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Islam, Women and Feminism

Australian Muslim Women Don't Have To Be Told What We Can Wear

The accusation that religious garments are a precursor to radicalisation or violent extremism is one that has no grounds in the extensive body of terrorism literature. Respected terrorism experts have found that there are no links between modest clothing and violent extremism or terrorism; indeed, that religion is not a sole or major contributor to violent extremism.....


A Woman Can Lead Friday Prayers, It’s Not against Tenets of Islam
Syeda Hameed

Islam has unflinching regard and respect for women. The Quran, the Hadith, and the Sunnah are imbued with raising the status of women in a brutal, misogynist, patriarchal Arab society. Its most revolutionary act in a society that buried its girl children at birth was to give women property rights....


Soon, Saudi Arabia Plans To Employ Women in Restaurants

Over 100,000 Saudi Women Apply For 140 Passport Control Jobs

Israel Sends Palestinian Girl from West Bank to Gaza

Somalia: Al-Shabaab - Inside the Ranks of Women Fighters

Nigerian Muslim Women Decry Discrimination

Justice Ministry to Hire 300 Saudi Women

Seven Years After the ‘Arab Spring,’ Tunisia Is Leading another Revolution — On Women’s Rights

Senior Ofsted Official Backs Head Teacher over Hijab Ban for Under Eights

Iran: What Has Happened To Prisoners And Women Detained Under Torture?

Iran: Training Camp of Women’s National Football Team Cancelled

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Tired of Their Veils:  Iranian Women Stage Rare Protests
Thomas Erdbrink

While discriminatory Islamic divorce and inheritance laws pose problems for individual women, the head scarf is a highly public symbol of a set of personal rules imposed by Iran’s clerical leaders, who decide what people can wear, what music they can listen to and what television programs and movies they get to see. Men are also the subject of clothing laws: They are forbidden to wear shorts in public....


Indonesian Province Orders Female Flight Crews to Don Hijabs or Face ‘Punishment’

Triple Talaq Issue: Muslim Women Feel Offended by Indian President’s Remark

Saudi Women May Be Allowed To Drive Taxis from June

Mechanics Welcome Women in Workshops in Saudi Arabia

Female Judokas Strike A Blow For Women’s Rights In Pakistan

Police Save 14-Year-Old Girl from Forced Marriage in Turkey’s southeast

Iran: Women Gather In Protest outside Caspian Branch in Rasht

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Deadly Proposals: Killing a Woman Is Not a Crime in Pakistan

While the world is in the throes of movements that shame men who exploit and harass and humiliate women, Pakistan continues to insist on their lesser humanity, the denial of their dignity. Asma Rani died for this. In any other country this would be a tragedy; in Pakistan it is routine, just the way things are, the way men want them to be....

Who Will Hear Muslim Women?
Jyoti Punwani

There’s been much outrage that the community was not heard before the Bill was drafted. None of the parties who appeared in the triple Talaq matter before the Supreme Court were called for talks, though two women’s groups had approached the concerned ministries soon after the Supreme Court struck down triple Talaq. The Centre’s refusal to take on board these groups, which have worked with Muslim women at the grass-roots level, exposes its claim of wanting to “empower Muslim women” through the Bill....

Tired of Their Veils, Some Iranian Women Stage Rare Protests

Indonesian Police in Aceh Province Cut Hair of Transgender Women

Sex Slave For IS: NIA to Probe 'Converted' Kerala Woman's Claim

Divorce Parties Are Now A Trend In Saudi Arabia

Indian Muslim Cleric Says Women Watching Football Un-Islamic

No Men Allowed: A Women-Only Village in Egypt

How Social Media Helps Female Pilgrims Document Their Spiritual Journey In Saudi Arabia

FCT Administration Pledges Support for Muslim Women Association

Why SAMA prevents women to open accounts for children?

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Kerala Woman Imam Leads Friday Prayers, Faces Threats: Irrespective Of Islamic Doctrines, Jamida's Liberty Must Be Defended
Tufail Ahmad

Sultan Shahin, the editor of the reformist website Newageislam.com, told Firstpost: "As far as I know, there is no ban in Islam on women in leading prayers. I haven't seen any Islamic text that says women can't lead prayers." Since Islamic history is written by men, he says, it is possible that instances of women leading prayers might not have been recorded. Shahin says that if some men from orthodox backgrounds feel sexual tension, they should not pray behind a female imam, but there is no harm in a woman leading a prayer if there are men willing to pray behind her....

