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Islam, Women and Feminism

Major Car Brands Expected To Get a Fillip from Saudi Women

Muslim Woman Claiming She Has 'Deathly' Dog Allergy Was Dragged Off a Southwest Flight

Saudis Post Selfies with Women Relatives at the Wheel

German Schoolgirl Who Married Isis Fighter Reveals She Was Groomed By A Girl

4 More Women Attacked By 'Knifeman' In Karachi, Say Police

Driving Licenses for Women Will Boost Economic Growth in Saudi Arabia: Experts

Saudi Women to Drive Female Students to School, Work in Car Rental, Says Transport Chief

Women’s Driving to Resuscitate Stagnant Car Market 3% in 2018

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Saudi Women Behind The Wheel: Who Opposed It Anyway?
Sara Masry

Who can forget some of the clerical establishment’s most shame-inducing arguments against women driving, gems like the warning that driving will ‘damage women’s ovaries’ or ‘lead to adultery’? Or, just this month, that women are incapable of driving because their brains are ‘a quarter the size’ of men’s, as judged by a cleric who has thankfully since been relieved of his duties. Despite the existence of these viewpoints in the country, there have nonetheless been no discernible popular movements opposing the decision to lift the ban....


Chess Player Banned By Iran for Not Wearing a Hijab Switches To US

Miss World Bangladesh Turns Out To Be Mrs

Allowing Saudi Women to Drive Will Save SR20bn: Official

Saudi Woman Driver Hurt, Companion Dies in Jeddah Traffic Accident

Saudi Woman Named In WHO Leadership Team

Pakistan Minister Lists Efforts to Protect Women

Young Egyptian Man Caught Wearing ‘Niqab’ To Meet His Girlfriend

Lebanese Security Official Dismissed Because Of ‘Like’ Against Saudi Women

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Now, Saudi Female Students Allowed To Carry Mobiles on Campus

East London: Girl Had 'Warm Relationship' With Muslim Foster Carers, Court Told

Muslim Woman Saves Indian Driver’s Life in UAE

How Dubai Police Take Care of Women Inmates and Their Kids

Bangladesh: Khilafat Wants Women’s Quota in Parliament Removed

First Saudi Spokeswoman: Status of Saudi Women Will Continue To Evolve

Arab Women Investors Union Honours Al-Sisi for His Efforts in Supporting Women

Many Saudi Women with Driving Licenses Raring To Hit the Road

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Women Forced To Remove the Veil on Day One of Austrian Burqa Ban

Egyptian Women Fight Tooth and Nail for Inheritance

Carmakers Rush To Put Saudi Women behind Wheels of Their Models

Islamic Style Is Showing Up On Catwalks, In Mainstream Stores and On Non-Muslim Women

Saudi Women with Recognized States’ Licenses to Directly Get License

Meet the Hijabster - Young, Hip Muslim Women in S-E Asia

38% of Startups Registered In 2016 Are Owned By Saudi Women

Iran: Women Nurses Staged Protest In Dehdasht

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The Next Arab Spring: Women’s Rights
Kamel Daoud

Who is still waging revolution in the Arab world? Not the Islamists, who have trapped themselves in violence or extremism. Not the left-wing elites, now aging, disarmed and discredited after the debacle of their nationalist movements. Not the young bloggers who were at the forefront of various uprisings of the Arab Spring: They are held back, sometimes frozen, by intimidation or censorship...

Emirati Woman’s Act of Using ‘Abaya’ To Save Driver on Fire Earns Praise

Saudi Companies and Families Plan to Hire Expat Female Drivers

Saudi Princess Nourah University to Establish A Women Driving School

Meet Malaysia’s Millennial Muslim Women

‘Burqa Ban’ Law Signals Rightward Political Turn In Austria

Miss World Bangladesh Result Manipulated During Announcement, Judge Alleges

Young Muslim Women with Ambition on the Rise in Malaysia and Indonesia

New Clause on Saudi Marriage Contracts after Decree Allowing Women to Drive

1,470 Saudi Women Get Driving License from Jordan

Al-Baha Woman Driving For 40 Years and No Accidents

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UAE Women Bikers Get Ready For an Open Journey in the Middle East

Issue of Female Genital Mutilation in India Reaches UNHRC

Fayrouz Saad Could Be America's First Muslim Woman in Congress

Hindu Woman Wearing Burqa Causes Security Scare at Delhi’s IGI Airport

Women Drivers Break Cultural Barriers in Coal-Rich Thar

King Saud University Prepares 4,500 Parking Spots for Female Students

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Hunza Valley: Lost Whispers
Amir Hussain

We have yet to witness new whispers through which the bravery of Sunana is shown as a force to tame the demons and evil spirits that still haunt the streets of Hunza – albeit in daylight. This would be the real day of transformation for Sunana, Aqeela and other women whose human ideals have been trampled under the burden of patriarchy....


