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Islam, Women and Feminism

Palestinian Lawyer Fights for Women, One Divorce at a Time

The Rise of the Muslim Female Entrepreneur in UK

Member AIMPLB Condemns Call for Burqa Ban in Schools

Isis Fighters Ordered To Kill Women And Children If They Try To Escape, Says Former Militant

Mombasa Muslim Women Accuse Kadhi Court Officials of Sexual Harassment

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Pakistan’s Honour-Killing Law Isn’t Enough
Bina Shah

Now the challenge is convincing the entire society that women are equal citizens under the law whose lives cannot be stolen on the whims of the masculine ego. Pakistan must build a new tradition that combines legal compulsion with quick and immediate punishment, and most important, a strong and robust activism that drives home the value of women’s lives....


Unmarried Sex Is Punishable By Public Caning In Aceh, Indonesia

Women Have the Highest Status in Islam: Former Chief Election Commissioner Of India

Peer Pressure, Identity Crises Drew Quebec Women to Jihad: Report

Rohingya Women Say Myanmar Soldiers Raped Them amid Crackdown

Women Safe under Shariah Laws: Muslim Women Activists

Meet the Lone Muslim Woman E-Rickshaw Driver in East Delhi

Chechen Female Terror Suspect 'Planned Suicide Attack'

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Indian Man Made His Friend Rape His Wife, Claims It Was Muslim Ritual

Triple Talaq Divides Kerala's IUML’s Women, Girls Wings

Two Yazidi Women Win EU Human Rights Prize

This Pakistani Radio Show Confronts 'Endemic' Ogling Of Women

45 Weird Bans on Women in Iran

Interference in Muslim Personal Law Won't Be Tolerated: AIMPLB Executive Member, Asma Zehra

Police Followed Me Around Cordoba's Mosque. All I Did Was Wear a Hijab

Nobel Peace Laureate, Shirin Ebadi, Talks Gender and Sexuality in Islam

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Muslim Women in the Hindu Dancing Arts: A History
'Afghan Girl' Sharbat Bibi

Hijab in High Places: Muslim Women Leaders Explain the Challenges Of Visibility

Nat Geo's Famed 'Afghan Girl' Sharbat Bibi Arrested By FIA in Peshawar

Zaitoon Bano a strong Pakhtun feminine voice

Two Pakistani Women Married To Indians Go Missing

The Iraqi Women Who Escaped ISIS But Lost Everything

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Christian Girls Who Escaped Islamic State Say Virgin Mary Saved Them

Women India Movement Launches Drive For Triple Talaq

'Rate of Divorce among Muslims Less Than Other Religions'

Pakistan Senate Panel Passes Bill on Women’s voting

Second Muslim Women’s Literary Conference Inspires Creative Pursuits

Westpac Unveils First Official Hijab, Designed By Carla Zampatti

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The Historic Haji Ali Dargah Agrees To Lift Ban on Women

Swiss Court Rules against Employer for Firing Muslim Woman over Headscarf

Women’s Rights a Development Issue, Don’t Politicise Triple Talaq: Modi

Goa Governor Discusses UCC with Hindu, Muslim Women

Tunisian Coalition Party Fights for Women's Rights with Gender Violence Bill

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Arab Women Now Have Their Very Own YouTube Hub

Odom: Women’s Rights Activists Turn a Blind Eye to Islam

AIMPLB Launches Campaign on Women Rights

Muslim Women Protest against ‘Sharia’ Modification in Hubballi

Women Business Council Member Dies In Sharjah Villa Fire

Triple Talaq Issue: Muslim Women Fighting For Their Rights Is A Great Moment For Democracy

Radicalisation of The Muslim Women: Here’s Why We Are Losing Islam to the Radical Islamists

Thousands Finish Women's Peace March with Plea for Action at Netanyahu's Door

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18-Year-Old Pune Muslim Woman Refuses To Accept Triple Talaq Notice by Husband

Veiled Muslim Woman ‘Is Arrested after Telling Passenger at LAX Airport That US Will Be Bombed’

Muslim Girls Making Change Bring Slam Poetry to Rutland

15 Iraqi Women Slain In US-Led Airstrike in Kirkuk Province

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Triple Talaq: Imams across India to Give Sermons on Muslim Women’s Rights Every Friday

