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Islam, Women and Feminism

The sea knows no gender, says Saudi woman diver

Kerala Muslim committee expels woman who tried to enter Sabarimala

Women actively participated in recent protest gatherings in Iran

Afghan women & elections

Muslim woman: Denied house on rent by 2 owners in Bengaluru

Woman who threatened police lands in hospital

Suspected ride-hailing service driver who 'harassed' Karachi woman released on bail

Truck artist paints messages to campaign for female literacy

11 of a family including a woman and children killed in Nangarhar IED blast

Rashida Tlaib: Meet the Democrat poised to be first Muslim woman in Congress

Building a bigger role for women in Saudi security services

A victory for women's rights? Tunisia's inheritance laws and the 'human rights' discourse

Muslim girls less likely to drop out of school than boys at higher education level

Princess Nourah University holds first conference for Saudi women’s studies

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Islamic State frees six Syrian Druze women, children 'after $27m ransom paid'

Islamabad woman arrested for allegedly abusing, threatening police officials in viral video

Petition seeks details of litigation expense in Dr Aafia case

Creative Chaos CEO asked to resign after discrimination against hijab-wearing employee

Women’s Bowling Championship 2018 wraps up in Jeddah

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Abducted girls in South Sudan lined up to be picked as ‘wives’ for rebels: UN

Woman killed in cross-firing during terror attack on Army camp in J&K

Peace, Blood, and Hope: Women in Afghanistan’s Election

Tehran lets women in stadium prompting reformists’ praise and conservatives’ wrath

Woman asked to shun hijab at workplace or resign in Pakistan

Iran’s chief prosecutor: Women watching half-naked men play soccer is sinful

Algeria bans wearing of full-face veils at work

10 Saudi women hold internationally recognized diving licenses

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Yazidi doctor devotes her life to women who survived Islamic State
Yazidi gynaecologist Dr Nagham Nawzat
Yazidi doctor devotes her life to women who survived Islamic State
New Age Islam News Bureau

Women among 12 Pakistani Hindu pilgrims held in India

As Afghans Prepare to Vote, Women Seek Expanded Rights

Haji Ali: Two years on, women entering inner sanctum freely

From the US congress to comic-book cosplay, Muslim women shatter stereotypes by being themselves

Maharashtra man gives ‘triple talaq’ to wife via WhatsApp, booked

Russia negotiates deal with ISIS to release abducted women in Syria’s Sweida

Over 400 Afghan women aim to break male stranglehold on Parliament

Arab Woman Awards Kuwait 2018 winners announced

Birth spacing ‘improving health of Omani women’

Woman sells minor daughter for Dh50,000, jewellery in UAE

Iran’s chief prosecutor: Women watching half-naked men play soccer is sinful

Addiction age has plunged under 15 for Iranian women and girls

Baha’i women continue to get arrested and dismissed for their faith

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Women candidates face small-scale war in Afghan election
Ethiopia's first female defense minister, Aisha Mo
Women candidates face small-scale war in Afghan election
New Age Islam News Bureau

Half of Ethiopia's new cabinet women, including Muslim defense minister

Pakistani serial killer executed for raping, murdering 7-year-old girl

Islamic boarding school is refuge for Indonesian trans women

Ethiopian PM hands half of cabinet to women, including defense job

Muslim preacher who runs Britain's biggest sharia court denies raping two Dutch women in UK when they were young schoolgirls

First Saudi female hockey team to break the ice with a license

8 women dead as train hits rickshaw in Pakistan

Iranian women partake in the protests of various social sectors

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'Leftover' Women of China and Pakistan
Rafia Zakaria
'Leftover' Women of China and Pakistan
Rafia Zakaria

The issue of ‘leftover women’, the denigration of women who choose not to marry or who are not yet married at age 30, is one that could be the basis of feminist collaboration between women of the two countries....


