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Islam, Women and Feminism

Saudi Women Made Up 28 Per Cent of the Drug Related Cases Reviewed By the Courts Of Law

Women, Children among Detained Suspected Militants in Pakistan

Apparition of Virgin Mary on a Hospital Window Draws Hundreds

Scores of Women Donate Hair for Cancer Patients in UAE

Malala Day Meets With Befitting Expression of Love

Women Fight to Define the Arab Spring

15 Malala scholarships announced by Lahore College for Women University

Malaysian Policemen Accused of Raping Indonesian

Australian Woman Sees Malaysia Drug Charges Dropped, Freed

Husband Arrested Over Killing of Iraqi-American Woman, Earlier Taken As a Hate Crime

Afghan Girl Tells Court She Hid Behind Father As He Was Shot, In a Case against Robert Bale

Nigeria: Life as a Single Girl

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Apparition of Virgin Mary on a Hospital Window Draws Hundreds


Muslim Woman Attacked For Travelling With Hindu Man in Mangalore, India

Saudi Cleric Condemns Minor Girls’ Marriage to Wealthy Older Men

Fleeing Asian Housemaid of North Jeddah Creates a Ruckus

Women Shut Out Of Syria’s Opposition Leadership

4 Nigerian Girls Invent a Urine-Powered Generator

Muslim Sisterhood: Women from Egypt’s Brotherhood Taking on Prominent Roles

Video Shows Woman Journalist Held By Syria Rebels

UNESCO Report Places Pakistan in Bottom 10 in Female Education

Harassment, Rejection and Poverty: Transgender Pakistanis Face Society’s Scorn

Rights of Afghan Women at Risk

World Observes Malala Day Today

Women above 40 in Abu Dhabi Told To Undergo Mammography

Malala A Symbol of Girls’ Education, Says Pak Prez on the occasion of ‘Malala Day’

Exhibition showcases creative skills of Girl Students in Jeddah

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Ukrainian journalist Ankhar Kochneva


Islam Does Not Discriminate Against Women, Its Custodians Do
Hina Hafeezullah Ishaq

It states, “Specified posts or services may be reserved for members of either sex if such posts or services entail the performance of duties and functions, which cannot be adequately performed by members of the other sex.” Generally, what is good for the goose is good for the gander and vice versa, but ideally, what is good for the goose can even be better for her regardless of whether it is good or not for the gander!...

Islam has sanctioned the right for education for all Muslim women. If some Muslims don’t believe in allowing their daughters to go to school, to learn to read, to participate in debates, to pursue their Master degrees, to succeed in their respective careers, then it’s the beliefs and practices of such Muslims and not Islam. It can be confusing, but it is important to remember that Islam has honoured women in ways that society can’t ...

Saudi Shoura Says Women Must Unveil For Security Reasons

Sharia law ban (fatwa) on women at Haji Ali shrine evokes protests

NCW Fumes at Muslim Girls’ Inter-College 'S Diktat on Veils and Banning of Phones

3 Muslim Sisters in Sharia Court for Molesting 22-Year-Old Man

Saudi Shura Insists On Photo ID for Women

I Feel Like Killing All My Kids: Kashmir Acid Attack Mother

Malala Shooter's Sister Apologises For Attack

Pakistani Neuroscientist, Aafia Siddiqui Loses Appeal on Shooting Conviction in US Court

Procter & Gamble Rides On Williams Sisters to Inspire Nigerian Girls

School-Merger Policy of Pak Punjab: Displaced Girls Continue Protest

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Aafia Siddiqui


Legislators Divided Over Readmitting 'Mother' Students

Saudi Courts to Look Into 3,124 Women Harassment Cases

Housewife Murdered, Acid Attack on Another in Bangladesh

Love Marriage in Pakistan: Man Kidnaps Daughter, Kills Her Father-In-Law

Pakistan Girl 'Fated' To Die in Acid Attack: Mother

Waheeda Shah PPP leader slapped with two-year ban

Empowerment Initiative: A First for SAARC Women Parliamentarians

Saudi Gold Traders Refuse Employment of Women

Women Gain Ground As Activists, but Some Question the Extent of Progress in Yemen

