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Islam, Women and Feminism

Women across Middle East Demand End to 'Marry Your Rapist' Laws

ISIL Selling Kidnapped Women in Slave Market in Iraq

Muslim Woman Attacked, Hijab Pulled Off In London

Lawyer Siti Kasim Says Getting Death, Rape Threats

Muslim Woman Detained For Reading Syrian Art Book on Plane Takes Court Action

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The Rishta Aunty Is the Biggest Omen of Patriarchy
Aisha Sarwari

They love scanning a young woman like a lioness watches grazing deer in the Serengeti. They love asking a young woman probing questions like a forensics doctor cuts open a cadaver in a mortuary. They love picking on flaws of these young women — too talkative, too short, too dark, too nervous, too uneducated, too educated, too dull or too intelligent. There is so much subjectivity at play that young girls don’t understand what they did wrong to be rejected by a suitor....


Every Third Child Bride in World Is Indian: Report

KSA's Shoura Council Recommends Banning Marriages for Girls Under 15

Govt Schemes Have Little Impact in Uplifting Muslim Women: Unpublished Mumbai Minority Commission Report

Islamic State in Kirkuk Offer Mosul Women Captives for Sale

Four German women who joined Islamic State detained in Iraq

Intimate Photos Emerge Of ISIS Judge in Iraq with ‘Captive’ Yazidi Women

Muslim Designers Push Forward Modest Fashion Movement

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


With Climate Change Driving Child Marriage Risks, Bangladesh Fights Back

Man and Woman Brutally Killed For 'Honour' In Karachi

Hijab Cosplay Grows As Muslim Women Embrace Fan Culture

UK: Muslim Acid Attack Victim Abused Online After She Leaves Hospital

Runaway German Girl, 16, Ended Up As an ISIL Sniper Until She Was Captured In Mosul

Iran: SSF Chief, Religious Scholars Justify Crackdown on Women

Iran: Imprisoned Women Protest Guided Tour of Evin Prison

Iran: Security Forces Clash with Women in Mashhad, Tear Their Clothes

WPC Set Up To Address Female Cops Problems

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Mother Takes Legal Action against School over Face Veil Ban

Raise Minimum Marriage Age for Muslim Girls, PH Urges

How a 16-Year-Old Muslim Girl Made the “Woman with Headscarf” Emoji A Reality

Kerala: Muslim Woman Drops Plan to Join Teaching Institute over Dress Code

Hijab Cosplay Takes Off In Indonesia and Malaysia as Muslim Women Embrace Fan Culture

Nobel Winner Malala in Nigeria Speaks Out Against Boko Haram

First Saudi Jobs Website for Women Aims To Get More Women In The Workforce

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


German Judge Bans Muslim Woman from Wearing Headscarf in Court

Miss World Australia Becomes the Flag-Bearer for Islam as the Religion of Peace

Saudi Snapchat 'Model in Skirt' Released Without Charge

Iran's Latest Culture Battle: Should Women In Cars Keep Their Heads Covered?

Water Thrown At Muslim Women in Fake Acid Attack outside UK Mosque

Afghan, Pakistani Women Push for Role in Peace Talks

New App Helps Saudi Women Claim Their Rights

Sold By Daesh in Raqqa, Yazidi Female Fighters Back For Revenge

Afghanistan Appoints Second Woman as District Governor

Why This Palestinian-Muslim Woman Works For a Jewish Museum

University Of Jeddah to Offer Women Students PE Major

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Woman in Miniskirt Video Arrested After Public Outcry

More Muslim Women Seeking Divorce Because Of Abuse, SIS Reveals

Women Dentists in Goa Receive Threat Letters in Name of IS Founder

Teen behind New Hijab Emoji: 'I Just Wanted an Emoji Of Me'

UAE Women Lead the Arab Power List

Malala Meets Chibok 'Heroes', Calls for Education Emergency in Nigeria

Malala Condemns China Over Death of Fellow Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo

Iraqi Forces Arrest Foreign Female Members of ISIL in Mosul

Saudi University Students Name Streets after Influential, Inspiring Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The Truth about Forced Conversions in Thar
Naziha Syed Ali

“When a girl is brought before a Qazi for conversion to Islam, the Qazi must comply immediately. If he delays the conversion even to say his prayers, he himself becomes Kafir,” said Pir Waliullah Sarhandi, a younger brother of Pir Mohammed Ayub Jan Sarhandi. The latter, who is Gaddi Nashin of the Sarhandi shrine in Samaro Tehsil of Umerkot district, claims to have converted thousands of Hindu girls and young women to Islam, mostly those belonging to the scheduled castes — Bheel, Meghwar and Kohli.....


