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Islam, Women and Feminism

UAE Forces New Mothers to Breastfeed by Law
Kashmiri girl students develop Android app

Fatima, 18, an Aspiring French ‘Hijabi’ Journalist

Women across the Globe Celebrate World Hijab Day

Three Divorces an Hour in Saudi Arabia

The Shadowy World of Sex Trafficking On US Shores

French Girl indoctrinated via Wahhabi websites Goes to Syria for War

Pregnant Mom of Four, Sentenced to Military Prison for Refusing to Serve in Iraq

Two Saudis among Top 20 Muslim Women Scientists

Girls from Ethnic Minorities at Risk from Genital Mutilation, MSPs Hear

Kashmiri Girl Students Develop Android App

French Woman, Indonesian Maid Held in Malaysia on Drugs Charges

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With such a simple solution to meeting Islamic gender guidelines, some women never really understood the need for the fatwa. If all the country's mosques could have enacted similar conditions, the barriers to women worshipping never would have needed to exist…


Widow Gang Raped On Orders of Muzaffargarh Panchayat in Pakistan
Egyptian belly dancer Sama el-Masry

Saudi Women Selling Tissues on Streets for a Living

British Expats Start Help Group for UAE Divorced, Separated People

Yemen Police Foil Marriage of 8-Year-Old Girl

Iran: Fatwa Orders Women to Keep Wearing the Islamic Veil

Saudi Women Defy Tradition to Enter Workplace

Parents Urged To Watch Out For Potential Child Sexual Abuse

Indian-Origin Woman Held, Charged In London Anti-Terror Operation

Egyptian Belly Dancer Next Move, To Run in Parliamentary Elections

Little Progress on Girls' Education in Developing Countries - Report

President Obama Says Women Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Work

Bangladesh: Homestead Gardening Changing Lives of Char Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Muslim American Women Are the New Normal
Jennifer Zobair

A simple Google search reveals the strong Muslim feminist movement, the ways Muslim women are fighting for their rights both within and outside of Islam. Muslim American women are scholars and businesswomen, advisors to U.S. politicians, leaders of religious organizations, tireless activists and acclaimed authors. We are even the new Ms. Marvel super hero. Whether we cover our hair or don't -- the praxis to which the public seems most likely to reduce us….

New Generation of Muslim-American Women Inspire Change in Mosques
Karen Mke and Kamilla Satto

Two British Teens on Their Way to Syria Arrested At Heathrow on Terrorist Offences

Women Lead Way for First Mosque for Natives in Panama

Women in Jeddah Demand More Places To Exercise

Child Bride’s Husband, Family Face 18 Years

Afghan Taliban's Use of Girls to Carry Out Attacks Condemned

Schoolchildren in S. Kyrgyzstan Learn About Journalism

SC: Online Sexual Offenses Are Just As Harmful To Minors

Implement Stringent Penalties for Sexual Harassment: Study

Brazil Trans Women Detained in Dubai for 'Imitating Opposite Sex'

Nigeria: The Meaning and Significance of World Hijab Day

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Let’s Criminalise Forced Marriage: Secular and Islamic Perspectives
Tehmina Kazi

It goes without saying that there needs to be better education in communities where forced marriage takes place; this is a point that unites pro and anti-criminalisation advocates. However, this is not an either-or situation. The new legislation must be accompanied by an effective awareness-raising campaign…..

"Towel-Head. Table cloth. Batman. Ninja. Oppressed. Rag head. Terrorist. Do you have Cancer? Do you have hair? Do you shower with it on? Oh, you can think? Don't you feel hot in the summer? Do you wear it to sleep? Did your dad force you to wear it? Well, okay, fine... did your mom?" mimicked the Muslim girls, who sat in chairs in a loose version of a circle, their faces red, drained with anger and shock.….


New Muslim Super Heroine
Rachel Baig

Kamala Khan is not the first female superhero confronted with traditional stereotypes and gender norms. In addition to Wonder Woman and Catwoman, the X-Men series has also highlighted the role of women. This is not the first time that Marvel Comics has attempted to promote a Muslim female superhero. In 2002, it introduced the veiled Sooraya Qadir, code-named "Dust," to its X-Men universe.....


