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Islam, Women and Feminism

Hijab Is Elephant in the Room 177
Tarek Fatah

The elephant in the room is the Hijab and Niqab, but instead of dealing with the challenge these symbols of “political Islam” pose to the rest of us, the government of Quebec has made the Sikh turban and the Jewish Kippa their sacrificial lambs. I am referring to the proposed “Charter of Quebec Values” that will ban public sector workers from wearing turbans, Hijab, Kippas and “ostentatious” crucifixes while at work….


Four Egyptian Women:  Read Their Stories in Their Own Words
Melanie McDonagh

Four Egyptian women, four remarkably similar views about Egypt. They’ve lived through the turbulence of the past few weeks and the instability of the past year of Muslim Brotherhood government. All are Muslim; two wear veils, two don’t. None is a Muslim Brotherhood supporter....


If my true job is to witness God’s law and see men and women as God sees them, then it is more important than ever to purify my image of womanhood. I need to hold to what is true about both men and women and see them as God sees me – as His image and likeness….


Libyan Activists Use Qur’an to Confront Mistreatment of Women
Gabriella Nassif

By focusing on Qur’anic verses and Islamic Sunnah, Project Noor aims to legitimize their discourse on women’s security concerns using particular religious passages that point to the proper treatment of women. Project Noor hopes to open the public’s eyes to the longtime problem of domestic violence and sexual abuse against women across Libya…..


Women are builders and moulder of a nation’s destiny. They have the courage and the strength to endure problems and resolve them. They are an embodiment of love, compassion, understanding and sacrifice. They deserve respect. Man and woman are two important pillars of society....


Hindu Mother Who Raised Muslim Kid of Gulbarg Society Wins His Custody
Kerala Teen

Kerala Girl Says ‘Forced’ To Marry UAE National

Women-Friendly Divorce Law Gets Rajya Sabha Nod

Saudi Takes Keys Away From More Rogue Women Drivers

Saudi Women Workers Demand Dedicated Spaces for Breaks

Pakistan's Child Brides: Suffering For Others’ Crimes

Unsafe Abortions Menace Pakistan

Islamabad Standoff: Sikandar's Wife Sent On 2-Day Physical Remand

Saudi Forces Free Woman Imprisoned 3 Yrs by Family

HEC, Pakistan to Strengthen Women Universities in Country

After 34 years, Iran appoints female diplomat

Pakistan Beauty Awards Focus the Best in Fashion, Entertainment

Women of the Wall Scorns New Non-Orthodox Prayer Site as 'Sunbathing Deck’

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Pak-Afghan Women Eye Sustainable Peace in Region
Tunisia’s top female entrepreneur Sana Ghenima

Wednesday, a Fun Day for Women at Karachi Zoo

Diana’s Pakistani Ex-Lover Calls Her Biopic ‘A Cruel Lie’

India Will Have To Get Used To Women in Journalism

Women Leaders Demand More Female Candidates

700,000 Visas to Ease Maid Crisis in Saudi Kingdom

Women Are Reshaping Tunisia's Political Landscape

HAIA Busts Prostitution Ring in Makkah

FGM Campaign In Sudan Slammed For 'Not Getting Message Across'

5-Year Plan to Address Rise in Women’s Illiteracy in Saudi Kingdom

Many Weddings in Egypt Cancelled Due To Curfew

Afghan Women: "No Nation Can Donate Liberation to Another"

Libraries for Afghan Women Are Scots Aid Worker's Legacy

Indians in KSA Demand Harsher Punishment for Rapists At Home

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Since coming to power in 2005, King Abdullah has made a series of substantive reforms to improve the status of women in the kingdom. In fact, King Abdullah’s appointment of women to the council has received support from Saudi elites and Saudi society in general. According to a recent poll of about 2,000 men and women, 73.5 percent of women and 69.9 percent of men favored the addition of women to the council. Most of the appointed women are successful in their own domains, having advanced degrees in areas such as medicine, science and education. Many of the women are also humanitarians and participate in a variety of charity organizations……


Activists Claim 250 Girls Are Detained At Egypt Central Security Facility
TV Anchor Lina Alloush

Texas Pastor Bans Women from Wearing Hair Weaves To Church

Remove Burqa, UK Court Tells Woman

Women Drivers Dealt With Firmly In Qatif: Official

Syrian TV Presenter Surprised On Air by Own Daughter

Nigeria, Senegal Partner on Women for Democratic Leadership

Turkey's Rising Middle Class Drives Demand for Islamic Fashions

Saudi Women Married To Foreigners Call for Welfare Organisation

Eating Disorders amongst Female Adolescents in the UAE a Growing Concern

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Afghanistan's Circus Gives Children Fun with a Future

Saudi Wife Angered After Husband Compares Her to Car

Investigation Initiated into Woman’s Self-Immolation

Indonesian National-Team Footballer Reported for Assault by Female Student

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What Pakistan Can Learn From the World to Protect Its Rape Victims
Ayesha Sadaf Khan

While rape is a very international problem, nations around the world are doing much more to protect and provide justice for their women. Our legal systems’ lack of support for rape victims along with the high levels of social stigma and the widespread ignorant belief that women generally bring rape upon themselves due to their tempting behaviour are representative of a status quo that must change….


