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Islam, Women and Feminism

Saudi Arabia beheads two for kidnap, torture of girl

NGO Works to Change Interpretations of Islam That Justify Men Superiority At Home

Temporary Marriage Turning Iran into an “Islamic Thailand”

Young Woman in Danger of Execution in Iran!

Number of Younger Women with Breast Cancer on the Rise in Dubai

Malaysia women fear rise in sexual violence

Malaysia AIDS Council worried over rise in women infections

Turkish Prime Minister Assaults Women's Rights

Women attending concert arrested in Tehran

Indonesian Photographer Displays Women’s Beauty in Every Shot

New Worries about Women’s Rights and Ethnic Tensions Emerge in Afghanistan

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Photo: Bahraini Police Forced A Young Woman to Take Off Clothes, Filmed Her Naked

Outrage at Afghan Justice Minister’s Prostitution Comments

Chinese Girl’s Pakistani Killer Seeks Time to Get Pardon

Abu Dhabi Police Held a Gulf Man for Targeting Pub Girls

Turkish Mosques Begin Makeovers to Welcome Women

The Long, Hard, Surreal Struggle for Women’s Rights in Pakistan

W. Java City Mayor Soft-Pedals On 'Headscarf for All'

Muslim and Jewish women must find female-only gyms or face it in heavy 'appropriate' attire

Fauzia Wahab — A Sane Voice and Holder of Progressive Values

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Photo: Ghazala Javed, 24, was shot six times by gunmen



Before we come up with a knee-jerk response to the hype created by the media and bite the bait, we need to have greater clarity on whose side are we (the feminists) batting in this confrontation between parental authority or the active agency expressed by a young, teenage girl. Also I wish to raise a connecting question—if the Muslim law was codified and minimum age for marriage was stipulated, as has been done under the Hindu Marriage Act, would the High Court have responded differently? ...

Women's Rights Law No Match for Kurdistan Tradition

Saudi Arabian women risk arrest as they defy ban on driving

For Women of Faith, the Quest for a Good Halal Workout

Kohistan girls alive: KP Information Minister

Saudi heir's death fails to curb women at wheel

Women in both Iowa and Afghanistan play a major role in agriculture

HRH wife of His Majesty the King of Bahrain to Patronise Women’s Forum for Human Rights        

Women challenge ban on Palestinian freedom of movement in direct action; seven arrested

Army task force: Female soldiers need better health care

The Women of The Middle East, Not Getting Their Due

Iran hosts first International Women’s Health Conference

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Photo: Fawzia Koofi: In the Land of Taliban’s, a Mother Bravely Campaigns for President

Sisters beaten up in Kolkata, for converting to Islam

Three Pakistani border policemen remanded to police over rapes of five young women

Malaysia police rescue four women from sex trafficking

‘Barons fooling Zambian girls into drug trafficking’

Three, All Pakistanis, jailed for assaulting, confining man, woman

Female engineers on the rise in Malaysia

Women important for PTI’s success

Kohistan ‘killings’ case: ‘Condemned’ women most likely had NICs

Transgenders threaten to protest against sexual harassment

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Photo: Vinita Shaw beaten up in Kolkata, for converting to Islam


US Army orders ‘hot pink’ burqas for Afghanistan

600 Saudi Arabian Women Petition King for Right to Drive

Female genital mutilation: a brutal violation of rights, must be eradicated

10 schools ready to welcome woman strollers in Rawalpindi

Iranian Women Studies Foundation Names University of Virginia professor 'Woman of the Year'

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Photo: Islamic fashion in Moscow


Legalise Sex Trade and Selling of Female POWs: Kuwaiti Woman

Women in Malaysia escape sex slavery

Malaysia women athletes praise volleyball ruling to allow shorts

Arab world gets new trailblazer for women in politics

Female Quran teacher stopped teaching children of police after MDP Coup Report

Despite Progress, Too Many Indonesian Women and Children Still Dying: UNICEF

Saudi Driving Star Manal Pays a High Personal Price

Indonesian Anti-Corruption Fighter Works to Help the Disadvantaged

Teenage Pak girl ‘commits suicide for failing Matric exams’

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Photo: Salwa al-Mutairi asks to legalise Sex Trade and Selling of Female POWs



Pro-female Genitals Mutilation Parliamentarian Taken to court By Egypt women’s NGO

Arab women cry for end to harassment

Saudi woman bags first prize in Qur’an contest

Single Women Gaining Limited Acceptance in Iran

Lahore CJ takes suo motu notice of torture, killing of woman by husband and in-laws

“Purdah Bagh” A Breath of Fresh Air For Muslim Women in Delhi

Egypt women’s group delivers 50 female names to parliament for constituent assembly

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Photo: Saudi women Turned away From France, over veil

Six Foreign women held for immoral activities in Muscat

Emirati women make a mark in Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Syrian Woman blogger gets human rights award

