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Islam, Women and Feminism

Hundreds of “Imprisoned Muslim and Christian Women” In Amsterdam

Saudi- Shoura Council to Have 30 Women

Utah Muslim Making Her Mark in Charlotte

Hijab-Wearing Newscaster Causes Stir in Egypt

Baroness Warsi's Departure from the Cabinet Comes As No Surprise

First Practising Female Muslim Crown Attorney Wants To Carve Her Own Niche

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Utah Muslim Making Her Mark in Charlotte


Modest Hijabi by Day and Savvy-Liberal by Night
Arfa Ezazi

What is more disturbing is that approximately three of every five of these religious madams I’ve come across, offer prayers about once a day – often before exams and never during holidays. It may no longer come as a surprise that a bigger fraction of these ladies, who are from considerably respectable backgrounds, indulge in illegitimate relationships with men from their universities or over the internet....


Palestinians chip away at male divorce monopoly
Rofi Eka Shanty

Despite 'false charges', no bail for Pak blasphemy girl

Modern Kazakhstan women do not rush to get married

Hijab-wearing woman hosts World Muslimah Beauty contest

First veiled news anchor appears on Egyptian state TV

‘Serial bride’ who conned men nabbed in Bangalore

Iraqi fashion police up in arms against ‘skimpy’ clothes

Tajik Women Struggle For Hijab

From MTV to Mecca’: True inspiring story of Kristiane Backer

Nigeria: Breastfeeding Medically, Spiritually Good for Infants

Telluride Film Festival: Haifaa Mansour's tough path to 'Wadjda'

Peachtree City woman honoured with White House invite at Iftar

Penniless mother sells off three daughters for Rs.185

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Photo: Hijab-wearing woman hosts World Muslimah Beauty contest


Blasphemy case: Imam arrested for 'implicating' Christian girl and blasphemy

More than 20,000 Saudi women apply for industrial jobs

Saudi Shoura 'unanimous' on mandatory women's ID

Rimsha's mother request to change lawyer

Women tied to electricity pole in Pakistan for trying to steal clothes

Synthetic Hijabs Get Under Tajik Women's Skin

We’ll Empower Women For A Better Nation, Says National Women Affairs Secretary of Nigeria

Indian Muslims bear the brunt of faulty scholarship schemes

New lawmakers in Myanmar learn the limits of their freedom and power

Indian women visit Pakistan, thankful for husbands' release

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Blasphemy case: Imam arrested for 'implicating' Christian girl

Many Yemeni women are still living below the poverty line and living under the influence of domestic violence, according to international reports issued by Yemeni civil society organizations. Women in Yemen suffer from poverty, violence and several other obstacles, which prevent them of being effective members of society. Training courses and programs help them become involved with developing their society.


Resilience Amidst Conflict: Women Of Kashmir
Zainab Akhter
In armed conflict, the experiences of women are varied. From victims to survivors, and from peace-builders to perpetrators of conflict, the categories of classification are indeed numerous. In the context of the conflict in Kashmir, however, what are the new opportunities that have been created for them? And what are their roles in it?


Female bomber kills Islamic scholar among seven as Putin urges calm

Muslim clerics urge fairness for Rimsha Masih

Lawyers Seek the Release of a Christian Girl Charged With Blasphemy in Pakistan

Nigerian church bans towering headwraps

Heavily made-up girl in a hijab provokes storm of complaints as BBC is accused of insulting Muslims with new sitcom Citizen Khan

Nato names ‘ambassador for women’

School blown up in Swabi: Pakistan

Dr Afia’s illegal detention creating anti-US feelings: Malik

Indian woman confined in Pak for 12 yrs

Faheem's wife elated over his acquittal by SC in 26/11 attack

Women's commission gets teeth after 12 years

Corrie family loses case; deeply troubled over Israel ruling

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Muslim clerics urge fairness for Rimsha Masih


The Politics of Veils, ‘Polleras' And Mini-Skirts
Manuela Picq

What a difference a piece of cloth makes. Indigenous' polleras, or Muslim headscarves tend be read as signs of poverty and subjugation whereas a mini-skirt usually asserts a woman's emancipation. Of course, women’s rights do not reside in dress. Yet the way one dresses has political significance. A mini-skirt or a headscarf can both be symbols of oppression or emancipation, depending on the context.


Saudi Women Urgently Need Equal Rights
Dr. Khalid Alnowaiser

As one of the Arab poets said, “A mother is a school; preparing her is like preparing a good nation.” So, is the status of Saudi women normal or not? The answer is clear: Saudi women do not possess anything close to equal human rights with men. The obvious reason is not simply cultural; it is pushed by some religious figures who are restricting women’s lives through a style called “management by fear”.

