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Islam, Women and Feminism

Marriages of Desperation
Rafia Zakaria

Beyond issues of faith, the idea that marriage is a transaction carried out by men and endured by women further embeds the idea that Muslim men, Turkish or Pakistani or otherwise, are somehow inherently unable to respect women. This premise, now a staple of Islamophobic propaganda in the West, uses examples such as the ones involving the sale of Syrian women to Turkish men as the material for exclusion and mistreatment....

Saudi Arabia Agrees to Let Women Drive
Ben Hubbard

Saudi Arabia, home to Islam’s holiest sites, is an absolute monarchy ruled according to Shariah law. Saudi officials and clerics have provided numerous explanations for the ban over the years. Some said that it was inappropriate in Saudi culture for women to drive, or that male drivers would not know how to handle having women in cars next to them. Others argued that allowing women to drive would lead to promiscuity and the collapse of the Saudi family. One cleric claimed — with no evidence — that driving harmed woman’s ovaries.....


Saudi Arabia: Backlash after Women Celebrate National Day

Yara Al-Namla: First to Represent Women during Saudi National Day Celebrations

In Kerala, Hindu Woman Alleges Torture for Marrying Christian Man

Tool of Terror: Myanmar Military Gang Raped Rohingya Muslim Women

Iran: Over 12,000 women registered as victims of violence

Over 159,000 Saudi Women Employed In Wholesale and Retail Sector In 2016

Women Prison Chief Sees More Progress, Development in KSA

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There's A Secret Kashmiri Women Are Keeping From Their Families
Adrija Bose

In the Valley, where half of the population suffers from some form of mental health disorder, the stigma attached to going to a psychiatrist plays a major role in treatment being denied to women who need it badly — young girls struggling to adjust to shrinking spaces of self-expression, mothers whose sons are missing, young widows of slain men...


In Pakistan Girl Forced To 'Pay' For Brother's Love Marriage

Despite Supreme Court's Ban, Rajasthan Woman Gets Triple Talaq Over Phone

Iran: Women Denied Freedom Even In Cars

Muslim Women in Southeast Asia A Unique Challenge for Marketers

Evidence of Rape in Myanmar Army ‘Cleansing’ Campaign

Triple Talaq Verdict in India Led To Confusion: Scholars

Kerala Love Jihad: Women’s Panel to Move SC to File Fact-Finding Report

Saudi Ministry to Discuss Gender Equality, Women’s Participation in Civil Services

Bliss Run: Saudi Women Seek Healthy Environment through Running, Walking In Jeddah

Saudi national celebrations see women entering sports stadium for 1st time

Social Media Campaign to Help Afghan Women Break Free From the Chains of Radicalism

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An Unending War on Women in Pakistan
Mushtaq Rajpar

Patriarchy decides their fate, and the ever-widening class divide is inflicting more pain on them. Tania’s killing is a case in point; the powerful rich treat the poor as their subjects. The situation with minorities in lower Sindh is the worst, where their women are kidnapped, exploited, or kept as bonded labour. Thousands such women can be seen working in the fields....


Why Triple Talaq Ban Is Nothing More Than Just a Stamp on Paper

South Korean Cosmetics Giant Focuses on Catering To Muslim Women

Swiss Voters Reject Raising Women's Retirement Age – Tv

Saudi Arabia Allows Women into Sports Stadium for 1st Time

Killing an Enemy That Hides Among Women and Children Is Never Easy

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Miss Turkey Loses Crown over Contentious Coup Tweet

Kerala Woman, Athira, Who Left Home To Become Muslim Returns

Austria Burqa Ban: Government Warns Muslim Women to Show Faces in Public or Be Fined

Rajkot Woman Alleges Her Husband Subjected Her To ‘Triple Talaq’

Five Arrested For Involvement in Child Marriage to 'Settle Gambling Debt'

Priyanka Chopra Proud of Malala’s Achievements

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Freewheeling Women: Campus Bikes Liberate Pakistan's Female Students

Women Need To Know Their Rights to Eliminate Violence: Malala

Senior Saudi Cleric Banned From Preaching After Insulting Women

Benazir Killed For Defying Terrorists and Being a Woman: British PM

French-Algerian Millionaire Vows to Pay Burqa Ban Fines for Muslim Women in Austria

New Drive to Increase Saudi Women’s Employment in IT Industry

Iran: Women’s Admission to Stadiums Not a Social Priority – Official

Iran: Woman on the Verge Of Execution In Shiraz

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Contract Marriage Racket: Police Arrest Eight Arab Sheikhs In Hyderabad Who Wanted To ‘Marry’ Minor Girls

‘Killing Is Easy For Them:’ Egyptian Girl Exposes Her Family’s Big Secret

82pc Women Travel 1-5km to Fetch Water in Kohistan, Pakistan

Israel Holding 58 Palestinian Women 'Under Dire Conditions'

