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Islam, Women and Feminism

The Victory of Tabassum Hasan in Kairana: Are We Looking At A Watershed Moment for Muslim Women in National Politics of India?
Syeda Hameed

Freedom brought with it two nation states and a dawn which was bloody and violent. Thousands of refugees were thrown across the border on both sides. The woman who tended to the Hindu Sharnarthis in the camps was 28-year-old Anis Kidwai whose husband, a district commissioner, was murdered in Dehradun by mobs because he was Muslim and tried to stop their killing spree. Along with Subhadra Joshi and Mridula Sarabhai, she worked day and night in refugee camps. Being Indian was her only identity....

Saudi Women Rev Up Motorbikes As End to Driving Ban Nears

Child Brides another Casualty of Syrian War

Saudi Arrests Women’s Rights Activist Mayya Al-Zahrani

Egypt’s Female Ramadan Drummer Breaks Taboos

Talibani Burqas: Delhi Minorities Commission Sends Notice to Zee News Over The Remarks

PTI Leaders Oppose Women’s Poll Nominations in Mansehra

Dir Woman to Contest Polls against JI Chief

Are Mothers To Blame For The Recent Spate Of Young Women Extremists?

Saudi Arabian Women Prepare To Hit the Road with Kingdom's Driving Ban Set To End On 24 June

1.8 Million Women in UAE at Risk of Developing Cervical Cancer

Iranian Women's Rowing Team Exercises in Black Water

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Malala Delighted As G7 Pledges $3bn for Girls’ Education

'Afghanistan's Malala' Gets Standing Ovation As She Graduates With Honours

Is The Drive To Modernise Saudi Arabia Taking A Wrong Turn?

7,500 Saudi Women Work In Industries In 2017

Saudi to Hire Women Border Guards

Al Manal Initiative Distributes 2,000 Care Boxes to Women Workers

Saudi Woman Seeks Action against Iran, Qatari Sites

Iran: Women protest in Karaj, Rasht and Tehran

Jan Kizilhan: ISIL Rape Victims Need Culture-Sensitive Therapy

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Where's The Aid Money Gone? Afghan Girls' Struggle for Education

Syrian Singing Star Assala Nasri Heads to Riyadh for Women-Only Eid Concert

Saudi Arabia Arrests 2 More Female Activists as Part of Crackdown On Dissent

Online Campaign Paves Way For Women Drivers

Saudi Women Join the Ranks of Licensed Drivers Ahead Of Ban Ending

In A First, Sherine to Perform In Saudi Arabia This Month

Iran: Six-Year Sentence Issued For Young Woman Protester in Babol

Iran: Murderer of Reyhaneh Jabbari Chosen as Trusted Attorney

How A Young Hero Rescued A Woman Trapped In Perilous Yemen Flooding

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Woman Hopes MBE Honour Will ‘Silence Islamophobes’

The Abaya and the Tensions in Sri Lanka's East

Teenage Muslim Girl Sparked a Security Scare after Carrying a Replica Machine Gun into a Hospital

Saudi Woman Elected In UN Gender Discrimination Committee

French Secularists Outraged After Student Wears Headscarf during TV Interview

Lawsuit: Nursing Home Ordered Muslim Worker to Remove Hijab

14 New Jersey Women Alleging Anti-Muslim Bias At Newark Airport Security

Nurul Shamsul Hopes to Break Stereotypes in Miss Universe NZ Pageant

Turkish Police Arrest Female Journalist Over Links to Gulen Network

Delhi HC Permits Reverted Muslim Girl to Live With Husband

Saudi Woman Says She’s Been Driving for 40 Years without a License

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


UK Christian Women Don Hijab in Solidarity with Muslims

Saudi Woman Engineer Breaks New Barriers

Domestic Helps Enjoy Special Iftar in UAE

Sedigheh Dolat-Abadi, Leading Women’s Rights Activist in Iran

Scores Naturalized In Lebanon Where Women Still Lack Rights

‘We Want To Pray In Mosques Too‚’ Says a Group of Muslim Women

Muslim Woman Sues Former Employer, A Hanover Care Facility, She Said Told Her To Remove Her Hijab

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Six Inspiring Saudi Girls to Lead Green Falcons Out At Opening World Cup Game

Pak Hindu Woman Prepares To Fight Feudal System in Upcoming Polls

Vietnamese, Nur Alisha, Chose Islam Because Concept of Fasting Appealed To Her

Ahed Tamimi Jailed For Slapping an Israeli Soldier Loses Bid for an Appeal

Female Traffic Offenders in Saudi Arabia To Be Detained At Girls Care Centres

Woman Attacked, Burqa Violently Ripped Off In Horrific Viral Clip

Qatar Airways Boss Apologizes For Remarks On Women CEOs

A sporting chance to reap the rewards of changing attitudes in Saudi Arabia

7,500 Saudi Women Work In Industries

Saudis Celebrate Issuance of Driving Licenses to Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


UK Court Convicts Mastermind of All-Female ISIS Terror Cell

Belgium Honours Two Policewomen Killed In Jihadist Attack

First Saudi Women Receive Driving Licences amid Crackdown

How Will Saudi Authorities Deal With Women Who Commit Serious Traffic Violations?

