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Islam, Women and Feminism

Yemen Activists Want Tougher Law to Protect Women
Ms. Marvel gets a makeover
Yemen Activists Want Tougher Law to Protect Women
New Age Islam News Bureau

'Innovations in education a key to keep more girls in school: Delhi Urdu Editors Conference

Yasser Arafat's widow says his successors must seek justice

Marvel Comics Debuts Female Muslim Superhero

Pan-African Parliament Spotlights Gender Based Violence

UN, WB Boost Support for Women’s Health, Girls’ Education in Africa’s Sahel

Iran Parliament Issues Warning Against Women Smoking Hookah

Call for Dedicated Body to Protect Widows, Divorcees

Turkey PM Seen As Attacking Secularism in War of the Mixed-Sexes

Nigeria: Girl-Empowering ICT Courses Commence

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This is in contrast to dramatic improvements in gender equality in schooling seen in the rest of the world. South Asia, which lagged behind sub-Saharan Africa in 1999 at the primary school level, hit the UN’s 2015 target in 2010. Even the Middle East, where traditional religious prejudices often prevent girls going to school, has made substantial progress. Only Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen now have less than 90 girls per 100 boys at school, in contrast to over 14 sub-Saharan African countries.....

Girls' Schools in Afghanistan Wonder 'What Tomorrow Brings'
Faryal Talpur, Zardari’s Sisters
Girls' Schools in Afghanistan Wonder 'What Tomorrow Brings'
New Age Islam News Bureau

Girl Expelled for Getting Married for Fear of Negative Impact on Other Students in Pakistan

Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Jews in a Strop after Knesset Raises Marriage Age

Extremist Detained In Moscow for Recruiting 'Shy Girls'

Yemen Must Ban Child Marriage in New Constitution - Right Group

Child marriage: 11-year-old married to 12-year-old in Pakistan

'Virtual' Filipina girl identifies 1,000 webcam sex tourists

'Devil' caused Egyptian to sexually harass woman in Dubai

Muslim Girl, 14, In Forced Marriage: Judge 'Powerless' To Help

Turkey ‘Conservative’ On Women’s Role

Acid Attack Victim, Pashto Actress Bushra, Cries for Justice

Tanzania: Taking Women's Sense of Dress to another Level

Differences with Zardari’s Sisters Cost Minister Dear

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Sudan Woman in Legal Limbo over Refusal to Cover Hair
Transexual Muslim Lucy Vallender
Sudan Woman in Legal Limbo over Refusal to Cover Hair
New Age Islam News Bureau

Mosque Return for Trans-Sexual Muslim

Great Mothers, “Widows of Martyred Intellectuals” Deserve State Recognition: ICT

Facebook Campaigns Denounce Egyptian Films That Degrade Women

Malaysia No Place for LGBT Rights, Religious Freedom, Says Islamist Group

Eva's Story Highlights Plight of Women in Lebanon

Female Criminal Gangs in Saudi Arabia Do Not Face Penalties: Report

‘Girls of Riyadh’ Author Honoured In US for Stem Cell Research

Hijab Girl Unveils New Range Of Hijab Fabrics

A Strong Woman in Muzaffarnagar Where Fighting Left Dozens Dead

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Having an internationally ratified punishment is the only way that crimes like rape can be controlled. This is especially true for developing countries like Kenya and Pakistan where women are the worst victims in society. On the list of countries with low human development, Kenya is second while Pakistan trails close behind at number four.....

Jamat-e-Islami Hind Women Holds Rally in Kolkata for Dignity and Rights
Gulnara, Uzbek Princess
Jamat-e-Islami Hind Women Holds Rally in Kolkata for Dignity and Rights
New Age Islam News Bureau

Could Semi-Naked Pictures of the 'Uzbek Princess' Put Paid To Her Dream of Inheriting Power?

Louisiana Student Expelled and Arrested After Setting Fire to Teacher's Hijab

Cycle Rally in Delhi for Safety of Women to Be Organised

UK Must Act To Halt Mutilation of Girls – Report

Female Circumcision Continues in Iraqi Kurdistan

Kuwaiti Woman Arrested In Saudi Arabia for Driving Sick Father to Hospital

Women-Friendly Cafe in Benghazi Bombed

Saudi Arabia’s Hayat Sindi to Serve on U.N. Body

Libya Women Report Increased Harassment

Nigerian VP’s Wife Advises Muslim Women on Upbringing of the Girl-Child

Women's Freedom Icon Rocks Kabul Peace Concert

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…. we must ban the Niqab, a barrier to communication, as it excludes Muslim women from any meaningful social interaction and prevents them from becoming active and engaged members of their society. He also believes that a significant number of Muslim women are under compulsion to wear the face veil and it is our 'liberal' and moral duty to save from this manifestation of patriarchy…..


Muslim Women Must Remove Face Veils for Australian Police

Saudi Shop Owners Reluctant To Report Thefts Carried Out By Women

Muslim Women: Waging a Jihad for Peace

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Modern Education for Girls
V. M. Khaleelur Rahman for New Age Islam

We thought that in some remote places in our neighbouring countries girls are prevented from going to schools and colleges by Taliban. But it is not the case. Even here some people are not only writing but also speaking against giving modern education to girls. We have to hang our head in shame…..

