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Islam, Women and Feminism

Memorial for Girl, 7, Believed To Have Been Killed By Her Pakistani Father
Samiyeh Balochzehi, 26, mayor of Kalat

Malala Awarded 2013 United Nations Human Rights Prize

Video of Fun-Loving Veiled U.S. Muslims Goes Viral

Baluchi Sunni Woman Elected Mayor Is First For Iran

Afghan Policewoman Is Killed, Fourth in Last Six Months

UN Mission Pushes To Improve the Role of Women In Somalia

Swat princess, Musarrat Ahmed Zeb promotes education

Morocco Islamists under Fire over Women Bill

Thirty seven thousand women were raped in the suburbs of Damascus only - Bianca Madia

Nelson Mandela Daughters Asked For Film Premiere to Go On

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Saudi Women’s Driving On Human Rights Commission Agenda
Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razek

Thugs Bash Muslim Schoolgirl Wearing Hijab in Wantirna South

Famous Egyptian Actress Calls Qaradawi A ‘Terrorist’

Hamas Summons Prominent Women's Rights Activist

Christian Vigilantes Disembowel Pregnant Muslim and Kill 10 Children

Female Muslim Students Unite To Practice Their Faith and Spread Islamic Cultural Awareness

Muslim girl’s story reminds me of my anti-Semitic boyhood

‘Steps Implemented To Improve Conditions for Women at Workplace’ in Saudi Arabia

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Café for Girls a Welcome Site in Sana’a
Antie Jackelen, Sweden’s archbishop

40 Women Killed, 500 Detained Since Morsi's Ouster

Swedish Archbishop Abused For Her Tolerance to Islam

Justice and Reparation for the Women of Communal Violence Demanded for Riot Victims

Colombia Steps Up Campaign to Stop FGM among Embera Indians

Rwanda: Girls Urged to Live As Go-Getters

Rwanda Doing Well in Women Empowerment — Gender Boss

Yemeni Families Get A WFP Cash Injection

Ladies National Sports Teams Raise UAE Flag Proudly

Qatar Cycling Federation’s First Women’s Team Begins Training

Bahrain Celebrates Women’s Day

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Norway Capital Sees Rising Number of Women in Niqabs
Saudi campaigner Aziza al Yousef

Women in UAE Have To Empower Themselves, Senior Government Official Says

Jeddah Ladies Club Brings Women Together For Just Cause

Helsinki Islamic Scholars Say Forced Marriage Claims 'Exaggerated'

Saudi Women Drivers: Leading Female Campaigner Stopped By the Police

Saudi Woman Starts Project to Aid Children with ADHD

Pakistani Women Break New Ground at Kabaddi World Cup in India

BCCI Praises the Role, Contributions of Bahraini Women in Economic Development

Teach Children about Mental Illnesses to Keep Them Alive, Say Experts

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What Does Saudi Arabia Want? Reduce the Vulnerability of Women to Violence and Domestic Abuse by Promoting Literacy Programs That Build Self-Confidence and Independence
Shashank Joshi

Rest assured that Americans are committed to maintaining our support for a peaceful political transition in Yemen by continuing to contribute to the important work of preventing violence against women. Together, Yemenis, Americans, and Yemen’s international partners, will continue to strive for a peaceful, democratic and prosperous Yemen now and for future generations…….


Violence against women includes sexual abuse, rape, forced prostitution, honour killings, deprivation of inheritance and property rights, access to education, employment and health
Hina Hafeezullah Ishaq

Violence against women is a global issue and takes many forms. Not only does it manifest itself in the most apparent form — physical abuse — but the term includes sexual abuse, rape, trafficking/forced prostitution, honour killings, acid-throwing, harassment, emotional and psychological abuse, verbal and economic abuse. Deprivation of inheritance and property rights, access to equal education, employment and health opportunities are also a form of abuse.....


