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Islam, Women and Feminism

Muslim Girl Invited to Attend Trump’s First Address to Congress

Sindh Govt to Ensure Inclusion of Women in Electoral System

Pakistani Woman Among ‘10 Best Teachers in the World’

Nigeria: Girls Rugby Teams Shatter Stereotypes

The Beautiful Reason Why This Muslim Woman Is Running the Boston Marathon

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While extreme Wahhabist Islamist government regimes may preach that harsh laws preventing women from basic rights are encouraged by the Quran, what it really comes down to is one’s interpretation of the text. The Quran outlines one of the most egalitarian world-views, more so than any other monotheistic religion. There are multiple excerpts from the Quran that proclaim equality for the sexes...

Woman journalist says being targeted by Sudan Islamic hardliners

Hijab Is Not a Symbol of Misogyny

Woman Are Caned In Indonesia after Violating Strict Sharia Law

Pakistan’s Torchbearers: Women Who Carved Space for Themselves and Others

Sunderland Man Who Abused Muslim Woman Has Sentencing Delayed

Beaten Until They Collapse For The Crime Of Having Sex Outside Of Marriage: Man And

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Friesen had viewed figure-emphasizing clothes as symbols of an empowered 21st century woman, but she had never considered the other perspective. “I could be walking down the street with shorts up to here and a shirt cut down to here,” Friesen said, gesturing toward herself. “I would feel like an empowered, free woman, but that wouldn’t change the fact that the person next to me saw me as a piece of meat.”....


Placards identify burqa-clad woman for govt scheme
Placards identify burqa-clad woman for govt scheme

US: Hijab-wearing White House staffer quits Trump administration in 8 days

Female Iraqi reporter killed in Mosul offensive

Lindsay Lohan's sultry 'Inshallah' Instagram photo confuses her Muslim fans

Muslim Outfit Asks CBFC To Ban Lipstick Under My Burkha For Going Against 'Tenets Of Islam'

Sisterhood of the hijab: Fort McMurray women show solidarity with local Muslim community

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Nike Has Made Hijabi Women the Stars of Its Latest Advertising Campaign

Will Iraq Ban Unveiled Women From Holy Cities?

Women Freed from Islamic State Burn Face Veils, Smoke Cigarettes

Ban on Multiple Wives: Do Not Violate the Quran – Islamic Cleric, Daurawa Warns Sanusi

Women Aim To Build Harmony in Anti-Muslim Myanmar 

A Muslim Woman Tried to Work in Trump’s White House, Lasts Only 8 Days

South Asian women who live in UAE more at risk for diabetes, study finds

'I Am Not Latifa': Meet the First Female Saudi Superhero

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I was walking towards them, I looked in their direction, attempted to make eye contact to nod and say hello as I often do when passing people. They avoided my eyes, and eventually sent in my direction what I perceived to be a scowling look. This all happened within seconds by the way. I frowned and I asked myself, does the Muslim woman hate me?....


Should Triple Talaq Be Outlawed?
Anuradha Raman

But please don’t assume that the Quran does not condone Talaq. It has been described as one of the worst options to be exercised only under extenuating circumstances. It allows for an exit when the marriage breaks down but only under certain conditions. The Talaq-e-Ehsan, one form of divorce, is over a period of three months and it is only after the completion of the third month that you are no longer man and wife. The Talaq-e-Bidat or triple Talaq at one go allows the man to exhaust all the options at once....

'No Woman Should Have To Cover Her Head For Fear Of Offending Religious Values'

Chief Justice of Pakistan Takes Notice of Woman Trafficking Case in Rawalpindi

Empowering Women through Community-Driven Development in Pakistan

‘Lipstick under My Burkha’ Release Blocked By Censors in Pakistan

Beware! This Kind of Henna Is Harmful For UAE Residents

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Turkey Lifts Military Ban On Islamic Headscarf

Australian Muslim Leader Says Violence against Women a ‘Last Resort’ For Men

Bollywood Superstar's Mum Donates Dh55, 000 for Overweight Egyptian Woman, Eman

Can These Jewish And Muslim Women Cook Their Way To Understanding?

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Is Islam The Most Feminist Religion?
Bina Shah

I don’t like to make assertions that Islam is a feminist religion. I like to think of it as something even bigger than feminism: a system through which we humans achieve our full potential on earth as well as cultivating our relationship with our Creator. This is a struggle that applies to both men and women. How we run our affairs on earth can be influenced very positively by feminism. ..

Triple Talaq: India's Battle against Three Words That Grant Instant Divorce

Bavaria Pushes Ahead With Burqa Ban as Elections Loom

Syrian Girl Rescued From Under the Ashes

70% Callers to Helpline for Muslim Women Are Men Seeking Info on Triple Talaq

Manipur's First Muslim Woman Candidate to Work for Upliftment of Muslim Women

Dubai Woman Abused Her Parents As She Wanted To Be Independent

Meet Three Determined Dubai Women Who Run Their House

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Founder of World Hijab Day Shares What Wearing the Hijab Really Means For Women

Women Named To Head Saudi Bourse, Major Bank

Eastern Libyan Ban on Women’s Travel without Male Guardian Mocked

Muslim Women Offer Sweet Alternative as Way of Getting To Know Neighbours

Palestinian Women Workers Abused In West Bank Colonies

Hina Shahnawaz's Murder Shows Pakistani Men Won’t Let Women Break Free Of Social Norms

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Hijabs and Modest Style Made a Powerful Statement at New York Fashion Week

‘Leave the Muslim Woman Alone’

