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Islam, Women and Feminism

Islamic ideology: How can a woman be short of reason and faith?
Asghar Ali Engineer is an Islamic scholar
Islamic ideology: How can a woman be short of reason and faith?
Asghar Ali Engineer

All the Ulema agree that the Quran gives equal rights to men and women and both enjoy equal dignity. Then how can a woman be short of reason and faith? An Aalim who was insisting on women’s shortcomings was unable to reply and instead murmured and sat down. Satan could not mislead Adam as he was firm in his resolve not to eat the forbidden fruit, he succeeded in misleading Hawwa (Eve) as she was short of reason and she persuaded Adam; both ate and were expelled from paradise. ...

Forced Marriages Replace Rape as Worst Crime against Women

Ex-wife of Saudi Crown Prince, Princess Al-Sudairi tries to dodge £5 mn bill

Campaign to defend Aasia Bibi, Accused of Blasphemy and sentenced to Death

Emirati women launch ‘dress code’ campaign to ‘save culture’

Training Afghan women, to assist expectant mothers

Brain drain of bright Afghan women taking place amid fear of Taliban return

Pak security establishment planning to kill me: Rights activist Asma Jahangir

Egyptian women: 'They were doing better under Mubarak'

India women migrants vulnerable to exploitation in Gulf: UN

New fields to conquer for Muslim sportswomen

Tunisian Women Turn Revolution into Opportunity

Christians and Muslims Campaign against Muslim Women’s Soccer Headdress

Arab, Muslim and Western Women: Why we need to talk NOW

ISAF highlights Afghan women leaders at gender integration discussion

How Both Republicans and Democrats Exploit Women

Using ‘women’s rights’ to wage war Capitalism exists to dominate, not liberate

Pakistan’s Women’s Interfaith Initiative in a Time of Turmoil

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Photo: Forced Marriages Replace Rape as Worst Crime against Women

The Islamic culture of segregation of sexes was based on early marriages that sought to curtail sexual frustration, but economic pressures and evolving social attitudes are rapidly changing this tradition. She said she was completely at ease with “what we are” and did not see the need to “act out an alien culture.” Women are always at ease with themselves. The problem is some men are not at ease at all when there are women around. Will they ever learn to accept women as they are? ...

Sex and Sleaze that goes on in 'Devoutly Muslim ' Dubai Revealed

"My Body, My Choice" Turkish Women protest plans to curb abortion

UN Secy. Gen.’s wife appeals for women’s empowerment

Indonesia, Tasikmalaya law to make Muslim women wear veils

Poor Muslim women connect to global fashion with crafts 

Woman risks life to bring bowling to Afghanistan for 'total peace of mind'

Pak SC probing 'killing' of women sentenced to death for 'fornicating' at wedding

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Photo: Devout Muslims jailed for genital mutilation of their four daughters


Inequality, discrimination, and shame seem to have become the way of women’s life. And if we use history as an indicator of trends, situations may change for a while but eventually, old habits die hard. A case in point is the never-ending subjugation of women: Subjugation that deprives her of her social, economic, civic and political rights. Pretending otherwise is an understatement. But why is that so? ...

Snatching a Knife, He Sliced off her Nose, the Symbol of Family Honour in Pakistan

The most Hated woman in Lebanon: 'Arab women have been brainwashed'

Why reaching the start line is Worth Gold to first female Qatari sprinter

Briton may get 15 years' in jail for pinching woman's butt

Call to sensitise women against hazards of tobacco use

Sanctity and care of women in Islam

Pak Punjab govt’s pro-women bill under discussion

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Photo: Snatching a knife, he sliced off her nose

13-year-old Rape Victim’s out-of-court settlement, Concerns Pak SC

NGOs call for action against Pakistani cleric for anti-women decree During Friday Prayers

Girls’ school blown up in Mardan, Pakistan by Terrorists

Pakistani arrested for assaulting Sikh woman in Luton

First time Saudi women to run trains on PNU campus

Daughter of a Persian prince rescuer of prostitutes in Iran, Dies at 90

Rome welcomed Pakistani dancer, but didn’t manage to save her

Sadaf a Bahai citizen: Prisoner of the day

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Photo: Sudanese woman sentenced to death by stoning


Wearing the hijab was not something I deliberately set out to do. It was something I unexpectedly stumbled upon as a twenty something undergraduate, reading feminist literature and researching stories of women's lives in the sex industry. From perfume and clothes ads to children's dolls and X Factor finals, you don't need to go far to see that the woman/sex combination is everywhere. ...

