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Islam, Women and Feminism

Gendering Terrorism In Indonesia
Hana Hanifah

The main explanation of women’s motives is based on personal reasons in relation to their domestic roles. They explain that women who join terrorist organizations are usually victims of domestic violence or mentally unstable. They are more emotional than instrumental. But terrorism is more complicated than this....


Triple Talaq On Email, Phones And Messages Is Valid, Says Deoband Fatwa

Women At Wheel Of 'Pink Taxis' Challenge Jordan Norms

Queen Bees: How Honey Co-Ops Help Afghan Women Take Control

How To Deflect A 'Hijab Grab' And Other Lessons From A Muslim Black Belt

Boko Haram May Have Used Chibok Girls As Shields During Attack: Nigerian Army

Deport Niloofar Rahmani to Afghanistan, Open Letter to Obama requests

Brother Kills Mother Of Four In Pakistan Over 'Honour'

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Female Terrorists: What Is So New?
Shahedul Anam Khan

Female members in a terror outfit have not been merely couriers but, if one delves into the history of terrorism or into the re-emergence of it from the early sixties and seventies, women had led the main action as well, apart from the fact that most terrorist organisations have had a female wing to supplement the main effort. Leila Khaled, the first woman to hijack a plane and blow it up eventually, captured public imagination and so did Thenmozhi Rajaratnam, the LTTE suicide bomber who blew up Rajiv Gandhi in a suicide attack in 1991….


Female Lawyers In Saudi Courts: ‘We Are Equal To Male Counterparts’

Mali Blames Militant Group For French Woman Abduction

Saudi Women Dance, Skateboard In Incredible Video Winning Social Media

Pakistan 'Honour': Tracing The Final Steps Of A Woman Searching For Love

Saudi Policewomen Get Training Abroad

When Muslim Women Are ‘Lyrically Speaking’

Iran To Do Utmost To Secure Release Of Female National Detained In India

No Black Men, No Muslim Women: UK Job Market Discrimination Remains Rife, Report Shows

Queen Bees: How Honey Co-Ops Help Afghan Women Take Control

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Are Women Aliens From Another Planet?
Zainab Ibrahim

Women are described as if they were aliens from another planet. Are women not your mothers, sisters and friends? I am certain if a woman attempted to analyze men’s behavior and equated men with evil, she would be attacked by all the men of the world and her life would turn into hell. ...


Jamaat-ul Mujahideen Bangladesh Uses Women as ‘Sex Slaves,’ Police Claim

Taliban 'Behead' Woman Because She Visited the City Alone

Romania's First Female, Muslim PM Rejected

Afghan Woman Pilot’s Asylum Bid Sparks Fervent Debate

Muslim Women Made More Educational Gains than Muslim Men Globally: Pew Study

Girls Freed From Boko Haram Not Allowed To Spend Christmas At Home with Their Families

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… women in Iran must wear the veil, whether they are Muslim, Christian or Jewish. Some of the rules were utterly incompatible with the way young and ambitious Iranian women saw themselves. They wanted no part in a society where women were going to be oppressed. They had felt they needed freedom, not compliance with outdated rules….

Saudi 'Morality Police' Arrest Women 'Filmed Drinking, Dancing and Mixing With Men' In Video That Shocked Muslim State

A Study in Education: How India’s Muslim Women are getting Into the Classroom

“Keep Your Woman like a Good Muslim”: An Indian Cricketer Is Being Trolled over His Wife’s Dress

Jewish, Muslim Women in Austin Join on Christmas Day for Charity, Friendship

Female Bomber Attacks Market in Nigeria

Bangladesh: ‘Mother and Child May Have Been Slated For Suicide Attack’

Hipsters in Hijabs: Inside the Multibillion-Dollar World of Muslim Fashion

Saudi Women Show Love for Army Through Food Delivery

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Muslim Choir Girls Sing Arabic Christmas Carols In Touching Video from Beirut

