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Islam, Women and Feminism

Afghanistan and Pakistan Need Equal Participation of Women in Maintaining and Promoting Peace and Security
Quhramaana Kakar Anwarzai
Afghanistan and Pakistan Need Equal Participation of Women in Maintaining and Promoting Peace and Security
Dr Musarat Amin and Quhramaana Kakar Anwarzai

Women of the two countries share a history of living in a patriarchal society and facing systematic misogyny in the name of culture and religion. Societies and governments in both countries have often undermined women’s effective role in decision-making. Women’s narratives of peace building have often been ignored, while the rare revelation of their account is very submissive and is not encompassed in serious decisions affecting peace and conflicts....

Will Consider Creating Larger Bench on Pleas against 'Nikah-Halala', Polygamy: Indian SC

Married To Muslim, Woman Barred From ST Seat

On College Campus, It’s 'Saffron Shawls Vs Burqas'

Malaysia: Include Child Marriages under Sexual Offences Act

Hundreds of Terrorists Disguised as Women Among Daraa Displaced Syrians

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But bin Salman’s pronouncement flies in the face of a female dress code that had been for decades strictly enforced by law. Adhering to a literalist strain of Sunni Islam known as Wahhabism, Saudi authorities required all women in the country—foreign and local—to wear Abayas in public. They required Muslim women to cover their hair with a hijab or a headscarf. And though the state did not require Saudi women to cover up almost completely with a Burqa, many chose to do so anyway. Given the ambiguities between long-time expectations and bin Salman’s recent pronouncements, observers are now wondering if al-Rifaie was out of line....


Governments have a history of capitulating to religious lobbies in their quest for vote banks. This includes every shade of government. In my personal recall, the use of gender as bait began with Shah Bano in 1986. Cut to 2014 and the NDA sweep with its avowed anti-Muslim agenda. The best weapon to kill Muslims other than by lynching and torture was to show them as gross violators of women’s rights. Since 2014, words like Triple Talaq, Nikah Halala, and Polygamy etc. have been bandied around with scant understanding of their meaning....

Malaysia Investigating Marriage of Man To 11-Year-Old Girl

Egyptian Website Seeks To Combat Female Genital Mutilation

Pakatan Misses 30pc Women’s Quota for Ministers and Deputies

240% Increase in Licenses Granted To Saudi Women Lawyers in Three Years

Forgiven By Her Native Chechnya, a Woman Is Returned From Islamic State

Saudi Teenager Jailed for Drifting, Impersonating Woman

OIC Prepares for Ministerial Conference on Women’s Role in Development

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We are living in a time of deeply polarised politics, in the midst of which are the victims of a scandalous pay gap, sexual violence, prejudice, bigotry, homophobia and the like. Women are disproportionately affected by most forms of discrimination especially poor women and those from black and minority communities, along with our children. Islamophobia forms another aspect of this....


Record Number of Women from India Go For Hajj This Year

Saudi Arabian Woman Designs Abayas for Freer Lifestyles

Swedish Woman Embraces Islam at Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine

Muslim Woman Working For Cow Protection Seeks PM Modi Help

More Women Seek Cosmetic Gynaecology Procedures in UAE

Turkish Woman Who Lost All Teeth in Botched Operation Begs For Euthanasia In Europe

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Haifaa Al-Mansour Hopes To Empower Young Women with Her Latest Film ‘Mary Shelley’

Meet the Syrian Women Educating Refugee Girls about Early Marriage

Muslim Woman Who Filed PIL in SC against Nikah Halala, Polygamy Faces Rape, Death Threats

Govt Set to Oppose Nikah Halala and Polygamy in Supreme Court, Stick to Triple Talaq-Like Stand

Hyderabad: Hindu Man Stabbed Mercilessly For Adopting Muslim Girl

500 Women Held In US Immigration Protest

Constitutional Court Ruling a Victory for Muslim Women in Polygamous Marriages

Saudi Ministry of Labour to Provide Legal Aid to Women In Care Centres

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Second Canadian Judge Suspends Quebec Niqab Ban

Turkish Publisher under Fire for Bias against Headscarved Women

Egypt: More Women to Join Peacekeeping Force

Singer, the Filipina Woman, on Trial in UAE for Insulting Islam on Instagram

Team behind Arab Women’s Sports Tournament Feted

Another First — Women Drivers Can Accept Male Clients

Searching For Love Online, Indonesian Maids Vulnerable To Being Recruited By Islamic State: Documentary

Grand Gathering of Iranians in Paris: Women Dignitaries Lend Support

New Parliament Welcomes More Women in Politics to Improve Turkey’s Governance

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While abolishment of the driving ban should be celebrated, we must not forget the real target should be the male guardianship system, whereby a woman must obtain permission by her male guardian (husband, father, son, uncle, etc) for basic life decisions. No matter her age or marital or professional status, she remains a legal dependent throughout her life....


