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Islam, Women and Feminism

Woman Accused of Hate-Crime Murder in Subway Push in Queens

Another Rape Victim in Pakistan Being ‘Rapped’

Stress for Measures to Curtail Pregnant Women’s Sufferings

Japanese Businesswomen Conclude Visit to Kingdom

Seminar on Women Held At Chiniot, Pakistan

Two Girl Students Killed As Bus Overturns At Sialkot in Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Erika Menendez, alleged Hate Killer

Canadian Supreme Court Rules Muslim Women Allowed To Wear Veil While Testifying

80% of Job Seekers in Makkah Are Women

Mukhtaran Mai: Rapists Should Get Life Imprisonment

Afghan Prosecutor Faces Criticism for Her Pursuit of ‘Moral Crimes’

Chief Imam of Dutse Urge Muslim Women to Study Gynaecology

'Halal' interfaith unions rise among UK women

Let's Celebrate Heroines Before They Become Victims

British girl missing for three years in Pakistan comes home

Bangladesh Female teacher Accuses Headmaster of Stalking

Jakarta Hospital Bans Film Shoots after Girl’s Death

The Scream: Yemeni women make their voices heard

Special report: Decoding the mind of a rapist

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Photo: Mukhtaran Mai: Rapists Should Get Life Imprisonment


'Raped' Wife Dead, Man Critical In Kolkata

Turkish Woman Suffers Serious Burns after Acid Attack in Germany

Three Cheers for Bangladesh Women

Campaign in Riyadh Aims To Familiarise Women with Govt Procedures

Young Girls’ Leadership Summit at Lahore Discusses Advocacy Skills

Include Challenged Women Entrepreneurs in Empowerment Projects

Women in Indonesia Enabled To Research Technology

Woman, three daughters killed in mishap

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Turkish Woman Suffers Serious Burns after Acid Attack in Germany


Why Is Violence Against Women On The Rise In Post-Conflict Afghanistan?

A recent UN Report dated December 12th 2012 attempted to monitor the effect of the legislation passed in 2009 that criminalized recurring acts of violence against women including child marriage, rape, the selling of little girls or young women in payment of debt. Certainly, some cases have been brought to court, but they remain a tiny fraction of the crimes that occur, most of which still are under-reported.


Saudi Labour Ministry Faces Storm of Opposition over Working Women

Headscarved Bosnian Mayor Proud To Show Success of Muslim Woman

Teacher and Her Daughter Raped and Killed In Pakistan

Acid Attack on Two Women in Sherpur, Pakistan in a Land Dispute

Societal Changes Making Savages Out Of Men, Say Women Activists

Iran denies Russian women workers paid to cover up

250 Pakistan’s Lady Health Workers Refuse to Take Part in Polio Drive

2,000 Pakistani Women Die of Eclampsia Every Year

Office of General Services for Women Gets Ministry Nod, In Saudi Arab

Women’s Clamour for Basic Facilities Mars PPP Meeting

A Woman in Pakistan 'commits suicide' because of Husband’s Torture

Parties Still Discriminating Against Women, Says University Of Indonesia Study

Turkish Religious Affairs head calls on Muslims to help Syria

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Europe's First Headscarved Bosnian Mayor Amra Babich


In Pakistan Brothers Killed Married Sister for Honour

Pak Christian Congress Demands Justice for Six Years Old Hindu Girl Victim of Rape

India: 60 Per Cent of Cases of Domestic Dispute Come From Muslim Families

Iran Pays Russian Women to Cover Up In Nuclear Plant

Saudi literary club rejects gender segregation

India Must Ensure Security of Women: Pakistani Daily

Laws Hurting Bangladesh Women Linger on the Books

Jeddah: CPVPV Says It Needs Women Employees

Female Afghan Police Attacker Is Iranian Says Official

Missing Emirati Girl Reunited With Her Family

Time Running Out For Cancer-Stricken Woman In Abu Dhabi

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Missing Emirati Girl Khadija Mohammad Saeed Al Hadrami

Saudi Women Hit Back At Segregation Call

Why Muslims Should 'Buck' the Stripping Trend and Keep Their Veils On

Don't Commodify Woman's Sensuality, Urges Indian Actress

Egypt's Criminal Court Rejects Obscenity Lawsuit against Actress Elham Shahin

Iranian President Sacks Cabinet’s Sole Woman

Kuwaiti Dies in Alleged Fight with Iranians over Woman

23.6 Percent of Women in Saudi Kingdom Are Obese

Bangladesh College Girl Rescued From Traffickers

Girls in Bangladesh lead in GPA-5 but fall behind in pass rate

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Saudi Women Fatima Elyas and Amerah Kashgari


