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Islam, Women and Feminism

Women must struggle against all formalist dictatorships: both those that impose the headscarf without belief in the practice coming from the heart and those that imagine all objectified female bodies fit into a size six dress; those that compel women to stay at home for religious reasons and those that send them back home after the age of 45 for aesthetic reasons…..


......we should celebrate feminism's various triumphs: women everywhere spoke out against rape culture, Wendy Davis kicked some serious ass on the Texas Senate floor, ultra-precocious 16-year-old Malala Yousafzai gave a speech at the United Nations, and the Solidarity is for White Women hashtag on Twitter got people all hot and bothered, and caused many of us to have important and difficult conversations…..


Mumbai Sunni Cleric Says Avoid e-Chat, Women’s Groups See Red

MP Underlines Iranian Women's Eye-Catching Growth in Various Fields

Modern-Day Bhopal, under the 'Veil', For Different Reasons

10th class topper attributes success to Islam

In Tanzania, Maasai Women Who Reject FGM Are Refused As Brides

Emirates Women Police Association Encourages Women to Contribute Socially and Culturally

U.N. Women Launches First Database Mapping Gender Provisions In Constitutions

Nigerian Lawyer Defends Human Rights of Women in West Africa

Ex-Playboy Bunny Defends Decision to Don Hijab Despite Being Non-Muslim

White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite linked to Kenya grenade

Freedoms for Saudi University Girls End At Gates

Ex-Husband Found Guilty Of Killing Pashtun Singer Ghazala Javed

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

New Law to Set Marital Age Of Consent in Saudi Arabia At 18
Malala Yousafzai
New Law to Set Marital Age Of Consent in Saudi Arabia At 18
New Age Islam News Bureau

Oman Best GCC Country for Women to Live In: Survey

Malala Figures among Washington Post’s 15 Top Women

Canada Should Condemn Efforts to Roll Back Afghan Women’s Gains

Dubai Bomb Threat Woman Pleads Not Guilty

HEC Paris Organizes Leadership and Entrepreneurship Workshop for Women in Qatar

EU Parliamentarians Visiting Iran Meet Female MPs

Off-Broadway Play on Iraq's War Women Comes To City

Malaysian women team wins karate's seventh gold

British Women Support Thalassaemia Patients through Fundraiser

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


‘Land Distribution among Women Reducing Cases of Domestic Violence’, In Pakistan

All-Women Eatery Opens in Taif

College Women Tunisia Have Diverse Opinions on Islamic Dress

Saudi Scholarship Student Rescues 3 Saudi Women from House Fire in Indiana, USA

Despite Their Absence, Rural Pakistani Women Impress Through Work

Burqa and Pakistani Women

DI Khan By-Polls: Women Prevented From Voting In Garhi Shamozai

Muslim Girls of Palanpur, India, Take To Martial Arts for Empowerment

First Ever School For Muslim Girls in Mumbai to Turn 75

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

In Taking Jobs, Women Take On a Saudi Taboo
France's Burqua Ban
In Taking Jobs, Women Take On a Saudi Taboo
New Age Islam News Bureau

French Panel: Let Muslims Wear Head Scarves in School

Muslim Woman Challenging France's Burqua Avoids Being 'A Sign of Islamisation'

2 Saudi Women Arrested For Driving

Forums to Help Women Build Cohesive Families

Over 5,000 Turkish Women Applied For Help Due To Violence in 2012: Ministry

England Women's Team Demands Gender Test on Pakistan Players

Universities UK Withdraws Advice on Gender Segregation in Lectures

Women Islamists Challenge Egypt’s Army-Backed Rule

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

A Secret History of Women’s Freedom
Gillian Tett
A Secret History of Women’s Freedom
Gillian Tett

....what the long-forgotten Silk Road tale also shows is that women’s status and rights can sometimes change, even in unexpected places; the west does not have a monopoly on promoting gender reform. More important still, campaigns to improve women’s rights never occur in a vacuum; they shake the nails of our social structures too. Which is what can sometimes make the issue so exhilarating, emotive and deeply challenging – in the modern world as in 1920s Samarkand….


That We women, notwithstanding a small number of exceptions, were made for and are naturally suited to fulfil roles like those of a nurse, a cook, a seamstress, a washerwoman, all of which can (or must) be taken up within the secure boundaries of the house. And leave the world outside to be run by men, as disastrously as can be seen all around us! Really?....

