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Islam, Women and Feminism

Since a law making it illegal for Muslim men to divorce their wives by pronouncing the word “Talaq” three times was finally passed by the Indian parliament at the end of July, it has been the focus of bitter argument....


First Saudi Woman Appointed As Traffic Collision Inspector with Najm

First Major Russian Brand to Feature Hijab-Wearing Model, Titled 'Just Be Yourself'

Aasia Bibi: Pakistan Is My Country, Pakistan Is My Homeland, I Love My Country, I Love My Soil

Two Muslim Women Brutally Attacked At London Tube Station

Muslim Woman’s Niqab Is ripped off as she’s ‘Beaten in London Street In front Of Her Horrified Children’

Pune: American Woman Abuses, Assaults Doctor Wearing Burqa, Booked

249,000 Kuwaiti Women Married To Foreigners Until 2018

Islamophobic Incidents Rose 375% After Boris Johnson Compared Muslim Women To ‘Letterboxes’, Figures Show

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Women Teach Young Boys for the First Time in Saudi Public Schools

Iran Starts New Hijab Enforcement Plan to Suppress Women

Iran Arrests Female Political Activist Requesting Khamenei's Resignation

Brave Iranian Women Step Up Their War on ‘Gender Apartheid’

Woman Hunted By Cops after Muslim Women in Hijabs Left With Broken Ribs And Internal Bleeding In Tube Attack In West London

Another Hindu Girl Abducted, Forcefully Converted To Islam In Pakistan

Saudi Justice Ministry Completes Reform Project, Including Hiring Of Women Notaries

ACJU Requests Muslim Women to Avoid Full-Face Cover

Kerala Woman Alleges Torture For Declining ISIS Service

Palestinian Teen's Suspected 'Honour Killing' Provokes Outrage In West Bank

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Women’s Fashion another Aspect of Change in Saudi Arabia

Asia Bibi Pleads For Justice for Victims Of Pakistan's Harsh Blasphemy Laws As She Plans To Settle In Europe

Sudan Women Fight Gender Imbalance In Transition

Hubby Booked For Triple Talaq; Two Firs Lodged In Four Days

The Lebanese Bus That Fights Gender-Based Violence

Most Kuwaiti Citizens Content With One Wife; Only 15 Men Married To 4 Women

Pakistan Women’s Foundation calls for peace on garbage

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Bangladesh: Muslim Women Celebrate Removal of Word 'Virgin' From Marriage Certificates

Malaysian Women Deserve Better, Advocacy Group Says After Civil Court Shuts Door On Sisters In Islam

FIR against Delhi Lawyer after Wife Alleges Triple Talaq

Saudi Women’s Struggle for Emancipation and Rights at the Venice Film Festival

Empowering Arab Women Scientists for Leadership Roles

Pakistan Association Dubai Launches Forum to Empower Women

War-Scarred Women Battle Tradition In Fiercely Patriarchal Northeast Georgia

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Lawsuit: Illinois Secretary Of State Required Muslim Woman to Certify When She Wears Headscarf to Receive Driver’s License

Malaysian Women Deserve Better, Advocacy Group Says After Civil Court Shuts Door On Sisters in Islam

Princess Doaa Appeals to Boost Awareness of Exercise in Teenagers

Five women shortlisted for Arab British Centre Award for Culture

Egypt Suspends TV Host for Body Shaming Women despite Sisi’s Call For People To Lose Weight

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Female Bowlers Off To Las Vegas Tournament

Female Staff at Jeddah Court Provide 7K Services to Clients

Pakistani Girl Performs Spider-Man Role in Film

UAE Embassy in Riyadh Celebrates Emirati Women’s Day

Muslim Women Are Flexing Their Muscles and Telling Stories We All Need To Hear

Can Woman Claim Residential Right At In-Laws House?  Indian SC to Examine, Seeks Centre Response

Emirati Women Empower Key Economic Sectors

Missing Yezidi Victims Continue To Be Freed From ISIS In Syrian Refugee Camp

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


More Than 100 Bangladeshi Migrant Women 'Abused and Harassed' Return Home From Saudi Arabia

