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Islam, Women and Feminism

Muslim Women: Movers and Shakers Fight for Women's Rights
Shahnaz Taplin-Chinoy

The six Muslim women track the challenges their Islamic sisters confront and work to eradicate their disadvantages by advancing their rights. These thought leaders, activists, scholars, students and entertainers keep the flame of hope alive for their Muslim sisters in a myriad strategic ways. Some of the heroines listed below I know, others I do not but I salute them all for staying the course, despite the odds…..

Burqa and Pakistani Women
Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

It is really incomprehensible that Pakistani men educated in the west like to have westernised girlfriends even if they are Muslim but back home they want wives that are virgins; pray five times a day and observe Purdah. Hypocrisy at it best….


Women in Saudi Arabia Are Caught In a System of Gender Apartheid
Elham Manea

The ramifications of this system of male guardianship and sex segregation are felt by Saudi women in their daily lives. In the field of education, the general framework of education is tailored to reinforce discriminatory gender roles and what the authorities consider as suitable to "women's nature and future role as wives and mothers." In addition, women's and girls' access to education depends on the good will of male guardians, whose permission is essential for their educational enrolment. Sex segregation undermines women's right to equality in education, especially when female university and professors are often relegated to unequal facilities with unequal academic opportunities….


Women's Prayer Room Splits Paris Mosque
Black Widow, 26-year-old Oksana Aslanova

Muslim Girls Joining School in Kanodar Village in Large Numbers

Muslim Missionaries Converting Jewish Women in Israel

Anti-Female Genital Mutilation Campaigners Make Progress in Egypt

Volgograd Suicide Bomber's Identity Confirmed, Photos Now Public

Pussy Riot Pardon May Have Broader Impact on Blasphemy in Russia

In The Name Of ‘Honour’: Teenage Girl, Neighbour Killed In Pakistan

UN Children’s Expert Praises Canada’s Focus on Fighting Forced Marriage of Girls

UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie's School Changes Lives In Afghanistan

6 Girls Back Home after Three Years' Jail in India

Kashmir Hosts Conference on Zainab

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Police Pounce On Woman Defying Drive Ban: Activist
Sarah Ahmadi

'Every Single Female in Egypt Has Been Harassed’

Depriving Women of Inheritance ‘Unjust’: Grand Mufti of the Saudi Kingdom

‘Taliban Must Respect Women’s Rights’ - Sarah Ahmadi, Former Afghan TV Personality

Runaway Saudi Women: Reasons and Remedies

Saudi Women Students Start Adult Literacy Program

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Half-Sister of Cherie Blair: ‘A Member of the Muslim Ummah, No Longer a Spectator’
Lauren Booth

Kashmiri Fatwa Allows Remarriage of Women with Missing Husbands

Indian National Police Academy to Get Its First Woman Chief

Edmonds Woman Closing Fabric Shop, Continuing Poverty Fight in Africa

11-Year-Old Saudi Girl Launches YouTube English Language Series

Why Saudi Women Languish In Jail

Rights Group Petitions Lagos Speaker Over 2 Brutalised Women

Law and Order: LHC Seeks Report on Acid Throwing Lady Doctor

Obama Signs Defense Bill Cracking Down On Military Sexual Assault

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


‘Domestic Abuse in Saudi Arabia Threatens Society’s Fabric’
Sarah Al-Ayed

Saudi Religious Scholar Warns Women against Working for Telemarketing Firms

Gender Concerns Workshop on Enrolling Libyan Women in Politics

International Women in Libya Meet and Share Cultures

Woman Publishes Book to Help Muslim Children in the U.S. Learn Arabic

Mothers of Terror Victims Go On Offensive against Impending Palestinian Prisoner Release

Iran Charity Organization Provides Support to Somali Women

JCCI Board Needs Women to Promote Business

Over 31,000 Ethiopian Maids Ran Away Of Their Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Women and Reporters Remain Under Threat in Afghanistan, Pakistan

Bihari Woman Shines at Mrs. India Contest, Wins Mrs. India Queen First Runner-Up

Holocaust Survivors Reunite With the Woman Who Cared For Them after the War

PAF Chief for Women’s Role in Grooming Next Generation

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

FGM: A Muslim Issue?
Leyla Hussein

FGM: A Muslim Issue?
Leyla Hussein

The making of The Cruel Cut documentary was one of the most challenging tasks I've ever undertaken in my anti-FGM campaigning. My aim has always been to teach the British public the effects of FGM, and how we should all make sure we protect our girls from this vile practice….