And this last one is for all the girls and women around the globe. Don’t ask men to stop harassing, looking, teasing or attacking us. We are begging for a long time. They will remain the same. Now the time has come to deal with them on their grounds. Always keep in mind God has given everyone power, and someone who is negative can never be strong. So don’t be scared just because the one in front of you is a boy. Be courageous and be ready to “Attack Back”....


In recent years, there have been instances where elected representatives and religious leaders have openly espoused patriarchal and misogynist views. An elected representative in UP exhorted Hindu women to give birth to more number of children to counter the Muslim population growth. Another Hindutva leader in that state suggested that Muslim women can overcome the issue of triple Talaq by becoming Hindu. Such utterances undermine the Muslim women’s movement for justice and strengthen the conservatives in the community....


Swiss Government Rejects Proposed Burqa Ban

The Netherlands Just Passed a Law Banning Face Veils in Public Buildings

Shariah Awareness: AIMPLB to Rope In Women Members

Women among Several Afghan Air Force Pilots Graduated In Czech Republic

More Than 2,000 Women to Contest Election In Pakistan For First Time

Saudi Woman Activist Held in Widening Crackdown

Saudi Woman Releases Hijazi Rap Song on Women Driving

Women Driving 'To Create 500,000 Jobs in 10 Years'

Would-Be Islamic State Female Suicide Bombers Recruited On Social Media Show No Remorse

Car Insurance Companies Offer New Services To Women Clients

Saudi women engineers beat 40 countries to win global contest

I Want to Prove Saudi Women Can Excel In Any Field: Careem's First Female Captain

More Women Set To Take Seats in Turkey's Parliament

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Pakistan’s Southern Punjab Female Candidates Set to Challenge Feudal Lords

No Turning Back On a More Inclusive Saudi Arabia, Says Princess Reema

Saudi Women Launch All-Female Ambulance to Allow For Greater Privacy

Dutch Senators Approve Partial Ban on Burqa

Far-Right Group Targets Famous Statues in ‘Ban the Burqa’ Protest

French Delegation Lauds Saudi Reforms For Women

Mastercard Welcomes Saudi Female as New Marketing Manager for Saudi Arabia

Women's Centre Opens Its Doors to Formerly Displaced In Iraq's Qaraqosh

AK Party to Have Highest Number of Female Lawmakers in Turkish Parliament’s New Term

Raped, Shamed, Surviving: The Legacy of War For Syria's Women

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If I see one more article about Saudi women being able to drive I am going to throw myself under a car. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad Saudi Arabia has lifted the world’s only ban on women driving. But I am also worried. Rather than being a meaningful step towards progress, as much of the coverage suggests, the reversal of the driving ban is quite the opposite....


It laments the continued persistence of ‘traditional practices’ that impede women’s access to justice. The conclusion is correct; ‘traditional practices’, honour crimes, and Badal all involve female subjugation of one sort or another. If they were considered essential before, they are imagined as even more crucial now, the parts of Afghanistan that no one could change, that no one will change. The cruel price of this is to be paid by Afghan women....

Lost Legacy of Female Scholars of Islam
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam
Lost Legacy of Female Scholars of Islam
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

The reforms that took place in the early years of Islam were clearly progressive, changing with the needs of society; however, the more detailed rules that were laid out by the classical jurists only allowed many pre-Islamic customs to continue. These rules reflected the needs, customs and expectations of the society in which they lived, not the progressive reforms that were started during the time of Muhammad. Hence, the trajectory of reform which began at the time of Muhammad was halted in the medieval period through the further elaboration of Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), which was then selectively codified in the 19th and 20th centuries....


