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Islam, Women and Feminism

Indian Women Organisation Oppose Talaq via SMS, Phone & Email

Boko Haram Islamists Kill 20 College Students for Wearing Mini-Skirts, Slacks

 ‘Cases of Rape Rise To 84% in Nigeria’

Mali Extremists Target Women

Plea Seeking Voting Rights For Muslim Women in Waqf Board

Mandatory for Female Anchors on News Channels in Pakistan to Cover Their Heads

Dole To Muslim Girls By U P Government To Promote Child Marriage?

Muslim Women Divorcees Get No Legal Certificate, Jobs

Electronic Monitoring Of Saudi Women Is Preposterous

Olson Marks Women Rights Defenders Day with Police

Violence against Women Vigil Held In Lahore

Indian spiritual leader Amritanandamayi Devi addresses UN convention

Worst Industrial Fire in Bangladesh: Too Young To Withstand the Shock

Arab Women Take the Middle East Film Industry by Storm

39% Nigeria Children Engaged In Child Labour

Kenya/Tunisia: Girls Side Ready for Dubai Show

Local Values Block Female Participation in Politics: Indonesian Institute of Sciences

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Photo: Boko Haram Islamists Kill 20 College Students for Wearing Mini-Skirts, Slacks

All In The Name Of the One True Faith, Whatever That Might Be
T V R Shenoy

We need to celebrate those that buck the stereotype, such as Malala, Toorpekai, and Ziauddin Yousufzai in Pakistan. Which is the more cruel way to kill someone to shoot them in the head or to let them die an agonising death by blood poisoning over a period of several days? And all, it goes without saying, in the name of the one true faith. (Whatever that might be.)...

15-Year-Old Afghan Girl’s Throat Slit Over Refusal to Wed

Turkey Lifts Ban on Headscarves in Schools

‘Stop Girl Child Marriage’ Campaign Launched In Islamabad

Malala's Wounded Classmates Return To School

Conference to End Violence against Women Begins In Bangladesh

Islam for Successful US Marriages Says a Group of US Muslim Women

Sundance Books Record Slate of Female Filmmakers for Top Honours

Carme Chacón Touted As Spain's First Female P M: 'I Am Catalan, I Am Spanish, I Am European'

Woman Member of Pakhtunkhwa Assembly quits PML-N

Former Israeli Foreign Minister Announces Her Return to Israeli Politics

The Woman Who Ran Nonstop From Dubai to Fujairah

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Malala's Wounded Classmate, Kainat Riaz Return To School

Malala: A Profile in Courage
New Age Islam Edit Desk

Malala: A Profile in Courage
Malala Yousafzai

It is a pity that on the one hand boys of Malala’s age are dressed with suicide jackets, on the other; girls like Malala are being targeted. In both the cases, the next generation of Pakistan is suffering. It’s high time that the mission of Malala was taken forward. In other words, the national priority of Pakistan should be the spread of education. Some wise soul in Pakistan has rightly suggested that the country should declare an ‘educational emergency’. But who will listen to a sane voice in a land of religious fanatics? ...

While the Taliban has active support among the clergy and religio-political circles in Pakistan (Jama’at-e-Islami Pakistan refused to join an all party conference against terrorism last year saying it did not consider Taliban as terrorists) it has also succeeded to rope in the ideological support of an outlawed radical group called Al Muhajiroun in the UK. London-based Al Muhajiroun founder, Anjem Choudhary has issued a fatwa against her for ‘turning back on Islam’ and has said that the fatwa will be officially announced in a conference in London soon. The purpose seems to be making life hell for her also in the UK where she is supposed to spend at least two years for treatment and counselling….

Female Misogyny and Cowardice in Pakistan
Mariam Goraya

As if sexist men weren’t enough to judge us, at least I need a break from supposedly ‘pakeeza kahawateens’ to stop passing remarks at my back for something as personal as my dress. No wait; there is actually a list of things we as women badly need to stop pretending. Here it goes: Pakistani women need to get over this Naik Parveen complex and stop pretending as aliens from mars without emotions while secretly wishing to look as sexy as Kareena or for that matter Veena does....

Ngoisation and Desecularisation of Feminism
Farheen Hussain

The Islamist feminist approach effectively replaced one set of hegemonic presumptions about women’s position in Islam by another. The restriction imposed by working within the framework of religion when advocating for women’s rights became visible when on the issue of rape, women from right-wing fundamentalist political parties participated in protests against the state, but would then distance themselves on Women Action Forum’s (WAF) slogans against the Hudood Ordinances or Islamisation...


