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Islam, Women and Feminism

Rape and Ordinary Men in Pakistan
Rafia Zakaria

India may have imposed the worst punishment possible on five of the rapists, but Pakistan will continue to ensure that its rapists go free. All the ordinary men, the ones who believe that women are asking for it simply by existing in the ambit of their predatory and sinister intentions, need not worry; in Pakistan no one will stop them, no one will get in their way....


Muslim Marriages Are Contracts, Can’t Be Ended By Husband Alone: Allahabad HC

Indian Girl in Pakistan Moves Court against ‘Forced Marriage’

Woman Tells Muslim Shopper in US: 'Wish They Didn't Let You in the Country'

KP Minister Apologises For Remarks against Women

Father, With the Help of His Son, Killed His Daughter for ‘Honour’ in Pakistan

How a selfie landed 3 women in trouble in UAE

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In the Qur’anic perspective there can never be a restriction of this knowledge to one sex. It is the duty of every Muslim man and every Muslim woman to pursue knowledge throughout life, even if it should lead the seeker to “China,” we are told. The Prophet even commanded that the slave girls be educated, and he asked Shifa’ bint ‘Abdillah to educate his own wife – Hafsah bint ‘Umar....


Saudi Preacher Slammed For Mocking Women

'Welcome Our Dear Girls', Nigeria's Buhari Tells Freed Chibok Girls

Easing Of Guardianship System Empowers Saudi Women

Islam Does Not Suggest That Rape and Marriage, Ex-Mufti Chided Muslims

Israeli Forces Shoot, Kill Palestinian Woman over Alleged Stabbing Attempt

Fashion Show Features Muslim Women, Others “Rockin’ That Hijab”

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If You Want To Know About Muslim Women's Rights, Ask Muslim Women
Susan Carland

This was not the first time a stranger had felt entitled to raise the potential religious interference of my genitals with me. It’s uncanny how often people try to demonstrate their concern about the alleged oppression of Muslim women by humiliating them. Even finding out the details of my research findings doesn’t seem to deter them from baldly sharing opinions.....


Talaq Not Easy As Muslim Men in Kerala Find Ways to Beat Law

 “I hereby declare that I have pronounced, ‘Talaq... Talaq... Talaq’ to my wife, Shameem Begum (27),” signed off 33-year old Javed S in an agreement dated April 4, 2017. It was a day of emancipation for Shameem, a seamstress. (Both names changed.) “For four years, I have been trying and I had to literally fall at his feet to get the Talaq,” said Shameem. Javed agreed to it after she had signed another agreement foregoing all her rights to maintenance and giving up the Rs 1.5 Lakh she paid as the ‘Maher’ or dowry to him. “I just wanted to get out of the pit....


ISIS Defends Killing Women and Children As Terror Group Loses Territory and Troops

Maharashtra: 11.5k Women Raise Triple Talaq Issue with State Commission for Women

Muslim Women Ignorant Of Their Faith, Says Jamaat-E-Islami Hind

If You Want To Know About Muslim Women's Rights, Ask Muslim Women

Indian Woman 'Goes Missing' From Indian High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistani Husband Claims

Women take On the Fight against Venezuela’s Maduro

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Doubts over Saudi Order Said To Ease Control on Women

Election Commission of Pakistan Asks NADRA to Register Maximum Women Voters

Moroccan Cleric Defies Taboo on Women’s Inheritance

PML-N Women Legislators Stage Walkout at KP Assembly

British-Pakistani Woman Hopeful of Winning on Liberal Democrat Ticket

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Women No Longer Need Male Guardian Consents To Receive Services

Women Forced To Undergo C-Section at Private Hospitals in Sindh

Saudi Arabia to Allow Women to Apply For Government Services

AIMPLB Should Be Abolished For The Sake Of Muslims, Says Taslima Nasreen

Muslim Women Activists Say Apart From Triple Talaq, Issues Like Beef Ban, Riots Harm Community

Rescued Bangladeshi Sex Worker’s Message to Indian PM Via Twitter over Demonetised Notes

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Muslim Woman from Meerut Wants To Give Her Abusive Husband Triple Talaq

In Pakistan, a Cafe Where Women Can Be Independent

The Muslim-Led Backlash against Hijab Fashion

Triple Talaq: Supreme Court Allows Salman Khurshid to Assist As Amicus Curiae

Posing As Doctor on Shaadi.com, He Blackmailed Muslim Women: Report

Government OKs 2 Engineering Colleges, 7 Girls' Hostels for Kashmir

Young Couple Shot Dead Over Love Marriage in Lahore

Cosplay with Hijabs Showcased In Malaysia

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


In 12 Years, Woman Given Triple Talaq Thrice

Muslim Women Speak Out On Putting Up With Abuse For Fear Of Triple Talaq

Indonesian Muslim Women Leaders Speak Out on Marriage, Extremism, Rape

Muslim Women Lambaste Modi’s Anti-Shariah Tirade

Gambia: Campaign to End FGM Reaches Madrasa Students As Gaha Trains 40 on FGM

Afghan Woman Killed By Fellow Asylum Seeker in Germany

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Of Halala Marriages and the Sexual Exploitation of Muslim Women
Purniya Awan

A very small portion of Muslims around the world believe in the concept of Halala marriage. However, by monopolising this practice in a simplistic manner, these services are taking away and misrepresenting the concept of Halala marriages which are stated in the Holy Quran. By doing so, what these services are doing is normalising adultery, infidelity and prostitution in the name of Halala....

May Day Rallies in Sweden for Muslim Women's Labour Rights

Rogue FBI Woman Spy Married Islamic State Terrorist: CNN

4 Girls Held In London under Anti-Terror Laws

If Our PM Insults Women Over Political Differences How Can We Expect Gender Equality In Pakistan?

