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Islam, Women and Feminism

A Giant Leap for Women, but Hurdles Remain

Woman Arrested For Killing Husband

Many Egyptian Women Fear for Future under Morsi Government

Life Tough for Pak's Future Women Judges

Nawaz Sharif's Daughter 'Proud' Of His Decision to Suspend Husband

Retired Muslim Woman Professor U of L Reveals the Feminist Side of the Quran

Two Women in Karachi Shot Dead

Top Saudi Shia Cleric's Wife passes away

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A Muslim Teen Appointed Youngest Village Head in Gujarat

Turkish Talk Show Host Creates Polygamy Stir

Saudi Arabia Threatens To Withdraw From Olympics over Headscarf

Muslim States Urged To Use Diplomatic Pressure to Stop Abuses against Women

English Law Is Fair To Women, Not 'Unfair’ To Muslims

Gunmen Kill Five Iraqi Women of One Family

‘Immoral Police’ Strike Again In Mangalore

Women Karate Programme Takes Break To Honour Ramadhan

Hijab Day Hopes To Dispel Muslim Misconceptions

Saudis Hail Women in Olympics Parade Despite Men First

Deadly Virus of Violence against Women

Female Voters in Pakistan Remain Scarce As Women Mps Look Away

The Great Muslim Cover Up

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Turkish TV talk show host Sibel Uredin

Muslim Grandmother, 59, Kidnapped and Drugged Her Daughter for Family Honour, Jailed

Iraqi Gynaecologist Gets 3-Year Jail for Bid to Abort Pregnancy

Seven Teenagers Light Games’ Cauldron, Games Begin

Girls’ Torture: Accused under Psychiatric Evaluation

Women in Lebanon Feel Much Less Safe Than Men

Fight Over Islam, Money and Power Brings Violence to Volga

Reversal of Saudi Ban on Women Athletes is a Veil for Western Imperialism

Saudi women join opening ceremony for first time

Veiled Illusions in Abu Dhabi

Appeals Court Upholds Lifting Sisters In Islam's Book Ban

Zardari for Appointing Women as Top Judges

Muslim Women and the London Olympics: Series of Historic Firsts

Ramadan Reflection Day 8: The Women Who Shape Us

Aleppo braces for ‘mother of all battles’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Muslim grandmother Shamim Akhtar

In Sudan, Women Being Stoned For Adultery
In Sudan, Women Being Stoned For Adultery
By New Age Islam News Bureau

Afghan Women Imprisoned For ‘Moral Crimes’

As NATO Pullout Looms, Afghan Women Face Uncertain Future

Egypt All-Veiled TV Aims to Cover Women's Needs

You Can't Use Sharia Law in Divorce Deal

Grim Statistics of Unsafe Abortions in Kenya

Women's Rights and the Dilemma of Arab Spring

Saudi women walk very different paths to become Muslim country’s 1st female Olympians

How Women Have Already Triumphed at the 2012 Olympics

Muslim Marriage Registrar: Lone Woman at Male Altar

Morocco female runner suspended from London Olympics over doping

Girls outshine boys in Rawalpindi Matric exams

After singing for 50 years, Pashto singer Zareen Jan is dead

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Afghan Women Imprisoned For ‘Moral Crimes’

Saudi Woman Can’t Wear Headscarf Rules Judo Federation

At Karachi Zoo, the Sight of a Woman Is More Exotic Than the Animals

The Legacy of Aqsa Parvez, And the Many Poisonous Definitions of ‘Honour’

Rohingyas Suffer Murder, Rape, Torture: Violence Survivor

Women Scarred & Wounded In Assam

Somalia Constitution Allows Abortion to Save Mom

Respect the Right of Muslim Women to Education

Gambia to Get Islamic Institute for Girls Education

Minor Girl Dies of Suffocation in Van during Load Shedding Protest

Miriam Ben-Porat, Israeli Judge and Civic Watchdog, Dies at 94

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Saudi Woman Can’t Wear Headscarf Rules Judo Federation

African man 'raped to death' by 5 'jealous wives'

