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Islam, Women and Feminism

Muslim Woman Protests Discrimination at Her Local Mosque in New York

This Palestinian Lawyer Is One of the First Women to Preside Over A Sharia Court; ‘The Judge’ Is Her Story

NA Unanimously Adopts Resolution Condemning Anti-Women Remarks

Saudi Businesswomen to Meet Dutch Counterparts to Develop Leadership Skills

Tough Road for Iraq’s Female Candidates In May 12 Elections

Pakistani Girl Wins US State Department’s Emerging Young Leaders Award

Women Journalists in Afghanistan Defiant In The Face Of Violence

Iran: A Majlis Deputy Admits "New Slavery" Conditions Of Women Workers

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Nawab Khatoon: Journey from Plight to Prosperity
Amir Hussain

Resilience, perseverance and entrepreneurship are not the preserves of educated and urbane women only. Noor’s story dislodges our urban myth of all rural women being subjugated and suppressed into oblivion....


Women Make a Stand in Lebanese Elections

Muslim Event for Children Pledging To ‘Wear Hijab for Life’ Cancelled In Quebec

Status of Women Canada Paints a Misleading Portrait of Muslim Women

New Challenges for Fouzia Fayyaz, the First Pakistani Female Diplomat in Saudi Arabia

Iran: Women’s Voice Loud on International Workers Day

Iran: Girl Students Stage Protest At Of Tehran's Allameh U

Constable Becomes First Woman to Join BDS in Rawalpindi

Why the Chibok Girls Returned By Boko Haram Are Still Not Entirely Free

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Cairo Women Take To the American Football Field

Female Lawyer on Hunger Strike over Killing of Shiites in Quetta

Muslim Women Excluded From Islamic Centre Groundbreaking

Saudi Arabia Apologizes For Showing Images of Scantily Clad Women Wrestlers

44 Saihat Women Trained In Car Inspection, Maintenance

Two Men on Trial For Selling Woman Via WhatsApp In Dubai

Needy Women Receive Sewing Machines in Dubai

A Battle of Several Fronts: Afghan Women in the Security Forces

Former Afghan Air Force Pilot Niloofar Rahmani Granted Asylum in the United States

Iran: Women Demand Freedom of Prisoners, Permanent Employment

Language Remains Main Barrier for Syrian Female Refugees

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Sydney Muslim Woman Challenges $250,000 Legal Bill over Niqab Ruling

Labour Rights Activists Urge Women Leadership Initiatives

Egyptian Artist Brings Saudi Women, Men To Same Stage

Iran: Young Woman Gets Killed In Chase By Moral Police Of Tabriz

Pak Political Parties in a Fix over Award of Election Tickets to Women

For Pakistani Women, Labour Day Boils Down To A Cup Of Tea After Work

Saudi Aramco appoints first woman to the board

Iran's women workers, victims of institutionalized discrimination

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Toxic Masculinity among Muslims Emboldens Women as Oppressors Too
Ayesha Fakie

While patriarchy affects women and men in various ways, there are, as we know, women beneficiaries of patriarchy. In Muslim communities, like many others, women who adhere to the patriarchal interpretations and codes of what makes "a good Muslim woman" are enabled to exert power and exclusion over anyone deemed an "other" — even if that "other" is a Muslim....

Fun, Fashion and Halal Lipstick: Retailers Cash In On £200m Ramadan Economy

Saudi Aramco Appoints New Board Members Including a Woman

100 Female Teachers Complete Teaching Techniques’ Course in Pakistan

Indonesia Hijabfest Comes to Bandung, Jakarta

Woman Given Triple Talaq on WhatsApp After Indian SC Bans Islamic Instant Divorce

How Female Entrepreneurs Will Boost Middle East Economies

Iran: Women Make Up 60 Per Cent of Illiterates

Two ISIS Women Land in Germany after Release from Iraqi Prisons

Iraqi Police Arrest 9 Islamic State Females, Including “Biters”

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslims at Kenya College Barred For Wearing Hijab

Russian and French among 10 Women Sentenced In Iraq for ISIS Ties

Arab Women Urge Gov'ts, Parliaments to Enforce Gender Equality

Princess Noura: Ambassador for the New Saudi Woman

Women, Children Attend Wrestling Event in Saudi Arabia

20,700 Women ‘Out Of Electoral Rolls’ In South District, Pakistan

Bangladesh PM Receives Global Women’s Leadership Award

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


In Hijabs and Girl Scout Vests, These Kansas Muslim Girls Make America Great Again

