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Islam, Women and Feminism

Report Reveals 76% of Islamophobia Attacks in Belgium Target Women

Turkey's First Lady to Get Humanitarian Service Award

We Look Forward To Bringing Change and Serving the Public, Say Saudi Female Passport Staff

Iranian Women to Face Further Suppression In The Upcoming Month

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Pakistan:  Man Murders Daughter, Son-In-Law And Grandsons Over 'Honour': Police

Stranger Than Fiction: 15-Year-Old Girl Is Youngest English-Language Saudi Author

Pakistan’s Envoy to Italy Accused of Sexually Harassing Female Officer

Malala Yousafzai, Justin Trudeau Meet to Discuss Women Education, G7 GEAC Progress

New Female Chiefs Ready to Take up Roles beyond Women’s Affairs

In First, Saudi Football Club Includes a Woman in Its Official Fan League

Debate Heats up in Egypt over Women’s Inheritance Rights

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Rajput Girl, Muslim Youth Commit ‘Suicide’ In Uttar Pradesh

Muslim Groups Call For Female Circumcision to Be Medicalised

Saudi Woman Breaks Stereotypes by Racing, Hoping To Manufacture Her Own Car

Malala Yousafzai Calls On Canadian PM to Talk About G7 GEAC

Only 8 Out Of 183 Female Candidates Made It to NA In July 25 Polls: ECP Data

Illiteracy Rampant and Growing among Iran’s Women And Girls

Arrests of Women Activists Continues In Iran, Rezvaneh Mohammadi

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Relegated to the basement, silenced by the imam and barred from the front door, some Muslim women have had enough of male domination at the mosque and are setting up their own. From Copenhagen to Los Angeles, a handful of female mosques now cater to Muslim women who want their own place of worship, just as men have had through the ages....


Shedding Light on Absence of Women Cadres in Egyptian Parties

Activist: Prison Conditions of Dervish Women Violate Iran Prison Laws

Moroccan judge holds first hearing in case of captive girl

Conference on Empowerment of Afghan Women Secures €2 Million Education Pledge, Calls for Enhanced Application of International Norms

Turkey Needs More and Better Shelters for Women: Charity

Syrian Refugee Women Still Struggle To Access Employment — Report

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Muslim Girls in Selangor Can Only Wed Once They Turn 18

British-Pakistani Becomes First Hijab Wearing Model to Enter Miss England Finals

Indonesian District Bans Men and Women from Dining Together

Danish Police Fine Turkish Tourist for Wearing Face Veil

Black Days Ahead For Bangla Expatriates In Abaya Shops

Report: 41 Women Killed In Domestic Violence In Turkey In August

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The particular verse is interpreted as signifying the separation of spaces where the normative behaviour expected of Muslims should be different. Rather than being a separation between male and female, it is more of an exhortation to respect the private sphere such as the domestic household. Such interpretations never become the normative understanding because the conservative Ulama have institutional control of Islamic societies....

Hijab-Clad Kat Heads Iran Women's Team Aims To Make It Asia's Football Powerhouse

Bumpy Road Ahead For Egypt's First Female Coptic Governor

The World Is Failing Women and Girls Whose Bodies Have Been Weaponised

Biased Attitude towards Muslim Women Negation of West’s Women Rights Claim: Jamaat-e-Islami

Man Accused of Insulting Emirati Actress for Backing Saudi Driving Ban Lift

Bangladeshi Embassy Workers in Saudi Accused of Abusing Tortured Maids

Pakistan National Assembly Speaker Calls for Steps to Ensure Women’s Rights

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Young British Muslim women like Iftekhar are welcoming her choice, mainly for two reasons. First, it does away with the myth that Muslim women who wear the headscarf are forced to do so, making the garment a symbol of submission. Second, in increasing the public visibility of the headscarf by wearing it on the stage of a beauty pageant, Iftekhar is making a claim on inclusion and the fact that British Muslim women, including those who choose to cover their hair are an indelible and visible part of the British social fabric....

Hence, engaging women in a counter narrative against extremism and terrorism is as important as it is for the male population. Women from the most socio-economically vulnerable groups tend to be restricted to their households and are uneducated; this makes them more vulnerable to extremist ideologies. This, plus all the fake-news on the internet, thanks to social media, threatens to radicalise a large number of women. The Pakistani state and civil society must take note of this and act accordingly....


Many Saudi Women Begin Driving Their Children to Schools

Saudi Passport Office Begins Training First Female Recruits

Sindh Women Development Ministry to Help In Poverty Eradication

Progress Slow but Visible After Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban on Female Drivers

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There is a long list of Hadiths (Prophet’s sayings) and Qur’anic verses to support women’s rights: the right to education; the right to work and their right to keep the money they earn. It is much easier for the media to reduce the complex debate on Uniform civil Code to a series of clichés, slogans and sound bites, rather than examining root causes. There are numerous examples where personal laws and secular laws coexist .in fact, the deliberations of India’s Constituent Assembly which framed the Constitution clearly show that Uniform Civil Code was not the ultimate mandate.....

Two Malaysian Women Caned Under Islamic Law for Lesbian Sex

Egyptian Woman Made Famous By ‘Leaked’ Mubarak Photo Threatens To Sue Anyone Who Uses It

Chevrolet Signs Raha Moharrak, the First Ever Saudi Woman to Climb Mount Everest as Brand Ambassador

First Women’s Go-Karting Race Held in Saudi Arabia

Women Participated In More Protests during Recent Days In Iran

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

For Ms. Niaz, the triple Talaq battle was revolutionary, because “Muslim women reclaimed religion from patriarchal forces who for decades misrepresented the message of Islam and projected a misogynist viewpoint which not only destroyed the lives of women, but has also maligned the name of Islam.” Reforms are being led directly by women, based on their reading of holy texts that emphasize spiritual equality and accountability of men and women. The next step is codification of Muslim family law, so that spurious practices are eliminated.....

