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Islam, Women and Feminism

Aussie Muslim Youth Leader Crime Fighter Accused Of Bashing His Wife

Women officers of Indian Army scale Everest

No Saudi women qualified for Olympics

Pak Teenage Girl Kills Father for Scolding Her on Having A Relationship With A Boy

Afghan Authorities Launch Probe into Woman's Public Execution

Woman Activist’s Murder in Pak Widely Condemned

Muslim women rewarded for keeping faith with the game

Int'l Conference on Women's Role in Islamic Awakening Kicks off

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Photo: Salma Bi cricketer

I agree with Nazia Jassim that “the oppressor is man, not Islam” (The Hindu, Open Page, May 27, 2012). In fact, it is Islam which liberated women from the brutality of patriarchal society and the shackles of cruel customs that had usurped their basic and fundamental rights of living. It is Islam which provided them several rights — right of inheritance, right to own property, right to education, right to trade and business, right of selection of the husband by free will and right of remarriage in case of his demise and right of divorce….

Credible reports say that more than a few women related to members of JIK actually allow their fingers and toes to be shown to the outside world. Worse, they sometimes colour their fingernails and toenails. If the purpose of such an unnecessary waste of dye is not to attract the attention of the opposite sex, what is it? The Jamaat-e-Islami Kashmir needs to ensure that any member of the feminine gender associated with it cover the entire hand and foot, including the nails. These can be sheathed in gloves and socks. However, the fabric for these ought not to be nylon, light cotton or any other cloth that permits the outline of the limb to be seen from the outside. The material should be of thickness enough to ensure that not a trace of the fingers and toes is visible, except as shapes through the cloth.

There are rumours that some ladies who claim to be supporters of the JIK actually put on perfume and talcum powder before going on an outing. While both perfume and talcum powder are permissible inside the home, provided the only males close by are the father, husband or son of the woman concerned, to wear perfume when going out is clearly indicative of a desire to attract the attention of males from categories that ought never to be attracted in the least. This is shocking. Reports are that more than a handful of female JIK supporters in Kashmir spray perfume or attar on themselves before stirring out of their homes....

An Emirati Student Accused of Raping Woman

Baby in baggage; parents arrested

Gynaecologist on trial for attempted abortion

Tehran Hosts World Conference on Women and Islamic Awakening

NO ‘INDECENT’ Dress In Schools, Please: Tamil Nadu Directorate of School Education

Yes we fit! Sunita Williams tries out her space suit

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Photo: Afghan Police Hunt Woman's Executioner, Taliban Militants


“The fear is, if the food crisis continues, that more parents will use marriage as a survival strategy and that we’ll see more girls married before the age of 15,” said Djanabou Mahonde, the head of child protection at UNICEF. In a landlocked nation that has one of the world’s fastest-growing populations; the hunger crisis is the latest twist in Niger’s efforts to combat early marriages, a battle pitting modern values against centuries-old traditions....


Taliban Publicly Execute Woman near Kabul: Officials

Libya's politicians finally wake up to the power of women

Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan: Codify Muslim Personal Law

France Rejects Footballers' Hijab

Send Me to Pakistan, Haryana Lawyer on Dharna at Attari Demands

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A Lot of Girls Attain Puberty at Age 12, Does It Mean They Can Be Married Off


'Cover Up', UAE Women Tell Foreigners

United States-Based Businesswoman Linked To Defence Payoffs Scandal, CBI Told

Libya’s New Women Politicians Seize Chance in Election

Bahrain Reports 200 Breast Cancer Cases

Thousands More Job Opportunities for Women in Saudi Arabia

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: 16-Year-Old Malaysian Schoolgirl Keeps Dead Newborn in Bag