Protect Me from My Parents, Girl Who ‘Freely’ Converted To Marry

Malaysia women in constant fear of violence

Fast-changing fashion trends leave women clueless

For First Time, Women from Every Nation Ready To Rock Olympics

Domestic violence against women increased in 2011

Colorado shooting victim's wife has baby, 7 victims still critical

Olympics scam: FIA arrests wanted human smuggler Madam Babri

Women boxing clever in Afghanistan

Himayat opens new doors for women of Kashmir

Pregnant Malaysian shooter eyes Olympic gold

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Protect Me from My Parents, Girl Who ‘Freely’ Converted To Marry

Gender Justice Jihad in Ramadan
Adis Duderija, New Age Islam
Gender Justice Jihad in Ramadan
By Adis Duderija, New Age Islam

Why is it that so many Muslim men are so insensitive to gender justice to the extent of branding those few Muslim men and many women who are as agents of “western” culture? Could this insensitivity in more extreme cases also explain the presence of misogynist thinking among some Muslim men and acts of abuse may that be in the context of marriage or parent-child relationship?

What good does the fasting during the month of Ramadan serve if we are not even sensitive (or choose to be insensitive) to the needs of our sisters in faith? Why do we easily fall for and unquestioningly accept facades and masquerades over essence and what really matters? My personal goal and wish is to spend the rest of this fasting month improving my own sensitivity to the other gender. I hope you will too....

Captain Lakshmi Sehgal, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s last soldier rests

No Case yet For Sale of 12-Year-Old in Pakistan

Arab and Muslim Women Take a Shot at the Podium, Defying Odds and Convention

Parents get perfect Ramzan gift, kidnapped girl found; village the hero

Students Call off Their Protest in Headscarf Row, Attend Classes but to Move to High Court

A Dream Fulfilled: College Gates Open for Guard’s Daughter

Saudi Arabia: Ministry Warns Employers Not To Insist Women Should Be Single For Job

Muslim women thrive with pool man ban

Sports Hijabs help Muslim women to Olympic success

In the name of Indian Culture

Women Join Waseela-E-Haq Programme to Help the Man Of The House

Colorado shooting: Pregnant mother of youngest victim was shot thrice

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Captain Lakshmi Sehgal


UP Village Girls Make a Bonfire of ‘Vulgar’ Jeans

Saudi Releases Al-Qaeda Linked Women Detainees

Caste panchayat strips, thrashes woman, lover

More Organisations Condemn Ban on Headscarf in Classrooms in Karnataka, India

London Bomber’s Widow Is Worlds ‘Most Wanted’

Saudi Women Send Letter to Muslim Clerics for Release of Prisoners

Afghan Couple Flees To Pakistan, Fearing Persecution

Iran's Women Dress Wars Expose Deep Divide

Muslims in South Florida include growing number of Hispanics

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: London Bomber’s Widow Is Worlds ‘Most Wanted’

And The Mirror Cracked From Side To Side
And The Mirror Cracked From Side To Side
By New Age Islam News Bureau

Woman minister gets wolf whistles in French parliament

Pakistani Woman Columnist praises Iran’s strong stance against US policies

Egyptian channel with veiled women launches broadcast

Standing up on her own From Edinburgh to Stockholm, Paris to London, San Francisco to Pakistan

Pakistan female athlete runs for dead friend

Muslim women face special challenges during Ramadan fast

6 Female Olympians To Watch in London

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: French Housing Minister Cecile Duflot

British Pakistani Mother Denies Murdering Daughter for “Defying Her Parents’

Terror Grips Brave Woman, Who Sent Her Unholy Cleric Suitor Behind Bars

After 18 Years, A Woman Judge Takes Oath in Peshawar HC

Iran Based Human Rights Defender Suffers Added Prison Time

British Pakistani Woman Jailed For 8 Years over Bomb Plot

Afghan Girls Given English and Computer Lessons

Afghanistan Girl Gets a New Jaw, a New Life

Malaysia Looking To End “Baby Dumping” In Sabah

Asma Opposes Frequent Use of Contempt Law

For Indonesian Graphology Expert, Handwriting Offers Window to the Soul

Iranian female karate fighter snatches gold at AFK tourney

Iranian women come to Boulder for climbing and cultural exchange

Palestinian-American Belly Dancer Survives First SYTYCD Votes

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Shafilea was murdered for becoming 'Westernised'

