni Status Quo Confronts Shiite Revisionism in Yemen
Murat Yetkin

Since the collapse of the Arab Spring and the rise of various jihadist movements, Iran has steadily extended its influence to a number of capitals in the region, including Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and lately Sanaa, effectively encircling Saudis and other Sunni-led Gulf countries....


Insecurities and Ghettoisation
Muhammad Amir Rana

The constant shadow of fear makes people behave ‘fearlessly’. Many experts and social scientists think that such insecurity leads crowds to believe in a sort of oneness, which shapes their collective actions......


Protecting the Minority in Malaysia
Boo Su-Lyn

Yet, it seems that non-Muslims are not the only ones who are told not to criticise Hudud; Muslims themselves are bashed for questioning the Islamic penal code. BFM journalist Aisyah Tajuddin received death and rape threats when a video of her questioning Kelantan’s drive to implement Hudud went viral on social media…..


Sectarianism Tearing Iraq Apart
Harun Yahya

Since the last 27 years, Iraq has been the same. Very little has changed in Iraq, even after the departure of the dictator, Saddam Hussein. The Sunni Saddam who persecuted the Kurds departed, and then we had the Shiite Al-Maliki oppressing the Sunnis.....


Terrorism of All Hue
Najam Sethi

Unfortunately, however, the history of Pakistan shows that the principles of humanitarian Islam that were expected to guide the new state in safeguarding minorities have been distorted by the practitioners of Islam in Pakistan to erode the writ of the state in general and target the minorities in particular…..

The Ruined Ruins of Pakistan
Humeira Kazmi

I’m thinking what took them so long, eh? If you’re a Pakistani, you must contribute to the wreck and ruin of your homeland on some and/or all levels. Alhamdulillah, the Pakistani Christians have finally realized they’re just as much entitled to disrupting social order and terrorizing the civic population as anyone else.....


The issue of religious (dis)harmony should give authorities a cause for concern as evinced lately in Yogyakarta, where banners propagating sectarianism have been unfurled in many parts of the city, which, in contrast to these banners, is known for its cultural diversity. Those banners contain hate speech like Syiah Bukan Islam (Shia is not Islam), Syiah Kafir (Shiites are infidels) and so forth.


Iraq Becoming a Sectarian Minefield
Abdulrahman Al-Rashed

They might be able to free all Iraqi territory and eradicate IS and other rebels, but this war will be followed by a sectarian one similar to Syria. How will the US benefit from supporting the Iraqi army without a political process that makes everyone a winner?....


A Life's Constant Fear
Zehra Abid

I have now become part of the people many feel morally obligated to sympathise with. It was easier empathising with the Baloch, the Ahmadis, the Hazaras and the Shias of Parachinar and Gilgit-Baltistan. But now I am on the side, where friends, some directly, others between the lines, try to tell you it’s time to go.....


Healing Our Sectarian Divide
Pervez Hoodbhoy

Crucially, the Quran is silent on how a state’s ruler is to be chosen and what might be legitimate grounds for his removal. Revealed for the purpose of separating right from wrong rather than politics, the Book does not specify the limits of the ruler’s power or that of the shura’s (consultative body). Also unmentioned is the manner in which the shura, which could potentially appoint or remove a ruler, is to be chosen. Would there be an executive, judiciary, or government ministries and what should their functions be? Islam’s other source of definitive authority, the Holy Prophet (PBUH), did not outline the process for selecting future leaders of the faithful. Whether he actually specified his immediate successor remains deeply contentious....

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Declining Violence, Increasing Threat
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Little can be expected from the Federal Government as well, given the steps that were taken in the aftermath of the Peshawar attack. Islamabad has chosen to intensify selective operations against domestically oriented terrorist formations, even as it continues to support a range of terrorist groups operating against Afghanistan and India, or who support ‘global jihad’. Unfortunately, these distinctions are far from sustainable, as most state sponsored groups in Pakistan maintain some contact with the anti-state formations and, crucially, share a common ideology with these....


The past few days have proven themselves to be a turbulent period for Pakistani cyber-mujahedeen, which started with the emergence of an extremely indecent, indecorous and utterly gross trend on Twitter – “#EkCrorePakistanMulhid”. Just listening to the name of the trend gave one’s nerves and heart a violent twist, and a cursory read made one desire an ablution to regain purity....

Curbing the Persecution of Shias
Mehr F Husain

Now ‘Shia-hunting’ is fast becoming a sick sport of a kind. And the recent suicide attack on a Shia Imambargah indicated that Shia genocide is also an element of the war on terror that needs to be examined....

Sindh: Permanent Crisis
Ambreen Agha

It is, once again, the criminalization of the state in Pakistan, and the unwillingness to abandon Islamist extremism and terrorism as instruments of state policy, that have resulted in the unbridled and self-destructive violence in Sindh. With the consolidation of the power bases of various armed extremist formations in Karachi - and progressively in other areas of Sindh - the situation is bound to deteriorate further…..


Pakistan's Silent Partition
Zehra Abid

Pakistan’s story began with a parting — partition from India — and now, for a growing number of people, it is ending with another parting. Negombo, a beach town 24 miles from Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, is refuge for hundreds of Ahmadi Muslims fleeing persecution in Pakistan…..


Balochistan: Persistent Crisis
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Balochistan: Persistent Crisis
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Disappearances and the state's 'kill and dump policy' continue to cause great distress in Balochistan, feeding the crisis of mistrust between the Baloch people and Islamabad and prolonging the insurgency. Islamabad's strategy of creating and supporting Islamist extremist groups to manage domestic political challenges has enormously aggravated the problem in both North and South Balochistan, though these groups are most active in the North. ...


The Snail in a Muslim Neighbourhood
Sevgi Kuru Açikgöz

He posted a tweet tagging the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Directorate for Public Transportation, asking whether public transportation (buses, trains and ferries) would be free of charge on Christmas day, since that is the practice during the Muslim feast days of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. The directorate responded to Bağdat in the negative. The columnist responded: “But why? I also pay my taxes as a citizen, so I expect equal service.”….


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