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Islam, Women and Feminism

First Woman Chief Justice of Balochistan High Court To Take Oath Today

Court Orders South Africa Govt to Recognise Muslim Marriages, Allots Two Years' Time to 'Rectify Failure'

After Taking To Steering Wheel, Women in Saudi Arabia Set To Fly Planes

Pakistan Minister Apologises To Female Actors for Vulgar Comments

Women Represent 25% Of Governors’ Reshuffle for First Time in Egypt’s History

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Egypt’s Sissi Appoints First-Ever Christian Woman as Governor

MoU Signed To Empower Saudi Women in Industrial Sector

Amnesty Calls for Solidarity with Female Saudi Detainees

Man in Skytrain Attack Pleads Guilty To Assault against Muslim Woman

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Etihad Celebrates 2018 ‘Emirati Women’s Day’

Emirati Women Urged To Have Limitless Aspirations

Four Women in Leading Jeddah Municipality Positions

Five Saudi Women Pilots Granted GACA Licences

UAE Leaders Pay Rich Tributes to Women

17% Married Pakistani Women Still Have Unmet Need for Family Planning

Iraq Court Clears German-Turkish Woman of ISIS Ties

Top Women Quran Activists Honoured in Iraq

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The Home Secretary Sajid Javid may not be a practicing Muslim but he is there high in public profile to make a bid for the top job. Two years ago when I watched a test match there were four Muslims in the English cricket team. I have met doctors, teachers, civil servants, and entrepreneurs from the sub continent, both Hindus and Muslims, thriving. The Anglican Church never came in their way. In India’s circumstances in 1947, a Hindu India may have been better, than the one cloaked in a hollow and bogus secularism where the police watch on as one Muslim (or Dalit) after another is lynched, some to the accompaniment of expert photography....


The economic safeguard to the bride in her marital home in the form of Mehr (a sum assured as a mark of respect and future security to the bride) is found in all printed forms of Nikahnama, which the Qazi solemnising the marriage brings along, to be signed by the parties and their witnesses. It is another matter that the Hindu custom of dowry has been adapted by Muslim communities and Mehr is reduced to a mere token rather than an economic safeguard. But there are communities, which stipulate Mehr in gold coins or valuables rather than the token amounts....

Egypt's Top Muslim Authority Condemns Harassment of Women

UP Women Slam Cleric for Objecting To Them Tying Rakhis to Cops

Saudi Women Entrepreneurs Grow Their Ventures at US Incubator

‘Save Me:’ Nigerian Schoolgirl Kidnapped By Boko Haram Pleads For Freedom

Saudi Arabia’s New Female Bosses: Our Goal Is to Keep Pace with Vision 2030

Saudi’s Jeddah Plans Women Valets for Restaurants

No Law against Senior Women Judges, Senate Told

Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh Faces Three New Charges

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“The great reforms in history always encounter resistance from people who are afraid of what is new,” Mohamed said. “Even the code of personal status [put forward by former President Habib Bourguiba], which gave great privileges to Tunisian women, also found resistance in his time, but today he is a source of pride for all Tunisians.”...

Sayyida Nafisa of the early ninth century lived in Egypt, gaining a reputation for piety and knowledge of Islam. People in vast numbers sought her prayers. Many religious scholars including Imam Shafai, who founded one of the four major schools of Islamic jurisprudence, attended Nafisa’s discourses and discussed matters of religious law with her. Before Imam Shafai died in 820 CE, he had requested that Nafisa perform funeral prayers for him. His body was taken to her house, for her constant fasting had rendered her too weak to travel....


Malaysia Islamic Court Postpones Caning Of Women for Lesbian Sex

FGM Leaves Permanent Emotional Scar On Dawoodi Bohra Girls: SC

Emirati Women's Day: 'We Owe To Sheikh Zayed, His Vision and Efforts'

Five Saudi Female Pilots Get License to Work with National Airline

Voter's Registration: INEC Denies Asking Muslim Women to Remove Hijab

Muslim Women in Britain Seek Fairness, Not Favours

Four Women Appointed To Key Jobs at Jeddah Municipality

Muslim-American Girl Scout Uses Gold Award Project to Share Her Heritage

Women Drivers to Transform Saudi Auto Market

Report Slams $5.6M Canadian Program for Afghan Women

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Over One Million Women Face Domestic Violence In Egypt

Shah Rukh Khan's Children Abram and Suhana Khan Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with a Promise to Respect All Women

We Stand By Muslim Women In Quest For Social Justice: PM Modi

UK-Iranian Woman Returns to Tehran Jail after Plea Rejected

Massive Presence of Kurdish Women In The Funeral Of Martyrs In Marivan

70 Pct of Syrian Women in Turkey Cannot Speak Turkish

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Selangor to Table Bill to Up Marriage Age for Muslim Women

'Indian Muslims Much Safer Than Muslims in Islamic Countries': This Saudi Woman's Reply Is Winning Hearts

Muslim Women in Burqas to Tie Rakhis to Cows Says BJP leader Bukkal Nawab

Fight To Save Female Activist From Saudi Arabia Execution

Tabriz University Student Roya Saghiri Was Transferred To Tabriz Prison

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Amnesty Worried Saudi May Execute Female Activist

INEC, MURIC Disagree Over Alleged Discrimination against Muslim Women

Raksha Bandhan: Varanasi's Muslim Women Making Rakhis For PM Modi

Older Women Are Friendly, Young Passengers Reticent, Say Female Taxi Drivers

Official Says Over 3,300 Women Committed Suicide in Iran Last Year

Yazidi Woman Seeks Justice After Encountering IS Captor in Germany

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'I Cried So Much': UK-Iranian Zaghari-Ratcliffe Allowed Out Of Tehran Jail

Women’s Situation Room Nigeria Seeks Increased Voter Education for Women, Laments Poor Awareness

Indonesia's Main Muslim Group Criticizes Blasphemy Sentence to Ethnic Chinese Woman, Meiliana

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Muslim Women Keep the Faith While Travelling — and Ziplining — Around the World

Markazi Refugee Camp, Djibouti - Hafsa* Says She Feels Trapped.