Women in UAE target career advancement: survey

Quota of women in govt jobs enhanced to 25% in the Sindh Budget

Civil society condemns Asma Jahangir murder plot

Sibling rivalry costs Shazia a seat in PM flight

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Photo: Women's Committee at the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority


Co-education among Muslims would result in greater progress and help

Acid attack Survivor determined to rebuild life

Paving a political path to Bradford's Muslim women

British legislation: A welcome proposal on forced marriages

Manal al-Sharif: The Face of ‘Saudi Arabia's Women2Drive movement’

London-based group demands Asma Jahangir’s protection

First woman to wear hijab in Canadian Forces dies of cancer

Why so few women hold office

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Photo: Acid attack Survivor determined to rebuild life

Anti-sexual harassment rally Attacked in Egypt

Muslim Woman claims bias at US religious freedom panel

Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker Shehla promises to get domestic violence bill approved 

Pakistan working for Women’s empowerment: Pak Ambassador to US

A Blackburn victim of forced marriage welcomes new legislation

Activists shocked at Delhi HC ruling that reduces marriageable age for Muslim girls to 15

Women in Special Forces in U S: the Debate on Combat Exclusion  

Welsh golfer Sahra Hassan honoured by Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation

Is there a fatwa for daring to compare burqa-wearing Muslims women to garbage bags?

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Photo: Egypt anti-sexual violence protest in Tahrir attacked


Pakistan Coming clean about child sexual abuse - or not

Islamists trying to rid women of attained rights in compliance with Sharia

Asks to dress according to Sharia law, 9/11 Defendant Mocks the American Justice System

U N appeals to guarantee women's right in Afghanistan

‘Oppressed Afghan Women’ Desperate to tell their stories, find a voice

Today I Will Become a Muslim: A German Lady Finds Islam in Dubai

Egyptian women fear fewer rights, more harassment after elections

Egypt: Are women being targeted for sex assaults?

Stigmatizing violence against Timor women by Indonesian Army during war of Independence

Child Marriage among Muslims Being Promoted by Delhi HC

Afghan girls’ long road to education

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Photo: Islamists trying to rid women of attained rights in compliance with Sharia



Pakistani “women for peace” take message “Stop the drones” to US

Wider World Opened To Saudi Women Studying Abroad

Afghans accuse Pakistan over schoolgirls poisoning ‘attacks’

Egyptians to join forces against Tahrir Square sexual violence

Pakistan investigates whether women killed for clapping, singing

Saudi e-portal for empowerment of women gets global recognition

Malaysia NGO wants to be voice for women healthcare in the Southeast Asian countries

Jeddah Alumni Association organizes carnival for women and children

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Photo: Pakistani “women for peace

Addiction of Raw Opium grips Afghan Women, Kids

Saudi woman takes part in world Qur’an contest in Madina

Hollywood Stars back call for women's rights in Afghanistan

Civil groups back woman suing an Islamic bank in Jordan over dress code sacking

Brotherhood presidential candidate attempts to mollify women's fears

Sweeping arrests over Afghan schoolgirl ‘attacks’

Another twist in Amina Farah’s terror trial that refused to stand before the judge on Religious ground

HRW urges govt to investigate ‘plot’ to assassinate Asma

Anti-Islam Belgian right-wingers offered $310 bounty to reports a veiled woman to police

NATO realpolitik and US responsible for the fate of Afghan women

Killing of four women and two men in Kohistan: CJ says women must be produced in court

Let Saudi women compete in London

The Muslim Woman at Play: FIFA, the Olympics and the Veil

USOC lifted the bar for Muslim woman A year later, Kulsoom Abdullah hopes for Olympic chance

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Photo: Addiction of Raw Opium grips Afghan Women, Kids

Islamic ideology: How can a woman be short of reason and faith?
Asghar Ali Engineer is an Islamic scholar
Islamic ideology: How can a woman be short of reason and faith?
Asghar Ali Engineer

All the Ulema agree that the Quran gives equal rights to men and women and both enjoy equal dignity. Then how can a woman be short of reason and faith? An Aalim who was insisting on women’s shortcomings was unable to reply and instead murmured and sat down. Satan could not mislead Adam as he was firm in his resolve not to eat the forbidden fruit, he succeeded in misleading Hawwa (Eve) as she was short of reason and she persuaded Adam; both ate and were expelled from paradise. ...

