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Islam, Women and Feminism

Hijab as an Act of Religious Devotion and Empowerment
Dalia Mogahed

As an American woman who is visibly Muslim, I can personally attest to the wide prevalence of this perception, especially on the part of other women. Even among many liberals, the unquestioned assumption seems to be that I am deserving of their pity before their respect. A well-meaning woman approached me recently in a public bathroom to inform me that I was now “in America” (what?) and that I didn’t have to wear that thing on my head here. ...

Ahed Tamimi Breaks Stereotype of Young Muslim Arab Women

India: Muslim Women Welcome Suggested Changes in Triple Talaq Bill

Hajjah Project: A Down Payment on Making Hajj Easier For Muslim Women

Early Marriages Threaten Health And Safety Of Girl Children In Iran

Dozens of Women, Most Related To Pak Politicians, Ex-Statespersons, Make It to NA

Branded as Bank Robbers, Burqa-Wearing Britons Fear Attack

West Regional Minister Urged Muslim Women to Inculcate Peaceful Virtues in Children

ECP Cancels Shangla Polls over Low Turnout of Women

EU Seeks Details from Saudi Arabia on Women Human Rights Arrests amid Canada Row

Syria's Druze Vow to Free Women And Children Kidnapped By IS

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pak’s Sindh to Let Divorced or Widowed Hindu Women Remarry

Breaking Tradition: 16 Women from Maharashtra Leave For Haj without Male Guardian

Girls under 10 got Married In South-western Iranian Province

Modi Govt’s Triple Talaq Bill Places Burden on Muslim Women to Prove the Offence

Women in UAE Come Together To Celebrate 'Naya Pakistan'

Sufi Women Deprived Of Their Rights at Varamins’ Qarchak Prison

Scottish Tory Councillor Likened Muslim Women to Umbrellas

Bus Driver in Bristol Demands Muslim Woman Remove Niqab

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Islamisation of Laws Remains a Strong Anti-Women Legacy in Pakistan
Khaled Ahmed

Qandeel Baloch was strangled to death in 2016 by her brother to “redeem” the honour of his dirt-poor, mud house-dwelling family. That year, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan announced there were 326 honour killings in the country. “Of the 326 murders, 67 were committed by a husband or ex-partner; 64 by siblings; 41 by parents; 30 by other relatives; 15 by in-laws; and 10 by the deceased’s son or daughter,” the Commission pointed out....


UK: 100 Muslim Women Seek Johnson's Ouster from Tories

Girl Tops Afghan's Varsity Entry Test Results, Vows to Fight for Gender Equity

Mumbai: NGO Seeks Hostel for Muslim Girls

Silicon Valley Sets Out a Path for Saudi Women High-Flyers

Instant Triple Talaq Outlawed But Triple Talaq Still Valid, Here Is the Difference

Nida Khan, Farhat Naqvi Are Filing Fake Cases of Talaq and Halala, Using Muslim Women for Political Gains

Anti-Triple Talaq Crusader Nida Khan to Join BJP

Syrian Women Face Heat, Harassment While Picking Jordan's Crops

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Danish Designer Uses Runway to Make Statement on Burqa Ban

Malaysia Finds Champion for ‘Invisible’ Women in Deputy Premier

Driving Abayas for Comfortable Journey

Ammara Athar First Female DPO: Setting Example for Others to Follow

16 Egyptian Women Judges Promoted To Top Judicial Positions

Kuwaiti Women Granted Full Political Rights in Elections, Candidacy, Leadership Positions

Malaysia under Fire over Plan to Control What Women Wear To Work

Telangana Muslim Girls Stay Longer In School than Boys: Study

Mosul Woman Raising 23 Grandkids Orphaned by IS Conflict

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslims Have Been Pathologised, Homogenised and Stripped Of All Aspects of Their Individuality
Zubaida Haque

This week, even the Prime Minister was moved to call on the ex-foreign secretary to apologise for claiming Muslim women in Burqas “look like letter boxes” and comparing them to “bank robbers.” Boxed into a corner, Boris turned freedom of speech into the last refuge of a scoundrel, claiming his critics were trying to shut down debate about “difficult issues”....


Muslim Women Are Simply Political Fodder, Their Lives A Convenient Battleground
Sayeeda Warsi

There is a pattern here – Muslim women are a quick, easy way to make a point that furthers your interests with certain sections of the media and my party – a useful political football. Where’s the harm in that, you might ask – it’s just politics. Well, this approach is not just offensive, it is dangerous. Johnson’s words have once again validated the view of those that other Muslims....


