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Islam, Women and Feminism

Causes and Effects of Growing Divorce Cases
Dr. Fowziya Al-Bakr

“Each community has its own reasons for increasing divorce cases. The main reason for divorce in our community is marriage without understanding, knowledge and love.” Other reasons are: marriage without planning as some individuals marry brides who are their mothers’ choice; lack of belief in future security and decay of social values and lack of efforts to formulate alternative values and systems to stabilize families….


Tunisian Women's Rights Plan Rattles Muslim Traditionalists

Girl Strapped With Bomb Kills Five in Cameroon Mosque

What Attracts Japanese Women To 'Islamic State'?

Yazidi Women Undergo A Rebirth Ceremony After Islamic State Enslavement

Pakistani Girl Subjected To Acid Attack

Pak Cops Held As Woman-Torture Video Goes Viral

Liberia: Women Initiative for Self Help Ends Workshop on Gender Base Violence

The British Female Thai-Boxing Champion - Who Kept Her Training Secret from Her Strict Muslim Family

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Pakistani Hindu girl allegedly abducted, converted and married off against her will in Sindh

Forced conversions of Christian girls in Pakistan make a mockery of its constitution

The hijab in Indonesia: From oppression to high fashion

Iran: Women’s Groups Slam Violence Against Rohingya Muslims

Woman beaten by cop arrested

New proposal calls for granting licences to men and women alike

Woman drowns in failed attempt to save son

Singapore's First Female President Will Be A Hijab-Wearing Muslim Woman

Girls outshine boys in HSC part-II result

Police investigate connection of woman linked to hoax syndicate with Anies

Egyptian girl uses mobile to document harassment on public transport

Tunisian women's rights plan rattles Muslim traditionalists

6 women offer massage to men online in Dubai, rob them

Saudi Woman Showcases her Experience in Attorneyship in United States

Iran: Kurdish woman arrested in Mahabad

Woman arrested, ASI let off scot-free

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Hundreds of Muslim women rally in support of triple talaq, decry ‘bid’ to dilute Sharia

Woman seeks protection from family after conversion, freewill marriage

Iraq holds 1,300 IS women, children

ASI filmed beating helpless woman on court premises

Woman abducted by husband’s rivals

Woman is beaten with a cane as she and ten other men and women are whipped for crimes ranging from adultery to gambling under Indonesia's sharia law

Malay Woman to Be Singapore President, Puts Minority Representation on Agenda

Muslim woman seeks divorce at press conference but clerics play hard to get

Jordan’s women plumbers fix pipes as men leave puddles

Saudi Shoura Council calls to hire specialized women to issue fatwas

Toronto festival documentary offers glimpse into sharia, women’s rights

Empowering women: Hunza Valley makes it to the top

How cycling is keeping the fight for women’s rights moving in Saudi Arabia

On the memoir of Shahla Habibi, the first Iranian female presidential advisor

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Forced conversions of Christian girls in Pakistan make a mockery of its constitution

1400 foreign women, children left behind by Daesh after Tal Afar liberation

Buddhist woman’s wedding with Muslim sparks tension in Ladakh

Schools chief inspector to meet Muslim campaigners who are calling for a ban on hijabs in state primaries

Muslim woman takes ‘divorce’ at press meet in Lucknow

Parents seek arrest of wadera for daughter’s murder

Call for women MPs to wear hijab

142 Saudi women work in 11 airports

Marriage of underage girl prevented

Teenage girl commits suicide

US envoy optimistic about growing role of Afghan women in economic development

A skilled Arab woman in solidarity with societies torn by war, disease

How Tunisian women inspired monogamy in Islam centuries ago

Muslim woman becomes first hijabi to win Australian council election

Muslim women in mosque committees of Kerala shatter the myths built by right-wing media

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No Polygamy, Nikah Halala in Mahila Andolan's Proposed Muslim Family Law

Women's jail gives special outfits to Muslim prisoners for when they need to be checked by sniffer dogs