‘Lost in Translation’
Taslima Nasreen

Thousands of writers who write in regional languages remain unknown. Writers who came from the Indian subcontinent and write in English – like Salman Rushdie, Amitava Ghosh, Arundhuti Roy, Jhumpa Lahiri – are praised by Western readers. Do they write better than other writers in the subcontinent? I do not think so. It is the language that makes them understood and praised by the readers. You can be a famous writer all over the world if only you write in a dominant language.

The Arab Spring’s Backward Leap For Women
Hoda Badran

Islamist groups won majorities in both the Tunisian and Egyptian parliaments. Draft legislation that reflects a restrictive interpretation of sharia (Islamic law), particularly concerning women’s status, is now being submitted for debate in Tunisia. And there seems to be a clear intention in many Arab countries to allow unrestricted polygamy, for example, even where it was prohibited prior to the Arab Spring.


Iran's War on Female Doctors and Male Nurses

Iran Barring Women From Atomic, Oil Fields Draws Rebuke

'Perpetual' power cuts leading to 'painful' divorces in Egypt

Gaza 'not consulted' over reforms to divorce law

Pak told of India's concern over abduction of Hindu girls

Pakistani Christian girl accused of blasphemy denied meeting with lawyer

President attributes UNESCO literacy award to women empowerment

Lipscomb speaker addresses Americans' misconceptions about Islam, women's rights

World Bank MD Sri Mulyani on Forbes’ Most Powerful Women List for Fourth Time

Abduction of girl: Court orders arrest warrants for Chiniot DPO, SHO

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Gaza 'not consulted' over reforms to divorce law


Aasra: A Hope for Destitute Muslim Women
Nigar Ataulla

Aasra struck me as a cheerful, neatly-maintained place. Little girls flitted in and out of the room where I sat waiting for Sajeeda, while old women squatted on chairs sunning themselves. Sajeeda entered and introduced herself, and I felt immediately at ease. Cheerful and simple, she seemed the sort of person one can get along with at the very outset itself. She handed over a bunch of leaflets about Aasra and I skimmed through them....

Saudi Arabian blogger’s ‘prostitute’ gibe sparks furore in ‘blogosphere’

Palestinian town gets new mayor, aged 15

Women’s shopping store blown up in Landikotal

Amnesty International for girl’s protection

WAF slams arrest of disabled Christian girl on ‘blasphemy’ charge

Did Iran Really Just Ban Women From Universities?

Workplace battle continues for Saudi women

Check out this girl crushing it on a skateboard in front of the Bamiyan Buddha craters

Don’t want surgical separation of my daughters, mother of conjoined twins tells SC

Sleepy woman flies Pakistan to France... and back again

Ruling party lawmaker Ambiga Ignores Threats in Fight for Fairer Malaysian Vote

Jacob Zuma says it is not right for women to remain unmarried

S’porean love affair leads to fire

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Palestinian town gets new mayor, aged 15


Iranian Parliament Wants to Legalize Marriage for Girls As Young As 9-Years-Old

Christian Girl’s Blasphemy Arrest Incites a Furor in Pakistan

Muslim asks HPD to revise frisking rules on headscarfs

Girls school blown up in South Waziristan

Government needs to act fast to restore confidence in Hindu population of Pakistan: Pakistan Hindu Council

Palestinian women racers find freedom behind the wheel

Yemeni women say equal rights are compatible with Islam

Women’s continuous struggle for share of Tunisia’s new democracy

UN Panel Concerned Over Tunisia's Draft Constitution That Discriminates Women

The situation of women rights activists in Pakistan

'Honor' murderer boasts of triple killing

Ghanaian teenager shortlisted for $75,000 Anzisha Prize award

Girl who escaped Assad’s army struggles to prove Saudi citizenship

Indonesian LBT Women Exposed to Backlash

Death of Saudi kidnap child's mother not suspicious: police

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Muslim asks HPD to revise frisking rules on headscarfs


Ramadan TV Gently Pushes Saudi Boundaries
Alessandra Stanley

Women are driving in Saudi Arabia. Not on the streets. From beneath a black Hijab and opaque Abaya, glints of the woman’s contempt show through. “Who says my car broke down?” she says coolly. “I’m waiting for my friend.” A matching Barbie-pink car pulls up and two women glide away, leaving the Saudi dolts deflated and agog. It’s a fantasy, of course, a comic trial balloon. “Hush Hush” was created for Ramadan,...


Gender blow: Iran bars women from 70 university courses

State Department Teaching "Women's Rights" to Imams

Twitter alert helps police rescue stolen baby

Egypt police stand by, laugh as women harassed, groped

Blasphemy case: Christians flee Islamabad slum

Arrest of Pakistani girl on blasphemy charges deeply disturbing: US

Women feared kidnap, rape while in Pakistan

Status of Pakistan Women Rising

Hindu panchayat chief traded honour for wine

Will the masculinity of weapons defeat the femininity of peace in Syria?

