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Islam, Women and Feminism

Half of Girls in S. Sudan Forced To Marry, Sold Like Cattle to Enrich Their Families

Michelle Obama Honours Delhi Gang Rape Victim with US Courage Award

Desperate, some fleeing Syria turn to prostitution

Tunisia's Female Artists Fear Islamist Repression

Number of Women Rising In Bangladesh Police Force

Female Saudi Students in US Learn To Drive To Get Around

Unsolved Murder, Committed 13 Months Ago, Highlights Plight of Afghan Women

Boosting Women’s Presence at Workplace in Indonesia

The Glass Ceiling For Women in Israeli Politics

A Govt Women’s College in Bangladesh Limps for Want of Teachers, Classrooms

Expat Wives Work to Make Ends Meet in Saudi Kingdom

'Cargo Women' Living Under Heavy Burden of Exploitation

Meet Gritty Woman Who Helped Make Rape a War Crime

‘It’s Not Just the Injuries from the Blast That Leave a Scar on Women’

Women Pedal for ‘Girl Power’ In Pakistan

‘Journey of Decade through Violence against Women’

Women Urged To Strive To Establish Themselves

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: FILE - In this picture taken Wednesday, July 18, 2012, Zali Idy, 12, poses in her bedroom in the remote village of Hawkantaki, Niger


Palestinian Women Set Back By Conservative Society
Daoud Kuttab

Palestinian women for decades were the role models and leaders in the Arab and Islamic world for their tenacious struggle for liberation both from the Israeli occupiers as well as their fight for personal independence, demanding equality and empowerment in a conservative society. This unique status that is often praised on International Women's Day has since elapsed, possibly now being replaced by Tunisian, Egyptian and Yemeni women,….


‘Muslim Women Being Subjected To Exclusionary Practices’

The Drive to Control Female Sexuality Is Alive and Well in the Modern Arab World

Women's Day: Thanking Those Who Do Thankless Tasks in the UAE

Muslim Women Block Jews from Temple Mount, Police Intervene

Indian Women Largely Excluded From Growing Sectors, Reveals an ILO Study

Activist Samira Ibrahim Denied International Women of Courage Prize over Anti-US Tweets

Defying hostile mindsets, Shad Begum, Winner of Courage Award, fights on

Let’s Have a Look on Personal Rights Guaranteed To Women in Islam

UAE Women Put Their Family's Health before Their Own, Survey Shows

Enable UAE Women to Rise to the Top, A Dubai Conference Is Told

Somaliland: Police Force Deploys Newly Graduated Female Officers Nationwide

Kuwaiti Women Balance Tradition and Equal Rights

UN Women's Commission Begins Annual Session

Muslim Women Speak Out In Global Online Exhibition

Emirati Women Beat the Odds to Become Leaders in Higher Education

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Activist Samira Ibrahim

Enough of Men
Jawed Naqvi

Enough of Men
Jawed Naqvi

Women leaders have hitherto proven to represent the status quo for their own gender, their homeopathic doses of welfare schemes notwithstanding. I am betting on Fawzia Koofi, a brave heart from a difficult terrain. The women’s rights activist from Afghanistan has survived several assassination attempts but she remains an outspoken member of the Afghan parliament....


Why Are South Asian Women Obsessed With Being White?
Mohammad Zia Adnan

The fact that women vie for an appearance that is not genetically theirs is interesting. Pakistani women judge their daughters by the fairness of their skin; mothers-in-law measure up their prospective daughters-in-law against their own skin tones during their drawing room rendezvous and the typical Pakistani man desires a woman that is fair and has looks that are almost Caucasian.....


But is it really the prerogative of Islamic scholars to interpret the Sharia? “It is wrong to say that only Quazis and the AIMPLB can interpret these laws. Indian courts deal with and, therefore, necessarily interpret Islamic law every day,” says Saif Mahmood, advocate, Supreme Court of India and managing partner of Amicus Juries Lawyers, New Delhi. “Our courts are fully competent to entertain family disputes of Muslims....

Can Women Lead Men In Prayers?
Moshtak Jamel, New Age Islam

The Hadith enjoins on men to sing glorification of Allah and women to clap if some mistakes occur during the prayer. There is another Hadith that shows that women also participated in prayers in mosques: Abu Huraira said: The best rows for men are the first rows, and the worst ones the last ones, and the best rows for women are the last ones and the worst ones for them are the first ones. (Sahih Muslim 881)....