Meiliana Verdict Demonstrates Blasphemy Law's 'Injustice toward Minorities'

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Two Muslim Women In Congress: What Can They Achieve In Washington?

Woman Who Complained About Noisy Mosque Jailed For Blasphemy

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Iranian Rips Off Hijab After Cleric Orders Her To Wear It Properly, Threatens Arrest

Islamic State Survivor Nadia Murad Engaged To Yazidi Activist

LA Authorities Looking Into Sexual Assault Allegations against #MeToo Activist Asia Argento

Hanan Donates Rs.1.5 Lakh She Got As Support to Flood Relief Fund

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But there was comfort in taking that walk, in acknowledging the jagged, imperfect edges of my religious practice and in allowing myself room to breathe. So every morning since, I wrap the piece of fabric around my face, an unspoken promise to continue challenging myself, held together by straight pins and a sometimes fragile faith....


Runaway ISIS Bride Rescued By Female Kurdish Fighters

Road Romeos and Women behind the Wheel in Pakistan

14 Saudi Innovative Women Present Community Development Projects in US

Iran Accuses Georgia of Violating the ‘Decency of Muslim Women in Hijabs’ In Tbilisi Airport

Egypt’s National Council for Women Launches a Poll App, With Interesting Results

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A clear majority of the British Muslim couples who settle down together today opt for a religious ceremony, known as a Nikah, but choose not to complement it with a civil ceremony. This can place a Muslim woman in the worst of all worlds in the event of a marital breakdown. Her marriage has no obvious standing in law, so there is nothing to dissolve and no chance to claim joint assets. In Islamic law, meanwhile, the unilateral dissolution of a religious marriage is a male prerogative....


Iranian Women Drug Addicts Upsurge to 750,000 in New Statistics

20% Indian Muslim Women in Slums Face Health Risks: Survey

Females in Raqqa Work for Women’s Rights after Islamic State Rule

Saudi Women Incubate Creative Ideas for Community Development

Family Taxi Cabs to Be Licensed For Saudi Women Driver Only

Iranian Women Are Ready To Stand Up For Their Rights: Activist Masih Alinejad

Did a Muslim woman design Indian National Flag?

Malala Willing To Work with Imran to Improve Girls’ Education in Pakistan

Boris Johnson’s Facebook Page Mobbed by Racists after Burqa Furore

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Tunisia Mayor: Ban Muslim Women from Marrying Non-Muslims

Tunisian President Challenges Quran with Greater Rights for Women in Tunisia

Iranian Cleric in Altercation with Woman over Hijab

Iraqi Girls Take Up Swimming in IS-Free Mosul

US Police Officer Uses Taser on Syrian Woman, 87

Women's Groups Rally at Sunway Pyramid to End Child Marriage

Female Political Prisoner Zainab Jalalian Denied Medical Care for 11 Years in Iran Prison

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Liberal Muslims have viewed Awrah for men or women to be the parts that a typical swimsuit would cover, while more conservative Muslims have interpretations of Awrah for women expand to the necessity of long sleeves and covering the legs below the knees, nearly to the ankles. Salafi and Islamist Islam goes further, viewing women’s hands, feet, even voice to be Awrah and also requiring the outer outline of a fully covered woman’s body to be non-distinguishable. As such, depending on the interpretation, a woman’s hair and face can be perceived as Awrah....


Muslim girls in increasing numbers all over the world are breaking down religious and social barriers and pursuing higher education in multiple disciplines. Scholars like the Moroccan Professor Fatima Mernissi, American Laleh Bakhtiar who translated the Quran, Egyptian American Leila Ahmad, a sociologist and author of Women and Gender in Islam, American Quran exegetist, Amina Wadud and British Sayeeda Warsi are a few of the shining examples of this new generation. ...

Saudi Female Artist Depicts Hajj Journey on Ihram Clothing

Early Marriages of 35 Girl Children under 13 in Just One Iranian Town

Bans on Full-Face Muslim Veils Spread Across Europe

Chinese Buddhist Woman Who Complained Of Loud Azan Could Be Convicted On Blasphemy Charges

Stop Dehumanising Muslim Women for Political Gain

Millennium Celebrates 3 Outstanding Female Employees for Emirati Women’s Day

Afghan Women Key to Sustainable Peace in Afghanistan

Female Athletes in Iran Lack Sponsors Regime’s Ban On Broadcast Of Women’s Tournaments Has Deprived Them Of Financial Backing

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pakistan Born Mehreen Becomes Australia’s First Female Muslim Senator

Justice Musarrat Becomes First Woman to Head A Poll Tribunal

Muslim Woman Wins Handshake Discrimination Case in Sweden

From Dubai to Disaster Zone: One Woman’s Indonesia Earthquake Story

The Minority Women Taking On Pakistan's Political Elite to Campaign For Better Health

Egypt's Feminists Laud Mass Appointment of Women as Top Judges

Equality in inheritance stirs controversy in Egypt

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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