CII drafting new comprehensive nikahnama

Jurisprudential challenges of women's rights to be studied

The female car mechanic driving change in patriarchal Pakistan

KS Relief launches vocational training program for Yemeni women

Sharia Law Scholar Defends M&S School Headscarves, Some Nine-Year-Olds ‘Mature’

‘PM cares for honour of Muslim women’

Nigeria: Boko Haram executes second female aid worker

Confessions of a modern Muslim girl

Beyond religion... Muslim and Catholic girls to be worshipped as Durga 

The Palestinian women refugees using Arabian motifs and poetry to create art

Saudi women-only gym chain NuYu to expand after Arcapita investment

Female Iranian MP elected as member of IPU presiding board

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Created in 2013 for Marvel Comics, Kamala Khan is a 16-year-old Pakistani-American girl living in New Jersey. Kamala Khan and her family are devout Muslims. Her brother is a Salafi Muslim, her best friend wears the hijab, several scenes take place in a mosque and the Quran is cited as a source of inspiration....


Hirsi Ali is also no mere "critic of Islam", but a cheerleader for Muslim annihilation. In interviews, she has labelled Islam a "destructive, nihilistic cult of death" that must be "crushed" - an operation that, ironically, would itself require mass infliction of destruction and death, including upon the very same Muslim women whose rights she claims to be championing....

Society of Enlightened Muslim Women to hold meeting on Thursday

Muslim women call for end to abuse on public transport

Woman acquitted of deriding Islam

Burqa-clad football coach helps Chennai girls shoot for national goals

More women to join enviornmental protection authority

Buzdar appreciates women role in development

Women participation remains low in by-polls

Teachers stage nationwide strikes and sit-ins across Iran

The Kurdish women fighting ISIS

There is no doubt that Oman is safe for women

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Despite early advances in women's rights, including the fact that Iraq was the first country in the Arab world to have a woman serve as cabinet minister back in 1959, and that Iraqi women have been allowed to train as doctors for almost 100 years, society has taken a number of steps backwards in gender equality and women's rights in recent decades....

Iraq should protect its women from fear of violence
Iraqi activist Hana Adwar
Iraq should protect its women from fear of violence
New Age Islam News Bureau

SC Orders Safety of Muslim Woman Being Forced to Marry Maternal Uncle in J&K

Petition filed in Pakistan court seeking death for killer of minor girl

Women compete for the top spot in bowling in Alkhobar

Israeli police investigating Palestinian woman’s death in car

The niqab debate is really about gender equality, and allowing women to make their own choices

Women’s empowerment in the Saudi workplace

10 Saudi women hold internationally recognized diving licenses

On World Day Against Death Penalty Iranian Activists call for stop of death sentence

Protest gatherings in Tehran, Rasht, Takestan with women participating

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Israeli settlers stone to death Palestinian woman in West Bank

Nigerian clerics urge Boko Haram to free Christian girl

Why Saudi women need a national screening program

The Necessity of Including Women In Solving the Boko Haram Crisis, By Jacob Zenn

The role of women in West Africa’s violent extremist groups

No ban on women entering mosques, but can’t pray with men: Kerala Jam-Iyyathul Gen Sec

Islamic Research Center holds 51k awareness sessions on harassment dangers

UN experts urge Saudi Arabia to swiftly release women's rights activists

Pakistan authorities detain women's rights campaigner Gulalai Ismail for nine hours, spark outcry

Three political prisoners address UNSR on Iran from Evin’s women ward

Judo practitioner eliminated from Olympic Games due to hijab rules

83 women held in Egypt prisons, says human rights activist

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Women entering mosques: Kerala HC rejects Hindu group’s petition

Protecting our girls from child marriage

Four arrests over Instagram baby-selling ring in Indonesia

Hijab in blind judo? Athletes' safety comes first

Career Fair for Saudi women offers 1,356 job opportunities

UN set to lambast France for its 'discriminatory' 2010 burqa ban

Mathura Muslim woman adopts Hinduism, says no respect for women in Islam

M&S criticised for selling hijabs for schoolgirls as young as nine

Triple talaq illegal in Islam: Kalbe Jawwad

Pakistan extremists: Don't free Christian woman on death row

2 Arab women bike around the Middle East in new Fox show

How I became captain of the winning all-girls Afghan robotics team

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Though Islamic law does not bar women from praying in mosques, Kerala’s more traditionalist Sunni Muslims keep women out of their places of worship. Sunnis make up the majority of Kerala’s Muslims, who constitute 26% of the state’s population. By contrast, mosques administered by the ultraconservative Salafi sects and the sociopolitical organisation Jama’at-e-Islami provide segregated prayer spaces for women....