Who Works More, Men Or Women?
Juggun Kazim

Change always starts at the grass roots level. Parents need to raise their daughters with the same ambitions as their sons. And they need to teach their sons to help share their wife’s workload if she chooses to work....


Afghanistan: We Treat Women like Animals
Musa Khan Jalalzai

In 2012, the Taliban forced the closure of 600 schools in the eastern provinces. Recently, in Takhar province, 125 girls from the Bibi Hajra School were admitted into hospital after being poisoned by terrorists. A week later, another 40 girls from the same school were poisoned again and from Ahan Dara, a girl’s school in Taloqan, 160 girls were admitted to hospital after being poisoned by unknown terrorists. The illegal market of selling and buying of women and young girls in some districts of Jalalabad province is an age-old practice….

The Malala Phenomenon
Malala Yousafzai

However, to hope that the Malala factor would make all the Hakeemullah Mehsuds and George Bushes (or Bushies like Obama) see the error of their ways is akin to intoxication wrought by South Asian moonshine! It does not change the fact that, post-9/11, the Muslim world has been at the receiving end of disproportionate revenge. It also does not change the fact that resistance or insurgency has retaliated with no regard for any principle of Islam....


France to Maintain a Headscarf Ban despite Legal Advice
Former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader

Alleged Gang Rape of 12 Year Old a ‘Wake-Up Call’ For Israeli Society

Female Students Shut Down International Islamic University Islamabad over Hostel Issues

Anti-FGM Campaigners Mark Progress in Egypt

Towards a Change of Culture Leading to a Gender-Balanced Approach

Eagles Honour Cheerleader-Turned-Soldier on Her Return from Afghanistan

2 Palestinian Children Try To Commit Suicide in Israeli Jail

Indonesian Consulate General Commemorates Mother’s Day

Islamic Organisations Organise Holiday Camps for Children in Abuja

Act of kindness: Transgenders help recover missing children in Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


She then came to very sensitive issues such as gender bias. She questioned the children about whether they suffer from gender discrimination at home. Initially not much opening up, some children finally recognized the existence of discrimination, and the fact that sons are often preferred over daughters. Nilakshi emphasised on the very necessity to pursue studies as far as possible for both boys and girls even though it might be difficult and it comes at a cost. She also asked to boys to help their sisters continuing their studies…. 


For Better or For Worse: Child Marriage in Yemen
Ariana Marnicio

At least nine countries of the Arab world that recognize Sharia as a source of law have set the minimum marriage age at 18 or older. This list includes Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, Oman, Algeria, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. This recognition of a need for marriage laws from within Muslim-majority countries suggests that setting a minimum age for marriage is not contrary to Islamic law, and perhaps is necessary in a modern Islamic state….


White Widow Samantha Seen Fleeing On Camel into Snake-Infested Forests
White Widow Samantha

Children Subjected To Abuses at Madinah Home

Pakistan: A residential hostel for female Christian students

Rights of Female Workers Must Be Protected: Indonesian Minister

In Love and In Danger: A Muslim, Christian Mixed Couple in Bangui

Combating Harassment: Celebrating the Working Woman

Nigeria: End Violence against Women Now

Jazan Women Venture into Computer Maintenance

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Women and Children Confront Challenges in Myanmar
Engy Abdelkader

To be sure, the human rights violations committed against the Rohingya and other Muslims are widespread and systematic with no accountability, as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar, Tomas Ojea Quintana, has recently observed. In the midst of this violence, Muslim women and children are increasingly finding themselves in vulnerable situations that have yet to be adequately recognized and addressed…..


‘Tainted Honour’: Pakistani Teen Tortured For Alleged Affair, Father Humiliated
Farkhunda Zahra Naderi

Saudi Women Are Fettered By the Chains of Guardianship

Saudi Women Plan New Driving Protest

Saudi women strive to overcome obstacles as PR professionals

Women Empowerment in Pakistan: Changing lives, one polished rock at a time

Liberia Female Journalists Group Threatens Boycott over All-Male Leadership

Afghan men now see women as a challenge, says Farkhunda Zahra Naderi

The Mother Who Trumped Israel's Draconian Orthodox Conversion Process

Jamia: The Brave New Face of Muslim Girls (Special Feature)

British Muslim bus driver saves pregnant woman's life

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Mass Wedding to Promote Islamic Society in Nigeria
Saga of a Saudi girl

Nigerian Police Bust 'Baby Factory' With 19 Pregnant Women; Plans To Sell Infants