Malala Yousafzai Says Getting Overwhelming Love from India, Wants to Work for Girls There

Three More Child Sexual Assault Cases Surface in KP, Pakistan

Female Kurdish Fighter Kills Turkish Troops in Likely Suicide Bombing in Syria

Medical Student Shot Dead In Kohat, Pakistan, For Refusing Marriage

Gaza Police Block Women from Attending Football Match

Iran Releases the ‘Inqlab’ Street Girl after Popular Pressure

Women-Only Taxis to Launch in Peshawar

Iran: Women’s Active Participation in Protests against Plunder

Iran: Christian Woman Sentenced To 5 Years in Prison

Iran: IRGC Commander Acknowledges Role of Women In Uprising

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Ahed Tamimi Is Malala without a Prize
Ahed Tamimi

Malala needs to be seen because she symbolises the Muslim world’s rejection of Islamist violence. But more importantly, she needs to be seen because her interests are, by sheer chance, aligned with imperialist interests. The part where Malala condemns drone strikes or donates money to reconstruct schools in Gaza destroyed by Israeli raids, is the part we need to fast forward until she starts talking about the Taliban again. Ahed is a Malala whose existence the imperial powers will never acknowledge. But she is one that we – the rest of the world – must wholeheartedly embrace.....


Female Pakistani Activist Pushes Back Against Blasphemy Charges
Pakistan's Gulalai Ismail

1000 Women Athletes to Take Part in Arab Sports Tournament in UAE

Beirut Protest after Spate of Violent Deaths of Women

Sikh Girl Converts To Islam for Planning To Join ISIS in Syria; Jailed

Meet the Woman Challenging Arab Notions of Disability

Women in MENA Happier In The Workplace Despite Enduring Gender Inequality

An American Looks At a Mandatory Hijab

UAE- Participation of Women in Sports Pillar of Community Development: Jawaher Al Qasimi

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


For The First Time, Muslim Woman Leads Jum’ah Prayer in Malappuram

Displaced Iraqi Women Turn To Handicrafts for Survival

Malala Urges Pakistani Women to Speak For Their Rights

Female Saudi Lawyers Lead the Way with Specialist Training

British Sikh Muslim Convert Girl Jailed For Plotting To Join ISIS in Syria

Sharjah Expat Spreads Women's Literacy in Indian Villages

Emirati Women Seeking Sex Change Appeal Court's Decision Rejecting Request In Abu Dhabi

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Aviation Authority Urged To Enable Females to Work as Pilots, Flight Attendants

Saudi Female Prosecutors to Be Recruited to Protect Women’s Privacy

Is Women's Inheritance Next On Reformist Tunisia's Rights Agenda?

Saudi Women Will Decide the Fate of Vision 2030

The Only Type of Muslim Woman Acceptable For Major Brands Is a Silent One

Shock: UK Muslim Groups Complain Over New Female Anti-Terror Tsar

Soraya Salti’s Legacy Lives on in Davos after Arab Women’s Awards in Her Name

Princess Reema Pushes for Gender Equality in Saudi Arabia

Women of Colour Rock New Global Fridays Season At Arab American National Museum

Your Move, Ladies: World Chess Queen Calls For Women To Get On Board

Malala Lauds Feminism as Trump Lands in Davos

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Educating Girls Collective Responsibility, Says Malala at Davos

Iranian Painter's Mouthless Women Speak Volumes At Istanbul Exhibition

Indonesian Woman's Clip of Street Groping Goes Viral In Muslim Country's #MeToo Moment

British Schoolgirl Who Planned To Travel To Syria Caught After Asking Teacher To Sign Passport Photos

Saudi Embassy in Washington Hosts All-Women Art Show

‘Suicide Bomber’: J&K Police on Alert after Input on Teen Girl

Saudi Girl Gamers Compete In Global Game Jam Weekend

New Board of Dubai Foundation for Women and Children Appointed

Iran: Women Stage Protests In Yazd And Rasht

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Women Benefit from New Reforms, but Still Face an Uneven Playing Field
Varsha Koduvayur

 The young royal is upending outdated practices to refashion his kingdom into a “vibrant society,” in the words of his Vision 2030 plan. There is a long way to go, however, before Saudi women can claim full parity with their male citizens. Most importantly, all Saudi women must still have a male guardian who approves major life decisions. Last May, King Salman decreed that government agencies cannot require the guardian’s consent for women seeking certain services, but it remains necessary for getting a marriage license or applying for a passport, among other things....


