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Islam, Women and Feminism

Should Britain follow France and Belgium in a general ban on wearing the full-face veil in public? Using threats and coercion to force a Muslim woman to adopt a full-face veil is already a criminal offence in the UK, and our schools, workplaces and courts already have wide powers to impose restrictions or bans if they deem it necessary….

Saudi Women Gain New Reforms
Irfan Al-Alawi and Stephen Schwartz

Against the expectation of many observers, social change continues in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recent reforms have particularly affected the status of women. At the end of August, the Saudis took a remarkable and surprising step by criminalizing domestic violence. As reported in the London Independent, the Saudi cabinet “passed a ban on domestic violence and other forms of abuse against women for the first time in the Kingdom’s history.”…

Nigerian Wins Muslim Beauty Pageant Rival to Miss World
Muslim Beauty Pageant Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola
Nigerian Wins Muslim Beauty Pageant Rival to Miss World
New Age Islam News Bureau

Bangladesh Teenager ‘Mentally Ill’ After Forced Marriage

High School Bans Skirt for Female Students in Turkey's Antalya

Expecting Mothers to Benefit From Welfare Project in Kashmir

Student of Almaty Mosque Denied Persecution of Imams for Sexual Harassment

AIUB VC to get 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World award

Religious Group Conducts Qur’an Lessons to Women by Telephone

Family of East Java Woman Say Nurse Performed Fatal Surgery

Embassies in Indonesia Warn of Miss World Attack Threat

Hong Kong Couple Jailed For Abuse of Indonesian Maid

Battling the Elements, NTT Villagers Make Strides in Child Health

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

West Should Ban Niqab
Tarek Fatah
West Should Ban Niqab
Tarek Fatah

No less an authority than Egypt’s late Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi, dean of al-Azhar university, stated the Niqab was merely a cultural tradition and that it had no connection to Islam or the Qur’an. If there is any doubt about the religiosity of the Niqab and Burqua, one should take a look at the holiest place for Muslims, the grand mosque in Mecca, the Ka’aba….

Islamic Schools in Britain Forcing Girls as Young as 11 to Wear Full-Face Veils
Forcing Girls as Young as 11 to Wear Full-Face Vei
Islamic Schools in Britain Forcing Girls as Young as 11 to Wear Full-Face Veils
New Age Islam News Bureau

Muslim Beauty Pageant in Jakarta Challenges Miss World

Sudan: Woman Risks Flogging for Refusing to Pull Up Headscarf

Abusleem Martyrs’ Brigade Tells University to Segregate Sexes

Experts Alarmed At High Rate of Addiction among Saudi Women

Banned Malaysian Beauty Contestants Apologize For Insulting Islam

Andhra Pradesh: It's Only Arabic College for Girls, Says Promoter

Indonesian Women Weightlifters Out to Prove Their Worth

‘Sports Diplomacy’ Gives Girls a Chance in Pakistan

Damning figures in HRCP report on violence against women

Terror Link to Acid Attack on British Girls, Zanzibar Police Arrest Al Shabaab Militants

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Of course, the anti-shackle brigade won’t be satisfied with my non-existent evidence. They might even claim that my argument is distastefully stupid, and point to the fact that many shackle-wearers originate in countries where black people are regarded as chattels, and where black people can’t vote, can’t drive, can’t be seen in public without their metal restraints, are legally regarded as inferior, and sometimes cannot flee their servitude without having acid thrown in their faces….

The debate about “The Veil”, is neither necessary, nor is it complex. In fact, it’s very, very simple. This is Britain. And in Britain you can wear what you want. Obviously there are practical exceptions. I can’t turn up to my local swimming pool and jump in with my clothes on, for example….


New Miss America Accused Of Being ‘Arab’ And ‘Terrorist’ On Twitter

Afghan Policewomen Say Sexual Harassment Is Rife

UK Judge Compromises Over Niqab for Muslim Woman in Dock

Pak Punjab Villagers Bar Girls from Going to ‘Co-Ed’ Schools

Egyptian state-run women's council calls for quota of women MPs

Indian Government developing safety device for women, senior citizens

13-Year-Old Indian Girl Master of Own Destiny

Huji Leader’s Ex-Wife Narrates Prelude to Aug 21 Attack

Two Women in Pakistan Injured In Acid Attack

Kuala Lumpur Women Fight Conservatism by Leading Prayers

Indonesian Police Chief Urged to Allow Headscarves

Malala Receives Top Amnesty International Award

Quebec Muslim Woman Told: 'Change Your Religion'

Saudi Narrates Her 21-Year Ordeal in Pakistan

Saudi Women Married To Expats Denied GOSI Help

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


I can't help but wonder where are the Muslim women in our conversation about 9/11, about the future and about peace? Because I know that if they were at the heart of that dialogue, the world would be very different....

