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Islam, Women and Feminism

Probe Begins Against Influentials over ‘Exploitation’ Of Young Girls in Pakistan

Bahraini Activist: Female Inmates Tortured, Raped in Jails

Egyptian Veiled Women Banned From Amr Diab Concert

Egyptian Women Innovate To Weather Hard Times

Meet The Kashmiri Who Is Coaching India’s Women’s Soccer Team

Daughter of Indonesia's Founding President Arrested Over Alleged Anti-Government Plot, Amid Mass Protests

Men Attack Muslim Woman, Shout ‘Donald Trump’ On 6 Train, NYPD Says

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Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind Calls Triple Talaq Un-Islamic

'Know Your Rights' App for Saudi Women Attracts 50,000 Subscribers

11.67m Women Missing From Peshawar Voters List

ASIYA Designs Sports Hijab for Muslim Women

Girls' Marriage before 18 Years: Rights Activists Fear Abuse of Provision in Bangladesh

Think Tank: Not All Radicalised Women Commit Violent Acts

Australian Judge Refuses to Hear Muslim Woman's Evidence Until She Takes Off Veil

Women Represent a New Threat in ISIS’ Strategy

Rich tribute pours in on Bahrain Women’s Day

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Muslim Woman Wears Hijab, Burkini in Minnesota Beauty Pageant

Pakistan Women Share Iqbal’s Message in Special Sitting

Women Migrants Fearing Rape Take Contraceptive Injections

Why Do So Many Muslim Women Find It Hard To Integrate In Britain?

Women Education Fuels GDP Growth By 3%

Journey of Emirati Women in Four Decades

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Right-Wing Extremism Is Pushing Muslim Women towards Conservative Islam
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

The new world order will push more Muslims towards Salafism or Wahhabism, which will, in turn, whip up more hatred and right wing nationalism. An all-out culture war looms. This, as Obama told his daughters, is no time to take up a foetal position and hide. Good liberals and progressive Muslims must wake up and together confront the emerging forces of darkness....

Dutch Parliament Votes to Ban Burqas, Niqabs in Some Public Places

Women Re-Enter Haji Ali, Now Set Sights On Triple Talaq, Polygamy

Hijab-Clad US University Student Struck In Face with Glass Bottle

British woman can adopt girl found in box in Egypt, judge rules

Triple Talaq: Muslim Woman Writes a Letter in Blood to Chief Justice of India, Seeks Justice or Permission to Die

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Says Women Must Drive

UAE Can Be Regional Pioneer for Women’s Rugby

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Canada Television Station Promotes First Muslim Woman in Hijab to Read the News

Indian Court Lets Hindu Girl Live With Muslim Boyfriend

Mass Muslim Marriages, Applications Invited

Safa Al Hashem: Kuwait’s Lone Women’s Voice in Parliament

Muslim Teen First to Compete In Hijab for Miss Minnesota

Arab Woman Awards to Pay Tribute to Bin Karam Bin Sharjah

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 There are clearly a lot of differences between the five schools of thought, and the best way forward, as reiterated by other clerics and stakeholders, are discussions and dialogues to arrive at laws and procedures consistent with constitutional norms of equality....

Fresh Mindset Needed To Break Patriarchal Mould
Syeda Hameed

As regards Muslims, had those who call themselves Aalims used their Ilm to understand what thousands of women petitioners were saying to us, they would have themselves applied the corrective. And banned the obnoxious practice of triple Talaq, called Talaq-e-Bidat (meaning forbidden), anti-Quran and anti-Islam. They would have banned polygamy instead of...

Pakistani Market Where Women Seek Justice – A Women-Only Market

Turkey Detains ‘Wanted Kurdish Female Militant’ At Istanbul Airport

Muslim Women's Group Puts Up Billboard That Condemns Violence

Hijab Grab Escape: The Video That Helps Muslim Women Fight Bigotry

Civil Status to Open Centres To Issue Women Ids in Schools, Universities in Saudi Arabia

Cab Driver Gets Jail in UK for ‘Misogyny’ Against Muslim Women

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You’ll be Scarred For Life If you  BeatMe
Aisha Sarwari

Women don’t deserve to be beaten. Period. Their strength can sometimes be counterproductive in the current hostile environment. It gives the wife beater extra brownie points amongst his peers for putting a more prized one under his thumb. It is a woman’s vulnerability that makes her strong....


