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Islam, Women and Feminism

Exporters Can Earn By Selling Hijabs and Abayas

Malala Records Special Message For Shah Rukh Khan after Watching 'Zero'

Micro-Financing, Dowry Schemes Launched For Torghar Women in Pakistan

Women to Be Included In Mainstream: Pak Punjab CM

15,000 Jobs at Confectionary Shops for Saudi Women

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Many do not know that triple Talaq has two forms: Talaq-e-Biddat and Talaq-e-Hasan. ....

Saudi Woman Activist Tortured In Jail: Father

Two Saudi Women Become First Female Fire-fighters

Tories’ Disdain For Muslim Women Surfaces Once Again

Trailblazing Arab Women the Focus Of ‘Generation M.E.’

Erdogan Tells Turkish Youths: ‘Jews In Israel’ Beat Palestinian Women, Kids

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Hyderabad Woman Allegedly Given Triple Talaq Over Phone for Having Baby Girl

Suicides of Young Women, Girls in Iran Speak Of Intolerable Pressure

State Becoming Complainant In Honour Killings Makes No Difference In Pakistan

Egyptian Laws Protecting Women

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Nepali Women Yearn To Learn From UAE to Usher In Change

Pope Francis Meets with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Nadia Murad

Nearly 400 Muslim Child Marriages Okayed In Five Years? Terengganu Stats Alarming, Says Sisters in Islam

How a Young Muslim Woman Who Fled Terror In Myanmar Made It To College

Malaysia: Women’s Ministry Mulling Mandatory HIV Test for Non-Muslim Couples before Marriage

Egypt Wins 2nd Place in Global Arab Women’s Studies Award

Pakistan Lags Behind In Women’s Rights, Says PTI Leader

Yemen Must Include Women In Peace Talks

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Afghan Women Officers Train at OTA

‘Women Voters Be Given Right of Double Voting’: Pakistan

Muslim Woman Alleges Discrimination over Wearing Hijab in Goa, Not Allowed To Write NET Exam

Greece Violated Muslim Woman’s Rights: ECHR

Combat Dreams of Afghan Women Take Wings at Chennai's Officers Training Academy

Oman Post Issues Stamp on Women Empowerment

Iraqi Kurdistan Struggles to End Violence against Women

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More importantly, though, this interplay between the Prophetess and Prophet is a metaphor for our inner experience as human beings comprising both feminine and masculine energies. I’d never really thought about how the two coalesced in me before, yet hearing it somehow made sense intrinsically....

India’s First Sharia Court for Muslim Women Started in Kanpur

Lyari Girls Cafe Nurturing Dreams of Pakistani Women

Saudi Arabian Women Make UK List of Top Innovators

Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan Asks Passage of Act on Triple Talaq

Syrian Refugee Girl Assaulted In US School Bathroom

Why UAE women are a role model for the world

Saudi: ‘World’s First’ Women-Only Trampoline Park Open in Riyadh

Late Pakistani rights activist Asma Jahangir awarded UN Human Rights Prize for 2018

Two Christian Women and A Baha'i Woman Go To Jail For Their Beliefs, In Iran

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The Masjid is not only – as its literal name suggests – a building used for the ritual of prayer. It is also a communal space, a hub of social interaction, a place for bringing people together and for the acquisition of knowledge....

Eman also laboured tirelessly whenever one of the other activists was arrested (whether Manal al-Sharif, Loujain Alhathlol, Maysaa Alamoudi or anyone else) to campaign for their release by making sure their cases remained in the media spotlight....

Jailed Women’s Rights Activists Tell Saudi Investigators of Torture

How Do Saudi Women contribute To the Kingdom’s Space Industry?

Woman Motorist’s Car Set on Fire In front Of Her House in Jeddah

Texas To Name School After Malala

Locked Away, Forgotten: Muslim Uighur Wives of Pakistani Men

Philippines to Deploy ‘Hijab Troopers’ Nationwide

The Harvard-Educated Woman Helping Lead Iran’s Sanctions Fight

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Police sources indicate that on the border of Jordan, around one in four women coming from a conflict zone asking for political asylum refuse to take off the veil for the police report. “It doesn’t mean they are all terrorists....


Rashida Tlaib to Wear Palestinian Dress at US Congress Swear-In

Meet the Meo-Muslim Woman, Who Bags the Maximum Votes by Any Candidate In Rajasthan Elections

India: Triple Talaq Bill Introduced In Lok Sabha

UAE Sets A Global Example With Women Empowerment

Research Report on Women in E-Business Launched

A lonely fight for Yemen’s only female delegate to UN-backed talks

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

The reason this plague continues to occur is because it is sanctioned and even encouraged by the Sharia-based law....


Kerala: Two Years after Girl ‘Joined IS’, Her Sister among 10 Missing

Turkish Court Reaffirms State’s Duty to Protect Women’s Right To Go Out At Night

Arab Women Deserve To Be Academic Leaders

Arab Women Journalists Play Key Role for Peace -- Personalities

Cultural Deterrents Limiting Growth of Women’s Start-Ups: Report

US Airstrike Kills 20 Women, Children In Afghanistan

Cameroon Attack: Two Female Suicide Bombers Detonate Devices near Nigerian Border

Women’s March Leaders Face Anti-Semitic, Corruption Charges Ahead of Second Anti-Trump Event

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5-Star-Nursery for Women Inmates’ Children in Dubai

