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Islam, Women and Feminism

Mo Salah Calls for Change in Treatment of Women in Muslim World

A Saudi Mother’s First Cinema Trip with Daughter Revives Happy Memories

Iranian Woman Cancels Return Home after Arrest Warrant Issued

Saudi Court Postpones Hearing in Trial of Female Activists

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Culturalists in some Muslim societies cite the Islamic faith in defending “honour killings” of women and marriage for child brides and right to choose her spouse by her parents. Muslim women are marginalized not by the true tenets of their faith but by patriarchal cultural practices.....

Kuchi Afghan women face a number of challenges and deprivations. They are denied access to education, married off as children, raped, and exchanged to settle disputes. Yet policymakers and international donor agencies in Afghanistan have inadequately addressed vulnerabilities faced by Kuchi girls and women....

When talking about gender in Islam, the adequate term to use is equity not equality. This is because equality is often understood to mean absolute equivalence in everything. Equity in Islam is utilized to establish justice and equality in all responsibilities and rights of both genders. It retains the possibility of differences in some ways within the overall balance and equality.... 

'Muslim Women Should Pray Inside Homes': Kerala Sunni Clerics Body

On Women’s Right to Pray at Mosques, Supreme Court Issues Notices to Centre and AIMPLB

Hearing Plea on Women in Mosques Only Because Of Sabarimala: SC

Princess Reema Sworn in as Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to The United States

Malaysia Probes Book on Muslim Women Who Refuse To Wear Headscarves

Saudi Court Adjourns Hearing In Trial Of Women Activists

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Indonesian Woman Caned In Public for Having Sex Outside Wedlock

Muslim Women and Allies to Launch the Women’s Mosque of Canada

Meet Sadaf Jaffer, America’s First Female Muslim Mayor

Female Uber Drivers In Saudi Arabia Can Now Choose Their Passengers' Gender

For Arab Women, Israel Provides No Sanctuary from Violence

Hijab-Clad Muslim Woman Attacked In Berlin

Female ISIL Terrorist Captured at Iran's Northwestern Borders

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In the last week of March, news outlets and social media focused on egregious cases of violence against women: A Christian woman was kidnapped, forcibly converted and raped. A husband beat his wife and shaved her head when she refused to dance for his friends. Another woman was beaten and kept in chains by her husband....


While the unrelenting attacks on Omar are newsworthy unto themselves as a conservative peculiarity, I believe that the attacks should be viewed through a wider and longer lens. Omar is only the most recent minority woman onto whom conservatives have trained their fire.....

But in their paranoid frenzy to spread the blessings of Islam, these hotheads forget that the Prophet of Islam had strictly forbidden forced conversion of people of other faiths. In one of his earliest acts after migrating to Medina from his native Mecca, the Prophet had issued a written guarantee to the minorities—Christians and Jews alike...

Iranian Woman Who Removed Headscarf ‘Pardoned’ After Jail Sentence

Kuwaiti Female Wins Silver Medal In World Kickboxing Championship

TIFF Holds Contemporary Arab Women Filmmakers Retrospective Ahead Of 2019 Festival

Activists slam Saudi Arabia for arresting ‘pregnant woman’

Dubai-Based Pakistani Wins Chartered Accountant Woman of the Year Award

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Indian Woman, Torture By Her Ex-Husband, ‘Embraces’ Islam, Marries Pakistani Man

Man Insults, Punches Pregnant Muslim Woman In Germany's Berlin

Woman Muslim Convert Dies While Saving Others In NZ Terror Attack

Monireh Arab-Shahi, Mother Of Civil Activist Yasamin Ariani, Arrested

‘Lack Of Self-Belief Stops Women’s Businesses From Taking Off’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Captive Teen Brides Trapped Between ISIS And Its Victors

Employment for Saudi Women Is A ‘Right and A Necessity’

Missing Pakistani Hindu Student Converts to Islam, Marries Muslim Class Fellow

Manal Al-Sharif Wants Americans to Know of Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Abuses

Meet Women In UAE Who Knit Clothes For Underprivileged Children

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Hindu Girls Weren’t Forcibly Converted: Pakistan Court

Rescued From Pakistan, Uzma Comes Forward To Help Women Facing Similar Situation

Iddah: Giving Muslim Women Time To Grieve And Reflect After The Christchurch Attacks

Women Lead the Charge, And Chants, In Sudan Protests

TV show reunites Dutch woman with Turkish sister

Egypt Female Students Protest After Al-Azhar Campus Rape Covered Up

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Ivanka Trump Praises Egypt’s Efforts To Empower Women

'About 67% Of Qatar's Higher Education Graduates Are Women'

