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Islam, Women and Feminism

Makkah Women Custom: Spending Quality Time at the Mosque

Govt Taking Steps for Destroyed FATA Girls Schools Reconstruction

Kenya: Girls' School Fire Claims 7 Lives, 16 Wounded

Volunteer programme for women and children launched

Employment of women at Haj applauded

Gurl, what do you know about hijab hair woes?

300 new Iranian female bosses contribute to economy after training program

Iran Slams US Blockade on Buses Carrying Women, Children in Syria

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Of Politics, Talaq and Judgments
A G Noorani

Then attorney-general Mukul Rohatgi “was emphatic” that not only triple Talaq but two others — Talaq-I-Ahsan And Talaq-I-Hasan — were unconstitutional. One judge pointed out that, in that event, Muslim men would have no remedy for divorce. Rohatgi replied in the affirmative, but assuring that Parliament would enact legislation “within no time”. No government can give such an assurance on legislation and despatch. Was Rohatgi speaking on instructions or was he on a frolic of his own? In either case, the motive is revealed — not reform but repeal of Sharia by legislation.....

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A New Tune on Women’s Rights in the Arab World
Shereen El Feki

Over the past three months, significant legal reforms on women’s rights have advanced in a handful of countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Last week, Lebanon’s Parliament finally repealed its rape law, which allowed assailants to escape punishment if they wed their victims. Two weeks earlier, Jordan, too, closed its “marry your rapist” loophole, and has also amended an article in its penal code that granted lesser penalties for “fits of fury,” a.k.a. honour killings —.....


Girls As Young As Five Are Allowed To Wear Hijabs as Part of Approved Primary School Uniforms in UK

The Palestinian Female Director Who Was Issued a Fatwa for Her First Film

This Book Is Changing the Way People Look at Muslim Women

Two women and a child Killed in Saudi-led airstrike in NW Yemen

Who Is Shayara Bano, the Triple Talaq Crusader

Is The Court Right To Annul This Marriage Between A Muslim Man And Hindu Woman? 

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Muslim Dominated Tajikistan Bans Veils for Women
Photo: Tajikistan government has banned its women

Making a Monster: She Doesn't Regret Torturing Women for ISIS

Three Yazidi Women Rescued From Islamic State Captivity In Tal Afar

Woman ‘Shouts Racist Abuse at Muslims from Her Car Window ‘in UK

'This Is War' First British Woman to Join Fight against ISIS Vows To Continue Battle

Former British YPJ Volunteer Says IS Fights Females More ‘Ferociously’

All-Woman Soldiers-Police Team Ready to Help In Marawi Rehab

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South Africa: 'State Fails to Protect Women in Muslim Marriages'

No Role In Converting Women To Islam: President, National Women’s Front

Arab Women Are Driving Their Own Change - They Deserve Respect, Not Pity

Activists Call For Strengthening Women’s Role in Pakistan Parliament

Thousands Express Unity with One-Eyed Yemeni Girl Injured In Saudi Raid

Pioneer Malaysian Woman Cop Bears Witness to Birth of Nation

Saudi Arabia Edges More Women into Work

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So Few Muslim Women Wear the Burqa in Europe That Banning It Is a Waste of Time

Empowerment of Women Govt’s Top Priority: Pakistan Minister

South Africa: Muslim Women and Children Have Been Disadvantaged, Court Hears

Iran Reviewing Bill to Protect Women against Violence

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For First Time, Saudi Women Step Into Haj Emergency Role

`Female Circumcision Is an Established Practice in Islam', Says SYS

Saudi Female Passport Officers Assigned At Airports

Marriage Not Made In Heaven in Islam: Veteran Actress-Activist Shabana Azmi

Can Child Marriage Be Stopped? One Girl Did and Wants Others in Indonesia to Follow

Reopening Of Women Crisis Centres, Bilawal Hails Verdict

Emirati Woman Restores Confidence of Acid Attack Victims

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To Empower Women, We Must Transform Culture
Yara al-Wazir

The legal changes that have happened are welcome and encouraging however it is perhaps more important for culture to evolve at the same speed as the laws. Cultural values are the biggest impediment to the advancement of women’s rights right now, not the law....