For The First Time in Saudi Arabia, Women Authorized To Issue Fatwas

Ministry Says Legal Driving Age for Women in Saudi Arabia Is 18 Years

A Muslim Woman from Ontario, Canada 'Touched' By Anonymous Gift

Karandaaz Pakistan to Support Women Entrepreneurship

Saudi Envoy to US: Royal Decree Affirms Women Play Central Role In Kingdom

Saudi Arabia’s Banks Getting Ready to Finance Women Buying Cars

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Islam Did Not Curb the Rights and Freedom of Our Women
Aijaz Zaka Syed

Indeed, Islam had been the first to grant equal rights to both men and women at a time when women were traded like cattle and girls were killed after birth in the hopelessly patriarchal society of ancient Arabia. After the dawn of Islam, Arab and Muslim women played their role at every stage of history. Even during the time of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, Muslim women would be seen alongside their men on the battlefront, providing moral support to men, nursing victims and even taking up arms whenever needed....


Senior Cleric Says Women Driving Does Not Contradict Quran, Sunnah

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Finalises Women Empowerment Policy Draft

Unilever Indonesia Expands Beauty Products For Muslim Women

Russian Women Desperately Seek Daughters Who Became Daesh Wives In Syria, Iraq

Afghanistan's Only Female Governor Replaced By Man

King Salman’s decision a real milestone improving women’s rights: NSHR chief

Austria Becomes Latest European Country to Ban Burqas — but Adds Clown Face Paint, Too

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudis Wonder What’s Next after the King Allows Women to Drive
Ben Hubbard

While the change does not take effect until next June, the announcement was so abrupt it stunned the country. Many Saudis took to social media on Wednesday to express their joy, or consternation, over the end of the driving ban and to debate what other relaxations might be on the way. “It didn’t solve all the issues, but it made them one less,”...


King Salman Issues Decree Allowing Women to Drive In Saudi Arabia

How Saudi Women’s License to Drive Has Dealt a Major Blow to Radicals

‘A Very Positive Sign’: Congratulations Pour In As Saudi Women Are Finally Allowed To Drive

Hashtags, Memes and GIFs: Social Media Celebrates Saudi Women Driving

A Historic Day for Saudi Women, US Presidential Daughter Ivanka Trump Says

Saudi Shoura Council Calls On SIDF to Encourage Women to Enter Field Of Industrial Investment

Jamiat: No Info on Forced Conversions of Rohingya Women

Federal Govt Asked to Provide Details of Let Girls Learn project

First Spokeswoman Appointed At Saudi Embassy in Washington

Muslim Women in US More Likely To Get Mammograms after Religion-Tailored Classes

Muslim Women More Likely To Skip Breast Cancer Screening, But Mosques Can Help

Gun Slinging Pakistani Girls in Lawless Land Shoot For Academy Award

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Marriages of Desperation
Rafia Zakaria

Beyond issues of faith, the idea that marriage is a transaction carried out by men and endured by women further embeds the idea that Muslim men, Turkish or Pakistani or otherwise, are somehow inherently unable to respect women. This premise, now a staple of Islamophobic propaganda in the West, uses examples such as the ones involving the sale of Syrian women to Turkish men as the material for exclusion and mistreatment....

Saudi Arabia Agrees to Let Women Drive
Ben Hubbard

Saudi Arabia, home to Islam’s holiest sites, is an absolute monarchy ruled according to Shariah law. Saudi officials and clerics have provided numerous explanations for the ban over the years. Some said that it was inappropriate in Saudi culture for women to drive, or that male drivers would not know how to handle having women in cars next to them. Others argued that allowing women to drive would lead to promiscuity and the collapse of the Saudi family. One cleric claimed — with no evidence — that driving harmed woman’s ovaries.....