Saudi Arabia Allows Women into King Fahd Stadium to Join National Day Celebrations

Iran: Nurse Fired for Defending Women’s Rights At Workplace

Plea in SC to Stall NIA Probe into Marriage of Kerala Hindu Woman to a Muslim Man

Midwives Come To Aid of Pregnant Rohingya Women In Bangladesh Camps

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The frame of discourse of the arguments advanced and the discussion in the triple Talaq judgments seem discordantly medieval. Gender discrimination and equality fall by the wayside. The discourses are in the nature of – Talaq-e-Biddat or triple Talaq as invalid solely because it is arbitrary and does not give any reasons. Reasons like that the woman is not docile and obedient or is of ‘bad’ character are in tune with the Quran and would make the Talaq acceptable and valid! Thus we have the judgments excerpting Verse 34 in Section 6 of Sura IV of the Quran....

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6.   Instant Triple Talaq Judgment and After

‘Pakistan Girl’ Takes Aim at Corrupt Cops and Domestic Abuse

Chinese Girl Falls for Pakistani Class Fellow, Ties Knot after Converting To Islam

Dubai Run to Promote Women Empowerment and Elimination Of Violence

Hardliners Don’t Want Muslim Women to Meet PM Modi in Varanasi, Claims Social Activist

Bahrain: Battered Syrian Wife Moved To Shelter amid New Details of Attack

Author Offers New Perspective on Role of Muslim Women in African Society

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My Life as an Expatriate Girl in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Noor Shahid

Movie nights, dances, dinners, sports, prom, pool days – there was always something to do. Everything was accessible as well, keeping in mind where we were. During school, there was no frustration based on being a female in Saudi Arabia – the thought never even came up. Only now that I am graduated, I notice how exasperating daily life can be for a woman.....


Arab Women Take To Social Media to Expose Sexual Harassment

Mixing Make-Up for Muslim Women Offers Lesson in Asian Diversity

Shameful To Demand That I Should Be Returned: Ladakh Woman Who Married a Muslim

Saudi Arabia Trains 1st Women Air Traffic Controllers

Will Give Hadiya Case Findings to SC: Panel

Iraq Set To Deport 500 Wives of Islamic State Jihadists to Europe, Asia and the Americas

'As a Muslim, As a Canadian, As a Woman': Writers Share First-Hand Stories

UN Gives Top Prize to Chibok Girls Negotiator

Four Boston College women acid-attacked in France

80,000 Jobs For Saudi Women Soon: Labour Ministry

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


German ISIS Bride Nicknamed ‘Belle of Mosul’ May Face Death Penalty

Muslim Rugby Fan Wears All Blacks Hijab to Springboks Match

UP Govt Order Asks Madrasas to Ferry Women to PM Modi’s Minority Interaction Event

First-Ever Women University in Gilgit Baltistan Soon

Indonesian Women Hardliners Producing Future Jihadists for Islamic State

US Central Command Congratulates First Saudi Woman to Join NASA

Iran Compound Women Win Gold at Para Worlds

Women Seeking More Instrumental Role in Aviation Industry

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Brussels Airport Deports Danish Woman Wearing Niqab

Hundreds Protest Violence against Women in Israeli Arab Village after Murder

Fewer Working Women in India than Nepal

This Is Why Arab Women Must Fight Harassment

Sovereign Women in a Muslim Kingdom

BJP Suspends Muslim Woman Leader for Organising Prayer Meet in Assam for Rohingya Victims

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Infantilising Hadiya, the Homoeopathy Student Who Embraced Islam

Critics have argued that by ordering the annulment of marriage, the court has legitimised the love jihad propaganda. Feminists have also noted the gross infantilisation of Hadiya, the erosion of her agency and the silencing of her voice by the heavy hand of patriarchy. Certainly, in voiding the marriage and granting Haidya’s custody to her father, the high court assumed the mantle of parens patriae. Her vociferous denial of the charges of force was dismissed with assertions about her mediocre intelligence, young age and incapacity to think independently....

First Mehsud Jirga on Return to SWA Bans Women's Photos, Videos

Pakistan Honour Killing: Teenage Lovers 'Were Electrocuted', Say Karachi Police

Female Cyclists Breaking Norms As They Take To the Streets in Khartoum

Efforts for Female-Only Staff in Saudi Women’s Wear Shops Welcomed

Muslim Women: Switzerland to Ban Facial Coverings

Tajikistan Officials Are Texting Women to Tell Them What to Wear

A Solid Foundation Completed, New Facilities for the Women of the ANP

Thirty Foreign Islamic State Women, Child Arrested Near Tal Afar

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim’s Instant Divorce Law — Why Men Can and Women Can’t
Mohsin Saleem Ullah

Divorce is one of acts most discouraged — yet legal — by Allah. Before Islam, the Arabs were free to divorce their wives and take them back as they pleased. When Islam came, this practice was invalidated. As indicated by the Prophet’s truism, offering Talaq to the wife in a fit of rage or anger is entirely illegal. A man is more capable — in any event, hypothetically — of controlling his fluttering feelings and individual responses when vexed about the little issues in life: particularly regarding the debate with his better half. It has been scientifically proven that women make decisions based on emotions and have frequent mood swings....