Emiratis Want Crackdown on Women's Skimpy Dress

New Egyptian TV Channel to Feature Only Fully Face-Veiled Women

Uganda Appeals to Muslims to Allow Girl Education

Two Women Injured In Acid Attacks in Pakistan

Woman hurt as shell hits her house in Jammu & Kashmir

PPP’s Shazia Marri takes oath as MNA

Delhi HC's Ruling On Muslim Girls' Marriage Sparks Debate In the Community

The battle for women’s equality in Egypt 

Fifa lifts ban on Muslim headscraves for competitions

Fashion as Resistance: The Case of Mali

Dallas: Muslim Women Show Flair for Their Fashion

Saudi Women’s Right to Kick Balls

If there are no women on Saudi Olympic plane, the IOC should send it back home

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Emiratis Want Crackdown on Women's Skimpy Dress


The Islamic culture of segregation of sexes was based on early marriages that sought to curtail sexual frustration, but economic pressures and evolving social attitudes are rapidly changing this tradition. Those living in urban areas, particularly the educated middle class, are in their 30s when they get married – and until then, they are expected to live celibate lives. However, it does not seem to work, particularly as the society opens up with the passage of time....

'Sharia Harassment' Plagues Egyptian Women

Saudi woman sparks 'right to drive' movement

Pak Born Bollywood Actor Laila Khan and Her Family Shot Dead Last Year: Accused

Women’s Rights Activist Shot Dead In Jamrud

After The Islamist 18-Year-Old Somali Female Athlete Dares To Dream of Olympics

Saudi women slam dunk sports taboo

New study of Islamic headscarf controversy

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Woman, Two Children Beheaded In Afghan “Honour Killing”


Bangladeshi Women Flourish, With Girls' Education a Top Priority

Peer Pressure Compels Teens, Women in Pakistan for Cosmetic Surgery

Sexual Safety Remains Elusive In Cairo for Women Journalists

Burqa Robber in Violent Jewel Heist

Still Fighting From Behind Bars for Helping an Imprisoned Muslim Cleric as a Defence Attorney

4 women killed in grenade attack in Khyber Agency

Woman NGO Worker Shot Dead In Restive Khyber Tribal Region

Women to Bring Peace and Security to the Middle East North Africa Region

Turkey's Islamic Govt Passes Law to Reduce Caesareans, Plans To Curb Abortions

Egyptian Women Worry about Rights under New Islamist President

Teen French Call Girl to a Recognised Figure in the Fashion Industry

Iranian-Born Israeli Music Icon Records Farsi Album in Outreach to Enemy Iran

Love-Struck Runaway Girl Traced To Fujairah Hotel

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Sexual Safety Remains Elusive In Cairo for Women Journalists


Wahhabi Extremists Blown Up Girls’ School in NW Pakistan

65% Saudi Working women Seek Financial Independence: Survey

Nigeria Woman Arrested In Malaysia over Drug Smuggling

Death Breaks 93- Year Old Pupil Fathima Beevi’s School Dream

Muslim Women in Dallas Show Flair for Their Fashion

Nepal Muslim Women Seek Fair Share of State Pie

Women Asked to Remove Headscarves at French Airports

Muslim Family Remarries Widowed Daughter-In-Law at Bhopal, India

‘Women ‘Worst Affected’ By Militancy, Intolerance’ Says Sherpao

Canada Honours Blind Muslim Sisters for Their Efforts in Advocating For Disabled People

Foreign Reporters to Cover Int'l Conference on Women & Islamic Awakening

I am getting life threats: Standing Committee on Human Rights Chairman

‘Media Depends On Demands of People’: Asma Shams, President IERO

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Wahhabi Extremists Blown Up Girls’ School in NW Pakistan


Veiling Young Girls Is Child Abuse:  A Moroccan Rights Organization

Jihad Is an Obligation We Must Accept:  A Female Muhajid

Saudi Female Athletes Fear Crackdown

US Navy Decision to Remove Target of Muslim Woman, Quran from Shooting Ranges

Saudi women's participation in Olympics against cultural norms

FIFA Medical Chief Withdraws Opposition to Headscarves

Pakistan: Still One of The Worst Places In The World To Be A Woman

Russians and Syrians, Allied by History and Related by Marriage

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Veiling Young Girls Is Child Abuse: A Moroccan Rights Organization

Will Drafted In Favour of Daughter as per Sharia Law Declared Invalid in Australia

