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Islam, Women and Feminism

Islamic Conference Demeaned Muslim Women by ‘Blanking’ Faces

Summit in Saudi Arabia Discusses Steps to Promote Role of Women in Technology

Saudi Women to Enjoy Child Custody Right Even After Remarriage

Nigeria: Hijab Wearing - the Controversies, Fictions and Facts

How One Woman Used Fashion to Reclaim Her Muslim American Identity

Muslim Woman Faces Possible Jail after Refusing To Remove Veil, Stand For NSW Judge

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Saudi Women Use Social Media to Expose Harassment

Bangladesh Gets First Female Election Commissioner

Treating Women as Breeding Machines in Kelantan

Pakistan Seeks To Curb Child, Forced Marriages with Harsher Punishment

Indonesian Government to Enlist Clerics in Fight against Child Marriage

Appeal Court Upholds Use of Hijab in Lagos Public Schools

Girls at a Pakistan Higher Secondary School Forced To Do Sit-Ups as Punishment

Man Kicks Pregnant Muslim Woman in the Stomach in UK

Man Kills Mother of Two in Suspected Honour Killing In Shangla, Pakistan

Pakistan National Assembly Passes Bill to Protect Women’s Rights

Pakistan Electoral Reform Plans Aim to Boost Women's Participation in Politics

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ISIL Terrorists Transfer Female Captives from Iraq's Mosul to Syria

Female Genital Mutilation Falls Sharply In Northern Iraq - Survey

Saudi Arabian Starbucks 'Temporarily Banned Women', Asked To Send In Drivers Instead

Typical Girl-Meets-Girl in Malaysia Gets Married In Indonesia Story

Saffron Shawl Vs Hijab: ABVP’s Goonda Elements Demand Burqa Ban in College

Lucknow’s all-Women Mosque to Be Powered by Solar Energy

Man Admits Ripping off Muslim Woman’s Niqab in UK

UAE to be in the Forefront of Women’s Empowerment

Vogue Arabia's Princess-in-Chief Wants Arab Women to Be Seen as More Than Just Big Spenders

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No Tatar Theologian of Early 20th Century Denied That Hijab Was Prescribed In Islam

Israeli Court Sentences 16-Year-Old Palestinian Girl to 6 Years in Jail

3,000 Muslim Women and Their Supporters Protest in Vienna against Austria's Face-Veil

Dubai Royalty Is First Woman Pilot in Al Maktoum Family

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Queer Muslim Women from the South: 'We Exist and We’re Fierce'
Samra Habib

Our safety, our survival, is routinely threatened in the name of some hypothetical greater safety that does not include us. What they are trying to keep safe is white supremacy, what they are trying to protect is their own power....


Stamford-Area Muslim Women Find Strength in Religion

From Colonial Algeria to Modern Day Europe, the Muslim Veil Remains an Ideological Battleground

Group Calls for Understanding Of Muslim Women Wearing Hijab

Lindsay Lohan Reveals More of Her 'Muslim' Side on Kuwaiti Talk Show

America Has a Lot to Learn From This Muslim Fashion Blogger

Islamic State Kidnap 17 Women in Kirkuk: PMU

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Modest-Wear a Highlight at Indonesia Fashion Week as Hijab Grows In Popularity

Saudi Women Artists Make Their Mark At 21, 39 Festival In Jeddah

Syrian Woman Files Terror Charges against Assad in Spanish Court

Peshawar to Get New 500-Bed Women Healthcare Hospital

Helpline for Muslim Women Flooded With Calls Following Trump Ban, Quebec Shooting

Muslim Women from Preston Join North West Charity Fundraiser

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Beyond The Muslim Veil
Moin Qazi

Elsewhere, the fully empowered Muslim woman sounds like a self-assured, post-feminist type—a woman who draws her inspiration from the example of Sukayna, the brilliant, beautiful great-granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).  She was married several times, and, at least once, stipulated in writing that her husband was forbidden to disagree with her about anything. ..l...

