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Islam, Women and Feminism

Lawmakers, Civil Society in Pakistan Seek End to Child Marriage

Arab Women Wage Cyber 'Uprising' Demanding Rights

Madonna Slams Taliban, Dedicates Song to Malala at Concert

Women Protest against Murderous Attack on Malala

Syrian Alawite female officer defects, urges national unity

‘A Diary That Highlighted Swat’s Human Tragedy’

Targeting Women: Malala, Taliban’s Third Female Victim

Fight against Child Marriage in Afghanistan Must Go On: UN

Malala Yousafzai condition 'satisfactory'        

Violence against Women: Call to join ‘One Billion Rising Campaign’ in Pakistan

Feminists behind the Veil

Kuwait’s first women-only karting revs up enthusiasm

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Arab Women Wage Cyber 'Uprising' Demanding Rights


Jirga Declares 13 Girls Vani (Settlement of Feuds) In Balochistan

Indonesia: Teenage Girl Expelled from School after Alleged Rape

Woman Accuses Pakistan’s Ruling Party Member of Selling Her into Marriage

Daughter of Qaddafi Spy Chief Held

Madonna Backs Down From Wearing Muslim Bridal Dress

Don’t forget us in Afghan transition, women plead

Pakistani’s Queen Sufi Music Honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award in India

Africa's Only Two Female Heads of State Honoured

Egypt Rights Activists Seeing Long-Denied Equal Rights for Women Hopes Dissolve

Africa: UN Launches New Programme to Empower Rural Women and Girls

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Madonna Backs Down From Wearing Muslim Bridal Dress

Women Traded to End Feuds in Afghanistan

Clash with Police over Hijab Ban in Azerbaijan

Saudi Women Guarding Disabled Children against Sexual Harassment

Daughter of Missing Man Seeks UN, EU Help

Emirati Woman Who Helps To Bring Babies into the World

Reformed Afghan Woman Drug User Helps Others Overcome Addiction

Nigeria Blast Kills Woman, Wounds 5 Children-Official

Seeking the Right to Be Female in Malaysia

French Rapper Stuns Fans, Makes First TV Appearance Wearing Hijab

Eight-Year-Old Girl Braving Cancer Has Dream Fulfilled In Beirut

Cleric Blessed With 5 Babies Cries for Help 

Leadership summit set in Rochester for young Muslim women

Religious freedom binds Bahrain society

Great Pak Urdu Writer Razia Butt Laid To Rest

NGO to Train Arab Women Entrepreneurs

South Africa Minister’s Ex-Wife Starts 20-Year Stretch in Jail

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Women Traded to End Feuds in Afghanistan


On Tuesday, at six pm, Mekkawie along with other activists went for a short sit-in outside parliament where the constitutional assembly was convened. “Like Mohamed, like Fatimah,” shouted the protesters, demanding equal rights for men and women. “Women should have 50 per cent of the committee,” they also said. The sit-in was specifically designed to protest the proposed drafts of articles 36 and 29....


Saudi Women No Longer Confined To Their Conventional Roles

Jamaat-E-Islami Pakistan Women Protest against Blasphemous Film

Majority in Bangladesh for Compulsory Marriage Registration

Tunisians Protest over Charges against Woman Allegedly Raped By Police

Saudi Courts May Soon Have Women Lawyers

 ‘Every 9th Woman in Pakistan Suffering From Breast Cancer’

US Women May Stage Hunger Strike in Pakistan in Anti-Drones Protest

Muslim Women Recognised For Contributions to Canada

Muslim Students Detained From Their Rights, another Issue of Hijab Ban in an Indian State

Bahrain Frees Female Activist

Femen activists protest in Paris in support of Tunisian woman

Lahore Film Industry Dons Hijab

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Saudi Women No Longer Confined To Their Conventional Roles

Nigerian Women Stopped From Reaching Mecca: ‘We’re Not Living in the Prophet’s Times!’