The Feminist Trying to Change Saudi Arabia’s Strict Islamic Law
Souad al-Shammary, a graduate of Islamic law

Muslim Women Entrepreneurs against ‘Religious Extremism’

Domestic Abuse Victim Describes 'Scary' IS Promises

Women's Activist Nikhath Fathima Explains Why She Quit Muslim Personal Law Board

30 Years after Shah Bano, 'Islamic Feminists' Fight Back

HuffPo: Muhammad Was ‘History’s First Feminist’

Meet the Women Who See the Hijab as a Feminist Accessory

Muslim Speaker Demystifies the Role of Women in Islam

Why Do So Many Muslim Women Find It Hard To Integrate In Britain?

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Somali-American Teen to Be First Fully-Covered Muslim Contestant in Miss Minnesota USA
Somali-American Halima Aden

We Can’t Leave Girls and Young Women Behind In the Pursuit of Education: Islamic Relief Worldwide

Muslim Shopper Wearing a Hijab Harassed By Woman at Grocery

Kurdish Female Fighters Celebrate International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women

UN’s Ban: Violence against Women, Girls ‘Imposes Large-scale Costs’

Women and Justice: Istanbul Summit Opens To Discuss Women's Issues

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80 Percent of Women in Pakistan Enduring Mental, Physical Torture

Plight of Muslim ‘Child Brides’ In Sri Lanka

Bangladesh’s Girls' Age for Marriage: 18 Years, With Exceptions

Two Pakistani Women Awarded Chirac Prize in Paris for Conflict Prevention

PNU, Sports Authority Sign Deal to Promote Women’s Sport in Saudi Arabia

Islam Ensures Rights to Women: Punjab Chief Minister

Australia Launches Programme for Pakistani Women

Feminists for Implementation of Anti-Violence Laws

Pakistani Women’s Team Bag Gold at Bangkok in 2nd Asian Roll Ball Championship

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

BeatMe a Campaign by UN Women Pakistan
New Age Islam News Bureau

BeatMe a Campaign by UN Women Pakistan

Hunters Rescue 8 Women, Children from Boko Haram

Pakistan’s Punjab Govt to Hold Awareness Campaign about Pro-Women Initiatives

Dutch Politicians Debate Ban on Muslim Headwear

Muslim Woman Teaches Self-Defence to Hijab-Wearing Women as Attacks Increase

Can Muslim Women Expect Reform From Within?

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Triple Talaq: From Prescriptive Functionalism to Transformative Constitutionalism in Patriarchy
Dr. Nafees Ahmad

However, Talaq-ul-Hasan is also regarded proper and approved form of Talaq and has provision of revocation.  But the words of Talaq are to be pronounced three times in the successive periods of purity.  It is immensely important to note that the husband may revoke the first and second pronouncements either expressly or by resuming conjugal canopy of cohabitation and consummation and same tantamount to as if no Talaq was made at all. ...

Tokyo Holds Its First Fashion Show for Muslim Women

Saudi Girl Who Ran Away From Family Blames Women for ‘Inciting’ Escape

Boko Haram Reportedly on Rampage near Site of Girls' Abduction

Triple Talaq: AIMPLB's Decision to Establish a Women's Wing Is Just A Token Gesture

BISP and UN Women Sign MOU to Tackle Gender Inequality

Women Police in Bangladesh: Significant Rise in Number, But Challenges Still There

Two Qatari Women Robbed On Paris Motorway in 5m Euro Heist

Man arrested for raping 9-year-old girl in North of Afghanistan

Hundreds of women march to Parliament demanding Maria’s release

Meet the Women Helping Muslims Stay Safe after the Election

Migrating Children Being Indicted In Crimes They Never Commit: Jail Evidence

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Triple Talaq Should Be Deliberated With Open Mind: All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board

Why the 'Birchbox for Muslim Women' Is Sending Customers Pepper Spray

Canada’s 1st Hijabi Anchor Hopes to Change Stereotype

Women Leaders in an Arab World Still Plagued By Inequality

Indian-Origin Muslim Woman Wins Local Election in US

Who Are the Women Running in Kuwait’s Election?