Saudi Arabia: Backlash after Women Celebrate National Day

Yara Al-Namla: First to Represent Women during Saudi National Day Celebrations

In Kerala, Hindu Woman Alleges Torture for Marrying Christian Man

Tool of Terror: Myanmar Military Gang Raped Rohingya Muslim Women

Iran: Over 12,000 women registered as victims of violence

Over 159,000 Saudi Women Employed In Wholesale and Retail Sector In 2016

Women Prison Chief Sees More Progress, Development in KSA

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


There's A Secret Kashmiri Women Are Keeping From Their Families
Adrija Bose

In the Valley, where half of the population suffers from some form of mental health disorder, the stigma attached to going to a psychiatrist plays a major role in treatment being denied to women who need it badly — young girls struggling to adjust to shrinking spaces of self-expression, mothers whose sons are missing, young widows of slain men...


In Pakistan Girl Forced To 'Pay' For Brother's Love Marriage

Despite Supreme Court's Ban, Rajasthan Woman Gets Triple Talaq Over Phone

Iran: Women Denied Freedom Even In Cars

Muslim Women in Southeast Asia A Unique Challenge for Marketers

Evidence of Rape in Myanmar Army ‘Cleansing’ Campaign

Triple Talaq Verdict in India Led To Confusion: Scholars

Kerala Love Jihad: Women’s Panel to Move SC to File Fact-Finding Report

Saudi Ministry to Discuss Gender Equality, Women’s Participation in Civil Services

Bliss Run: Saudi Women Seek Healthy Environment through Running, Walking In Jeddah

Saudi national celebrations see women entering sports stadium for 1st time

Social Media Campaign to Help Afghan Women Break Free From the Chains of Radicalism

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


An Unending War on Women in Pakistan
Mushtaq Rajpar

Patriarchy decides their fate, and the ever-widening class divide is inflicting more pain on them. Tania’s killing is a case in point; the powerful rich treat the poor as their subjects. The situation with minorities in lower Sindh is the worst, where their women are kidnapped, exploited, or kept as bonded labour. Thousands such women can be seen working in the fields....


Why Triple Talaq Ban Is Nothing More Than Just a Stamp on Paper

South Korean Cosmetics Giant Focuses on Catering To Muslim Women

Swiss Voters Reject Raising Women's Retirement Age – Tv

Saudi Arabia Allows Women into Sports Stadium for 1st Time

Killing an Enemy That Hides Among Women and Children Is Never Easy

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Miss Turkey Loses Crown over Contentious Coup Tweet

Kerala Woman, Athira, Who Left Home To Become Muslim Returns

Austria Burqa Ban: Government Warns Muslim Women to Show Faces in Public or Be Fined

Rajkot Woman Alleges Her Husband Subjected Her To ‘Triple Talaq’

Five Arrested For Involvement in Child Marriage to 'Settle Gambling Debt'

Priyanka Chopra Proud of Malala’s Achievements

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Freewheeling Women: Campus Bikes Liberate Pakistan's Female Students

Women Need To Know Their Rights to Eliminate Violence: Malala

Senior Saudi Cleric Banned From Preaching After Insulting Women

Benazir Killed For Defying Terrorists and Being a Woman: British PM

French-Algerian Millionaire Vows to Pay Burqa Ban Fines for Muslim Women in Austria

New Drive to Increase Saudi Women’s Employment in IT Industry

Iran: Women’s Admission to Stadiums Not a Social Priority – Official

Iran: Woman on the Verge Of Execution In Shiraz

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Contract Marriage Racket: Police Arrest Eight Arab Sheikhs In Hyderabad Who Wanted To ‘Marry’ Minor Girls

‘Killing Is Easy For Them:’ Egyptian Girl Exposes Her Family’s Big Secret

82pc Women Travel 1-5km to Fetch Water in Kohistan, Pakistan

Israel Holding 58 Palestinian Women 'Under Dire Conditions'

Saudi Arabia Allows Women into King Fahd Stadium to Join National Day Celebrations

Iran: Nurse Fired for Defending Women’s Rights At Workplace

Plea in SC to Stall NIA Probe into Marriage of Kerala Hindu Woman to a Muslim Man

Midwives Come To Aid of Pregnant Rohingya Women In Bangladesh Camps

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The frame of discourse of the arguments advanced and the discussion in the triple Talaq judgments seem discordantly medieval. Gender discrimination and equality fall by the wayside. The discourses are in the nature of – Talaq-e-Biddat or triple Talaq as invalid solely because it is arbitrary and does not give any reasons. Reasons like that the woman is not docile and obedient or is of ‘bad’ character are in tune with the Quran and would make the Talaq acceptable and valid! Thus we have the judgments excerpting Verse 34 in Section 6 of Sura IV of the Quran....

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