Women to Get Equal Representation on UAE Advisory Council

Qatari Female 'Pioneers' Bask In Filmmaking Spotlight

Tunisian Gender Equality Reforms Condemned By Egypt’s Al Azhar

Nigeria: Muslim Community Calls On Government to Intervene in Hijab Crisis

Muslim Women Chair Acquitted on 3 Counts of Fraud

Egyptian Woman Pioneers Exposé of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Egypt

Egypt’s 1st Female English Premier League Footballer Wins ‘Best Arab Sports Award’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Muslim Student Said College in Tennessee Expelled Her for Wearing a Hijab

Court Ruling Brings Indonesia Closer To Ending Child Marriage

Nigeria: Amasa, Others to Address Isi Muslim Girls in Ibadan

E!’s ‘Generation M.E.’ To Shine Light On Arab Woman

Saudi Women Honoured At the Fashion Awards 2018 In London

Unemployment Rate Of Iranian Women Rises From 17 To 32 Percent

Nadia Murad Dedicates Nobel Peace Prize to Iraqis

Domestic Violence Victim Lawyer Trained To Consult Victimized Women

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In order to protect families from undue suffering, and to control the widespread menace of the three-in one Talaq, the knowledge about the Talaq ul Ahsan should be spread widely. The imams of mosques should be given the responsibility of spreading the knowledge of the Quranic method of giving a divorce, to members of their congregations so that it becomes common knowledge....


Imran Khan’s wife, Bushra Manika Was Pakistan’s Most Googled Person In 2018

‘Majority Of Aussie Women Sexually Harassed At Work’

Embassy Warns Indian Maids against UAE Visit Visa Misuse

11 Women Inmates Refuse To Leave Dubai Jail, Go Home

Defying War And Catcalls, Syria's Women Hop On Climate-Friendly Bikes

Muslim Women in Assam Politics

U.S.: Pakistani Officials Help Muslims Force Christian Women into Marriage

Steering Committee for Women Empowerment holds first meeting

Libyan Women Lose Hope in the Revolution

From Sniper to Writer: How One Woman Took On the Islamic State Group

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Murfreesboro College Expelled Muslim Woman for Wearing the Hijab

Arab Women Take To the ‘Death Boats’ Of Illegal Migration

Voters Elect First Woman to Local Council in Aleppo, Syria

Omani Gets Arab Woman Award 2018 for Social Development

Microfinance Empowers 33,000 Turkish Women

‘Fyonka’ All-Female Ride Hailing Service Seeks Empowering Egyptian Women

Anti-Islam Blogger Misses the Mark on University Education for Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Helena Saeed Becomes Pakistan’s First Ever Female AIG Police

Dr Sharifa Wins Arab Woman Award

Saudi Media Targets Leading Muslim-American Women, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, For A Trolling

Shirkat Gah, EU Pakistan organise convention for women’s political empowerment

AIMPLB Organise “Women as Builders of Family, Society & Nation” Conference

Kuwait Halts Tunisian and Lebanese Women Work Permits Citing Lack of Male Guardian

Robbers incarcerated for abusing woman

Pakistan Govt Urged To Take Steps to End Violence against Women

Women Protest for Jerusalem's Freedom In SE Turkey

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The Quran mandates that men inherit two-thirds more than women, which is the basis for the law currently in place. For the moment, because the Quran directly addresses the issue of inheritance, it has received more attention than the other provisions in the proposed new law, such as those allowing Tunisian women to marry non-Muslims and permitting them status as head of household (or family)....


For The First Time in Its History, AMU Girls Ready To Play Hockey

Saudi Women Enjoy New Fitness Dance Craze ‘Nia’

Saudi Women Start To Take Over Jobs At Justice Min

Construction Of Women, Children Barracks At Adiala Sought

Princess Adelah launches event to help children suffering from cancer

Syrian girl born without legs walks on new prosthetics

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Women Challenge Nizamuddin Dargah Ban
Nizamuddin dargah in New Delhi
Women Challenge Nizamuddin Dargah Ban
New Age Islam News Bureau

Muslim Women Likely To Go To Haj without Mehram: Minority Affairs Minister 

‘America Has Changed Islam’: A Woman Runs for the Board of Houston’s Largest Muslim Organization

J&K: When A Sikh Girl’s Desire To Donate Kidney To A Muslim Friend Becomes A Long

Muslim Preachers Help Kosovo Women Learn, Win Their Rights

Ilhan Omar Responds To Conservative Pastor Over Muslim Comments: 'You’regonna Have To Just Deal'

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Malala Yousafzai Receives Harvard Award for Girls Education Activism

Egypt's Silent Epidemic of Kidnapped Christian Girls

Women to Have 50% Representation in UAE Federal National Council

Pakistan: ‘School Curriculum Should Include Chapter on Child Abuse Prevention’

I Don’t Just Stand For Women, But For Human Rights Above All: Souad Massi

'Afghan Women's Engagement in Decision-Making Processes Remains Symbolic'

Women’s Network Builds Bridges amid Nigeria’s Violence, Muslim and Christian Mistrust

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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  • is there an "agreed upon Qur'an?" or alternatively why are two "moderate" muslims are unable to come to a common ground?'
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  • Throw the entire Arabic Literatures into the Arabian Sea. Peace will prevail. Arabic literatures are poisionous. Any attempt to gloss over is useless.
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  • just like islam blames the jews and asserts that the judgement day will not come unless the last jew is killed....
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  • When governments pander to orthodoxy, they make good governance impossible.
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    ( By Dev Soni )
    ( By Dev Soni )
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  • @Dev Soni I would really like to know the fact....
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  • The usual meaningless whataboutery from Hats Off!'
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