Woman Slaughters Six-Year-Old Daughter after Spiritual Instructions in Her Dream

Saudi Women Add Divorce to List of Smoking Dangers

Providing Education and Options to Sex Workers in Indonesia

Four Women Elected To Municipal Council in Oman

An ‘Awareness Walk’ Seeks Workplace Conducive To Women

Minor Girl Raped In Pakistan by Her Close Relative

Wife of Malaysian Terror Suspect Faces Charge

Afghan Policewoman Kills US Security Adviser

Former Movie Star of Bangladesh Encouraging Women in Politics

Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad likes Facebook girls’ comments

Man, In Pakistan, Angry With Wife Targets In-Laws, Kills One

Threatened With Dire Consequences, Girl Commits Suicide

Pakistani Woman Loses Appeal in Dubai, Will Serve 15 Years in Jail

Policeman’s Wife Appeals to File Murder Case with Court against OC

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Fatima Salman from Bahrain is the first Gulf woman to be elected to a municipal council.

More Women to Join Saudi Parliament, In the Coming Legislative Term

Dubai: Witness Claims Her British Friend’s Drink Was Spiked Before She Was Gang-Raped

Pakistani Man Chops Ex-Wife's Nose

Slow but steady?: Pakistani women in the public and political sphere

Women’s Protection Draft to Be Tabled for Legislation, In Punjab Assembly, Pakistan

Schoolmate's Two Sisters Sued For Pushing To Commit Suicide

Schoolgirl 'Commits Suicide' After Being Rebuked By Elder Sister

Girl Commits 'Suicide' After an Altercation With Her Mother In Bangladesh

Lebanon’s Sidon in Shock over Killing of Elderly Woman

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Nabil al-Masri cries after he found his mother dead in their apartment in Sidon, south Lebanon


Beheading of 14-year-old Afghan girl proves violence rages there

Putin backs ban on hijabs in schools

Canada: Top court rules judges may order witnesses to remove niqab

Amid fear of attack on students, Malala asks Pakistan not to rename college after her

Florida: woman with sword arrested at Muslim school and mosque

Iranian MP: Russian women employees at nuclear plant 'immodest'

Nigeria: Women demand rights in new constitution

Malala Yousufzai better choice as Time's 'Person of Year'

Underpaid, overworked and imperilled – the plight of lady health workers

Violence against women on rise in Sylhet

Muslims for White Ribbon Campaign-breaking the silence on violence against women

Female Muslims Decry Marginalization in Indonesia Meeting

Women’s empowerment: Govt to announce package for working women on Dec 22

Syrian Women Decry Exclusion by Islamist Opposition

Marwa Adel helps females break free from the shackles of stereotypes

Bound By Magic, Nigerian Women Enslaved

PAKISTAN: Increasing vulnerability of women and children in Pakistan

Girl killed in Sukkur as brothers fight over land

Pakistan: Women rights activists call for protection to field workers

Pakistan: Young couple killed at Sarai Kharbooza

Pakistan: Woman killed as shell hits house

Pakistani man charged with causing death of schoolgirl

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Malala asks Pakistan not to rename college after her


Long Road Ahead For Afghan Women
Heather Barr

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission reports that 4,000 cases of violence against women occurred in April through October of this year, an increase of about 1,000 cases over the same period in 2011. When President Hamid Karzai signed Afghanistan's Law on Elimination of Violence Against Women in 2009, for the first time, many forms of abuse of women were made a crime. However, enforcement by police and prosecutors has been desperately lacking.

Technical college for girls in Dammam next year

Discouraging working Saudi women

Aseefa slams polio workers killing

Dozens of women protest against constitution in Giza

Bangladesh: 3 women freedom fighters honoured

Women’s rights in Pakistan: NGOs compile report to show the ‘real’ picture

Woman whose son was shot dead in Afghanistan seeks Ministry of Defence apology

Palestinians seek refuge in Lebanon from Syria battles

Bosnian War Rape Victims Suffer in Silence, Wait for Justice

Dr Aafia’s case: Final notice sent to man seeking trial of Musharraf

Woman seeks paternity test after 7 years

Manama: Wife files for divorce one week after marriage

Breast cancer cases double in two months

South Asian women leaders gather in Dhaka

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Aseefa slams polio workers killing


Colombo To Kabul Calling: End Violence Against Women Now
Pamela Philipose

Every day in Bangladesh, at least 40 women experience some kind of assault. In Afghanistan, incidents of violence went up by 30 per cent in 2012, according to one estimate; while in neighbouring Pakistan, abduction and kidnapping of women have emerged as commonly reported crimes. As for Sri Lanka, if sexual violence against women was systematically deployed during the Sri Lankan army-LTTE war, today violence within the home is a growing concern.


