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Islam, Women and Feminism

The Naked Truth about Tunisia's Topless Protester
Yvonne Ridley

There are many ways to make political gestures in Tunisia but a bare chest is not one of them; it will not win the hearts and minds of the very people whose support you need to make the changes you want. If you look at the various websites which have used Amina's images the comments, even from people in the supposedly "enlightened" West, revolve around size, shape and content. The messages from some men are crude and vulgar and completely undermine her feminist credentials. She's scored an own goal by turning herself into an object to be stared at by such men....

How Egypt's Radical Rulers Crush the Lives and Hopes of Women
Tracy McVeigh

"They see women as, number one, objects of sex and, number two, to clean their floors. This is what the Egyptian 'brotherhood' is all about," said Fatma, 24, an engineering graduate marching with her friends, some in Burqas, some in headscarves. The women keep close together, arms linked and eyes alert for the men flying down the side of the demonstration on motorcycles grabbing and screaming at females. "They want to marry us at nine years old. Are these really the kind of men we want to run our country? Paedophiles?"...


The ‘Epidemic’ of Sexual Harassment—and Rape—in Morsi’s Egypt
Raymond Ibrahim

Nor is this merely limited to sexual harassment, but it often, under the right circumstances—few witnesses, the availability of dark allies—culminates into full-blown gang rape.  For example, Natasha Smith a young British journalist covering Tahrir Square, was dragged from her male companion into a frenzied mob in the hundreds. “Men began to rip off my clothes,” she wrote on her blog….


Indian Muslim Woman Questions Sharia Law on Haj at High Court

Muslim-Friendly, Halal Makeup on the Rise in Canada

Syria’s Attasi, First Arab Woman to Head Arab League Session

Women Pedal for 'Girl Power' In Islamabad

Ban Alcohol Mother of Evils: Karnataka Woman Forum chief

Dr. Subuhi Khan of AMU to Get HT ‘Woman of Substance’ Award

Family Size Negatively Impacts Girls’ Enrolment: Study

Children Exploited Due To Parents Negligence

Kerry Backs Afghan Women amid Handover Fears

Muslim Law Board Gives In To Gender

Islam Honours Women in Society

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Dr. Subuhi Khan of AMU

Harassment and rape of women are a social evil rampant across the world. According to reports, all the civilised societies have been suffering from this psychological malady. But the impunity with which the rapists and harassers go scot free in Egypt is alarming and shameful for an Islamic republic. What has happened to the moral and ethical sense of Muslims even if there is no law or policing?....


Spiritual Management of Muslims in Kazakhstan Explains Right to Wear Hijab

Israeli dancer choreographs tribute to Delhi gang rape victim

Topless Tunisian Femen Protester Amina 'Admitted To Psychiatric Ward by Her Family'

Nigeria: Youth Leader Seeks More Investment in Women, Girls

French Want Tougher Anti-Veil Laws

0ver 900 Communities Abandoned Female Circumcision in Gambia

Pre-Marriage Genetic Blood Tests Cast Unwarranted Doubt on Young Women’s ‘Virtue’

Pakistan’s female Rangers: Life on the base

Family Size Negatively Impacts Girls’ Enrolment: Study

Cosmetic Surgery Rising Among Saudi Women

Child Rape Protesters Call on Tunisia Minister to Quit

Egypt’s Future in a Brave Little Girl’s Hands

IDs a Must for Saudi Women

Salvation Front Forms Permanent Women Rights Committee

The Restoration of Human Dignity in the Women of Yemen

Afghan Women Tell Kerry of Security Fear

Women Project in Riyadh to Share Knowledge

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Pakistan’s female Rangers: Life on the base


Under-Age Marriages Should Be Abolished

The Story of a Muslim Woman and a Brahmin Widow

Muslim Nations Agree On UN Code to Combat Violence against Women and Girls

Two Men in Dubai Charged With Forcing Maids into Prostitution

Saudi Arab Female Employment Rate Among Lowest In MENA Region

Shops in Saudi Arab Face Obstacles in Employing Women

Yemeni Ballerinas Step Out Of Traditional Line

Somali Female Journalist Shot Dead In Mogadishu

Maldivian Sentenced To 14 Years Imprisonment for Sexually Abusing a Minor

Morsi Announces Initiative to Support Women’s Rights

Doha Briefing on Women’s Rights

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A ballet school in Yemen puts spring in the steps of young girls aspiring to learn the dance despite reservations in the conservative country. (Reuters)


The War against Women
Ann Jones

The U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq had the effect of displacing millions from their homes within the country or driving them into exile in foreign lands. Rates of rape and atrocity were staggering, as I learned firsthand when in 2008-2009 I spent time in Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon talking with Iraqi refugees. In addition, those women who remain in Iraq now live under the rule of conservative Islamists, heavily influenced by Iran....