Hindu Youth Pool Money for Muslim Girl Marriage

Music Clip of Skateboarding Niqab-Clad Women Takes Saudi Arabia by Storm

Seven Women Win Seats on Oman’s Municipal Council

Christian Mother Asia Bibi Spends 7th Christmas on Death Row in Pakistan

Chibok Girl Recalls ‘Miracle’ Release by Boko Haram as Reunited With Family

Long Beach Police Change Policy, Will Allow Muslim Women To Wear Headscarves While In Custody

Books on Women Empowerment in High Demand at Jeddah Fair

Toll-free helpline for women in distress launched in KP

Kurdish female fighters playing key role in battle for Raqqa

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Banning the Burqa Does Nothing to Help Muslim Women
Ali A. Rizvi

I grew up in Saudi Arabia, seeing my professor mother and physician sister forced to cover their hair and bodies. My problem is with the more general concept of legislating dress codes for women, something we in the West should never be doing. Freedom of choice also means the freedom to make bad choices, and to me, the best way to fight bad ideas is with good ideas, not bans.......

Honour and Horror: Culturally Sanctioned Killings of Women Continue To Take a Tragic Toll in Pakistan
Khaled Ahmed

Tribal societies live on the basis of honour — which hinges on female members of the tribe. Between 1998 and 2004, Pakistan saw about 4,000 people killed for honour, of whom 2,774 were women, meaning that when honour was at stake, women were sure to get killed....

Dhaka Witnesses First Woman Suicide Bomber As Female Jihadists Take Centre-Stage in Bangladesh

Let's Celebrate Normality of Women Being On World Stage

Only three Women passengers on BA flight enjoy champagne and selfies

Talaq Lawful, but Disliked By God: MJ Akbar

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

First Fixed-Wing Afghan Female Pilot Requests Asylum in US

Muslim Girls Must Take Swimming Lessons alongside Boys, German Court Rules

Saudi Woman Use Hashtag to Reject Divorce Claims

Some of the Kerala Women Taken To Saudi Go Missing, Says Escaped Victim

A Bangladesh Girl Kills Herself for Not Being Allowed To Chat Over Cellphone

Who Said Engineering Is Not For Females?

Why Companies Need More Women in Their Workforce

The Right Flowers: Local Girls Club Allows Muslim Girls ‘Safe Space’ To Have Girl Talk

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Somali Clerics Warn Women against Playing Basketball

Pakistani Girl, 14, Sold Off To Pay Debts

Kerala Woman Jailed In Saudi Arabia over ‘Banned’ Drug

Previously Declared Stateless, Dayak Girl A Malaysian Once More

Malaysian Police Nab Woman Suspected Of Insulting Islam on Facebook

Christmas in Nigeria: Muslim Woman Donates Food To Christian Widows In Kaduna

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Syria's Twitter Girl Meets Turkey's Erdogan

Muslim Woman Brings Christmas to 50 Christian Widows in Nigeria

If Extradition Necessary, Aafia Should Be Exchanged, Suggests Fowzia

Muslim Woman, Married to a Syrian, Could Be Romania’s PM

Abu Dhabi: Fifth Batch of Women National Service Recruits Graduate

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Why Is Daesh Offering $1m For This Kurdish Woman's Head?

Muslim Woman Assaulted With Beer Bottle in Australia, Hijab Torn

To Protect Themselves, More American Muslim Women Give Up Hijab

Online Quiz Launched To Promote Women’s Rights in Islam in Malaysia

Veiled and Undercover: Exposing Harassment of Muslim Women in the U.K.

