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Islam, Women and Feminism

Norway Proposes Bill to Ban Full-Face Veils in Education

Sharia Crackdowns In Aceh Costing Indonesian Transgender Women Their Livelihoods

First Certified Saudi Female Boxer Reaches New Heights, Breaks Guinness Records

French Woman, Member of ISIS Group, Arrested In North of Afghanistan

Dapchi Girls' Release Could Stir Up Religious Tensions in Nigeria

Muscat Film Festival Focuses On Women and Children

Afghan Women Work to Increase Military Presence

Iran: Women Protest Government Officials in Sarpol-e Zahab

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German Police Train Saudi Women Border Guards

Powerful Image Of Afghan Woman Nursing Baby While Taking University Exam Goes Viral

Canada Celebrates Achievements, Contributions of Pakistani Women

Pakistan Gets First Woman Opposition Leader in Senate

Muslim Women Forced to Remove Burqas during Yogi’s Meet

Saudi Activist Sees ‘Real Change’ In Women’s Rights

35,000 Pakistan’s Gujarat Women without CNICs: Report

USAID Launches Project for Female Farmers

Hend Al-Mansour Names 5 Saudi Arabian Women Artists to Watch

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First Female Deputy of Religious Body Comes At Tough Time for Turkish Women
Riada Asimovic Akyol

Amid all the political turmoil in Turkey, there is some good news on women’s rights. For the first time in the Turkish Republic's history, a woman has been appointed deputy head of the country’s top religious body, the Directorate of Religious Affairs, or Diyanet. It is the highest office in the directorate ever held by a woman since the institution’s founding in 1924....


Standing Up For Iranian Women
Sheryl Saperia

“In the Islamic Republic of Iran, if you take off your headscarf and you appear in public unveiled, you get fined, you get arrested, you get lashes. You will be kicked out from your school if you are unveiled. You won’t be able to get a job.… When we fight against a compulsory hijab, we don’t fight against a piece of cloth. We fight for our dignity. We fight for our identity. And we fight for our personal lives...


3 UAE Women Want to Become Men, Court Turns down Appeal

Boko Haram Returns Dozens of Schoolgirls Kidnapped in Nigeria

Education Is Key to Saudi Women’s Empowerment: Academic

Newly Empowered Saudi Women to Help Drive Growth at Al Rajhi Bank

Fayyaz Appointed First Female Consular at Pakistan Consulate

President El-Sisi Honours 42 Egyptian Women on Mother's Day

Climb On Board: Afghan Woman Brings Stories to Kabul's Children

Iran: UN Experts Alarmed By Reports Mistreatment of Women Activists

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Dowry: A Unique Form of Gender-Based Violence
Fiza Farhan

Dowry is a cult, a malpractice that has been followed by generations of our society after importing it from another religion and culture. It is a form of violence, which is being inflicted on women, and is used as a medium to reinstate the patriarchal structures embedded in our society....


51 Per Cent Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Girls Don’t Go To School: Report

Fit To Train: Saudi Woman Leading the Sweat Army

In Somalia, Women Defy Strict Rules to Play Football

Amani Alkhat, "Muslim Girl" Editor, Says Saudi Arabia Interfering With Women

Muslim Women Protest against Triple Talaq Bill in Nagpur

Nigeria Failed to Act in Schoolgirl Kidnappings by Boko Haram, Report Says

Sawab Launches Social Media Campaign On Women

‘Women’s Army' Vows to fight on in Syria after Briton’s Death

Belgian Women among ISIS Widows in North Syria Camp

‘Protecting Women Rights In Line With Islamic Teachings’: Pak Federal Minister

Princess Basma Praises Jordanian Women's Resilience under Economic Hardship

UAE a friend of women, children and young adults: Shaikha Fatima

Caritas helps Pakistani women find work

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One must come to terms with the fact that for decades, Muslim women have been restricted to a drawn out set of ideals that more often than not is upheld by their “Mehrams” (male guardians) on a micro level and the Islamic state on a macro level. More specifically, the history of dictation of female conduct in the public sphere, in regards to dress codes, is a rich one. Endless teachings of what to and what not to wear plague the world of the Muslim female, sexualizing her if she refuses to abide by these rules....