Dress Code Row: Now ‘No Jeans, Noisy Ornaments’ For Girls at Kerala Medical College

If We Want Peace We Must Find Ways of Living Together, Says Hürriyet Chairwoman

What It's Like To Be In a Polygamous Marriage: Two Muslim Women Share Their Stories

Meet the Muslim Woman Running For State Legislature in Minnesota

I Was Cut With A Sharp Razor Blade and No Anaesthetic' – FGM Survivor Recounts Her Ordeal

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Indian Muslim Women Threaten To Boycott Kitchen over Triple Talaq

Turkish Woman Beaten For ‘Not Walking Properly’ In Istanbul

'Better To Give Muslim Women Right to Divorce Than Abolish Triple Talaq': Shia Cleric

‘Don’t Politicize Triple Talaq, Polygamy’: Muslims for Gender Justice

Battle for Mosul: ISIS Evacuate 'Women Of The Caliphate' As City Falls

Respect Islam’s True Message, Malala Tells Muslims Everywhere

All India Shariah Conference for ladies in Hyderabad, India

Muslim Women Celebrate Karwa Chauth

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


New Burkini Row: Women Thrown Out Of Public Baths in Hungary for Wearing Islamic Swimwear

One Woman Thought To Have Left Luxembourg for Syria

Gerami Wears Hijab to Represent Iran at Ironman

Triple Talaq: All India Muslim Personal Law Board Launches Campaign on Women Rights

Seattle Group Sewing Feminine Hygiene Kits For African Girls

Plane Passenger Who Pulled Off Muslim Woman's Hijab and Shouted 'This Is America' Is Fined £815

Equality Doesn’t Mean Sameness: Faizan Mustafa

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


‘Honour’ Killing Pakistani Accused Walks Free After Pardoning Self and His Accomplices

Indonesia Publicly Canes Young Woman for Breaking Islamic Law

Women's Entry to Haji Ali Inner Sanctum to Begin Soon: Report

Toronto Muslim Women Take a Stand against Hate with Martial Arts Training

Muslim actresses in Hindu India are a hit

A Refugee Becomes Somalia’s First Female Presidential Candidate

Muslim Girl Who Was Once sentenced to 40 lashes For Wearing a Miniskirt Is Now a Bikini Designer

Aligarh Muslim University's female students stand against discriminatory hostel rules

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Malaysian Muslim Doctors against Female Circumcision

Turkey Needs ‘New Mobilization’ To Keep Girls in High Schools

Indian Muslim Women Support UCC But Seek More Clarity

Saudi Princess, Ameerah Al-Taweel who broke the Hijab Bondage to Fight for Islamic Women Rights!      

An Egyptian Woman Becomes the First Ever Female Director of the London School of Economics

Muslim Personal Law: Shayara Bano Case Outcome May Be Far Greater Than That of Shah Bano Case

China Bans Parents from 'Luring Children into Religion' In Muslim Province

Europe Wakes Up To Prospect of Female Terrorists

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Liberated From ISIS Suppression, Women of Manbij Join Security Forces
Zainab Ali

Another Woman Accuses Trump of Sexual Misconduct

Jordan’s Ayat Amer Becomes First Arab Woman to Win NASA Competition

Arab Women Empowerment to Be In Focus at Sharjah-UN Conference

Israel’s “50 Most Influential Women”—Not a Single Arab

The Political Power of Muslim Women in the Time of Trump

Katsina Emirate Denies Alleged Abduction, Forceful Marriage of 14-Yrs-Old Habiba

Sharjah Meet Seeks to Topline Arab Women’s Issues

Islamophobic 'Feminism' Doesn't Help Muslim Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Women: AIMPLB Using Sharia to Perpetuate Patriarchy

How an Indian Girl took FGM from a Personal Experience to a Voice for the Voiceless

There Are 4 Divorced Muslim Women for Every Divorced Muslim Man in India

Muhammad Ali’s Wife Calls For ‘Islamic Mercy’ For Imprisoned Iranian-Americans

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari Criticised after Saying Wife ‘Belongs In the Kitchen’

How Donald Trump Inspired This Muslim-American Woman To Start A PAC

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Too Early To Wed
Yoriko Yasukawa and Jean Gough

Too Early To Wed
Yoriko Yasukawa

Almost one in two girls in South Asia — in countries including Bangladesh, India and Nepal — will marry before turning 18, and one in six will marry before the age of 15, if current rates continue. While the practice of child marriage has declined in South Asia over time....it nevertheless remains far too high In Bangladesh where 59pc of girls are married before the age of 18....