Iran: Religious Scholar Calls for Action to Enforce the Mandatory Veil

Indonesia's Growing Threat from Female Extremists

Iran: Women Protest Allocation of Admission Quotas for IRGC, Bassij

Iran: No News On Young Woman Arrested During Uprising In Kermanshah

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


London Teen Found Guilty Of Plot with All-Female Terror Cell

Saudi Arabia Issues First Driver's Licenses to Women

Late By 3 Years Due To Injuries, HC Lets Muslim Girl Topper Join CISF

Locals Praise Malala for Building Modern School, College in Shangla

Malaysia Housewife Proposed Polling Day Attack to ISIS

Wife of Malaysia’s Najib Questioned by Anti-Graft Agency

Saudi Female Driving Instructors Getting the Best Trainers

Iran: Women Prevented From Watching Beach Soccer in Boushehr

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Beijing’s Women-Only Mosque Blends Islam with Chinese Tradition

Denmark's Burqa Ban Will Send Muslim Women Further Underground

Malegaon Muslims Replace Iftar Party with Iftar Basket to Involve Women, Eliminate Waste

Women from US, Canada, Wales To Train Female Driving Instructors in Saudi Arabia

Sri Lankan Bid to Stop Muslim 12-Year-Olds Marrying

Iran: Women Take Part In Protests In Orumiyeh, Kermanshah

Lebanese Woman Faces Entry Ban to Cairo for 'Insulting Egypt'

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Most Indians today may not be aware that the national flag was designed by a Muslim woman, Surayya Tayabji, an active member of the Indian National Congress. Jawaharlal Nehru assigned this task to Tayabji, and it was her idea to replace the symbol of the charkha used and popularised by Mahatma Gandhi with that of Ashoka Chakra at the centre of the flag. Tayabji felt that the charkha, a symbol of the Congress party, might appear partisan....


Muslim Veil Ban in the European States Questions ‘Freedom of Religious Expression’ And ‘Sensible Living’
Eeshah Omer

However, in regards to the Muslim veil ban debate in the European states over the years, has the recent decision of the EU’s highest court of ruling been able to achieve the perfect balance between ‘freedom of religious expression’ and ‘sensible living’? Most can say that the beginning of 2018 has seen a significant step forward into the West’s move to outlaw Muslim headscarves and veils, in public....


Woman with Malaysian Roots Wearing Hijab Is Miss Universe New Zealand Finalist

Saudi Girl Sneaks into India from Nepal to Be With Lover, Spurns Dad

Indian NGOs Ensure Needy Women Get Their Share of Zakat This Ramzan

Activist: Tens of Izadi Children, Women Held in ISIL's Underground Jails in Syria

Thousands Take Part in Funeral Held for Female Paramedic Killed By Israelis

‘Justice for All’: How Saudi Arabia’s Sexual Harassment Law Will Work

‘Medals Are Not Enough To Encourage Women Sportspersons’

It's Action Time for Female Entrepreneurs in the UAE

The Taliban's Legacy in Afghanistan Has Plundered Women's Basic Human Rights

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Khadija, 18, Has Married Three Brothers in a Family Torn By the Afghan War

Welsh Woman Teaches Saudi Women to Be Driving Instructors

Closing Gender Gap to Boost Pakistan’s GDP By 30pc: IMF Study

Palestinian Woman Killed By Israeli Fire on Gaza Border

Amnesty Calls for Immediate Release of Detained Women’s Rights Activists In Saudi Arabia

With Women Driving In The Offing, Can Saudi Families Dispense With Expat Drivers?

Iran: Women of Babol Blocked A Road As An Act Of Protest

Iran: Yaresan Women Are Detained In Horrible Conditions In Qarchak

Yazidi Activist: Islamic State Detains Iraqi Women, Children In Underground Prisons In Syria

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


FGM Is Declared Religiously Forbidden In Islam Says Egyptian Dar Al-Iftaa

Denmark Just Became the Latest European Country to Ban Burqas and Niqabs

Tabassum Hasan first Muslim MP from UP in 16th Lok Sabha

Teenager, Housewife among 15 Suspected Militants Held in Malaysia

Arab Women's Sports Highlighted During Ramadan Majlis

Indonesia’s Citilink cabin crew fly high with hijab uniform

Iran: Women partake in protests in Mashhad, Boukan, Shiraz

Iran: 15-year-old girl remains in detention without legal warrant

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


People often referred to Jahanara Begum as Faqirah (ascetic) due to her devotion to Sufism. She suggested that she and her brother Dara Shikoh were the only descendants of Timur to truly embrace Sufism. She commissioned translations and commentaries on many works of classic literature. Jahanara was the disciple of Mullah Shah Badakhshi, who initiated her into the Qadiriyya Sufi Order in 1641. ....