God is kind; the holy book (Quran) treats man and woman equally. It also commands man to be fair to woman. But man is not only argumentative but prejudiced against woman. Minorities are often conservative and confrontational. They tend to protect their identity and hence see reforms as attempts to curb their religious freedom.  ...

Emirati 'Women Have Conquered All Milestones'

UAE Women Prosecutors Play Vital Role in Investigations

South Africa Court Battle to Recognise Muslim Marriage

Woman Takes Office as Mayor in Iran

Three Yazidi Women Rescued From Islamic State Captivity in Tal Afar

What Should Be Done With The Foreign Women And Children Who Joined Isis?

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Talaq, Talaq, Talaq: Marriage Is a Serious Matter
Garga Chatterjee

The religious minority is considered somebody else’s child in this post-partition sub-continental religious national imaginary. Thus, Muslims of the Indian Union are children of Pakistan by definition. In certain areas of the Indian Union, Muslims also tend to be children of Bangladesh....


Triple Talaq and Rising Fundamentalism
Kuldip Nayar

The Muslim community is being misled by the fundamentalists. Unfortunately, politics has also come in. The ruling Bhartiya Janata Party has its eyes on the next general election in 2019. Be it but the atmosphere of pluralism should not be polluted. The Supreme Court or for that matter any court would have no ground to interfere if the preamble of the Indian Constitution is followed, that is secular and democratic polity.....

Instant Triple Talaq Judgment and After
Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

Instant Triple Talaq Judgment and After
Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

The statement of the Jamiat Ulema e Hind suggesting that they would not follow Supreme Court verdict only goes on to say how much faith they have in the Indian judiciary. For them, as for a majority of religious fundamentalists, the matter is very simple: if the courts rule in their favour then they would hail the verdict, but if the law goes against then, the judiciary becomes a pawn in the hands of ‘vested interests’. People like Madani bring shame to the Muslim community and people like him are responsible for making the community a sitting target for the Hindu Right wing forces who quickly announce to the world that Muslims do not believe in the Indian nation, far less the judiciary....

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3.  The Process for Divorce in the Quran

4.  Sultan Shahin Raises Triple Talaq Issue at UNHRC, Asks Muslims to Engage In Serious Rethinking Of Islamic Theology and Bring It In Line With the Needs of 21st Century

5. The Triple Talaq Case: The Unjust Muslim Men and Their Unjust Leaders

Tunisian Ulema March ‘Ahead’ of the Qu’ran: Endorse Muslim Women’s Right to Equal Inheritance, Marrying non-Muslims
Javed Anand

The contrast between the Ulema in India and in Tunisia could not be greater. While in India they are finding it difficult to digest even the declaration of instant triple Talaq as invalid, their counterpart in Tunisia are miles ahead on the road to reform....

Burqas Are Political Symbols Not Islamic Ones, Muslim Scholar Says

Mob Attacks Hijab-Wearing Woman in Spain in ‘Islamophobic’ Assault

Muslim Woman from Utah Makes Splash on 'Project Runway'

This UAE Women’s Day, Explore the Work of a Celebrated Emirati Artist

‘Why Najib? Can’t A Female Lead Women’s Advisory Council?’

Indonesian Woman Jailed For Suicide Bomb Plot at Jakarta Palace

As The Caliphate Crumbles, Taliban Steals ISIS' Tactics to Target Women

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Middle East On A Roll to Repeal 'Marry the Rapist' Laws
Rothna Begum

In recent weeks, the Tunisian, Jordanian, and Lebanese parliaments have repealed provisions in their penal codes that allowed rapists to escape punishment by marrying their victims. Provisions like these, largely colonial-era relics, remain on the books in many other countries in the region and beyond. Some permit exoneration for a range of offences, including kidnapping, rape, and sex with a child (statutory rape) if the perpetrator marries the victim.....