Uzbek Dictator’s ‘Hated’ Daughter Tweets Yoga Storm

In Pakistan, education is no shield against female violence

Young Women and Men Advocating Against Sexual Discrimination in Afghanistan

A Year of Progress in Eliminating Violence against Women

Ghana is not Saudi Arabia: Taking the moral low ground in Accra

Voice for Women's Rights Nominated For Humanitarian Work in Afghanistan

Kim Kardashian Gushes about Kuwait

Arab Girls to Compete In Mother of UAE Shaikha Fatima Cup

Leap Of Faith: Founder Of ‘Kuch Karo’ (Do Something) Decided To Do Just That

India's Female Clothing Workers: 'They Slap Us and Call Us Dogs and Monkeys'

Israel's Shame: Children, the True Victims

Saudi family issues passionate plea for help

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Uzbek Dictator’s ‘Hated’ Daughter Tweets Yoga Storm


Saudi Female Nurses Are Breaking Societal Barriers

Malaysia Women Praise Parliament for Sexist Remarks Ban

As Protests Continue In Egypt, Worries Over Sexual Violence

Emirati Girl’s Torture: Emirati Defendant Jumps over Dock to Attack Witness

Malala ranks 6th on Foreign Policy's Top 100 Global Thinkers list

Burundi Breaks New Ground on Maternal Health with Emergency Care

Cell phones Reshape Prostitution in India, and Complicate Efforts to Prevent AIDS

Philippines Leads Pack in Promoting Female Academics

'Inquiry into Savita Halappanavar's death to be finished by Christmas'

Afghani Woman Delivers Baby at Jeddah Airport

As Women’s Rights Go, So Goes the Arab Spring  

Leadership University Rises for Asian Women

Rwandan Women Urged to Explore Regional Business Opportunities

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Malala ranks 6th on Foreign Policy's Top 100 Global Thinkers list


Kuwait City Court of Appeals Upholds Verdict Giving Woman Right to Divorce Her Spouse

Sumaiya First Person to Speak In British Parliament, In a Hijab

Minister for women says Church of England must reform

Saudi Arabia Criticised Over Text Alerts Tracking Women's Movements

Samar Branded a Betrayer for Embracing Syria’s Rebels

National Geographic’s Hajj Introduced Me to Islam

Chand Bibi the Educator, Battles Dark Mindset, Lights Up Girls’ Future

Court presses on whereabouts of Dr Aafia’s missing son

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Sumaiya Karim


E-Tracking: New Constraint for Saudi Women

Syrian Young Girls Face Rape, Sexual Violence

Girls Are Key to Solving the Gender Gap in Electoral Politics

Adopted Girl Fills 26/11-Hit Couple's Void

400 Child Trafficking Victims Freed In Burkina Faso

Early Pregnancies Are Killing Africa’s Girls

Inquiry Sought in Savita’s Death in Ireland after Abortion Was Denied

Kim Kardashian's Mercy Mission to the Middle East

Fighting, and Kicking, For Women's Rights in Afghanistan

Dubai Sex-In-Taxi Couple Sentenced To Three Months in Jail

UK Charity on Widow Enabling India Mission

Police Probe Illegal Abortion Attempt by Woman in Sharjah

In-Laws Torture Her for Dowry; Police Refuse To Take Case without Bribe

Jakarta: 'Discriminatory' Bylaws Actually Protect Women

UAE Government Empowering Women

Life in Gaza’s Courtyards: Displays of Pride and Sacrifice

Three-Day Programme against Violence on Women

Arrest Warrant Issued for Wife of Ivory Coast’s Ex-President for Planned Murders

Tunisian Woman Qualifies For 2012 World Karate Final

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Adopted Girl Fills 26/11-Hit Couple's Void

UK Islamists Issue Fatwa against Pakistani Schoolgirl Shot by the Taliban
Malala Yousufzai

“Nobody is saying we are going to get out our swords and go and look for Malala… The point is a wider issue: it is about the American and Pakistani involvement in maintaining the British and American interests …” Choudary told Reuters.“Malala is one of the issues we are going to be addressing because she is being used as a propaganda tool by the enemies of Muslims to say: ‘Look, Muslims don’t believe in education’ which is absurd.”...

