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Islam and Sectarianism

Sectarian Monster Reawakened In Iraq: That Factory of Radicalization Must Close down As Soon As Possible in a Way That Would Allow Syria’s Wounds, And by Extension Iraq’s, To Heal
Ramzy Baroud

That factory of radicalization must close down as soon as possible in a way that would allow Syria’s wounds, and by extension Iraq’s, to heal……


Sectarianism: A Recipe for Disaster for Sunnis and Shiites
Ibrahim Kalin

ISIS is, however, just one piece of the puzzle. The anti-Maliki coalition that formed under ISIS in Mosul is actually comprised of ex-Baathists, Islamists and other Sunni tribes and other smaller groups in Iraq. It looks like the ex-Baathists are handling the political designs and the ISIS fighters are carrying out the attacks. Eight years of sectarian, authoritarian and exclusivist policies of the two successive Maliki governments have brought the most unlikely enemies together and prepared the ground for a sectarian war…..


The Saudi War in Iraq and Lessons for Pakistan: Tell the Saudis to Stop Meddling in Pakistan’s Affairs
Yasser Latif Hamdani

If Iran gets involved in Iraq, and it has already sent troops in some parts of the country, Pakistan will risk getting sucked into that predominantly sectarian conflict. That is the last thing Pakistan can afford to do given that it is home to the second largest Shia population in the world....

Minority and the Mob in Pakistan
Khaled Ahmed

Nations trapped in the cycle of fate can’t resist a recurrent death wish even when they know it is a death wish. Turks can’t live down their primal hatred of Armenians, and become Turks only when they collectively hate them. Iranians have the same kind of emotion about the Bahai. Once Germans hated Jews and killed a lot of them to post their “greatness” to the world. Pakistan’s death wish hatred is against the Ahmadi community. It lives as a nation only if it kills Ahmadis and ceases to be a nation if it stops killing them.....

What Does Erdogan Mean By 'Alevis Without Ali'?
Fehim Tastekin

Veneration of "Ahl al-Bayt" (the family of the Prophet Muhammad), primarily his son-in-law Ali Ibn Abu Talib, is pivotal to Alevism. The narrative of “Alevism without Ali” stems from a theory floated in Marxist-socialist Alevi circles according to which Alevism is a body of pre-Islamic religious rites. Advocates of this theory are a very tiny minority. Years ago, Turkish researcher Faik Bulut wrote a book called “Alevism without Ali,” which argued that the Ali worshipped by Alevis is largely detached from the historical figure of the prophet. The book was duly debated and rebuttals were written. The reality today remains that for the overwhelming majority of Alevis — who, like Shiites, venerate Ali but follow distinct Turkish Sufi principles of the Bektashi order — "Alevism without Ali" is not Alevism.....


In the Arab world, sectarian tensions between the two main branches of Islam have increased the past decade. In Syria, jihadist fighters from around the world are fighting alongside the country's Sunni majority against President Bashar Assad's Alawite, Shiite-backed minority. Meanwhile, Sunni-Shiite bloodletting in Iraq shows no sign of abating with hardliners on either side…..


Pakistan Needs To Do Much More to Deal with Intensified Communal and Sectarian Conflicts in Punjab despite Fierce Internal Conflict among Terror Outfits
Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

The Tehreek-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan (TTP) is dominated by foreign extremists who, unlike the local extremists, have no soft corner for the state of Pakistan. Most of them have been engaged in militancy since the war started in Afghanistan and have consolidated their ties with the Al-Qaida. Although they have good standing in the local areas, their source of power emanates from the foreign countries where their financers and funding organisations are based. They are enormously funded by them to wage war in the name of Jihad in Pakistan......


No Talks with Pakistan until Withdrawal of Forces - Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti
Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti

Army operations in Balochistan have become a daily routine where innocent women and children are being killed and people are joining violent ways of the struggle as a reaction”. He said Pakistan is carrying out a systematic genocide of Baloch Nation. He said that nobody needs to dictate us about our matters; we must have the right to decide as to what is in our interest and what is not....


Why Arabs Are Confused on Turkey’s Ethnic Minorities
Sinem Cengiz
Arab intellectuals noted that Turkey should be able to achieve a balance between different groups and have equal policies regarding these groups, adding that only a Turkey that succeeded in solving these issues could serve as a model for the Middle East……


Scourge of Sectarianism Clings Onto Syria and Iraq
Eyad Abu Shakra

Iraq, which was first been “liberated” from Saddam Hussein and then from the Americans, is not an isolated case. Syria is also confidently and destructively moving towards a state of social division, despite the fact that the Assad regime—under both the father, Hafez al-Assad, and the son, Bashar—have an ongoing tradition of erecting a democratic façade to cover up the most heinous of political and security practices……..


Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, is overwhelmingly Sunni. The Pew Research Center estimated that in 2010 over 99 percent of the country’s 205 million Muslims were Sunni. Indonesia’s estimated one million Shiites are no strangers to discrimination, but human rights groups have recently reported attacks and forced conversions. Now, some radical Sunnis are out in public saying they want to eliminate “deviant” sects, and Shiites are rightly worried…..