Basketball Girls Back On 'Sharia Square' In Mali

Indonesia Ulema Council Urges To Resist Pressure to Ban Female Circumcision

Tough Guidelines for Minor Marriage in Saudi Arabia Hailed

Iran and the Vatican Resist U.N. Effort on Fighting Violence against Women

Expert Calls On Saudi Women to Invest Frozen Funds

Indian Girl Neha Ramu Has Higher IQ than Albert Einstein

Women Not Merely Housewives: Behavioural Scientist

UNRWA Cancels Gaza Marathon after Hamas Ban on Women Participation

Christian Aid Applauds Justine Greening's Speech on Girls and Women

Abida Parveen Casts A Spell as Sufi Fest, Jahan e- Khusro, in New Delhi Ends

60% of Civil Servants in Kazakhstan Are Women: Chairman, Religious Affairs

Family Awarded Dh300, 000 after Daughter Drowns In Abu Dhabi Hotel Pool

Rape Accused of Ten-Year-Old Confesses To More Assaults with the Help of His Girl Friend

Pakistani Women Police Officials Seek Equal Opportunity at Workplace

Tajikistan Fights Domestic Violence

More Saudi Girls than Boys Born In 2011

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Indian Girl Neha Ramu Has Higher IQ than Albert Einstein


Do We Stop At The Red Light Or Change It To Green?
Hina Hafeezullah Ishaq

A famous painter based in Heera Mandi depicts the women of the area; there is nothing glamorous there. All I can see is the suffering and the hard circumstances, the dejected faces, the stooped shoulders and the vacant eyes. It is easy to pass moral judgements, more difficult to accept and help....


Shaykha Fest: Celebrating Female Scholarship in Islam
Shaykha Fest

Shaykha Yosif shared with the audience the dichotomy of outpouring support and judgmental resistance she encountered with the idea of Shaykha Fest. Bringing together female scholars to share their stories and contributions, Shaykha Fest turned into “a crosspollination of modernists, artists, Sufis, Shias, traditionalists…” garnering unprecedented success by collective requests to globalize the event in the near future...


Sexually Abused Teen Faces 100 Lashes for Fornication
Hilary Whiteman

"She has been sexually abused, and at the same time, she has been charged with an offense that carries a punishment of flogging. We are really outraged at this punishment," Faiz told CNN on Wednesday. Human Rights Watch condemned the girl's punishment and urged the government to change the law. "The Maldives should urgently reform its laws to ensure maximum protection for children instead of engaging in further punishing a child that they failed to protect.....

“Ten years ago my younger sister-in law, who was married, was shot by a landlord as she refused to ‘make friendship with him’. She also witnessed an incident in the village Mubarak rind Tharparkar, where an entire scheduled caste family converted into Islam because they were indebted and the landlord wrote off their loan of Rs. 60,000.”....


For Once And For All, Let Us Pledge To Break the Silence around Rape
Ambreen Ahmad

Wave after wave of agony, so intense I break into a cold sweat. I open my mouth to scream out the word, to tear it from my very being, to free myself of its deadly hold. I scream, yet I am aware that there is no sound. I am awake now, pulse racing, out of breath, afraid. I see my mother across the room. She smiles, that well-meaning smile. I smile back. Exhausted, resigned. Once again the Silence has conquered. Once again, I am defeated.”....


Dowry, Destroying Families One Wedding at a Time
Ema Anis

While the generation before us has kept this nonsensical norm alive, the responsibility for its end lies with the generation which has reached the ‘marriageable age’. Boys should take pride in the money they earn and should stop their parents from demanding Jahaiz from girls – and the girls should also take a firm stand against it. If the families are not willing to talk about it, then the couple should clear out the issue with each other before getting into a serious relationship.

Pak TV Anchors Turn Moral Police, Spark Outrage

Bahraini model becomes first Gulf woman nominee for Miss Universe

Spot The Difference? Michelle Obama’s Dress Gets Iranian Photoshop Restyle

Saudi Women Have a Positive Role to Play, Believes King Abdullah

Saudi Woman Disguises as Man to Drive Bus

Saudis May Drop Screen for Women Advisers

Syria Kurd Women Set Up Battalion: NGO

Nigerian Actress Makes TV Debut In U.S.