India's First Sharia Court for Muslim Women Started In Kanpur

Women in Abu Dhabi Urged To Use Female-Only Parking

Pakistan: Woman Made ‘Moharar’ At Dir Police Station

2 Girls School Set on Fire in Pishin District of Pakistan

Couples in Tunisia Unable To Wed despite Law Change

Youngest-Ever Pakistani Lawmaker Vows to Work for Youth and Empowerment of Women

Women's Aid Organisation: Dress Code for Muslim Women in Private Sector Is Discrimination

New York Women's Group Opposes Israel-Hamas Agreement

20-Year-Old Saudi Woman Teaches Filipino Martial Arts

Women In Iran Enjoy Good Freedom, Are Good Planners: Female Diplomat

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Iranian Women Fight Back Against Veil-Filming Attacks from ‘Vice Police’ and Posting Online

Saudi Arabia Could Soon Appoint Women as Judges

Women Lawyers Rejoice Over Growing Legal Role in Saudi Arabia

Pioneering Saudi Female Director Keen to Film Back Home

Women Must Lead Iraq's Anti-Corruption Fight, Baghdad Mayor Says 

Boris Johnson: Muslim Women Wearing Burqas ‘Look like Letter Boxes’

10-Year-Old Abu Dhabi Girl Hasn't Stepped Out Of Her Tin-Roofed Home in Years

Egypt's Salafists Start Offering Marriage Counselling

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Hijab-Wearing Malaysian-Born Nurul Placed Fifth In Miss Universe NZ

This Young Progressive Could Become the First Palestinian-American Member of Congress

Saudi Women’s Football Team Defies Stereotypes

Persian Stories Illustrate Afghan Women Clashing With Their Patriarchal Society

Suicide Took the Lives of Five More Women and Girls in Iran

Remembering Iran’s Brave Women in the Constitutional Revolution

US-backed SDF Ready to Help Sweida’s Women Taken by IS

Remarkable Bahraini Women Doctors Presence Hailed

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Wafiq: Don’t Deny Women the Right to Wear Hijab

Al-Jazirah to Pay for Licenses for Female Customers

Two Women Appointed To Board of Tawafa Body

Malala Urges Rebuilding Of Girls’ Schools Torched In GB

Baha’i Women In Iran Dismissed From Jobs, Sentenced To Jail

Pakistan: Zainab Murder Convict Handed Death Penalty for Rape, Murder of 3 Other Girls

Yemeni Women Rally for 'Resistance' After Saudi Carnage

Ohio State Student Looking For Female, Muslim Sports Fans for Research Project

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Bombay High Court Reunites Hindu Girl with Muslim Family That Brought Her Up

First Woman Fined In Denmark for Wearing Full-Face Veil

Women Turnout in Elections Was an Achievement, But More Needs Doing

Youngest Woman Jailed In UK for Terrorism

Saudi Women’s Team Sweeps First Prize Of $266,000 in Hajj Hackathon

Hundreds of Pregnant Women Risk Death in Yemen: U.N

Bibi Maryam Bakhtiari, the First Iranian Female Military Commander

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Selangor to Raise Minimum Marriage Age for Muslim Girls To 18

UAE Friday Sermon: The Equal Role of Women in Islam

The Race for First Muslim Woman in US Congress

Muslim Women Can Be Granted Divorce Maintenance by Courts: Bombay HC

Saudi Women Join the Challenge during Hajj Hackathon In Jeddah

Iranian Woman Hurls Abuse and Then Attacks another Female Driver In The Middle Of the Road Because She's Not Wearing A Hijab

Women Activists Seek To Boost Women's Role in Iraqi Politics

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


No Law Has Been Adopted To Criminalise Sex Trafficking Within Pakistan
Zubeida Mustafa

He wrote, “O Sister, You have touched a very sore point of my being. Prudes, hypocrites and idiots may deny the existence of brothels in any sizable town in Pakistan. This flesh industry cannot run for a single day without the knowledge and protection of the local police who get rewarded handsomely both in cash as well as in kind. I had a long and painful experience of this flesh trade after my nine-year-old niece was kidnapped in the 1980s. She was sold through a chain of agents to a pimp who operated brothels in Sukkur, Rawalpindi and Dubai. The kidnappers, the intermediaries, the pimps and the cops were, incidentally, all honourable men.”...


Selangor to Raise Minimum Age for Marriage for Muslim Women

Marina, Women’s Groups Join Criticism against Wan Azizah over Child Marriage

Raped and Jailed: Indonesian Girl's Plight Prompts Call to Legalize Abortion

Saudi Arabia Arrests 2 Women's Rights Activists: HRW

PAS, Umno Unite to Defend Muslim Women’s Modesty

English Law Applies To Islamic Marriage, Judge Rules in Divorce Case

Woman Hopes UAE Amnesty Will Allow Her to Attend Her Wedding

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Iranian Women Face the Very Shaming I Was Being Subjected To If They Publicly Oppose Compulsory Hijab
Masih Alinejad

When I think about who I am fighting for, all I need to do is watch the final moments of the show, in which my great-nieces, 4 and 6 years old, are paraded in front of the cameras wearing chadors. Seeing them takes me back to the time in my life when I was forced to cover my hair, when I was told that my own body was shameful and when I was almost punched in a parliamentary corridor by a cleric because two strands of hair were peeking out from under my head scarf....

