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Islam, Women and Feminism

Malala Asks Twitter To Help Her Survive University’s Final Year

Who Are The Two Muslim Women That Could Beat Greta Thunberg for Nobel?

First Female Saudi Football Referee Eyes World Cup

UN Criticises The Netherlands’ Burqa Ban

Afghan Women Display Handicrafts In Northern City

Female Empowerment Vital For Kingdom’s Vision 2030 Reforms, Says Saudi Human Rights Commission GM

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In Latest Social Reform, Saudi Arabia Rules Women Can Join Armed Forces

Schizophrenic Woman Of West Java Stands Trial For Blasphemy

Angered Bangladeshi Man Took A Blade And Forcibly Shaved The Head Of His 23-Year-Old Wife, After Finding Hair In Food

Dutch Told Burqa Ban Discriminates Against Muslim Women

The Wire Journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani Gets Attacked On Twitter By Islamists For Uploading Durga Puja Picture

Pakistan Makes Uneven Progress In The Fight For Gender Equality

Married Women, Single Men Under 30 Most Likely To Commit Suicide In Pakistan: Experts

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Charter Launched In Abu Dhabi To Ensure Rights Of Arab Women

Salam Stars Challenge Stereotypes In Female Athletics

Kuwait Backs Women Empowerment At UN, Globally

Burqa Ban ‘Has No Place In A Society That Promotes Equality’, Says UN

Rescued From Sex Slavery, Red Tape Traps Bangladeshi Girls In India

Matron Allegedly Beaten To Death By Russian Female Inmates At Gadani Central Jail

Turkey's first lady reopens 441-year-old fountain

UK Boss Fined $27K for Racially Abusing Muslim Female Employee

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This violence against women and children seems to have spiralled out of control and has reached alarming and unacceptable proportions so much so that it has become a serious social problem….

Instead of the loving home she had hoped for and expected, the newly married woman entered hell itself. Her husband — we can call him A — was unemployed at the time; he beat her regularly and subjected her to cruel words and privation whenever he could....

Tributes Paid To The Muslim Journalist Who Shot To Fame For Her Hijab

Saudis Top Nationalities Getting Married To Kuwaitis

Rights Now: Why Palestinian Women Do Not Want To Wait For Liberation

Protest Against Allowing Women Into Stadiums Draws a Small Crowd in Iran

Joint Programme To Promote Decent Work For Women Launched

4.5m New Women Voters Registered In Pakistan

Sindh High Court Orders Setting Up Of Women Rescue Police Centres In Every Division

Sudanese Women Footballers Back On The Pitch After 30-Year Ban

Cyber Violence Already Targets Cuban Women

No Certificates For Talaq, Khula, Muslims of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh In A Tizzy

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Women Barred From Participating in Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam Fazl’s ‘Azadi March’

Employment Opportunities For Women Underlined

Australia Urged To Act Quickly To Get Families Out Of Syrian Refugee Camps

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Abortions, IUDs And Sexual Humiliation: Muslim Women Who Fled China For Kazakhstan Recount Ordeals

Boko Haram: Parents Lament Chibok Girls’ 2,000th Day In Captivity

Indonesian MP Says His Three Wives Are Proof Polygamy Can Be 'Good And Harmonious'

Iranian Women Snap Up Tickets for World Cup Qualifier

Al Houthis Manipulate Women to Lay Landmines

Oracle Women’s Leadership Initiative Launched in KSA

35% of Newly Elected UAE FNC Members Are Women

Number Of Women Managers In Iran Has Increased - Rouhani Deputy

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Pakistan: Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Distributes Burqas Among School Girls

Afghan Town’s First Female Mayor Awaits Her Assassination

Saudi Tourism: Women Allowed Accommodation In Tourism Facilities Without A Mahram

‘Packing A Punch’: More Girls In Saudi Arabia Take Up Combat Sports

Emirati Women Flaunt Own Jewellery Designs At Sharjah Expo

Bahrain’s Nourah Sultan Wins Women’s Bowling Championship

Job Fair Promotes Saudi Women’s Role In Labour Market

“Blue Girl” Spotlights Iran’s Women’s Rights Movement

This Italian Woman Took Her Muslim Fashion Business From Facebook To Storefront

Pakistani Woman Gets Indian Citizenship After 35 Years

Pakistani Differently-Abled Groom’s Wedding Reception In Oslo Goes Viral

Australian Woman Recounts Her Mental Anguish In Syria

Female Houthi Cell Busted for Planting Mines in Yemen

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In conclusion, the hijab of the Muslim woman does not hinder her from been productive. She can be in hijab and still be a Doctor, Lawyer, Nurse, Politician, Student among others. It's important to always place value on intellect and competence in selecting a person for a job....