Tens of Chechnyan Women Lured into Syria to Become Militants' Concubines
Malala Yousufzai

Patna's Husna Ara lone Muslim woman to crack BPSC this year

Wife of Briton Abducted In Dubai Reveals Anguish over False Reports

AR Rahman teams up with sisters for women empowerment

Saudi Women Use Twitter to Raise Issues

Inspired by Malala: Local Muslim Women Discuss Activism, Community, and Islamophobia

Saudi Women Can Allow Expat Husbands to Operate Taxis

Ennahda Breaks the Back of Oldest Women's Organisation in Tunisia

Disabilities Not Hurdle For Calligraphy, Says Selma Es-Subhi

Qatif Father Fined SR900 for Allowing Girl to Drive

Savarkar's daughter-in-law flays 'Muslim appeasement'

Irish family is told three Halawa sisters are in Cairo jail

83 Saudis Marry Moroccans

The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution That Gave Women the Right to Vote, 90 Years On

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Philippine Shelter in UAE Offers Women New Skills to Make a Fresh Start
Garment Disaster Victim

Palestinian Female Child Prodigy Becomes Doctor at Age 20

Garment Disaster Victims’ Of Bangladesh Lives a ‘Waking Nightmare’

Malaysian Housewife Claims Trial to Maid Abuse Charges

Stress and Rising Cost Of Living Lead To Rise in Domestic Violence in Malaysia

Dubai Company Creates Language Apps to Help Develop Bilingual Children

Abandoned, paralysed Iraqi wife continues struggle in Saudi Arabia

Man Trying To Smuggle Housemaid to Riyadh Arrested

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Rock of (Young) Ages: Music Camp for Girls in Dubai
ANP Leader, Najma Hanif

Somali Women Help Each Other Overcome Trauma from Violence

French Muslim Women Rally in Support of Hijab

Iraqi Women Face Workplace Discrimination

Quranic Artworks by Iranian Women to Be Displayed in Kazan

America Ready for Female President: Michelle Obama

‘Climate of Islamophobia’: Two Attackers Rip Veil off French Girl

Dubai Court Fines Married Couple Dh1, 000 Each for Fight In Front Of Son, 4

Dubai Teen's Joy As A-Level Grades Earn Her Place at University

The Women's Majlis: Sheikhas Inspire Sport for Women

Express forum: Abida terms talks with India at parity ‘fiction’

'Lyari's PPP MPA was not target of attack'

For Women, Saudi Arabia's New Metro May Mean Greater Mobility

28 yrs Old Acid Attack Victim of Dhaka Dies

Gun Assault: ANP Leader, Najma Hanif Killed Inside Her House

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Envelop yourself in a veil and you become part of the downtrodden masses subjugated for centuries by the all-powerful eastern patriarchs. Show some skin and you become a representative of the liberal hedonists who want to replace religion and culture with their indulgent lifestyle....


Talaq, Talaq, Talaq — the three dreaded words — if uttered by a husband in quick succession could, in less than a blink of an eye, unilaterally bring to an end the marital life of a Muslim woman. However, in what may come as a shock to numerous Muslims and others, the Quran — the holy book of the Muslims — does not prescribe this form of divorce at all. In fact, the Quran has specifically laid down a formula of a three-tiered calibrated divorce, keeping in mind human frailties…..

Afghan Female Stars Defy Clerics' Pressure
Afghan female singer Aryana Sayeed

60 Female Beggars Nabbed In Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Council of Engineers Fails To Attract Women

Somali Woman Says She Was Gang-Raped By African Union Forces

‘Domestic Violence Victims Have the Right to Protection Order’

Indian Religious Leaders Condemn Female Infanticide

Spoon in Underwear Saving UK Youths from Forced Marriage

Man Executed In Madinah for Torturing Wife to Death

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Fourteen Year-Old Girl Latest Victim in Surge of Rape Crimes in Maldives
Utah beauty queen Kendra Gill

Utah Beauty Queen Accused of Throwing Bombs Resigns Title

3 Women ‘Militants’ Arrested in Bangladesh

Syrian woman abducted, raped and beaten

An Indian High Court Allows Girl to Go On Her Own

Woolwich Murder Videos: Woman in Court on Terror Charges

Raha Moharrak: First Saudi Woman to Conquer Everest and Break Taboos

Women Take Control in Jhenidah, Bangladesh, Grow Vegetables on Their Own

Unimpeded By Gezi, 500 Women to Come To Istanbul

Govt Spurs Efforts to Employ Saudi Women

Kuwaiti Lovers Caught ‘Making Out’ In Car in Salmiya

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Can You See My Voice? A Modest Manifesto
Inas Younis, New Age Islam

Although I am typically cloaked in full Hijab,   when it comes to writing, I am always naked in both spirit and understanding.  This because  I find it nearly impossible to construct one sentence without giving myself the license to be shamelessly outspoken.  To me, being unrestrained is the most indispensable precondition for creative prose.   An audience which declines to take responsibility for its intellectual sovereignty will naturally demand that those who do should be both qualified and accountable for their sermons. And to them I maintain that I am neither qualified nor accountable to anyone.   To them I say I am only devoted to one kind of reader, the one that not only thinks, but has absolute confidence in their ability to do so. ..... 

