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Islam, Women and Feminism

Trump Names Woman as Head of US Air Force

Iran's Judiciary Backpedals On Banning Cycling For Women

First Female Muslim Mayor in the U.S. Calls This N.J. Town Home

Ford Driving Skills for Life Saudi Arabia Hosts Men and Women at the Same Time

First Female Emirati Specialist in Aviation Medicine: Dr. Nadia Bastaki

Afghan Women Journalists Train in Chennai to Bring Change

Yazidi women still fear ISIS months after their defeat

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It is estimated that violence against women is a huge threat for the women and it is occurring in almost whole part of the country. Pakistan is totally affected by it and women are facing several problems....


Muslim women shouldn’t be faulted for the chinks in the state’s armour. In not being able to answer the hard questions of accountability, in their failure to act on available intelligence and lack of general good governance, those at the top should leave well alone and consider hiding their own faces instead....


Dozens of Yemeni Girls and Women Face Secret Houthi Trials on False Prostitution Charges

German Conference on Islamic Veil Sparks Controversy

Malaysia's First Female Top Judge Is 'Big Step' For Women's Justice

Local Personality Mizz Nina Asks Women to Join the Hijab Challenge This Ramadan

7 Ways Moroccan Women Prepare for Ramadan

Forum Organized to Boost Women’s Role in Saudi Labour Market

Saudi Arabia Temporarily Frees Four Women Activists

Teachers Day in Iran Marked By Teachers’ Protests to Dire Conditions

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Hindu Girl Who Eloped Says Muslim Lover Must Convert, Turn Vegetarian to Marry

Terror Groups May Be Recruiting More Women to Wage Jihad: Study

Muslim Feminists Are Speaking Out Against the Widespread Notion That Feminism Is Not Part of Islam

Yazidi Women Seek Acceptance For Children Born Of IS Rape

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Austrian Lawmaker Wears Headscarf to Parliament in Protest at Hijab Ban

Triple Talaq via WhatsApp? Maharashtra Man Booked Under Muslim Women Bill

Women In Their Twenties Smitten For Plates With Special Dates

Women Married To Chinese Men Petition LHC For Action Against FIA

Student Protesters In Iran Continue Their Protests

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Shiv Sena Demands Ban on Burqa in Public Places, Cites Sri Lanka

Pak Senate Passes Bill To Fix 18 Years as Age of Puberty for Girls

Lebanon’s First Female Interior Minister Discusses US Support, Border Security

ATC Gets Its First Emirati Woman Duty Manager

Female Workers In Iran Work In “New Slavery” Conditions

Sri Lanka Muslim Women Uncover Out Of Fear

Egypt's First Female Polo Team Rides To Victory

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

It can be illusion, vanity, artifice, deception, liberation, imprisonment, euphemism, divination, concealment, hallucination, depression, eloquent silence, holiness, the ethers beyond consciousness, the hidden hundredth name of God, the final passage into death, even the Biblical apocalypse, the lifting of God’s veil....

Intel Warns Of Attacks on Buddhist Temples by Female Bombers

No More Living in 'Mobile Prison': Taslima Nasreen Hails Sri Lanka's Burqa Ban as 'Good Decision'

Senate Passes Bill To Fix Marriage Age as 18 for Girls

Saudi Female Film Producer Reaching For the Stars

Afghan Women Push for Voice in Talks, Fearing Loss of Rights

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Moral Security Police Sends Text Messages To Warn Against Mal-Veiling

Iraqi Bill on Yazidi Female Survivors Stirs Controversy

Trans Women March for Their Rights in Conservative Indonesia

Are Girls In Madrasas Of Bangladesh Safe? Experts Want Strict Monitoring

Sheikh Hasina: Don't Deprive Women of Their Property Rights

Girls in Bangladesh Learn To Talk Their Way Out Of Forced Marriage

Workshop Launched to Boost Saudi Women’s Role in Arts, Crafts

Woman Minister Removed From Gilgit-Baltistan Cabinet

Early Marriage Leads to Domestic Violence: Survey by Punjab Commission on Status of Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Women Aid Society Inactive In Many Tamil Nadu Districts:

Coverage of Defiant Sudanese Women Protesting Empowers Young Manawatū Muslims

Women at the Forefront of Sudan Change

Israeli Hospitals Admit To Segregating Jewish and Arab Women at Maternity Wards

Women In Iran Committing Suicide

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Young Muslim Women Told Hijabs Don't Make Them 'Look Canadian'

Egyptian Woman Brutalized in Arab Spring Protest Continues Rights Campaign

'Protected Behind Bars of Morality': AMU Women Condemn Posters Depicting Them as Caged Bird

‘Women Can Change Fate of Muslim World’ Say Women Members of Saudi Majlis-e- Shura

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Student Writes to Karnataka Govt. To Be Allowed To Wear Headscarf in College

Indian Muslim Women Are 6.9% of Population; Have Just 0.7% Representation in LS

After Islamic State Collapse, Serbian Women Trapped In Syria

Women See Unemployment As Biggest Problem In Turkey

Small Business Lending On The Rise For Egyptian Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


When non-Muslim women across New Zealand draped scarves on their heads last month to show their solidarity with Muslims a week after the horrific massacres at two mosques in Christchurch, it was touted by many as a feel-good story in the wake of unbelievable tragedy....