Controversy Engulfs UN Ambassador Over Claims of “Beautiful Nights” Between Qatari Officials and Libyan Girls

Iraq’s unveiled women face rising crackdown

Somalia: Tough Foreign Policy Challenges for “Iron Lady”

Kurdish rights defender Ms. Zainab Bayazidi released from prison

New constraint for Saudi women: Electronic tracking

Madrasa Schools in Bangalore, India Refuse To Teach Math, Science

Pakistan: Malala's Wounded Friends Back In School

UP Muslims Girls Fail To Shine from Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas

The Vote against Women Bishops, In U K, Is A Disaster

GCC Female Journalists Exchange Experiences

Tahmima and Three Indian Writers Shortlisted For the US$50,000 DSC Prize

Iranian Blogger's Mother Accuses Authorities of Killing Him

Low Breast-Feeding Figure In Indonesia a Big Concern

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Kurdish human rights activist Zainab Bayazidi


The Unique Advantage of Female War Reporters in Muslim Countries
Emma Barnett

At the start of the latest Israel-Gaza conflict last week, Greenwood, a freelance reporter based in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, said the majority of the correspondents first on the ground were women and what’s even better, it’s no longer remarkable. “I think this high number of female correspondents in a conflict zone is as a result of gender-equality finally filtering down – making it totally normal for women to report from the front line,” she explains....


More than a Religious Practice the Hijab and the Burqa Is a Social Statement
Nadeem F. Paracha

More than a religious practice, both the hijab and the burqa, is a social statement. And a defensive one, as opposed to being defiant. So, for example, a hijab-clad woman may be interacting with a number of secular-materialistic situations, her hijab here becomes a statement suggesting that she has not lost her Islamic identity in the amoral commotion....


British Muslim Radicals Join Campaign against Shot Teenager Malala

Wife of the emir of Qatar Spearheads Effort to Educate 61 Million Children

Hundreds of Irish Women Forced To Come To Britain for Abortions

The Day I Saw 248 Girls Suffering Genital Mutilation

Gulf Female Journalists Forum to Kick Off In Kuwait Today

'Pearls' helps African girls 

Women Domestics Protest In Cameroon Saying ‘Enough Is Enough!’

Indonesia: Parents of Street Kids Will Be Jailed

Body of nurse killed in road accident in Saudia flown to India

Health Week in Pakistan to Cut Child, Mother Death Rate

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Indonesia: Parents of Street Kids Will Be Jailed


Good-Looking Girls on Facebook Are Attempting To Infiltrate Palestinian Computers

Wearing Hijabs and Sending Women Back To the Middle Ages Not Our Path: Kazakh President

Saudi Women Get U.S. ‘Victim Visas’ Following Family Disputes

Saudi Arab: There Is No Real Obstacle in Issuing Ids for Women

Two girls arrested for Facebook post on Mumbai shutdown granted bail

Eighth Nizam of Hyderabad’s daughter stakes claim to Rs 2,000 crore assets

Star student Sitara Akbar of Pakistan: A teen icon like Malala

Indian Wives seek UK lawyer's help to free 2 'PoWs' from Pak jail

More Women in Saudi Arabia Working From Home as Entrepreneur

 ‘Expanding lives’ for African women

Saudi Arabia's Haifa Fears Rise of Islamic Conservatives May Impact Filmmaking

Unemployed nurses in Bangladesh threaten to go for fast-unto-death

Bangladeshi Security guard accused of sexually molesting Philippine woman in flat

Arab Women Leadership Forum opens in Dubai

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev

Six Indian Women's Kidneys Put On Sale for Blood Money in Saudi Arabia

Tashkent’s Students Undergo Pregnancy Tests after Recent Cases of Childbirth

Uzbek Presidential Daughter Presents Fashion in Beijing

297m African Women and Girls Lack Adequate Sanitation-Water Aid

60,000 Women in Pakistan Die Every Year during Pregnancy

Group launches anti-Shisha, a kind of Smoking in Saudi Arabia, campaign

Nigeria: Teach a Woman to Farm... and She Creates Jobs

Princess Ameerah attends the launch of a Global Education Initiative

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi: A Force to Reckon With In the Male-Oriented Arab World

Dubai’s First Lady of Comedy Uses Art to Help Heal Others

She Went To Israel to Have Child in a ‘Peaceful’ Environment

Emirati female weightlifter dreams of Olympics

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel


Forcing Women to Sin in Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan

Hamas rocket kills Delhi rabbi’s wife

Iran Deputies to Mull Draft Law Restricting Women's Right to Travel

Somali women’s religious rights abused inside Somali embassy in Kenya

New helpline for Muslim women may be Canada’s first

Savita Halappanavar’s Parents Want Change in Irish Law

Malaysia hailed as role model for early childhood education

Egypt's Belly Dancer Mocks Islamist, Muslim Brotherhood Politicians

Fashion designer Hajra Hayat shows her peers how it's done

UAE Women Athletes Tipped For Bright Future

5,000 children celebrate Gulf Disabled Day

Malaysia Risks Losing Working Mothers

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: New helpline for Muslim women may be Canada’s first