Misplaced Blame
Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari
Misplaced Blame
Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari

Nothing could be more dangerous as a trend than to blame women and small strides in their empowerment for heinous crimes committed by men. But this is the all-pervasive mentality that Pakistan has been brewing since the Zia era. Take for example the public eating in Ramzan or the excessive policing of minorities, hounding them for possible blasphemy....

I do not profess to be a scholar of Islam, just a follower. I know women who wear the Hijab and those who do not and have always maintained that it is a personal choice and that as we are all at different points in our own spiritual journeys, so we choose our own routes to enlightenment….

Fully Veiled Women Hinder Progressive Islam
Yasmin Alibhai Brown
Fully Veiled Women Hinder Progressive Islam
Yasmin Alibhai Brown

This is a struggle between the light of the faith and dark forces here and also in Islamic countries. The clothes symbolize an attempted takeover of the religion just when believers are looking for liberty, autonomy, democracy and gender equality. Malala Yousafzai doesn’t hide her determined face. Nor do our female Muslim MPs and peers or civil rights lawyers….

3 Women Executed In Pak on Orders of 'Jirga'
Rafia Durrani, Top ‘O Levels’
3 Women Executed In Pak on Orders of 'Jirga'
New Age Islam News Bureau

Patna College Bans Sleeveless Tops, T-Shirts to 'Maintain Decorum'

Balochistan Girl Scores Top Grades In ‘O Levels’ At Cambridge

Top Afghan Female Cop Dies after Gun Attack

Best Kept Secrets: Ghazi Goth the Land of Single Women

UK Minister Calls for Debate on Banning Muslim Girls, Young Women from Wearing Veils

Kashmir Valley Glare on Girls at “Cultural Show” In Delhi

Delhi Gang-Rape Effect: Public Outcry over Minor’s Rape in Pak

Thousands of Girls Abandon School Due to Pregnancy in Tanzania

Rehabilitation of Deserted Muslim Women Essential: Rights Activists

Meet Miss Uzbekistan, an ‘Imposter’ At the World Beauty Contest

US Treatment for 5-Year-Old Victim of Chemo Mistake

Turkish Girls Confess To Stabbing Own Mother 25 Times

Young Saudi Woman Makes Waves in Catering Industry

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Saudi Islamic Ministry Seeks Female Dawah Workers
Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina
Saudi Islamic Ministry Seeks Female Dawah Workers
New Age Islam News Bureau

Birmingham College Caves In Over Ban on Students Wearing Veils

Include Physical Education, Girls’ Saudi Minister of Education

Indonesian Miss World Pageant Threatened By Hard-Line Islamists

Senior Police Woman Gunned Down In Afghanistan

Muslim Women’s Rights Have Changed Over the Years

Maha Ali Kazmi a Kashmiri Girl Rocks In Pakistan

Many Lingerie Shops in Medina Refusing To Hire Women

Bangladesh PM For Women’s Equal Role in Political Decision

A Charity Is Giving Afghan Women the Chance to Make and Sell Traditional Jewellery

Saudi Women in Real Estate Sector ‘Marginalised’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

‘Muslimah World’: Indonesians Hold Islam’s Answer to Miss World
Bangladeshi Woman Yesha Bibi
‘Muslimah World’: Indonesians Hold Islam’s Answer to Miss World
New Age Islam News Bureau

Tajik Woman Detained For Recruiting Fighters for Jihad

Bill to Stop Child Marriages in Sindh, Pakistan Soon

UN Agency Says there’s ‘Backlash’ Against Equality for Women

Sidra Symposium Calls For Focus on Breastfeeding as National Initiative In Qatar

Women More Prone To Depression: Shrink

Bangladeshi Woman Discovers Her Relatives after 35 Years in Pakistan

Saudi Who Had a Run-In with Haia Claims Harassment

Palestinian Seeks Husband’s Body, Held by Syrian Rebels

New Breast Cancer Drug Approved

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

‘Pakistan Anti-Terrorism Courts To Try Acid Attack Cases’
Shirin Gerami, first Iranian female triathlete
‘Pakistan Anti-Terrorism Courts To Try Acid Attack Cases’
New Age Islam News Bureau

