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Islam, Women and Feminism

For Muslim women these two words together should conjure up images of Umm Handala, Khansa, Nusaibah, Khadijah and Aayisha, but many have yet to learn about these strong women of Islam. Also, there is a lack of knowledge of the nuanced roles Muslim men and women should have in sustaining society. If we start there, then there will be no need for a feminist version of Islam....


Muslim Girl Booted From School Bus For Hijab In US

Sania Mirza's Tennis Attire Branded Un-Islamic By Religious Cleric

Muslim Woman Assaulted In An Islamophobic Attack In London

In Northern Afghanistan, Bereaved Women Join Fight Against Islamic State

Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Alaikum Salam’ Greeting On Instagram Prompts Islam Conversion Speculations

Woman Fighting Triple Talaq: 'Muslim Board Member Asked Me To Withdraw Petition'

Somali-American Teen Makes Semifinals At Miss Minnesota USA Pageant

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Women in India and Pakistan Unite for the Right to Loiter

Displaced Rakhine Muslim Women Share Their Shocking Stories

Pakistan Holding Hundreds Of Pashtun Girls As Sex Slaves: A Pashtun Activist

Kolkata’s Imam Sparks Row Again: ‘Women Should Always Be In Veil’

Women’s March on Washington Unveils Its Official Platform

Bangladeshi Law Proposing Child Marriage In 'Special Cases' Is A Step Backwards: Charities

Indonesia Not Prepared To Deal With Female Extremist Threat, Expert Says

World Hijab Day For Solidarity With Muslim Women On February 1

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15,222 Women Killed For Honour in Pakistan in Last 12 Years

Hezbollah Woman Tries Recruiting Saudi Citizen for $2,000 A Month

The Muslim Feminist Who Believes Islam and Feminism Can Co-Exist

Boko Haram Defeat Tied To Rescue of Remaining Chibok Girls – Buhari to Malala

A Muslim American Woman’s Response to President Obama’s Farewell Speech

Muslim Woman Founded the First University in the World in the Year 859

Saudis Investigate Twitter Baby Abuse Video Case

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

There is widespread Islamophobia in the world today and Islam, that literally means 'peace', is continually vilified. The religion has perhaps come under maximum criticism for its alleged mistreatment of women. However, Muslim women feel that Islam is at the forefront of gender justice and it has been misinterpreted by proponents of patriarchy to subjugate women over the ages....


In Switzerland, Muslim Parents Can’t Prevent Their Daughters From Swimming With Boys

Muslim Girl Scout Troops Provide Unique Opportunity In Malden

Girl, 18, Disowns Christianity Over Suit Against Her Conversion To Islam

Nigeria Faces Mounting Pressure To Rescue Girls Abducted By Boko Haram 1,000 Days Ago

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Morocco’s Burqa Ban: a Strong Message against the Forces of Radicalism from a Muslim Nation
Rudroneel Ghosh

In that sense, the Burqa ban is a strong message that the Moroccan state doesn’t accept what the Islamic full veil represents and the status it accords to women. That said, I agree that a ban on Burqa itself will not defeat radicalism. However, there is substantial evidence to suggest that Morocco is also doing quite a bit in terms of spreading moderate Islam for the Burqa to be dropped organically....


Morocco Bans Production And Sale Of Burqas: Reports

Perlis Fatwa Allows Muslim Wives To Leave Home Without Husbands

Former Nun Turned Muslim Preacher Testifies Against Ahok

Swiss Muslim Girls Must Take Swimming Classes With Boys: Europe Court

Pak Women Writers Reminisce About Three Rewarding Years In PWC-LC

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Practices Prevalent Within Communities Ought To Be Modified In A Manner That Achieves Gender Equality
Madhavi Diwan

For India to thrive as a vibrant multicultural society, cultures must be preserved for that is the very essence of India. But patriarchy cannot be perpetuated in the name of multiculturalism. It is time we recognised that there exist age-old religious and cultural practices that are fundamentally incompatible with the Constitution that we the people of India gave ourselves and with the principle of contemporary constitutional morality....


First Female Muslim Takes The Oath On Quran As Minnesota House Of Representatives

Woman Blogger From Bangladesh Faces Threat To Life, Seeks International Help

School For Expats In Saudi Arabia Wins Muslim Woman Top Award

No Jirga Can Now Block Women From Voting: Sherry

Supreme Court Of India To Hear Various Petitions On Triple Talaq Today

Muslim Teen Honoured For Tracking Down Jewish Woman Assault Suspect

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Today, according to Afghani, about 20 percent of Kabul’s mosques have special prayer areas for women, whereas only 15 years ago there were none. The sermons delivered by imams about the importance of education have also helped many women persuade their families to let them study. In fact, some 6,000 imams in Afghanistan have participated in Afghani’s training program.....


Hyderabad Madrasa Empowers Girls with Course on Fatwa

Haryana: Man Gives ‘Triple Talaq’ To Wife after She Refuses To Give Him Beedi

British Woman 'Fled From Syria after Marrying Muslim Convert Who Rose to Top of ISIS'

Nigeria marks 1,000 days since mass kidnap of Chibok girls

Dubai Business Women Council launches partnership with United Nations

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

“The truth is that Islam has come to elevate the position of women to that of dignity and nobility. Women were seen as objects of fun, pleasure and amusement during the jahiliyyah period, but when Islam came, it liberated the women from oppression and injustice, by teaching respect and honor of women. “Islam gives women a number of rights, some of which were not even enjoyed by Western women until the 19th century....