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi Compares Veil Ban to Mini-Skirts
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi Compares Veil Ban to Mini-Skirts
New Age Islam News Bureau

Muslim Women in Australia to Remove Burqa for Proving Identity

East Java: Policewomen Allowed to Wear Hijab on Fridays despite Nationwide Ban

Fifth Female AKP Deputy to Attend Parliament Wearing Headscarf

‘Rs. 50,000 Wedding Gift' For Muslim Girls Provokes Opposition Protests in Karnataka

Female Lawyer Defends Client in Court, First Time in Saudi History

The Fear of Premarital Tests Transforms Happiness into Anxiety in Saudi Arabia

How Women's Rights Are Linked to U.S.-Iran Negotiations

Sexual Assault Cases Rife in Indonesian Schools

Four-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted ‘By Cleric’ At A Seminary in Pakistan

Move To Protect Orphan Girls, In Saudi Arabia

On Zaatari's Street of Widows, Syria Refugees Survive On Kindness

Girls' School in Afghanistan Wonders 'What Tomorrow Brings'

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Spinsterhood: A Social Dilemma Haunting Women in Saudi Arabia
Shamsia Husseini, now a teacher
Spinsterhood: A Social Dilemma Haunting Women in Saudi Arabia
New Age Islam News Bureau

Russia Wary Of Muslim Women in North Caucus Ahead Of Olympics

Nepali Hindu Leaders Ban Women from School during Menstruation

Edmonton Transit Pulling Controversial ‘Honour Killing’ Ads

20 Muslim Brotherhood Women Supporters Arrested In Alexandria Clashes

Afghan Schoolgirl Scarred In Acid Attack Now a Teacher

Afghanistan Withdrawal Puts Programs for Women and Girls at Risk, Top Watchdog Warns

Offensive "Burqa" Halloween Costume Shows Larger Ignorance of Islamic Culture

Women’s Human Rights Theme of International Education Week

Muslims of Crimea, Ukraine Organize Courses on the Basics of Islam for Women

Child Marriage Could Trigger Surge in Africa's Under-15s Pregnancy Rate – UN

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Accordingly, the operation serves as a guarantee for the chastity of young girls and suppresses their sexual desires. Female genital mutilation thereby serves as a patriarchal instrument of control over women by men. The fact that Islam attaches great importance to the fulfilment of sexuality for both men and women contradicts the assumption that female genital mutilation is tied up with a religious tradition.....

Turkey Women MPSsWear Headscarves in Parliament

Activists Call For Social Awareness to Curb Adolescent Pregnancy

Saudi Women’s Catering Success Attracts Major Hotel Chains

‘Pakistani Rural Women Still Deprived Of Their Rights’

STD Virus Vaccine for Eighth-Grade Girls: Rabbis and Religious Communities Say No

Women of the Wall Divided as Dissenters Refuse to Budge from Women’s Section

Baby Ghadi's Religion Isn't On His Birth Certificate, a First for Sectarian Lebanon

Kenyans demand gang-rape justice in police petition

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Pakistan: Second Grader Married Off To Settle a Family Dispute
Turkey Minister Fatma Sahin
Pakistan: Second Grader Married Off To Settle a Family Dispute
New Age Islam News Bureau

Women Now Taking on Key Men’s Jobs in Saudi Kingdom

‘Afghan Girl’ Photographer Tells Stories Behind Images

Turkish Govt to Offer Loans For Newly Married Couples

Saudi writer who opposed ban on women driving held

Women Gain As Gender Gap ‘Narrows’: World Economic Forum

New Court Documents Detail Abuse of Pregnant Woman in UK-US Libya Renditions

Islamic World Should Empower Women for Economic Advancement: Malaysian PM

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Addressing the Subject of Women in Islam
Tariq Ramadan
Addressing the Subject of Women in Islam
Tariq Ramadan

The Creator addresses women as being on an equal footing with men, their status as beings and believers is the same as men’s and the requirements of worship are absolutely identical. They are partners on the spiritual path, in which support and protection are needed: “They are your garments as you are their garments.” “Love and mercy [kindness]” are the heart’s resources that make life together possible: love to combine qualities, mercy to overlook failings and weaknesses. …..