Female Shoura Council Member Hails Saudi Measure Criminalizing Sexual Harassment

Concern over Saudi Arrests of Women's Rights Activists

Vogue Arabia Puts Saudi Princess in Driving Seat for Dedicated KSA Issue

Leading Muslim Fashion Designer Jailed In Indonesia Fraud

Russia’s Islamic State Women and Children Should Be Returned Home

Afghan Officials Flout Women’s Protection Law, Says UN

Iran: 500 Women Held In Prisons for Undeliberate Crimes

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Millions of Muslim Women Join Workforce in 'Quiet' Revolution

Beyond Purdah: 20th Century Indian Muslim Women Who Broke Societal Barriers

Women Staff Fill Saudi Car Showrooms Ahead Of Driving Ban Lift

Iran: Woman MP Admits the Existence of 24,000 Widows Fewer than 18

Saudi Arabia Approves Measure Criminalizing Sexual Harassment

Meet the Saudi Woman Who Criticized the System through Poetry on Reality TV

Treatment of Women in Iran’s Brutal Prison System

Violence against Afghan Women Carried Out With Impunity: UN

Iran: Performance of Deaf Girls’ Choir Prevented In a Tehran Ceremony

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


If Prince Mohammed cannot take the heat for lifting the driving ban, one can only imagines how much harder it will be for him to deliver on tougher promises. Chief among them is getting rid of the guardianship law, which says that every woman must have a male guardian — husband, father, brother, even a son — who can make critical decisions on her behalf, including applying for a passport, travelling outside the country, studying abroad on a government scholarship and marrying....


Media Attacks on Maryam Pougetoux Show How Muslim Women Are Prevented From Engaging In French Public Life
Rokhaya Diallo

“She wears a particular veil that covers all her hair, the neck: a hijab”. Last Tuesday on French TV two men – a pundit, Thomas Legrand, and celebrity host, Yann Barthès – described in detail a woman’s outfit before labelling it “the opposite of feminism”. Few people in France appeared surprised. For the past two weeks the hijab has once more been at the centre of a national debate that has verged on hysteria....


Non-Muslim Women Take On Ramadan Hijab Challenge

Asma Hamid to Become First Woman AG of Punjab, Pakistan

Malaysia’s Most Powerful Female Politician Wan Azizah Aims to Be Role Model for Women

‘Women In America, Europe Face More Crimes Than In Pakistan

Iraq Executes Four Turkish Women over ISIS Membership

Two Female Bombers Kill Three in Nigeria

Saudi Shoura Council Approves New Law against Harassment

Africa: We Muslim Girls Know How It Feels to Be Noura. Now We Must Fight for Her

Swedish Girls Fearing Forced Marriage Told To Hide Spoon in Underwear

İYİ Party Head Akşener Says She Hopes To Become Turkey’s First Ever Woman President

Two Belgian Women In Syria Take Belgium To Court

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Charlie Hebdo Does It Again, Portrays Hijabi Student ‘As a Monkey’

Love and Politics in Baghdad: The Iraqi Female Writers Breaking Taboos

Saudi Arabia Says All Preparations Finalized For Women to Drive on June 24

Middle East Needs Its Own 'Me Too' Movement for Minority Women

Disabled Yemeni Girl Enters US despite Ban

Israeli Forces Shoot Deaf Palestinian Woman In Jerusalem Al-Quds

Workshops Call For More Women Participation in Tourism Sector

What Does The FATA-KP Merger Mean For Women?

Women’s Views Will Be Missing in New Turkish Gov’t Model

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The Young Welsh Muslim Women Gaining Confidence

Women Paramedics Volunteer To Help Visitors of Prophet's Mosque

Kiran Bala, Who Married Pakistani Man, Begins Her Spiritual Journey with Ramazan

New South Wales Parliament Supports Role of Women in Iran Uprising

Amid Syria’s Horror, A New Force Emerges: The Women of Idlib

‘Call-Gate’, Sexual Harassment, and the Swift Backlash of the Malaysian Spring

Saudi Arabia Urges Citizens: Refer To Verified Sources for News on Women Driving

Detained Iranian-British Woman to Face ‘Security Charges’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Iranian Women Go Online To Protest Forced Hijab

Malala Elected Social Secretary at Oxford College

Dialogue Session: Women MPAs Admit Making Pro-Women Legislation A Tough Task

On Uniform Civil Code, Law Panel Asks Muslim Groups: Why Deny Some Rights to Women

Saudi Women ‘Taking Control of Their Finances’

Women Ready for Top Jobs in SCTH, Says Saudi Arabia’s First Female Tour Guide

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Three Prominent Women’s Rights Advocates Released after Crackdown

Women with International Licenses to Be Allowed To Drive in Saudi for A Year

Saudi Women Take To Tennis Courts

Iran: More Guidance Patrols To Crack Down On Women

Sudan: Teen Bride Who Killed 'Rapist' Husband Appeals Her Death Sentence

'I Don't Fear Death': Pioneering Egyptian Feminist Defies Threats

Pakistan Woman Flies Back To Italy after Forced Abortion

Nigeria: Female Senators Silent Over Rape of Zamfara Women - - Marafa

Saudi Minister to Focus on Women’s Empowerment At Global Meet

Saudi Arabia Supports Women In Professional Roles: Ministry

Iran: Women Employees Stage Protest At A University In Mashhad

Women Leadership Councils Empower Syrian Females to ‘Make Their Voices Heard’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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