Peshawar Court Orders Daily Religious Lessons for Brothel Owner

Radical Nigeria Group Threatens Wives of Leaders

Bangladesh: Six Girls Allegedly Take Their Lives in Three Districts

More Women in Pakistan Now Confronting Cheating Spouses

Famous French Singer, Melanie, Embraces Islam

Panel in Pakistan Proposes Hindu Marriage Bill

Controversial Ukrainian Feminist Organization Topless Tactics and Muslim Women in France

Brazil Muslim Women Fear Attacks on All Sides

Another 44 Nigerian Muslim Women Deported by Saudia Arabia

Constitution Expert Blasts Islamist's Stance on Marriage of Young Girls

Egyptian women fear regression on rights

UAE Hospital Rolls Out Breast Cancer Awareness Drive

Rimsha Case: Witnesses Who Testified Against Cleric Backtrack

Global Furniture Company Apologises Removal of Women from Saudi Arabia Catalogue

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Radical Nigeria group threatens wives of leaders


Banning Muslim Veil Denies Women a Choice, Too
Judith Sunderland

What these two incidents have in common is interference--sometimes brutal, always wrong--with the fundamental human rights of women in the name of religion, tradition or misguided protectionism. In Indonesia's Aceh province, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan under the Taliban, as well as parts of Somalia, Gaza and Chechnya, women are forced to cover up….

‘Honour at Stake’: Love in the Time of Blasphemy, 30 Christian Families on the Run
Yassir Barhami

Egyptian Cleric and Member of Assembly Says Girls Should Be Married At 14

North Mali Schools Open With Girls Seated Separately In Back

Muslim Girl Cannot Skip Swimming Class: German Court

Madina: Child Found Murdered At Home, Asian Maid Held

Afghans Rally against Public Lashings of Teenagers

Undercover Security: The Afghan Women Taking On the Taliban

Afghan ‘Bomb’ Baby Finds New Home after Polish Troops’ Rescue

Violence Stalks Women Workers in Afghanistan

British Woman Stands Trial for Cocaine Smuggling In Bali

Muslim-Jewish-Christian Women Continue Dialogue in Moline

Tibi's Resignation Letter to Egypt's Constituent Assembly Creates Controversy

Women Lawyers Allowed To Attend Hearing of Alleged Prescription Smuggler

Indonesia to Launch First Full Women-Only Trains in October

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo:  Egyptian Cleric, Yassir Barhami

Switzerland Parliament Kills Headscarf Initiative

509 Nigeria Female Pilgrims Return from Saudi Arabia after Detention over Male Escort Rule

Nigeria Suspends Hajj Flights over Women Deportation

Parties Shoot Down Pro-Women Voters Proposal

A Young Lucknow Woman who Creates Comic Strips That Talk Rights To Muslim Girls

High-Heel Female Fight in Saudi Kingdom Mall Leave Cops in a Fix

Woman Exercises Her Rights – And Some Lefts – Against Iran’s Veiling Law

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Hameeda Khatoon, a Young Lucknow Woman Creates Comic Strips


Being Publicly Called a Prostitute Led To Suicide in Aceh
Sima Samar

Women Suffer Behind Veil of Silence in Mali's North

Tunisia Woman Accused of Indecency after Police Rape

'Under-Age Marriage' Husaini Islamic Centre Cleric Quizzed

Afghan Burqa Opponent Wins Swedish Rights Prize

Islamic Sydney Doctor, Wife Deny Genital Mutilation of Daughters

Nazaria-I-Pakistan Trust Chairman Wants Women’s Role for Progress

Indian Woman found killed in Bur Dubai flat

Pakistani Women Continue To Fight Gender Inequality

Bangladesh Man Gets Life for Killing Wife

Ten Per Cent Women’s Participation in Polls Impracticable: PML-Q

University Of Missouri Students Speak On Women's Role in Islam

Wife of the Ruler of Sharjah Receives WISE Delegation

Spy Princess in Celluloid

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Afghan Burqa Opponent Wins Swedish Rights Prize


Dr. Sumayaa – A Principal with a Difference
V.M. Khaleelur Rahman

It is learnt that she collected a sum of Rs.18, 41,000 as donation in Ramanathapuram district and distributed scholarships and financial assistance to 840 women through the Muslim Women Aid Society there. … contributed significantly all over India by being its Committee Member on Girls’ Education during the years 2007-2009 and 2010-2013…...


Moving the Conversation Forward on Muslim Women’s Rights
Sheherazade Jafari

Muslim women’s rights. These three words— whether uttered by religious fundamentalists, progressives, politicians, activists, believers or nonreligious people in the West or the East — have been debated, co-opted, claimed, defined and redefined, and are at the heart of some of today’s most contentious debates worldwide….