Sobbing Acehnese Woman Covers Her Face As She Is Whipped In Public ‘For Having Sex outside Marriage’

Bid to Use Minor Girl as Suicide Bomber Foiled In Pakistan

GCC States Need To Empower the Arab Woman

Riyadh Celebrates First Saudi Women’s Day

DNA Test in Rape Cases Made Mandatory In Sindh, Pakistan

World Hijab Day: Muslim Women Lament Discrimination

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Women Are Shackled By Social Traditions
Ali Al-Mousa

Anthropologically speaking, many cultures have treated women differently and have put shackles on them. For example, women in some parts of Africa were only allowed to eat raw uncooked meat. No vegetables or any type of grains were allowed. As a result, it is said that they became ferocious like tigers and that men were afraid of them....


Non-Muslims Show Solidarity with Muslim Women on World Hijab Day

Theresa May Backs Muslim Women's Right to Wear a Hijab

11 Women, Including 3 Sisters Join Pakistan's Bomb Disposal Unit

Sindh Govt Funded Rs 159.93m for Marriages of 15,993 Helpless Girls

Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan, Takes 21 Women on Shoora Board

Women Al Qaeda Fighters Surprised US Forces

Nigerian Muslim Women Seek Pro-Hijab Legislation

Melissa Mark-Viverito Declares Muslim Women Are ‘At the Forefront of the Resistance’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Women in Austria Prohibited From Wearing Full-Face Veils

Independent Passports for Saudi Women Proposal Approved

Indonesian Women Seeking To Become IS Suicide Bombers: Study

Outrage at Confirmation of 5-Year Jail Sentence on Young London Mother in Iran

Iran: Marriage of girl children in south-eastern province

Indian Funded Girls to Join ISIS at Pakistan Man’s Behest: NIA

11 Books by Muslim Women That Show the Many Facets of Islam

How Muslim-American Women Are Fighting Back Against Trump's Immigration Ban

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Child, Bride, Mother: Nigeria
Stephanie Sinclair

To attract male recruits and motivate combatants, Boko Haram awards these “wives” to fighters. As these girls reach puberty, forced marriages often turn them into unwilling mothers; their children are destined to become the next generation of fighters, raised with their fathers’ twisted ideology.....


Hindu Girl Secures Custody of Muslim Girlfriend

Elderly Sufi Woman Found With Throat Slit In Bangladesh

‘Grave’ Trouble Created by Muslim Clerics for Manipur’s First Muslim Woman Candidate

Bride with Burned Face Sparks Debate on Social Media Sites Selling Beauty Products

'Jealous' Maids Sentenced To Death for Killing Driver In UAE

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Push To Change Mindset of Saudi Women in Sports

Saudi Women Allowed To Operate Food Carts in Jeddah

Call for Pakistani Women Participation in Economic Activities

Wearing A Hijab Isn’t the Way You Should Show Support for Muslim Women

World Hijab Day: Irish Woman Who Became Muslim Shares Story

Fatwa against BJP Leader, S K Muddin, For Remarks on Triple Talaq

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This sort of behaviour on the part of the Prophet of Islam teaches humanity and mankind to come and to release themselves from the habits and the fantasies of history and traditions. It teaches man to come down from the Pharaoh like throne, to put aside his pride and rough oppression and to bow his head when confronted by a woman. It teaches a woman to reach towards the glory and beauty of humanity and to put aside her old and new feelings of inferiority, humility and baseness....