Supporting Afghanistan's Female Soldiers

Venda Women 'Show Respect' - President Jacob Zuma

Pakistani Women Join Hands to Serve the Needy

Most Female Graduates of Community Colleges in Saudi Kingdom Are Jobless

Saga of a Saudi Girl Who Braved All Odds to Pursue Her Studies

Saudi Women Continuing To Fight For the Right to Drive

Canada Supreme Court Strikes Down Prostitution Laws

Wife of U.S. Teacher Killed In Libya Says She Forgives Gunmen

Egyptian Women Beat Men's Team at Football in Luxor

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Women Provide ‘Spiritual Security’ in Morocco
Samantha Harrington

After 9/11 shook the world, Moroccan leaders began to think, “It could happen here,” and it did. In 2003, a dozen suicide bombers with ties to al-Qaida blew themselves up in Casablanca, Morocco’s economic center. Now the country knew firsthand the trauma of terrorism. In response, Moroccan leaders came up with an idea dedicated to foiling religion-based violence by using religion itself…….


Afghan Policewoman, Pregnant Teacher Hanged
Fawzia Koofi

Winner of College Pageant Faces Shia Leaders’ Wrath

Ugandan MPs Pass Law to ban Miniskirts

Egypt's Muslim Sisterhood Put At Forefront of Protests in Bid to Gain Public Sympathy

Mohammad Most Popular Name for Glasgow Babies In 2013

Sri Lankan Maid’s Daughter Gets College Scholarship in Dubai

Fawzia Koofi, the Female Politician Who Wants To Lead Afghanistan

Hijab: A Woman's Rite Of Passage in Iran

Turkish Women Wear Hijab in Parliament after 14-Year Ban

UN-Arab League Peace Envoy Urges Release of Syrian Women Rights Activists

Brighton High School students embrace diversity by wearing Islamic headscarf for whole day

Inter-Marriages: Rare Disease Causes Family of 8 to Lose Sight in Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The campaign against so-called “gender segregation” has been characterised by hysteria, misrepresentation and outright lies. Given the prominent role played in stirring up the controversy by extremist organisations like Student Rights and One Law for All (one of whose leading figures was recently forced to resign after the exposure of her links with the far right), that is hardly surprising…..

France's Burqa Ban Gets New Scrutiny in European Court
Haifa and Noura Leading Thinnkers

Fiqh Academy of Maldives Reveals Opinion on Abortion

Bali Gears Up To Be Top Wedding Destination

Two Arab Women In List Of ‘Leading Global Thinkers’

Alarm Rises For Afghan Women Prisoners After Western Troops Leave

Women Are the Real Victims of the Arab Spring

Tanzania: 'TV Plays Greatly Contribute to Marginalisation of Women'

Saudi Women Employed As Janitors at SR1, 500

Desi Entertainers Proudly Tribute 'Women Of Today'

Afghan Woman Flown To Turkey after Husband 'Slices Off Her Nose'

Uganda Commended For Fighting Gender Based Violence

Aisha's Story - How Grassroots Education Can Change Perceptions of HIV/Aids in Nigeria

Yemen: 'Nothing Much Has Changed For Women'

Yemeni Dad Demands 1 Mln Facebook Likes As Dowry for His Daughter

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Yemen's Women Struggle To Reap Benefits of Arab Spring
Shaimaa Khalil

When you take a walk in the streets of Sanaa, the women you see are covered in black from head-to-toe. That is why the whole world took notice when Yemeni women were at the forefront of the demonstrations that eventually ousted long-time president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, and brought in a new government……


Turkish Female Deputies Protest Use of ‘Obscene’ Language in Parliament
Misbah Syed a first-year student of MBBS

Yemen's Women Struggle To Reap Benefits of Arab Spring

Pakistani Teacher ‘Thrashes’ Girl after Argument on Veil

Nigeria: Women's Associations Appeals to Schools over Hijab

38 Arrested In Tanzania for Female Genital Mutilation: Mayor

Resolution of Domestic Abuse Cases Raises Rights Concerns in Saudi Arabia

Shops Can’t Find Saudi Women Dressmakers

Expatriate Female Teachers in Dilemma over Iqama Transfer Issue

First Saudi Woman to Earn PhD from KAUST

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Women: Towards Reconciliation and Liberation
Tariq Ramadan

Women must struggle against all formalist dictatorships: both those that impose the headscarf without belief in the practice coming from the heart and those that imagine all objectified female bodies fit into a size six dress; those that compel women to stay at home for religious reasons and those that send them back home after the age of 45 for aesthetic reasons…..


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