J&K Girls Not Scared Of 'Unsafe' Delhi, Says Home Secretary

Miss World Organisers Say Bali Final 'Impossible'

Sirleaf an example for African women: Pranab Mukherjee

Astronaut Hunt Turns into Sexist Nightmare for Female Finalist

New Rights for Non-Saudi Moms May Benefit Saudi Mothers, Too

U.S. Ambassador’s Wife Touches the Lives of Saudi Women

Pakistan Axes ‘Immoral’ Cell Phone Love Chat

Tajiks Accuse Woman of Aiding IMT, Detain Alleged Human Trafficker

Three Maldivian Girl Guides Awarded Organisation’s Highest National Award

Children of A Lesser God - Let's Call the Barbarity for What It Is

Iran Allows First Female Triathlete to Compete For Country

Women’s Rights as Part of Global Vision, UfM Says

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

German Court Rules Muslim Girls Must Join Swimming Classes with Boys
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi
German Court Rules Muslim Girls Must Join Swimming Classes with Boys
New Age Islam News Bureau

Many Palestinian Women Surrender Inheritance for Marriage

Female Police to Protect Egyptian Women against Sexual Harassment

UK Officials Must Stop 'Tip-Toeing Around Race in Sex-Gangs'

UK's 'First Female Muslim Minister' Promotes Women in Leadership in the UAE

Birmingham College Niqab Ban: There’s more Than Meets the Eye?

First Black African Woman Nominated For Booker Prize

Afghan Film Aims to Break Rape Taboo

Women ‘Rising Stars Of Emerging World’

How Israel Stopped Trafficking in Women

Women’s Complaints Units Still Struggling with Filing Firs in Peshawar, Pak

NA-5, NA-27 By-Polls: EC of Pak Inquiries Find No Women Vote Bar

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

UK College Bans Muslim Students from Wearing Veils
UK College Bans Muslim Students from Wearing Veils
UK College Bans Muslim Students from Wearing Veils
New Age Islam News Bureau

7 Sisters Fled Riot Mob, 'Father Didn't Make It'

Girl Arrested In Tehran for Wearing Union Jack Nail Polish

Quebec: Ban religious headwear in government jobs

Malala painting unveiled at London's National Portrait Gallery

I love Bali: Miss World: The off switch is there for a reason

Dubai Municipality Opens Nursery for Staff Members

The Local Women inside a Refugee Camp Making the Media Their Own

Ex-Iran Hostage Crisis Spokeswoman Named As VP

64pc victims of child marriage in Bangladesh: Study

Hizb-ut Tawhid female activists held in Bangladesh

Defying hearing and speech impairment, Asha remains a hope

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Sexual Abuse of Asian Girls in UK Missed Because Of Focus on White Victims
Chairperson Muslim Women's Network UK
Sexual Abuse of Asian Girls in UK Missed Because Of Focus on White Victims
New Age Islam News Bureau

Unsafe Abortion Putting Women’s Health at Stake in Bangladesh

Oxfam: Afghanistan needs more policewomen

Pakistan SC Decision on Women Voting To Have Far-Reaching Effects

400 Girls Forced To Find a New School in Jeddah

Non-Saudi Mothers of Citizens Get Their Rights

Trendy Clothing Retailer Wrongly Fired Muslim Worker over Head Scarf, Judge Rules

Muscat Seminar Focuses on Challenges Women Face in Tourism Sector

Self-Proclaimed 'Sorcerer' From the Golan Heights Manipulated Woman into Sex

‘One in Four Men across Asia Admit To Having Committed Rape’

Emirati Women Participate In Swedish Leadership Event

Pak Nurse Wins International Award for Excellence in Neonatal Nursing

Deputy Mayor to Lead Mostly Female Ticket for Jerusalem Municipality Elections

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Afghanistan: A New Dark Age for Women
Ajit Kumar Singh
Afghanistan: A New Dark Age for Women
Ajit Kumar Singh

Women are in a worse condition now. Every day they are being killed, having their ears, noses cut. It is not just women in villages - it is also people like me. It will be a huge tragedy if the world will forget about Afghan women altogether after the drawdown. We must remove fundamentalism from Afghanistan. The world should remember that the fire from here might not reach their country, but the smoke will….