Saudi Women Should Have Choice Whether to Wear Abaya Robe: Crown Prince

Women’s Economic Forum opens in Riyadh

Saudi Women Take Up Jobs in Makkah Hotels

Women GPS Bring Remote Care to Rural Pakistan

Saudi Arabia Celebrates Female Leaders in Push to Welcome More Women to the Workforce

Cyber Thugs Stir Up Tirades of Hate against Indonesian Women Demanding Equality

College Teacher's Offensive Remarks About 'Un-Islamic Dressing' By Muslim Girls Spark Protests

Christian Women Seek Collaboration with Muslim Counterparts to End Schoolgirls’ Abduction

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


11 Muslim Women Married Off In Collective Wedding Ceremony by Hindus

Women Scholars Conduct Sharia Law Awareness Camp

Nahdi Campaign Celebrates Saudi Women

Saudi Arabia opens Women Economic Forum today

Indian Cops Claim Zakir Naik Speeches Used To Radicalise Girl for Syria Mission

Iran: Fresh warnings against women’s bicycling

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Two arguments are being made in this essay: 1] the condition of women in pre-Islamic Arabia depended on which tribe they belonged to – not all women were mistreated, in fact some were far more empowered before Islam than afterward…these reports all exist in Muslim sources; 2] Islam did not choose the more women-empowering pre-existing cultural mores to lay down laws regarding women. It appears that the Islamic laws related to women, while striving for some form of compassion for women, are consistently formed in ways to benefit men, and the focus of many of these laws has been to satisfy the almost obsessive interest of Islam in paternity....

Arab Women Artists in Diaspora Focus on Identity and Loss

‘Kuwait Working on Women’s Full Rights’ – ‘Females Hold Senior Posts’

PIL in Indian SC against Polygamy, Temporary Marriages under Muslim Law

China Is Separating Women In Muslim-Majority Xinjiang From Pakistani Husbands, Sending Them To Re-Education Camps

Muslim Women Stage Silent Protest Against Triple Talaq Bill in Lucknow

‘Protecting Women Rights In Line With Islamic Teachings’

Why the Arab World Needs To Close the Gender Gap

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


‘I’ll Wear Hijab When You Do’ Iranian Woman Tells Man Who Slapped Her

Hijab Removal by New York Police Prompts Lawsuit

US: 2 Anti-Muslim Women Arrested For Vandalizing Mosque

Emirati Women Eyeing Olympic Glory

Malala Sponsored School Begins Operations in Shangla

Muslim Women to March against "Anti-Women" Triple Talaq Bill in Lucknow on March 18

Amna Becomes GB’s First Woman Sessions Judge

Cyber-Violence, an Emerging New Reality for Many Indonesian Women

Prince Sultan University Hosts Women in Data Science Conference

LHC Halts PIA Pilots’ Recruitment Process over Women Quota Violation

NHRC Praises Qatari Women’s Achievements in Various Fields

Turkish Limak Co. Holds Graduation Ceremony For Kuwait's Female Engineers

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Defying the Taliban: Afghan Women Apply To Join Police Force

Saudi Woman Takes Rock Climbing To New Heights

Two Women Arrested For Breaking into US Islamic Centre

Muslim Women Stage Rally in Bhagalpur, Saharsa in Bihar against the ‘Triple Talaq’ Bill

Women Taking the Lead for Muslim Gender Equality

Egyptian Girl Assaulted By 10 British Women in Nottingham Dies

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Woman Minister Tells UN of Female Jobs Bonanza in Kingdom

85pc Women Face Harassment in Karachi: Experts

Two Women and Three Children Vandalise Mosque in the United States

Saudi Women Allowed To Join Civil Defence

DWE to Host 'Insta Hub - A Platform for Women E-Traders'

Iran: Women Participate In Protests In Rasht, Arak, Tehran, Etc.

Iran: Message Of a Suffering Woman on Iranian New Year’s Eve

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


In assessing the increasingly active employment of women in all sorts of military engagements, it shouldn’t be disregarded that terrorist ideologists are trying to take advantage of the fact that most Muslims are terrified by the prospect of being murdered by a women. After all, according to Muslim believes, a man who fell by the hand of a woman will not get 72 virgins in paradise. By the way, for the same exact reason Tel-Aviv enlists women in its armed forces in an attempt to destroy the morale of those Muslim armies that are fighting its troops....


We are teaching the world how to “love thy neighbour.” We are living proof that there is still peace in this world. I have no doubt in my mind that we will continue to inspire people to unite instead of succumbing to ancient stereotypes. So this International Women’s Day, I encourage you to look to the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom as an example of where hope for our country lies: in celebrating our differences as well as our shared humanity,...


