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Islam, Women and Feminism

‘Beti Bachao, Bahu Lao’: RSS Group to Help Muslim Women Marry Hindu Men

Pakistan World's Fourth Worst Country for Women, Says Report

Somalia: Commanding Attention - a Female Al-Shabaab Ex-Commander Speaks Out

Saudi Women Scholars Call Out Prince's Reform Agenda

Balqees Fathi Shines at Saudi Arabia's First Female-Only Concert

When It Comes To Women, Trump Is Turning Back The Clock

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Women Need To Play a Role in ‘Restoring’ Saudi Islam
Sheema Khan

The postcolonial period had ushered in a more egalitarian view, in which men and women are on the same moral plane before God. However, this approach has had uneven acceptance. Very rarely will men give up their privileged position to be on equal footing with women. Yet Muslim women still insist on gender justice....


Saudi Arabia appears to have opened up opportunities for women by realizing that the country cannot advance until women’s rights are improved in the kingdom. But it is clear that in the case of Iran, women are unlikely to be able to effectively continue the advancement of their rights until religious figures change their outlook toward women and the government demonstrates political will to engage in such reforms, too....


I Want Total Freedom, I Want To Meet My Husband: Hadiya

Take a Look inside a New Transitional Shelter for Muslim Women in Windsor

To Make Instant Triple Talaq A Crime, Govt Looks To Change Shah Bano Law

Pakistan Ranked Fourth Worst Country for Women: Report

UN Seeks Report from Myanmar on Rapes, Deaths of Rohingya Women

S Sudan Violence against Women ‘Twice the Global Average’

Call for Flexible Hours for Working Saudi Women

Embrace Hinduism before Marriage, Girl Tells Muslim Boyfriend

MoU Signed For Women, Children Protection during Disasters

Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team Overcomes Setbacks to Win Contest in Europe

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Indonesia's 'Neqab Squad' Takes Aim at Face Veil Prejudice

Ofsted Accused of Racism over Hijab Questioning In Primary Schools

Hadiya Back in Salem College Hostel, Principal Says She Is Still Akhila for Us

Pakistan Minister Sees Women’s ‘Empowerment’ Thru Nikahnama

Female Circumcision in Sri Lanka Is 'Just a Nick,' Not Mutilation: Supporters

Girls’ Physical Education Classes Raise Questions about Suitable Uniforms in Saudi Schools

National Experts Meet On Saudi ‘Women’s Empowerment’ Agenda

Call for Ensuring Provision of Emergency Services in Women-Only Facilities in KSA

Babson Global Centre Appoints Saudi Woman as Managing Director

Iran: Woman MP Admits Violence against Women Is Pervasive

Iran: Women and Men Trained As Nurse Stage Protest In Tehran

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'Love-Jihad' Case: Wife Has Her Own Identity, Husband Can't Be Guardian, SC Tells Hadiya

‘Are You Being Forced?’ UK Muslim Schoolgirls Wearing the Hijab to Be Quizzed

Saudi Entertainment Authority Sets Regulations for Female Performers in Family Shows

Saudi Female Entrepreneurs Increase By 35% in 10 Years: Report

17-Year-Old Danish Girl Jailed For Planning Bomb Attacks on Schools

22-Year-Old Montreal Woman Escapes Daesh with Infant Daughters Three Years After Travelling To Syria

3% of Restaurants and Cafes Owned By Saudi Women

Shoura to Discuss Recommendation for Women to Hold Leadership Positions In Saudi Missions Abroad

Dubai Women Establishment Hosts Knowledge-Sharing Session

Oscars Bid For Story of ‘Pakistan’s Toughest Woman’

Iran: Expansion of Protests by Girl Students

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Kerala Love Jihad: I Want My Freedom, Hadiya Says; SC Orders Her to Rejoin College

Muslims Organise Funds for Hindu Woman’s wedding in Bengal Village

More Women in the Workforce, Saudi-Style

Nearly 2,000 Women Killed In Eight Years in Turkey

Iran: Rise in Husbands’ Abuse of Women Due To Poverty, Unemployment

Follow Islam to Protect Women's Rights: Pakistan Minister

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Indian Woman in 'Love Jihad' Case, Akhila Ashokan, Says Was Not Forced To Convert