Hudud in a Non-Islamic State
Syahredzan Johan

Apart from Hudud crimes, other types of crimes under the Syariah are Ta'zir, Qisas and Diyat. Ta'zir crimes are crimes against the state and they are discretionary; the state has the discretionary powers to punish these crimes. Quisas are crimes punishable on the principle of "an eye for an eye". Diyat are crimes that may be punishable like Quisas but instead, the victim may accept compensation or "blood money" instead. The burden of proof to establish a Hudud crime is extremely high…..

Where a Muslim Kills a Muslim
Arshid Majid Rather

The sectarian divide is taking a heavy toll on all Arabs and has far-reaching, devastating consequences for the present and generations to come. It has put on question even the existence or survival of states inflicted. Apparently, it looks as if different sects or sections did not make up the same community but two separate communities with parallel and irreconcilable worldviews. Peaceful and tolerant religion is made to become more and more conservative, orthodox and xenophobic in order to serve the interests surely other than religion…..


The Massacre of the Shia in Pakistan since 2002 Has Been Caused By Edicts of Apostatisation Issued By a Madrasa of Lucknow
Khaled Ahmed

Saudi Arabia then approached the Sunni head of the famous seminary, Nadwatul Ulema of Lucknow, to write two books to incite hatred of the Shia in the entire Islamic world. The first was a condemnation of Iran’s Imam Khomeini, and the second was a compilation of Fatwas (edicts) from the madrasas of India and Pakistan declaring the Shia as Kaafir and therefore liable to extermination for succumbing to apostasy......

To Improve the Future, Sunnis and Shiites Must Recall Their Past
Ali A. Allawi and Nassima Neggaz

Certainly, there have been periods when the two communities have coexisted peacefully. But what matters today is that Shiites and Sunnis relate to their past differently, and that this historical memory can be distorted – and even invented – to create mistrust and hate. The overthrow of the first Muslim dynasty, the staunchly anti-Shiite Umayyads, in the year 750, by the Abbasids, who traced their lineage to the Prophet Mohammad’s uncle, raised hopes, albeit short-lived, of a Sunni-Shiite rapprochement…..

How Arabs Can Defeat Sectarianism
Marwan Mausher

Sectarian tensions are ripping Arab countries apart. From Syria to Lebanon to Iraq, states are increasingly being defined by what divides them. The Sunni-Shiite divide in particular is emerging as the single most threatening factor to national cohesion in all of these countries and beyond. Left unaddressed, hope for a stable and prosperous future for the Arab world is fleeting......

In 2005, he and other BSO-A leaders, including Dr Imdad Baloch and his brother Ali Nawaz Gohar Baloch, were also picked up by intelligence agencies from a flat in the Gulistan-e-Johar area of Karachi.  After having gone missing for about a year, Allah Nazar resurfaced in August 2006, and was jailed in Quetta for several months. After his release on bail, he went into hiding again. He said in an interview that he had “witnessed slavery and oppression very closely in those torture cells”…..


When future historians look back at Pakistan as it was in the early 21st century they will observe that this period was unparalleled when it came to repression of minorities.  The tyranny did not confine itself to the lives of members of minority communities but remained peppered with instances of firebombing churches, demolishing temples and other instances of destroying or misappropriating communal properties of minorities....


This year, leaders from the Shia and Sunni Muslim communities have stepped up international efforts to pursue peaceful relationships between their two communities. Contrary to popular belief, Shia and Sunni Muslims mostly co-exist peacefully in most places around the world today….

Bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan, Sistan-Baluchistan is known for lawlessness born partly of smuggling, especially of narcotics from the east. It also faces a long-running, “low-level” insurgency of militant groups fusing Baluch nationalism with Al-Qaeda language and practices, including beheadings…..


A Social Pariah Even In Maryland – All Because I Am Shia
Farheen Rizvi

Fortunately, in 2012, I moved out of that town but one question still continues to nag at me wherever I go; will we, the Pakistanis, ever leave our political affiliations and ethnic prejudices behind and become one nation?....

While Pakistan has officially tried to remain on the sidelines of the regular Shiite-Sunni flare-ups in the Middle East over the last few decades, backroom deals with Sunni monarchies like those being signed recently have not gone unnoticed domestically….


They Can Force Them To Convert To Islam But They Can’t Win Their Hearts!
Noman Ansari

As an expatriate boy growing up in Saudi Arabia, I dreaded attending my school’s mandatory afternoon prayer session. At the end of every long day in Manarat Al-Sharkia, all the Muslim students and teachers gathered before the final two classes to offer Zuhar (noon) prayers in the school’s stinking gym that carried a rancid air powerful enough to rival Hitler’s infamous gas chamber…..

Ankara Getting Ready For Worst Case Scenario in Iraq
Barçin Yinanç

Either Iraq has to change al-Maliki, or al-Maliki has to change; I heard a high level Turkish official saying both are unlikely to happen….


An Eye for an Eye Will Make Iraq Blind
Diana Moukalled

It is a rapid decline and a frantic return to a discourse which raises the slogans of revenge and blood, and drops all that remains of a state of law—if there was anything of it in the first place…..


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