Pakistani Radio Show Uses Mothers and Mullahs to Undercut Taliban
Saleeman Bi

Pakistani Christian Girl to Be Tried As Juvenile for Blasphemy

Communal Harmony and Respect:  In Delhi a Christian Charity Keeps a Madrasa Running

UNFPA to Include Female Genital Mutilation Health Concerns in School Syllabi

Kyrgyzstan’s Constitution Does Not Prohibit Wearing Hijab

Pakistan Origin Woman Named Norway’s Culture Minister

Pakistan Two-Thirds of Test Takers Are Girls in Medical and Dental Entrance Test

Egypt Draft Constitution Article Raises Fears for Women's Rights

Curbs on Iran Female Students Stir Rights Concern

Soldiers Discover Abandoned Baby on Side of Road in Afghanistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Saleeman Bi who runs a Madrasa for girls in Delhi


Kenya: Ruling on Hijab Goes Against the Spirit of the Constitution
Faezeh Hashemi

Girls from India, Pakistan Use Soccer to Build Bridges

Asian Maid Referred To Court for Child Molestation

300 Women Protest Anti-Islam Film in Karbala

A Teenage Christian Girl Has Been ‘Tortured’, Now Missing

Iran Jails Ex-President's Daughter for Criticising State

Qatar’s First Lady to Lead Education Drive

Misconceptions on Islam Risking Women’s Health

Mother Weeps As Muslim Community Holds Funeral for Baby M

Arab Spring Reforms Still Leaving Women Out In the Cold

Iran: The US Senate Vote and Restrictions on Women Education

Banning Muslim Veil Denies Women a Choice

Topless Warriors Start Boot Camp for Global Feminism

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Iran Jails Ex-President's Daughter for Criticising State


No Law to Prevent Sexual Trafficking Of Girls in Pakistan
Bina Shah

In Pakistan, there is no law that exists to specifically prevent the sexual trafficking of girls and women. This, despite the fact that according to the Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation, more than one million Bangladeshi women and more than 200,000 Burmese women have been trafficked to Karachi alone, and that Pakistan serves as “a source, transit, and destination country” for trafficking in prostitution....


Libyans 'Exploiting Syrian Women' With Marriage Offers
Ahmed Atrash

Veiled French woman imprisoned for biting police officer

Timbuktu Islamists Crack Down On Women without Veils

Giving A Voice To Families of All ‘Detained Without Charges’

Baloch Women Resolve To Continue Protest

'Didn't Know' She Was Pregnant, but UK Soldier in Afghan Gives Birth

First All-Women’s List Seeks to Break into Palestinian Politics

Sydney Islamic Community Reports Surge in Hate Mail

For Malaysia Women, Heart Disease Is Top Killer

Tunisia: Women's Rights and the New Constitution

World's Youngest Palestinian Mayor Goes Back to School

Woman’s body flown to Pakistan from Dubai

How an Iranian Actress Is Now Banned From Her Country’s Movie Industry

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Libyans 'Exploiting Syrian Women' With Marriage Offers

Does Gender Just Interpretation of Islam Make Women Rebellious?
Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, New Age Islam

Does Gender Just Interpretation of Islam Make Women Rebellious?
Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, New Age Islam

Rights of women began to diminish soon after the death of Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), who was the greatest emancipator of women rights. Various pretexts and excuses were used to curb the rights of women. Fake Ahadith were attributed to Holy Prophet (pbuh), that were completely in contrast with the gender just rulings of the Quran, his personality and were openly misogynistic in their connotations….

US Looks To Empower African Women to Be Agents of Peace

Pak Teen rescued from prostitution ring in Dubai

A Pakistani Father Hacks Daughter to Death for Working in a Beauty Parlour

Man Charged With Hate Crime against Muslim Woman

Teenager Wins a Seat in Uganda's Parliament

Torture of Kids Case: Emirati Father, Girlfriend Found Mentally Sound

Muslim Woman 'Beaten In Brutal Exorcism by Family

Gujarat’s Social Worker-Turned-Politician Fighting for Muslim Women

Honour Killing Case: 10 Year Imprisonment for Three in Family

Woman Takes Command of ISS after Crew Return

Saudi Women Have Proven Themselves in Leadership Roles

Weaving together love, terrorism and religion

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Teenager Wins a Seat in Uganda's Parliament


A Woman’s Clothing Is Her Own Business
Tazeen Javed

Barring random news items and a few opinion pieces, the hijab debate has never really been part of the national narrative of Pakistan. Those who wanted to wear hijab/niqab/burqa wore it and those who preferred the traditional Shalwar Quameez and Dupatta chose that without any problem. Unlike Saudi Arabia, Iran or Turkey, there never was governmental coercion or pressure on women to wear a particular type clothing...