Muslim woman divorces 'torturing' husband at press meet

My Pure Land tells the true story of NazoDharejo, the woman who fought off 200 bandits

Sexual desires of Arab women unveiled by prizewinning novelist LeïlaSlimani

Tajikistan officials are texting women to tell them what to wear

Mewat women go high-tech under burkha

Saudi female inspectors hired to inspect women-only shops in Makkah, Madinah

 ‘Khadhi Purdah’ with desi touch a hit among women in Kerala

8 different hijab styles from around the world

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Thousands Of British Schools Approve Muslim Hijab As Uniform

Orphan girl raped in front of sister, brother-in-law

Women at margins of Indonesian society study Islam

Women do not receive equal opportunities in sports, says journalist

Sons and daughters of Saudi mothers married to non-Saudi fathers

Iran: Women teachers hold another protest

Girl among three die in different incidents

Police to probe woman threatening council officer with steering lock

Women in Politics: Barely visible

German woman on trial in Turkey over failed coup: media

To Muslim Women: ‘I Love You Dearly, Regardless Of What Stage Of Islam You Operate In’

Two women, caught in the vortex of Syria’s police state

Yemeni Women Rise to Challenge of Helping Others During Wartime

Canadian Muslim site advocates for female circumcision

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Marriage Most Foul
K. Venkateshwarlu

Hyderabad had a long history of Nizams hiring Chaush Arabs, mostly from Yemen, as military guards who were lodged in barracks (now known by the corrupted colloquial name of Barkas). These Arabs brought along with them the ritual of paying dowry and offering gifts to families who gave their girls in marriage. When oil was struck in Saudi Arabia and other parts of West Asia, and the situation turned tumultuous in Hyderabad in the late 1940s, a number of Chaush Arabs preferred to return to their country, taking with them their local wives and relatives. But the ritual stayed behind. …


Women Inherit Less Under Islam, Tunisia is trying to change that

Girls clinch top positions in HSSC exams

Calgary Muslim website defends female circumcision and critiques 'Jewish media'

Neighbors complain about woman for ‘wearing shorts at her home’ in Turkish capital

Singapore police arrests man, woman for 'terrorism-related' activity

Pregnant woman suffering severe pain kills herself after family refuses cesarean

Girl abducted during robbery at house

Man sentenced to three years in jail for kicking woman on Istanbul bus ‘for wearing shorts’

Agreement inked for supporting girls’ right to education

Survey results reaffirm trend of growing conservatism in Indonesia

Hyderabad: Rise in demand for mufti course among women

Women and the Masjid

Afghan travel entrepreneur aims to give female students chance to fly to success

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Tired Of Communal Conflicts In Northern Nigeria, Women-Led Peace Networks Take Action
Members Of The Angwan Rogo Peace Network

Iran Establishes Special Parliament for Women

Woman who sought to join Islamic State group gets 8 years

Uniform Civil Code: Modi's concern for Muslim women lacks sincerity

Girls college teachers protest ‘manhandling’ by officials

‘Malala hate’ is still real in Pakistan

Rights group: Cops forced 12 women from village over sexuality

Iran hackers demand women be allowed to watch football

Saudi Labor Ministry: Number of women working in retail reaches 200,000

Sisters who survived family suicide in recovery

Iraq suspects four Germans, including teen girl, of supporting Islamic State

DAP dismisses claim that Guan Eng bullied PKR woman rep

Over a million women pilgrims perform the Haj: GaStat

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The First Liberal Mosque in Germany Features A Female Imam without Headscarf

Female genital mutilation defended in article on ‘Muslims in Calgary’ website

Raped woman had to ‘bribe’ police for filing case

Woman commits suicide

Muslim model Resham Khan posts first pictures after acid attack

Afghanistan’s oldest female asylum seeker faces deportation from Sweden

She’s a Nobel winner heading to Oxford. But ‘Malala hate’ is still real in Pakistan.

