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Islam, Women and Feminism

Iran: Zaweh Girl Children Get Married At 11

Saudi Women Drivers Express Hopes and Fears As Countdown Begins

SC Allows 20-Yr Old Woman to Live With Her Parents

Meet the First Saudi Female to Receive the Oil and Gas Woman of the Year Award

Knitting Their Dreams, Syrian Refugee Women Create New Brand

Ukrainian Parliament Spotlights Agony of Syrian Women

Iran: Women Protesters Appear In Court

Iran: Women’s U17 Futsal Team Withdrawn From Youths’ Olympic

Islamic Feminist Asma Lamrabet Publishes ‘Women and Men in the Qur’an’ in the US

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Saudi Women Troll Men Telling Them 'You Won't Drive'

Dina Shihabi: The Actress Blazing a Trail for Saudi Women

The Women Who Seek Meaning in Terrorism

Married Or Abducted? Indian Supreme Court Will Speak To Woman Today

Meet One of Yemen’s Rare Women Gemstone Artisans

Plight of Syrian Women in Focus At Ukrainian Parliament

Women Ready to Run For Office In Egypt

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Oklahoma Muslim Woman Says Rights Violated Over Headscarf

Saudi Car Show Puts Women in the Driving Seat

E-School System to Be Introduced In Five Govt Girls’ Schools in Pakistan

Muslim Women Too Are Covered Under Domestic Violence Act: Bombay HC

Meet ‘Captainah’ Enaam, Careem’s First Female Driver in Saudi Arabia

Abouther.Com Spotlights Saudi Arabian Women

Mohammad Issues New Decree on Dubai Women Establishment

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Women Motorcyclists Ditch the Side Saddle in Pakistan

How Indonesian Women Are Lured To Jihad

Hadiya Re-Run? Uttarakhand Man Wants Wife ‘Freed’ From Parents

Afghan Woman Activist Subject of Stinging Criticism on FB

Two British Nationals of Pakistani Origin Murdered Their Sister for Contracting Free-Will Marriage

Iran: Woman Jailed For Opposing Compulsory Veil Goes On Hunger Strike

Aramco signs MoU to Launch Sustainable Development Program for Saudi women

Man Told to Leave California Cafe after Insulting Muslim Woman, Incident Gone Viral

Political Leaders Urged To Include Women Issues in Manifestos

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Girls of the Sun: Kurdish Women Fighters Film Sparks Cannes Row

First ‘Women-Specific’ Shopping Centre Opened In Istanbul

Lawyer Obtains New Footage on the Brutal Killing of Mariam Moustafa in the UK

Iran: Women join protests in Tehran, Ahwaz, Mashhad, Hashtgerd

Power to Women under Turkey's New Action Plan

Canada Seeks Backing Egyptian Woman In Entrepreneurship: Amb.

Women Fight for Release of Loved Ones Held by Yemen's Houthi Regime amid Torture Claims

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Islam’s religious values are separate from laws of countries, including views on women’s rights. In Islam, based on Ali’s interpretation of the Quran, freedom and respect are never rights denied to women.  She cites a verse in the holy book that says “it is not lawful for you to inherit women by compulsion. And do not make difficulties for them in order to take back part of what you gave them, unless they commit a clear immorality. And live with them in kindness.”...


Online Outrage at Sudan Death Sentence for Girl Allegedly Raped

‘My driver sisters:’ New traffic signs in Saudi Arabia address women drivers

Pakistan:  Police Foil Bid To Marry Minor Girl Off In Swara to Settle Family Dispute

Islamabad Airport Security Female Personnel Being ‘Forced’ To Wear Hijab

Iran: Pharmacy Denies Medicine to Mal-Veiled Woman, Ill With Cancer

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Kasur Rape Victim's Father to Sue Pakistan TV Channel for Making Telefilm on Daughter

Women Standing in Iraq Election Battling Abuse Including Sex Tapes

First Muslim Woman from Telangana to Crack UPSC Has A Message

Egyptian Weightlifter Sara Samir Raises the Bar for Women

Karnataka Election 2018: Muslim Woman Asked To Remove Burqa at Polling Booth, Starts to Cry

Militants Continue To Target Girl Schools in North Waziristan

Iran: Plundered women and female students protest in Tehran, Orumiyeh

Iran: An Elementary Girl’s Hair Is Cut At School Formal-Veiling

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Bahraini Girl Reaches Everest Base Camp At 13

Saudi Designer Points the Way for Women Drivers

Women Are Most Oppressed In Iran – Maryam Rajavi

Iran: Number of Women Prisoners Twice the Prisons’ Capacity

Somali Woman Stoned To Death by Al-Shabab Terrorists for ‘Marrying 11 Men’