Saudi Arabia Women & Human Rights – Less Today Than In The Past?
Carli Pierson

This picture of women’s disempowerment and disengagement, however, is hardly in keeping with the model the Prophet Muhammad and the first Muslim community set for the treatment of women. For example, it is relatively undisputed that the first wife of Muhammad, Khadija, was a successful caravan owner who hired Muhammad based on his reputation for a good business sense and trustworthy and honest character and later proposed to him. She was also about 15 years older than him, a very progressive relationship even by today’s standards.


Indonesia: Communities called upon to stop violence against women

Yemen: End Child Marriage by Enacting and Enforcing a Minimum Age of Marriage Law

Muslim women demand ban on triple talaq

Women MPs slam Imran for opposing quota

Hijab stands in the way of Palestinian journalists

Training of Female Lawyers On Sharia Law Wraps Up

Twenty months later, rape survivor Kainat fights on

Pakistan: Minor girl killed in firing between tribal groups

Pakistan: Report on situation of women’s rights launched

Media for women: Women want to move beyond fashion, human rights issues

Women’s rights in Libya – a positive viewpoint

"Iran's Parliament Studying Bills to Support Muslim Elite Women"

Wife set on fire by husband for dowry: Bangladesh

The day I saw 248 girls suffering genital mutilation

Veils, desires, and a woman’s revolution: Marwa Adel exhibits at Safarkhan Gallery

I am here to change market trends: Feeha Jamshed

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Hijab stands in the way of Palestinian journalists


I Walked Around In A Burqa All Day (And I’m Not Muslim)
Annette Lamothe-Ramos

After watching 74 YouTube videos and parsing 108 Google search pages, I couldn't find one article or video explaining if burqas were comfortable or how Americans reacted to seeing someone resembling the Grim Reaper float by them in line at Starbucks. I figured that the only way I’d really know what life was like for women who have been consigned to wear the least-revealing piece of clothing of all time was to dress up as one of them.

All-girl UAE space team ready to blast off to Houston

Dubai festival awards Saudi feminist film ‘Wadjda’

Afghan bomb blast kills 10 girls

High maternal mortality rate linked to early pregnancies

Tunisia Loses Ground on Safe, Affordable Abortion

'Women self-help groups can bring peace, development to J-K'

Saudi Arab: Court of Grievances gets ready to appoint women

Media takes a knock for stereotyping women

Two Years Later, Arab Women Weigh Ongoing Risks

Women and Islam: Pushes and Pulls From All Directions

Punjab Girl Guides sustain pace despite odds

Love online challenges Pakistan taboos

Minor cancer patient needs liver transplant to survive

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Saudi Arabian director Haifaa Al-Mansour (right) is presented by Sheikh Mansour


'Yes, your honour': Saudis let women argue in court
Parveen Rasheed

Maryam Jameelah: Islam fascinated her since childhood

Pakistan: Will laws force Nuzhat away from her family?

1,700 women given training in first aid

Dubai court: Three Uzbek women cleared of sexually exploiting countrywoman

Noted educationist bids farewell to Kingdom after 35 years

Nurses' strike enters 14th day as talks continue

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Noted educationist bids farewell to Kingdom after 35 years


60,000 Women Attend Day 1 of Annual Sunni Muslim Meet in Mumbai, India

Salons in Dubai Welcome Children for Beauty Treatments

UAE Teens Spend Triple World Average on Fashion

Ayatollah Khomeini's Pro-Democracy Granddaughter: I Fear Arrest

Calls for Tough Response after Abuse of Disabled Girls in Lebanon

Egyptian Politician Condemns Brotherhood Propaganda, Calls Them “Killers”

Police Arrest Jirga Members in Swat for Child Marriage

Australia Helps Acid Victims in Pakistan Get Back On Their Feet

Women's Equality in UAE Boardrooms 'Begins In Schools'

UAE Joins UK to Help Educate Girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Islamic Organizations to Mentor Religious Children on Moral Values

Parents Confessed To Murder Their Daughter in Acid Attack Get Bail from A Pakistani Court

Mother Kills Children Due To Depression, in Jakarta

Minister Fauzia Khan Lands in Row Over SA ‘Hunting’ Trip

Egypt’s Christians, Women, Continue Push against Draft Constitution

Kidnappers Free Mother of Nigerian Finance Minister

Financial Crisis Hit Women Harder On Jobs: UN Labour Agency

EP students excel at Malaysian math contest

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Naeimeh Eshraghi, granddaughter of Iran's first Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini


A simple idea has resulted in revolutionary change for these women and their families. Although executed on a very small scale, such actions not only have the power to change family income dynamics but if caught on, they can perpetuate the empowerment of women, one village after another.