Lahore’s Woman Artists Bring 93 Masterpieces to Nairang Art Gallery

Malala’s Reconstructive Surgery in UAE

Palestinian Businesswomen Finding Their Own Solutions

Somalia Forms New Govt, Woman Named Foreign Minister: Official

Nigeria: Exploiting Young Girls

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: The new foreign minister, Fowsiyo Yusuf Haji Adan of Somalia


Arab Spring: Are the Arab Revolutions Devouring Their Own Daughters?
Martina Sabra

When compared with the rest of the world, Arab countries do not rank highly when it comes to the issue of female emancipation. So there are often a number of reasons why the women profiled by Gabi Kratochwil made it despite all the obstacles: in all cases, their inner strength played a major role; in many cases, liberal fathers or mothers fostered their daughters' careers; and in some cases, the women had the support of an influential family....


Let There Be No Compulsion in Religion
Azrul Mohd Khalib

Islam is one of the richest religions in history. Why? Not because of the dogma and the rituals embodied within but because it emphasises the need for us to learn. Learn from other religions, cultures and ourselves. Rather than chastising ourselves for asking questions in the first place we need to create space to ask questions we were afraid of asking, to express doubt, to speak of a more enlightened and progressive Islam....

Feminists Betray Islamic Women
Ida Lichter, M.D

Many intellectual feminists value cultural practice, but as Afghan women's rights activist Sima Samar asserted, this respect does not apply to traditions that oppress women and violate human rights. Some feminists have joined an unholy alliance with political Islam, disregarding the oppression of women and homosexuals in favour of overarching aims to rid the world of colonialism, neo-colonialism and capitalism....

Child Brides Blot Tribal Pakistan
Mehreen Zahra-Malik

Practice of gifting girls in marriage to settle tribal disputes haunt areas with limited government oversight. As international headlines for much of this month focused on the attack on 14-year-old activist Malala Yousafzai by the Taliban, what generally went unnoticed was the outrageous plight of more than a dozen young girls in Pakistan....

Egypt’s Shiites Raged by Belly Dancer for Song Praising Prophet’s Daughter

Al-Qaida 'Burqua Brigade' To Hit Western Targets

Gang Of Vietnamese Women Thieves in Malaysia 'Strip And Shout' To Stun Victims

Mother Rethinks Reporting Daughter and Sister to Police

Facebook Used To Kidnap, Traffic Indonesian Girls

Adultery Laws Unfairly Target Women: UN

Nigeria: Rampant Divorce Cases Worry State Government

Syrian Refugees Suffer from Critical Lack of Women’s Health Care: Report

Egyptian Woman Gets Suspended Sentence for Threats to Have Dubai Policemen Sacked

Dubai: Girl Traumatised By Male Attacker in the Gardens

A Race for the Cure in Egypt: Fight against Breast Cancer Begins With Awareness

South Africa: Girls' Rights 'Must Be Protected'

Malala Yousufzai in stable condition: Doctors

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Al-Qaida 'Burqua Brigade' To Hit Western Targets


A Feminist Reading of the Quran
Ruby Hamad

Muslims are required to model their lives on that of the prophet Mohammed. Consequently, it is easy to assume the roots of radical Islam can be traced back to the prophet himself, hence the numerous Western depictions of Mohammed as an intolerant, murderous tyrant. Such depictions have no basis in history. Mohammed was trying not just to introduce a new faith, but to transform Arabian society. He blamed much of Arabia's ills on the concept of Jahiliya….

NGO Decries Endorsement of Girl Child Marriage by Sudan's State-Controlled Clerics

How Female Troops Are Winning Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan

Early, Forced Marriage Limits a Girl's Opportunity to Education

Women and Saudi Majlis Al Shoura: Presence with Impact?

Afghan Woman, Allegedly Killed By Husband for Wanting Job

Malawi women living with HIV/Aids petition Speaker

Begum Bhutto, Malala and Benazir’s Historic Vindication

Palestinian reporter Asmaa al-Ghoul aims to keep thorn in Hamas’ side

Egypt's National Council for Women rejects constitution draft

Iranian Nobel Peace Prize Winner Predicts Persian Spring

South Asian Int'l Film Festival Nominates Pakistani for Best Actress

Early release of Aafia Siddiqui demanded

Role of Agri Universities Underscored for Ensuring Women’s Right To Land

Beirut girl hurt by car bomb needed 300 stitches

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Asmaa al-Ghoul, a Palestinian journalist

“If you don’t want your husband to marry another woman,” the imams said, “then, reflect on the hadith of the Prophet,(peace and blessings be upon him). You should love for your sister what you love for yourself.” I turned off the video and sipped my tea in the silence of the room. I had planned to watch the prominent imam’s entire lecture on the subject of plural marriage in Islam, but I couldn’t get past the first few minutes….

