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Islam, Women and Feminism

PIL against Muslim Clerics Issuing Divorce Certificates
Kristen Beck, formerly known as Chris

Implement Laws on Child Protection, NSHR, Madina, Urges Authorities

‘Unemployment Main Reason for Late Marriages in Kashmir’

A decorated Navy SEAL who turned into a woman

Femen: Tunisia Detains, Expels Ukraine Topless Activist

Domestic Violence on the Rise in Aceh

In Afghanistan, Women Denied Their Inheritance Now Have A Champion

Behind Black Robes, Hijabs and Niqabs, Saudi Women Are Dreaming Big

Jailed God man Gulzar Ahmad Bhat's follower lodges complaint of rape against cops

Husband to Be Flogged For Slapping Wife in Saudi Arabia

Expat Women in Saudi Arab Haven’t Lost Hope

Lady Magistrate Ordered To Pay Rs One Lakh as Compensation

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Girls a Burden on Guardians for Failing to Manage the Quazis in Bangladesh
Headscarf shop in a market in Jakarta

Little Sympathy as Topless Protesters Face Tunis Trial

Indonesia Promotes Muslim Fashion

Fehmida Mirza Calls Pakistan’s New Speaker’s Election ‘Historic’

Saudi Society Is Game for Women Sports

Woman in Red Becomes a Symbol for Istanbul's Female Protesters

Should Women Go Out or Work At Home, Shoura Council Split over Recommendation

Indonesia’s Bandung Students Claim Sex Harassment by Principal

Woman Detained For Insulting Malaysian King on Facebook

Women from Poorer Backgrounds Are Less Subject To Violence

In Afghanistan, grief for a husband who shouldn’t have died

Meet Zeynep Fadillioglu: the first woman to design a mosque in modern Turkey

Volunteers to Help Women in Saudi Grand Mosque

First Saudi Sports Complex for Women Opens In Al-Khobar Province

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Female Israeli Soldiers Punished For Racy Photos In Underwear And Combat Gear
Meher Afroze Chumki

New Anti-Domestic Abuse Campaign In Saudi Arabia Asks: Dare To ‘Hit Her?’

In Pakistan A Man Beats Wife for Refusing To Go With Another

Divorce Rate among Indian Community on Rise In Malaysia

Dh368, 000 Donated To Malala Fund by Abu Dhabi Foundation

Ejrai to Help Women Deal with Saudi Government

Reproductive health rights of adolescent girls get hampered during disasters

Chumki Sworn In As Bangladesh State Minister for Women Affairs

Fifa Elects Burundi's Lydia Nsekera as First Woman Executive

Emirati woman comes third in Hashemite Quran award

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In their religiosity Muslims display some of the extreme forms of misogynistic and male- centred parody of their Faith. The status of the women under the aegis of the various self-made dogma (1), is odd, as those are falsely applied under the canopy of the source Book. It is the most perplexing enigmas that beset the Muslim women. The highly restrictive and authoritarian over-lordship of men leaves no room for women to manoeuvre in the society as equal partners in what constitutes half of the population of humanity on earth....


'Mehram' Must For Woman Haj Pilgrims: Haj Committee of India
Asma Jahangir

‘Council of Islamic Ideology’s Observation on DNA Test in Rape Cases Defies Logic’: Asma Jahangir

Two Xinjiang Villages Bar Women from Covering Faces

South Sudanese Police Force Underage Girl to Marry A Soldier

Femen Activists Protest Topless in Tunisia, Claim the Start of a 'Women's Spring'

54 Pregnant Girls Discovered In Lagos Public Schools

Bihar women put their foot down, no wedding bells for 'undeserving' men

Pakistan Court Condemns Police over Rape Christian Girl

Outlawed GMF Chief’s Wife Held in Dhaka

Look Out! Your Daughter May Run Away

UN for Active Participation of Women in Drafting of New Libyan Constitution

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Two Portraits of Post-Revolutionary Life in Iran
Maryam Elika Ansari

She admirably challenges popular myths which suggest that people living under an Islamic Republic must be so horrifically different from those living under a democratic regime. The patients she describes come to her with personal issues as far-ranging as affairs, relationship problems, bad dreams, divorce, sex, and so on, proving to be nothing out of the ordinary as many might expect from an alien culture, as is Iran’s for Western readers....