You Poor, Oppressed Hijabi!
Zainab Khawaja

I struggle with understanding and interpreting my faith, and I struggle with the world around me, as many men and women around the world do, regardless of whether they are Bahai, Christian, Zoroastrian, Hindu or Jewish. I do, however, have a very strong underlying faith in Islam, and in God. I remember, as I walked into Mrs Mattson’s second grade homeroom, I thought to myself,....They must be looking at me because my hijab is so cool!...

Female Bomber Kills 12 in Kabul to Avenge Film

Iranian Cleric Beaten Up By 'Badly Veiled' Woman

Thai Women Rescued From Sex Trafficking Ring in Bahrain

Roman Catholic Run School Relents On Use of Veils by Muslim Female Students

3-Year-Old Becomes Victim of Parents’ Quarrel

An Ethiopian Maid Accused of Killing Her Newborn Charged With Murder

Threatened: Gang Rape Victim Fears For Her Life

UAE Couples Want Ban on Ethiopia Maids Ended

Saudi Mourns Death of Mother of Prince Khalid Bin Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz

Blasphemy Case: Submit Charge-Sheet in Rimsha Case, Police Told

Abu Dhabi Hospital Announces Establishment of Breast Imaging Centre

Kuwait State Minister Hails Decision to Appoint Women as Judges

The Veil, the Quran, and the Muslim Women's Movement

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Thailand girls fall victim sex trafficking to Bahrain

Attempt to marry a minor girl with a 40-year old man foiled

Muslim Anger at 'Barbaric' Female Genital Mutilation

Sexual Harassment in Egypt Escalates

Aceh Teenage Suicide Puts Focus on Sexist Laws

Fundamental Feminism: Iranian University Ban on Women in Almost 80 Programs

Canada to Promote Gay, Women's Rights in Foreign Policy

Girl Injured In Alps Attack Returning Home: UK Police

Same Election Rules For Women in Saudi Arabia

Women ‘More Vulnerable’ to Vote-Buying in Jakarta

Kate Middleton's Headscarf Recalls Princess Diana Circa 1996: Fashion Flashback

Help! She Wants To Force Me into Marrying Her Son

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Aceh Teenage Suicide Puts Focus on Sexist Laws

Western Wives of Saudis Say New Citizenship System ‘Unfair’

Teacher Accused of Molesting Teen during Lesson in Dubai

Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia Stresses Women’s Role in Society

Actress Says Was Duped, As Anti-Islam Film Details Emerge

Muslim Woman Sentenced In Russia over Extremist Article

Four Members Inquiry Committee to Probe the Case of a Girl Forced To Marry an Old Man

Girl’s Death: Seven Pest Control Men Caught in Sharjah

Muslim Women's Groups Warn Of Salafist Threat

A Bahraini Mother, Six Children Forced To Live In Rented Car

Women Groups Reject International Tobacco Event

A Woman's Place Is In the Mosque

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: 13-year-old girl being forced by a jirga to marry an old man


When a major news outlet describes a high-profile case of convicted rape and sexual assault as a “sex scandal,” that blurs the boundaries between the public perception of rape and sex and both glamorizes and sensationalizes the serious crime being described. When an internationally renowned paper describes a Ugandan rape survivor as “beautiful, sitting there with her scarred cinnamon brown skin,” or tells how “her lips shine with a natural gloss”…


The Myth of How the Hijab Protects Women against Sexual Assault
Josh Shahryar

My sister, Neelo, who is five years older than me, was enrolled in a Saudi-funded Muslim Brotherhood-inspired public school for Afghan refugees. She, like many Muslim women, wore a simple headscarf. “The guards told me, ‘Either you are going to wear the full hijab or wear a chador [an Afghan burqa], or you can't come to school.’” The school she was going to was run by archconservatives....

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