Muslim Women Welcome Ban on Triple Talaq, Are Cautiously Optimistic

How Female Qazis Took the Law into Their Own Hands

The Role of Women in Preventing Violent Extremism in Asia

'I'm Not Scared': Loose Women's Saira Khan Hits Back at 'Cowardly' Trolls

Jamaat-E-Islami, Pakistan, Holds Seminar on ‘Role of Women In Reforming System’

Lucky To Be an Emirati Woman Today, Says Inventor

Buoyed By Talaq Verdict, KCR Targets Arab Marriages

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Arab League: UAE Sets Example of Women's Integration in Political Systems

Peace Activist Mobilizes Rural Women in Western Afghanistan

Iran’s VP Has a Harvard Doctorate but Why Her Wardrobe Has Become a Controversy

Triple Talaq Petitioner Faces Threats, Wants Protection

More Women Shelters in Balochistan Urged

MyWin Needs To Produce More Women Entrepreneurs, Says Najib

State Bank of Pakistan Launches Financing Scheme for Women-Run Small Businesses

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A Wake-Up Call for the Muslim Clergy
Flavia Agnes

According to Prof. Faizan Mustafa, Justice Khehar’s detailed judgment is a major milestone in the history of freedom of religion in India. For the first time in Indian judicial history, it is declared that personal laws are an integral part of freedom of religion guaranteed under Articles 25 and 26 which the courts are duty-bound to protect....

Al-Azhar Rejects Tunisia's Calls for Equal Inheritance for Women
Shahira Amin

“In Egypt, we need to follow Tunisia’s example by doing away with age-old traditions and social norms that are holding women back. What we need is a campaign to educate women about their rights and we also need to modernize the religious discourse. It is societal debate that paves the way for social change,”...

For Women, By Women: All-Female Madrasas Mixing Tradition with Science in Kerala

The Fashionable Woman in the Islamic Attire

Moroccan Beauty Queen Becomes Latest Victim of Sexual Assault

More Muslim Women Than Men File For Divorce in Bengaluru

Four Pakistani Women, Two Hindu And Two Muslim, Get Indian Citizenship

DAP To Field More Women Candidates in Sabah

Swiss Indict Woman for Attempting To Join ISIS in Syria

Majority Favour a Ban on Burqa in Public in Australia, New Poll Finds

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Besides Gender Justice, Triple Talaq Case Was Also About Separating Religion and State in Family Law
Indira Jaising

The chief justice of India, who authored the minority judgment, failed to separate state from religion when he elevated personal laws to the status of a fundamental right. What is more, he failed to understand that personal laws have no existence independent of the subject matter they govern. In this case, since they govern matters of family law, they are family law, nothing more, nothing less. This failure leads him to conclude that personal laws are part of the right to freedom of religion, a dangerous proposition by any reckoning....

In Controversial Move, Iran's New Female Vice President Ordered To Wear Chador

Malaysian Women to March against ‘Toxic’ and Sexist Politics on Sept 10

Three Emirati Women Graduate as Captains of 24-Metre Vessels

Tamil Nadu: Kin of Woman Who Took To Islam Complains Against Activist

'We Women Would Work In the Oil Fields until 11 Pm'

Pakistan Women Festival Honours Women, Speculates On Their Issues

Malala Yousafzai Calls Kulsoom Nawaz to Inquire After Her Health

Iran to Disqualify Female Teachers 'With Too Much Facial Hair'

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Oppressive Personal Laws Aren’t the Only Thing Standing Between Muslim Women and Happy Lives
Farah Naqvi

The celebrations in the air seem to disingenuously suggest that oppressive personal laws are the only thing standing between Muslim women and happy lives. Rubbish. Sixty-one years of a reformed and codified Hindu personal law has not exactly made Hindu women the poster girls of empowerment. Though the intent is noble, the nation cannot swoop in to save the Muslim woman, while Muslim communities are simultaneously being brought to their knees....

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