Saudi Arabia, Germany Agree To Set Up $200m Fund for Women Empowerment

Pakistan Jamaat-i-Islami Women Send Bangles for Governor Over ‘Inaction’

Women Make up Less Than 2 Per Cent of Pakistan’s Police Force

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Why are Islamists in Pakistan Afraid of Its Women?
Anita M Weiss

Al-Huda’s emphasis on observing Purdah reinforces the notion that women’s uncontrolled sexuality will lead men astray and disrupt the social order. These teachings, therefore, not only put the responsibility of any sexual crime against women on men – as we see in the rest of the world – but they also become an excuse for the control of women’s mobility and sexuality.


Saudi Arabia: Country has No Place on United Nations Women’s Commission

Woman in Burqa Dragged Off London Bus

Women's Association in India Demands Equal Rights for All Women, Not Just Muslim

Imran Condemns PM Remarks about PTI Women

How Can Muslim Feminists Reclaim Their Religion From Men?

Willesden Terror Raid: Three More Women Arrested

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Women’s Sport Is Inevitable and Is Coming
Saeed Suraihi

The members who said “no” to women sports should know that they are only delaying the wheel of change a little bit. They should know that they could not withstand the change for a long time. Women’s sport is therefore inevitable and is coming, whether we liked it or not....


Triple Talaq A Monumental Obstruction to Gender Equality
Ujjal Dosanjh

It was what has been happening from time immemorial: Men, particularly old men, sitting in judgement on what rights women should or mostly rather shouldn’t have; it had been happening for eons until women rose up in different parts of the world–the likes of Jhansi, Sarojini Naidu and Aruna Asif Ali in India and the suffragettes in the west, just to name some of the countless milestones; then the bra burning and the unshackling of women the world over gathered unstoppable momentum....

Saudi Lobbyist in US Optimistic About Women Driving

Muslim Women in Syria Are Not Cut Out Of Inheritances

German Parliament Votes In Favour of Partial Burqa Ban

Report: Malaysian Women Sell Homes, Take up Loans to Be with IS Lovers in Syria

Pakistan: CLAAS Recovers 14-Year-Old Christian Girl Forcibly Converted To Islam

Austrian President Calls on All Women to Wear Headscarves In Solidarity With Muslims To Fight 'Rampant Islamophobia'

'Don't Politicise Triple Talaq Issue', Says PM Narendra Modi

Subramanian Swamy Says Muslim Women Have Third Class Status In Islam

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Triple Talaq — Myths and Misperceptions
Faizan Mustafa

Similarly, a wrong impression has been created that most Muslim women are getting triple divorces through phone, email and via SMS. Even according to Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan's (BMAA) case study on triple divorce only one divorce out of 117 was given in this manner. As per BMMA's own findings, only 0.2 per cent got divorces on phone, just 0.6 per cent received divorce through email. Similarly, in another survey by BMMA, out of 521divorces, only one woman got triple divorce via SMS that is, only 0.19 per cent. Thus the problem is not as serious as is made out by the Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath governments....

Indonesia’s Women Islamic Clerics Issue Rare Fatwa Against Child Marriage

Sexual Violence Between Married Couples Haram, Clerics Say

Women Clerics: Environmental Destruction Is 'Haram'

India's Muslim Women Fight Tradition And Family For Right To Property

Indian Woman 'Sold' In Saudi Arabia Rescued After Sushma Swaraj's Intervention

All-Women Battalion In Jammu And Kashmir To Deal With Stone Pelters

UKIP Policy Triggers Useful Debate On Validity Of Burqa Use In British Society

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Egypt's Islamist Parties Are All About Marriage, Not Politics for Women
Walid Salah

“Men are also trained to be good husbands and fathers. Life is based on partnerships, but perhaps critics have stereotypes about us or have another perspective that does not consider women present unless they are emancipated from things we do not see as restraining. Some traits are God-given and are in the interest of men and women alike .....


While there has been a state of near hysteria over the issue of triple Talaq in the media, no one is clear on the real importance of the case. While the media is flooded with stories of husbands giving unilateral Talaq to their wives on the phone and by SMS, no one talks about the fact that women of all religious communities face domestic violence and that women are abandoned without notice. The fact is that inequality in what has come to be known as personal laws exists across all religious communities. ....

India: UP Muslim Woman Gets Triple Talaq through Speed Post

Proposal for Women Sports Colleges to Shoura Falls 3 Votes Short

US Woman Gets Jail in China for ‘Spying’

'Slapped Woman' Gets a Helping Hand in Saudi Arabia

Sikh Girl 'Abducted' and 'Forcibly Converted To Islam' In Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


"I personally heard all the opinions that supported the appointment of the first woman to the role of Qazi, and I also heard its opponents. However, Muslim countries like Jordan, Indonesia and Egypt have already allowed the appointment of women to the role of Qazi."...


Muslim Minor Elopes With Hindu Boy, Girl’s Family Seeks Help Of Clerics

A Muslim Woman's Open Letter To Sadhvi Prachi On The Nikah-Nama

Islamic Romance Novels Set Hearts Aflutter In Bangladesh

Israel Appoints Country’s First Female Sharia Judge

Women Make Up Less Than 2pc Of Pakistan’s Police Force: Report

Minnesota Muslim Teen Boxer Inspires Others To Never Give Up

Migrant Domestics In Lebanon Deported For Having Children

250 Policewomen Graduate From Kabul Police Academy

London Mayor Khan Urged To Lead Campaign On Female Genital Mutilation

Newly Crowned Miss Indonesia Not Acknowledged By “Home” Province Of NTB Because She’s Not Actually From There

Saudi Arabia's Election To UN Women's Commission Draws Ire

Indian Woman Sold, Tortured After Entering Saudi Arabia on Housemaid Visa

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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