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Islam, Women and Feminism

‘Don’t Use Facebook to Get Likes, But To Raise the Issues Children Are Facing’: Malala
Malala Yousafzai

Made In Bangladesh: American Ad with Topless Model Causes Outrage

Iraqi Women Protest against Proposed Islamic Law in Iraq

Jakarta: Violence against Women on the Rise

91% Accused In Acid Violence Case Escape Punishment

More Than 500,000 Child Brides Married In Turkey in the Last Decade

Israel Disperses Rally of 300 Women in West Bank

Thousands in Lebanon Shout Down Domestic Violence

Equality for Women Is Progress for All: UN WHO Maldives Coordinator

Syrian Women and the Uprising: Fighting On Multiple Fronts

Voices against Women's Day Remain Rare In Tajikistan

K-P’s Laws to Protect Women Remain Inadequate

Women Workers Still Face Inequality, Turkish Health Union Survey Says

All Aboard! First Women-Only Bus in Pakistan

Muslim State Schools Ordered Not To Discriminate On The Basis Of Gender

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Islam is Not the Enemy
Sara Erkal

Traditional interpretations of sacred texts can sometimes lead to theories of male dominance, while modern interpretations tend to lean towards gender equality. Naturally, I would posit that interpretations compatible with gender equality would benefit women’s rights in creating a bridge between Western and Islamic feminists, all in an effort to create a more unified feminist movement. Let us move towards achieving this goal.….

China's Female Imams Carrying On Ancient Islamic Tradition
Canadian province's headscarf

Women with New Wombs Try To Conceive In Sweden

UK Urges World to Tackle Child Marriage in Same Way as FGM

Colombia’s ELN Rebels Recruit Girls to Extort Illegal Miners

UK Party Suspends Member for Insulting Muslim Women

Canadian Province's Religious Bill 'Targets Headscarf'

AFC Welcomes Lifting Of Headscarf Ban

Saudi Lawyers Refuse To Leak Data to Women on Potential Grooms

No Uniform Policy of Indian Waqf Boards on Muslim Widow Pension

Malala Admits She Has No Cell

Ministry Of Gender Celebrates Ghanaian Women

Pak, Punjab Assembly Female Members Form Caucus

Pakistan Mother Kills Two Starving Infants

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Bangladesh's Home Truth
Tahmima Anam

In London, I hear the word whispered, hedged with caveats and reservations; in Dhaka, it is shouted and sung in public forums as a riposte to the cacophonous voices of religious fundamentalism and ingrained patriarchy.....

Saudi Female Students Are Frequent Users of Social Media
Malala Yousafzai

Malala Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Major Report Reveals 'Extensive' Abuse Of Women in EU

Islamist Group Slams False Apostasy Claim, Says Slur on Malay Women

Saudis Demand Laws to Protect Girls from Domestic Violence

Iranian Women Push To Tighten Gender Gap

Female Shariah Grads Willing To Work as BIP Investigators

Most Anglos, Allophones Say Secular 'Values' Charter Targets Muslim Women

First Woman to Head Egypt Party Worried Over Military

Somaliland: The Extreme Form of FGM Is Back

Tina Fey and the Taliban to Share the Big Screen

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Pakistani, Afghan Sports Officials Hail FIFA's Headscarf Move
Fizza Malik, 24

Princess Nourah Says Saudi Women Playing a Meaningful Role

Women Banned From Wearing Panties to Church by Nairobi Pastor

In Indonesia (Bandung), Activists Fight Adolescent Prostitution

100 Female University Students in Asir to Donate Organs

Honour Killings Rise in Palestinian Territories, Sparking Backlash

Female Pupils in Sirte to Wear the Hijab under Awquaaf Ruling

Facebook Group Tracks How Many Women Have Been Detained In Egypt

Fizza Malik, 24: A Life Snuffed Out In Suicide Bombing In Islamabad

Indonesia Pushes For More Women in Power

Saudi Nurses Call For Right to Scholarships

Libyan Women Find Out More about Self-Development

Makkawi Women Seek Active Role in Development Plans

Women Come Out To Take Part in Anti-Draft Prayer in Jerusalem

‘Agunah Summit’ To Question State’s Role in Reaching Solution on Issue of ‘Chained’ Wives

Seminar Draws Roadmap for Minority Women’s Education in North East India

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Expensive Dowries Damage Women
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

Expensive Dowries Damage Women
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

In Islamic stipulation the man is required to pay the dowry – called Mehr – to the woman as a gift upon completion of the marriage ceremony. The aim is to elevate the status of women by offering a token of affection to seal the marriage contract. Yet today women and their families are demanding unaffordable Mehr from the groom. In a bizarre reversal of the problems facing women in the subcontinent, Muslim men are increasingly facing an unappetising choice between heavy debt and bachelor life....