Al-Azhar Spawns First Female 'Ultras' Group
Turkey's Merve Kavakci
Al-Azhar Spawns First Female 'Ultras' Group
New Age Islam News Bureau

Kenyan-Indian Women Aborting Female Fetuses

UN Messenger of Peace Termed Malala an Incredible Young Lady

Headscarves in Parliament, Turkey’s Long Debate

No Excuse for Flabby Arms;’ New Fitness Video Targets Covered Muslim Women

Indonesian Women Peace Activists Receive 2013 N-Peace Awards

Yemeni Activist Close To Winning Fight for Quota for Women in Government Posts

Afghanistan's Only Female Presidential Candidate Demands Right to Run

Bangladesh Mahila Parishad concerned over Jamaat-Shibir violence

Women Commission Lambastes Islamic Defenders Front Efforts to Oust Christian Ward Chief

Pakistan Women barred from voting in first All Teachers Union polls in 10 years

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Qatar, Turkey and Lebanon Work Together To Free Women from Assad's Jails

A Father's Heartbreak as His Daughters Leave Norway to Join Jihad in Syria

Many women get behind wheels, face road bumps

Protests in Kenya after 3 rapists asked to cut grass as punishment

Women of the Wall Demand Right to Read from Torah At Kotel

Tunis Women Performing Controversial 'Sexual Jihad' Arrested

Calls for Massive Campaign to Curb Domestic Violence in Saudi Kingdom

Jerusalem Women Remembered For Role in Palestinian Politics

Vitamin D Deficiency in Saudi Women Rise at Alarming Rate

Leaving Teen Girls to the Taliban

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The fact that the activists have been at it for so long without creating a mass movement or any change in government policy underlines the power of tradition in Saudi society and the tremendous political clout of social conservatives who fear that Westernization or anything that looks as if it will detract from the kingdom’s Islamic character, even though malls, high-end shops and fast-food outlets cover the Saudi landscape....

Malala's heart is as beautiful and as pure as the natural beauty of the Swat valley and likewise the beauty of Islamic attitude towards male and female education. Malala, a child prodigy, could beautifully and correctly understand the meaning of the cause that Islam stands for which the Taliban failed to understand. Such a brutal act committed by the Taliban will cause them lose the last of their sympathizer, if there is any, not only because of their such kind of brutality committed against a minor but also because of their lack of understanding of the religion they are fighting to establish.....

The anti-Malala camp should not take heart from this. Malala deserves whatever laurels have been given her, even if others are using her to advocate their cause. Discussions and debates on her father's credibility, hinting that he is Pakistani version of a Jon Benet Ramsey parent, are rubbish……

Number of Women Smokers Increasing In Saudi Arabia
Rupa Jha, co-host of 100 Women Conference
Number of Women Smokers Increasing In Saudi Arabia
New Age Islam News Bureau

16 Saudi women fined for defying driving ban

Afghanistan's Women Still Suffer Threat of 'Honour Killings'

Emirati Women Run School Canteens in Bid to Boost Healthy Living

Saudi Woman Sets Up Book Bank

Few Saudi Women Get Behind the Wheel in Driving Protest after Government Warning

Lawyers Call For Special Courts to Try Sexual Harassment Cases in Saudi Kingdom

Girls Settle in to First Year at Old Delhi’s Anglo-Arabic School

Malawi: Local NGO Urges Girls in the North to High Participate in EC Registration Exercise

‘The Biggest Casualty of a War Are Women’

2nd National Conference for Bahrain Women Held

Introspection at global women’s conference

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


We Pakistanis certainly have a lot to learn from how people reacted to Nirbhaya’s case in India. In India, people did not say that there are many Nirbhayas so why care about this one. They did not say that the west has a poor record on gender equality so why should we be judged. They certainly did not say that Nirbhaya was never assaulted, and the incident was a western plot to demonise their country. Instead, they accepted that this tragedy happened due to shortcomings within their own society and vowed to improve on them. Nirbhaya became a symbol of women and the people of India decided that the current state of their country was unacceptable to them…..

Saudi Girl Students Stir Storm by Backing Polygamy
Rubana Huq, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur and writer
Saudi Girl Students Stir Storm by Backing Polygamy
Age Islam News Bureau

Some Saudi Women Defy Driving Ban In Day Of Protest

Young Afghan Couple Beheaded and Dumped In Graveyard in Horrific Honour Killing

‘Protection from Abuse’ Law in Saudi Arabia to Take Effect Next Week

Iceland Best Place to Be A Woman; Philippines Ranks High In Gender Equality

Rubana of Bangladesh among BBC’s 100 Women

Israeli Media Discriminate Against Women in Politics

WLC Welcomes Muslim Marriage Ruling

Bangladeshi Women Find Careers as Drivers

Qatari Shaikha Named ‘Biggest Player in Art World’

Pakistan: ‘Women Farmers Can Help Tackle Food Insecurity’

FEMEN opens Turkey office

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The truth is, women are stereotyped and harassed independent of their religion, culture, skin colour and sexuality. Women are harassed for being women, and the sooner we realise that and raise our voice every time we become victim of harassment, the sooner women will hopefully cease to be second-class world citizens…..

Bihar Woman Set To Share Stage with Malala Yousufzai at UN
Dr Aafia Siddiqui
Bihar Woman Set To Share Stage with Malala Yousufzai at UN
New Age Islam News Bureau

How Kurdistan Ended Female Genital Mutilation

Iran Warns Malaysia against Hanging Iranian Women

Syrian, Afghan Female Journalists Receive Media Awards

Female Paperwork Agents Make A Killing in Saudi Arabia

Only Woman Running for Afghan President Gets Disqualified

Veena Malik Unveils Herself as A ‘Powerful Muslim Woman’

Aafia Case Not Open To Discussion: US

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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