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Islam, Women and Feminism

The 2018 Nobel Prize: Spotlighting an epidemic of sexual violence by powerful men against defenseless women worldwide
Baria Alamuddin

Having faced brutal reprisals for an earlier attempt to escape, Murad risked her life by fleeing when her captor left the door unlocked. But she did not just survive. She courageously stood up and told the world about the brutality that women like her had faced, as beatings and gang rape became routine. When asked whether she had contemplated suicide, she responded that they had already died many times over, yet lived in constant fear that the future held far worse horrors.

Fate of over 30 Syrian women abducted by Daesh uncertain

18 females among 55 detained by Houthis

CII to draft divorce contract for ‘women empowerment’

BBC's Bodyguard 'swapped one stereotype of Muslim women for another', Islamic feminist scholar says

Christian woman on death row in Pakistan for insulting Prophet Muhammad to make final court appeal

Muslim woman in Assam tonsured for protesting child marriage

13-year-old girl crowned bowling champion in Riyadh

Fire in Tabuk wedding hall injures 14 women and children in Saudi Arabia

Iran cracks down on women's rights activists as leader offers his solution to sexual harassment, assault: Cover up

Woman appointed to run Saudi Arabian bank for first time in country's history

The Many Dangers of Being an Afghan Woman in Uniform

FIFA president inquires about women entering sports stadiums in Iran

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18-year-old Muslim girl in love with Hindu boy tied to tree, thrashed in Bihar

Court prevents Saudi woman from marrying ‘musical’ suitor

Woman killed, 11 injured in Houthi attack on KS Relief camp in Yemen

Islamic State Threatens to Kill Women, Children Hostages to Slow Assad Campaign

Newly elected Quebec PM vows to bar Muslim teachers, judges from wearing hijabs

Time Nearly Up for Kidnapped Christian Schoolgirl, Muslim-Led Government Ignores Her Parents' Pleas

As deadline passes, fate of Syrian women held by ISIS uncertain

Nadia Murad: From jihadists’ slave to global champion for women

Erdogan: Turkey Must Break ‘Taboo’ Against Men and Women Praying Together at Mosques

Saudi female singer’s music video causes controversy

Tears and broken dreams: How a Sabah woman forced to marry at 13 suffered

Lubna Al Olayan appointed as first woman Saudi bank head

Afghanistan: 3 women, 1 child killed following air raid

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Congolese doctor and Iraqi woman

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Will start Love Kranti to counter Love-Jihad, says BJP MLA from Laksar

Muslim woman in hijab had legal right to be heard: Canadian court

Gang which traps Muslim girls and make them Hindu on the prowl

Man gets death for rape, murder of teenage girl

Uttar Pradesh man booked for giving triple talaq to wife over phone

Police ordered to submit charge sheet against accused in girl’s harassment case

Khamenei’s #MeToo Video Draws Critique of His Record on Women

Turkish President Erdoğan urges women, children to go to mosques

London Muslim religious teacher sexually abused girls as young as nine

Saudi Arabia’s football federation appoints first women board members

Women heads of household lose their jobs with closure of NGO complex

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This metaphorical action allows the author to forge a religious identity that grows from a connection with family and community rather than one rooted in doctrine or religious precept. Threading My Prayer Rug is an engaging personal account of one perceptive woman’s experience of being Muslim in North America. Of course, Muslims tread different paths, but hers is probably much more common than the one represented by the extremists who hit the headlines.

AIMPLB to advise women: Settle marital disputes within family, avoid police & courts

Saudi woman barred from marrying 'religiously unfit' man because he plays musical instrument

Female and mounted police used to prevent women from entering stadium

Muslim Council of Britain to train women to run mosques

Women actively participated in protests in Tehran, Karaj, Rasht and Bam

Deaths of Instagram model, other women shock Iraq

Notices issued to ombudsman, IGP, SBBU VC in girl’s harassment case

Bullet that killed schoolgirl in Saeedabad fired by policeman: probe

Enforcing Austria’s burqa ban a delicate matter in Alpine resort

100 days at the wheel ... Saudi women drivers feel exhilarated

Amnesty International slams ‘sickening’ execution of domestic and sexual violence victim in Iran

Settlement reached after Muslim woman says deputies forcibly removed her hijab

ISIS execution of Druze woman enrages community

Under the poverty line, Iran’s female teachers struggle to live

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Saudi Woman Barred From Marrying 'Musical' Suitor

Tunisian President Meets Teen Palestinian Icon Ahed al-Tamimi

Meet Huda al-Rasheed: Saudi Arabia's First Woman Broadcaster

Moving Towards Moderation: Yoga Centres For Women Sprout In Saudi Arabia

Deaths of Instagram Model, Other Women Shock Iraq

ISIS Murder Kidnapped Woman in Damascus after Hindering Negotiations

Arab News Strikes Partnership with Saudi Women Bowling Championship

Over 100 Female Workers to Return From Saudi Arabia Wednesday

Philippine Consulate Gives Shelter to 20 Women Evicted By Employer

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Despite Pleas, Iran Executes Female Juvenile Offender, Zeinab Sekaanvand