Muslim Woman Moves SC against Setting up of Sharia Courts in India

When Illness Is a ‘Death Sentence’: The Victimization of Gaza Women

Chevrolet Middle East Picks Saudi Woman Mountaineer as Brand Ambassador in Region

15 Iranian Women among Jailed Protesters - Human Rights Watch

War In Yemen: New Skills Help Yemen's Women Survive

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First Woman Chief Justice of Balochistan High Court To Take Oath Today

Court Orders South Africa Govt to Recognise Muslim Marriages, Allots Two Years' Time to 'Rectify Failure'

After Taking To Steering Wheel, Women in Saudi Arabia Set To Fly Planes

Pakistan Minister Apologises To Female Actors for Vulgar Comments

Women Represent 25% Of Governors’ Reshuffle for First Time in Egypt’s History

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Egypt’s Sissi Appoints First-Ever Christian Woman as Governor

MoU Signed To Empower Saudi Women in Industrial Sector

Amnesty Calls for Solidarity with Female Saudi Detainees

Man in Skytrain Attack Pleads Guilty To Assault against Muslim Woman

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Etihad Celebrates 2018 ‘Emirati Women’s Day’

Emirati Women Urged To Have Limitless Aspirations

Four Women in Leading Jeddah Municipality Positions

Five Saudi Women Pilots Granted GACA Licences

UAE Leaders Pay Rich Tributes to Women

17% Married Pakistani Women Still Have Unmet Need for Family Planning

Iraq Court Clears German-Turkish Woman of ISIS Ties

Top Women Quran Activists Honoured in Iraq

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The Home Secretary Sajid Javid may not be a practicing Muslim but he is there high in public profile to make a bid for the top job. Two years ago when I watched a test match there were four Muslims in the English cricket team. I have met doctors, teachers, civil servants, and entrepreneurs from the sub continent, both Hindus and Muslims, thriving. The Anglican Church never came in their way. In India’s circumstances in 1947, a Hindu India may have been better, than the one cloaked in a hollow and bogus secularism where the police watch on as one Muslim (or Dalit) after another is lynched, some to the accompaniment of expert photography....


The economic safeguard to the bride in her marital home in the form of Mehr (a sum assured as a mark of respect and future security to the bride) is found in all printed forms of Nikahnama, which the Qazi solemnising the marriage brings along, to be signed by the parties and their witnesses. It is another matter that the Hindu custom of dowry has been adapted by Muslim communities and Mehr is reduced to a mere token rather than an economic safeguard. But there are communities, which stipulate Mehr in gold coins or valuables rather than the token amounts....

Egypt's Top Muslim Authority Condemns Harassment of Women

UP Women Slam Cleric for Objecting To Them Tying Rakhis to Cops

Saudi Women Entrepreneurs Grow Their Ventures at US Incubator

‘Save Me:’ Nigerian Schoolgirl Kidnapped By Boko Haram Pleads For Freedom

Saudi Arabia’s New Female Bosses: Our Goal Is to Keep Pace with Vision 2030

Saudi’s Jeddah Plans Women Valets for Restaurants

No Law against Senior Women Judges, Senate Told

Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh Faces Three New Charges

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“The great reforms in history always encounter resistance from people who are afraid of what is new,” Mohamed said. “Even the code of personal status [put forward by former President Habib Bourguiba], which gave great privileges to Tunisian women, also found resistance in his time, but today he is a source of pride for all Tunisians.”...

Sayyida Nafisa of the early ninth century lived in Egypt, gaining a reputation for piety and knowledge of Islam. People in vast numbers sought her prayers. Many religious scholars including Imam Shafai, who founded one of the four major schools of Islamic jurisprudence, attended Nafisa’s discourses and discussed matters of religious law with her. Before Imam Shafai died in 820 CE, he had requested that Nafisa perform funeral prayers for him. His body was taken to her house, for her constant fasting had rendered her too weak to travel....


Malaysia Islamic Court Postpones Caning Of Women for Lesbian Sex

FGM Leaves Permanent Emotional Scar On Dawoodi Bohra Girls: SC

Emirati Women's Day: 'We Owe To Sheikh Zayed, His Vision and Efforts'

Five Saudi Female Pilots Get License to Work with National Airline

Voter's Registration: INEC Denies Asking Muslim Women to Remove Hijab

Muslim Women in Britain Seek Fairness, Not Favours

Four Women Appointed To Key Jobs at Jeddah Municipality

Muslim-American Girl Scout Uses Gold Award Project to Share Her Heritage

Women Drivers to Transform Saudi Auto Market

Report Slams $5.6M Canadian Program for Afghan Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Over One Million Women Face Domestic Violence In Egypt

Shah Rukh Khan's Children Abram and Suhana Khan Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with a Promise to Respect All Women

We Stand By Muslim Women In Quest For Social Justice: PM Modi

UK-Iranian Woman Returns to Tehran Jail after Plea Rejected

Massive Presence of Kurdish Women In The Funeral Of Martyrs In Marivan

70 Pct of Syrian Women in Turkey Cannot Speak Turkish

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