Makkah: Guardians Refuse To Marry Off Girls
Firoz Fatima becoming a Crorepati in the finale

Fornicating Maldives Couple Sentenced To 18 Months Jail, 25 Lashes for Self-Made Sex Video

Egypt: Heavy Prison Sentence for Islamist Women

Not Inconceivable Anymore ... Saudi Women Hiring Surrogates Abroad

Bangladeshi Housemaids ‘Treated As Slaves’ In Jordan

UNHCR Grants Asylum to Saudi Woman in Elopement Case

All Women, Girls Must Live Free Of Fear, Violence: UNESCO

Sian Davies 'Gave £60,000 Inheritance to Maoist Sect before Falling To Her Death'

Family of Malaysian “Slave” Siti Aishah Reveals Her Story

Pakistan: Draft Bills Related to Women’s Rights Yet to Become Laws

Small- Town Woman, Firoz Fatima, Hits Kaun Banega Crorepati Jackpot

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The Malala Phenomenon – As Seen From Pakistan
Mehr Tarar

To most in Pakistan, Western values are embodied not so much in brave schoolgirls but the repressive Muslim regimes supported by London and Washington as long as they are on the ‘right’ side of the political divide. If a public execution or amputation happens in Saudi Arabia, its ‘domestic law enforcement.’ If it happens in Iran or Syria, it’s an atrocity. This is about right to life, not just education. When a girls’ school in Mecca caught fire and girls died because the religious police wouldn’t let them escape unless properly dressed, where was the Western governmental outrage?.....


Saudi Women’s University in Spat with Religious Cops
Shaikha Lubna

Monthly 200 Nigerian Girls Are Trafficked to Russia for Prostitution - Envoy

93 Schoolgirls Sexually Harassed Aboard Patna Train in Bihar, India

Gender-Mixing While Shopping Allowed: Senior Saudi Scholar

Mexico to Give Equality Prize to Malala

Arab Women Find a Voice in Turkish Soap Operas

Shaikha Lubna Receives Environment Prize

What's It Like Being A Muslim Woman In Scotland Today?

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Child Bride Is Not Islam: An Alternative Perspective
Hannatu Musawa

When we take all this evidence into consideration, we are bound to reject the statement that ‘A’ishah was as young as nine at the time of her marriage to the Prophet. We say that most probably she was around 20; perhaps one or two years younger or older. While some of the evidence we cited is based on logical argument, some has a stronger basis, such as the way the marriage proposal came about, and her presence at Uhud.…..

Very few women can dare sit on a chair in the presence of the male members of the family. They either have to sit on the dusty floor or keep standing while the patriarch is around. A majority of women in this area cannot touch their meal before the men are done with it. They can eat the leftovers, if any!....


Government Sector in Pakistan Tops in Sexual Harassment
Dr Awatif Al Bahar, infertility consultant

Infertile Couples in UAE Urged To Seek Help Early

Lack Of Privacy Drives Saudi Women Away From Store Jobs

Jamaat e Islami-Hind Women Leaders Urge Politicians to Understand Islam in Its True Sense

Jerusalem to mark International Day to stop violence against women

Gender-based violence: 8,539 women reported torture in 2011 in Pakistan

Indian PM calls for institutional mechanism for women safety

Nawaz Grooming Daughter for Major Political Career

Campaign for Girls Education in Pakistan

Turkish Women Want Bigger Role in Politics

Women Employment in Turkey Shows High Rise But Low Quality

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Married Saudi Women: My Dignity Is More Important Than Your Love!
Maryam Nawaz Sharif

Yemen Activists Prevent Wedding of 12-Year-Old Girl

Turkish Greenpeace Activist Gizem Akhan Comes Out Of Russian Jail

Maryam Nawaz Sharif to Head PM Youth Programme

‘Allowing University Speakers to Segregate Genders Is Outrageous’

Women Need Not Be Divorcees to Apply For Welfare Aid – Malaysian Minister

Saudi Woman, Syrian guilty of Tasatur (Business Cover-Up)