If Our Jersey Sisterhood of Jews, Muslims Can Bond, So Can the World

Saudi Women Filmmakers Surpass Men in Number

Women Boxers Warm Up For Pakistan’s Provincial Games

Women Moot Concludes with Paigham-e-Pakistan

At UN, Maleeha highlights role of women in Pakistan

Security Coordinators in Girls Schools Get Safe Driving Training

Iran: Zeinab Jalalian Sends IWD Message From Inside Her Cell

Turkish Minister Touts Female Development At UN Summit

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Women and Math
Rafia Zakaria

Women and Math
Rafia Zakaria

Women in Muslim countries confront the most obstacles, nearly all of them arbitrary and imposed by men. Long conditioned to expect these kinds of obstacles in their way, they learn to work extra hard, be better than the best and as perfect as possible. The hard sciences and the STEM fields in general, empirical as they are, reveal the fruits of this section of the population that knows they have to be beyond excellent to be taken seriously and to avail themselves of the same opportunities as their male counterparts....


All India Muslim Women's Personal Law Board Seeks Amendment in Triple Talaq Bill

Indonesia University Revokes Niqab Ban after Criticism

Afghanistan Has Nearly 1 Million Female Drug Users, Admits Government

Qumra Talks Focuses On Arab Women in Cinema, Sports

Campaign for Saudi Women to Apply For Individual ID Cards

Islam Gives Honourable Position to Women: Chairperson IMWU, Pakistan

Muslim Women Hold Protest in Rajasthan's Sikar against Triple Talaq Bill

My Father Has Become A Tool in Hands of Anti-National Forces, Says Hadiya

Turkish Family and Social Affairs Minister Tackles Violence against Women at UN

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Iran: 36,000 Marriages and 15,000 Widows Under 15

Turkey’s Top Religious Body Head to Appoint More Women Clerics

Saudi Female Lawyers Win New Legal Powers

Iran: Compulsory Veiling Forms a Pillar of Mullahs’ Rule

First-Ever Hindu Dalit Woman Senator Sworn In Pakistan

‘Angry’ Women Take To the Streets in Beirut to Protest Mistreatment

Muslim Women Don’t Need Saving From Their Religion

Pakistani Woman Arrested On Charge Of Blasphemy

Indian Muslim Women to Protect Shariah Laws

300 Women Donate Blood in Ajman Beauty Salon Drive

Saudi Women Granted Immediate Custody of Their Children after Divorce

Flour Power: Saudi Women Bakers Take Instagram by Storm

Muslim Women Encouraged To Volunteer In Community

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Call on Egyptian Women to Remove Hijab Provokes a Heated Debate
Cherif Choubachy

Kerala Love Jihad Case: Hadiya Thanks PFI for Support, Asks What's Wrong In Converting To another Religion

Actress Suzan Najm Aldeen Shows Respect for Cairo's Mosques with a Hijab Look

Violence against Women Remains Rampant In Indonesia

Tunisian Women March for Same Inheritance Rights As Men

Careem Pledges to Recruit 20,000 Female Captains By 2020

Divorced Saudi Mothers Win New Rights to Child Custody

Meet Pakistan's Fierce Female Kick boxer Who's Inspiring Other Girls to take up the Sport

British Indian MP Priti Patel Rejects Labels for Minorities

International Women’s Day, A Time to Reflect on Gender Rights in the Arab World

Poor Economy and War Forcing Yemeni Women to Break with Tradition and Become Breadwinners

Kuwaiti Women Choose Competitive Shooting as Launchpad for Success

Arab Mothers Describe Cross-Cultural Experience Raising a Child In The UK

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Princess Reema: It’s Time to Focus on Saudi Women’s Capabilities, Not Their Clothes

Council of Islamic Ideology, Pakistan to Have More Female Members Post

Music Professor Who Said Muslim Woman Safer In US Forced Out

In KL, Malaysian Women March To Reclaim Their Space

Call for More Female Politicians in Pakistan

Female Police Officers Help Security on Afghan Front Line

Malala Discusses Trump, Girls' Education And Muslim Ban On David Letterman's Show

Muslims Perform Last Rites of Pandit Woman in Tral

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


A Moral Compass: Bravery, Thy Name Is Asma Jahangir
Mehmal Sarfraz

There is no one like Asma Jahangir but her legacy will continue to live on through her work, through the institutions she built - such as the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and the AGHS Legal Aid Cell - through the countless women she empowered, through those she inspired, through each and every rights worker and through her family and friends. Asma ji, we will miss you. Rest in power!...


The Lamentable Humiliations of Hadiya
Namita Bhandare

But at the heart of the Hadiya controversy lies not so much the right of a grown woman to choose her husband and religion, but prevailing attitudes towards women by society at large. Seventy years after Independence and despite a Constitution that guarantees us equality and dignity, we are simply not to be trusted when it comes to decisions about personal life choices, particularly if those choices don’t meet with social approval. Well into a new century, women are still viewed as the property of their fathers and, then, husbands. It is not good news and certainly not worth celebrating....

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