'I Don’t Know If I'll Survive Next Attack,' Writes Beirut Girl before Death
Maria al-Jawhari

The EU's Duty to Defend Women's Rights in Afghanistan

Saudi Female MP Calls for Accelerated Steps to Empower Women

Pak Teen Hopes Bangalore, India, Doctors Will Fix Her Heart

Russia Hunts Suspected Female Sochi Suicide Bomber

'Women-Only’ Hangouts Could Break - Or Bolster - The Palestinian Glass Ceiling

Iranian Women Warned About Wearing Chador

Yemeni Women Marginalized Even In Death

Iraqi Women Mostly Absent From Political Scene

Knesset Producing Film to Fight Anti-Circumcision Laws

Village Girl’s Golden Run Goes on at Mumbai Marathon

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Canada's Muslim Women Targeted In Latest Example of Islamophobia
Laila Alawa

Ultimately, success cannot be measured simply by whether or not the proposal passes. It can only be measured by whether misconceptions and generalisations surrounding Muslims and those wearing religious symbols are replaced with dialogue and respect. Until then, the country and its people are at a loss….

One housewife expressed her dissatisfaction at not being able to marry her real husband after she would go to heaven. “We cannot marry without a cleric,” she explained, “and there are no clerics in heaven.”...


Can A Woman Only Choose One – Hijab Or A Successful Career?
Quratulann Shakoor Shahid

In all honesty, I cannot comprehend how or why the Hijab seems like such a hindrance, especially when only some women wear it in our country. Whether these Hijab arguments stem from abhorrence, fear or just narrow-mindedness, I do not know. What I do know is that we argue about it behind a very subjective definition of ‘liberalism’…..


‘Can Girls Wear Shorts In Pakistan Without Getting Killed?’
Zahra Peer Mohammed

You may have heard of women suffering honour killings at the hands of their relatives if they dare to interact with men unbeknown to them. Did you know that there is a bi-weekly club scene called Fez Night in Karachi, Pakistan where rich young girls and boys get together and dance from dusk to dawn? It is a really exciting night with a live DJ and alcohol. Girls dress to impress, often attired in the latest creations of renowned designers like GUCCI and Louis Vuitton….


Hijab, Niqab, Burqua and Scarf: Are Muslim Women Really Taking Their Picks?
Ahlya Fateh

Surprisingly 47% of Saudis polled said they should – which to my mind is pretty ground breaking, until I understand that it doesn’t matter what a Saudi woman is wearing, when 63% of respondents feel that she should throw an all-covering Niqab over the top of it! However, for me the results from my home country Pakistan were perhaps the most perturbing, with only 22% of respondents believing that a woman is capable of choosing her own clothing and only 2% voting for the “no head covering option.”….


I Am a Woman and I Can Carry My Own Luggage, Thank You
Sanam Malik

And so, my welcome at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal Airport only serves as an unpleasant reminder of the harsh realities of women’s lives in Pakistan.....


Saudi Women on Cloud Nine as Travel Notification Halted
Malala Yousufzai

Sex Crimes against Young Children Rise in England, Research Suggests

Myanmar Still Uses Rape as Weapon of War: Women’s Group

Malala Yousufzai Presented With Basava Shri Award at London

Ghana Islamic Schools to Ban Mini-Skirts

95 Percent of Saudi Nurses Earn Patient Satisfaction, Says Survey

Uyghur Woman Forced to Abort Six-Month Pregnancy While Ill

Syrian Women Demand Voice at UN-Brokered Talks

9,000 Non-Saudi Wives Get Nationality

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Why Is The West So Fascinated By The Clothes Muslim Women Choose To Wear?
Bina Shah

Saudi-Wahabi social influence filtered to Pakistan and much of the rest of the non-Arab world throughout the next two decades, thanks to a campaign that attempted to export the kingdom’s religio-social values to its would-be satellite states. Slowly, more and more women started to wear the black Burqa and the tight Hijab – not because they wanted to be pious, but because they wanted to emulate what suddenly seemed trendy amongst Gulf Arabs. ….