Six Young Emirati Women Experience Island Living Without Families

New Legislation on Violence Against Women In Works In Turkey's Parliament

Belgium: Court rules against headscarf ban

17 Emirati Women Talk To Us about the Biggest Misconceptions They Face

This Beauty Salon Is a Safe Space for the East Bay’s Muslim Women

Arab Women Campaign Fetes Awardees

Our Women on the Ground: How Arab Journalists Smash Stereotypes While Reporting From the Front Lines

New Award to Recognise Emirati Female Poets

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


First Group of Saudi Women Enrol For Criminal Law Diploma

Official Says Egypt Resorts Should Not Ban Women in Burkinis

SIS: Court’s Fatwa Challenge Refusal Dark Moment for Malaysia, Women’s Rights

Hafsah Sharif, the Muslim Teen Started Her Own Gym Classes for Women Who Wear Hijabs

Triple Talaq: Muslim Women Coming Out In Large Numbers to File Firs In UP

Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan Seeks Family Law

Women Rights Group Says Defamation Law Being Used As ‘Silencing Tool’

Sri Lankan Islamic Clerics Seek Clarity on Face Veil Ban

Saudi Women’s Bowling Team Get Ready for Trios

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Egyptian Woman Chosen as Religions for Peace President

Meet Bangladesh’s First Female Referee Joya Chakma

Southern Yemeni Women Enter Storm of Politics, War

More than 180 Women Set to Contest UAE Federal National Council elections

No More Bottlenecks; Passports for Saudi Women in 15 Minutes

Five Women Artists to Display Art on Identity, Body Politics in Jamia Nagar

Dublin Gang Allegedly Pull Off Hijabs, Assault 2 Muslim Women

3 Triple Talaq Cases in 3 Kota Thanas in As Many Days

A New Conspiracy to Produce Film on Hazrat Ayesha

Sikh Receives Applause for Helping Kashmiri Girls

Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi On 'Male Chauvinism' In Art: 'Women Represent Women Better'

Key Role of Iranian Women in Protests against Zarif’s Visit In Norway

Fear, disowning of children among reasons Yezidi women cannot leave Syria camp: advisor

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

This Is A Good Time To Be A Saudi Woman

Educated Women In Astara Traumatized By Low Wages

Sindh Cabinet Approves ‘Historic’ Bill Recognising Women Farm Workers’ Contribution

'I Want People to See Me as a Wrestler, Not Just Some Hijab Girl'

NYC Women Plead Guilty To Plotting Terrorist Bombing

Dar Amneh, the Safe House for Jordanian Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Jacinda Ardern Dons Hijab as She Fronts Islamic Women's Council National Conference

Disbelief, Joy and Resistance as Saudi Women Get First Passports

Saudi Women with Media Licenses Can Run Business in Public Place

Sudan Women Fight Gender Imbalance in Transition

Arab Women Are Tired of Talking about Just ‘Women’s Issues’

Saudi Women Outshine Men In Exciting Adventure Games

Kabul: 'I Want To Break the Tradition That Women Can't Drive'

‘Work Together or Fail:’ Muslim Woman Chosen as Leader at International Interfaith Gathering

Eighty People Charged Over Online Romance Scam Targeting Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Madras High Court Orders Release of Hindu Woman, Selvi, Who Wanted To Convert To Islam

Sri Lankan Activists Call For Changes to Islamic Marriage Law to End Discrimination against Women

Girls Outperform Boys in Games At Saudi Arabia's Taif Season

Video of Woman Beaten At Iranian Airport Sparks Anger in Iraq

FNC Elections: 555 Emiratis, Including 200 Women, File Candidacy

Iranian Women Demand Stockholm to Stop Appeasement Of Tehran Regime

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

As Michelle Obama writes in her book “Becoming,” it’s not always possible for women to have it all. This is especially true for Muslim women. However, Eurasian women demonstrate by their own unique example that one does not need choose between feminism and Islam....

