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Islam, Women and Feminism

Once the requirements are introduced, however, it will be up to women themselves to push for the right to be granted at the time of marriage. All Pakistani women, married or unmarried, have a role to play in this transformation. While the CII can perhaps ensure legal changes to the document, it cannot with similar ease eliminate the cultural taboos around discussions of divorce at the time of marriage....


Newly Elected Muslim Congresswoman Fights for Right to Wear Hijab in Congress

Record Number of Women Contest in Bahrain’s Local Elections

Indonesian Minister Explains Why His Daughter Wears Niqab

Tunis Female Suicide Bomber Had Sworn Allegiance to ISIS, Says Minister

Another American Girl Arrives In Pakistan, Marries Lahore Man

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First Women’s Martial Arts Tournament Concludes in Jeddah

Saudi Women Named Heads of Key Urban Development Centres

Women’s Branch Abolished in Major Overhaul of Jeddah Mayoralty

One of Msia's First Female Shariah High Court Judges Named In BBC's 100 Women List

Five Female Aspirants Seeking Nominations in Kushtia, Bangladesh

Kashmiri Woman Arrested For Luring Youths into Militancy through Facebook: Officials

Saudi Women’s Social Enterprise Protects Syrian Refugees from Hunger, Thirst and Loneliness

United Nations adopts 65th resolution censuring rights abuses in Iran

Women join protests of sugarcane workers of Haft Tappeh Factory

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Saudi Ground Services Reveals Plans to Hire 2,000 Women in Five Years

Rojava Women Demand Role In Drafting Syria’s Constitution

Banning Headscarf-wearing Nigerian Girls from School Amounts To 'Religious Bigotry,’ Nigeria’s Apex Muslim Body

The Shifting Narrative of Women’s Role in Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh’s Islamic Jihad

Arab Women Protest Began To Wear Clothing Backwards

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Princess Reema: Let's Give Young Saudis a Sporting Chance

Archaeologists Discover Pregnant Woman with Foetus in Ancient Egyptian Burial Site

Dubai Women’s Run Celebrates Spirit of Women

Honour Killing: Brother Kills Muslim Teenage Girl in Pakistan for Having an Affair with Cousin

Saudi Women Mount ‘Inside-Out’ Abaya Protest

This Cross-Cultural Wedding in Sialkot Is Breaking the Internet Right Now

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Wanita PKR Rep Moots Making 20 the Minimum Age To Marry

Saudi Women In 'Inside-Out Abaya' Protest

The Politics behind Iranian Women's Entry to Azadi Stadium

German Woman Charged With Daesh Membership

More Women in Diplomatic Corps Will Benefit Everyone

Asia Bibi: Pakistani Christian Woman in Limbo after Blasphemy Verdict

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Malaysia to Allow Child Marriages to Go On, But Tighter Enforcement

Woman Tapped As Head of Presidential Diwan In Tunisia

Saudi Forum Stresses More Women in Leadership Roles

Women Football Clubs in Saudi Arabia Call for Championships

Hiking Requires Husband or Father’s Permission For Women

Kurdish Woman Accused of Murder Hanged By Iran

Female Politicians Want Bigger Voice in Bangladesh

Muslim Group Reacts to Govt Approval of Hijab in Schools

Sheikha Fatima awarded 'Pioneers of Arab Giving Award' in Riyadh

WWE Crown Jewel: Saudi Arabia Event through Eyes of a Woman

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10-Year-Old Muslim Girl Threatened At Framingham School

How Cities in the Arab World Can Put Women First

Sharareh Almassi, 85th Woman Executed In Iran under Rouhani

PPP, MMA Claim Giving Women Due Share in Poll Tickets

Suhakam Slams Putrajaya: Female Genital Mutilation Not Malaysian Culture

Jailed For Reporting Her Sexual Offender, Mataram Woman Cries For Help

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Islam and the Divine Feminine
Mahmoud Mostafa
Islam and the Divine Feminine
Mahmoud Mostafa

But it wasn’t always this way. In its original revelation and manifestation, Islam was, and remains, a guidance system that brings the human being into balance and integrates our masculine and feminine aspects into a unified whole. In Islamic terminology, this is the state of the soul at peace, Nafs Al Mutma’inah, where our inner conflicts and contradictions are resolved, our hearts are healed and we come to experience our existence as wholesome beings reflecting the Divine Unity. This is the oneness of Tawheed....


FMG: Culture and Religion in Malaysia See Millions of Girls Undergo Cut

Saudi Women to Drive Family Taxis Soon

'They See No Shame': 'Honour' Killing Video Shows Plight Of Syrian Women

Digital Assaults ‘A New Form of Violence against Women’ In Turkey

Muslim Woman Sues WalMart for Religious Discrimination after Being Fired From Knoxville Store

Kurdish Women Pedal, Dunk, Spike as Iraq’s Top Athletes

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Discovering the Beauty and Modesty of Muslim Fashion

Bahrain Islamic Bank Appoints the First Bahraini Woman to Head the Internal Shari’a Audit Function

Belgian Independent Deputy: Europe Continues To Bar the Representation of Muslim Women

Hospital Volunteers Lend an Attentive Ear to Muslims Patients

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Political Leadership Seeks To Empower Women: Egypt’s First Lady

Women Employees in Private Sector Up 8.8% In Saudi Arabia

Iran Lets Hundreds of Women Attend Asian Champions League Final

Asia Bibi 'Not Offered UK Asylum amid Concerns of Unrest and Attacks'

The Middle East Needs More Female Comedians like Reem Nabil to Challenge the Status Quo

Egyptian Woman Assaulted With Shoes By 5 Kuwaiti Women

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Female Genital Mutilation: A Community’s And Chennai's Dark, Disturbing Secret

What Is The ‘Material Girl’ Doing In Saudi Arabia?