From Fatwas to Freedom: Protecting Women Rights In Bangladesh
Arafat Hosen Khan

"No person can pronounce a fatwa which violates or affects the rights or reputation or dignity of any person which is covered by the law of the land," The verdict added: "[A] fatwa on religious matters only may be given by the properly educated persons which may be accepted only voluntarily but any coercion or undue influence in any form is forbidden."...


Girls Embroiled In Facebook Controversy Invited By IIM Ahmedabad

59% of Saudi High School Girls Use Facebook: Study

UAE Praised For Efforts to Combat Online Child Abuse

Raped Hindu girl in Sindh finds support From Civil society activists of Pakistan

Libyan Women in a State Of Denial of Their Rights

Two Women Ministers in Kuwait’s New Cabinet

Nigerian First Lady Pledges Increased Advocacy for Women's Health

Afghanistan Women Prison Eyed Amid Rising Violence

Afghanistan sees more reports of violence against women

Iran hosts Intl. Conference on Muslim Women Scholars

Women’s rights groups call for delay of constitution referendum

Kuwait Participates in Jakarta Charity Bazaar, Organized By International Women’s Club

Afghan Women Post-American Occupation and the Saviour Discourse

Police Arrest Suspect in Killing of Teen for a Mobile

 ‘I Overcame My Inner Turmoil to Embrace Islam’: Maryam Jemeelah

Iranian woman wins gold in West Asian Athletics Championship

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Girls Embroiled In Facebook Controversy Invited By IIM Ahmedabad

Muslim Feminist Scholar Wins Prestigious Award in Religion

Egyptian Maids Accuse Dubai Sponsor of Sexual Harassment

Emirati Student Gets 10 Years in Jail for Raping Tenant

Three Women Members in a Dubai Company Board

U K Minister Warns Equalities Minister against Gay Marriage Proposals

Slow Gains in Justice for Afghan Women

Nearly Three-Quarters of Pakistan Girls Not In School

Pakistan Women Police Cadets Flex Muscles In Passing Out Ceremony

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Muslim Feminist Scholar Wins Prestigious Award in Religion


Khula: An Unending Fight for Women in the Kingdom

Wife-Beating Husband Gets 30 Lashes in Saudi Arabia

Abu Dhabi Summit Calls For Action on Internet Child Abuse

British Muslim Women Remove Hijab to End Their Unemployment Woes

Students Protest against Naming Of Saidu Sharif College after Malala

Another Reason against Burqa in the Streets

From Fatwas to Freedom: Protecting Women Rights In Bangladesh

Children of Labourers Show They Can Shine Brighter With Pencils than Brooms

4 Girls Fined For Violating Dress Code in College

Mother Suspected in Deaths of Two Infants

PPP Lawmaker’s wailing Over Hindu Girl’s Plight

Int’l Human Rights Day: Protection for Women, Minorities in Pakistan Demanded

Arab Visitor Denies Sex-For-Money Accusation

Militants Blow Up Girls’ School in Bara, Pakistan

Malala Fund, New Global Girls’ Education Fund Welcomed By Plan International

Sales of Siwi, Close To the Libyan Border, Handicrafts Give Boost to Local Women

Polish Businesswomen Explore Saudi Bilateral Ties

Fasih’s Wife Gives Birth to A Girl

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Another Reason against Burqa in the Streets

Malaysian Female Students Lash Out Over “Prostitute” Use in Media

Women and the Talibanisaton of Shrines in India

Taliban Leaders Send Their Girl Children to School: UN

Pregnant Saudi Women to Undergo HIV Tests

Indian College Bans Girls from Wearing Short Dresses

Muslims Protest against Hijab Ban in South-eastern Turkey

For Nusrat Ayub, Husband’s Life-Sentence Means Misery

Global ‘Malala’ War Chest for Girls’ Education Launched

Afghan Women Suffer Despite Progress on Rights: UN

Family of Malala's Friend Decides To Leave Swat

Muslim Women Face an Uphill Battle against Prejudice to Find Work

Oman Town Shocked by Hoax Call Nurse’s Death

Dr Maryam Darwish, A Voice Of Confidence

Feminism and Intellectual Property - Will Women Judges Make a Difference?

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Shazia Ramzan Malala’s Friend


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