Women in Afghan National Security Forces Take Centre Stage

It’s both or nothing for hapless conjoined twins kin

Clinton’s Chief Of Staff’s Mother’s Islamist Agenda

TV channel gives veiled women a face

Afghanistan, Pakistan Urged To Ensure Justice for Women's Killing

Taliban Groups Threaten, Women Worry the Dark Period May Return

The Cost of Women’s Rights in Northwest Pakistan

American Sister Finds Islam: I No Longer Have to Confess My Sins except to God

Women of South Sudan Struggle to Meet Basic Needs during Pregnancy

For Syrian Girls Learning the Quran, Knowledge Is Power

Women of Faith Bond over Meal

Peace through Business Program Helps Afghan, Rwandan Women Build Business Skills

Saudi Progress Brings Women Athletes to 2012 Summer Olympic For First Time

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: It’s both or nothing for hapless conjoined twins kin


Saudi Jails Man to One Year in Prison and 200 Lashes for Making Tattoos on Women

Kashmiri Acid Victim Girl Let Down by Law

Pakistan Shoves the Quran Down Women's Throats

Domestic Violence Major Cause Behind Divorces in UAE

Iranian Actresses Facing Travel Ban for Flouting Islamic Dress Codes

Governor Urged To Intervene In 50 Muslim Students “Hijab” Controversy

Religion could boost women’s cause

The feminism behind gender bias

Fasting Muslim Athletes Face Olympic Hurdle of Ramadan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: In Saudi Arabia, Women Can Divorce Husbands Who Smoke

UP Village Girls Toe Line on Jeans & Mobile Ban

Afghanistan must stop the murder of its female leaders

French Muslims Upset over Minister’s First Move to Go after Prostitutes

Women’s Portrayal: Media, Both Helpful and Troublemaker

Pakistan: Infant died five minutes after burial, autopsy shows

What Happened To Fauzia From Admission In A Hospital Till Her Death?

“The Light in Her Eyes” Sheds Some Light on the Women of Syria

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: The Modern Muslim Woman Is Dressing Down In a Hijab

Enormously depressing in one way, the three books are also, oddly enough, hugely uplifting. Displaced, deprived, discriminated, dispossessed these voices might be - weary from trading home-grown despots for foreign ones and vice versa - but each one of them is determined to be heard. The note of defiance, of speaking out, of bearing witness rings sharp and clear....


When I, a Jew, Fell In Love with a Muslim

Women Dress Gets Toronto Imam in Trouble

Assad’s Wife Dubbed as Princess Diana of West Asia Shops While Syria Burns

Hijab divides college & students In Karnataka, India

UAE President’s Wife Congratulates Female Science and Technology Graduates

Girls top in Pakistani school exams

Girls Islamic Organisation Felicitates Meritorious Muslim Girl Students in Jaipur

Hurdles to Muslim Women's Rights

An Islamic School for Girls in Damascus

Married to Indian a Qadian Man, Pak Woman Not Allowed to Visit for Father’s Last Rites

Woman Kidnaps Child from Ajmer Dargah Premises

Pakistani Police Arrest Man for Burying Baby Alive

Microfinance projects help Yemeni women make it

Muslims women’s role is “unparalleled and unique” in movements, Iranian Supreme Leader

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Women Dress Gets Toronto Imam in Trouble


Islamists Don't Understand Imperative of Consent in a Sexual Relationship

Egyptian NCW blames Islamists for exclusion of women

Muslim Woman Sold Infant Son to Nepali Couple for Rs 62: Police

Afghan Teen Honour Killing Spotlights Growing Violence against Women

Arranged marriages or nothing in the Indian village that banned love

Saving Face: The struggle and survival of Afghan women

Australia Muslim Women’s Group Lashes out at Polygamy Claims

Public Execution of an Afghan Woman Shows the "Civilized" West‘s Achievement

Afghan Girls Study under Taliban’s Gaze

Muslims Advised To Pay Special Attention to the Education of the Girl Child

South African Elected First Female African Union Commission Head

This Silence Hurts Turkish Women

Iraq War Will Haunt West, Says Political Adviser Who Advised US Military

Sudan to Release Egyptian Woman Journalist

Supreme Leader of Iran Underlines Crucial Role of Women in Islamic Awakening

Iran's woman trailblazer dreams of medal

‘Laila and Her Family’s Murder Was Pre- Planned’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Afghan Teen Honour Killing Spotlights Growing Violence against Women