Egyptian-born Accused of horrific 'honour killing’ of his Daughters Working in New York

Re-marrying and High Divorce Rates: Two Major Crises in Northern Nigeria

Afghan girls forced to marry at young age

Women, tie-sellers targeted in Iran clothing crackdown

Minister’s daughter held over Qatar fire that killed 19 people

Constitutional rights of women in Pakistan

Libyan Women Seeking Political Power

Afghan Female Boxers Strike A Blow For Girl Power

In Pakistan, free clinic for refugees uncovers effort to save girl's sight

Afghan school poisonings an omen

Olympics-rifle passion drives female Kuwaiti shooter

Jamia Millia to felicitate girl students admitted in male bastion

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Photo: Girl Bride in Yemen dies due to Bleeding on the Marriage Night

Afghan women leave the country in fear of Taliban return

Egypt Islamists to women and Christians: “Vote for us, don’t fear us”

Turkish Premier Seeks to restrict Women’s access to Abortions

Pakistan offers little justice for victims of acid attacks

Gender equality is not a reality in Malaysia

Mona Eltahawy: Women Globally Underrepresented in Science and Technology Professions

‘Educated mother can ensure healthy civilised family’

Story of A girl trapped by Iran’s twisted culture

Girls outshine boys as Indian schools bask in Class XII glory in Saudi Kingdom

Tehran to host Muslim women’s conference in July

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Photo: Zahia Attia, Showing that women in Libya can be much more than just sexy bodyguards or accessories to murder


"So, what are you going to do with this massage training you're doing," asked my husband. From his tone I could sense rising but muted panic. "Don't you know Muslim women aren't allowed to do such things out of their home?" Bemused at the irony of my bohemian approach to my spiritual beliefs, I pondered how I would respond to my beloved husband's question. For it was when I married him that I converted from a loose relationship with Christianity, peppered with Buddhism and other practices from the East, to Islam….

Mosques in Sweden Tell Women: Polygamy is Sometimes Acceptable
Badminton Drops Skirts-only Rule for Women
Mosques in Sweden Tell Women: Polygamy is Sometimes Acceptable
New Age Islam News Bureau

Malaysian First Lady:  women are capable of turning negatives into positives

Badminton Drops Skirts-only Rule for Women

Edo State governor denies impregnating 16-year old girl

Malaysia: Lori Anne at 6, is youngest ever in National Spelling Bee

Maldives has solid framework for women’s rights, but numbers still disturbing

Christians and Muslims Campaign against Muslim Women’s Soccer Headdress

Pak woman 'poisons' husband and minor daughters, Killing two of them

Afghan poisoning scares: Mass hysteria stemming from fear of the Taliban?

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Photo: Badminton Drops Skirts-only Rule for Women


The media usually salivates and greedily laps up stories of “Islam oppressed me, but now I'm liberated! Let's celebrate!” by women who choose to give up religion. Which is what made the Open Page article, “Under the veil, we are free souls!'' by Jumana Haseen Rahim, a pleasant surprise. While the Taslima Nasreens of the world hog the limelight with their views and definitions of freedom, it is rare.....

Pak Tribal Council Sentences four women and two men to death for singing and dancing at a wedding

Dream of motherhood: The world’s first womb transplant in Turkey

Christian Jordanian woman refuses to wear head cover, loses her Job

Mohabbat-e-Sindh rally Victim dies Defending Herself in Karachi

Egypt's belly dancing troupes, Dancing with Brothers

Yet another acid attack in Pakistan

Attack on Afghan School Girls Could be Cases of Mass Hysteria

Taliban deny poison attacks on girls' schools

Afghan woman pushes for rights from behind the wheel

19-year-old German woman enslaved for years in Bosnia

Role of Islam in ‘the making up’ of Rabiya, An iron woman of South India

Lady Gaga show cancelled after Islamist protests in Indonesia

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Photo: Qatari sprinter Noor al-Malki


Brave Saudi Arabian Woman Confronts Religious Police Officer Harassing Her

UAE women's Twitter campaign against skimpy dress

Indonesian police consider toned-down Gaga show

Movie tells a grisly Shopian rape story

Will Saudi Arabian Women Be Allowed to Participate in London Olympics?

Prince Ali stunned by FIFA experts' hijab knock back

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Photo: Anglo-Arabic school admits girls, writes new chapter in 350-year history

Pakistan acid women fear backlash over Oscar film

‘British Pakistani victim of “honour killing “previously drank bleach’

Women in the Muslim World Need Genuine Reform

Islamic Society Rejects Family Law that Protects Women’s Rights in Bahrain

Encyclopedia of Women in Islamic Cultures to Reach Larger Audience

Belly Dancers in Egypt Worry About Possible Islamist Takeover

Pak eases rules for married Hindu women to obtain ID cards

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Photo: Pakistan acid women fear backlash over Oscar film


More than 120 schoolgirls suffer from ‘Poison attack' in Afghanistan

Veil ban increased hostility towards Muslim women in France

Hijab as an agreement to be treated like "second-rate human”

The Hijab or the bikini: the shaping of young girls’ sexuality

Jordan bank fires Christian woman for refusing to wear headscarf

Muslim Women & Girls Killed by Islamists

Sharia challenge to Australian women’s rights

Will the Egyptian Muslim Sisters rise to the occasion and get their Human Rights

Cairo's women have lost all their faith in the revolution

Lady Gaga Refuses to Tone Down Her Shows: Manager

Indonesian Maid Spiked Boss' Coffee With Her Menstrual Blood

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Photo: Afghan schoolgirls sick after poison attack by Taliban

Mr Prad said secular law failed to reflect their faith and urged inclusion of Sharia law for Muslims where it applies to marriage, divorce, contracts and custody in Australia.“We should be allowed to resolve our issues in-house,” Mr Prad said. “We’re a well-established religion and all we’re asking for is to be a self-regulatory mechanism.”