Indonesia Ignores UN Ban on Female Circumcision, Denies Mutilation

Female Teachers Denied Payment for Extra Work in Saudi Arabia

‘Push for Prevention, End of Violence against Women, Girls’

Muslim Girl Scouts in Michigan Considered As the Biggest Muslim Scout Group in the US

Saudi Women Eye Strong Presence in Sports Clubs Very Soon

One Million People Sign Petition to End Flogging Of Women and Children in the Maldives

Women in White March to Defend Algeria Tradition

Stories of Resilience Dominated the First I F F W In Afghanistan

Afghan Women's Photo Exhibit Comes to Capitol

Past, Future of Afghanistan Women Subject Of Panel

New Network Launched In Pakistan to Empower Women

Three Exemplary Women honoured on Mother’s Day

Jazz4kids Brings Music Elements To The Youngest Audience In Cairo

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Women in White March to Defend Algeria Tradition


Early Marriages Blamed for Dar es Salaam High Adolescent Fertility Rates

Nigeria: Hijab Controversy - Kids Also Face Persecution

Islamist Hacks Femen Tunisia Page over ‘Debauchery’

Afghan Woman Fights To Educate Young Girls; Speaks At ASU Wednesday

Nigeria: MICA Wants End to Discrimination Against Muslim Women, Girls

Indonesian Army to Welcome Female Cadets for First Time

Egypt's Official Women Rights Council Criticizes Islamists' Opposition to UN Document

Maldives’ Tourism Reputation on Target over Flogging Sentences of 15 Year-Old Rape Victim

Insurgent Violence against Women, Girls in Afghanistan Jumps 20%

Malala Yousafzai inspires students in Essex

Michigan Growing Muslim Girl Scouts

Japan Funds Major Upgrade to Al-Jazeerah Girls' School

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Afghan Woman Fights To Educate Young Girls


Gazan Woman Killed In Suspected Honour Crime

Saudi Female Law Graduates Worried Over Govt Inaction

Second Tunisian Woman Posts Topless Photo on Facebook in Protest

Study Shows Iranian Women Resisting Country's Patriarchy through Facebook

A Generation of Women and Children ‘Traumatized’ In Syria

Egyptian Women Take a Virtual Stand against Harassment

Syrian Actress Attacked In Egypt after Reciting Pro-Assad Poetry

Slapped Egyptian Activist, Mervat to File Case against Brotherhood Member

Pakistani Ladies Club Marks Pakistan Resolution Day

Missing Saudi Girl Travels through Six Cities before Reaching Tabuk

UN’s Ban Disturbed by Afghan Impunity on Women Violence

Egypt's Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya Condemns UN Women's Rights Document

Libyan Women Rally against Violence

Abuse against Women Cases to Be Recorded In Bahrain

Maldives DVA Did Little to Curb Abuse Due To Lack of Implementation: Hope for Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Syrian actress Raghda attacked in Egypt after reciting pro-Assad poetry


Indian Society Is 'Schizophrenic' Towards Women: Vice President

Fatwa against 19-Yr-Old, Calling to Be Flogged Then Stoned To Death

Lebanese NGO Collaborates with Religious Leaders to Combat Domestic Abuse

Top French Court Rules Sacking Over Veil 'Discriminatory'

Pakistan's Malala Yousafzai in School in UK for First Time since Shooting

Iran Ex-President’s Daughter Freed From Jail

Three-Day Women Police Symposium in Pakistan, Commences

In Middle East, Women’s Labour Half of Global Levels

Targeted by Militants, Pakistan’s Women Push Back

South Africa: 28% of School Girls Are HIV Positive

Tanzania: International Women's Day Should Become National Day for Prominence

Malian Women Displaced by Conflict Endure Hardship

Uganda: Education Minister Warns Parents on Absenteeism

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Malala Yousafzai


Are Men and Women Really Equal In the West?
Dr Farzana Bari

What I experienced on that Air France flight is a reminder to all of us that patriarchy is a global phenomenon and a continuing challenge to human societies and the women of the world. Therefore, the women of the world should realise that the battle for gender equality cannot be fought and won at the national level alone....