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Syria's Twitter Girl Evacuated From Aleppo

SA Police Tell Women Protesting For Aleppo to Remove Face Veils

Majority of Women in KSA Believe Labour Laws Are Fair

Shaikha Fatima's Gender Equality Initiatives Lauded

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Girl Refuses to Shake German President’s Hand

Muslim Woman Attacked With Broken Bottle after Saying 'Happy Holidays' Instead Of 'Merry Christmas'

84% of Women Commuters Experience Sexual Harassment in Bangladesh

Majority of UAE Women Happy With Workplace Equality

Voices from the Diversity of Muslim Women in Canada

'Why Should I Be Ashamed?’ Muslim Woman Stands Up To Christmas Bully

Homeless Man Throws Coffee at Muslim Woman, Calls Her 'Terrorist' In Manhattan Dunkin’ Donuts

Younger Indian women too at risk of heart attacks

Saudi-Based Woman's Post on Arranged Marriage Goes Viral

Saudi Officials Say More Professions Should Be Open to Women -Newspapers

Meet Nigar Nazar: Pakistan's first professional female cartoonist

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

No Entry for Mobiles, TV and Men in This Mumbra Madrasa for Girls

British Muslim Girls Are Taking up Fencing and its Badass

Indonesia's New Worry: Women Turning Suicide Bombers

Half of Sindh’s Women Desire No Excess Births, Says Report

Gunmen Kill Five Female Airport Workers in Afghanistan

Voices from the Diversity of Muslim Women in Canada

Only Few Yazidi Women Kidnapped By IS Freed - Iraqi MP

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Triple Talaq Denies Equality of Law to Muslim Women in India: Kerala High Court

Muslim Woman Dragged On Ground by Her Hijab in London

Umno MP Elected To Lead Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians

Norway Helps Female Victims of Boko Haram in Nigeria

Nestlé, Descon Help Women to Develop Industrial Skills

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Empowered Muslim Women: Islam Is Her Strength
Moin Qazi

Western thinkers and practitioners must reconsider their assumptions about the role of Islam in women’s rights and approach this topic with a more nuanced lens. They must understand the necessity of recognising and consciously accepting the broad cultural differences between western and non-western conceptions of autonomy as well as respecting social standards that reflect non-western values....


How Terrorist Groups Use Women as Suicide Bombers
Sinem Cengiz

Why are they preferred as suicide bombers to men? Firstly, women can hide bombs and explosives better under traditional clothing such as the Burqa or Abaya, or pretend to be pregnant in order to avoid security detection. Secondly, it is believed by terrorist groups that attacks perpetrated by women attract greater media attention than male-perpetrated missions due to their dramatic effect....


The 'Football Is Not For Women' Stereotype Follows Me Everywhere, Says Pakistani Footballer

Incoming UN Chief Appoints Nigeria’s Amina as Deputy

Shocking Video: Muslim Immigrants Ban Women from Entire Neighbourhoods in France

Syrian Girls Flee War Only To Become Mothers in Jordan Camp

Jawi Urges Cheaper Dowries, Wedding Gifts to Stem Rising ‘Immorality’

Woman Who Wrote ‘Babi’ On Traffic Summons Fined RM100

Muslim Woman 'Made Up NY Subway Hate Attack' By Trump Fans

A Study in Education: How Muslim Women Are Getting Into the Classroom

These American Muslim Women Are Refusing To Remove Their Hijabs, Despite the Rise of Attacks

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Uniform Civil Code Vs Triple Talaq
A G Noorani

Before Partition, Muslims were offered solemn pledges of respect for their personal law; by Gandhi on October 28, 1931, the Congress in October 1937 and by Nehru on April 6, 1937. Gandhi offered “protection by specific provisions” in the Constitution. Instead, Article 44 of the Constitution was enacted. “The state shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.”...

Muslim Women Respond to Attack at Forest Hill, London, by Handing Out Roses

Drug Test Mandatory for Marriages in Saudi Arabia

Skirt-Wearing Israeli Parliament Aides Protest Dress Code

Women Shunned In Some Muslim Neighbourhoods in France – Report

Trends in Census Data: More Muslim Women Not Marrying, Not Having Kids

Higher LinkedIn Usage By Women In The Arab World

Gender Gap In Social Media Usage Wide In Arab World

How Technology Is Empowering Muslim Women

Farkhunda Zahra Naderi appointed as President Ghani’s senior adviser to UN

UAE off to Winning Start in Women’s Tournament

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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