In Syria, From Fighting To Blogging, the Many Roles of Women
Layla Saleh

From their role as family breadwinners and their stubbornly blunt rebukes of international indifference, women’s participation in the Syrian conflict reflects the “popular” nature of an uprising that set in motion the vicious counterrevolutionary repression and violence that’s now tearing Syria apart...


Iranian Child Bride to Be Executed Within Days after 'Grossly Unfair Trial'

First Scottish Muslim Woman MP, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh: Islam Is the Antidote to ISIS

Muslim Mothers Unite to Stop Their Kids from Joining ISIS

Nigeria Says 21 of Abducted Chibok Schoolgirls Are Freed

Pakistan Supreme Court Adjourns Hearing of Asia Bibi Case

Women in Burqas Will Become National Symbol: Hollande Admits France 'Has an Islam Problem'

Muslim Woman Who Was Victim of Hate Crime in Brooklyn Speaks Out

Who Benefits From A Chess Championship Boycott? Not Iranian Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The Web and Women’s Harassment
Rafia Zakaria

The premise is wrong in real life and wrong in virtual life. If women must share because ‘they have nothing to hide’ then so must men, whose refusal to do so suggests that they may have a lot to hide...


Every 7 Seconds, a Girl Younger than 15 Gets Married: Save the Children

Most Afghan Women Sentenced To Jail Serve In Tribal Elders’ Home, Not Prison

Malaysian Woman Fights against Islamic Laws Imposed On Her Because Father Is A Muslim

Muslim Women's Law Board Chief Moots New Marriage Act, AIMPLB Trashes Idea

Nigerian Televangelist Randomly Donates To Indian Muslim Acid Attack Victim

Patriarchy Couldn't Stop This 14-Year-Old Muslim Girl from Becoming a Wushu Martial Arts Champion

Kendall Jenner Accused of Cultural Appropriation for Wearing Burqa as Disguise

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Nadia Murad, Yazidi Woman Who Survived ISIS Captivity, Wins Human Rights Prize

Triple Talaq: Keep Gender Justice as the Main Focus

Islamic Woman Who Wouldn't Shake Male Boss' Hand Sues for $1 Million after Firing

Fashion Designers in Iran Find Their Way around the Dress Code

The Political Power of Muslim Women in the Time of Trump

'As South Asian Women We MUST Make Our Voices Heard': How Indian Filmmaker Geeta Ganbhir and Pakistan's Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy Are Challenging Stereotypes

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pakistan Christian Lady, Aasia Bibi, Facing Execution: Death for Drinking Water and Blasphemy
Asia Bibi (Aasiya Noreen)

Your Move, Iran: Hijab Stakes At International Women's Chess Match

Donald Trump Talks at Debate, but Many Women Hear Only a 2005 Tape

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Page Three Bradford Girl Groomed By ISIS Jihadi Arrested By Police
Kim Miners, groomed to become an IS jihadi bride

UK Woman's Hijab Ripped Off In Hate Attack in London

Jewish-Arab Women’s Choir Wins International Prize for Intercultural Dialogue

H. E. Maitha bint Saif al Mahrouqi Awarded Golden Shield of Excellence by Arab Women’s Council

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Women in Islamic Countries Enjoy More Equality than In India: Minister

 ‘Secular’ India Can’t Let Women Suffer Under a Derogatory System: Centre On Triple Talaq

Not In Favour Of Uniform Civil Code, Want Codification of Muslim Personal Law: Noor Jahan

Iran's First Female Triathlete Shirin Gerami Set To Make History at Ironman Kona

Indonesia Launches Campaign to End Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Practices

Emir Sanusi Advocates for Codified Islamic Family Law

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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