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Islam, Women and Feminism

Of Law, Marriage and Despairing Feminists
Flavia Agnes

Before we come up with a knee-jerk response to the hype created by the media and bite the bait, we need to have greater clarity on whose side are we (the feminists) batting in this confrontation between parental authority or the active agency expressed by a young, teenage girl. Also I wish to raise a connecting question—if the Muslim law was codified and minimum age for marriage was stipulated, as has been done under the Hindu Marriage Act, would the High Court have responded differently? ...

In the Land of Taliban, A Mother Bravely Campaigns For President

Women's Rights Law No Match for Kurdistan Tradition

Saudi Arabian women risk arrest as they defy ban on driving

For Women of Faith, the Quest for a Good Halal Workout

Kohistan girls alive: KP Information Minister

Saudi heir's death fails to curb women at wheel

Women in both Iowa and Afghanistan play a major role in agriculture

HRH wife of His Majesty the King of Bahrain to Patronise Women’s Forum for Human Rights        

Women challenge ban on Palestinian freedom of movement in direct action; seven arrested

Army task force: Female soldiers need better health care

The Women of The Middle East, Not Getting Their Due

Iran hosts first International Women’s Health Conference

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Photo: Fawzia Koofi: In the Land of Taliban’s, a Mother Bravely Campaigns for President

Islamic Fashion Organized By Muftis of Russia Demonstrates Muslim Women Updated

US Army orders ‘hot pink’ burqas for Afghanistan

600 Saudi Arabian Women Petition King for Right to Drive

Female genital mutilation: a brutal violation of rights, must be eradicated

10 schools ready to welcome woman strollers in Rawalpindi

Iranian Women Studies Foundation Names University of Virginia professor 'Woman of the Year'

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Photo: Islamic fashion in Moscow


Three Saudi Women Turned Away From France, Over Veil


Pro-female Genitals Mutilation Parliamentarian Taken to court By Egypt women’s NGO

Arab women cry for end to harassment

Saudi woman bags first prize in Qur’an contest

Single Women Gaining Limited Acceptance in Iran

Lahore CJ takes suo motu notice of torture, killing of woman by husband and in-laws

“Purdah Bagh” A Breath of Fresh Air For Muslim Women in Delhi

Egypt women’s group delivers 50 female names to parliament for constituent assembly

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Photo: Saudi women Turned away From France, over veil

Taliban Poisoning Girl Pupils Is New Dilemma For Afghan Parents

Anti-sexual harassment rally Attacked in Egypt

Muslim Woman claims bias at US religious freedom panel

Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker Shehla promises to get domestic violence bill approved 

Pakistan working for Women’s empowerment: Pak Ambassador to US

A Blackburn victim of forced marriage welcomes new legislation

Activists shocked at Delhi HC ruling that reduces marriageable age for Muslim girls to 15

Women in Special Forces in U S: the Debate on Combat Exclusion  

Welsh golfer Sahra Hassan honoured by Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation

Is there a fatwa for daring to compare burqa-wearing Muslims women to garbage bags?

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Photo: Egypt anti-sexual violence protest in Tahrir attacked


Sexual Exploitation of White girls ‘particular problem in Asian communities’ in UK

Pakistan Coming clean about child sexual abuse - or not

Islamists trying to rid women of attained rights in compliance with Sharia

Asks to dress according to Sharia law, 9/11 Defendant Mocks the American Justice System

U N appeals to guarantee women's right in Afghanistan

‘Oppressed Afghan Women’ Desperate to tell their stories, find a voice

Today I Will Become a Muslim: A German Lady Finds Islam in Dubai

Egyptian women fear fewer rights, more harassment after elections

Egypt: Are women being targeted for sex assaults?

Stigmatizing violence against Timor women by Indonesian Army during war of Independence

Child Marriage among Muslims Being Promoted by Delhi HC

Afghan girls’ long road to education

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Photo: Islamists trying to rid women of attained rights in compliance with Sharia



Inequality, Discrimination, and Shame: The Way of Women’s Life
President TLC Consultancy

Inequality, discrimination, and shame seem to have become the way of women’s life. And if we use history as an indicator of trends, situations may change for a while but eventually, old habits die hard. A case in point is the never-ending subjugation of women: Subjugation that deprives her of her social, economic, civic and political rights. Pretending otherwise is an understatement. But why is that so? ...