Blaming Women for Divorce In The Name Of Islam?
Abeer Shah

Sometimes marriage happens between the wrong people, for the wrong reasons, in the wrong environment. It cannot thrive. Sometimes it’s the husband who’s to blame, sometimes it’s the wife, sometimes it’s some third-party person. But it can happen due to a multitude of reasons....

Child marriages in Africa, some parts of Asia, Latin America and Oceania are driven due to poverty, illiteracy, culture, tradition, bride price, dowry, religious and social pressure, and even the fear of remaining unmarried....

Malala and the Mockingbird
Mashhood Roohul Amin

A number of famous people, including Princes Diana and music sensation Michael Jackson bore the brunt of being taken advantage of in one degree or the other. Diana and Jackson met with what the Londoners say at large: Media harassment. Pakistan’s Malala Yousufzai, who is flying high these days, is being treated by her supporters in an entirely different way. Yousafzai, who recently visited a Syrian camp in Jordan, faced an assassination attempt in 2012 at the beginning of her journey, enabling her to see society from an entirely different angle….


Teenage Girl Victim of ‘Grooming Gang’ Of the Same Ethnic Origins
Paula Yacoubian

Syrian Girls Forced To Marry ISIL Militants

Catholic Nuns and Devote Muslim Women Are Like Two Peas in A Pod

Women Rally against Al Shabaab in Mogadishu

India's Basket Programme Empowers African Women

'Female Genital Mutilation against Girls Is Child Abuse'

Unveiled Women Banned From Entering Girls’ Schools in Riyadh

Yacoubian Urges Women to Act to Win Equality: Lebanon

Trialogue among Female MPs of Pakistan, UK & Afghanistan Ends

First Lifestyle Mobi Site for Muslim Women Launched

Panel on Female Veiling Contrasts Ideas of Repression and Self-Expression

Advocate for Afghan Girls to Speak At Langley International Women's Day Lunch

'Freedom to Love for All': Iranian Pop Queen Releases Pro-LGBT Music Video

The Islamic State of Iran and Gender Discrimination

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Women of Iran Defy Mullahs by Embracing Western Fashions
Hala Shukrallah

Fuss at Pakistan Islamic University as Girls ‘Confined’ At Hostel

Cases of ‘Hijabaphobia’ Increasing In Quebec

Meet Egypt’s First Female Political Party Leader, Hala Shukrallah

Nigeria: 'Hijab - A Fundamental Human Right of Female Muslims'

Saudi Woman Helps Companies Stand Out With Her Design Ideas

American Pop Star Katy Perry Debuts as Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra

Women Renting Houses Face Gender Bias in Riyadh

Nigeria: Women's Group Receives Major U.S. Award

Thousands of Kids Lost Parents in South Sudan Fighting

Behind The Scourge of Child Labour in Palestine

Violence against Indigenous Women Rarely Get Law Enforcers’ Attention: Bangladesh

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Women and the Illusion of Opportunity
Abdullah Hamidaddin

Foundations of suppression and causes of oppression go much deeper than physiological differences; and proponents of rights should avoid looking at the world through a physiological lens; no matter how appealing and easy it is. One giant step for a woman is NOT a step for women; not even a small step…..


Brainwashed British Girls Flock To Syria to Wed Wahhabi Terror Fanatics
Pakistani sister and brother

Ghanaian Women Being Forced Into Prostitution in Middle Eastern Countries

Twelve Foreign Women Arrested In Islamabad Crackdown, Involved In Immoral Activities

Islamists Order Women to Don Veil in Eastern Syria

Saudi Arabia Moves To Protect Rights of Indonesian Maids

Extreme Genital Mutilation on Retreat in Somaliland

Libya: Justice Minister Details Plan for Compensation to Rape Victims

Nigerian Government Invests N3.2 Billion on Projects to Address Girl-Child Education

Malala Sympathises With Syrian Refugee Children

Sister, Brother Conquering Seven World Peaks

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The Continued Abuse of the Pashtun Woman
Murtaza Haider

The violence-stricken KPK has been in the crosshairs of law enforcement agencies, policy makers, international NGOs, and other global religio-militant franchises. The lack of civilian oversight and control over the past six decades in the adjoining tribal areas of KPK has perpetuated a culture where weapons and gore have unnecessarily been glorified. Some weapon-friendly members of the community have been the preferred insurgents for the establishment for cross-border intrigues since 1948....

Quazi Makes Yale Nuclear Physicist Victim of ‘Fake’ Divorce
Seema Chishti

Islamic law allows for divorce to be initiated by the husband, by the well-known triple Talaaq. But it also allows for Khula, or a process whereby the wife can ask for annulment of the marriage. In the case of Khula, several obligations on the husband don’t necessarily apply….