Disadvantaged Saudi Women, yet They Call Us “Queens”
Candemir Çelik Headscarved Lawmaker
Disadvantaged Saudi Women, yet They Call Us “Queens”
New Age Islam News Bureau

Child Marriage a Taboo For Turkey, Dutch Princess Says

UNICEF Award for Nine Brave Indian Young Girls

Our Borderline Is Driving Quad Bikes: Saudi Women

Hijab Liberated Me: Malaysian Playboy Model

Headscarved Women Can Become Turkish Ambassadors

Private Firms Open the Door to Saudi Women

Headscarved Lawmaker Takes the Floor for First Time at Turkish Parliament

Dearths Of Muslim Career Women

Turkish Fashion Label Wins Islamic Art Prize

Montana Woman Admits Pushing Husband off A Cliff to His Death

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Every colleague I spoke to was supportive. And since that first day wearing the Hijab, I have been wearing it at Concordia, in my workplace, every working day since. Some students seem surprised. I’m not sure if they think this is what a professor should be doing, or if they believe that it is an inappropriate action for a non-Muslim….

Skydiving: Aseefa Zardari 'Jumps For Humanity'
Aseefa Zardari
Skydiving: Aseefa Zardari 'Jumps For Humanity'
New Age Islam News Bureau

Release of Alexandria Girls Sparks More Controversy

Baroness Warsi arrives in Dhaka

Demand for Women-Only Buses in Istanbul

In Afghanistan, Women's Progress in Freefall

League in Harmony As Girls Take To the Field in Australia

Political Will Needed to Tackle Violence against Women and Children in Africa

Tanzania: FGM - When Women Suffer in the Name of Tradition

Parents Worry over Invasion of Children’s Privacy from Online Learning, Says Survey

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Perhaps surprisingly, Gangat tells me she rarely receives any criticism or complaints about what is broadcast, or the nature of the topics talked about. "Of course it's a challenge, but we are very sensitive to the environment we're in. We're trying to create a gradual evolution – [male] taxi drivers, public transport workers – they all listen to us."....

Law Students of Saudi Arabia Raise Awareness on Abuse Laws
Afghan student Farishta Hellali
Law Students of Saudi Arabia Raise Awareness on Abuse Laws
New Age Islam News Bureau

‘State Of Women in the Pakistan Punjab Is Deplorable’

Somalia Court Sentences 'Rape Victim'

UNFPA calls for review of judicial practices surrounding sexual behaviour in the Maldives

Key trial challenges legality of French veil ban

Watchdog fines Turkey’s ‘Desperate Housewives’ over sexual innuendo

Why the UK Needs To Help Deliver on Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

Pak Government Urged To Eradicate Discrimination against Women

One Billion Rising’s Bid To End Violence Against Women

5 Great Female Human Rights Activists in MENA

Arab Ambassadors' Wives Visit Needy Beijing Children

Top NGOs Failing Middle Eastern Women

Afghan Student from the University Of Bath Wants To Help Rebuild Her Country

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

In Afghanistan, Women Betrayed
Heather Barr
In Afghanistan, Women Betrayed
Heather Barr

For vulnerable Afghan women, things are only getting worse. One recently proposed law revision would ban victims of crime from testifying against family members — effectively preventing all prosecutions for domestic violence and forced or underage marriage....

Muslims should abandon or compromise their beliefs, but, it is about being consistent, practical and realistic with our efforts to positively integrate and contribute while being faithful to our unique religious identity. Most, if not all Muslims living in the UK consider Britain to be their home; this is where they were born and Allāh knows best if they will also die here; therefore we must behave and carry ourselves in a manner that is conducive to our faith and our context……

Afghan Police Rescue Woman from Taliban Stoning
Rukhsana Khan
Afghan Police Rescue Woman from Taliban Stoning
New Age Islam News Bureau

Egypt's Women: Covered-up or Locked-up

'Sexual Violence a Crisis in Sudan' - Victims of Rape Speak Out

A Step Forward: Women to Be Part of First Reconciliatory Jirga

More Than 60 Women Raped or Killed in Bangladesh: Activists Worried Over Tribes’ Rights Violations

One-Wife Rule Hits Arab Homeowners In Turkey

Fox News Freaks over Swim Class for Muslim Girls

England: State Schools 'Making Gender Bias Worse'

Rukhsana Khan: Uniting World through Children

American Teen Arrested For Harassing Women

16 Honoured With Arab Woman Awards 2013

MOL: Businesswomen Can Recruit Housekeepers Now

Pakistan Women Kabaddi Team Secures Place In World Cup Semifinal

Conference on women, peace and social harmony In Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Egypt's Trouble with Women
Alaa Al Aswany
Egypt's Trouble with Women
Alaa Al Aswany

Why is it that men did not harass Egyptian women when they wore short skirts but that sexual harassment has increased against women in head scarves? When ultraconservative doctrine dehumanizes women, reducing them to objects, it legitimizes acts of sexual aggression against them.....