Empowering Muslim Women Means Empowering Muslim Youth

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Horrific Cases of Women Abuse in Afghanistan
Musa Khan Jalalzai

The irony is that this trade continues even under the nose of the Unity Government, while sexual abuse of young girls in safe houses, police stations, prisons and private jails of foreign forces, as well as that of war criminals in districts and provinces, has now become a national shame. Private security companies, government officials, IS commanders, and even Taliban are also involved in episodes of child sex....


All India Muslim Personal Law Board Forms Women's Wing

In New Amendments, Malaysian Shariah Courts To Lose Say on Civil Marriages

Andhra Pradesh Muslim Women Move Apex Court In Support Of Triple Talaq

Women University to Be Set Up In Swat

Women Increasingly Join the Fight in Israel's Army

Sikh Harassed, Woman Attacked After Bandanna Mistaken For Hijab In U.S.

PPP Senator Seeks Increased Women’s Role in Council of Islamic Ideology

Blind Saudi Woman Wins License to Practice Law

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Malawi Empowers Children to Fight Sexual Abuse

I Have Nothing Else But India: Taslima Nasrin

Pakistan: Financial Independence of Women Urged

Muslim Women Group Empowers IDPs with N3.5m

New Daughters of Eve Book Explores 'Shared Heritage' Of Hijab Head Covering

Muslim Youth Learn To Tell Their Own Stories at Media Literacy Workshop

Indian-American Woman’s Car Attacked after Miscreants Mistook Her Bandana for Hijab

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


50,000 Muslim Women Attend Sunni Gathering At Azad Maidan In Mumbai

‘Women Members of AIMPLB Support Triple Talaq’

Saudi Women Drop the Niqab in Conservative Riyadh

An American Muslim Woman's Post-Election Red, White and Blues

Muslim Satyashodhak Mandal Backs Justice for Community’s Women

Muslims Help Perform Last Rites of Kashmiri Pandit Woman in Srinagar

Saudi Women’s Rights Advocate No Stranger to Adversity

UN Welcomes Pak Legislation for Protection of Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Unfortunately, most divorces end on bitter terms. Most men feel insulted when their wives ask for a divorce and tend to make things difficult for the wife as a way to compensate for this insult. Our Islamic teachings urge husband and wife who want to be divorced to separate with kindness. However, some men feel that their pride has been wounded and are determined to do whatever it takes to turn their wives’ lives into hell....


Frailty, Thy Name Isn't These Young Muslim Women

Basketball: FIBA Allows Player to Wear Hijab on Court

Turkish First Lady Stresses Female Education

In Iran, More Women Opting To Stay Single

Somalis Positive, Hopeful of Female Presidential Candidate

Women in Riyadh Feel More at Ease without Niqab

The Princess Who Plans To Change Saudi Sports

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Driving While Veiled: Georgia Aims to Ban Muslim Women off the Roads

Muslim Girl’s Hijab Ripped off In front Of Students in US

Pak Council of Islamic Ideology proposes gap between engagements, Nikah

Honour Killings: Will Tighter Laws In Pakistan Affect The UK Too?

Toxic Pollutants Choke Iraqi Children Caught In Islamic State Retreat

Muslim Woman: I Don't Feel Safe in US Wearing a Headscarf

Local Jewish, Muslim Women Combine Forces for Good Will

Women’s Sports Sector Can Generate 250,000 Jobs

Arab and Jewish Women Have Equal Fertility Rates

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Like Zaynab bint Ali, we must be ready to prove our sincerity of faith by being willing to experience hardship and difficulty for the sake of Allah – seeking His Pleasure alone, finding our honour not in trifling political titbits or the advantages of financial gain, but in living His din and striving to fulfill what it means to be the Khulafâ’ (guardians) of this earth. We are currently the Ibn Ziyad’s of our Ummah, but we can also be its Zaynab’s… if only we have the courage to live like the forgotten heroes and heroines of our past....


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