Muslim Women Wear Kippahs Over Their Hijabs in Solidarity with Jewish Community after Anti-Semitic Attack

This Princess Is the New Face of Fashion In Saudi Arabia

Female Candidates Shake Up Iraq Election

Saudi Bars Pregnant Women, Drug Peddlers from Hajj

Arab, European Women Trek North Pole Together

Tunisian Women Hit Campaign Trail as Equals to Men

Beauty for a Better Life Empowering Women in Pakistan

Sindh to Get UN Women Supported Body To Promote Women Empowerment

Iran: Women take to the streets in Tehran, Bandar Abbas, Mahshahr

Iran: Young Woman to Be Jailed Five Years for Her Faith

Iran: Harrowing case of domestic violence against girl children

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Turkish Women Demand Safer, Cleaner Spaces in Mosques
Pinar Tremblay

The Women in Mosques campaign keeps growing strong, undeterred by all the misled criticism. The Diyanet is turning mosques into not only places of worship, but also into learning and sports centres for children, youth and the elderly of both genders. Another sign of hope is the soon-to-open mega mosque Camlica on one of the most impressive hills of Istanbul. Designed by female architects, it features rooms for nursing moms and sizable prayer areas within the mosque reserved for female worshippers.....


Smear Campaigns Aim to Block Iraqi Women’s Path
Diana Moukalled

There is no doubt that the videos have been leaked to violate the dignity and privacy of the women who appear in them. However, they also reveal the minds of those who seek to promote the videos, especially since questions over the identities of those who made them and the men who appeared in them were neglected. The focus has been solely on the women. In Iraq, huge political and sectarian divisions seem to have sprung up in the face of women in an attempt to block their path to a rightful place in Parliament....


Hyderabad: More Muslim Women Keen to Offer Taraweeh Prayers

Pakistan: Child Marriages Deemed More Dangerous Than Terrorism

Constraints on Women in the Pakistani Workplace

Forced To Deliver Babies for ISIS, Midwife Shared Moments Tender, Cruel and Grotesque

Meet Indu Malhotra, India’s First Woman Lawyer to Be Directly Elevated to Rank of SC Judge

Uber and Al Nahda Agree To Provide More Women Access to Driving

Princess Abeer to Be Named CSR Ambassador at Kuwait Event

Iraqi Women Election Candidates Targeted For Abuse Gain UN Support

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


In the prophet's time, a marriage was contracted between the bride and groom in the presence of witnesses. Terminating that contract through divorce was even easier — one party, man or woman, could do it themselves. Imams were not involved, nor was there any requirement to specify one side as being "at fault". A no-fault divorce between the prophet's cousin Zainab and adopted son Zayd is explicitly mentioned in the Quran....

52 percent of Saudi Women Lack Skills ‘A Myth’ To Join Workforce: Study

Fatimah Baeshen, spokeswoman for Saudi embassy in DC

Team of All-Women Shop Inspectors Dispatched In Madinah

Complaint Upheld Over Times Story about Girl Fostered By Muslims

Indonesian Women's Group Not Sweet On Sugar Firms

Women Driving Lessons Cost 6 Times More than For Men

Achieving Gender Equality for a Better Pakistan

Iran: Women Actively Participate In Protests in Tehran, Mashhad, Karaj

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pakistan's Top Judge to Hear Asia Bibi's Death Sentence Appeal

Fozia Ahmed Becomes First Female Consular for Pakistan in Saudi Arabia

Assault on Woman by Iranian Cops Sparks Headscarves Debate

Jewish and Muslim Women Pledge to Work Together To Combat Hate

Only One Woman to Run In Kuwait Municipal Polls

Iran Set To Revive Women's Islamic Games: Sports Minister

Sikh Woman Who Remarried In Pakistan Likely To Get Visa Extension

8 Muslim Women From UP Who Wanted To Go For Haj without Mehram Withdraw Application

Former Indonesian First Lady Named On Most Influential List

Iran: No Information on the Status of Two Women Arrested In Ahwaz

Iran: Young Women of the College Of Environment Staged A Strike

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


1,308 Women from India to Go On Haj without Male Guardians: Union Minister

Minhaj-ul-Quran Women Delegation Participates In UN CSW Conference 2018

Afghan Girl Sitara Wafadar Spends Life Disguised As "Son" Her Parents Wanted

US Public Library Exhibits Islamophobic Poem Insulting Muslim Women

Shoura to Vote On Freeing Women Prisoners Sans Male Guardians

Boko Haram Raid Kills 5 Girls, Source Says

Fatima Donates $1m to Support Fund for Refugee Women

Wafd Party Elections Raise Issue of Female Empowerment in Egypt

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pakistan's Long MeToo Moment
Rabia Mehmood