Aceh Ban on "Un-Islamic" Attire Stirs Debate

Syria's Widows: Hungry and Homeless, But Undefeated

FIFA Withdraws Opposition to Headscarves for Muslim Women Players

Girls’ school blown up in Bajaur Agency

Kozhikode Police Chief Asked To Probe ‘Love Jihad’

Muslim athletes face fasting dilemma as Ramadan coincides with Olympics

Changing Roles of Muslim Women in the USA

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Egypt Media Silent on Sexual Violence against Women

Islamists Segregate Boys, Girls in Mali School

Egypt President’s Wife Rejects Title of First Lady

What Morsi Means for Women, Israel and the U.S

Canadian Islamic Landscape Changing for Better

Lady Doctor, teenager commit suicide in J&K

Acid-attack survivor sues Sharmeen Obaid, filmmaker refutes claims

Girls lead in FBISE results as exam pass rate remains 81.34pc

Israel: Holocaust Survivors Take the Runway

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Egypt President’s Wife Rejects Title of First Lady

'Rape-Law' Triggers Fury in Jordan, it allows rapist to marry the victim

They Question My Character Because I Wear a Swimsuit: The Fifteen-Year-Old Pakistan

Plight of Domestic Workers Still Forgotten in the Sex Abuse Debate

Singer Turned Actress Julia Perez: 'I'd Remain Sexy Even with a Veil'

Launch of the Arab International Women's Forum initiative on Arab Young Women Leaders

Prophet Muhammad’s Respect and Love for Women

70 Percent Obesity in the Persian Gulf, but No Saudi Female Olympiad

‘Talkative’ Girl Gagged With Tape in Hyderabad school run by Muslim couple

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: British female journalist ‘stripped’, ‘tossed’ in Egypt’s Tahrir Square

Pakistan the Worst Place To Be a Woman
Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari
Pakistan the Worst Place To Be a Woman
Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari

When it comes to women’s rights in Pakistan, we have to fight first for their human rights. Particularly what makes the Pakistani woman vulnerable is the pervasiveness of religion in every part of civic life including the law and state. Armed with the fallacy that women are the honour of the tribe/country, men reign over them and decree all sorts of punishments. Although death is the extreme form of that, an equally harrowing punishment is seclusion and segregation, where their right to mobility is curtailed. When a woman cannot move, she certainly cannot run….

Jerusalem police detain woman for wearing prayer shawl 'incorrectly'

Women Soldiers of India and Pakistan for Border Drill

Post-war Tajik Fatwa of Marriage in Accordance with Islam, Helped Women Start New Lives

Bangladesh’s Hindu Women Fight for Divorce Rights

Bangladeshi Woman on Trial over Human Trafficking

My mother, the patriarch: Women opposing gender equality

Indonesia: Woman nabbed for posing as police officer

Cases of Violence against Women and Children in Greater Jakarta Increased Over Time

Ecological Women’s group from Tajikistan to attend Rio summit

British woman tells court how she was kidnapped by pirates in Kenya

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music resonates in the real world

East Jakarta girl kills self on bad grades

Saudi show jumper Dalma Rushdi Malhas to Miss Olympics

Pre Ramadan Offer at MyBatua.com - Modest Islamic Clothing Shop

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Women Soldiers of India and Pakistan for Border Drill

Israeli Girls Wear Their Bodies Well, No Matter Their Shape and Size

Arab Men and Women in the Middle East Agree On Role of Islam

Time to Break the Traditions of Child Marriages

Utah Woman upset over judge’s hair-cut punishment

Malaysia Lesbian and Gay Community Demanding Rights, End To Discrimination

Laws, Penalties Needed To End Discrimination against Women: HRC

Arab spring changes negative stereotype of women, Arab Group tells UN

Arab women major voice in consumerism, says study

Religion is not the biggest enemy for Arab women, poll finds

Woman TV Anchor Suspended Over Haircut in Malaysia

UK College bars woman over veil

BJP against financial assistance to Muslim girls in UP, India

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Wearing the Hijab May Not Be an ‘Islamic Duty’ Says Al Azhar University

