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Islam, Women and Feminism

I had a fairly stereotypical view of Islam, but became impressed with the strength the people derived from their faith. Their lives sucked, yet nearly everyone I met seemed to approach their existence with a tranquillity and stability that stood in contrast to the world I'd left behind…..

Sfax Women Protest 'Jihad An-Nikah'
National Conference MLC Shehnaz Ganai
Sfax Women Protest 'Jihad An-Nikah'
New Age Islam News Bureau

NC, Congress Defeat Motion to Empower Women

Malala Yousafzai Wows Washington after Being Nixed For Nobel Peace Prize

Hillary Clinton Backs Saudi Women Defying Driving Ban

Malala Meets Fear and Jealousy in Pakistan Hometown Mingora

Somali Women Make History with the First Ever Radio Station For and Run By Women

Aramco Launches Awareness Program for Elderly Women

Jazan Women Create Perfumes At Home

Pakistani Men Getting More Violent Towards Women

Teachings of Islam Underscored For Protection of Girl Child

Malala Calls On World to Make Education Top Priority

Adolescent Girls in Africa Neglected During Humanitarian Emergencies - Report

Women Resort to Karate for Self-Defense in 'Rape Capital', Johannesburg

On International Girl’s Day, Violence against Women Trends Worrying

Morocco: The Second Benkirane Cabinet, Strong on Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Malala: The Real Story (With Evidence)
Nadeem F. Paracha
Malala: The Real Story (With Evidence)
Nadeem F. Paracha

Malala’s father told the doctor that Malala’s real name was Jane and she was born in Hungary in 1997. Her real biological parents were Christian missionaries who, after travelling to Swat in 2002, left Malala as a gift to her adopted parents after they secretly converted to Christianity…..

More Malala Malaise
Huma Yusuf
More Malala Malaise
Huma Yusuf

Worse, some fear that were Yousafzai awarded the prize she would be suspected of feeling more loyalty to Western causes than her homeland. Given prevailing suspicions in Pakistan about “foreign agendas,” the prize could keep her from becoming a politician, which is her ambition….

Algeria Wrestling With Aftermath of Jihadists' Temporary Marriages
Sindh ASP Suhai Aziz Talpur
Algeria Wrestling With Aftermath of Jihadists' Temporary Marriages
New Age Islam News Bureau

Malala Wants To Be PM, Says Nobel Would Be 'Great Honour'

First Female ASP from Lower Sindh Ready To Clean House

Shoura Says No to Move on Women Driving Ban

Saudi Women Defy Driving Ban in Online Photos, Video Clips

10-Year-Old 'Bride' Argues Marriage Not For Children

Friday Sermon: Respect Women, Avoid Extremism

Women’s Majlis: Balancing Cultures Is Key to Education in the UAE

New Islamic Fashion Exhibition Challenges Stereotypes

First Fashion Institute to Open In Saudi Kingdom

US TV host Jay Leno tweets over dismissed Turkish presenter after low-cut dress crisis

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

We may never know what happened to Rawan. But her story shows how much is at stake in the debate surrounding child marriage, a deep-rooted, widespread, and ongoing practice in Yemen. Data from a 2006 survey by the Yemeni government and the United Nations shows that approximately 14 percent of girls in Yemen were married before age 15, and more than half -- 52 percent -- were married before age 18…..

Malala Beats Snowden, Wins EU Human Rights Prize
Manal Al-Dabbagh
Malala Beats Snowden, Wins EU Human Rights Prize
New Age Islam News Bureau

America Is a Pioneering Woman in Pakistan

An Afghan Community Comes Together To Ensure Girls' Education

Madonna Reveals Studying the Qur'an

Manal Al-Dabbagh: Saudi Arabia’s Pioneer Woman Sports Photographer

Child Porn Suspects to Stand Trial in Bahrain

Haredi Woman Petitions High Court against Men-Only Parties

Govt Jobs Chance for Foreign Moms of Saudis

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

These people and others like them prove that its acceptable and often even rewarding to stand up to unfair practices at your workplace, that you don’t have to be Muslim to get the justice you deserve, and that the future looks bright for equality and fairness in employment. Muslim women may have set a precedent in visibility but they are certainly not the only ones to benefit from a better work environment and greater accountability by employers…..

Malala Yousafzai deserves the Nobel Prize, not just because she epitomizes courage and freedom, but because in seeking freedom from the Taliban in the East, she has lost some if it to the public relations men in the West, who now manage her affairs and have unwittingly stolen her childhood from her. ….

When you try to figure out why everything is falling apart, all you get is a bucket of blame that keeps getting passed around from the government to the judiciary to the army to the police to religious figures to… the bucket keeps getting passed around until it rests in “foreign hands”. They save everyone. You know why foreign hands are such convenient reason for all of Pakistan’s failures? Because even when you name them – Naapak India, Manhoos Israel or Shaitan USA – they don’t care....