Trinidad and Tobago Woman Police Officers Win Right To Wear Hijab on Duty

Woman Charged With Spitting On Muslim Family Outside Jersey City Polling Place

Rights Activists Press FIFA to End Iran’s Stadium Ban on Women

India Shines in Egypt: President Sisi Honours Indian Leader For Women Empowerment

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Islamophobes of the physically aggressive variety zero in on to these cultural signals and the hijab is the most obvious one. Hijab wearing women are victims of these attacks quite sadly possibly due to their perceived vulnerability. They need greater protection from the community....

I emphasise that I have always considered Islam an emancipatory religion, which advocates social equality, economic and political democratisation, and empowerment of minorities. The religion that I was raised in opposed to the subjection of religious minorities to a centralised and authoritarian state. Equality before law and in economy, politics, and society is in perfect consonance with the Islamic thought that I revere....

'I Did It for Every Single Girl': The First Afghan Woman To Scale Mount Noshaq

Under UN Review, Putrajaya Defends Female Circumcision, Insists No LGBT Bias

Saudi Female Employment in Private Sector Rise 8.8 Percent

Pakistani Women Less Likely To Own a Mobile Phone than Men: Study

34 Women Killed In October In Turkey: Women’s Rights Group

Turkey congratulates elected Muslim congresswomen in US

Syria Forces Free 19 Druze Women, Children Held Hostage by ISIS

Azad University Bans Wearing Comfortable Clothing in Girls’ Dormitories

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The testimony of Souad is no less horrific than the Nobel-winning stories of Malala Yousafzai or Nadia Murad. It documents insolent brutality and cruelty and is a call to stop a disgraceful tradition called ‘Honour Killing’. Certainly, hundreds of thousands of Souads in different corners of the globe are not fortunate enough to experience a magical survival like her....


Two Muslim Women Win House Seats, Blazing a New Path

Pakistani Christian Woman Asia Bibi Leaves Jail, Flies Out Of Multan

Dina Torkia's Modestly: There's No One Way to Be a Muslim Woman

Why Iranian Women Are Among the Most Vulnerable To US Sanctions

30,000 Unemployed Nurses in Iran Despite Acute Shortage Of Nurses

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Iran Sentences 24 Protestors, Including Two Women

Saudi Princess’ Trunk Show Lights up Restaurant with Inspiring Fashion

Increased GCC Applicants for Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

Indonesian StartUp Uses Road Safety to Drive Women’s Empowerment

Women Corporate Sponsorship Program Launched

Nine Iranian Women Activists Summoned for Questioning at Tehran’s Evin Prison

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Till 16th century Europeans and Muslims had very similar ideology regarding religion. Moral bankruptcy of the top stratum of the Catholic Church resulted in the loss of faith in the West on a vast scale. This led to the emergence of ‘protestant’ sect in Christianity in order to save their religion from moral corruption of the popes who were involved in extreme luxuries, selling pardon for sins to support that level of luxurious life and legitimising bastards Tuchman (1984)...


Iran to Execute Two Kurdish Women on Adultery Charges

Finding Strength in ‘Personal Choice’ To Wear Hijab

Election Day for First Muslim Women in US Congress

Iranian Women Defy 'Terrorist' Label, Continue Their Opposition To Regime

Warriors for Women's Dignity

Baroness Warsi Slams Bodyguard for Stereotypical Portrayal of Muslim Women

What it’s like to run for Office as a Muslim Woman in the South

Pearl Initiative, NAMA to Study GCC Women Inclusion in Workplace

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Woman MP in Egypt Proposes to Ban Niqab in Public Places

Saudi Arabia’s First CrossFit Community of Women

637 Job Training Offers for Saudi Women

Pakistan: Women Distress Fund to Be Functional From Next Month

Life-Saving App Helps Women Exposed To Domestic, Sexual Violence

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Bedouin Women Strive For Equality And To End Polygamy In Israel

Charity reopens women empowerment initiative

Indonesia Protests Saudi Arabia’s Execution of Maid

Gender parity can drive economic growth in UAE

Husband of Pakistan blasphemy case woman calls for her protection

KSA's aid agency organizes trip for Yemeni child soldiers

Malaysia Airlines introduces first female pilots

New women-only theme park launched in Saudi

Emirati women make history as polo season gets off to a colourful start

An advocate of Emirati women empowerment

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


First lady: Fight against mindset behind violence against women

Three held for forcing women into sex trade in Dubai, Bahrain

How Muslim women were encouraged in education

New York police: dead Saudi sisters did not want to go home

In UP, BJP to appoint 100 women as triple talaq pramukhs

Shameful incident: Minor girl molested for sitting with Muslim boyfriend at secluded spot

Marisol Casado predicts Arab women will take positions of power in sporting world

Saudi car sales set to rise 8% on back of new female market

Afghan Woman Seeks Change Through Street Art

Outcry over violence against women after Turkish singer beaten by boyfriend

Syrian refugee women play to their strengths with great communal food

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

How Asia Bibi went from being the first woman in Pakistan on death row for blasphemy to freedom

Look after women, don’t make polygamy easier, say activists

Ethiopia gets first woman president of Supreme Court

FaceOf: Saudi-British artist Nasreen Shaikh Jamal Al-Lail

Muslim women don't need Israeli supermodels to bring them 'freedom'

More women find work as Saudi unemployment rate steadies

Women-only theme park opens in Saudi Arabia

Al-Hokair Group family entertainment centers empowering women

At least 14 young women and girls commit suicide in Iran cities

Women’s National Canoe Polo Team of Iran lacks facilities to practice

Civil activist women tortured by intelligence agents in Iran

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