More poll power for Jamia’s Eves

Zahida fails to make peace with daal & jail

Japanese reporter killed in Syria's Aleppo, 3 missing: NGO

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Iranian Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi


11-year-old girl arrested in Pak on charges of blasphemy

Pakistani student Aleenah Masood wins kudos

European Women’s Lobby slams Saudi athletes over Olympic dress

Gender quotas stall Somali parliament process

Gathering of Muslim, Jewish women is a ray of hope

Burqa clad women hit the streets in Srinagar

Breast-feeding literacy as part of Millennium Development Goals

All the world’s a woman’s stage

'I can still see the horror that made me flee Pakistan - in the haunted eyes of girls raised HERE': Nadira Naipaul exposes arranged marriages and honour killings in the UK

Holiday in Somalia turns into nightmare

Pakistan: 848 female medical officers appointed

Fatima greets wives of Arab and Muslim leaders

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: European Women’s Lobby slams Saudi athletes over Olympic dress

The Status Of The Average Female Pakistani
Aneka Chohan

The treatment of women is based on two simple beliefs in Pakistani society. One, women are subservient to men and that a man’s honour lies, and to some extent, depends on, in the actions of the female members in his family. Regarding the female status, Islam and its prescribed words about women play a major role. Clearly, women are seen as wives and mothers. Whilst their economic provision is handled and taken care of by men, women are taught to get married and bear children.

Study says Ramadan fasting not linked to pre-term births

More job openings for women planned

Saudi women doctors, scientists are role models for future generations

Gaza teen murdered in 'honour killing'

Disabled Muslim woman's marriage should be annulled: UK court

The status of the average female Pakistani

Keeping record: NADRA registers over 86% women

Another small advance for the women of the developing world

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Gaza teen murdered in 'honour killing'

The Women of Afghanistan
An Editorial in The New York Times

Severe restrictions imposed by the Taliban, on access to education, health care and work, before they were ousted from power after Sept. 11 have been lifted in government-controlled areas. Women have run for office, been named to government posts and become more involved in Afghan society; some operate their own businesses. The 2004 Constitution guaranteed equal rights. In 2009, a new law banned violence against women and set new penalties for underage and forced marriage, rape and other abuses. Many more girls are in school and maternity death rates are down.

Squeezing the Life Out Of a Woman Is Not Only Despicable But Crime against Humanity
Faiza Mirza

Pseudo-religious scholars play a vital role in enticing naïve minds to resort to violence in the name of religion and God. Their decrees range from depriving a woman of education to confining her to the four walls of the house to hitting her if she is found negligent of her role as a wife or daughter and even to killing her if she willingly seeks divorce....

It is not easy to stay positive at times like these, especially when we see those around us rushing to Masaajid for Taraweeh prayers, spending time in ‘itikaaf and reciting the Qur'an. This can lead us to feeling deprived of the reward of this blessed month, and often this feeling ends up decreasing our spirituality rather than increasing it. Our menstrual cycles (or postnatal bleeding) are a part of Allah Subhaana wa Ta'alaa's creation and something that is ordained by Him....

Pakistani Sister in Disputed Marriage Gunned Down In Court by Her Lawyer Brother

Veena Malik back as host on special Ramzan show

Tunisia's Draft Blasphemy Laws Brand Women 'Complementary' To Men

Acid Attacks on Women Rise in Macho-Cultured Colombia

Acid Attacks, Poison: What Afghan Girls Risk By Going to School

Fiza Mohammad, estranged wife of ex-Haryana deputy CM, found dead

Saudi female athlete's father to act against insults

Spotlight On Hijab and Bikini at the London Olympics

Olympics: Lone runner hopes to inspire UAE women athletes

Women Can Choose To Wear The Burqa – But Can They Choose Not To?

Pakistan: Minor girl kidnapped

Bihar Twins Won’t Take AIIMS ‘Risk’, Parents

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Pakistani Sister in Disputed Marriage Gunned Down In Court by Her Lawyer Brother

Wearing Of ‘Teddy’ Dress Banned In Karachi

Judo Match between A Young Saudi and Her Opponent Great Message' For Muslim Women or Sham

Ramadhan, Children and Persistent Violence in Indonesia

Three Arab Revolutions: Will Democracy Root, Will Women Thrive?

Afghan Sprinter Shows What Possible Is For Muslim Women

No More Women Should Suffer Shafilea Ahmed's Tragic Fate

First Saudi Woman to Help People Regain Their Lost Confidence through Artificial Eyes

Friday's Ramadan Meal to Celebrate Friendship in Different Faiths

Bahrain disperses protesters, arrests activist’s daughter

No female doctor in Taif hospital’s gynaecology dept

Bangladesh: Baby Girl 'Murdered'

Injustices To Women In Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Afghan Sprinter Shows What Possible Is For Muslim Women


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