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Islam, Women and Feminism

Saudi Reforms Aimed At Empowering Women
Sarwat Faiz Ahmad

Islam encourages education for both men and women. Had it not been so, the 14th century society of Arab region would not have produced enlightened thinkers and scholars. However in course of time, true Islamic education had been vague in Saudi Arabia. But thanks to the education, once again Saudi Arabia is going to provide its men and women with equal rights in various social fields, marking a major step away from the strict guardianship system that has ruled the country for decades. In other words, it is going to be the biggest cultural shake-up in the modern history of Saudi Arabia with regard to Saudi women’s empowerment. ....

Man’s Right to Polygamy Was God-Given: PAS’ Women Chief

Saudi Women Celebrate Women’s Day with a Jog in Jeddah

Pune Muslim Women to Protest against Triple Talaq Bill

Pakistan: Punjab’s First-Ever Policy Holds out Promise of Women Welfare

Iranian Security Forces Crack Down On Protest Marking Women's Day

Malala Yousafzai Joining Islamic Relief Canada to Support Girls' Education

Uber vows SR1m to Back Women Driving in Saudi Arabia

Female Mechanic Breaks Social Barrier in War-Torn Yemen

‘More Than 50%’: Saudi Minister Reaffirms Government Call for Women’s Central Role In Reforms

Nigeria: Engineer, Wife, Mum! This Nigerian Female Engineer Is Breaking Boundaries

How Terrorists Exploit Societal Gaps to Recruit Women

Iran: NCRI Condemned the Attack on Women’s IWD Gathering In Tehran

Iran: An Activist Kurdish Woman on Trial in Saqqez

Women In Turkey’s Izmir Empower City Services

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A Case of Ethical Neglect: How Journalists Failed Yazidi Women
Zahera Harb

Yazidi women's disturbing testimonies on the practices of journalists that tried to cover their story is demonstrating that adopting uninformed approaches to gender-sensitive stories adds to the trauma of the victims and distort the voices that genuinely feel the need to be heard. Seeking informed consent in such cases is crucial. Raping women has been used as a submission tool in wars for centuries, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) is also no stranger to this violent method of control...

Equal Hopes and Double Trouble
Bhaswati Chakravorty

The idea that dull work makes the worker dull - Charlie Chaplin transformed this into sublime comi-tragedy -is used by more than one writer to suggest how mechanical work consumes personality. O-Lan in Pearl S. Buck's novel, The Good Earth, working without rest in her husband's home, "had a square, honest face, a short, broad nose with large black nostrils....


Time for Saudi Women to Be More Vocal About Their Rights
Malala YOusafzai

Indonesian Islamic University Bans Burqas on Campus

Iranian Woman Who Removed Headscarf Jailed For Two Years

Women’s Day – Malala and Artist Shahzia Sikander Featured on Netflix

Saudi Women Take the Wheel, Test-Driving a New Freedom

Saudi Women Seek Nationality For Their Children From Foreign Fathers

Working Women across the Muslim World Now At 155 Million, Says Economist

Arab Women Forum to Be Held In KSA in Partnership with Arab News

Female Unemployment Soars in the Arab World

British MP Praises Saudi Crown Prince for ‘Ideological Commitment’ To Women’s Rights

Sky Is the Limit for Jordanian Mountaineer Who Is Helping Arab Women Reach New Heights

First Ever Female Steel Workers in Turkey Start Jobs

On Women’s Day, struggle for gender equality continues in Iran

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Asma Jahangir’s Funeral and the Ideology of Gender Segregation
Asma Jahangir

One can understand such responses; there is much of value in using scriptural reasoning from within the Islamic tradition to push back against the idea that the regressive ideals of the clergy and political Islamists represent the totality of the Islamic faith....


Jewish and Muslim Women March Together For Gender Equality

'Woman Convert to Islam Can Claim Hindu Dad's Property'

Afghan Women Power-Lifters Flex Their Muscles

Kolkata: Thousands of Muslim Women Take to Streets Demanding Withdrawal of Triple Talaq Bill

Saudi Arabia To Leapfrog The Region As Champion Of Women In The Workforce

Turkish Woman Blazing A Trail In ‘Men’s Firefighting Job

Saudi Women Will Drive But Face Bumpy Road to Empowerment

Women Should Have Freedom to Work, Says Yeo Bee Yin

Aga Khan Dean’s Wife Brutalises Female Passenger on PIA Flight

More Than 60 Female Palestinian Prisoners Held In Israeli Jails

Bus Convoy of 2,000 Women Heads to Syria for Women’s Rights March

Chevrolet launches a hashtag moment for Saudi women

300 Female Workers Treated To a Special Night

Turkish Girl Delighted With European Fencing Title

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She is often mentioned in our times as an icon of female empowerment, who knew what she wanted (to marry the Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ) and wanted it now! Failing that, she is identified as a successful CEO, her story misappropriated to fit a capitalist, materialist worldview, where economic worth is the only one worthy of mention. In one BBC radio programme I participated in, it was implied that if more Muslim women were empowered to be more like her the Muslim world would be a much better place!...