Objections and Suggestions: Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill, 2017
Manzurul Haque, New Age Islam

Supreme Court has declared void and illegal, what is popularly known and practised amongst Indian Muslims as Talaq-e-Biddat, which in other words means, pronouncing of the word Talaq three times in one sitting, by husband, giving finality to the divorce. Since this practice is widely prevalent in India, it is imperative to attach penal provisions to punish the promoters of such practice, be that the husband or his accomplices, in the furtherance of this practice. ....

Moroccan Cleric Says Extramarital Sex ’Causes Uterus Cancer’

Hijab Model Pulls Out Of Ad Campaign over Israel Tweets

Iranian Woman in Iconic Video Feared To Have Been Arrested After Waving Hijab On A Stick

Saudi Female Rock-Climbing Instructor Hopes To Scale Olympic Heights

Triple Talaq Bill: Muslim Women Send Draft to Govt, Opposition; Ask To Retain Criminalisation Provision

Iran: Five Men for Every Wage-Earning Woman

Three French Female Jihadists Face Death Sentence In Iraq

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Lured With a Happily-Ever-After Dream, Rohingya Girls Sold In India

Lashkar-e-Taiba Issues Burqa Diktat to Kashmiri Women

Pakistan Chief Justice under Fire for ‘Skirt’ Remark

Women Openly Harassed On the Streets of Jeddah

Iranian Woman Who Bravely Stood On a Pillar Box in Tehran Waving Her Hijab Is 'Missing' And Feared Arrested, Lawyer Says

A Hindu Adopts a Destitute Muslim Girl, Raises Her as A Devout Muslim And Marries Her Off The Islamic Way

Meet Riffat Shiraz–Pakistan’s First Female Bike Captain

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Triple Talaq Bill: A Travesty of Divorce
Tabish Khair

Can you really blame others for tossing stones into your house when you have a gaping hole in the roof? True, only a minuscule percentage of Muslim men practised triple Talaq, but still the number of afflicted women ran in the tens of thousands. There was no justification for it — legal, political or social. There wasn’t even a convincing theological argument in favour of it, as the Shias wisely accepted....

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3   Triple Talaq Must Be Invalidated Constitutionally and Criminalized – Inclusion of Prohibitive Clause in Nikahnama Could Allow Its Perpetuation by Defaulters

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Lucknow Boy Weds Pakistan Girl Finally, Couple Thanks Indian External Affairs Minister

Pak Punjab Government to Provide Subsidised Motorbikes for Women

Indonesian Woman Lodges Police Report over Assault for Not Wearing Tudung

Saudi Non-Profit Trains Female Relatives of Convicts on Trade Skills

Iran: Women’s Coach Complains of Having to Play under High Pollution

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


A Muslim Woman Walks Into A Coffee Shop … And Creates A Movement

Women's March: Thousands take to the streets from Los Angeles to New York against Trump

Female Musician Prohibited From Performing on Stage in Isfahan, Iran

Lebanese Women Look For Greater Role In Parliament Elections

Second Day of Global Female Empowerment Marches Scheduled Across US

Parents of 8 Girls Raped and Murdered In Kasur Appear Before SC Seeking Justice

German Woman Sentenced To Death in Iraq for Joining Islamic State

Muslim Woman Is ‘Powerhouse of Lifesaving’ As Israeli EMT

Scare Tactics Won’t Work On Jobless Women, Says Owwa

British Woman Who Married Under Islamic State Regime In Syria Arrested In UK

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


East London Primary School Backs Down Over Hijab Ban

Sultan establishes Sharjah Sports Club for Women

Four European Women Seek Adventure at Camel Festival in Riyadh

Iran: Two Women Dervishes Beaten and Arrested

Most Saudi Women Marry In Their Early 20s

Saudi Female Athletes in Arab Women Sports

Iran: Plundered Women and Men Stage Protests In Tehran

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Women's Campaigns Flourish beyond Iran Protests

"It’s true that the question of the veil is important and a symbol of the regime's repression, but Iranian society's — and women’s — demands shouldn’t be merely reduced to the veil as a main reason for the demonstrations,"...


Saudi Arabia: Repression Overshadows Women’s Reforms

It’s Official – Almost Half of Saudi Women Marry at This Age

Saudi Arabia Holds Car Show Just for Women

Dubai Church to Honour 700 Women Domestic Workers

Kashmiri-Origin Nus Ghani Becomes First Muslim Woman Minister To Address House Of Commons

Muslim Activist Says Marina Silent on Right to Wear Hijab

Meet the Saudi Women Running 5-Star Hotels

Nigeria: Hijab Controversy - Kwara Muslims Ask Law School to Induct Firdaus

Women's Campaigns Flourish beyond Iran Protests

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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