Losing faith in Rouhani, Iranian women ever defiant

Zuraida takes Najib to task over women’s rights

Activist: ‘Name-shaming’ to promote women a good move

Group calls for Indonesia gov’t to investigate raid on women

LGBT crackdown feared in Indonesia after 12 women evicted from home

Woman on trial for forcing Malaysian friend to work in Perth brothel

World Cup: Iranian women refused entry to match despite holding tickets

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Isis Is Increasingly Trying To Attract Women Fighters In Iraq And Syria

Malaysian women most successful in the world, Najib says

Professor's anti-Muslim comments 'dangerous' - Islamic Women's Council

Saudi women volunteers provide medical services to pilgrims

How a Muslim woman from Malaysia became the Mother Teresa of Montreal

Give us two-thirds majority to pass unilateral child conversion ban, Najib tells women

West ‘trying to disempower Muslim women‘

Women among 32 perish in different incidents on Eid

106-year-old Afghan woman faces deportation from Sweden

Hijab-wearing American Muslim editor slams Australia for treating domestic violence deaths as a 'social issue' but condemning them as 'honour killings' in Islamic countries

South Africa: Opposing Views of Muslim Marriage Clash in Court

'We are an example to the Arab world': Tunisia's radical marriage proposals

Pak girl killed in border fire

Sabah faces threat of militant women, kids from Philippines

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Why the Triple Talaq Verdict Was a Flawed One
Rajeev Dhavan

At times, Indian courts have made what Gandhiji called "egregious blunders" in discharging this task of interpretation (such as on Hindu gains of learning and Muslim Waqfs for family). However, Anglo-Indian courts have been rightly entrusted with this task which includes examining the view of Muslim jurists. In that sense, Justice Kurian approached the issue in the right spirit of interpretation. If Justice Nariman’s view is taken, huge consequences beyond the issues in this case would result....

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3.  The Process for Divorce in the Quran

4. Sultan Shahin Raises Triple Talaq Issue at UNHRC, Asks Muslims to Engage In Serious Rethinking Of Islamic Theology and Bring It In Line With the Needs of 21st Century

5.  The Triple Talaq Case: The Unjust Muslim Men and Their Unjust Leaders

6.   Instant Triple Talaq Judgment and After


Makkah Women Custom: Spending Quality Time at the Mosque

Govt Taking Steps for Destroyed FATA Girls Schools Reconstruction

Kenya: Girls' School Fire Claims 7 Lives, 16 Wounded

Volunteer programme for women and children launched

Employment of women at Haj applauded

Gurl, what do you know about hijab hair woes?

300 new Iranian female bosses contribute to economy after training program

Iran Slams US Blockade on Buses Carrying Women, Children in Syria

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Of Politics, Talaq and Judgments
A G Noorani

Then attorney-general Mukul Rohatgi “was emphatic” that not only triple Talaq but two others — Talaq-I-Ahsan And Talaq-I-Hasan — were unconstitutional. One judge pointed out that, in that event, Muslim men would have no remedy for divorce. Rohatgi replied in the affirmative, but assuring that Parliament would enact legislation “within no time”. No government can give such an assurance on legislation and despatch. Was Rohatgi speaking on instructions or was he on a frolic of his own? In either case, the motive is revealed — not reform but repeal of Sharia by legislation.....

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1.  Triple Talaq Must Be Invalidated Constitutionally and Criminalized – Inclusion of Prohibitive Clause in Nikahnama Could Allow Its Perpetuation by Defaulters

2.  AIMPLB Advocates Of Instant Triple Talaq Are Gender Terrorists And Traitors Of Islam And May Be Sued For Human Rights Violation Under Cover Of Religion

3.  The Process for Divorce in the Quran

4. Sultan Shahin Raises Triple Talaq Issue at UNHRC, Asks Muslims to Engage In Serious Rethinking Of Islamic Theology and Bring It In Line With the Needs of 21st Century

5.  The Triple Talaq Case: The Unjust Muslim Men and Their Unjust Leaders

6.   Instant Triple Talaq Judgment and After


A New Tune on Women’s Rights in the Arab World
Shereen El Feki

Over the past three months, significant legal reforms on women’s rights have advanced in a handful of countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Last week, Lebanon’s Parliament finally repealed its rape law, which allowed assailants to escape punishment if they wed their victims. Two weeks earlier, Jordan, too, closed its “marry your rapist” loophole, and has also amended an article in its penal code that granted lesser penalties for “fits of fury,” a.k.a. honour killings —.....