ISIS Executes Three European Female Members for Spying
Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Husbands, Social Factors, Drive Kosovar Women to Join IS Militants

Kim Kardiashian West Has Waded Into the Donald Trump Muslim Ban Row

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Malala's 16th Birthday UN Speech to Turn Into Music for International Women's Day
Malala Yousafzai

Young Pakistani Hindu Girl Joins Police in Umer Kot

Kerala Government Doctor Goes Behind the Veil to Teach Muslim Women

23 Women Police Officers Get Training Under Australia Awards Program

Czech Judge Dismisses Hijab Ban Complaint by Somali Refugee Woman

Muslim LGBT Women Seek Support, Brace For Trump Presidency

For Omani Women In Public Office, Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Iranian Actress to Shun Oscars in Protest of Trump Immigrant Ban

Afghanistan Seeks More Women to Join Its Army

PTI Women MPAs Boycott Assembly over 'Discrimination'

French Court Affirms One Burkini Ban, Rejects Another

Uniqlo Plans To Bring Line of Hijabs and Other Modest Wear to Canada

Sharjah Ladies Run To Boost Women's Fitness

Four Women Linked To Al Shabaab Freed On Sh500, 000 Bond Each

‘Marriage and Its Discontents’ and the Vocal Debate on Muslim Personal Law

German Girl Gets 6-Year Term For ‘IS’ Police Stabbing

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Royal, 3 Women among 7 Executed – Manila ‘Sad’

Madeleine Albright Says She Is Prepared To Register As A Muslim Under Donald Trump

Yemeni Women Protest against Saudi Aggression Crimes

ISIS Women Executioner Gunned Down by Assailants in Mosul

Woman Floated As Hardline Candidate for Iranian Presidency

National Muslim Organization Names Three Women as Agents of Change in First Annual Courage Awards

4 Women among 25 Winners of Prize for Inventors, Talented

Tunisia's Fledgling Democracy, Through the Eyes of Two Young Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Girl, 4, Banned From Wearing Hijab by UK School

Only Woman Member Quits French Muslim Council

ECP Writes To Party Chiefs to Ensure Full Participation of Female Voters

SA For Spreading Awareness about Women Registration in Census

Hadara, Kayan Pact to Promote Muslim Women’s Advancement

Boko Haram ‘Abducts Many Women, Kills 3’ In Borno Village

Deep and Lasting Friendships Form In Jewish-Muslim Women's Group

USAID Supports Women’s Participation in Pak Trade Policy

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Terrorists Using Women for Their Heinous Crimes

Triple Talaq: Law Panel Studies Practices of Muslim Nations

Munira Ahmed: The Woman Who Became the Face of the Trump Resistance

If There Is a Ban in India, I Respect It: Mahira Khan

Gambia’s New President Names Woman as Vice President

5 Facts about Saudi Arabia’s Male Guardianship System

Under Sharia Law, These Women Are Immoral

Women Marching Worldwide Revive a Long-Sought Dream: Global Feminism

Roman Catholic School in Birmingham Bans 4-Year-Old Muslim Girl from Wearing Hijab, Sparks Row

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Discovering Feminist Students in the Middle East
Deborah Williams

Each student took a risk — stuck her neck out, we might say — in an effort to become the head of her own life. And in their conversations about the risks and challenges that confront them as young women, they came to see that difference is not a threat but is instead an opportunity for engagement and a source of strength....


Yemeni Women Join Workforce As More Become Sole Breadwinners

Muslim-Palestinian Linda Sarsour Makes History at Women's March

A Women-Only, Hijab-Friendly Salon Grows In Brooklyn

Five Lebanese Women Struggling With the Complex Systems of Divorce within A Multi-Faith Community

MPA Miss Abbasi Complains Of Indifference from Women MPAs

Rulers Lied to Nation on Aafia Issue: Fowzia

Iran Finalizes Five-Year Prison for Iranian-British Woman

Zaira Wasim Is Not Malala; Let's Not Make Her the Poster Girl for Women Empowerment

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Women’s March Brings Flood of Pink Hats, Fiery Rhetoric to Washington

Woman Charged After Tirade Against Muslim Woman Outside Macquarie University

These Muslim Teens Just Went To Their First Women's March, They Could Have Led it

Fake Muslim Registry Appears At Women's March

Indonesia’s Minangkabau Culture Promotes Empowered Muslim Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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