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Islam, Women and Feminism

How Hollywood Has Failed Muslim Women
How Hollywood Has Failed Muslim Women
New Age Islam News Bureau

• 'People Think Muslim Ladies Can't Drive a Taxi'

• Women’s Propensity towards Extremism Increasing

• India: Woman Given 'Triple Talaq', Raped By Tantrik 

• Saudi Ministry Launches Awareness Expo on Women’s Legal Rights

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• Muslim Girls Basketball Team, Wearing Hijabs, Called 'Best Kept Secret in Milwaukee'

• ‘Mission Accomplished’: How One Woman Built the Mosque of Her Dreams in Vegas

• Nike Introduces Swim Hijab and Full Coverage Suit

• Varisha Khan Makes History in Redmond, Becoming One of The First Muslim Women To Serve Office In Washington State

• Women’s Shelters Serving Immigrants Open in Calgary and Edmonton

• Bangladesh Film about Girl Surfer Faces Calls to Be Banned

• Muslim Community Condemns Racially Aggravated Attack On Sheffield Schoolgirl

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• UK Muslim Girl, Redana Al-Hadi, 14,  'Strangled With Hijab and Beaten By Woman in Racist Attack'

•  Bangladeshi Girl Who Escaped Being Married At The Age Of 12 Wins Archery Gold

• Tory Chairwoman 'Tells Muslim Shopper Her Hijab Is "Offensive" Outside Asda'

• ‘Racist’ Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Threatens To Kick Muslim Woman off Plane

• Sisterhood of Travelling Cyclists! Muslim Women's Cycling Group Awarded Tfl Grant To Expand Into Redbridge

• 'Citizenship Bill Validates Two-Nation Theory': Muslim Women's Body Urges MPs to Reject Legislation

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• Jeddah Eagles Flying High with Women’s Football Win

• Poll Bodes Well for Future of Women’s Empowerment in the Arab World

• Southwest Airlines Passenger Says Flight Attendant Complained About 'Muslim Woman' For 'Making People Uncomfortable'

• Inside Ain Issa: Doctor Reveals The International Team Battling To Save Lives In Border Camp Sheltering The Women And Children Of Islamic State

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Even though the Holy Qur’an says a man can take up to four wives, I would not do that if I were you. Allah (God) is the Best Knower, so I would not use that verse before you use another verse that says, “One is better for you if you but understood.” Don’t run out playing with women....


In studying how Muslim women dress for over a decade, I realised a deeper understanding of Muslim women’s clothing can challenge popular stereotypes about Islam....


• Student Says She Was Assaulted At School In Elk Grove For Being Muslim

• Deported Indonesian Domestic Worker Claims Hong Kong Authorities Made Her Strip In Front Of Male Doctor

• Why Is The NYT Allying With Islamists Against Women?

• UK: Muslim Schoolgirl Target Of Islamophobic Assault

• Lebanese Women March In Beirut Against Sexual Harassment

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• New Redmond City Council Member Is among Washington State’s First Muslim Women Elected to Local Office

• Why Two Women — One Jewish, the Other Muslim — Are Taking Moms to Visit Auschwitz

• Free Pass For Israel? Ilhan Omar Notes Silence after Israeli Group Linked To Fake News Operation Targeting Muslim US Congresswomen

• Rep. Rashida Tlaib Rejects Israel Resolution, Criticizes Congress for Omission

• Swati Runi Goyal Wore A ‘Hail Satan’ T-Shirt On A Plane, American Airlines Forced Her To Change Or Get Off The Plane

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


• The Women of Islamic State Are Not Demons and Must Be Brought Home

• 'Craziest Persecution': Feminist Activist In Russia Faces Six Years In Prison On Pornography Charge

• Feminist Exhibition in Kyrgyzstan Forced To Confront Naked Truth About Societal Attitudes

• British Journalist Says Muslim Wife Was Told Southwest Air Treated Her ‘Like A Venomous Snake’ On A Plane

• Investigation Uncovers Israel-Based Group behind Bigoted Facebook Smear Campaign Aimed at US Muslim Congresswomen

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• Young Women of Different Faiths to Share to Share Their Perspectives on Celebrating Traditional Faith Holidays

• Women Wearing Hijabs in News Stories May Be Judged Negatively

• The Attacks on Ilhan Omar Reveal A Disturbing Truth About Racism In America

• Lisa Smith Charged With Membership of Islamic State And Denied Bail At Dublin Court Hearing

• Grubs Up: Veganism Trend Soaring Among Young Saudis

• Boris Johnson Claimed Children of Working Mothers 'More Likely To Mug You'

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

• A Muslim Female Passenger in a Hijab Was Kicked Off a Turkish Airlines Flight at London Gatwick Due to A Suspicious Chat

• Sexual Harassment on Indonesia’s Public Transport

• Boris Johnson Cannot Criticise Us over Racism After Calling Muslim Women Letterboxes, UEFA President Says

• Kyrgyz Naked Art Performance Sparks Row

• Hala On Apple TV Plus: A Missed Opportunity To Shatter Muslim Stereotypes

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In the meantime, all that this country and this city and all the people in it can offer up to a kidnapped young woman are thoughts and prayers....