Sri Lanka Plans to Ban the Burqa After Easter Attacks. Does it Solve the Terror Problem?

Saudi Woman Granted Refugee Status In NZ Because Of Persecution

Kenya: In a Man's World, Muslim Woman Defies Odds as Tuk-Tuk Driver

Lebanese Female Author Wins Arabic Fiction Prize

Report Highlights Online Abuse Experienced By Women Activists in Pakistan

KP Assembly Resolution for Raising Marriage Age To 18 Lauded

German Woman, Parents-In-Law Indicted For Aiding ISIS

Kosovan Women Returned From Syria Face House Arrest

Syrian Woman In Wheelchair Tells UN Disabled Are Invisible

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Yemeni Activists Blast Houthi Recruitment of All-Female Militias

Child Marriages Exceed 4,000 in North Khorasan in Just One Year

‘Tireless Bullying’ Makes Nine-Year-Old Syrian Girl Commit Suicide in Canada

Joining Daesh Was a Disastrous Mistake, Say Former Female Members

CAS Class Explores Women in the Muslim World

Nobel Laureate Murad Urges Justice for Yazidi Victims of IS

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


These allegations, spread via a public smear campaign in the Saudi media, hung over the women during the nine months they were detained without charge. Some of the women alleged that Saudi authorities brutally tortured them....


Women Own 50 Percent Of E-Stores Registered In Maroof, Saudi Arabia

OIC: Encourage Science, Technology Training For Girls

Kosovo Police Question Several Women Who Returned From Syria

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


We all have platforms of some kind: a social media group, a book club, friends who like to walk and talk on Saturday mornings, a workplace newsletter you contribute to. Clear some space and invite a Muslim woman along to be a part of it too. ....


Saudi Women Working Hard To Change Country They Call Home

About 86% of Kerala Women Going On Hajj without a Mehram

Qatar Chamber Joins Conference on Women Empowerment in Lebanon

Did Female Iranian Boxer Fight For Championship Or Asylum In France?

Iranian Women’s Volleyball Team Cancelled Plan for Asian Cup

Taliban Meets With Women’s Rights Activists, Others after Talks with Afghan Officials Collapse

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Malaysia Probes Talk on Muslim Women Giving Up Headscarves

Meet The Emirati Female Pilot Who Flies A380s, One Of The World's Largest Passenger Aircraft

Former ISIS Bride Blames Islamophobic Bullying At Her British School For Driving Her To Marry A Syrian Jihadi Like Shamima Begum

French Court Rules Company To Pay 23,000 Euros To Muslim Woman Fired For Refusing To Take Headscarf Off

Women Scouts Team Created In Taif University

Amnesty International: Stop Crackdown on Women’s Rights Defenders

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


American College Golfer In Hijab Out To Blaze Trail For Muslim Women

In Iraq, Tribal Traditions Rob Women, Girls Of Rights

Women’s Mosque of Canada launches in Toronto

Yemeni Women Demand Equal Representation In Peace Process

Saudi Embassy in Georgia Says Passports of Runaway Sisters Are Valid

Suspected Far-Right Extremist Attacks Muslim Woman Wearing Headscarf In Berlin

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


People from different political, ethnic, religious and social backgrounds have participated in the protests, culminating in a historic sit-in at the headquarters of the Sudanese Armed Forces. But women — always — have been at the forefront...

Qatar Sociologist Teaches Muslim Men How To Beat Women Correctly In Viral Video

Teenage Hindu Girl's Kidnapping Sparks Protest in Pakistan's Punjab

Malaysia Probes Book on Giving Up Hijab

Woman shot dead in N.Ireland in ‘terrorist incident’

In Iraq, tribal traditions rob women, girls of rights

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Many impediments remain that affect women’s work-life balance: The Bangladeshi culture expects women to cook, clean and look after their children, even if they have full-time jobs. The discussion around women’s unpaid household work were renewed by a speech made by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that went viral on social media nearly two years ago.....

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