Girls As Young As Five Are Allowed To Wear Hijabs as Part of Approved Primary School Uniforms in UK

The Palestinian Female Director Who Was Issued a Fatwa for Her First Film

This Book Is Changing the Way People Look at Muslim Women

Two women and a child Killed in Saudi-led airstrike in NW Yemen

Who Is Shayara Bano, the Triple Talaq Crusader

Is The Court Right To Annul This Marriage Between A Muslim Man And Hindu Woman? 

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Dominated Tajikistan Bans Veils for Women
Photo: Tajikistan government has banned its women

Making a Monster: She Doesn't Regret Torturing Women for ISIS

Three Yazidi Women Rescued From Islamic State Captivity In Tal Afar

Woman ‘Shouts Racist Abuse at Muslims from Her Car Window ‘in UK

'This Is War' First British Woman to Join Fight against ISIS Vows To Continue Battle

Former British YPJ Volunteer Says IS Fights Females More ‘Ferociously’

All-Woman Soldiers-Police Team Ready to Help In Marawi Rehab

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


South Africa: 'State Fails to Protect Women in Muslim Marriages'

No Role In Converting Women To Islam: President, National Women’s Front

Arab Women Are Driving Their Own Change - They Deserve Respect, Not Pity

Activists Call For Strengthening Women’s Role in Pakistan Parliament

Thousands Express Unity with One-Eyed Yemeni Girl Injured In Saudi Raid

Pioneer Malaysian Woman Cop Bears Witness to Birth of Nation

Saudi Arabia Edges More Women into Work

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


So Few Muslim Women Wear the Burqa in Europe That Banning It Is a Waste of Time

Empowerment of Women Govt’s Top Priority: Pakistan Minister

South Africa: Muslim Women and Children Have Been Disadvantaged, Court Hears

Iran Reviewing Bill to Protect Women against Violence

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


For First Time, Saudi Women Step Into Haj Emergency Role

`Female Circumcision Is an Established Practice in Islam', Says SYS

Saudi Female Passport Officers Assigned At Airports

Marriage Not Made In Heaven in Islam: Veteran Actress-Activist Shabana Azmi

Can Child Marriage Be Stopped? One Girl Did and Wants Others in Indonesia to Follow

Reopening Of Women Crisis Centres, Bilawal Hails Verdict

Emirati Woman Restores Confidence of Acid Attack Victims

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


To Empower Women, We Must Transform Culture
Yara al-Wazir

The legal changes that have happened are welcome and encouraging however it is perhaps more important for culture to evolve at the same speed as the laws. Cultural values are the biggest impediment to the advancement of women’s rights right now, not the law....


God is kind; the holy book (Quran) treats man and woman equally. It also commands man to be fair to woman. But man is not only argumentative but prejudiced against woman. Minorities are often conservative and confrontational. They tend to protect their identity and hence see reforms as attempts to curb their religious freedom.  ...

Emirati 'Women Have Conquered All Milestones'

UAE Women Prosecutors Play Vital Role in Investigations

South Africa Court Battle to Recognise Muslim Marriage

Woman Takes Office as Mayor in Iran

Three Yazidi Women Rescued From Islamic State Captivity in Tal Afar

What Should Be Done With The Foreign Women And Children Who Joined Isis?

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Talaq, Talaq, Talaq: Marriage Is a Serious Matter
Garga Chatterjee

The religious minority is considered somebody else’s child in this post-partition sub-continental religious national imaginary. Thus, Muslims of the Indian Union are children of Pakistan by definition. In certain areas of the Indian Union, Muslims also tend to be children of Bangladesh....

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