• Islamic State bride: Who is Lisa Smith?

• In Death and Life, Lebanese Woman Shows Religious Law Fight

• Ex-Liverpool WAG ‘Who Married Islamist Fighter’ Charged With Funding Terror

• I Was a Shop Girl, and The Allegations At Mecca Are Not New Or Isolated

• Indian Supreme Court To Take Up Plea Against Polygamy, Nikah Halala Next Month

• Bindu Ammini Moves SC, Says Kerala Govt Must be ordered to Protect Women Trekking to Sabarimala

• Lisa Smith’s Detention Extended As Solicitor Says She Has ‘Strong Case’

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

Jaya Bachchan: India MP Calls For 'Lynching' Of Hyderabad Rapists

No Industry for Women: Bollywood #MeToo Accused Back At Work

New Roadblock Alleged For Women Drivers in Turkmenistan

Woman Rescued After 12 Nights Stranded In Australian Outback

Islamic State Bride Lisa Smith Arrested On Return to Ireland

Muslim Woman In Dundalk Says Smith 'Not Welcome There'

Omar’s Rival Banned from Twitter after Suggesting Congresswoman Should Be Hanged

The Interfaith Women’s Group in Bridgeview Has Been Meeting Monthly Since 1997

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

Arab Female Journalists Face Up To Industry Challenges at Riyadh Seminar

Nabilah Islam - Atlanta Has Its Own AOC and She Is Ready and Able

Sudan Abolishes Anti-Women Law, Dissolves Islamist Party

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


• Muslim Woman Says She Was Told to ‘Go Home’ After Boris Johnson’s Burqa Comments

• Question Time: Muslim Woman Told To "Go Home" After Boris Johnson's "Letterbox" Comment

• Bradford-based Muslim Women's Council Marks Tenth Anniversary

• Federation of Muslim Women of Ghana, Visit Mahama

• Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Opponent Has Twitter Account Permanently Suspended

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


• Pakistan Army’s Female Officer Awarded UN Secretary-General Certificate

• The Burqa And Niqab Are Giving Islam A Bad Name

• Osama Bin Laden's Niece Spotted Performing In Band In London With Guinness Heiress

• Quebec Organization Creates Pamphlet to Educate Muslim Women About Their Rights

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


• Woman from North Manchester Had Islamic State Instructions on How to Plan a Terror Attack on Her Phone

• Nottinghamshire Police ‘Victim Blaming’ Women Who Walk Alone

• Luton Tory MP Candidate Calls for Boris Johnson to Apologise To Muslim Women As Well As Inquiry into Islamophobia in Party

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


• Egyptian Woman Wins Case against Islamic Inheritance Laws

• The Forgotten Violence against Muslim Women in the West

• How A Fake Imam, The Krassenstein Brothers And A Canadian Played Roles In A Dubious Story About Ilhan Omar And Qatar

• Muslim Parents Permanently Banned From Protesting LGBT Education Outside British School

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


• ‘My Faith Is What Drives Me to Do This,’ Says UK Muslim Woman Who Defended Jewish Family from Anti-Semite on London Underground

• French Laicite and the Battle against Muslim Women

• Hundreds of Sudanese Women March against Violence

• Stylish yet Modest Clothing Line From Muslim Fashion Designer

• An Attack Against Pregnant Woman In Australia Sheds Light On Hostility Towards Muslims

• Aussie Grandma Accused Of Drug Trafficking Escapes the Gallows

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


• How This Young Woman Broke the Glass Ceiling Through Sheer Hard Work And A Little Bit Of Luck

• ‘Women on Wheels’ Kick-Starts in Karachi

• British Women ‘Being Forced Into Polygamous Relationships’ Because Law Lets Them Down, Campaigners Say

• The Sydney Attack on A Pregnant Woman Is A Symptom Of Islamophobia

• Man, Family Members Booked For Triple Talaq in Manapparai

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


Pamela Geller: Purveyor of Anti-Muslim Prejudice

Muslim Woman Who Was Attacked In a Sydney Cafe Says She Won’t “Sit In Silence”

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


Islamists Are Waging an Online War on Feminism

Outrage in Pakistan after Feminism Panel Includes No Women

Muslim Woman Confronts Man 'Shouting Anti-Semitic Abuse At Family’ On London Tube

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


• 'How can I put my faith in a leader who likens me to a letterbox?' Veiled Muslim woman blasts Boris Johnson on Question Time

• Jewish Family Hail 'Totally Amazing' Muslim Nanny as She Shares Story of Overcoming Prejudice

• Police Cite Andover Woman after Confrontation With Muslim Woman Wearing Hijab At Manchester Mall

• ‘Hala’: A Skateboarding American Muslim Teen Coming of Age, Female-Style

• The Painful Tragedy of A 13-Year-Old Muslim Girl Who Killed Herself Last Friday In Bangkok

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


“Our religious police has the most dangerous effect on society: the segregation of genders, putting the wrong ideas in the heads of men and women, producing psychological diseases that never existed in our country before, like fanaticism.”...


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