Women in Afghanistan Join Forces to Fight Militants

Darz Ab Women Up In Arms against Daesh Insurgents

Bengaluru Molestation: Religious Leader Finds Fault with Women

Over 50% of German Women Feel Less Safe After Cologne Sex Attacks, Poll Shows

Girl Impregnated by 3 Boko Haram Fighters Details Horrors of Sex Slavery

20 Saudi Women Take Up Hospitality Jobs at Airports

How WhatsApp Is Helping Women Get Married In Saudi Arabia

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Uprooted By War, Fearing Troops, Myanmar Ethnic Girls Learn Karate

Austrian Minister Calls for Headscarf Ban

Free From Boko Haram, Nigeria's Chibok Girls Are Kept Silent

Caught On Cam: Woman in Burqa Allegedly Molested In Bengaluru

Balochistan: Pakistan Forces Abduct 9 Women, 8 Children from Sui Area

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Tripura Muslim Villagers Want Local School Named After Lone Hindu Woman

Three Would-Be Suicide Bomber Girls Killed In Nigeria

Nigeria: Children Starve, Mothers Sell Sex To Survive, Says International Committee of the Red Cross

Old Man Attacking Muslim Woman In Wales Proves Growing Islamophobia

App For Women To Report Harassment Launched In Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


In the Name of Allah: Thou Shalt Not Treat Women as Equals, says The Sultan of Sokoto

Saudi Arabian Women Release Video Mocking Kingdom's Driving Laws

Evening Courts To Marry Women Without Male Guardians In Saudi Arabia

Pakistan Begins Process to Legalize Hindu Marriages

Female Journalists Face Gendered Forms Of Surveillance In Pakistan, Study Finds

Muslim Woman Walking In UK City Told To Take Her Veil Off And 'Go Back To Your Own Country'

Arab Refugee Women In Germany Torn Over Romantic Relationships

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Divorce And Workingwomen
Samar Al-Mogren

Women used to continue a half-life due to social considerations because society looks down on a divorced woman. Society has changed and the level of awareness has risen. In my opinion, society no longer treats a divorced woman with aversion because she is not a burden on others. Now she can bear her own economic responsibilities and those of her children. So long as she is not a burden on others, she is safe. Other members of society will not look down on a divorcee as they used to do in the past.....


Muslim Woman Passed over as Romania’s PM Named Deputy

First Black American Girl Doll of The Year, Could A Muslim Doll Be Next?

Sugar Land-Area Woman in Hijab Says Man Called Her Family 'Terrorists'

Saudi Women Now Work At Airports

Zambia Women's 'Day Off For Periods' Sparks Debate

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

In Honour’s Name: Women Continue to Pay the Cost of Patriarchy with Their Lives
Nadia Agha

For women who manage to survive an honour killing attempt, this issue continues to haunt them. Such a woman is often married off outside the community and disowned by her kin as punishment. She then enters a new world of agony — to be taunted as kari (‘black’, or corrupt, woman) and reminded of her status whenever she attempts to resist the oppression against her....

Child Marriage Almost Doubles In 2016 in Bangladesh

How to Deflect a 'Hijab Grab' and Other Lessons from a Muslim Black Belt

Woman Calling For Secularism in Istanbul Detained After ISIL Attack on Nightclub

Pakistan’s landmark Hindu marriage bill inches closer to enactment

Ashkona Raid: Two Female Militants Placed In Six Days Remand

Pak Punjab Govt to Launch Women’s Safety Phone App

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Afghan Woman: Sold Like A Goat, Treated Like A Dog
Musa Khan Jalalzai

In the tail-end of this debate, I want to highlight a single incident of Bachabazi occurred on 14 December 2016 in Jowzjan province, where known war criminal and Vice President of Afghanistan, General Rashed Dostum sexually abused a former governor Mr Ahmad Eshchi. He (Mr Eshchi) told journalists that Vice President and his ten cronies sexually assaulted him, raped him and kept in a private jail for five days. This shameless incident painted a transmogrified picture of the Afghan nation in the international community....

Nigerian Girl, 10, Used In Suicide Bomb Attack on New Year's Eve

Iran Official Calls for Sterilisation for Sex Workers

Defamation of Saudi Women on Twitter Must Be Stopped

More Women Join Fight against Taliban and ISIS in North Of Afghanistan

Burkinis and Belonging: 'It's This Feeling the Beach and Hijab Don't Mix'

Dundee Woman Awarded OBE for Services to Healthcare in Rural Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Islamic Law in Nigeria: Women's Rights Banned By Quran, Top Muslim Cleric Argues

Iran Proposes Muslim Women's Basketball Kit to FIBA

Afghan Migrant Attack Bible-Reading Woman with Knife in Austria

Modesty Brings A Muslim Fashion Website, Founder 'One to Watch' In 2017

Why Should Western Governments Terrorize Islamic Women!

PKK Women Fighters Claim Killing 160 Turks In 2016

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Egyptian Woman Teaches Sex Education On YouTube

Saudi Arabia Jails Man For Publically Calling End Of Male Control Over Women

Furious Row At Hull Shopping Centre As Muslim Women Confront Man Over 'Racial Slur'

Ride-Sharing Platform In Islamabad Empowering Women Drivers

Israeli Guards Shoot Knife-Wielding Palestinian Woman

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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