ISIS’ All-Female Squads Re-Emerge Using Killings, Floggings And Beatings To Bring Bloodshed To Syria Prisons

'We Cry And Cry': Pain Endures For Mothers Of Missing Chibok Schoolgirls

Uzbek Official Reprimanded by Senate for Rude Remarks on Beards and Hijabs

55-Year-Old Zubeda ,Pak Woman Gets Indian Citizenship After 35 Years

Bangladesh Army Probing Alleged Rape Of Rohingya Girl By Troops At Refugee Camp

For Bosnian Women, No Justice—and No Seats

Pakistan's Salman Sufi Works Towards Women Empowerment

53 Women Killed Last Month In Turkey: Women’s Rights Group

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A society with more than half of its population under identity crisis, where women are raised with the mind-sets of getting ready to be someone’s plus one, can only progress as far enough as this thought....


Arab Military Women Take Part In UNESCO Workshop

Saudi Women Invited To Join The Ranks Of The Armed Forces

Is French Montana ‘Sexualising’ The Hijab Or ‘Liberating’ It?

Saudi Women Throw Light On Yemen Development Projects

Iran Begins To Recognize Their 'Forgotten' Women Of War

Iran Adopts Amendment Allowing Women To Pass Citizenship To Children

Royal Mail Staff Storm Out Over Claims Of 'Racist' Comment To Muslim Worker

IS Foreign Women Smuggled Out in Northeastern Syria Camp

Tunisian Women Hope to Secure Gender Parity Gains in Legislative Vote

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Saudi Women Are Breaking Free From the Black Abaya

Sudan's First Ever Women's Club Football League Begins

Turkey Imparts Skill Training To Women In Mozambique

Uzbek Governor In Hot Water After 'Ugly Beard,' Hijab Remarks

Female Isil Supporter Killed In Row Over Makeshift Sharia Court In Syrian Camp

New Parliament Elects Indonesia's First Female House Speaker

Bahrain’s Wefaq Asks Women Heads Of State To Support Jailed Activists

The Hijab, The Veil And The Denial Of The Ghanaian Muslim Women's "Wardrobe Freedom" At Workplaces

Wusool Program benefits over 40,000 Saudi women

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Muslim Woman Told To ‘Go Home’ By Oxford Academic

Activist Gulalai Ismail Leads Anti-Pakistan Protests Outside UN

Nigeria: Police Rescue 19 Pregnant Women, Aged Between 15 And 28, Held In 'Baby Factory'

Saudi Women’s Bowling Team Aim to Strike It Lucky in Major GCC Tourney

Saudi Arabia Promise Bach More Opportunities For Female Athletes During Visit To Jeddah

Give Bilkis Bano Job, Compensation in Two Weeks: SC to Gujarat

Indore Woman Alleges Triple Talaq by NRI Husband on Phone

Cardi B Goes 'Niqabi' Mode In France, But Muslim Women Aren't Allowed To?

Safe Space: The New Cinema Welcoming Women In Male-Dominated Kabul

Iran Begins To Acknowledge Its Forgotten Women Of War

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Indian Coaches Of Bangladesh Women's Team Won't Travel To Pakistan: BCB

50 Women, 28 Men Fall Victim To Honour Killing (Karo-Kari) Across Sindh In Six Months

Ahmadiyya Supreme Head Addresses Over 5,800 Women from Across the UK

The Islamic Centre Of Tri-Cities Hosts Monthly Forums On Islam

Bangladeshi Housemaid To Make Dream Debut Dance Performance In UAE

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Islam advocates educating women and enlightening them about the teachings of religion, as this greatly influences the life of women as well, as those of their children in the future. As Hafiz Ibrahim, the Poet of the Nile said: “The mother is a school; if she is well-prepared, a noble nation is prepared.”...


Muslim Women Say the Hijab Is a Symbol of Faith, Not Oppression

Bangladeshi Women Fled Exploitative Situations Hoping For A Bright Future; And Are Now Incarcerated As Illegal Migrants

Turkish Women Rally against Rising Violence Targeting Them

Germany: Women Attacked At Anti-Islamophobia Event

'If Muslim Women Do This We're Terrorists': Cardi B's Paris Outfit Draws Attention To Niqab Ban

Iraq’s Well-Meaning Parliamentary Quotas Are a Disservice to Women

Sale’s International Women’s Film Festival Features Tunisian Cinema

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Saudi Arabia Drops Dress Code for Foreign Women in Tourism Push

Thousands of Moroccan Women Admit Breaking Sex and Abortion Laws, Risking Arrest to Support Journalist Jailed For Same Crimes