Legal Centres, in an Indian State, to Educate Muslim Women on Rights
Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo
Legal Centres, in an Indian State, to Educate Muslim Women on Rights
New Age Islam News Bureau

Miss Universe 2012 Caught On the Wrong Foot at Taj Mahal

Jazeera Takes Her Protest against Illegal Mining to New Delhi

‘Bomb Belt’ Woman to Be Tried In Top Court Of Dubai

Israeli female soldiers, Shin Bet agents storm Al-Aqsa

Driving is an economic need: Saudi women

Malala continues to shine a year after the attack

Female Jawazat team to inspect women pilgrims

3 Saudi Shura Council Women Urge Female Drive Ban Lifted

Turkish TV Presenter Fired Over Low-Cut Dress after Criticism from AKP Spokesman

More Local Women Being Used As "Bait" In African Parcel Scam

Dh22 Million Pledged For Girls’ Education

Increase in Educational Expenditure Fails To Boost Female Literacy in FATA

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Khan said the recent fatwa, in which the head of the country’s leading Islamic seminary declared photography “unIslamic” and unsuitable as a career for Muslims, simply adds more urgency to her work. “The fatwa reeks of the medieval mindset,” Khan told The Times of India. “Just as writing brings catharsis to writers, photography is a way of feeling liberated.”



Lens on Liberty: Muslim Women with Camera in Hand Defy Fatwa By Mohammed Wajihuddin

 Photo op By Smita Deodhar

‘Don't Send Women sans Mahrams’ To Haj
Afghan HR Leader Dr. Sima Samar
‘Don't Send Women sans Mahrams’ To Haj
New Age Islam News Bureau

Pakistani Girl Killed To Avenge 'Free-Will' Marriage

Women Want To Preserve Yemen Islamic Tradition

Girl Guides for Empowering Bangladesh Girls to Change Society

DR Congo Women Fight Rape with Briquettes

Sexual Harassment in Gaza Caught on Video Goes Viral

Afghan HR Leader Samar Named in Top 10 Most Influential Women List

Women Artists Dominate UK Art Scene

Malala Favours Peaceful Dialogue with Taliban

Lebanon Shiite Women Call On Council to Revise Custody Laws

How Viable Is Domestic Abuse Hotline? Saudi Women Ask

Saudi Women Entrepreneurs to Get Technical Support on SMEs

Saudi Women Enter Into Catering Business

World Bank Praises Saudi Women’s Home Products

Few Female Translators at Tawafa Establishments

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


However, I wish they had also imparted some advice regarding what to expect with your social circle, and more importantly how to deal with it. Moms to be, here’s what you should be prepared to deal with in the near future....

Documenting a Pakistani Girl’s Transformation
Malala Yousafzai
Documenting a Pakistani Girl’s Transformation
Adam B. Ellick

As in most families in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, where they lived, her father works and her mother is a homemaker. In the larger region around Swat, only one girl in five attends school. Malala’s own mother is illiterate, and Ziauddin told me she did not interact with men outside the family. I was never able to speak with her, and rarely saw her at all, because, as her husband explained, “she was not habituated to be on camera.”…..

Few Tunisian Women Waging Syria ‘Sex Jihad’
Malala Yousafzai
Few Tunisian Women Waging Syria ‘Sex Jihad’
New Age Islam News Bureau

Boston College, Afghan Girls Launch Pen Pal Program

Woman Caught Planting Bomb near Iraq Primary School

Rape Used as Tool of War in Somalia

'Thank God I'm Not Dead': Malala

34 Saudi Women Marry Afghan, Bangladeshi Men

Has Madonna Ditched Kabbalah For Islam? Singer Reveals She Is Studying the Quran

Women Activists Launch Video of Woman Driving In Riyadh

In Swat, Schoolgirls Pray For Malala's Nobel in Secret

Emirati Women Break Down Barriers, Entering Business Sector

Standing Up For Women's Rights Does Not Make Me a Feminist: Pakistani Poet

Female Paramedics Must Be Employed – Shoura Member

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Moral Case for DNA Testing
Bina Shah
Moral Case for DNA Testing
Bina Shah

This is what a rape victim faces in Pakistan on a daily basis, because of the archaic perception here (based on the Hudood Ordinance) that four adult Muslim male witnesses are required before an alleged rapist can be convicted. The Council of Islamic Ideology’s (CII) rejection of DNA and other forensic evidence as primary evidence in rape cases —...