Jeddah Women Call For Smooth Inheritance Distribution
Umme Fardina Adil

Syrian Women Rebels' Fight Goes Beyond Front Line

Assam UPSC Topper Fardina Adil: Religion Is Used to Obstruct Women’s Advancement

Women Activists at Kuala Lumpur Conference Call for End To Child Brides

Femen member Amina Tyler on trial in Tunisia

Physical education encourages healthy lifestyle among women

37 Saudi women complete arbitration course

Women Deliver 2013 Concludes With a United Call to Invest in Girls and Women

Only 10 Percent of Nigerian Girls Advance Into Post-Primary Schools

C M Mamata Banerjee in 'Girl-Next-Door' Image at Howrah

U.N.: Bangladesh Must Improve Protection for Women from Violence

Nigeria to Head African Women Network

Michigan Woman, 33, Killed In Syria Fight, Confirms FBI

Blasts in Bannu damage girls school, house of local leader

Premlata, the first Indian woman to conquer seven Summits of the world

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Saudi Cleric Encourages Harassing Working Women
Malala Yousafzai

Women Account For 26% of Saudi Graduates in the US

Fatima Sheikh from Bangladesh Portrays Malala in the Film Gul Makai

Happy Reunion of a Bangladesh’s Trafficked Girl, Thanks To the Indian Citizen

Expat Women in Saudi Arabia Rush To Be Fingerprinted

Durham Woman Gets US State Department Scholarship

Indonesian Muslim Woman Shows Off Her Playful Side with a 'South Park' Hijab

Malala in Makkah for Spiritual Solace

Anti-Femen protest outside Tunisia courthouse

Domestic abuse among Emirati women is 'more verbal than violent'

Workplaces ‘Need To Be Friendly To Women’

Contrary To Claims, EC of Pakistan Fails To Release Gender-Based Data

Rafsanjani Disqualification from Vote Seen Hindering Iranian Women’s Rights

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Solo Flight: For a woman, venturing out of the house is akin to stepping into the battlefield
Shagufta Naaz

Tempted as I am to say “No I have a parachute stashed under my seat and plan to ditch the plane mid-flight,” I understand the obvious query is just an opening gambit. Just as a police interrogation starts with innocuous questions so does an auntie’s inquisition. Now comes the real stuff....


Belgian City Scraps Headscarf Ban Imposed By Centre-Right In 2007
Saudi women’s rights activist, Sohaila Zain Al-Abedeen Hammad

Women who wear Hijab face discrimination during job search: Research

Female Israeli Soldiers Storm Al-Aqusa Mosque Grounds

Woman Flees From Abha Social Shelter, Alleges Physical Abuse by Her Father

Women Blamed for Islamic Politicians’ Foolish Decisions

Mixed-Marriage Couples Demand Right to Own Property

Hotlines Provide Safe Space for Yemeni Women

14 International Schools Approved To Admit Saudi Girls

Three Femen women held in Tunis after topless protest

Khap panchayat helpless as court lets girl live with same 'gotra' husband

Saudi Woman among World’s Most Influential Figures

Washing the Dead Does Not Scare Saudi Women

Man Disowns ‘Daughter’ He Found Abandoned 37 Yrs Ago

PML-N Secures Most Reserved Seats for Women in NA

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Compassion for all God’s creatures is the basis of decent, civilised and God-fearing life in Islam. Any attempt by fanatical Muslims or prejudicial and ignorant non-Muslims to eliminate this essential element from the message of Islam is perhaps the biggest danger that the religion faces....