Fight for justice for Ishrat Jahan almost won, says sister

Amnesty International USA Applauds Today's Strong Bipartisan Reintroduction of International Violence against Women Act

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Ayesha Reveals She Got Rs 2 Crore from Saudi Arabia for Terror Funding in India
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, British Minister for Faith and Communities

Sayeeda Warsi Defends Islam in British Parliament

Study Details Islamophobic Attacks on Muslim Women in UK

Senators for Crackdown on Sexual Assault in US Army

Turkey Seeks To Lower Divorce Rate

Journalist in Somalia Held For Saying She Was Raped

‘Yes We Can’ Woman Controls Nigerian Finances

London Slaves: Three Women Freed After 30 Years' Captivity

8 Year-Old Girl Divorces Her Husband, 14, In India

HIV-Positive Women in Iran Face Ignorance, Stigma

Christian Woman Jailed in Bali for Insulting Hindu Offerings

Female expat dependents allowed to teach on annual permits

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U.S. Says Dozens of Americans Have Sought to Join Rebels in Syria
Israel’s Defence Minister

North America

US and Afghanistan clash on timetable for security pact

Arab World

Six Islamist factions unite in largest Syria rebel merger

Battle for Syrian army base kills 24 rebels

South Asia

Bangladesh’s Jamaat-e-Islami leader, son arrested with 32 crude bombs


Rabbi, Imam Plead For Understanding in ‘Sons of Abraham’

Israel’s Defence Minister: A stronger Iran means a stronger Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad


Syria wants India to play an important role to resolve Syrian crisis


France says Central African Republic on verge of genocide

UK must do more to explain stance on Saudi Arabia, say MPs


Pakistan's first Cubesat iCUBE-1 launched from Russia

Southeast Asia

PAS aims to bring Islam’s ‘blessing for all’


Driven from towns, Nigeria extremists hit villages

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Country of Educated People Is Real Superpower, Says Malala
Sheika Mayassa

Palestinian Authority Shuts Down Islamist Seminar on Women in Bethlehem

No Woman, No Drive: Saddo Hackers Lob Android Nasty at Saudi Women's Rights Campaign

It Was a 'Big Mistake' To Allow Boys and Girls to Study Together: Turkey's AKP Leader

Housemaid’s death in Dhaka veiled in mystery

State to appoint lawyer for Filipino woman charged with smuggling three kilos of cocaine

Malala would not be able to work in Marois' Quebec

Mystery bidder who bought £89m Francis Bacon portrait dubbed the most powerful woman in art'

Pak President vows to protect child rights, promote education

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Birth Rates Falling Dramatically in Muslim Middle East
Malala Yousafzai

Indonesian Policewomen Allowed To Wear Hijab on Duty

Turkish Gendarmerie to Be Trained Against Domestic Violence

Turkey's Family Ministry Aims To Prevent Divorces

US Top Court Won't Block Restrictive Texas Abortion Law

Malala Yousafzai Gets EU's Sakharov Human Rights Prize

'Hamas PM's granddaughter returns to Gaza 'clinically dead'

Saudi Shoura Proposes Female Paramedics

‘There Will Be a Middle East Fashion Industry’

A First for Broward: Black Woman Named County Mayor

Gambia: Network against Gender-Based Violence Trains Law Enforcers

Ordeal Ends for an Expatriate Indian Woman

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The illiterate women in a society never express a Shariat following but a male dominated society. To build a society without violence, we must give respect to our women and protect their rights. If a society fails to give equal rights to women, it should not do that in the name of Sharia but simply declare it male dominance else it must follow the real laws of Sharia….

In the 1950s and 1960s women began to make slow but steady strides in parts of the Arab world, such as Syria and Egypt. Even parts of the conservative Gulf began more recently to follow suit. In several Gulf countries female students now outnumber males at university. Across the region, more women are working. Saudi Arabia, where they must cover themselves in public, cannot drive cars and must remain under male “guardianship”, looks more like the exception than the norm…..