Barbie’s Latest Doll Inspired by Olympic Athlete Wears Hijab

Palestinian Women Jailed For Anti-Occupation Poems

Female Plumbers, Electricians To Fix Glitches In Pilgrim Camps

120 Female Guides to Serve Pilgrims This Hajj Season

Faisal Islamic Bank Of Egypt Recruits Its First Women

To Avoid Triple Talaq-Halala, Muslim Girls Should Convert and Marry Hindu Boys: Sadhvi Prachi

Danish Muslim Women to Protest Veil Ban across Country

Women Who Moved Court against Triple Talaq Seek Protection

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Noon Supports Saudi Arabia’s First Female Collective Running

Making History: First Arab Woman Appointed Dean at Hebrew University

Pakistan: At least four Gujarat, Mandi Bahauddin Women to Get Reserved Seats

Dir Woman Likely To Be Nominated By PTI for Reserved Seat

7-Year-Old Minor Bride Girl Killed By Her Husband in Badghis Province of Afghanistan

Saudi Shoura Members Propose Compensation for Divorcees

Man Attacked for Talking to Muslim Woman near Mangaluru, India

Some Danish Muslims to Defy Face Veil Ban

Daesh Kidnaps 36 Women, Children after Attacks in Syria’s Suwayda: Report

Boko Haram: Teenage Girl Rescued From Terrorists’ Camp

23 Percent of Mobile App Developers in Iran Are Women

Egyptian Women Hope to Form Country’s First Parkour Team

Supreme Court Of India Slams FGM Practice in Dawoodi Bohra Muslim Community

Iran, Indonesia Sign MOU on Women’s Empowerment

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Woman Reunites with Hindu Husband after Four Weeks; Delhi HC Slams Police for Forcibly Separating Them

IS Threatens To Murder Druze Women Hostages

Israel Bans Two Jerusalem Women from Praying At Al-Aqsa Mosque

‘Arab Girl’ a Living Symbol Of Emirati Women, Says Sheikha Fatima

King Fahd University Of Petroleum and Minerals Announces Academic Job Vacancies For Women

Indonesia, Iran Sign Agreement on Women and Children Protection

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Placing Women Front and Centre of UAE’s Corporate Management

Ahed Tamimi, Symbol Of Mid East Conflict, Prepares For Freedom

Eight Women Who Made It to NA of Pakistan through Direct Election

Sisters Are Cooking It For Themselves At Iraq's Women-Only Restaurant

14 Women Kidnapped By Islamic State after Syria’s As Suwaida Attack: Activists

Sedigheh Saminejad, The First Iranian Actress

Detained Syrian Women Face Stigma upon Release

UAE Labour Law: Workplace Rights Every Woman Must Know

Afghanistan: Gunmen Kill and Wound Staff at Midwife Training Centre

It Takes a Village in Egypt to Show Women’s Heroism

Fifa Appoints Dr Rima As Medical Officer For Women's Under-20 World Cup In France

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Coffee with a Cop - Hyderabad Cops' Initiative for Muslim Girls

Entry of Women from Minority Communities in Higher Education Sees Upward Trend

Women like Us: British Muslimahs Resist

Jeddah Artists Eulogize Homeland during Women’s Poetry Night

Women Defied Decades of Tradition to Vote in Pakistan Election

Women’s Wellness and Research Centre Launches Qatar’s First Postnatal Midwifery Home Care Program

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


More Jordanian Women are Marrying Foreigners than Ever Before

Child Widows, a Major Catastrophe in Iran

Pakistani Women Make History as Tribal Women Vote For The First Time

The Invisible Female Candidates Shut Out Of Pakistan's Elections

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Have Female Environmental Inspectors

Dear Sondos Al Qattan: Please Don't Hide Behind Your Hijab

International Praise for Empowering Saudi Women

Iraq Wants to Send Home Wives and Children of Moroccan ISIS Fighters

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


No Pakistani Women Vote In Village in Multan, Over Fear of Divorce

Fatwa Is a Feminist Issue: Saudi Women Want More Sway in Religious Affairs

53pc of Afghan Women Experience Physical Violence

Woman Elected To Head Opposition Council in Western Aleppo

In Pakistan Conservative Areas See Women Vote for First Time

What Is Nikah Halala? All You Need To Know

New-Look Abaya That Blends Faith, Fashion — and Function

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Neurologist Forms All-Female Diving Group to Protect Marine Life

Pakistan Election 2018: Malala Yousafzai Urges Women to Vote In Large Numbers

Women Candidates Determined To Change Political Scene In Pakistan

Malaysia to Have Women-Friendly Sports Complex in Three Years, Minister Says

Sudanese Court Annuls Marriage of 11-Year-Old Girl to Man Aged 40

Perfect Recipe: Saudi Women Chefs Are Putting Change on the Menu at Riyadh’s Ritz-Carlton

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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