Malala’s Portrait Unveiled at London’s National Portrait Gallery

Murders of 4 Trailblazing Iraqi Women Spark Conspiracy Fears

Suicides Rising Among Women In Northern Pakistan

Bombay High Court Dismisses Petition Challenging Muslim Women Ordinance 2018

World Muslim Communities Council to Highlight UAE’s Women Empowerment

Taif Academic Gives Workshop to Remind Women of Their Rights

Initiative to Transform Saudi Women into a Workforce

Sotoudeh Fazeli Illegally Detained In Evin Prison Despite Old Age

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Arab Women in Social Media Support Ford against Kavanaugh

Saudi Women Promoting Yoga and 'Open, Moderate Islam'

Saudi Women Compete In Bahrain Formula One Circuit

Interfaith Women Travel India Promoting Religious Amity

Supreme Court: A Crusade for Women’s Rights

Murders of Trailblazing Iraqi Women Spark Conspiracy Fears

300% Jump in Number Of Female Lawyers

Savola Group Holds Traffic Safety Seminar for Female Employees and Their Families

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There were many mothers in Karbala, at least nine who lost sons to the battle, and many of them were not from Bani Hashim, the family of the prophet. It never was about saving the family and the lineage is drawn based on the strength of character and on learning. These are the brave and wise women who not only visited shrines but who are enshrined in their death, have towns and mosques named after them where everyone comes to pray, and are adored as role models to this day....


‘Girls Can Marry At 14 in Special Cases’: Sabah Mufti

Saudi Female Students in Adelaide Celebrate National Day in Public

UAE Partners with UN Women to Build Arab Women’s Military, Peacekeeping Potential

Citing Personal Law in a Muslim Couple Case, HC Holds 16-Year-Old Girl’s Marriage Valid

We're Branding All Islamic Issues As Anti-Women: Activist Flavia Agnes

Court Sentences Egypt Activist Who Slammed Sexual Harassment

Jeppe Girls High Hijab Fiasco May End Up Court

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Girls Marrying At 14 Is ‘Madness’—Crown Prince of Johor

Indian Courts Had Settled Triple Talaq Issue Decades Ago: Women’s Rights Lawyer

Saudi Woman Honoured At Technology Conference

Breaking Western Myths: Western Female Travellers Talk Of Pakistan

MURIC Wants FRSC to Include Muslim Women in Recruitment Exercise

Iraqi Instagram Model Murdered At Wheel of Porsche in Baghdad

You Can't Stop Pakistani Women from Thinking, Dreaming: Author Taha Kehar

Arrests of Women Continue In Iran As A Sign Of Intensifying Crackdown

125 Years Of The Egyptian Women’s Movement

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Modern Muslim Women’s Fashion Debuts at San Francisco Museum

'I'm A Muslim Woman, I'm Visually-Impaired and I'm A Boxer'

Malaysian Woman to Be Caned, Jailed For Prostitution under Islamic Law

Dubai Women's Run Adds New Platform for Empowerment

Woman in Afghan 'Mullah' Sex Tapes Arrested

Iraqi Women Push For Cafes of Their Own

Amid Growing Repression, Turkey's Women Graffiti Artists Shine

How FRSC ‘deliberately excluded’ Muslim women from recruitment exercise – MURIC

Adultery Case: How Indian Supreme Court Underlined Women’s Autonomy as Facet of Human Dignity

Female Pashto Singer Arrested for ‘Uploading Girl’s Personal Pictures Online’

Iraqi Model Shot Dead In Baghdad, In the Latest Murder of Women

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Hijab Support Group Nabs Facebook Award

Saudi Shoura Votes Down Proposal to Appoint Women in Judiciary

Pakistan Government Making All Out Efforts to Ensure Women’s Right To Inheritance

Denmark Investigating Viral Photo of Policewoman Hugging Niqab-Wearing Protester

Queen Rania Highlights Arab Women’s Unique Challenges at HeforShe IMPACT Summit

Indonesia Blasphemy Woman Endures Cramped Cell, Bad Food

Malaysia’s Former First Lady Grilled for Eight Hours

Saudi Women Learning How to Drive In Bahrain Do Not Need Residence Proof

Saudi Women Make Presence Felt In Asian Congress

Large Number Of Women Actively Participated In 10 Protests In Tehran

Iraqi Women's Rights Activist Shot Dead In Basra

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In this domain, interesting work is coming out on feminism and gender equality. This includes the work of Saba Mahmood, Amina Wadud, Asma Barlas, Leila Ahmed and many more. Their work pertains to Islam, Quran and women rights, religion, politics, secularism, and veiling, and so on and belongs to the category called Islamic feminism.


UP Police Abuse, Thrash Girl for Relationship with a Muslim

Tunisian Women Fight for Right to Marry Non-Muslims

Pakistani Women Selected for Facebook’s Leadership Programme

Radicalised Irish Woman Claims There Are 150 Islamic Extremists Living In Ireland

Aid Should Focus On Development: Turkey’s First Lady

Book on Saudi Arabia's First Woman Yoga Instructor Slated For Release In 2019

Asia’s Champion, Iranian Women’s National Futsal Team Lacks Funding

Aliyeh Eghdam-Doost Sentenced To 9 Months of Imprisonment, 74 Lashes

Egyptian Women Reign on Forbes’ 'Middle East’s Most Influential Women' 2018!