From exhibitions and seminars that tout hackneyed phrases like "beyond the veil" and or calls to feminist arms from western "sisters" who want to free the oppressed Muslim woman, there seems little real interest in the intricacies of the lives of Muslim women. For the most part, these nods to Muslim women's humanity seem piecemeal and tokenistic…….


Throughout the Muslim world, a groundswell of feminist sentiment is growing among women who are seeking to reclaim Islam and the Quran for themselves. For decades, many women believed they had to choose between their Muslim identity and their belief in gender equality. It was an impossible choice—one that involved betraying either their faith or their feminist consciousness. Four years ago, a global movement called Musawah—“equality” in Arabic—began to make the case that women can fight for justice and equality from within Islamic tradition. For many Muslim women, this came as a revelation…….

16 Pregnant Teenagers Rescued From Nigeria 'Baby Factory'
Hijab for Muslim police officers, as depicted in t
16 Pregnant Teenagers Rescued From Nigeria 'Baby Factory'
New Age Islam News Bureau

Brazil: Prostitute Aged 14 Used By Workers at England World Cup Venue

Female Genital Mutilation a 'Huge Problem' In U.K

Canadian Non-Muslim Woman Wears A Hijab to Make A Statement

20 Saudi Women Fill Jobs Left By Expat Engineers

Court Verdicts In Favour Of Women ‘Not Being Enforced’

Edmonton Police Approve Newly Designed Uniform Hijab for Female Officers

Afghan Law Barring Violence against Women Stalls, UN Says

Tanzania: How FGM Rituals Keep Maasai Women At Bay

Pakistan Fashion Casts Off 'Dark Cloud' Of Extremism

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


(Don't wait too long, or else he/she will be taken). This old saying from a song is totally unsuitable for early marriages among teenagers nowadays ... Pure nonsense!," says National Council of Women's Organisations Malaysia (NCWO) deputy president, Dato' Faridah Khalid to Malaysian Digest yesterday. She was shocked and sad with some of the teenagers who marry young and think that they are not qualified to assume the responsibilities of married couples. They are like little children who still need care. They're not ready for any eventuality. They do not know the real responsibilities as husband and wife......

Seventh Man Jailed Over 'Honour Killing' Of Banaz Mahmod

Egypt Lets 21 Women; Girl Protesters Go Free after International Outcry

Saudi Girl Graduates from Dubai Police Academy

UN Says Afghanistan Slow In Enforcing 4-Year-Old Law Protecting Women

Controversy Surrounds Face Veil Ban in Sri Lankan University

Balochistan LG Polls: Civil Society Condemns Bars on Women Voting

Fatima Bhutto: 'Pakistan Produces Women with Extraordinary Spirit'

Saudi Woman Wins Global Business Award

Tabuk Girl Crowned Mental Math Champion

Require Mandatory Counselling for Those Contemplating Divorce

Hadaf: 600% Increase In Women’s Employment

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Poor Children, Women Used As Proxy Activists during Strikes in Bangladesh

Beauticians in Saudi Arabia Want Work Permits without Sponsor

Arab Nations Adopt Declaration against Gender-Based Violence

Malaysia: Disallowing Child Marriages Is the Right Thing to Do

Arab Women Have Strong Potential of Raising the Standard Of Living

ESCWA Meeting Focuses On Arab Women Empowerment, Gender Equality

'Women Were Beaten In the Queues' - Kenyan Politician Speaks About 2013 Elections

Somaliland's First Maternity Hospital Gives Hope to Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


I am really sorry that you vivacious, happy, dynamic, stylish, and I’m sure very bright young women are being brutally examined and analyzed with laser-like tenacity, and about as much empathy. It stinks to high heaven that you are being accused of promoting racism (poor song choice, but I know it had little to do with you), elitism, classism, fat shaming, immodesty, and essentially the downfall of our entire Ummah…..

Why Islam Needs More 'Mipsterz'
Yasmine Hafiz
Why Islam Needs More 'Mipsterz'
Yasmine Hafiz

Muslims believe that God is our only judge. Let's take that to heart, shall we? I applaud Mipsterz for their initiative and creativity. The Muslim community needs more innovation, more risks, more boundary-pushing; because the response to this video is a wake-up call to what American Islam really needs-- an open mind.…..

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