'Stop Spreading Misinformation': AIMPLB Member on Row over Entry of Women in Mosques
AIMPLB executive member Khalid Rasheed Farangi Mahali
'Stop Spreading Misinformation': AIMPLB Member on Row over Entry of Women in Mosques
New Age Islam News Bureau

After Sabarimala Verdict Muslim Women's Group to Move Supreme Court to Seek Entry Into Sunni Mosques

Kerala Muslim women seek SC intervention for permission to pray in mosques

Nadia Murad: 'I was a Daesh sex slave. I tell my story because it is the best weapon I have'

San Francisco museum shows off modern Muslim women's fashion

Malaysia must protect girls by ending child marriage, FGM

Three women found dead on Greece-Turkey border

Moroccan girl tells judge about alleged gang rape, torture

Saudi director Haifaa Al Mansour on the unfair beauty standards young Arab women face

5,446 firms run by women in Jeddah

Encouraging response for women fencing

Palestinian champions ‘drift’ car racing for women

World’s first female-only trampoline park set to bounce into Riyadh

Buzdar lauds women’s role in improving police image

Mina Rad disappeared after reporting in to the Intelligence Department

Donya Veisi, 7, was raped, murdered, and buried under rubbles

What is behind the plight of Iraqi women?

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Can A Woman Be An Islamic Judge? Revisiting the Question of the Judgeship in Islam
Justin Jones, Associate Professor, Oxford
Can A Woman Be An Islamic Judge? Revisiting the Question of the Judgeship in Islam
Justin Jones for New Age Islam

And, less well-known, are women who did fulfil all the professional duties of judges during the Caliphal and classical periods, when Islam was at its most vital and powerful. Caliph ‘Umar appointed women to senior official posts, such as al-Shifa’ bint ‘Abd Allah, the market inspector of Medina, whose duties included administering the law. Even more striking is Thumal al-Qahraman, a woman who acted as a head of the Mazalim court system - the rough equivalent to the civil judiciary - at the height of the Abbasid Caliphate. She occupied a role equivalent to that of the chief Qazi (Qazi-Al-Qaza’). The fact that she is little known, despite her lesson for the legitimacy of female Qazis, owes not to her lack of importance, but to the neglect of her life story by Islam’s official historians. In recent times, Islamic feminists like Fatima Mernissi have recovered her example to justify women’s legitimate legal power....

Saudi Progress Can Only be Accomplished by Empowerment of Women

Child marriages prevention bill on the table in Balochistan

Muslim Woman in Hawaii Claims License Renewal Discrimination

Rabiya Agha elected as first PAS female president

Hillary praises Malala’s for her struggle

Palestinian champions ‘drift’ car racing for women

Sri Lanka Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association Annual Gathering – 2018.

Another woman in Terengganu sentenced to caning on prostitution charge

Lubna Al Olayan Becomes the First Saudi Woman to Run a Bank

United Nations Women Pakistan chapter delegation visits PSCA

Isles aid worker’s legacy helps empower Afghan women

Maya Morsi attends Women for Mediterranean Conference

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Amazon attacked by women’s group for supporting Haitham al-Haddad

Fugitive Muslim hubby hid his religion to rape me, alleges woman

Pakistan reserves verdict in Asia Bibi blasphemy case

Ministry, SME Bank join hands to develop women entrepreneurship

Samaco hosts technical workshop for women

'Women not second-class citizens in UAE'