Saudi Arabian Head of Pak Islamic Varsity Sacks Staff for Speaking To Women

Child Rape in Indonesia a 'National Emergency'

Spotlight on Petition to Lift Driving Ban on Saudi Women

When Women Prostitute Their Integrity

Free Turkish Women on TV 'Inspire Oppressed Neighbours’

Women to Be ‘Eyes and Ears of Government’, Says Najib

Indonesian Maid Gets Death for Killing a Four-Year-Old Girl in Saudi Arabia

‘Women Need Courage, Bravery to Bring Change’

Uganda: Girls Trafficked to South Sudan

Woman, Daughter Strangulated In Pakistan

Uganda: Hope Alive Turns Around Lives of Kamuli Women

Women’s Rights in Afghanistan, “A Justification for War”

Women’s Week 2013 Concludes at FJWU, Rawalpindi

Malaysian Women Celebrate Purple Walk

Assad’s Wife, Children Make Rare Damascus Appearance

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: An Indonesian maid will be put to death after she was convicted of killing her employers' four-year old. Twenty-five Indonesian maids are on death row in Saudi Arabia. Picture: AFP/Hassan Ammar


Violence against Women Has No Religious Justification
Dr. Badria al-Bishr

"My dad - God bless his soul - used to love the glorification of God a lot...He used to say he has a place in heaven and have many castles (there). But he was very cruel with my mother. He dragged her from her hair while she screamed. These scenes I (will) never forget."…


Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has claimed that a UN declaration calling for an end to violence against women will lead to the "complete disintegration of society". In a 10-point memorandum, the brotherhood also criticised the declaration for granting women sexual freedom, allowing Muslim women to marry non-Muslims, granting equal rights to homosexual people, and allowing wives full legal rights to take their husbands to court for marital rape.....


Iraqi Prisons Leave Women Doubly Vulnerable

Muslims Join Pledge on Women's Rights

When Australian Girls Are Sold Into Marriage

Woman in Pakistan Gunned Down For ‘Bad Character’, Another Injured

Indian Women Leaders Scale Records in Piloting Political Parties

The Walking Dead: The Girl That Was Sentenced Before She Was Born

Battling Stigma of AIDS in Morocco’s Religious Heartlands

Somalia: Circumcision Wars, Child Custody, Culture and the Girl Child

Where Have All The Iraqi Women Gone?

Prince Charles commends women’s participation in the Shoura Council

Nigeria Ranks Too Low in Women Representation in Parliament

‘Marriage Has Given Me a Sense of Responsibility’ – Nigerian Actress

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Helen Esuene


Allow Girls' Marriage at 16 In Line With Age for Sexual Consent

Teenage Girl Allegedly Raped by Man She Met on Facebook

Boutiques Spur in Jeddah Demand for Fashion Graduates

Head of Tunisia’s Ruling Islamist Party against Female Circumcision

India: Panchayat 'bans' girls from dancing

‘Pizza terrorist’ wanted to impress ex-girlfriend

Women in Middle East and North Africa Enter Labour Market at Half of Global Rate

Taslima Nasreen Revolts Again, Urges All to Become Un-Islamic

Turkish Women Still Face Challenges In the Workplace

Iranian Film Director Tackles Paedophilia

Lebanese Women Demand Government Protection from Domestic Violence

‘Manifesto for Change’ For Women in Higher Education

Missing Relatives Will Come Back One Day, Hope Iraqi Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Rached Ghannouchi, head of the moderate Islamist Ennahda party


In Libya, Islam – And A Purple Hijab – Help Spur Domestic Violence against Women
Alaa Murabit

But we did not give up. Instead, we chose a new grass-roots awareness campaign that focused on Islam’s teachings against violence, including against women. The result was the February 2012 debut of International Purple Hijab Day in Libya. An annual event, it is first and foremost a reminder of Islam’s strict stance against domestic violence. Libya, a Sunni Muslim country, is relatively conservative, both in its religious and social practices.....