Growing Number of Women in Arab Region Prefer To Avoid Pregnancy

French Journalist Reports Facing Sexual Assault in Egypt's Tahrir Square

Hundreds of Saudi Female Activists Protest Against Violation of Their Rights

US Students Don Hijab, To Show Solidarity with Muslims

Indonesia: Groups Fight for Women’s Right to Abortion

Malala Yousafzai Could Strip Taliban of Support It Desperately Needs

Wife or Surrogate Mother: Pak Apex Court Takes Up Unusual Child Custody Battle

Pakistan Has Failed In Protecting the Right of Education for Girls: UNESCO

Palestinian Women-Only List Makes Bid for Municipal Council

Champion's Mission to Iran to Get Women Surfing

Bahrain: A Nurse Sentenced To One Year Imprisonment

Aga Khan inaugurate Construction of Obstetrics Facility in Kabul

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: US Students Don Hijab, To Show Solidarity with Muslims


Women Can Now Serve On Religious Police Force in Saudi Arabia

Mauritania Launches Courses for Female Clerics

Pakistani Woman killed for honour

Woman Suffers Acid Attack, In Pakistan, After Divorce

Women of US Senate Demand Swift Justice in Malala Case

Afghan Clerics Denounce Violence against Women

Body Formed To Propose Women-Friendly Projects

Malala Thanks Well-Wishers – In Writing

Eid Collection 'Wagah' A Tribute to the Indo-Pak Culture

Nigeria: Court Grants Nigerian Couple Custody of 'Scam' Baby

In Depok, pretty ladies sell livestock for Eid ul Adha

The gun and the press in Pakistan

King Abdullah, staunch supporter of women’s Cause

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Women Can Now Serve On Religious Police Force in Saudi Arabia


Evils of Child Marriage: Too Young To Wed
Tazeen Javed

The evils of child marriage are many. For starters, it cruelly snatches the childhood away and thrusts a child into adulthood well before her time. It directly threatens the health and wellbeing of young girls as complications from pregnancy and childbirth are cited as the main cause of death among adolescent girls aged 15-19. As the numbers of girls who are married as children grows, the numbers of children bearing children will increase....

‘Sexual Violence Increasing In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’

Unilateral, Triple Talaq Spurs India Debate

20-Yr-Old Pak Girl Fires at Boyfriend after Being Rejected

Sex Education Books: NGO Rep Given More Time by Lahore HC

Militants Blast Govt Girls Primary School in Nowshera

4 Yrs of Indian Maid’s Mental Torture from Her Saudi Sponsor Comes to an End

Malala Out of Coma, Stands With Support

Malala 'Comfortable and Stable' At Birmingham Hospital

Saudi Shoura Council Set To Welcome Women Members

Children under Attack in Pakistan, Afghanistan

Islamic Charity Opens Women-Only Homeless Hostels in UK

How Many Muslim Women Martyrs Do We Need Before Muslim Leaders Speak Out?

Girls’ War on Early Marriages 

Pakistan behind Nepal, India in Girls’ Education

Chief Says Haia Is In Need Of Female Staff during Haj

Women’s Hajj in Islam

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: ‘Sexual Violence Increasing In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’


Palestinian Labourers Sexually Harassed By Israeli Women

In Manila, They Accuse Me of Being a Terrorist Because I Am Muslim

Incidence of Child Marriages on the Rise in Malaysia

Indonesia Aims to be Islamic Fashion Powerhouse

Malala Yousafzai: Will Her Shooting End Islamic Extremism In Pakistan?