Muslim Woman seeks equal status among wives

‘Cultures are poles apart but united by dancing’

Indonesian Women Take Dating Into Their Own Hands

Saudi’s Olympic opening to women ‘small step’

Egypt's NCW blames Islamists for exclusion of women

We didn’t issue any ‘Talibani firmans’, say elders

Muslim Women Training for self-reliance

London Olympics Will Feature More Women Than Men For The First Time

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Muslim Woman

I am abundantly aware of the rising concerns and controversies over how a few yards of cloth covering a woman’s head is written off as a global threat to women’s education, public security, rights and even religion. I am also conscious of the media’s preferred mode of portraying all Hijabi women as downtrodden and dominated by misogynist mullahs or male relatives who enforce them into sweltering pieces of oppressive clothing….

Indian State Minister Mohammad Azam Khan supports Restricting Freedom of Women

Bomb kills head of women’s affairs in Afghan east

British Feminist Gets a Real Taste of “Progressivism”

Canada Honours Muslim Woman by Appointing To The Order Of Canada

Non-Muslim Women Kept Out Of Waseela-E-Haq Programme

Women's Centre Is Struggling After 'Extremism' Claims Because Of Headscarves

Saudi's Olympic Opening to Women Highlights Wider Gender Battles In Saudi Kingdom

Quebec Muslim Activist First Woman Charged Under 9/11 Terror Laws

Fury over Rural Diktat Banning Women from 'Falling In Love'

France Continues Bias against Women Who Wear Hijab

Toronto Woman Denies Expulsion from Free Syrian Army

Church, State, Hijabs

Before Games, Wins for Women

Rights group urges Clinton to speak on women’s rights with Egypt president

Utah’s Muslim Athletes Game for the Ramadan Challenge

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: British Feminist Gets a Real Taste of “Progressivism”


What was Manju’s crime? There are multiple versions: She eloped with a lower-caste boy; she liked wearing western clothes; she was sent back by her in-laws for being “ugly”, not bringing enough dowry, and having a “loose character”. Nobody knows the truth. Yet the caste panchayat has decreed that no one from the village will stand witness against Solanki and that Manju deserved her gruesome end....

Two days after the village panchayat issued a slew of diktats to keep women in check, they seem to have succeeded. On Friday, young girls were veiled and stayed indoors, with men — of all ages — insisting that the village was finally on the path of reforms.“ Several incidents of women going astray had occurred in the last few years. Recently, a married woman left her children to marry a much younger guy. We are not exactly against love marriages....

UK Court Convicts Family Of “Honour Killing” Pakistani Woman’s Murder

Qatari Female Athlete to Be Flag-Bearer

Separating Women from Men Is Done To Prevent Both Parties from Sinning

Women Condemn Polygamy Advice of Melbourne Mosque's Cleric

Can Women Change The Face Of North American Mosques?

Saudi women in 'breakthrough' Olympics

Egyptian Women Fight On, and Discover New Allies

Turkish Fashion Magazine Targets Female Islamic Professionals

UAE Weightlifter Khadija’s Progress an Inspiration

The Modest Victory That Is Saudi's Two Female Olympians

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: ‘Talibani’ Panchayat

Saudi Arabia to Send 2 Women Athletes to London Olympics
Sarah Attar
Saudi Arabia to Send 2 Women Athletes to London Olympics
New Age Islam News Bureau

Women the main victims of anti-Muslim attacks in UK

German Chancellor signals religious tolerance in Indonesia

Women's Conference on Islamic Awakening wraps up

Women play role in Islamic Awakening's identity shaping: Velayati

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: 800-meter runner Sarah Attar


Concerns over Mosque Leader's Polygamy Post

Afghan women protest over woman’s public execution

Torture fear in Afghan schoolgirl ‘poisoning’ cases

What's Really Holding Arab Women Back?

Lack of Political Will, Funding Killing Pakistani Women

Saudi Labour Ministry to Beef up Inspection of Women-Only Shops

Majda first Saudi woman to specialize in oil-contaminated soil treatment

Hurdles to Muslim women's rights

World Muslim women assembly planned

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: 9 Year Old Quebec Girl Banned From Soccer Game for Wearing Hijab

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