Dubai Launches Its Own Society Event Where Young Girls Mix With Eligible Men on Private Island
Dr. Reham Isa Al-Haratani Wins Laurels in UK

British 'White Widow' Ordered the Executions of Seven People Including Two Muslim Clerics

U.N. Women Advert Shows Sexism Is Rife On the Internet

Kids Pimping Kids for Sex in Indonesia

94 Percent Of Saudis Support Women’s Sports

Arab Spring Nations Backtrack On Women’s Rights

An Emergency Call to End Violence against Women and Girls

More Than a Woman: Liberated Female Writers Aim High In Fiction

My 93 Years Fighting For Women’s Rights

Umm Al-Qura Scholarship Student, Dr. Reham Isa Wins Laurels in UK

Afghan MPs Fighting For Malala's Dream

Mother Teresa Awards Given To Promoters of Social Justice

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Female Genital Mutilation 'Rising In Soft-Touch Scotland'
Malala Yusoufzai

In Iran, Among the Beauty-Obsessed Women

Let Women Drive for the Safety and Welfare of Their Families

Doctor Tells Of Fight to Stop Rape Being Used As a Weapon

Judiciary to Employ 60 Saudi Women

Pakistan Works On Bridging Gender Gap

Students Honour Malala Yousafzai for Her Fight for Educational Equality for Girls

In Fight to End Female Genital Mutilation, Teachers Play Key Role

Syrian Women Suffer Inside Their Country And Out

Reuters Errs on Polygamy, Contraception in Women’s Rights Poll

Iran: Order to Ban Women from Watching Automobile Races!

Culture of Impunity Surrounds South Asia's Child Marriages - Report

Some Indian Laws Reinforce Gender Inequality: UN

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It’s Time to Let Girls Be Girls, Not Mothers
Babatunde Osotimehin

Adolescent pregnancy may pose special challenges to the developing nations, but it is problem for developed nations as well. There are approximately 6, 80,000 births to adolescent mothers in developed countries annually, with nearly half of those occurring in the US, costing billions of dollars every year in increased healthcare expenses.....


Rwanda Female Police Officers Vow To Prevent Gender Related Crimes
Chairperson of the Shura Council Dr. Bahiya Al-Jis

‘Let Expat Women Drive First’: Saudis

Two Muslim Girls Leave Nursing School over Hijab Ban in Prague

Women Employment on Rise in Turkey's Urban Areas

Yemeni Women Take Up a Centuries-Old Struggle

‘Social Taboo of Pakistan’: Divorced For Bearing Third Daughter

Hijras now a separate gender in Bangladesh

Bahrain to Host Workshop on Women's Economic Rights

UP To Tweak Minority Girls Aid Scheme to Add More Beneficiaries

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‘Tudung and Hijab’ - Personal Decision or the Religious Authorities'
Yemeni girls celebrated their divorce

Kiss Sparks Debate in Iraqi Kurdistan

For Saudi Women in Kansas City, Driving Isn’t ‘A Big Issue’

New Pakistani Taliban Leader Blamed For Schoolgirl Shooting

Fewer teenagers value virginity

Morocco MPs Drafts Bill against Sexual Harassment

Yemen Police 'Stop Child's Wedding'

Maternal Deaths: A 30-Rupee Medicine Could Be Potential Lifesaver: Pak Aid Agency

Over 5,000 Women Take Part in Fourth Dubai Women’s Run

Women More Prone To Anxiety Disorders

Thousands Turn Out To Support Breast Cancer Awareness at Pink Polo Event in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Women Drive
Amina Wadud

Saudi Women Drive
Amina Wadud

Many of the rights granted to women at the founding of Islam: like right to life, right to private property, right to choose a husband, right to divorce, right to inherit, right to act as a witness in court—along with the most important, ontological right, the right to have an unmediated relationship with the Divine Creator—were revolutionary fourteen centuries ago.  However, women were the beneficiary of these rights with little or no effort on their part…..

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