British Women Flocking To Syria with Marriage in Mind
Zainab al-Khawaja Bahraini activist

Saudi Islamic Police Ban Women from Giving Birth without Male Guardian

ISIS Forcing Raqqa Women to Wed Its Fighters, Say Activists

MIT’s First Female Saudi Fellow Setting Example for Compatriots

Kurdish Girls Conquer Iraqi Taekwondo Team

No Justice for Child Victims of Burundi’s Sex-Traffic Rings

World Acclaimed Somali Supermodel Deters FGM on Girl-Child Safa

Jailed Daughter of Bahrain Rights Activist Freed

‘Medical Evidence Is Strong Enough To Silence a Person Guilty Of Rape’, Say Pakistan Judges

Foundation Expands Rehabilitation Program for Saudi Women Prisoners

Women Protection Package Set for March 8 Launch in Pakistan

Muslim Women's Rights Document Discussed At Parliamentary Union of the OIC

Karzai Orders Changes to Draft Law Following Claims It Would Hurt Women’s Rights

A Father Accuses King Fahad Hospital of Mutilating Newborn

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Legalised Spousal Abuse Is Coming To Afghanistan
Child brides ''quite common'':Pru Goward

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Sect Accused of Marrying 13 Year-Old Girls

500 Women Killed Every Year in Name of Honour in Pakistan

Hopes Float: Marriage Still Key to Saudi Women

Bangladesh 'Rises Up' To End Violence against Women

Boko Haram: US Expresses Concern over Abduction of Girls in Borno

Pru Goward Child Brides Claim a Surprise to NSW Police

Campaigners Brave Rain at London Event Calling For Justice for All Women

Breastfeeding Law Designed To Improve Health of Child, Not Punishment of Mother

Neglecting Children – An Issue We Cannot Be Lenient About

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has dropped the patriarchal theory of holding a woman fully responsible when she gets harassed. In the workplace and in the markets, there have been many utterances and actions that are incongruent with the image that the Saudis painted of themselves in their own minds: that they are an ideal society protected by years of forced separation of the sexes. But all that didn’t work. Thousands of verbal and physical harassment cases are recorded with the police. Instances of harassment get documented on social media, thus angering the kingdom’s virtual community….


Gujarat, a Hub of Rent-A-Womb Industry in India
Amna Al Haddad Emirati woman weightlifter

‘Saudi Women Cannot Go To Male Doctors Alone’ - Top Saudi Cleric

Grand Mosque Library: No Entry for Women

Church of England Fast-Tracks Law for Female Bishops

Somali Radio Run by Female Staff on Air

Law passed: Pak Punjab to have commission on status of women

Pakistan Women’s Issues: Media Urged to Show Gender Responsiveness

Abortions In Israel: Is The Law As Liberal As They Claim?

V-Day Sparks Jokes among Egyptians on Social Media

Emirati Woman Weightlifter: Help Me Get To Olympics

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

One Saudi Woman’s Death Brings into Question the Value of Life
Badria al-Bishr

Suffering from a heart attack does not necessarily lead to death - God willing - if there's quick intervention. However, a delay or lack in medical care could lead to death. This is what happened with the student, Amna. Paramedics were not late to the scene, they arrived on time and stood outside the building for two hours waiting for permission to enter. Entering a building full of women in Saudi Arabia, even if it is a life-threatening situation, has its conditions and requirements….


There Is Still Hope for Arab Feminism
Cynthia Kreichati

Feminism is at the heart and soul of Arab Awakenings. It is not a novel feature of the Arab world, struggling to catch up with ‘modern’ times. More than a century ago, Arab Women had already realized the oppression they were submitted to and quite a few courageously came to refuse to bow into it. In a region in constant turmoil and amidst an ever-changing sociopolitical landscape, these Women became conscious they had an essential role to take on….


Libyan Women Want Women’s Supreme Council
Indian Actress Shabana Azmi

Women Are Targets of Repression in Egypt

22 Women to Contest Municipal Council Polls in Saudi Arabia

International Purple Hijab Day against Domestic Violence, February 13th

Afghan Domestic Violence Law Draws International Outcry

Bahrain Pledges to Boost Women's Rights

Palestinian Women Make Strides in High-Tech

Why Cannot Saudi Women Issue Their Own Passports?

Promoting Culture: Indian Actress Shabana Azmi Visits Sindh Festival

16 pc Of Pak Punjab’s Children Aged 6-16 still out Of School

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Back in the 1920s things looked hopeful for women in Afghanistan.  King Amanullah Khan and his wife Queen Soraya worked diligently to improve women’s lives. The king discouraged polygamy, advocated against the veil, and pushed for greater personal freedom for females.  “Tribal custom must not impose itself on the free will of the individual,” he said.  His sister, Kobra, created the Organization for Women’s Protection while another sister established a women’s hospital.  Queen Soroya even founded the first magazine for women…..


Ladies, Don’t Opt For Abortions!
Quratulain Fatima

“If men could get pregnant, abortion would have been a sacrament.” My maid refuses to take any birth control measures because her husband considers them to be a ‘Yahoodi Saazish’ (Jewish conspiracy) to sterilise the ‘flourishing’ Pakistani nation – just like the superstitions concerning polio drops....


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