Taliban Doesn't Want Girls to Become Something

Madonna Strips for a Good Cause: A Smutty Dedication to Dying Malala Yousafzai

International Rural Women’s Day in Pakistan Calls for Action Plan on Women

‘Early Marriage Harmful For Women’

Girls, Hope and Computers in Afghanistan

Run for Muslim Women’s Veil on Historic EDSA in Manila

Pakistani mother, 4 children killed in British house fire

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Incidence of Child Marriages on the Rise in Malaysia


Fear Grows As Mali Extremists Compile List of Unmarried Mothers
Mukhtaran Mai

Employer issues suspension letter for mother of boy accused of blasphemy

Action Aid Decries Nigeria’s Low-Level Girl-Child Education

Attack on Women’s Education: Mukhtaran Mai Tells about Similar Threats

Fighting for Women in the ‘Dark Heaven’ of Gaza

Women Police Face Gender Discrimination in Pakistan

Taliban Destroy Bamiyan Girls’ School

UN Highlights Key Role of Women and Girls in Disaster Reduction

Women Demand Civil Rights in Lebanon

Syrian Writer Samar Yazbek: 'A Woman Like Me Makes Life Difficult'

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Attack on Women’s Education: Mukhtaran Mai Tells about Similar Threats


Pak’s Inheritance and Women’s Loss
Farrukh Dhondy

Pakistan’s present foreign minister is Hina Rabbani Khar and their ambassador to Washington is Sherry Rehman. No doubt the Talibs are opposed to such appointments and probably quote chapter and verse to contend that Ms Khar and Ms Rehman should restrict themselves to cooking, knitting and being subservient in bed. Apart from these high-flyers, Pakistan, like India has inherited, in historical terms, the recently-established tradition of educating women....


Lawmakers, Civil Society in Pakistan Seek End to Child Marriage

Arab Women Wage Cyber 'Uprising' Demanding Rights

Madonna Slams Taliban, Dedicates Song to Malala at Concert

Women Protest against Murderous Attack on Malala

Syrian Alawite female officer defects, urges national unity

‘A Diary That Highlighted Swat’s Human Tragedy’

Targeting Women: Malala, Taliban’s Third Female Victim

Fight against Child Marriage in Afghanistan Must Go On: UN

Malala Yousafzai condition 'satisfactory'        

Violence against Women: Call to join ‘One Billion Rising Campaign’ in Pakistan

Feminists behind the Veil

Kuwait’s first women-only karting revs up enthusiasm

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Arab Women Wage Cyber 'Uprising' Demanding Rights


Jirga Declares 13 Girls Vani (Settlement of Feuds) In Balochistan

Indonesia: Teenage Girl Expelled from School after Alleged Rape

Woman Accuses Pakistan’s Ruling Party Member of Selling Her into Marriage

Daughter of Qaddafi Spy Chief Held

Madonna Backs Down From Wearing Muslim Bridal Dress

Don’t forget us in Afghan transition, women plead

Pakistani’s Queen Sufi Music Honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award in India

Africa's Only Two Female Heads of State Honoured

Egypt Rights Activists Seeing Long-Denied Equal Rights for Women Hopes Dissolve

Africa: UN Launches New Programme to Empower Rural Women and Girls

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Madonna Backs Down From Wearing Muslim Bridal Dress

Women Traded to End Feuds in Afghanistan

Clash with Police over Hijab Ban in Azerbaijan

Saudi Women Guarding Disabled Children against Sexual Harassment

Daughter of Missing Man Seeks UN, EU Help

Emirati Woman Who Helps To Bring Babies into the World

Reformed Afghan Woman Drug User Helps Others Overcome Addiction

Nigeria Blast Kills Woman, Wounds 5 Children-Official

Seeking the Right to Be Female in Malaysia

French Rapper Stuns Fans, Makes First TV Appearance Wearing Hijab

Eight-Year-Old Girl Braving Cancer Has Dream Fulfilled In Beirut

Cleric Blessed With 5 Babies Cries for Help 

Leadership summit set in Rochester for young Muslim women

Religious freedom binds Bahrain society

Great Pak Urdu Writer Razia Butt Laid To Rest

NGO to Train Arab Women Entrepreneurs

South Africa Minister’s Ex-Wife Starts 20-Year Stretch in Jail

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Women Traded to End Feuds in Afghanistan


On Tuesday, at six pm, Mekkawie along with other activists went for a short sit-in outside parliament where the constitutional assembly was convened. “Like Mohamed, like Fatimah,” shouted the protesters, demanding equal rights for men and women. “Women should have 50 per cent of the committee,” they also said. The sit-in was specifically designed to protest the proposed drafts of articles 36 and 29....


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