Honour Killing In Pakistan: Husband Guns Down Wife for Filing Divorce Papers
Marvi Memon

Deliberation on Education of Muslim Girls Held In Imphal, India

North Aceh Head Bans Women from Dancing in Public

‘Pregnancy Kills 16,000 Pak Women Each Year’

Shariah Courts Need To Prioritise Child's Interest

Saudi Women Find Steep Learning Curve in Nursing

Breathable Nail Polish Receives Mixed Reactions from Muslim Women

PML-N nominates Marvi Memon for NA reserved seat

Female Conversion to Islam in Britain Examined In Unique Research Project

First Lady Seeks End to Teenage Pregnancies in Africa

Birmingham's Muslim Women Condemn Drummer Lee Rigby Murder

Palestinian Homes Answer Knock by Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Oxford Sex Abuse: 'Victorian' Misogyny Is Evident In All Cultures Which Emphasise Female Purity
Bina Shah

How do we understand the Asian paedophile rings without falling back on lazy, racist stereotypes of Pakistani Muslim men? This was the question I asked myself as news of the Oxford child sex – paedophile, really – ring came to light, exactly a year after police busted the Rochdale ring. The circumstances were the same: groups of men with either Pakistani or Muslim backgrounds were caught grooming young, vulnerable white girls and treating them like sexual slaves...


Amina Tyler, Tunisia’s ‘Topless Jihad’ Activist, Caught and under Arrest
Humaira Tasneem Best Women Cricketer

Afghanistan: Surge in Women Jailed for ‘Moral Crimes’

Wife of Convicted Militant Accuses Govt of Fabricating Sinai Kidnapping

Indian Origin Girl PIO Invents Device That Charges Phones in 20 Seconds

Saudi Women Teachers Demand Full-Time Jobs in Demonstration

Vandals Target Western Wall Woman Activist

Police Ordered To Implement Court Verdict on Child Custody

Headscarves and Long Tunics Don’t Stop Iranian Women from Practising Parkour

12 IIIT Girls for NASA Space Settlement Contest

Pakistan Celebrates First Woman up Everest

Best Women’s Cricketer Humaira on a Mission

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


In the best circumstances, the Wali takes care of the affairs of the woman properly. He facilitates matters for her and stands by her though in doing so he faces many hardships and problems. But in most of the cases the Wali is not that caring, rather he takes advantage of the rule and blackmails the woman. Many wives hand over all her salary to the husband so that he escorts her to the office. Many fathers stop the education of their daughters to take revenge on their divorced wives. Many sisters have to bribe their brothers for getting their help in petty matters....

Now, 'Talaq' Takes a Skype Route
New Age Islam News Bureau

Now, 'Talaq' Takes a Skype Route

Pakistani Woman’s Suicide turns out to Be Honour Killing

Haryana, India, Gets NHRC Notice after 6 Villages Ban Girls from Attending School

Pak Elections: ‘Dir Women Disenfranchised For Security Reasons’

Seminar on Education of Muslim Girls Held At Imphal, India

Girls Need New Thoughts to Continue Women’s Gains

Kurdish Female Fighters Pick up Arms As Assad Pushes Forward Into Rebel-Held Land

Saudi Women Take the Wheel in Truck-Building Industry

Indonesian Marriage Law Outdated and Irrelevant: Academics

The Jewish Women Who Pioneered Modern Arab Music

Indian Women First Twins to Scale Everest

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Women: Widows, Spinsters and Divorcees, To Look For Jobs
Anis Haroon, Pak Minister

Turkey Tightens Blue Mosque Dress Code for Women Visitors

Only 6 of 150 Women Candidates Win NA Polls in Pakistan

PML-N Women Offer Thanks-Giving Prayers on Nawaz Appeal

First Saudi woman scales Mount Everest

Lebanese Women to Gain Political Ground

Walled City’s 300-year-old Anglo-Arabic Senior Secondary School, prepares for more change

‘Child Marriages Compromise Girl’s Development’ Says Pak Minister

Feminisation of Saudi Arabia to Spur Price Hikes, Traders Warn

Bosnian Serb Woman Sentenced For War Crimes

West Java Woman Allegedly Buries Mother Alive

Afghan Parliament Halts Debate on Women's Rights Law

Nigeria: 6, 966 Girls to Share N35.8 Million Grant in Katsina

Uganda: High School Dropout Worries Women Activists

Suspended Jammu jail official made undertrial write exam for her

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Bid to Protect Women’s Rights ‘Is against Islamic Law,’ Afghan Lawmakers
Malala Yousafzai