Over 100,000 Sex Slaves in Turkey, Half Are Children: NGO
Nicole Queen, a devout Muslim convert
Over 100,000 Sex Slaves in Turkey, Half Are Children: NGO
New Age Islam News Bureau

British Imams Willing To Marry Girls of 14 in Secret

The Pakistani Refuge Rescuing UK Girls from Forced Marriage

Child Marriages in Malaysia on the Rise

Queen Elizabeth invites Malala to Buckingham Palace: Report

Women to women, Canadians reach out to Afghanistan at Victoria event

Empowering Pakistan women: ‘Cheap start-up loans will cut poverty’

Restaurant Staffer 'Hides' Bacon in Muslim Woman's Straw

In An Impoverished Israeli Arab Town, Women Are Learning the ABCs of Leadership

Quotas and Women in Egyptian Politics

A Girl from Paradise': Documentary on Malala's Story Set to Release in Canada

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Fatwa Permits Online Dating In West Bank, For The Purpose Of Marriage
Nicolas Sarkozy's ex-wife Cecilia Attias
Fatwa Permits Online Dating In West Bank, For The Purpose Of Marriage
New Age Islam News Bureau

Malay Woman’s Plan to Marry Shia Uncle Foiled by Her Parents

All-Women Sharia Court to Redress Grievances of Muslim Women Launched

Muzaffarnagar: Victims Displaced By Communal Riots Tie Knots at Mass Wedding

Faith, Politics Clash Over Muslim-Run Women's Gym in France

‘White Widow’ Was Grooming Her Kids to Be Jihadists

Madonna Reveals Rape at Knifepoint When Young

Sarkozy’s Ex-Wife to Qaddafi: ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me!’

Teens Held In Morocco for ‘Indecent’ Posting On Facebook

Shas Mobilizes Seminary Girls to Disrupt Women of the Wall Prayer Service

Meet the Syrian Women Who Aren't Afraid to Face Assad

Saudi Women Unhappy With Feminisation of Lingerie Stores

‘Taking Care Of Yourself’ Is Key to Beating Breast Cancer, Says Zahra

Saudi Businesswoman Eyes JCCI Board Position

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Some call it ‘rape jihad’; others opt for ‘sexual terrorism’ or ‘forced marriage’. Whatever one may choose to call it, when terrorism meets sexual violence, it is two crimes too many. It is the use of sexual abuse to spread terror with the intention of controlling or manipulating the government or parts of a population….


"We think that the best way to preserve freedom of conscience and freedom of religion is to have a state which is neutral from a religious standpoint, because we think that a state that has no religion is the best means by which to preserve and protect all religions."….

First Woman Bishop in South Asia, Says Critics Are Now Silent
Gisella Carcamo, Terrorist from Chile
First Woman Bishop in South Asia, Says Critics Are Now Silent
New Age Islam News Bureau

Chilean Woman Arrested In Syria on Terror Charges: Official

Malala Is Among Top Nobel Peace Contenders

Video Shows Sudanese Woman Flogged For Riding in Car with Stranger

Saudi Woman Runs for Jeddah’s Chamber Of Commerce Board Membership

Saudi Female Lawyers to Receive First Licenses Sunday

Rohina Malik's 'Unveiled' Play Breaks Down Stereotypes of Muslim Women

Nigeria: The Need for Women Empowerment

First Saudi Female Taekwondo Trainer

300 Lashes each for Two Saudi Young Men who Harassed Girl

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Though Sheikh Al-Lohaidan’s opinion has been waved aside as a joke, the belief underlying it cannot be dismissed so easily. There is no law in Saudi Arabia banning women from driving but by not issuing licences to women, imposing fines and terminating the employment of those who do drive, the status quo has been successfully maintained....


Battle against Child Marriage in Bangladesh Achieves Little Success

Policewomen patrol women's carriages on Cairo's packed metro

Egypt schoolgirl badly beaten by teacher: Mother

A Muslim woman in Israel seeks the courage to wear a headscarf

After Instagram Smiles, Asma Al-Assad Becomes ‘Lady in Black’

497 Women Victims of Violence in Last Month: Bangladesh Mahila Parishad

Global Sailing Award Nominates First Arab Woman

Colours of Fashion in Peshawar

The female spring: How Arab women change the face of Israel's local elections

Western Wall rabbi asks that Women of the Wall not be bothered

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Sudanese Woman Flogged Under Islamic Law for Riding in Car
Malaysian girl Nurul Husna Zainal Abidin
Sudanese Woman Flogged Under Islamic Law for Riding in Car
New Age Islam News Bureau

Plight of the Child Brides: Fears There Could Be 140million By 2020

'My Husband Treated Me as a Sex Object: Yemeni Child Bride Who Was Married at Eleven

Iranian Women Turn To the 'Maison' For Shopping and Sanctuary

Malaysian Girl Makes Top 10 in 2013 World Muslimah Contest In Indonesia

Pak Female Swimmers Shine at Islamic Games

Promoting Homemade Products Provides Fillip to Saudi Women, Says Governor

Saudi Female Engineers Enter Labour Market

Council of Europe ‘worried’ about circumcision

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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