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Islam, Women and Feminism

Although Princess Latifa’s escape failed, it has not deterred other women in the region from taking flight, leaving behind their wealth and royal privileges for a chance of reaching freedom in the West....


The image of a Muslim woman conjures up stereotypes of meek, subjugated women in need of saving. The arrival of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to the American political scene, however, has exposed the fallacy of these gender stereotypes...

‘I Felt Powerful’: Afghan Trailblazer, Fawzia Koofi, Who Confronted Taliban on Women

Haila Al-Farraj Is First Saudi Female Sports Commentator

Women Managing 400 Knowledge-Based Companies In Iran

Three Indonesian Women Arrested For Same-Sex Marriage Video

‘Iranian Women Running Economic Campaign against US Bans’

Jewish and Arab Women Come Together Over Embroidery

Dubai Police Send Women Cops For Umrah

Yemeni Women, Children Slaughtered By US-Made Ammunition: Houthi

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Yazidi children have been brainwashed and rights groups say suicide among captives is common. Even for those who manage to escape after years of enslavement and rape, many struggle to survive without an income or identity papers....

"I Was Like a Prisoner": Saudi Sisters Trapped In Hong Kong Recall Beatings

Iranian Women’s Soccer Team Not Allowed to Play at Azadi Stadium

Poor Swat Women Seek Livelihood Schemes

PML-N, PTI Women Activists Wooing Voters for By-Election

World Is A Better Place When Women Are In Charge As Well

Prof Masouma, First Woman Minister in Kuwait

As ‘Caliphate’ Crumbles, Daesh Women Remain Defiant

Economic Reforms for Women: Identification of Hiccups Can Help Empower Women

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In October 2017, the movement’s newspaper called on women to prepare for battle; by early last year, the group was openly praising its female fighters in a video that showed a woman wielding an AK-47, the narration describing “the chaste Mujahid woman journeying to her Lord with the garments of purity and faith, seeking revenge for her religion and for the honour of her sisters.”...


Tunisia: Muslim Women Protest In Favour Of Polygamy

French 'Isis Bride' Recalls Islamic State 'Chaos'

Shamima Begum Says UK Government Is 'Making an Example of Me'

Shedding the Headscarf, Turkish Women Tell Of Pressures and New Solidarity

As 'Caliphate' Crumbles, Daesh Women Remain Defiant

Talawi: Avoid Scenes Abusive To Women In Cinematic Works

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Lawyer for US-Born Islamic State Woman: She Should Return To US

Saudi Sisters Trapped In Hong Kong Fear Death Penalty If Deported

‘Identify Roadblocks in Economically Empowering Women’

Syria Force Evacuates Women, Children from ISIS Holdout

Married Couples, Women Happier According To Life Satisfaction Survey

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Basma Alshaalan, diplomat at Saudi Arabia’s UN mission

Father of US-Born Woman Who Joined Daesh Sues over Citizenship

How Women’s Studies Could Drive Change in the Arab World

Turkish, Syrian Women Join Hands to Revive Ancient Soap

Russian-Turkish Woman to Run For Alanya Mayor In Southern Turkey

Campaign in Dallas to Clear Negative Stereotypes about Hijabs and Muslim Women

UK Muslim Peer Pledges Support for Jailed Syrian Women

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There is a misconception that Islam does not allow a woman the right to divorce her husband. This lie is spread and made powerful by the halting of the education of girls and women by men, by cultural stigma, and by the mullahs who want to maintain power. But a woman who can read the Qur’an soon learns that her subjugation and oppression is a man-made construct....

Record Number of Indian Women to Embark On Hajj without Male Relatives This Year

Shamima Begum Blasted By Amir Khan As He Says ‘Arrogant’ Jihad Gives Muslims ‘A Bad Name’

Sadaf Jaffer Sworn in as America’s First Female Muslim Mayor

Saudi Arabia Women's Team Out to Use Bowling Championship Debut As Springboard to Success

Ban on Cycle Rally for Transgender Persons, Women Challenged In Pakistan Court

Trump Bars US-Born Woman Who Joined IS From Returning

British Police Knew ISIS Encouraged Girls To Go To Syria And Did Nothing: Begum Family

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Three Women While Leaving Al-Aqsa Mosque

Shamima Begum: IS Teenager to Lose UK Citizenship

American Woman Who Joined ISIS Begs To Come Back Home

Cabinet Gives Nod to Ordinance on Triple Talaq

In Milwaukee, Muslim Girls’ Basketball Team Courts a Broader Understanding

French Women in Syria Say Ready to Return Home

Rashida Tlaib Joins Extremist Imam on CAIR Speaking Circuit

New Award for Fastest Female Emirati Runners

International Conference on Jailed Syrian Women to Be Held In Istanbul

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The 1986 Act actually defines the rights of a Muslim woman on divorce. Section 3 says that she will be entitled to a fair and reasonable amount for maintenance. She will also be entitled to the property she receives from her relatives and the relatives of her husband....