Forced Marriages Replace Rape as Worst Crime against Women

Ex-wife of Saudi Crown Prince, Princess Al-Sudairi tries to dodge £5 mn bill

Campaign to defend Aasia Bibi, Accused of Blasphemy and sentenced to Death

Emirati women launch ‘dress code’ campaign to ‘save culture’

Training Afghan women, to assist expectant mothers

Brain drain of bright Afghan women taking place amid fear of Taliban return

Pak security establishment planning to kill me: Rights activist Asma Jahangir

Egyptian women: 'They were doing better under Mubarak'

India women migrants vulnerable to exploitation in Gulf: UN

New fields to conquer for Muslim sportswomen

Tunisian Women Turn Revolution into Opportunity

Christians and Muslims Campaign against Muslim Women’s Soccer Headdress

Arab, Muslim and Western Women: Why we need to talk NOW

ISAF highlights Afghan women leaders at gender integration discussion

How Both Republicans and Democrats Exploit Women

Using ‘women’s rights’ to wage war Capitalism exists to dominate, not liberate

Pakistan’s Women’s Interfaith Initiative in a Time of Turmoil

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Photo: Forced Marriages Replace Rape as Worst Crime against Women

The Islamic culture of segregation of sexes was based on early marriages that sought to curtail sexual frustration, but economic pressures and evolving social attitudes are rapidly changing this tradition. She said she was completely at ease with “what we are” and did not see the need to “act out an alien culture.” Women are always at ease with themselves. The problem is some men are not at ease at all when there are women around. Will they ever learn to accept women as they are? ...

Sex and Sleaze that goes on in 'Devoutly Muslim ' Dubai Revealed

"My Body, My Choice" Turkish Women protest plans to curb abortion

UN Secy. Gen.’s wife appeals for women’s empowerment

Indonesia, Tasikmalaya law to make Muslim women wear veils

Poor Muslim women connect to global fashion with crafts 

Woman risks life to bring bowling to Afghanistan for 'total peace of mind'

Pak SC probing 'killing' of women sentenced to death for 'fornicating' at wedding

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Photo: Devout Muslims jailed for genital mutilation of their four daughters


Inequality, discrimination, and shame seem to have become the way of women’s life. And if we use history as an indicator of trends, situations may change for a while but eventually, old habits die hard. A case in point is the never-ending subjugation of women: Subjugation that deprives her of her social, economic, civic and political rights. Pretending otherwise is an understatement. But why is that so? ...

Snatching a Knife, He Sliced off her Nose, the Symbol of Family Honour in Pakistan

The most Hated woman in Lebanon: 'Arab women have been brainwashed'

Why reaching the start line is Worth Gold to first female Qatari sprinter

Briton may get 15 years' in jail for pinching woman's butt

Call to sensitise women against hazards of tobacco use

Sanctity and care of women in Islam

Pak Punjab govt’s pro-women bill under discussion

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Photo: Snatching a knife, he sliced off her nose

13-year-old Rape Victim’s out-of-court settlement, Concerns Pak SC

NGOs call for action against Pakistani cleric for anti-women decree During Friday Prayers

Girls’ school blown up in Mardan, Pakistan by Terrorists

Pakistani arrested for assaulting Sikh woman in Luton

First time Saudi women to run trains on PNU campus

Daughter of a Persian prince rescuer of prostitutes in Iran, Dies at 90

Rome welcomed Pakistani dancer, but didn’t manage to save her

Sadaf a Bahai citizen: Prisoner of the day

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Photo: Sudanese woman sentenced to death by stoning


Wearing the hijab was not something I deliberately set out to do. It was something I unexpectedly stumbled upon as a twenty something undergraduate, reading feminist literature and researching stories of women's lives in the sex industry. From perfume and clothes ads to children's dolls and X Factor finals, you don't need to go far to see that the woman/sex combination is everywhere. ...

Egyptian-born Accused of horrific 'honour killing’ of his Daughters Working in New York

Re-marrying and High Divorce Rates: Two Major Crises in Northern Nigeria

Afghan girls forced to marry at young age

Women, tie-sellers targeted in Iran clothing crackdown

Minister’s daughter held over Qatar fire that killed 19 people

Constitutional rights of women in Pakistan

Libyan Women Seeking Political Power

Afghan Female Boxers Strike A Blow For Girl Power

In Pakistan, free clinic for refugees uncovers effort to save girl's sight

Afghan school poisonings an omen

Olympics-rifle passion drives female Kuwaiti shooter

Jamia Millia to felicitate girl students admitted in male bastion

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Photo: Girl Bride in Yemen dies due to Bleeding on the Marriage Night

Afghan women leave the country in fear of Taliban return

Egypt Islamists to women and Christians: “Vote for us, don’t fear us”

Turkish Premier Seeks to restrict Women’s access to Abortions

Pakistan offers little justice for victims of acid attacks

Gender equality is not a reality in Malaysia

Mona Eltahawy: Women Globally Underrepresented in Science and Technology Professions

‘Educated mother can ensure healthy civilised family’

Story of A girl trapped by Iran’s twisted culture

Girls outshine boys as Indian schools bask in Class XII glory in Saudi Kingdom

Tehran to host Muslim women’s conference in July

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Zahia Attia, Showing that women in Libya can be much more than just sexy bodyguards or accessories to murder


"So, what are you going to do with this massage training you're doing," asked my husband. From his tone I could sense rising but muted panic. "Don't you know Muslim women aren't allowed to do such things out of their home?" Bemused at the irony of my bohemian approach to my spiritual beliefs, I pondered how I would respond to my beloved husband's question. For it was when I married him that I converted from a loose relationship with Christianity, peppered with Buddhism and other practices from the East, to Islam….

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