No More Zainabs: The Smallest Coffins Are the Heaviest
Roshaneh Zafar

They say “the smallest coffins are the heaviest” and sadly, Pakistan carries a heavy burden on its shoulders. As a nation, we have repeatedly failed to protect our children and the murder in January of Zainab, a seven-year-old girl who was brutally raped, strangled to death and thrown on a pile of garbage in Kasur was the final nail in the coffin....


Dipika Kakar on Converting To Islam: I Have Done It and I Am Proud Of It

Tahera Rahman Just Became the First Full-Time Hijabi Reporter on Air in America

Twelve Saudi Girls Being Trained To Work in Air Traffic Control

Four Held in Bareilly: Muslim Man Elopes With Hindu Girl, House Ransacked

Govt Accused of Depriving 12m Pakistan Women of Right to Vote

Iraq Orders Execution of Foreign Women For IS Involvement

Saudi Women-Owned Technology StartUps on the Rise

Palestinian Women Cautiously Welcome New Rights

Iran: Young Woman Sets Herself Alight In Yazd

Iran: Women Take Part in Protests in Ahwaz, Tehran

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The Other Side of Asma

Scores of columns have been contributed deservedly lauding the courage, perseverance, and unmatched services of the untiring campaigner, the late and universally lamented Asma Jahangir. All aspects of her life have been alluded to in acknowledgement of her great services to society. She made Pakistan proud. But there was one aspect in her tale of heroism and valour that has entirely escaped elaboration....


China Accused of Arresting Dozens of Muslim Women Married to Pakistani Men

Female Teachers Join Sports Training Program In 3 Major Saudi Cities

Saudi Women’s Technology Businesses Incubated by Badir Up 144%

Turkey Riot Police Break up Women’s Rights March

Saudi Arabia’s First Female Hotel GM Lives a Life Less Ordinary

Turkey Promising in Women’s Rights but Must Lift Barriers: UN Representative

47 Women Killed In Turkey in February: Women’s Rights Group

Bosnian Women Set Off For All-Women Convoy In Turkey

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Lebanese Music Star Tania Saleh: ‘Being A Woman Has Been A Blessing, Not A Problem’

Saudi Fashion Designer Puts Local Women in the Driving Seat

The Story behind Saudi Arabia's Most Famous Female Architect

Hindu Woman Elected To Pakistan's Senate in Historic First: Report

Woman Photographer Daringly Captures Beauty of Kuwait City’s Backstreets

Saudi Arabia To Establish 233 Centres To Host Children Of Working Women

Angelina Jolie’s Animated Film about Afghan Girl Nominated for Oscar Award

Woman Arrested While Planting Roadside Mine in North of Afghanistan

ISESCO Calls Upon Muslim World to Empower Women

Arab Women's Council Lionizes Kuwaiti Academicians

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Yes! SheDecides: Affirming Women’s Rights to Their Own Body

UK Man Convicted Of Running over Muslim Woman in Hate Attack

Major Efforts Required To Enhance Women’s Representation in Pakistan’s Civil Service

One Out Of Five Women in Pakistan Is Part of Labour Force: UN Report

Iran: Plundered Women Stage Protest in Rasht, Ahwaz

Iran: Two Women, Nursing Students, Deprived Of Pursuing Education

Solidarity among Women Political Prisoners In Iran

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Misinterpreting Islamic Law Robs Muslim Women of Land in Muslim Countries: Experts

Societal Barriers Discourage Women’s Representation in Civil Service: UN Study

Driving Not ‘Be All’ Of Saudi Women’s Rights, Says Princess Reema

Iran Detains 35 Women for Going to Football Match

Female Islamic Clerics across Indonesia Call for Unity Ahead Of Elections

FIFA Boss Giannia Infantino Says Women Will ‘Soon’ Be Allowed At Games In Iran

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pink City Turns Into ‘Black’ As Thousands of Burqa-Clad Muslim Women March Streets Demanding Roll Back Of Controversial Talaq Bill

NYC Must Pay $180G to 3 Muslim Women Forced To Remove Hijabs for Mugshots

Women Prove They Are in a League of Their Own At Saudi Universities Sports Tournament