Saudi women learning to join the kingdom's tech revolution

Saudi female bank manager denied marriage of choice

60% rise in number of cases attended by women notaries

Afghan women still jailed alongside murderers for 'failing' virginity test

Stop the death penalty, stop execution of women in Iran

Three women political prisoners deprived from family visitations

23 women killed by men across Turkey in September

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Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says hijab is the solution to end sexual violence

After Malala and Bilquis, Salman Sufi to be presented with Mother Teresa Award in India

87th Du-ba-Du program held: Zahid Ali Khan highlights how dowry hinders girls’ marriages

Ghaziabad: Minor girl’s body found on mosque rooftop

When an Alawite man and a Sunni woman put love to the test

More data needed to spur child marriage reforms, says SIS

Women’s university to allow male researchers into its library

Female student with exceptional design skills gets full scholarship

Two Emirati women among homeland security graduates

The real boss women taking over Pakistan’s e-commerce

Peshawar women chamber planning to motivate female entrepreneurs

Female Teachers' protest gatherings in various cities of Iran

Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Having faced brutal reprisals for an earlier attempt to escape, Murad risked her life by fleeing when her captor left the door unlocked. But she did not just survive. She courageously stood up and told the world about the brutality that women like her had faced, as beatings and gang rape became routine. When asked whether she had contemplated suicide, she responded that they had already died many times over, yet lived in constant fear that the future held far worse horrors.

18 females among 55 detained by Houthis

CII to draft divorce contract for ‘women empowerment’

BBC's Bodyguard 'swapped one stereotype of Muslim women for another', Islamic feminist scholar says

Christian woman on death row in Pakistan for insulting Prophet Muhammad to make final court appeal

Muslim woman in Assam tonsured for protesting child marriage

13-year-old girl crowned bowling champion in Riyadh

Fire in Tabuk wedding hall injures 14 women and children in Saudi Arabia

Iran cracks down on women's rights activists as leader offers his solution to sexual harassment, assault: Cover up

Woman appointed to run Saudi Arabian bank for first time in country's history

The Many Dangers of Being an Afghan Woman in Uniform

FIFA president inquires about women entering sports stadiums in Iran

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Court prevents Saudi woman from marrying ‘musical’ suitor

Woman killed, 11 injured in Houthi attack on KS Relief camp in Yemen

Islamic State Threatens to Kill Women, Children Hostages to Slow Assad Campaign

Newly elected Quebec PM vows to bar Muslim teachers, judges from wearing hijabs

Time Nearly Up for Kidnapped Christian Schoolgirl, Muslim-Led Government Ignores Her Parents' Pleas

As deadline passes, fate of Syrian women held by ISIS uncertain

Nadia Murad: From jihadists’ slave to global champion for women

Erdogan: Turkey Must Break ‘Taboo’ Against Men and Women Praying Together at Mosques

Saudi female singer’s music video causes controversy

Tears and broken dreams: How a Sabah woman forced to marry at 13 suffered

Lubna Al Olayan appointed as first woman Saudi bank head

Afghanistan: 3 women, 1 child killed following air raid

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Congolese doctor and Iraqi woman

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Muslim woman in hijab had legal right to be heard: Canadian court

Gang which traps Muslim girls and make them Hindu on the prowl

Man gets death for rape, murder of teenage girl

Uttar Pradesh man booked for giving triple talaq to wife over phone

Police ordered to submit charge sheet against accused in girl’s harassment case

Khamenei’s #MeToo Video Draws Critique of His Record on Women

Turkish President Erdoğan urges women, children to go to mosques

London Muslim religious teacher sexually abused girls as young as nine

Saudi Arabia’s football federation appoints first women board members

Women heads of household lose their jobs with closure of NGO complex

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

This metaphorical action allows the author to forge a religious identity that grows from a connection with family and community rather than one rooted in doctrine or religious precept. Threading My Prayer Rug is an engaging personal account of one perceptive woman’s experience of being Muslim in North America. Of course, Muslims tread different paths, but hers is probably much more common than the one represented by the extremists who hit the headlines.

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