Women Police Stations in Sindh Renamed As ‘Women and Children Protection Unit’

Iran: Women actively participated in teachers’ nationwide protests

Turkey, Google Join Forces for Digital Literacy for Women

Bahrain Airport Company attends Women Power Summit

Iran Clinches 2018 AFC Women’s Futsal Championship Final Spot

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Berlin Court Bars Woman with Muslim Headscarf from Teaching Primary School

‘Afghan Mona Lisa’ Worries About Spiralling Security Threats after Repatriation

Lebanon's Winning Women: Six Females Voted Into Parliament

Iran: 37,000 Marriages Of Girl Children Under 15 Years In One Year

New Bylaws for Female Chauffeur Service in Saudi

Two Girls’ Schools Hit By Bomb Explosions in North Waziristan

Women Harasses a Man in Sindh via Facebook and WhatsApp

WOW Club ‘Super Women’ Fair a Ground-Breaking Event

Women Health Care Professionals Honoured By DHCA

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Killing Women and Some Men In The Name Of Honour Continues Apace In Pakistan
Rafia Zakaria

The only way to end this kind of crime, which kills scores in brutal ways within the country and allots Pakistan a reputation for misogyny and barbarity the world over, is to make sure that these steps are carried out, that laws that do not work are replaced with ones that do....


'How Can Women Replace Qazis': 1st Female Waqf Scholars Unsettle Many

Kenyan Islamic Leaders Speak Out against Female Genital Mutilation

Islamic Centre to Encourage Women to Hold Leadership Positions

EEOC Sues Employer That Fired Muslim Women over Skirts

Smear Campaigns Shame Iraqi Women Candidates into Withdrawing From Polls

Iran: 18-Year-Old Mother, Three High school Girls Commit Suicide

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Number of Female Lawyers on the Rise in Saudi Arabia

Tunisian Capital Gets First Woman Mayor

Saudi Women Seeking Driver Jobs to Face Tough Restrictions

Afghan Girl Coders Design Games to Fight Opium and Inequality

Statistics Reveal Declining Unemployment Rate among Saudi Women

Saudi Couple Meet Indonesian Maid They Forgave For Murder of Their Child

Egypt: 'Divorce Radio' Is Giving Women Guidance and Support in the Face of Divorce

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Kerala Woman ‘Confined’ By Mother for Two Years for Affair with Muslim Rescued

‘Adrenaline Junkie’ Women Bikers Practice Ahead Of Saudi Driving Ban Lift

Malala Condemns Assassination Attempt on Ahsan Iqbal

Malaysia Election: UMNO Women's Wing Making Headway in Rural Kelantan

Iran Jails 16 Women for Joining Daesh in Syria

Samar Saleh: First Saudi Woman to Be Appointed Commercial Attaché

Turkey: In A Land Of Men, Women Have Few Title Deeds

Three Islamic State Arab Female Members Arrested In Nineveh: Source

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Government to Allow Women to Drive Taxis

Madhya Pradesh: Tribal Woman, Muslim Man’s Nikah Cancelled after VHP Protest

Samar Saleh: First Saudi Woman to Be Appointed Commercial Attaché

Human Rights Watch Urges UAE to Reveal Status of Dubai Ruler’s Daughter

First All-Female Claims Centre Opens in Saudi Arabia

Pakistani Girl Shown As Brand Ambassador on Swachh Jamui Swasth Jamui’ Booklet Triggers Controversy in India

1,545 Cases of Violence against Women Recorded In Multan

Who Is the Woman Named Saudi Arabia’s Executive Director of Cyber security?

Sex, Intimacy, Sisterhood the Talk of Calgary Muslim Women's Conference

Kuwait City: Squatting Women Dilemma – Minister Vows More Seats

Iran: Official Admits Catastrophic Situation of Women Workers

Trini Woman, Daughters Get 20 Years in Iraq For ISIS Ties

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Another Asifa in Kolkata: An Eight Year Old Orphan Girl ‘Sexually Assaulted’ Inside Kolkata Muslim Orphanage

Saudi Women on Motorcycles Signal New Road Ahead For the Kingdom

Traffic Department All Set For June 23, When Women Will Be Behind the Wheels

Saudi Arabia Finalizes Driving License Procedures, Training Programs for Women

Driving change: Saudi Arabia gears up for women motorists

Iran: Video Shows Guidance Patrol Brutalizing Young Woman in Tehran

Iran: Women Protest Ban on Their Entry to Stadium in Qa'emshahr

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Female Workplace Harassment and Responses in Pakistan
Marria Qibtia S Nagra

Generating a culture of psychological violence that manifests itself in the cyclical silence and acceptance of such harassment, since when such an incident does take place, reportage is never made a priority for the fear of victim blaming and shaming, female harassment does much harm than meets the eye. Psychologically proven, inactivity and helplessness in the face of such harassment leads to “self-blame”, a position whereby the victim considers herself to be responsible for the harassment when in reality,...