Women’s Rights in Kurdistan at a “transformative” Stage

Saudi Arabia to Allow Women to Compete In 2012 Olympics

Religion Is Not the Biggest Enemy for Arab Women, Poll Finds

UK: Help, Listen, but Don't Take Sides

Iraq 'friendly fire' widow fights MoD over quality of kit and training

Syria Woman-Only ‘Battalion’ Aims to Train Women to Use Weapons for Protection

Meet Four-Year-Old Rojan, Victim of UK's Frosty Relations with Iran

Malaysia’s Sisters in Islam Want Lifting of Book Ban Maintain

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Muslim women have right to seek divorce

Abandoned, Aborted, or Left for Dead: These Are the Vanishing Girls of Pakistan
Hilke Schellmann and Habiba Nosheen
Abandoned, Aborted, or Left for Dead: These Are the Vanishing Girls of Pakistan
Habiba Nosheen and Hilke Schellmann

"Only for the first child [do] I tell them if it's a girl or a boy. But after that, if it's a boy, it's alright, but if it's a girl, I don't say anything," says Dr. Ain-ul-Ghazala, 58, another gynaecologist at the clinic. Zafar says she withholds the sex of female babies from expecting mothers, as the news will almost always lead to cries of sorrow....

Muslim Fashion Going Global and Bleeding Into Western Culture

Terrorists Blew Up A Girls’ School In Kohat

Two Moroccan Women Jailed For Prostitution in Dubai for Six Months

Pakistan: Women Legislators Fear ‘Mistreatment’ Outside Assembly Also

Social Customs Keep Saudi Women Jobless

Procedures to Employ 11,000 Saudi Women in Administrative Posts Begins

Emirati Woman Bags Top Award At Arab Film Studio

Debate on Women Dress Code in UAE Reaches to the Echelons of the Government

Lesbians In Morocco: Should We Stay Or Should We Go?

Pakistani Teen Delighted To Participate In Olympic Torch Relay

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Muslim Fashion Going Global and Bleeding Into Western Culture


Kashmiri Women Stitch Stories of Survival and Strength

Madarsa Making Muslim Women Self-Reliant

Women’s Rights Law No Match for Kurdistan Tradition

Other War on Women, Waged By Feminists

Sinhalese Carmelites Have Dedicated Their Missionary Lives to Educate Girls in Pakistan

Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab Stresses Women’s Education, Empowerment

Working-Women and Young Girls Rally Against Load Shedding In Lahore

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Afghan Women in Shelters Are Prostitutes


Eight Year Old Afghan Girl Raped In Nimroz Province

EU Denounces Afghan Minister's Prostitution Comments

Recognise Safe Abortions as a Human Right: Mother of a Victim of Unsafe Abortion

Women Participation Highlights Riyadh Chamber Elections

Graduation Ceremony of PAF Finishing School: No Society Can Afford To Ignore Women

Pandelela to Be First Malaysian Woman Flag Bearer For Olympic Games

Fauzia Wahab: A trailblazer for Pakistani women

Kohistan girls’ case disposed of

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Eight Year Old Afghan Girl Raped In Nimroz Province


Saudi Arabia beheads two for kidnap, torture of girl

NGO Works to Change Interpretations of Islam That Justify Men Superiority At Home

Temporary Marriage Turning Iran into an “Islamic Thailand”

Young Woman in Danger of Execution in Iran!

Number of Younger Women with Breast Cancer on the Rise in Dubai

Malaysia women fear rise in sexual violence

Malaysia AIDS Council worried over rise in women infections

Turkish Prime Minister Assaults Women's Rights

Women attending concert arrested in Tehran

Indonesian Photographer Displays Women’s Beauty in Every Shot

New Worries about Women’s Rights and Ethnic Tensions Emerge in Afghanistan

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Bahraini Police Forced A Young Woman to Take Off Clothes, Filmed Her Naked

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  • hope is stubborn. but history does not give us any basis for hope. to imagine....
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