An American Education for Women in Qatar

WEEGS to Seek Empowerment of Women at the Workplace

UAE- Sheikha Jawaher Calls For More Empowerment of Women in the Workplace

Nelly Can't Have a Female Crowd in Saudi Arabia

‘Because I’m A Man,’ Liverpool Star Salah Backs Egypt Women’s Rights

4 Jordanian Women to Be Deported For Practicing Sorcery

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Hijab Is As Modern As Any Other Attire, Says Woman Who Was Denied Job over Hijab

Bill Banning Triple Talaq Would Free Muslim Women: Shiv Sena

Muslim Teacher Wearing Head Scarf in San Jose Repeatedly Bullied By Students

Pakistani Men Pledge To Make Their Districts ‘Violence-Free Zones’ For Women

OIC Calls On Member States to Address Violence against Women

Iran: Women Actively Partake In Protest in Kerman

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Criminalising Triple Talaq: Will It Liberate Women?
Flavia Agnes

Granting the police an additional handle to incarcerate Muslim men may fit in perfectly well with the anti-Muslim agenda of a right-wing government. When the entire community is pushed to the wall and the lynching on a mere suspicion of possessing beef can cost a poor Muslim his life, how will this move empower the community or Muslim women within this community?....

Muslim Women Groups Want Triple Talaq to Be Held Invalid, Not Criminalised

Love Jihad: ‘Love Marriages Being Taken To Court Now’

UP Civic Body Polls: BJP Wants EC to Verify Identities of Women in Burqas

Jammu and Kashmir: Tackling Prejudice, 20 Girls Set For Soccer Meet

5,000 Saudi Women Build Careers in Mobile Phones Maintenance

German Police Train Female Saudi Border Inspectors

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Bill to Scrap Minimum Age for Marriage of Muslim Girls Stirs Outrage in Iraq

French Woman Accusing Tariq Ramadan of Rape Placed Under Police Protection

Interior Ministry Stresses Women’s Right to Drive without Obstacles

Sexual Attacks against Rohingya Muslim Women, Girls May Be War Crimes, Says UN Envoy

Iran: Young Women Actively Partake In Protest at Kharazmi University

‘Slow, Painful Death’ Of Yazidi Woman’s Body and Soul While Enslaved by the Islamic State

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Triple Talaq: Ban This Un-Islamic Practice And Bring In A Uniform Civil Code
M Muneer

A uniform civil code will bridge the chasm between innocent Muslims who blindly follow the clerics, and the Right-wing fringe. Muslims should welcome the idea of joining the mainstream by embracing a uniform civil code. Parliament must seriously think about reformative laws that will benefit everyone....


Indian Muslim Women Demand Codification of Personal Law

Triple Talaq: Woman Files Complaint after Husband Divorces Her Over Phone

Pakistani Woman Becomes First Muslim Detective Superintendent Of Scotland Yard

Woman Freed From Taliban Captivity Gives Details Of Brutality

Will Women Be Exempt From Some Traffic Penalties In Saudi Arabia?

Egyptian Company Launches Women-Only Buses to Deter Harassment

Iran: Where the Regime Opposes Women’s Rights

Two Pakistani Women Make A Mark At 2017's N-Peace Awards

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Ibtihaj Muhammad: A New Look For Barbie
Rafia Zakaria

But none of the people in the Muslim world, not the evangelists prescribing the Hijab nor the non-wearing faithful who have irked them, are particularly important to the debate as it pertains to a Barbie doll. First of all, in a world wracked by war and displacement, where children starve and wash ashore dead, the promise of a doll, let alone a very expensive one, whether or not she wears a Hijab, is not anything within the realm of possibility....


Most Women In UK Who Have Islamic Wedding Miss Out On Legal Rights

Girl Of 19 Axed To Death In Pakistan Honour Killing

Education Still Eludes Many Pakistani Girls

70,000 Jobs Awaiting Saudi Women In Four Sectors

Iran: Women, Children Without Basic Resources In Areas Hit By Quake

Iran: Women Stage Protest Gathering To Support Their Worker Husbands

Women’s Rights Are Under Threat In Iraq

Kerala Women's Commission Denied Permission To Meet Hadiya

Dawoodi Bohra Women Write To PM Narendra Modi Against Female Genital Mutilation

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She tells them she’s a nurse when they inquire, as they always do. She leaves the house in civilian clothes and changes into her crisp uniform only when she’s on base. This Afghan woman in her 20s, who asked that her name not be used for her safety, is part of a small, brave group of women serving in Afghanistan’s security forces. If her neighbours found out, she says, they’d surely kill her.....