Bangladesh: Many Girls Exposed To Pregnancy-Related Risks
Samar Al-Miqrin

Special Nitaqat Status for Expat Children, Hubby of Saudi Women

Weary Tunisian Women Little Cheered Over Equal Rights

Marriages with Non-Saudis Rise

JCCI Election Outcome — Women Fail To Make a Mark

Sindh, Pakistan, to Pass Anti-Child Marriage Bill Soon

Afghan Women at Risk of Losing Freedoms

Deen Camp Offers Young Muslim Women Mentorship, Connection to Community

Samar Al-Miqrin Named Most Influential Arab Female Journalist

Expat Woman Jailed For Assaulting Citizen

Philippines Women Build School, Farm Facilities under WB Project

If I Bring One Change, It Would Be Women's Empowerment: Rahul Gandhi

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Runaway Saudi Girls: A Disturbing Trend That Must Be Addressed
Veiled: Sara Al Amoudi dressed for court

73% of Saudi Wives Verbally Abused, Says Study

57 Percent of Egyptians Prefer Women to Wear Hijab

Outrage over Schoolgirl Molestation Video in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Vamp in the Veil: Woman Accused Of Posing As a Saudi Arabian Princess

One in ten babies in England is a Muslim

Civil Marriage Is Legal In Lebanon: Experts

Iran in Bid to Reverse a Slumping Birth Rate

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Hair Is the Western Woman's Veil
Arwa Mahdawi

Studies have found that the average woman in the UK spends £26,500 on her hair over her lifetime, with 25% of respondents saying they would rather spend money on their hair than food. And women don't just spend serious money on their hair; they spend serious time on it. On average, British women spend just under two years of their lives styling their hair at home or in salons…..


"I am not seeking my own success. I feel the general assembly and the elders of the church are positive about me being ordained a priest, but I am not sure everybody in our community in Lebanon would agree. If there is a chance that my ordination would affect the church or create divisions I won't do it."...


Bangladesh’s Warring Women Politicians
Anushay Hossain

So will a country with one of the world’s largest Muslim populations, and mainly moderate democracies, survive? Or will Bangladesh's democracy dissolve before our eyes, transforming into an autocracy? The future is uncertain for Bangladesh as she begins the New Year in a political abyss…..


Like Mormon Pants Day, Muslim Women Plan World Hijab Day
Hana Allam

Saving Lives: A Teenager’s Sacrifice For Hundreds Of Mothers

More Women in Bangladesh Rising Above Past Perceived Roles

New Focus on Child Brides in Turkey

Arab Woman Awards Judges Meet in Riyadh to Choose Winners

‘Many Role Models among Saudi Women’

Saudi Businesswomen Laud Innovative Polling System

Mother Gets Jail Time for Involving Child in Terrorist Training

96% in Muslim countries support the headscarf

32% of Pakistanis say Niqab most appropriate dress for women: survey

Female Muslim Dress Survey Reveals Wide Range of Preferences on Hijab, Burqa and Niqab

Nigeria: Commissioner - Child Abuse, Rape On the Increase

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Education Will Not End Wife Beating, Pakistan Needs a Cultural Shift
Mehreen Ovais

Domestic violence – a truly horrific term, to which only its victims can truly relate, is another one of the many plagues Pakistan suffers from. ....

Sentencing Today for 'Jihad Jane'
Jihad Jane

Prosecutors said Khalid, who grew up in Pakistan, lived a double-life after moving to Maryland - as "a polite and studious 15-year-old" and "a tireless soldier for violent jihad." He helped al Qaeda by translating videos from Urdu to English, inciting others, and aided LaRose as she smuggled a stolen U.S. passport to a terrorist, they said…


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  • I fully agree with Prof.Sajjad. Coercive intrusion into the behaviors of others is...
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