First Female Saudi Ferrari Owner Joins Italians to Celebrate Freedom to Drive

“Bittersweet Victory” For Moroccan Women Facing Domestic Violence, Activists Say

Saudi Women Enjoy Full Rights, Says HRC

Syrian Women Subjected To Sexual Exploitation for Aid

Women Challenge Turkey Traditions for Right to Work

Iran VP Says Government against Using Force Over Hijab

36-Year-Old Woman Killed Over ‘Honour’ In Shikarpur District, Pakistan

Women Forced to Remove Hijabs in Police Custody Settle With New York City

Former Muslim Women in Malaysia Lose Appeal to Leave Islam - Here's What Happens Next

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Arabia Opens Security Jobs to Women

Mass Sexual Assault of Pakistani Woman At Party Rally In Punjab, Pakistan

Syrian Women ‘Exploited For Sex by Aid Delivery Workers’

Hadiya Case: Conversions of A.R. Rahman, Muhammed Ali, Kamala Surayya Cited

Conference on Contribution of Women in Islamic Studies Commences At International Islamic University

Know Who the Three Saudi Women Are Appointed In Top Roles by Royal Decree

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


After The Niqab: What Life Is Like For French Women Who Remove The Veil
Agnès De Féo

Testimonies of those who’ve chosen to “leave the Niqab behind” are rare. The number of women who have adopted it is extremely low, and the ones who then choose to renounce it must often sever their old relationships and adopt what is in many ways a new identity – they change their e-mail addresses, phone numbers and move on completely. For them the full-length veil has become something firmly in the past, representative of a transitional stage in their lives….


Won’t Tolerate Govt Interference in Religion: Indian Muslim Women

Muslim Girl Attacked In Netherlands after Refusing To Take Off Her Headscarf

12 Criteria for Saudi Women to Join Army as Soldiers

Saudi Appoints First Female Deputy Minister of Labour

Chinese Girl Embraces Islam, Marry Pakistani Man

Human Rights Commission: Saudi Arabia Supports Women

Iran: Plundered Women and Men Stage Protest Across From Majlis

Iranian Female Basketball Fans Welcomed At Azadi Sports Complex

Iraq: 15 Turkish Women Face Death Penalty Over Isis Membership

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

The Legacy Asma Leaves Behind
Asma Jahangir

Asma maintained a balance or a combination of idealism and realism. While she pursued idealism in protection of human rights, she was highly mindful of pragmatic needs in advocacy. For instance, her strategy and logistics for visit to Balochistan in 2006 exemplified a combination of down-to-earth approach and idealism of conscientious objection....


Iraq Court Sentences 16 Turkish Women to Death for Joining Isis

Saudi Arabia Starts To Enlist Female Soldiers

Saudi Women Apply To Work as Public Security 'Soldiers'

Cultural Barriers, Hurdle To Women’s Participation in Politics – Badiyya

Henna Art A Big Hit among Janadriyah’s Female Visitors

Indian-Origin Woman with Alleged ISIS Links Arrested In South Africa

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Asma Jahangir: A Woman of Principles
Asma Jahangir

The criticism that continues against her even after her death proves that her principled fight did not go down well with certain quarters. Had there not been any criticism, there definitely would have been doubts about her work and cause and we would have assumed that she compromised on her principles....


When you have confident, empowered women whose abilities and skills are based on sound knowledge that is when you are setting up society for success. We need to empower women to take ownership of their Islam. And inspire them to believe that they can achieve this without compromising any part of their identity. The empowering of Muslim women to assert their Islamic identity and excel in Islamic knowledge only serves to enhance the society in which we live....


Female Nobel Laureates in Bangladesh to Meet Rohingya Women

Women to Race in Riyadh Marathon Next Year

Pakistan Acquits 12 Men Accused Of Child Sex Abuse

Iran: Women protests in Tehran, Kerman and Mahshahr

Protecting Afghan Women Is a National Security Issue

Women Are Free, and Armed, in Kurdish-Controlled Northern Syria

New Law Brings Hope to Abused Tunisia Women

MENA Fashion Industry Could Create Jobs for 20 Million Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


More Women in Iran Put Their Right Foot Forward As Headscarf Protests Persist

Muslim Women Are Demanding For More Female-Friendly Mosques

Belgian Court Allows Muslim School Girls to Wear Veil

Saudi Arabia Now Opens Doors of Military Jobs to Women

Hundreds of Blushing Brides Flock To Jeddah Bridal Show

Video of Woman Shoved By Policeman in Iran Sparks Criticism on Social Media

Adwa Al-Arifi Makes History as First Female Committee Member at Saudi Arabia Football Federation

Focussing on Pressing and Urgent Women’s Issues — Macsa

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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