Mangaluru: Student's Body Protests Ban on Hijab in Classrooms

Hyundai Hosts Female Saudi Drivers in Korea

‘Because I Can’: Ride-Hailing App Welcomes Saudi Women Drivers

Saudi Women Lawyers Up By 240% in Three Years

India More Dangerous For Women than Afghanistan and Syria, Says Global Poll

U.S. Among 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Women

World Cup Sees Iranian Women Score Spot in The Stands

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Why are Muslim Leaders and Clerics So Afraid of Feminism and Critical of the West?
Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, New Age Islam
Why are Muslim Leaders and Clerics So Afraid of Feminism and Critical of the West?
Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, New Age Islam

The deep-rooted prejudices against West and Feminism have been embedded over the last century deeply in the Muslim mind and it will certainly take decades to de-condition the same. But this point needs to be emphasized that not everything Western civilisation and the ideals of Feminism uphold need be accepted in toto. West and Feminism are dynamic and static concepts. They are not the same today as our older generation of Islamic revivalists understood them during colonization....


Saudi Woman Drives Formula One Car To Mark End Of Ban

World Applauds As Saudi Women Take the Wheel

Saudi Insurance Stocks Soar As Female Drivers Take To the Road

Car Rental Firms to Offer Jobs to Saudi Women

Women Participated In Protests In Tehran, Bushehr, Iranshahr

Egyptian Women Look To Boost Presence In Police Force

Organization of Islamic Cooperation to Hold Workshop on Women’s Issues

Saudi Women Shine as Sales Clerks

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Not Just Four-Wheelers, Saudi Women Want To Hit the Road on Two-Wheels

Historic Day As Saudi Women Get Behind the Wheel to Drive

Saudi Arabia's Jailed Trailblazers

Bahraini, Saudi Women Filmed Crossing Borders After Driving Ban Lifted

Malika Favre: Artist Who Put Saudi Women in the Driver’s Seat

Ban On Women's Entrance to Sports Stadiums in Iran

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Adventurous Vehicles, Unconventional Colours in Demand as Women Gear Up To Hit Saudi Roads

Abused and Destitute: Wars Fuel Rise in Global Number of Widows

By Taking a Bullet, a Muslim Woman Finds Her Calling

CFWIJ Condemns Series of Attacks on Female Journalists in Pakistan

Saudi Female Car Accident Claims Inspectors Ready for Women Driving

How Saudi Women Driving Has Changed Gender Discourse In The West

Iranian Women Continue To Actively Participate In Protests

New Online Platform Helps Turkish Immigrant Women Abroad

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Shattered Dreams: Women Workers Continue To Leave KSA

Jharkhand: Fatwa Fails To Deter Muslim Girl from Yoga Routine

Presence of Arab Women in Israel Police Increasing

Boko Haram’s Sick Ploy to Turn Girls into Suicide Bombers

Ministerial Portfolios Boost Egyptian Women's Gains

Saudi Woman Instructor to Lead Yoga Day Activities In Dubai

Nigeria: Hijab OK’d For Muslim Barred From Call To Bar

First Batch of 40 Saudi Female Traffic Investigators Graduate

PIA Appoints All-Women Crew for ‘Difficult’ Flight to Gilgit

Saudi Arabia Gears Up To End Women Driving Ban

Is Malaysia Ready For 30 Percent Female Representation?

Saudi Cities Launch Community Driving Events for Women

Iran Women’s Activist Says Blocked from Protesting at Russia World Cup

Saudi Launches Awareness Campaign before Female Motorists Drive

Arab World’s First Female Politician Receives DCU’s Highest Honour

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


A top Islamic scholar, an inspiration to champions of women’s rights, a military commander riding on camelback, and a fatwa-issuing jurist, Aisha’s intellectual standing and religious authority were astonishing, by the standards of both our own time and hers. Aisha is not the only wife of Muhammad whose life explodes notions of what constitutes a “traditional” Muslim woman. Khadija ran a caravan business in Mecca. A wealthy and successful trader, she was also a twice-widowed single mother, fifteen years Muhammad’s senior, and his boss.....

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Qur’anic Wisdom: Marriage and Treatment of Women

 The Correct Understanding of the So Called ‘Sword’ Verses of Surah Taubah

Of all the crimes committed against children — especially the daughters of the poor in Pakistan — the most horrendous is the trafficking of girls. It is more agonising than rape. The sex trade amounts to torture. The girls who are snatched and taken away to be sold into forced prostitution have to live with this hideous evil night after night. Only a few lucky ones manage to escape or are rescued....


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