Testimonies not being taken seriously or survivors fearing to report to the police has been one of the main challenges in addressing sexual violence in Pakistan and elsewhere. The #MeToo movement and its Pakistani rendition (as slow as it has been to pick up) has the potential to introduce meaningful change in our society....


Iran's President Slams Morality Police's Tactics with Women

More Women Register as Voters than Men in Khyber Agency

“STEMinism” on spotlight at women’s forum in Dubai

The Extension of Legal Jurisdiction to FATA Must First Extend To Its Women

The Scene: The National Museum of Women in The Arts Annual Gala

Conference Celebrates 100 Years of Women In Nova Scotia Politics

UBD to Hold Seminar on Women Empowerment

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Indian Government Asks SC to Issue Directions to Stop FGM

How Much Do Saudi Women Spend On Makeup?

Dubai Women’s knit-A-Thon Initiative to Provide Blankets for the Poor

Iran Official Condemns Woman's Treatment by 'Morality Police' In Video

Egyptian Women Replace Smoking with Qatrouna

Bringing Home Malaysian Woman Linked To IS Will Take Time, Say Police

More Women from Pakistan's Entertainment Industry Accuse Ali Zafar of Sexual Harassment

No Hope of Earning an Income for Syrian Women in Jordan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The commandment for mankind's – including woman kind for maintaining dignity as given in the Book, has no place in the religion and custom of Halala enacted by chauvinistic male, to instead humiliate and insult the female to make her prostitute herself for the sake of either her love of the first husband, her children or her economic considerations, and may be some others....

Woman Violently Arrested For Not Adhering To Dress Code in Iran

Muslim Woman Who Refused Handshake Denied French Citizenship

Arab News KSA Female Staff Ratio Up To 32% In 2017

More Women Wearing Colourful Abayas In Saudi Arabia

Acid Attack on 3 Girls in Pakistan by Uncle for Rejecting Marriage Proposal

'Islamisation' Of Women's Movement in Indonesia

Jatha Woman, Who Married Pak Man, a Widow with 3 Kids

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Jewish Women ‘Stand Shoulder To Shoulder’ With Muslim Women over Islamophobic Abuse

Investors Urged To Encourage Saudi Women to Work in Jewellery Industry

Record Women Candidates in Lebanon Vote, But You Can't Tell From TV

Indian-Americans in Washington Protest In Front Of Indian Embassy against Kathua, Unnao Rapes, Demand Swift Justice

Pakistan’s Only Female Private Bank CEO Doesn’t Want to be A ‘Token’ Woman Leader

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Arabia Wins Seat at UN Commission on Women

Rebellious Fashion: Saudi Women Embrace Sports Abayas

Iraq Sentences French Female Islamic State Jihadist to Life Sentence

Turkey’s Fashion Bloggers Reach out to Arab World

61% Of Saudi Women All Set To Take The Wheel In June

Dubai Business Women Council Membership Grows To 684

Egypt’s Science-Minded Women Show off Their Skills

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Why Gender Quotas Are Necessary In the Arab World

Kareena Gets Trolled For Marrying a Muslim; Swara Comes To Her Rescue

‘It Must Be Tolerated’ Macron Hits Out At Muslim Women Wearing Burqas in France

Report: Women Seen Linked To Militants Badly Treated In Iraqi Camps

'The Mother and the Breadwinner': Yemen's Women Turn War Struggles into Work Opportunities

Iran Women’s Futsal Team Defeats Ukraine 5-2 in Friendly

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Clerics Term Muslim Women Bill As Interference into Shariat

Saudi Woman Minster Removes Face Veil

DAH Holds Workshop to Prepare Saudi Women to Take the Wheel

‘Leaving Pakistan Was Not By Choice, Returning Was’, Says Malala

Pak State Minister, Marriyum Asks Society to Empower Women at Lower Level

Princess Reema: Mothers Are Grateful For What Saudi Vision 2030 Will Bring Their Daughters

Egypt Parliament Approves Law Regulating National Council for Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
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