Saudi Girl’s Online Post in Miniskirt Draws Conservative Ire

Female Suicide Bomber Kills 8 in Northeast Nigeria

Five 'Islamic State' German Women Found In Tunnel in Mosul

In Idlib, a US-Syrian Woman Sets Up A School And A Model

Egypt’s First Female Governor Is Optimistic about the Future of Egyptian Women under Al-Sisi

Dubai-Based Woman Held in Augusta Westland Case

DAP Wanita Condemns Sexual Attacks against Women amid Spotlight on Party Aide

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Israeli Christian Man Allegedly Killed Daughter over Muslim Boyfriend

Man Reportedly Tries To Pull Off Woman's Hijab in UK Subway

Female Suicide Bomber Kills 10 in Maiduguri Mosque

US-Syrian Woman Sets Up Model School in Al-Qaida-Run Region

64% of Foreign Women Married To Saudis Are Asian: Awasir

9 Inmates Arrested After Riot at Makkah Girls’ Protection Home

Free Self-Defence Class in Iowa City Is Geared For Muslim Women

Muslim Women Wearing Hijabs Arrive At Sydney Swimming Pool for the First Day of Its Women-Only Classes Where Men Are Banned

UAQ Cops Save Around 70 Women From The Clutches Of Cyber-Extortionists

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The Journey of the Hijab – From the Afghan Burqa to Fashion Magazines

Maryam Mirzakhani: Iranian Newspapers Break Hijab Taboo in Tributes

15 Women Kidnapped From Islamabad Limits in June

Family Says No Communication with Dr Aafia Siddiqui

Architect, 28, DENIES Trying To Pull Hijab Off Muslim Tube Passenger In Race Hate Attack Saying He Was Only Defending His Black Girlfriend

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Kochi Hindu Girl Converts to Islam, Goes to Afghanistan with Husband to Join IS

Human Rights Watch Praises Saudi Reform on Girl Sports

2 Female Suicide Bombers in Cameroon Kill 15

‘Punching Holes in the Darkness’: Leading Middle East Female Artists Light Up London

Women in Workforce

Mother's Death in Bastille Day Attack Prompts Muslim Woman's Campaign against Terrorists

Woman Dies of MERS in Riyadh, Raising Toll To 683

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Men Deny Us Equality, Not the Qur'an
Amrit Dhillon

Understanding that the Qur’an gives women equal rights have made Jahan Ara happier. After separating from her husband, she struggled to find peace. It finally came with her Qazi training, during which she learned exactly what Islam had to say about women....

Ivanka Trump and the World Bank Have a New Idea to Help Women Globally

Mother of Two Murdered In Shangla in Suspected Honour Killing

Progress for Saudi Women: Number of Female Workers Surges 130% in Four Years

As Malala Yousafzai Graduates High School, Global Luminaries Including Bill Gates, Justin Trudeau Congratulate Her

India Denies Medical Visa to Pakistani Woman Seeking Cancer Treatment

Pa. Mosque Tackles Matchmaking for Black Muslim Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Kerala: Mother Seeks Return of Daughter Who 'Joined' ISIS

National Flag Carrier Iran Air Gets First Female CEO

Manchester Teenage 'Hate Mob Surrounded a 14-Year-Old Muslim Schoolgirl and Chanted 'ISIS' At Her

Dubai-Based Girl Bags NRI of the Year Award

Growing Cases of Women Killings Worry Turkey

Assault on Muslim Woman Costs Perth Man $2400

Muslim Husband Chops Off Wife's Fingers Because She Won't Drop Out of College

Trump Intervenes To Allow Afghan Girls to Enter US Robotics Competition

Bangladesh Cuts Red Tape to Bring Home Girls Sex Trafficked To India

Activists: Yemeni Policewomen Beat Up Women at Rally

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Arabia Approves Physical Education Program in Girls’ Schools

Lebanese Woman Digs up Son’s Grave to Make Space for Syrian Boy

India: UP Village Tense over Hindu-Muslim Marriage

214m Women, Around the World, Don’t Use Modern Family Planning Methods: Patel

Despite Threats, Woman Who Opened Liberal Mosque in Berlin Keeps Fighting For Religious Freedom

European Court Of Human Rights Upholds Belgium's Ban on Burqas and Full-Face Islamic Veils

Nigerian Man Reveals Why Muslim Women Are Not Allowed To Wear Perfumes

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Women Seek Priest’s Blessings on Guru Purnima