Stop Saying Targeted Killings Protect Muslim Women

In Pakistan Woman Gang-Raped ‘By Hosts’

Lebanese Civil Marriage Pioneers Say Their Child Will Have No Sect

CAIR Welcomes South Carolina Jail's New Policy Allowing Hijab

All-Girls Rock Band: A Dream Turned Into a Nightmare

Ways Women Can Keep Their Husbands Discussed In Nigeria

Muslim Women Jurisprudence Campaign Launched In Dubai

UK to support 400,000 schoolgirls in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Intel Pakistan and Karachi Press Club Tap Into the Potential of Women In Media

Arab Women Say Time for Saying 'Spring' Is Over

Employees Must Act Against Sexual Harassment, Say Experts

Arab Women At Odds With Governments over Violence

Promised UN Stand on Violence against Women Now In Jeopardy

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: In Pakistan Woman Gang-Raped ‘By Hosts’


On the other side of the world, we can see many problems for women in Muslim societies.  But contrary to Friedan, these problems "have names": honor-killing, stoning for adultery, rape, child marriage, sex slavery, and female genital mutilation (FGM).  FGC/FGM (pictured at right) refers to all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for cultural or other non-medical reasons....

3 Israeli Teens Arrested For Spitting At Palestinian Woman

Muslim Women Prime Victims of UK Hatred

Lancaster Islamic girls' school sex assault: Three arrested

Girl Allegedly Victimized in Latest Tale of Angkot Rape in Jakarta

Undoing Prejudices: De-Sexing the Fairer Sex

From Adversity to Opportunity: Saudi Woman Creates Alzheimer’s App

Saudisation of Housemaids

Social Media Fails To Bridge the Gender Divide in India

Traditional Believers' Quest for Recognition in Indonesia

Muslim Women's Art and Voices Featured At IMOW Exhibitio

Muslim Women and Minority Rights in India

Iranian Photographer Exhibits Stylish Images of Veiled Women at London Festival

Experts Discuss Rising Female Conversion to Islam in the UK

Saudi Arabia Ranks 44th In Female Corporate Managers

Wrong Drugs Land Female Student in a Coma in Jazan

John Kerry: Global Future Resides in Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Rawad Sheikh Alshabab


Afghan Women Face the Future
Ann Jones

On my first morning back at the office, I walk into a staff meeting on “contingency planning.” Just ahead looms 2014, when the next presidential election will be held (in April), as well as the departure of most American and foreign troops by year’s end. My colleagues tell me about the results of a local poll. Of the Kabulis asked how “things” will be after 2014, 25 percent say “better,” 25 percent say “the same” and 45 percent say “worse.”...


Half of Girls in S. Sudan Forced To Marry, Sold Like Cattle to Enrich Their Families

Michelle Obama Honours Delhi Gang Rape Victim with US Courage Award

Desperate, some fleeing Syria turn to prostitution

Tunisia's Female Artists Fear Islamist Repression

Number of Women Rising In Bangladesh Police Force

Female Saudi Students in US Learn To Drive To Get Around

Unsolved Murder, Committed 13 Months Ago, Highlights Plight of Afghan Women

Boosting Women’s Presence at Workplace in Indonesia

The Glass Ceiling For Women in Israeli Politics

A Govt Women’s College in Bangladesh Limps for Want of Teachers, Classrooms

Expat Wives Work to Make Ends Meet in Saudi Kingdom

'Cargo Women' Living Under Heavy Burden of Exploitation

Meet Gritty Woman Who Helped Make Rape a War Crime

‘It’s Not Just the Injuries from the Blast That Leave a Scar on Women’

Women Pedal for ‘Girl Power’ In Pakistan

‘Journey of Decade through Violence against Women’

Women Urged To Strive To Establish Themselves

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: FILE - In this picture taken Wednesday, July 18, 2012, Zali Idy, 12, poses in her bedroom in the remote village of Hawkantaki, Niger


Palestinian Women Set Back By Conservative Society
Daoud Kuttab

Palestinian women for decades were the role models and leaders in the Arab and Islamic world for their tenacious struggle for liberation both from the Israeli occupiers as well as their fight for personal independence, demanding equality and empowerment in a conservative society. This unique status that is often praised on International Women's Day has since elapsed, possibly now being replaced by Tunisian, Egyptian and Yemeni women,….


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