Pak Female Journalists Demand Resolution of Their Problems

95% Muslim Women Unaware Of Personal Law Board: Study

Syrian Men Urged To Take Up Second Wife

ISIS Rapes and Tortures Sunni Arab Women Too: Human Rights Watch

Against All Odds: Pakistan-Born Woman a Leading Engineer At NASA

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The First Ever Muslim-Friendly ‘Modest’ Fashion Show Is Taking Place in London

Saudi Women Gaining A Foothold In Filmmaking

Muslim Public Schoolboys ‘Excused’ From Shaking Hands with Women

Bowing to pressure: Iran grants women spectators access to sporting event

These Trans Arab Women Challenge Social Norms In A Big Way

Citizenship Laws Unfair To Saudi Women – ‘Equal Opportunities’

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Dial-a-Fatwa: This Female Hotline Answers Women's Questions about Islam

Using the Words of Islam, an Iraqi Princess Fights for Women in Science

Jewish and Muslim Women Hold Prayer Vigil Together in Martinsville

Congress Nikita Nikam Dons Hijab during BMC Election Campaigning

Woman Arrested for Hate Crime after Vandalizing Islamic Centre with Bacon

How a Hijab-Friendly Brooklyn Salon Became A Space For Women's Empowerment

Muslim Women Share Smiles, Sweets on Family Day

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On The Road with Bangladesh's Female Rickshaw Wallah

Pakistani Girl Undergoes Liver Transplant Surgery in India

NIA Arrests Woman for Supplying Fake Indian Currency

Air Raid Kills 9 Women, Child at Yemen Funeral

Egypt to Appoint Its First Woman Governor

Women’s Rights Decreased In Putin’s Russia and Trump’s America, Writes Susie O’Brien

See If Triple Talaq Impinges Muslim Women's Rights, Centre Tells SC

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Rap Superstar Kanye West Presents Hijab-Wearing Model on Catwalk

Hijab-Wearing Muslim Model Halima Aden Just Scored a Major Contract with IMG

JUI-F, JI Oppose Mandatory 10pc Women Voting

Saudi Seeking A Third Wife Publicly Shamed For Forgery

Pakistan Doesn't Care Violence against Women Is Spiralling Out Of Control

Fatima Jinnah Women University Holds Dialogue on Role of Women in National Development

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Sold Into Marriage: How Rohingya Girls Become Child Brides in Malaysia

Free Hairdos to Boost Confidence of Displaced Iraqi Women

At NY Fashion Week, Hijabs Top Looks Fit For Royalty

Muslim Convert Girl, 16, ‘Plotted To Blow up Tourists Around The Eiffel Tower After Meeting Fanatic Fiancé And Pledging Her Loyalty To ISIS Online’

Nigar Johar Becomes the Third Female Major General in Pakistan’s History

Abandoned Wife, Baby Live Off Charity for Three Years in Dubai

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Torture and Sexual Violence in Afghanistan
Musa Khan Jalalzai

Women, who had previously attempted to commit suicide to escape rape and violence, girls living with irksome memories of sexual violence and torture, and young children, who never mention their stories of sexual humiliation at the hands of warlords, war criminals, police and army commanders, still live in a frightening environment. Due to the three-decades-long war, poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment on top of the consecutive migration crisis, Afghanistan continues to remain the worst place for girls and young children....


Muslim Women Shouldn't Use Emoticons, Says Malaysian Association

Shia Women sans Mehram May Proceed For Haj, Pak Court Told

Tehmina Janjua Becomes First Woman to Be Appointed Pakistan's Foreign Secretary

Saudi Arabia Dar Al-Hekma Girls Excel in Entrepreneurship Workshop

Sharjah Court Orders Death Sentence to Pakistani for Killing Wife

Network Aims to Increase Number of Saudi Working Women By 2030

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Contrasting Data on Women in Turkey
Gila Benmayor

In data regarding violence against women, which was collected by the Gezici Research Company, 44.7 percent of women in Turkey are subjected to violence. Among those women who are subjected to violence, 67.8 percent fear their husbands will kill them.  When you review the rate of femicides, you can see that their fears are not unjustified....


Nigeria's Muslim Women Oppose Inheritance Bill

Muslim Women Shouldn’t Use Emoticons, Says the NMYA in Malaysia

Meet Roshni Misbah, the Fierce Hijabi Biker of Jamia Millia, Delhi

Women of Major Religions Challenge ‘Homogenous’ Way of Life

Saudi Social Media Users Break Silence on Violence against Women

Muzaffarnagar Riots: 7 Muslim Women Who Reported Their Gang Rape Are Struggling To Survive and Justice, Amnesty Reports

Kiwi Muslim Woman Overwhelmed With Support after Abuse on Waikato Roadside

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The Ten Female Muslim Scientists Paving the Way to a Better Future
Afrah Mansour

Today is the international day for women in science, so what finer chance to celebrate the contributions of Muslim scientists than today! Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) has said: “Seeking knowledge is a mandate for every Muslim (male and female).” These women have embodied this and shown the world what it means to be an active achiever and mover of the world in which we live. Here is a roundup of a few from different parts of the world....


Saudi Cleric Warns Men of Abusing Right of Divorce
Sheikh Salah Bin Muhammad Al-Budair

Widowed At 18, Teen Says ‘Marrying Into the Islamic State Brought Shame and Disgrace’

UK Store Brings Hijabs into Mainstream Fashion

KSA to Start Granting Female Gym Licenses This Month

Lindsay Lohan Getting Closer To Islam Conversion

Woman, 27, Charged Over Alleged Anti-Muslim Attack In Huntly After Video Goes Viral

Attack Not Surprising: Islamic Women's Council

Syrian Arab Women Battle IS, Social Stigma

Two women in niqab rob cabbie

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