Why the Arab World needs a new wave Of Feminism -- And Who Could Lead It

Nigeria: Paths 2 Trains 80 Doctors to Save Women's Lives

Madinah Governor to Help Establish Women’s Industrial Firm

‘Al-Qaeda Lady’ Is In Her Home While Hamza Stays In Prison

Widow of Tunisian Opposition Activist Demands To Know 'Who Ordered' Killing

‘More Than 300,000 Women in Lahore Still Without Identity’

‘Advocate Women’s Rights of Pakistan to Help Fight Domestic Violence’

Bangladesh: Tortured Teenage Domestic Help Groans At Hospital

The High Cost of Unsafe Abortion in Uganda

ROTA’s Female Volunteers Set to Make Impact in Cambodia

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Shaila Sabt is the first Arab Gulf woman to be nominated for Miss Universe


Saudi Cleric Insults Female Shura Members with Derogatory Terms as 'Prostitutes'

Dawah Forum Allows Saudi Girls to Play Sports

Modestly Dressed Air Hostesses Shunned By Turkey Seculars

Muslim Women Discourse Marginalized From Mainstream: Jamaat-E-Islami Women’s Wing

Lebanese Women Take to the Streets and Dance for Their ‘Rights’

Success Story of Saudi Girl Guides Highlighted

Turkish Ruling Party Fails To Keep Promises on Hijab

University Student Arrested For Alleged Murder and Rape of Minor in Islamabad

Response to 'The Islamic Solution to Stop Domestic Violence'

Afghanistan's First Female Mayor Proves Critics Wrong

Women on 3 Saudi Shoura Panels

Marriage — the Most Critical Decision One Will Ever Make

150 years after war, more is known about role women played

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Turkish Ruling Party Fails To Keep Promises on Hijab

Women on Motorbikes — What’s The Problem?
Pervez Hoodbhoy

For a Pakistani woman seeking to travel on a motorcycle, socially sanctioned rules define how she may sit. Although unwritten and unspoken, these are inviolable: First, no girl or woman may drive a motorcycle or clasp the handlebars with both hands. Second, although she can be a passenger behind a male driver, she cannot straddle the pillion seat. Instead, she must perch herself with both legs on the same side and hope she will not fall off. To sit otherwise is considered a violation of female modesty.......

‘Getting married is not the achievement; getting along together with each other after marriage is the real achievement.’ This statement repeatedly echoes in my mind as I observe the rising divorce rate in Pakistani society. Last but not least, please remember that men are very, very different creatures. Their minds and their hearts function according to the rules of an entirely different planet than ours!....


Haia Approves Regulations for Sales Women in Lingerie Shops

Victorian 'Angel Maker' killed 400 babies

Woman Jumps to Death to Escape Rape In Savar: Bangladesh

The Reality of Domestic Abuse in Yemen

Dhangethi Rape Victim Suffering From “Serious Sexual Trauma”: Police

Jobs at the Reconciliation Centres Cleared For Saudi Women

Woman’s Corpse Found Encased in Cement Block in Brunei

Saudi Women Law Students Win Mideast Moot Court Contest

Jeddah Municipality Moves To Curb Karantina’s Illegal Market

Pakistan: Acid Attack Victim’s Mother Seeks Justice

Hearing Impairment Does Not Impair Creativity: Saudi Minister for Women’s Affairs

Rwandan Woman Stripped Of US Citizenship after Lying About Genocide

Proposed Bill to Limit Iranian Women's Travel Reportedly Cancelled

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: The Reality of Domestic Abuse in Yemen


Pakistani Fashion Brands Are Dropping Female Models from Billboards

Inside Tahrir's Mob Sexual Assault Epidemic

3 Arrested In ‘Pragaash’ Controversy Remanded To Judicial Custody for 5 Days

Divorce Rate Swells Among Saudi Scholarship Students

 ‘Those Buying Acid Must Identify Themselves’: Begun Zakiya

More women were killed in 2012 in Pakistan than in 2011

Afghan Female Governor Breaks New Ground

Women Conference: Entrepreneurial Forum for Women ‘Very Encouraging’

Health Minister Should Be Held Accountable, Says Reham’s Mother

Coptic Activists Call For Counselling Sessions for Converts to Islam

Nigeria: Islamic Development Bank Initiative for Women and Environment

Bapsi Sidwa: The Grand Old Lady of Pakistan Fiction

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: 3 Arrested In ‘Pragaash’ Controversy


Indian Woman 39, Hired As a Maid But Used As a 'Sexual Toy' and 'General Dogsbody’ In U K