In Jamia, underprivileged girls learn to teach a lesson to molesters

Courageous Women Can Change the World: Malala Yousafzai

Hijab Ban Troubles Nigeria Muslims

11 Ladies-Only Taxis Launched In Ajman

Samina Baig: First Pakistani Woman to Scale Mount Everest

Kingdom Becoming More Tolerant — Saudi Woman Filmmaker

Tension High as Imran Khan Party’s Senior Woman Leader Murdered

US Takes No Stand as Women Barred From Iran Elections

Girl-Child Education Grim In North Nigeria

Put a Spotlight on African Women’s Reproductive Rights

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

A Woman’s Voice at the Mosque
Raheel Raza

“I begin in the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Salaam Alaikum. Peace upon all those who gather here. Let’s speak to the concept of compassion and mercy. If we want to ask God for compassion and mercy, then we must try and show the same compassion and mercy for all God’s creation, which includes people of all faith, the environment and animals.  We greet each other with the universal Muslim greeting of peace. Just saying “peace upon you” does not create peace....

In A Generation, Everything Has Changed For British Muslim Women
Irna Qureshi

Attitudes towards divorce are changing among British Muslim women. My mother’s generation regarded divorce as immoral, so sustaining a marriage for them was a lifelong project. However, for British educated Muslim women like me, divorce is an entitlement, even within Islamic law. My mother and I married men from Pakistan.....

Hizb Ut-Tahrir Steps Up Recruitment of Kyrgyz Women
Maryam Nawaz Sharif

Muslim men 'wed teen converts by phone'

Nigeria police uncover second 'baby factor

Protect our children from rapists

Crackdown over Facebook, Google posts: SC of India to hear plea on content

Filipino Maids rush to rectify status

Daughter's Appeal to Young Gives Nawaz Sharif Power in His Own Right

Girl Sports in Afghanistan Stays Popular Among Motivated Athletes

Sonia lays foundation stone of girls’ hostel at Jamia campus

Children in limbo after Saudi father cons mother and flees

Nigeria Accounts for 10 Percent Global Maternal Mortality Rates

Tanzanian Legislator: Prostitution Shames the Nation, It Must Be Banned

Kazakh Woman Wins World Weight-Lifting Championship

Saudi Woman Tortured, Murdered In Jeddah

Arabic learning: Where have all the men gone?

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Academics, who have studied the status of Muslim women, feel that the increasing ghettoisation and alienation of the Muslim community has resulted in the further marginalisation of the women. Observes Haseena Khan, researcher and women's rights activist: "Women are depending more and more on their community for their sustenance. This is not a particularly favourable trend, given the high levels of discrimination that already exist."....

Fuss and Fury over a Piece of Cloth
Hafsa M. Fathima Badsha

The Hijab, or the Muslim veil, has been getting attention circa forever. It is a source of oppression to some, liberation to others, of confused “Are they Arab nuns?” and really good cover-ups on bad hair days. But more than anything, the Hijab is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the Islamic faith.....

A Khyber Pakhtunkhwa minister has confirmed the Dawn.com report that women would not be allowed to vote in parts of the province under the tacit approval of PPP, ANP, JUI-F, PML-N and JI. “Yes I can confirm this agreement has taken place in Lower Dir, have reports of similar agreement from some other areas, but I am sure about Dir agreement and  I had already communicated it to the Election Commission as well,” Information Minister KP Musarrat Qadeem told Dawn.com.....


Muslim Women and the Bedroom Question
Nedda Alammar

I recently read a sterile article about sex called "What Muslim Women Really Want in the Bedroom." Given that I am a Muslim woman and have no idea what I want in the bedroom, a weakness I attribute to my Arab mentality of how shameful it would be to ask for too much, I was hoping for more of a Cosmo -style "how to" than a "here, look at the books and all the sex shops for Muslim women wanting a 'how to.''" The conversation is starting, the journalist explained...


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