Sudanese Woman Jailed with Baby and Sentenced to Death by Stoning over Adultery

13-year-old Rape Victim’s out-of-court settlement, Concerns Pak SC

NGOs call for action against Pakistani cleric for anti-women decree During Friday Prayers

Girls’ school blown up in Mardan, Pakistan by Terrorists

Pakistani arrested for assaulting Sikh woman in Luton

First time Saudi women to run trains on PNU campus

Daughter of a Persian prince rescuer of prostitutes in Iran, Dies at 90

Rome welcomed Pakistani dancer, but didn’t manage to save her

Sadaf a Bahai citizen: Prisoner of the day

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Photo: Sudanese woman sentenced to death by stoning


"So, what are you going to do with this massage training you're doing," asked my husband. From his tone I could sense rising but muted panic. "Don't you know Muslim women aren't allowed to do such things out of their home?" Bemused at the irony of my bohemian approach to my spiritual beliefs, I pondered how I would respond to my beloved husband's question. For it was when I married him that I converted from a loose relationship with Christianity, peppered with Buddhism and other practices from the East, to Islam….

Mosques in Sweden Tell Women: Polygamy is Sometimes Acceptable
Badminton Drops Skirts-only Rule for Women

Malaysian First Lady:  women are capable of turning negatives into positives

Badminton Drops Skirts-only Rule for Women

Edo State governor denies impregnating 16-year old girl

Malaysia: Lori Anne at 6, is youngest ever in National Spelling Bee

Maldives has solid framework for women’s rights, but numbers still disturbing

Christians and Muslims Campaign against Muslim Women’s Soccer Headdress

Pak woman 'poisons' husband and minor daughters, Killing two of them

Afghan poisoning scares: Mass hysteria stemming from fear of the Taliban?

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Photo: Badminton Drops Skirts-only Rule for Women


The media usually salivates and greedily laps up stories of “Islam oppressed me, but now I'm liberated! Let's celebrate!” by women who choose to give up religion. Which is what made the Open Page article, “Under the veil, we are free souls!'' by Jumana Haseen Rahim, a pleasant surprise. While the Taslima Nasreens of the world hog the limelight with their views and definitions of freedom, it is rare.....

Qatari Olympic women athletes spotlight Wahhabi schism

Pak Tribal Council Sentences four women and two men to death for singing and dancing at a wedding

Dream of motherhood: The world’s first womb transplant in Turkey

Christian Jordanian woman refuses to wear head cover, loses her Job

Mohabbat-e-Sindh rally Victim dies Defending Herself in Karachi

Egypt's belly dancing troupes, Dancing with Brothers

Yet another acid attack in Pakistan

Attack on Afghan School Girls Could be Cases of Mass Hysteria

Taliban deny poison attacks on girls' schools

Afghan woman pushes for rights from behind the wheel

19-year-old German woman enslaved for years in Bosnia

Role of Islam in ‘the making up’ of Rabiya, An iron woman of South India

Lady Gaga show cancelled after Islamist protests in Indonesia

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Photo: Qatari sprinter Noor al-Malki


Arabic school in New Delhi forced to drop plan to admit girls

Pakistan acid women fear backlash over Oscar film

‘British Pakistani victim of “honour killing “previously drank bleach’

Women in the Muslim World Need Genuine Reform

Islamic Society Rejects Family Law that Protects Women’s Rights in Bahrain

Encyclopedia of Women in Islamic Cultures to Reach Larger Audience

Belly Dancers in Egypt Worry About Possible Islamist Takeover

Pak eases rules for married Hindu women to obtain ID cards

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Photo: Pakistan acid women fear backlash over Oscar film


Circumcise Women for a nominal fee, Muslim Brotherhood’s gift!

More than 120 schoolgirls suffer from ‘Poison attack' in Afghanistan

Veil ban increased hostility towards Muslim women in France

Hijab as an agreement to be treated like "second-rate human”

The Hijab or the bikini: the shaping of young girls’ sexuality

Jordan bank fires Christian woman for refusing to wear headscarf

Muslim Women & Girls Killed by Islamists

Sharia challenge to Australian women’s rights

Will the Egyptian Muslim Sisters rise to the occasion and get their Human Rights

Cairo's women have lost all their faith in the revolution

Lady Gaga Refuses to Tone Down Her Shows: Manager

Indonesian Maid Spiked Boss' Coffee With Her Menstrual Blood

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Photo: Afghan schoolgirls sick after poison attack by Taliban

Sharia Challenge To Australian Women’s Rights
Stevie Modern

Mr Prad said secular law failed to reflect their faith and urged inclusion of Sharia law for Muslims where it applies to marriage, divorce, contracts and custody in Australia.“We should be allowed to resolve our issues in-house,” Mr Prad said. “We’re a well-established religion and all we’re asking for is to be a self-regulatory mechanism.”