Iranian Women Spark Debate by Defying Hijab Rule in Cars

Female Afghan Pilot Arrives To Kabul On Historic Solo Round-The-World Flight

'TechGirls' from Middle East and North Africa head to US

Mother, Daughter Killed For ‘Honour’ In Lahore

Women Have Right to Model, Groups Say after Shell Standees Removed

Religious office to handle burial of abused girl

Afghan-American Female Pilot Seeks To Inspire Young Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Female Suicide Bombers Become ISIL's Last Weapon in Mosul

Self-Defense Class Prepares Texas Muslim Women to Fight Back Against Hate

Afghan Cycling Sisters Take Refuge in Home of ‘Grand Boucle’

Progress Linked to Women’s Empowerment: Dr Umar Saif

“Rate at Which Girls Are Spending Time on Social Network Is Worrisome” – Sultan of Sokoto

Female Appointments to Key Positions Show KSA Commitment to Modernization, Says UAE's Lubna Qassim

Muslim Women Wearing Hijabs Are Most At Risk of Islamophobic Attacks - And Only One In Four Australians Would Step In To Stop Racist Abuse

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Egyptian MP Calls for Law to Grant Female Divorcees Part of Husband’s Salary

Saudi Female Driver Speaks Out For Women: 'Your Rights Are Taken, Not Given'

Seconds from Detonation: Female Suicide Bomber Holding Her BABY Is Pictured Moments Before She Blew the Two of Them Up In Mosul in A Bid to Slaughter Soldiers

ISIS Poster Girl Sally Jones Prepares For Last Stand and Will Stay in Syria 'Until Death'

Women Bear the Brunt of Islamophobia: Charles Sturt University Report

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Thrown Out Of Home After Triple Talaq for Bearing a Baby Girl, the Victim Says Might Convert To Hinduism

‘Not Love Jihad’: Muslim Man Moves SC as Kerala HC Scraps Wedding To Hindu Woman

Madras HC Comes To Rescue of Muslim Woman Who Fled Her Marital Home

Boston Woman Claims Hijab Discrimination While Shopping

Saudi Women Entrepreneurs Make Businesses Bloom

NASFAT Women Strategise To Enhance Capacity Development

Six In Ten Dutch Converts Making Their Way to Syria and Iraq Were Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Group Says Shell Ad to Blame for ‘Exploiting’ Women

Strict New Official Dress Code for Women Sparks Anger in Uganda

Afghan All-Girl Engineering Team Denied US Visas While Robot Granted Entry

The Malaysian Islamic Development Department Chides Woman for Her Pet Dog

Kurdish female sniper laughs off ISIS bullet that missed her

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pakistani Woman Creates World’s First Hand-Stitched Quran

Hamas Bans Women from Using Motorcycles

Saudi Women Respond To Cleric's Advice On Acceptable Attire

Saudi Woman Stands On the Stages of the Theatres of Europe

Jharkhand: Tension in Tribal Village after Girl Marries Muslim Man

Boko Haram Kidnaps 37 Women, Nine People Killed

When Muslim Women Are Allowed To Wear Headscarves in Germany, And When Not

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


After M’sian Female Imam Made Headlines, Will We Welcome Progressive Values in Islam on Our Shores?

Shell Removes Malaysian Woman Cut-outs over Groping Pics

Women Directors in Pakistan to More than Double in Three Years

ISIS Women Suicide Bombers Hit Iraqi Troops in Mosul, Kill 1

Dubai Launches Women-Only Ambulance Service

Suicide Bomber Dressed As Woman Kills 14 In Iraq

How Policymakers Can Support A New Crop Of Young, Qualified Women

130% Spike In Saudi Women Joining Workforce; 11.1 Million Expats In Private Sector

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


‘Please Brother, Don’t Kill Me:’ Iraqi Woman Buried Alive By Her Family

My Name Is Muslim, Born To Sikhs, Eye Peace: Miss India Runner-Up

Female Afghanistan Students Denied Chance to Attend US-Based Robotics Competition, But Iranians Given Go-Ahead

How Female Migrant Workers Changed the Face of Their Village in Bangladesh

Germany Offers Unprecedented Police Protection to Woman behind ‘Liberal Mosque’

Woman in a Fix after Bangladeshi Husband Flees With Passports

Bangladesh Arrests Three Female Militants

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Making India’s Muslim Women Change Agents through Education

Education levels the playing field and makes that promise a reality. Once that reality exists for Muslim women they will be able to deliver on that promise for India by helping others up the ladder of success. They will have the capacity to change the face of India and the landscape of the world....

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