The lot of Saudi women is shaped by Wahhabism, the most rigid form of Muslim faith

In Kuwait Women Law Graduates closer to working as general prosecutors

Female nuclear scientist set to enter record books

At New Jersey Mall Muslim woman told to take off Niqab

Insights to women's needs in the Middle East

Western female doctors kidnapped in Afghanistan

Activists Urge NATO to Protect Afghan Women's Rights

AFC puts Iran on the spot on women’s rights

Egypt elections: The challenge of appealing to women

Bilawal Bhutto wants 50% women in Pakistani parliament

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Photo: Manal al-Sharif

Pak-origin Muslim couple in UK killed daughter for her western lifestyle

Afghan woman's Olympic dream in doubt

The young woman who defied the Taliban, Aesha Mohammadzai faces a new battle

Indonesian police to end uncertainty over Lady Gaga's concert in Jakarta

Ahmadinejad should 'open nightclubs', mocks Iran MP

Jerusalem’s annual liberation party degenerates, again, from sweet fervour to mini-rioting

Acid Attacks on Colombian Women

Woman gets 20 years for firing warning shot

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo:  Saudi Arabia may soon legalize nuptials of baby girls

Bangladesh Jihadists to use young girls for terrorist attacks against India

Indian State U P may give inheritance rights to Muslim women

Pakistan: ‘Culprits of girl’s rape, murder be brought to justice’

Hijab Ban Lifted for Women in Sport – Hats off to Prince Ali of Jordan

Woman burnt alive in Quetta by husband

Finding love can be hard for Pakistani Female singles in the UAE

Afghan women see improved life chances

University of Karachi first female student to complete Commerce PhD

The Battle Raging Within Saudi Arabia over Women's Rights

Real reform for women a must in Muslim world: Mona Eltahawy

Woman gets 20 years in Jail for firing warning shot on her Husband

New dress code for females opens weightlifting up across Muslim world

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Nishat Majumder first Bangladeshi woman to climb Everest

Does Islam Allow Wife-Beating?
Aiman Reyaz, columnist New Age Islam
Does Islam Allow Wife-Beating?
Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

Afghanistan’s liberal, West-supported president Hamid Karzai last week endorsed a “code of conduct” issued by an influential council of clerics that allows husbands to beat wives under certain circumstances. This has opened up a can of worms. Could the humane, compassionate feminist religion that Muslims believe Islam is, possibly allow wife-beating?

“I do not want this husband...He does not dominate me”? Said a woman, according to a rather weird preacher of his version of Islam. Is There Really a Need to “Admonish”, “Refuse” and “Beat” wives? What is Islam’s view on the subject of wife-beating? Does the Quran really allow it, as many Muslims claim? One of the more controversial issues in Islam is the Quran’s authorization for husbands to beat disobedient wives. This is found in chapter 4, verse 34. Additional references on wife beating are found in Prophet Muhammad’s traditions (hadith), and biographical material (sira). Many people condemn Islam because of this harsh “sanction”; many Muslims seek to mollify or defend it and many Muslims use this to their advantage to “rule over” their wives. Before jumping to any conclusion, the best thing would be …


بعض النساء لا يمكن العيش معهن بدون عصاة

'White girls are fair game' to some Pakistani men: Top Tory Sayeeda Warsi

Saudi Arabia, Women, and Judicial Reform: Why King Abdullah fired one of the most popular Islamic leaders?

Egyptians debate 'traumatizing tradition' of female circumcision

Maldives ranks 45th best place to be a mother among developing nations

Emirati women and workforce in a clash of culture

Women stand to lose most in Arab Spring

Saudi ban on women’s sports blamed for rising obesity

Rise in female unemployment, growth in gender pay disparity

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Sudan Sharia Court Sentences Woman

How Are Muslim Women Perceived in the West?
Sister Myriam Francois-Cerrah
How Are Muslim Women Perceived in the West?
Tariq Ramadan's interview with Myriam Francois-Cer

And actually in Islam, from the beginning there is a recognition of women as an independent status. One example obviously is that you don’t take on your husband’s name.  One of the feminist contentions in the West was that you became defined by your husband and your family. Your entire identity wa subsumed by the family. I don’t think it’s a problem in Islam because I think Islam very much affords women such a freedom, that area to be herself independently……

Egyptian revolution has failed women

Women in Tunisia have diverse opinions on Islamic dress

U.S. First Lady’s 1776 message guides Arab sisters

Women protesters in Tunisia and Egypt forge forward for human rights

Women in rural areas of U A E assert independence

Complied by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Dahlia Ziada, Egyptian activist for women's rights



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