TTP Commander Favours Conditional Female Education
Wided Bouchamaoui, Tunisian businesswoman

Islamic Movement of Turkistan's Female-Bomber Strategy Criticised

Tunisian Islamists Call For Demonstrations to Mark National Women's Day

When Brothers Turn Monsters: Tale of a Saudi Woman

End-Of-Service Award for Housewives in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Women Married To Expats Must Get Real Estate Loans

Ethiopian Housemaid Attacked Her Employer after a Phone Call: Police

Tunisian Woman Denies Will Head Alternative Cabinet

‘Harassing Harassers:’ How Egyptian Activists Combat Abuse Against Women

Muslim Women Cheer the Sick on Eid-Ul-Fitr Celebrations

IUML Women Wing Leader Prof Thasreef Jahan Felicitated In Abu Dhabi

Fashion Magazines Mix Faith with Beauty Advice in Indonesia

'The Glass Ceiling Is Incredibly Low For Muslim Women'

“Burqua Avenger”: Pakistan’s Middle Class Gets a Feminist Cartoon

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Don’t Succumb To Guardians’ Wishes, Shoura Council Member Tells Women
Emirati artist Amna Al Fard

Tragic Fate of Afghan Woman MP Who Now Wants To Leave Her Country

Pragaash band: Girl Band Sufi

Coptic Christian Girl Shot Dead In Egypt

France debates extending headscarf ban to universities

Dowry deaths up over last 12 years in India

Saudi women-only theater attracts Eid audience

British Indian dentist commits suicide after being 'bullied and harassed'

Anti-Al Assad Syrian star performs in West Bank

Dubai Women Who Feel Good About Going Organic

Women ‘Own’ 60% Cover-Up (Tasattur) Businesses

Emirati Artist Amnah Sets Umm Al Quwain’s First World Record

Jeddah-Based Woman Lyricist Wins Semifinals in UK Songwriting Contest

Australia Politics: Woman Quits Poll Race, Mistakes Islam For Country

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Remembering Nazia Hassan
Nazia Hassan

His callous remark was like a jab to my face, sharp and hurtful. On the morning of August 13, I saw the top half of a folded newspaper which showed only her picture, the rest of the news was printed in the unseen part below. I unfolded it with dread and saw the headline, terse and painful: ‘Nazia Hassan Passes Away.’....

Burqas and Empire, Again
Zillah Eisenstein

Burqas and Empire, Again
Zillah Eisenstein

Instead of recognising the deep connection between war, militarism and misogyny, Afghans are labelled simply as traditionalist patriarchs. The Taliban and radical Islamist zealots have been abusive and punishing of Afghan women. But little is simple here. Many Afghan feminists believe in the democratic promissory within Islam as it is articulated by women themselves.


Radical Muslims Suspected In Acid Attack on British Teens
Economist Analia Schlosser

UAE Women Should Not Shun Male Doctors, Experts Urge

Female literacy in Pakistan: Development in reverse

Somalia: ‘Women Carry Axes’ for Safety at Mogadishu’s Liido Beach

Sexual predators in Saudi Arabia on the prowl

African Communities Abandon Female Circumcision, But It’s Not Over: UNICEF

Police Arrest One in Brutal Bandung Murder Case

President Zuma Urges Women to Participate In Economy

Afghanistan's Pioneering Female MP Seeks Asylum As Progress for Women Unravels

Kenya's Kiplagat Makes History in Women’s Marathon

Economist Analia Schlosser, Focusing On Women and Policy

Beirut Designers Make Fashion Statement with Abayas

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


‘Hema’, Uncle Sam is watching you

Nigeria Must Clarify Position on Minimum Age for Marriage

Syrian Refugee Syriac Couple Get Married In the Monastery

Forced Marriages in UK: School Holidays Prompt Warning

Honour Killing Leaves Unease about Future of Afghan Women Rights

Pakistan Women Can Now Dial-A-Doc in Karachi

Too Smart To Have Kids – A Modern Woman’s Dilemma?

Nurse Volunteers to See the Difference Operations Make To Families in UAE

Nigeria: 'Illegal Charges Prevent Women from Antenatal Clinics'

Nigeria Female Teacher Defiles Two-And-Half-Year Old Girl

High School Girl Tutors, Brings Well To Africa

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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