Sudan Sharia Court Sentences Woman To Be Stoned To Death

'White girls are fair game' to some Pakistani men: Top Tory Sayeeda Warsi

Saudi Arabia, Women, and Judicial Reform: Why King Abdullah fired one of the most popular Islamic leaders?

Egyptians debate 'traumatizing tradition' of female circumcision

Maldives ranks 45th best place to be a mother among developing nations

Emirati women and workforce in a clash of culture

Women stand to lose most in Arab Spring

Saudi ban on women’s sports blamed for rising obesity

Rise in female unemployment, growth in gender pay disparity

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Photo: Sudan Sharia Court Sentences Woman


Girls 'Should Stay With Mothers Until Marriage': Judge in Sharjah

Egyptian revolution has failed women

Women in Tunisia have diverse opinions on Islamic dress

U.S. First Lady’s 1776 message guides Arab sisters

Women protesters in Tunisia and Egypt forge forward for human rights

Women in rural areas of U A E assert independence

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Photo: Dahlia Ziada, Egyptian activist for women's rights


The Case For Women
Tasneem Z Faridi

The Case For Women
Tasneem Z Faridi

Now the world's feminists are demanding sexual and reproductive freedom and celebrating human sexuality; they are rejecting gender binaries and demanding rights for lesbians and gays as well as women's right to abort. Feminists in the US, UK and Australia have become strong advocates of a feminism that accepts women in the role of a biological mother, surrogate mother, single or child-free career woman, wife, sex worker, lover, lesbian, bisexual, activist, consumer, girly girl, tomboy, sweetheart, bitch, good girl, princess, or sex symbol….

Jammu and Kashmir: Tales of torture and abuse of women
Salman Nizami

Kalpana Tikku is a Kashmiri Pandit who grew up in Kashmir and has returned to the Valley to work with other women in the hope of bringing about a change in their living conditions. But that, she admitted, will take generations. “They see their mothers being beaten, they see their sisters their aunts, everybody, been beaten and abused” Kalpana said, adding, “So that’s what they expect for themselves.”…

Misogyny In The Middle East: The Real Elephant In The Room
Ali A. Rizvi

A swarm of criticism has been levelled against Mona Eltahawy's recent Foreign Policy cover story on the state of women in the Arab world. The Quran is written in Arabic. And the people of Egypt, the largest Arabic-speaking Muslim country in the world, largely believe it to be the immutable, divine word of God -- Women are not allowed to recite it while they're menstruating. That is how much it's revered....


Tariq Ramadan on Islamic Feminism
Tariq Ramadan

Now, yes we have literature coming from the classical Islamic tradition still obsessed with you as a woman. You have to think about your role as a mother and wife. This is what I’m always saying. We are obsessed in Islamic tradition with speaking about women and the role and the functions in fact within the society which is completely wrong. A woman who decides for herself to wear the headscarf, you cannot say that she is alienated or self-alienated…



World's largest Muslim majority nation slow to grant woman equal rights

Israel: H C confronts Sharia Court over ban on female attorneys

Afghan women fade from White House focus as exit nears

Improved links between Pak, Indonesian women stressed

Egypt's Women Keep Showing Power in Protest

28 percent Saudi women are unemployed

The Muslim women who are excelling at top-level sport

School girls win top prize in geriatric care competition

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Photo: Islamists take arms against Indonesian gender equality bill

Hindu girls abductions: India urges Pakistan to protect minorities rights

Egypt's Lost Daughters; the Abduction of Christian Girls

Depriving women of inheritance violates Islam: Egyptian cleric

Afghan girls’ schools shut down, Taleban blamed

Female Circumcision Still Prevalent Among Some Kurdish Communities'

A First Since Hamas Rule: Gaza Has A Waitress

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Hindu girls' abduction: India urges Pakistan to protect minorities' rights

Nothing concrete can be stated until Khan takes office and is shown to be able to push for the development issues advocated by his party’s platform.  A comment on PBS’s News Hour may, however address in part his need to maintain reconciliatory links with conservative factions: “We have more radicals in this society. I am considered probably the only nationalist who has credibility here. I’m petrified. If I utter one word, which could be perceived as anti-Islamic or anti-jihad, one word, my life is at risk.”…

Women See Worrisome Shift in Turkey

Stoic and prematurely graying, she said her husband had since kidnapped her mother and stabbed her brother, trying to force them to reveal her whereabouts. She repeatedly turned to the police. But, she said, they chided her to return to her husband. Once, after her husband came to pick her up at the police station, she said she heard an officer advise him to break her legs so she could not escape…..


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