UK Inspectors to Question Primary School Girls Who Wear Hijab

 ‘Teacher Pulls off Muslim Student's Hijab in US

Four Kerala Women Apply To Perform Haj without ‘Mehram’

Bamyan Cafe Gives Afghan Women a Safe Space

Kashmir-Born Pakistani Woman Farhat Asif Wins N-Peace Award

Iran Appoints Sunni Woman as Local Governor

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Women Must Speak for Ourselves
Mona Eltahawy

Predictably, both the rock and the hard place tried to hijack the voices of those Muslim women. The Islamophobic right said the women would be better off if they left Islam. The Muslim men warned the women that Islamophobes would use their complaints against Muslim men. But the women weren’t deterred. They continued to insist that they could speak for themselves, with power and humour....

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Photo Morphed to Spread Awareness on Love Jihad at Rajasthan Fair

Love Jihad In Mumbai? Former Model Accuses Husband Of Physical Abuse, Forcing Her To Convert To Islam

Hijab Is No Hurdle As Salva Fatima Is All Set To Join Airline After Being One Of Four Muslim Women To Hold CPL

Terengganu Gov't Strongly Opposes Hotels Discriminating Muslim Women with Headscarves

Driving Schools For Saudi Women Operational From March

Muslim Woman Entrepreneur Starts Party to Empower All Women

Spectre Of Deportation Gives Muslim Women Sleepless Nights

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Kneeling Woman Is Brutally Caned For Adultery By Masked Sharia Law Enforcer In Indonesia

Child Marriage Is Statutory Rape, Says Sabah Minister

Malala Makes It To The Prestigious ‘150 Visionary Women’ List

Saudi Arabia to Open Justice Ministry Jobs to Women, Legalizes Yoga

In New Book, Muslim Sisters Hope To Dispel The Mystery Behind The Hijab

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Iran: Women Entering Addiction Cycle Doubled In 10 Years

Fairfax Teacher Suspended after Complaint That a Student’s Hijab Was Yanked Off

British Muslim Who Applied For Nursery Job in Kuwait Told She Must Remove Her Hijab

Angelina Jolie Condemns Sexual Violence against Rohingya Women Refugees

Myanmar Troops Gang-Raped Rohingya Women and Girls: HRW

Dubai Women’s Run Eyes Record Turnout

Saudi Women Allowed To Work in Justice Ministry

Malala Named as One of Bazaar’s 150 Visionary Women

Parsi Woman Contests Raj-Era Personal Law

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


TISS Woman Denied Job In Delhi Orphanage. Reason: She Is A Muslim With Hijab

Noh Omar: Withdraw Licences Of Hotels Banning Hijab For Staff

First Women’s Sports Forum In Jeddah Next Month

Saudi Women Visiting Neighbouring Countries To Take Driving Lessons

ECP Official Says 12.1m Women Missing From Electoral Rolls

Iran: Women Entering Addiction Cycle Doubled In 10 Years

Women And Youth ‘Will Drive Saudi Arabia’s Digital Future”

Through Ties Of Friendship,  Muslim And Jewish Women Unite Against Hate

Rohingya Woman In Bangladesh Helps Others Flee Myanmar

Pennsylvania: State Commission For Women Gets First Muslim Member

PPP Empowering Women At Every Level: Nasir

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Turkish Marriage Law a Blow to Women's Rights, Say Activists

Saudi Arabia Concerned Over Female Terrorism at Universities, Schools

First Football Tournament for Saudi Women

Dangote Builds N100 Million Mosque in Abuja, Hands It Over Muslim Women

Kerala Women’s Panel Chief Not Allowed to Meet Hadiya

Gearing Up To Support Their Team: Women in Saudi Can Now Don Abayas in Club Colours

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


New Barbie Is Modelled After American Olympian Who Wears a Hijab
Christine Hauser

There was a range of reactions to the new doll online, and Ms. Muhammad said she had braced for a backlash. “As a public figure who is Muslim I am very accustomed to trolling — that is a part of my life,” she said. “But it is still very shocking to me to read the very negative comments about dolls. We are still in a moment where we are unearthing this bigoted America that we all hoped and prayed did not exist.”...

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