Forty Five Schoolgirls Hospitalised After Afghan Gas Attack

Saudi Women Rev Up To Take the Driving Seat at Leadership Forum

On World IP Day: Arab League Empowers Women’s Creativity and Innovation

NIA Grills Islamic State Woman Recruiter in Philippines, Gets More Leads

Support for Saudi Woman Who Was Told To Cover Her Face

Turkish Female Wrestlers Win European Championship

37th Istanbul Film Festival and the Situation of Women In Film

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Woman Protests Discrimination at Her Local Mosque in New York

This Palestinian Lawyer Is One of the First Women to Preside Over A Sharia Court; ‘The Judge’ Is Her Story

NA Unanimously Adopts Resolution Condemning Anti-Women Remarks

Saudi Businesswomen to Meet Dutch Counterparts to Develop Leadership Skills

Tough Road for Iraq’s Female Candidates In May 12 Elections

Pakistani Girl Wins US State Department’s Emerging Young Leaders Award

Women Journalists in Afghanistan Defiant In The Face Of Violence

Iran: A Majlis Deputy Admits "New Slavery" Conditions Of Women Workers

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Nawab Khatoon: Journey from Plight to Prosperity
Amir Hussain

Resilience, perseverance and entrepreneurship are not the preserves of educated and urbane women only. Noor’s story dislodges our urban myth of all rural women being subjugated and suppressed into oblivion....


Women Make a Stand in Lebanese Elections

Muslim Event for Children Pledging To ‘Wear Hijab for Life’ Cancelled In Quebec

Status of Women Canada Paints a Misleading Portrait of Muslim Women

New Challenges for Fouzia Fayyaz, the First Pakistani Female Diplomat in Saudi Arabia

Iran: Women’s Voice Loud on International Workers Day

Iran: Girl Students Stage Protest At Of Tehran's Allameh U

Constable Becomes First Woman to Join BDS in Rawalpindi

Why the Chibok Girls Returned By Boko Haram Are Still Not Entirely Free

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Cairo Women Take To the American Football Field

Female Lawyer on Hunger Strike over Killing of Shiites in Quetta

Muslim Women Excluded From Islamic Centre Groundbreaking

Saudi Arabia Apologizes For Showing Images of Scantily Clad Women Wrestlers

44 Saihat Women Trained In Car Inspection, Maintenance

Two Men on Trial For Selling Woman Via WhatsApp In Dubai

Needy Women Receive Sewing Machines in Dubai

A Battle of Several Fronts: Afghan Women in the Security Forces

Former Afghan Air Force Pilot Niloofar Rahmani Granted Asylum in the United States

Iran: Women Demand Freedom of Prisoners, Permanent Employment

Language Remains Main Barrier for Syrian Female Refugees

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Sydney Muslim Woman Challenges $250,000 Legal Bill over Niqab Ruling

Labour Rights Activists Urge Women Leadership Initiatives

Egyptian Artist Brings Saudi Women, Men To Same Stage

Iran: Young Woman Gets Killed In Chase By Moral Police Of Tabriz

Pak Political Parties in a Fix over Award of Election Tickets to Women

For Pakistani Women, Labour Day Boils Down To A Cup Of Tea After Work

Saudi Aramco appoints first woman to the board

Iran's women workers, victims of institutionalized discrimination

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Toxic Masculinity among Muslims Emboldens Women as Oppressors Too
Ayesha Fakie

While patriarchy affects women and men in various ways, there are, as we know, women beneficiaries of patriarchy. In Muslim communities, like many others, women who adhere to the patriarchal interpretations and codes of what makes "a good Muslim woman" are enabled to exert power and exclusion over anyone deemed an "other" — even if that "other" is a Muslim....

Fun, Fashion and Halal Lipstick: Retailers Cash In On £200m Ramadan Economy

Saudi Aramco Appoints New Board Members Including a Woman

100 Female Teachers Complete Teaching Techniques’ Course in Pakistan

Indonesia Hijabfest Comes to Bandung, Jakarta

Woman Given Triple Talaq on WhatsApp After Indian SC Bans Islamic Instant Divorce

How Female Entrepreneurs Will Boost Middle East Economies

Iran: Women Make Up 60 Per Cent of Illiterates

Two ISIS Women Land in Germany after Release from Iraqi Prisons

Iraqi Police Arrest 9 Islamic State Females, Including “Biters”

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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  • Good idea, but unlikely to have wide acceptance.
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