We Muslims Have Competition: Catholics Could Be More Fanatical, Refuse Abortion, Kill Indian Woman
Savita Halappanavar

It seems we Muslims, at least the Talibani among us, a growing section, have competition. Catholics are challenging us in the competitive game of fanaticism.  And these are Catholics from the so-called developed world. Developed in technology, wealth, even what goes in the name of education, but no less idiotic than the worst of us. As a religious person myself, I am too aggrieved now at the callousness and ignorance of us humans to say anything more. Maybe later. Let me quote the view of the editors of Times of India which is always more balanced-- Editor


Times View

The debate in the Western world on abortion is often portrayed as one between the 'pro-life' and 'pro-choice' camps. As this case should illustrate to those who view an anti-abortion position as pro-life, that can often be a dangerously misplaced notion. In this specific case, it appears clear that the yet-to-be-born child's life was doomed whether or not an abortion had taken place. The mother's life, on the other hand, could have been saved had the abortion been done. The ban on abortion therefore ended up taking a life that need not have been lost. How does that square with viewing the ban as pro-life?...

Indeed, it would be gross discrimination and the height of inaccuracy to say that women in Muslim communities in the West and in the East, or in any society, are not suffering from injustice and inequality, and conditions like that necessitate a movement for women’s human rights, necessitate feminism, necessitate Islamisation. But what of the scholars, Islamists and feminists that make popular news? Indeed, I would ask, what of them?...


I Am Ashamed That Ireland's Medieval Abortion Law Still Stands
Emer O'Toole

"This is a Catholic country," she was allegedly told. As long as the foetal heart kept beating doctors would not grant her wish. It beat for three days. Halappanavar vomited, shook and collapsed. On the third day the weak sound faded to nothing and doctors removed the dead foetus. A week after she was first admitted to hospital, Halappanavar died of septicaemia....


Plight of Muslim Women: Challenge the Ill-Educated Theologians
M A Siraj

A series of obnoxious edicts from various seats of Islamic learning and devotion in recent years have sought to deny the Muslim women social space that the Indian Constitution guarantees to its citizens regardless of their caste, colour, gender and faith.... the Darul Uloom Deoband’s series of fatwas restricting women’s access to education, right to ride a bicycle and validation of triple talaq through SMS, emails and over cell phone, have continued to embarrass the enlightened Muslims....

It Began With A Myth: The Abaya and I
Rym Tina Ghazal

There are several social and religious codes. Some sociologists have told me that when Gulf women are seen without their shayla or headscarf, there is a general interpretation by their community that they are in some way "more open." "The abaya and shayla come together, and are expected to be worn together," said the expert. "So when a Gulf woman is seen without a shayla, she is likely to be judged and seen as unconventional."...

Women Staff in Pakistan – A Source of Increasing Sales for Retail Chains

30 Nigerian Girls Trafficked Into Mali Daily

'My Mother Is Dead. And It Was My Father, an Assad Loyalist Who Killed Her'

No longer damsels in distress, women add their names to the most-wanted list

Tunisian Youth Work to End Violence against Women

Muslim Student Association Hosts Public Lecture on Women’s Rights In Islam

Importance of Promoting Women’s Education Stressed

Egypt Child Trafficking Ring Busted

Rising Economic Power of Pakistani Women

Bahraini MP Calls for Arab Women Lawmakers’ Council

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: 'My Mother Is Dead. And It Was My Father, an Assad Loyalist Who Killed Her'


Saudi Women Made Up 28 Per Cent of the Drug Related Cases Reviewed By the Courts Of Law

Women, Children among Detained Suspected Militants in Pakistan

Apparition of Virgin Mary on a Hospital Window Draws Hundreds

Scores of Women Donate Hair for Cancer Patients in UAE

Malala Day Meets With Befitting Expression of Love

Women Fight to Define the Arab Spring

15 Malala scholarships announced by Lahore College for Women University

Malaysian Policemen Accused of Raping Indonesian

Australian Woman Sees Malaysia Drug Charges Dropped, Freed

Husband Arrested Over Killing of Iraqi-American Woman, Earlier Taken As a Hate Crime

Afghan Girl Tells Court She Hid Behind Father As He Was Shot, In a Case against Robert Bale

Nigeria: Life as a Single Girl

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Apparition of Virgin Mary on a Hospital Window Draws Hundreds


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