Hyderabad Guest Houses under Scanner over ‘Contract Marriages’ Between Minor Girls, And Older Men from the Middle East and Eastern Africa

Muslim Women in India Combine Yoga with Quranic Verses

Why Buddhist Women Are Marrying Muslim Men in Ladakh

Hundreds of Isis Women Are Being Held In an Iraqi Prison

Abedin's Mom Made Sure Clinton's Saudi Speech Omitted 'Freedom' and 'Driving For Women,' Emails Show

Neda Shahsavari, Aia Mohamed Want to Be Known More For Their Game, Not Attire

Singapore Swears In First Female President

Pakistan Women Entrepreneurship Programme Holds Women Summit 2017

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Causes and Effects of Growing Divorce Cases
Dr. Fowziya Al-Bakr

“Each community has its own reasons for increasing divorce cases. The main reason for divorce in our community is marriage without understanding, knowledge and love.” Other reasons are: marriage without planning as some individuals marry brides who are their mothers’ choice; lack of belief in future security and decay of social values and lack of efforts to formulate alternative values and systems to stabilize families….


Tunisian Women's Rights Plan Rattles Muslim Traditionalists

Girl Strapped With Bomb Kills Five in Cameroon Mosque

What Attracts Japanese Women To 'Islamic State'?

Yazidi Women Undergo A Rebirth Ceremony After Islamic State Enslavement

Pakistani Girl Subjected To Acid Attack

Pak Cops Held As Woman-Torture Video Goes Viral

Liberia: Women Initiative for Self Help Ends Workshop on Gender Base Violence

The British Female Thai-Boxing Champion - Who Kept Her Training Secret from Her Strict Muslim Family

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pakistani Hindu girl allegedly abducted, converted and married off against her will in Sindh

Forced conversions of Christian girls in Pakistan make a mockery of its constitution

The hijab in Indonesia: From oppression to high fashion

Iran: Women’s Groups Slam Violence Against Rohingya Muslims

Woman beaten by cop arrested

New proposal calls for granting licences to men and women alike

Woman drowns in failed attempt to save son

Singapore's First Female President Will Be A Hijab-Wearing Muslim Woman

Girls outshine boys in HSC part-II result

Police investigate connection of woman linked to hoax syndicate with Anies

Egyptian girl uses mobile to document harassment on public transport

Tunisian women's rights plan rattles Muslim traditionalists

6 women offer massage to men online in Dubai, rob them

Saudi Woman Showcases her Experience in Attorneyship in United States

Iran: Kurdish woman arrested in Mahabad

Woman arrested, ASI let off scot-free

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Hundreds of Muslim women rally in support of triple talaq, decry ‘bid’ to dilute Sharia

Woman seeks protection from family after conversion, freewill marriage

Iraq holds 1,300 IS women, children

ASI filmed beating helpless woman on court premises

Woman abducted by husband’s rivals

Woman is beaten with a cane as she and ten other men and women are whipped for crimes ranging from adultery to gambling under Indonesia's sharia law

Malay Woman to Be Singapore President, Puts Minority Representation on Agenda

Muslim woman seeks divorce at press conference but clerics play hard to get

Jordan’s women plumbers fix pipes as men leave puddles

Saudi Shoura Council calls to hire specialized women to issue fatwas

Toronto festival documentary offers glimpse into sharia, women’s rights

Empowering women: Hunza Valley makes it to the top

How cycling is keeping the fight for women’s rights moving in Saudi Arabia

On the memoir of Shahla Habibi, the first Iranian female presidential advisor

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Forced conversions of Christian girls in Pakistan make a mockery of its constitution

1400 foreign women, children left behind by Daesh after Tal Afar liberation

Buddhist woman’s wedding with Muslim sparks tension in Ladakh

Schools chief inspector to meet Muslim campaigners who are calling for a ban on hijabs in state primaries

Muslim woman takes ‘divorce’ at press meet in Lucknow

Parents seek arrest of wadera for daughter’s murder

Call for women MPs to wear hijab

142 Saudi women work in 11 airports

Marriage of underage girl prevented

Teenage girl commits suicide

US envoy optimistic about growing role of Afghan women in economic development

A skilled Arab woman in solidarity with societies torn by war, disease

How Tunisian women inspired monogamy in Islam centuries ago

Muslim woman becomes first hijabi to win Australian council election

Muslim women in mosque committees of Kerala shatter the myths built by right-wing media

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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