Education the Only Way to End Oppression of Women: Mukhtar Mai

Women Parliamentarians: To Eradicate Domestic Violence ‘Equip Women Economically’

Taliban Targeting Afghan Women and Government Workers

Saudi Women Take Seats in Shura Council

Muscat Girl, Amira, Gets Her Dream Date with Idol Shahrukh Khan

Child Abuse Cases Reach Record High in Indonesia

Indonesian Maid Who Hurled Baby in Malaysia Gets 20 Years in Jail

The Quandary of Arab Revolutions and the Citizenship Rights for Women

Second Workshop to Integrate Women’s Needs in Development Kicks off in Bahrain

Mississauga's Muslim Community Marches for Women's Rights

Fashionistas in Jordanian Culture Dress in Modern Clothes, Bodies Still Covered

Alkhobar Forum Explores Avenues for Development of Saudi Businesswomen

More Women Taking On Key Role in Family Businesses in Gulf Region

Egypt’s Underprivileged Children Given Education Opportunity in City of The Dead

Tzipi Livni Appointed Israeli Justice Minister

Anti-meningitis vaccination campaign launched for orphans

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Mukhtar Mai

Saudi Scholar Calls for Mandatory Marriage Workshop

Employing Female Cashiers Is Human Trafficking: Saudi Arabia Study

Hazara Women Refuse To Bury Pakistan Bomb Dead

22 Khula (Divorce Initiated By Women) Cases Filed In the West Bank in Three Months

Sexual Harassment Cases in Pakistan Not Acknowledged For Fear Of Tainted Reputations’

Afghan Women Join Army for Night Raids

Pakistan CJ Takes Suo Motu Notice Of 11-Year-Old Girl’s Rape, Murder

Seven to Hang for Sudan Child Rape, Lawyer Says

Pride, Prejudice and Interracial Marriages in Indonesia

Pakistan Joins One Billion Rising To Fight Abuse

11 Women among Many Who Completed Programs at Prince Naif Rehab Centre

British Women Who Turn To Islam

Man Who Divorced His Child Bride and the Judge Who Joked Women ‘Enjoy’ Rape Could Be Sacked

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Hazara Women Refuse To Bury Pakistan Bomb Dead


Lebanese Women Take on Muslim Judges Who Call Rape a 'Marital Right'

Rape has become A “Significant and Disturbing” Feature of Syria’s War

Traditional Belly Dance TV Banned by Egyptian Court

Abaya and Nightgown Shops Ordered Full Female Staff before June 10

Death Penalty Sought For Rapist Stepfather in UAE

Bangladeshi Maid’s Fall Leads Police to Prostitution Gang in Naif

Somali Women Mark One Billion Rising

Social Media Gives Indonesian Women New Voice

Iraqi Man Arrested For Wife's Murder in Ras Al Khaimah

Britain Awaits First Free Islamic School

Nigeria: Deputy Senate President Seeks Equal Opportunities for Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Social Media Gives Indonesian Women New Voice


Sharia Law Ban and Muslim Wives
Rafia Zakaria

Where no ban would have resulted in an immigrant woman being able to avail of the resources that would allow her to begin a new life in the US and rehabilitate herself from an abusive relationship, a Sharia ban enabled the opposite, leaving her with nothing and allowing her more established husband to discard her with few consequences....

Arab Woman: Jews Don't Rape Us, Unlike Arabs

Mali's Sexual Violence Victims Left To Themselves

Sindh HC Orders Protection to Free Will Marriage Couple

Forced Into Prostitution: Bangladeshi Woman Falls and Breaks Back In Dubai Escape Bid

Appeal By Women Of Mali: Say “No!’” To The War by Proxy

Dreams Fuelled the First Emirati Woman Operator of Dubai Metro Drive

Entrepreneurial Afghan Women Changing Perceptions

Afghan’s Only Sikh MP Recounts Her Struggle

In Bangladesh Abducted Madrasa Girl Found, Schoolgirl Yet To Be Rescued

Princess Haya Islamic Centre Students Visit Women’s Museum in Dubai

Wrong Blood Transfusion Blamed for Saudi Woman’s Death

Iranian-American's First Novel about a Girl Fleeing Tehran

Afghan Mps Lobby for Women's Rights through Country's Transition

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Maryam Al Saffa, the first Emirati woman operator of Dubai Metro


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