Angelina Jolie Says Women Must Be Included In Afghan Talks

Egypt Still Suffers From The Gender Gap: Minister

Egyptian Female Peacekeeper Receives UN Medal

Pak Court Orders Teenage Christian Girl, Converted to Islam and Married Forcibly, Back In Parents' Custody

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Women in New Zealand Move To Clear Up 'Huge Misunderstanding' About The Hijab

French Student on Hijab, Media and Being Used As Political Puppet

In A First, Bedouin Women Lead Tours In Egypt’s Sinai

Arrest of Female Al Qaeda Operatives Sparks Furore among Helmand Residents

Haifa Jamal Al-Lail, president of Jeddah’s Effat University, Recently Hit the Headlines for Organizing a Student Film Festival

BJP’s Triple Talaq Card ‘Fails’ To Win Over Muslim Women

Afghanistan’s Most Vulnerable Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


250 Jewish and Muslim Women Launch Campaign against Racism

Saudi Arabia Denies Granting Egyptian Actress a Replica of the ‘Seal of Mohamed’

'Iranian Women Breed Terrorists': Israeli Military's 'Genocidal' Tweet Goes Viral

Why Muslim Women In Rural Bengal Don't Trust BJP On Triple Talaq

One-Third of All Pakistan’s Punjab Women Aged 15-64 Have Faced Violence: UNFPA Survey

Mohammad Bin Zayed Receives First Certified Emirati Women Fire-fighters

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Years of young Iranian women’s unofficial revisions of the code have succeeded in wearing down the government’s rigidity, but the official law remains unchanged and is capriciously enforced. A random sweep can result in mass arrests on a single day...


The question here is not what a Muslim woman has the right to do but how she should present herself to be acceptable to the French mainstream culture. According to all those statements, above the law stand a number of superior values that are fed by the fantasy of a white France, in which all the citizen with another cultural background have to assimilate....


Iranian Woman Singer Summoned To Court; Her Voice Being Posted At Social Media

Muslim-American Girls Need Role Models

There Are Two Types Of Hijabs. The Difference Is Huge

Arab Women's GDP Potential Estimated At $2.7trn

British Woman Faces Dubai Jail over Facebook 'Horse' Insult

Women Gain Unprecedented Position in President Al-Sisi’ Era

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


As someone who has been wearing the hijab for nearly two decades now, I’ve noticed a new and disturbing trend in how people react to seeing it. In the age of Trump, there have been rising hate crimes and bigotry towards women wearing the headscarf because they are visibly Muslim....

Govt Should Not Interfere In Triple Talaq, Say Muslim Women Of UP's Deoband

Saudi Women Who Left University 25 Years Ago Still Can’t Find Jobs

SANS Celebrates First Batch of Women ATCs

25 Years Later, Saudi Women Graduates Still Struggle to Find Employment

Women In Iraq Push To Criminalise Domestic Violence

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Raveena and Reena’s cases illustrate the urgent need for comprehensive reform to Pakistan’s legal framework concerning child marriage and adolescent rights. The response from legislators, however, continues to be narrowly focused on piecemeal changes rather than seeing the broader context of child marriage in Pakistan....

Indonesian Religious Court Rebuked Over Child Marriages

Aurat March Posters Ignite Feminist Firestorm in Pakistan

Iraqi Boy Risks All To Rescue Yazidi Woman from Islamic State

Fixation on the Hijab as ‘Anti-Feminist’ Does a Disservice to NZ Muslim Women

For Afghan Refugee Women, There’s No Escape from Violence

Women Singers Test Limits, Signal Afghanistan's Changing Times

Afghan singer fears Taliban return will curb women's rights

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Muslim Fashion for Women Exhibition Stirs Controversy in Germany

Saudi Female Racer Reema Juffali Set for F4 UK Championship Debut at Brands Hatch

Saudi Arabia Said To Detain U.S.-Saudi Citizens in Latest Phase of Crackdown

Saudi Arabia’s First Female Sushi Expert Is On A Roll

Muslim School Girls' Camp Cancelled In Wake of Christchurch Terrorist Attack, So the Camp Came to Them

Muslim American Girls Need Role Models, But They Are Hard To Find

Irish Police to Allow Wearing Of Hijabs and Turbans

Muslim Council Calls For More Muslim Women In Leadership Roles

Aurat March posters ignite feminist firestorm in Pakistan

Women’s Sports In Iran Lack Sponsors

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Police Training School in Pakistan Gets First Woman Principal

'Indonesia without Feminists' — and We Were Not So Delighted

Sharjah Women Pickup Basketball Title

Young Mothers, Pregnant Women among Suicide Victims in Iran

Scrap Triple Talaq Bill, Send for Review: Muslim Women’s Rights Body in Charter of Demands Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls

Saudi Ministry of Labour: Number of Foreign Drivers Drops Due To Women Driving

Saudi Women Activists' Trials to Continue After 3rd Hearing

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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