“When he returned from Hira, the first person who covered him was a woman and the first person he spoke to was a woman. A woman was the first to believe in him. A woman was the first to pray with him. A woman was the first to die for him....


Shamima Begum: 'I Didn't Want To Be IS Poster Girl'

After ISIL, French women held in Syria say they're ready for home

Floating Hospital to Travel Nile, Help Upper Egypt Women

Muslim Woman Fights for Israel despite Death Threats

After IS, French Women Held In Syria Say Ready to Go Home

Sisters in Islam Disappointed By Two States over Child Marriages

Saudi Women Defend Government App Which Lets Men Give Women Permission To Travel

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Underage Marriage Continues To Haunt Malaysia

Houthi Rebels Free Yemeni Activist Awfa Al Naami After Three Weeks

UK Cannot Make Islamic State Bride Stateless, Justice Secretary Admits

Young Afghan Girl’s Valentine’s Day Song ‘I Kiss You amid Taliban’ Goes Viral

Saudi Women Now Occupy Nearly Half of Retail Jobs, Says Report

Media Committee for GCC Women Football Event Meets in Saudi Arabia

600,000 Saudi Women Join Workforce, Says Official

Iranian Women Actively Participate In Protests, Demonstrations

Woman Imam Who Braved Death Threats Calls For Ban on Foreign Funding Of Europe's Mosques

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Defends App Allowing Men to Monitor Women Relatives

Egyptian Writer’s Life Turns into Ordeal after Penning Book against the Hijab

Five Women among 61 Candidates in Kuwait’s By-Elections

Don’t Abandon Us to Taliban, Afghan Women Beg Donald Trump

Two Young Girls Saved From Morality Police By Public Intervention

Civil Activist Sahar Kazemi Sentenced To 5 Years’ Imprisonment

Islamic State Making Last Stand behind Women, Children

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Family of British Girl Who Joined ISIS Call for 'Compassion'

Will The US Betray Afghan Women In Talks With Taliban?

Sexual Violence Rampant in South Sudan’s Unity Area: UN

Saudi Women Bowling Team To Make First International Appearance in Egypt

Unemployment of Female Graduates in Iran Three Times Higher Than Men

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Property Loans for Saudi Women Approved

40 Years of Crimes against Iranian Women

Meet Sadaf Jaffer, America’s First Female Muslim Mayor

Muslim Women’s Network Calls for Legal Change to Allow Muslim Women to Divorce Husbands More Easily

Swedish Female Swimming Chairwoman Unseated for Calling Muslim Veil 'Oppressive'

To Write, To Protest: 8 Female Egyptian Writers Who Broke Barriers

Women Recall the ‘Hell’ Of Soviet War in Afghanistan

Stadium Gates Gradually Open For Iranian Women

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The Holy Prophet (SAW) said, “The biggest of Al-Kabeer (the great sins) are (1) to join others as partners in worship with Allah, (2) to murder a human being, (3) to be undutiful to one’s parents (4) and to make a false statement” (Bukhari)


Keep an Eye on Democratic Politician Yasmine Taeb

British IS Schoolgirl 'Wants to Return Home'

Bangladesh Gets First Female Christian MP

Scholarships Help Afghan Women Pursue Higher Education

Iranian Arrested For Hijab Protest In Tehran Says She Did It For Daughter

Valentine's Day: The Country Guy Who Converted To Islam for the Girl of His Dreams

Stop Muslim Women Being Trapped In Marriages, Charity Pleads

Arab and African Businesswomen Gather in Marrakech

U.S. Lawmakers Call on Saudi Arabia to Free Imprisoned Women’s Rights Activists

UAE Committed To Protect Children and Women in War Zones

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The Syrian parliament this month quietly passed new measures restricting polygamy, banning child marriage, and updating inheritance and custody rights. The amendments to Syria’s 1953 civil law have struck a nerve in a conservative Muslim society that has seen its traditional social structures debilitated by eight years of war....

Reema Al Juffali: Saudi Woman Driver Breaking Barriers on Fast Lane

Tributes Paid To Women Torch- Bearers of Rights Movements in Pakistan

Pakistan Boosts Female Participation in UN Peacekeeping Operations

Suicides of Young Women on the 1979 Revolution Anniversary Shock Iran

‘It’s About Freedom’: Women Are Taking Frontline Positions in Sudan’s Uprising

Meet the 'Muslim Mother Teresa' who feeds 500 people a day!

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

“Women have more opportunities open to them in society, like politics and the economy, and even in sub fields like the military and police forces. They are present in all fields and sectors and have proven themselves to be successful in all these opportunities...


Turkey Outpaces EU in Percentage of Female Scientists

UK University Unveils Country's First Sports Hijab to Encourage Muslim Women To Participate

India’s Triple Talaq Bill Unlikely to Get Parliament Nod

Gaps Still Remain Before Achieving Gender Balance: Mona Al Marri

12 Abducted Yazidi Women, Children Freed In Northern Iraq

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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