Sudan Woman Risks Flogging To Protest 'Taliban'-Like Law
Sudanese woman Amira Osman Hamed
Sudan Woman Risks Flogging To Protest 'Taliban'-Like Law
New Age Islam News Bureau

Death of Eight-Year-Old Yemeni Bride Causes Anger

Female Drug Addiction on the Rise in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Mulls Granting Women Access to Stadia

A Space for Silenced Voices in Swat’s First Women Assembly

Trendy Abayas Pushing Burqas Out of Fashion

Tahera Ahmad Is First Woman to Recite Quran at ISNA Convention

Against The Odds, Miss World Starts In Indonesia after Muslim Protests

Syria Strike Threats Cast Shadow over New School Term

Ethiopian Woman in Saudi Arabia Jailed For Five Months for 'Illicit Affair'

Hijab Exhibition Held in Pakistan

Cella Platform Connects Professional Saudi Women

British-Pakistani Woman ‘Killed’ By Husband in Mirpur

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Working Women and Islam
Hoda Al Saadi and Omaima Abu Bakr

In short, women were out in the streets buying, selling, concluding partnership, lending money, renting properties and mixing liberally with men. They came into direct contact with the men in the market and conducted their work independently without any intermediary Wakil (agent). Their work and behaviour in the market was subject to the inspection of the Muhtasib (the market inspector) just as men's was. ...

Workplace Sexual Harassment Complaints Up Forty Five Percent in Past Jewish Year
Afghan MP Fariba Ahmadi Kakar
Workplace Sexual Harassment Complaints Up Forty Five Percent in Past Jewish Year
New Age Islam News Bureau

Religion-Free Egyptians Should Play Part in Politics

Taliban To Sushmita: Why Did You Write Nasty Things?

No Expats in Women’s Tailor Shops: MOL

Bangladesh: Empowerment of Women at Local Govt Urged

Islamabad: Court Awards Custody of Two Teenage Sisters to Mother

Domestic Violence Turns a Saudi Woman’s Life into Hell

3,666 Divorces for 183 Marriages in Eastern Province

Afghan Female MP Released From Taliban Captivity

Critics Savage Movie on Diana’s Affair with a Pakistani Muslim Doctor

Indonesia Moves Miss World Final to Bali

Egypt’s Underground Sisterhood

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

‘Stay Out Of Syria!’ Madonna Uses Instagram to Slam U.S. Plans
American actress Alyssa Milano
‘Stay Out Of Syria!’ Madonna Uses Instagram to Slam U.S. Plans
New Age Islam News Bureau

Indonesians Burn Effigies of Miss World Backers

Women trafficking still alarming despite crackdown

Malala Vows to Step up Fight for Children’s Education

Senussi's daughter: Libya 'security forces' behind kidnap

Work on book sequel led Sushmita to Afghanistan

Alyssa Milano's ‘Sex Tape’ Draws Attention to Syrian Civil War

Call for Miss World Pageant to Be Moved from West Java

SCW Takes Part in Women Political Empowerment Project in Abu Dhabi

Women Entrepreneurs Are More Innovative Than Men in the Arab World

Female Genital Mutilation: 'Mothers Need To Say No'

Right to Play Organises Volleyball Tournament for Girls

Children to Advise UN On Violence And Harmful Practices

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Taliban Killed Sushmita Banerjee For Not Wearing Burqa?
Usman Akram, Born as a Girl
Taliban Killed Sushmita Banerjee For Not Wearing Burqa?
New Age Islam News Bureau

Nigerian Islamic Scholar Warns On Ban of Early Marriage

Jeddah: Women’s Forum in Eastern Region Warns of Dangers Posed by Drugs

Indian Cops Rescue Bangladeshi Girl Forced Into Prostitution, Arrest 3

A Pakistani wife who now wants a wife for 'himself'

Schools Are Exempted From Laws Concerning Sexual Discrimination.

Syria’s First Lady Shows Peace and Love on Instagram

Guardians’ Agreement for Saudi Women’s Employment Finds Few Takers

ATC Rejects Bail for the Wife of the Accused in the Jinnah Avenue Stand-Off

Tunisian Women Claim Discriminatory Security Procedures

Domestic Violence against Palestinian Women on Rise in Gaza

No Priority for Women in Employment, Says Saudi Ministry

Pakistan Ladies Club Hosts Grand Ladies Get-Together

Rapist Imam Gets Life Term

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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