'Free Homeland, Free Women': Palestinians Take to the Streets to Protest Femicide

Rapper French Montana Causes Stir for Album Cover Sexualising Muslim Women

How Saudi Women Are Pushing the Limits of What They Can Wear

Debilitating humidity stifles Doha women’s marathon

Trump’s Anti-Woman Push Puts America In The Pantheon Of Human Rights Offenders

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Arabia Considers Making ‘Abaya’ Optional For Women as It Looks To Boost Tourism

Iran Arrests Family Of Outspoken U.S. Iranian Women's Rights Activist

Int'l Project Launched To Empower Syrian, Turkish Women And Girls

From Bosnia to Boko Haram, Edna O'Brien's 'Girl' Gives Voices to Women of War

Three Female Teachers Launch Lawsuit against Quebec’s Religious Symbols Ban

Jihadi Bride Shamima Begum Begs To Come Home Saying She Was Brainwashed About Islam

Jamal Khashoggi's Fiancée Demands That Saudi Arabia Be Held Accountable For His Murder

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Look at any gender indicator and Pakistan is a country lagging way behind — it has one of the world’s highest maternal mortality rates, violence against women and girls continues to be a serious problem, and one quarter or females are married as children...

Triple Talaq Controversy: Male Chauvinist Indian Ulema Are Subverting Islam to Mislead the Supreme Court
Sultan Shahin, Founding Editor, New Age Islam
Triple Talaq Controversy: Male Chauvinist Indian Ulema Are Subverting Islam to Mislead the Supreme Court
Sultan Shahin, Founding Editor, New Age Islam

... Now Islam is a religion being practiced only by some Indian Mullahs, so it would seem. This even amounts to declaring Shias as well as Sunni Wahhabi sects like Ahl-e-Hadith apostate because they consider triple talaq in one session as equal to only one reversible talaq.

Even stranger is the fact that AIMPLB consists of Ulema from Shia, Ahl-e-Hadith and other Salafi-Wahhabi sects as well.  Why are they not protesting at being virtually called apostate groups which have “re-written Quran and forced Muslims to commit sin, altering the very essence of the religion of Islam” by a group of which they are members?

The most astounding fact in the AIMPLB affidavit is the justification it seeks for instant triple talaq from the Holy Quran. This has never been done before. Everyone knows there is no justification for instant triple talaq in the holy Quran. All protagonists of the triple talaq in one sitting have so far only quoted Ahadith (so-called sayings of the Prophet, many of them clearly weak and inauthentic, collected hundreds of years after the demise of the Prophet) and juristic rulings of companions of the prophet, or later jurists and theologians.....

French Education Minister Said He Wanted To Avoid Having Mothers In Hijab As Volunteers On School Outings

Legalizing Polygamy Will ‘Guarantee’ Women’s Rights in Russia, Moscow’s Muslim Leader Says

Muttahida Majlis Amal Female Lawmaker Adamant on Veil For Female Students In Peshawar

German Woman Boxer's Fight to Wear Hijab In The Ring

Empowering Women In Yemen's Civil War

A Northern Virginia Muslim Woman Sues, Says Prayer Break Request Cost Her Potential Job

UP Government Will Give an Annual Pension Of Rs 6,000 to The Triple Talaq Victims

No Fines For Niqab Wearers but Muslim Women Report More Verbal Attacks

Jewish, Muslim and Christian Leaders In Italy Fight Violence On Women

Afghan Women Fear Mandatory Poll Photos Could Stop Them from Voting

Artist Displays 440 Pairs of High Heels For Women Murdered In Turkey In 2018

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Will Egypt Ever Have Female Pastors?

Gallup: Nearly 50% of Afghan Women Want to Leave Their Country

‘Rosie’: The Egyptian Students Making Cheap, Eco-Friendly Sanitary Pads for Rural Women

Two French Women Who Pledged Allegiance to the ISIS on Trial for Attempted Attack Near Notre Dame

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mandates Burqa in All Govt Institutions, Faces Fierce Criticism

US-Pakistan Women’s Council launches mentoring campaign

‘Pakistan Million Women Mentors’ Programme Launched

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Students Express Faith and Style with Hijabs

For Kurdish Iraq’s Women Entrepreneurs, Persistence Pays Off

GCC Countries Miss Chance To Grant Women Full Citizenship Rights

SC Pulls Up U P Home Secretary for Not Replying To Minor Muslim Girl's Petition

Sister Of Jailed Saudi Women’s Rights Activist Says She Is Forced To Endure ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’ Due To Authorities’ Silence

U.N. Says Women and Babies At Risk In Yemen As Funds Crunch Forces Clinics To Shut

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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