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Penalising Triple Talaq Is a Welcome Move — The Practice Is Against The Moral Fabric
Madhavi Goradia Divan

Celebrated jurist Blackstone identified crimes as public wrongs, and torts against the individual as private wrongs. While civil wrongs affect the individual alone, public wrongs impact the community. A private wrong has a civil remedy, usually in the form of compensation, while a public wrong or crime invites punishment because even though the act is, ostensibly, directed at an individual, it is perceived as violating the shared values that define a society.....


Pakistan SC to Get Input in Girl’s Case Seeking Emancipation from Father

The Bodyguard's Female Muslim Bomber Character Stirs Debate

Imarat-e-Shariah Striving To Empower Muslim Girls of Patna

18-Year-Old Woman, Boyfriend Beheaded By Her Father, Uncle In Pakistan's Attock; Police Suspect 'Honour Killing'

Running For Office, USA Muslim Women Hope Voters Will See More Than Faith and Gender

Saudi Female Football Fan Trains in US to Become Professional Coach

Ban Polygamy and Nikah Halala, Muslim Divorcee Urges High Court

Saudi Women Take Off their Veils in Solidarity with Feminist Tarif Alassiri

Some Saudi Women Want to Ditch Male Guardianship but Others Don't!

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Across Africa Child Marriage Stubbornly Persists

Ethiopia offers lessons for other African countries. For one thing, it shows that in religious societies you must win over imams and priests. Guday Emirie of Addis Ababa University notes that in one district a local priest, having been publicly shamed for marrying off his own daughter when she was a child, has since been preaching against the practice. It has now been eliminated in his district.....


Malaysia: Girls at 18 Considered To Be Mature Enough To Get Married

From Journalist to First Woman Candidate to Run For the Presidency of Iraq

Swiss Region Introduces Ban on Muslim Full-Face Veil

Dubai Jails Woman Trying To Sell Own Baby for 10,000 Dirhams

Saudi Women Mark National Day behind the Steering Wheel

How Business Is Booming For Women-Only Beaches in Lebanon

Afghanistan- In Helmand, Women Candidates Up Against Odds

Female Genital Mutilation: Indian SC Refers It to Constitution Bench

Saudi Women Make Presence Felt In Asian Congress

Soccer Coach Arrested in Iran for Training National Women’s Team

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Sabah Mufti Wants Marriage Age Reduced To 14 for Girls

Withdraw Instant Triple Talaq Ordinance Criminalising Instant Triple Talaq: Women’s Groups

Israeli Soldiers 'Sexually Harassed Palestinian Women, Stole Their Money at West Bank Checkpoint'

Bangladesh: Rehabilitate Women Workers Back From Saudi Arabia

Saudi Women Pleased To Be Part of a Year of Change

‘Pakistan Has Produced World Renowned Female Professionals’

Women Heads of Household Endure Double Economic Pressure

Provision of Security for Women Bill Lingers In Labyrinth of Adoption in Iran

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The people of God are lighthouses in the dark sea. If their light is broken but people continue to come to them, the sea will cease to be a place of exploration and growth, but rather become a graveyard for travelers who once thought the path would lead to the Divine. We all know of the devastation caused by those who don the garbs of religion but whose actions do nothing but to serve their own selfish desires....


Female Saudi Athletes All Set To Show Their Power to the World

Weam Al Dakheel Makes History By Becoming First Female Anchor Of Saudi Arabia

San Francisco Museum Shows Off Modern Muslim Women's Fashion

Prince Harry Shares 'Extremely Awkward' Kiss With Muslim Woman

India Launches First Sex Offenders Register to Tackle Crime against Women

Saudi Woman's Case against Father Stirs 'Guardianship' Debate

Women’s Entrance Ban in Sports Stadiums Reiterated

Syria Kurds Hand Over Alleged Female ISIS Member to Sudan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi State Television Sees First Female News Presenter

Regional ‘Burqa Ban’ Up For Vote in Switzerland

Bahrain to Attempt to Break World Record for Female Drivers

May Move SC over Polygamy, Right to Husband’s Property: Ishrat Jehan

Woman, Man Caned In Indonesia for Extra-Marital Affair

20 Egyptian Women Make Forbes Middle East’s Most Influential Women Of 2018

Women driving schools under construction

Lyari Girl Nominated For International Award

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Criminalising Triple Talaq Will Not Save Muslim Marriage from Arbitrary Divorce
Flavia Agnes

If the ultimate goal of women is to save their marriage, even a violent marriage, from the husband’s power of arbitrary divorce, a criminal prosecution against the husband will surely aid in ending the marriage without securing her economic rights, which she is in dire need of. Lakhs of women of faith have come out in large numbers in every city in protest against the government’s proposal to bring in a law to criminalise triple Talaq....

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