In Afghanistan, Dubious and Violative Virginity Tests Persist

Southeast Asia’s Hidden Female Genital Mutilation Challenge

The Nike Ambassador Who Started A Sportswear Brand For Muslim Women

Belgium’s Muslim Executive Drafts in Women as Teachers and Preachers

Saudi Female Bowlers Off To Las Vegas Tournament

Saudi Arabia Appoints First Female Spokesperson for Public Education

Women in Morocco: An Appraisal of their Current Status

Iranian Bike-Sharing App Sparks Outrage after Refusing Women Service

WWDC Starts New Vocational Courses For Poor Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The result is the anthology, published this week, which features contributions from 19 “Sahafiyat,” or women reporters, who have reported from across the Arab states of the Gulf, the Levant, and North Africa....


American Muslim Philosopher Amina Wadud, ‘Lady Imam’ On 25 Years Of The Gender Jihad

Saudi Arabia Implements End to Travel Restrictions for Saudi Women

In One Day, 1,000 Saudi Women Travel Without The Need Of A Guardian’s Consent

Saudi Arabian Women Celebrate As Travel Reforms Come Into Effect

Saudi Women Submit First Passport Applications

Restaurant In Pakistan Apologises After Refusing To Serve Hindu Women

Girl Students Vow to Make Pakistan Green, Clean

Allow Iranian Women to Attend Matches, Says Asian Soccer Official

Honouring Women Victimized by Iranian Regime’s Unbridled Terrorism

Aras Amiri: Iran Upholds 10-Year Sentence for Woman Accused Of Spying

Garda Probe after Young Muslim Woman Assaulted and Allegedly Had Her Hijab Removed In Dundrum

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


End Child Marriage 'Hell' for Indonesian Girls, Lawmaker Urges

Al Owais Praises Growing Role of Women In UAE's FNC Elections

Protests by Different Strata in Various Cities Across Iran

London Man Attempted To Punch Disabled Muslim Woman and Ran Off Shouting “P*Ki”

Indian Woman Beaten To Death over Triple Talaq: Family

Sexual Harassment Law Urgently Needed, Says Sisters in Islam

Turkish Red Crescent Leads With Women Humanitarians

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Gloria Steinem, Feminist Icon Blasts Israel PM Over Travel Ban on Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

Iran Must Free Women Held Over Veil Protests, Say UN Experts

PPP Women Protest ‘Mistreatment’ Of Faryal Talpur

Afghanistan’s Female Presidential Contender, Dr. Massouda Jalal, Warns of Regional, Global Instability

Triple Talaq Cases Rise in India after Law Comes Into Force

Saudi Arabia Women’s Rights Reforms Less Extensive than They Appear, Campaigners Warn

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


When Zaira is treated as a gospel of the idea of success and role model for other youth attempting to pursue their acting career in the Bollywood and trolled for her success in the Bollywood industry then how can be her decision considered as free and personal?...


But this fascinating phenomenon, which has been rattling the Middle East for almost nine years, has another dimension: While the men are off fighting, it is the women who are left to pick up the pieces and build new lives for themselves and their children....

Sun, Sea and Privacy at Egypt’s ‘Only For Women’ Beaches

At The Sackler Gallery, A Rarely Seen View Of Iran By Six Women Photographers

Sports Stadiums In Iran Are Women’s Battleground Against A Misogynist Regime

Peace Road Map for Afghanistan Will Let Taliban Negotiate Women’s Rights

US Congresswoman Tlaib’s Grandmother Upset, But Proud

Female Suicide Bomber Kills Six In Chad: Army Officer

Modi Govt To Make Kashmiri Women Aware Of Triple Talaq Law As Part Of Nai Roshni Scheme

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Rep. Rashida Tlaib Says She Won’t Visit Israel after Being Allowed To Enter On Humanitarian

The 14 Defiant Women Who Want To Change the Islamic Republic Of Iran


Liz Cheney Calls Out AOC on 'Phony Gender Discrimination' Claims: 'She Hurts All Women'

Nigeria: Muslim Women in Business and Professions Hold Conference in Ghana

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


Women Held In China’s Vast Network Of “Re-Education” Camps For Political And Religious Prisoners Have Made Shock Claims About What Was Done To Them.

Took Call on Talaq Law In Just 10 Weeks: PM Modi

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


The question is: Will this law really provide justice to Muslim women? To answer it, we need to inspect the Bill’s content as well as the intention with which it has been brought in...

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