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Islam, Women and Feminism

Iran Bans Sale of Ice Cream on Cone to Women as Per Islamic Codes and Guidelines

Imams in India Urged To Speak Out Against Abuse of Women

Indonesian Rights Groups Push for Female Circumcision Ban

Morocco to Outlaw the Penal Code Which Allows 'Rape Marriage'

Peace, Please: ‘I Didn’t Raise My Boy to Kill or Be Killed’: A Pakistani Woman

Women Join Ranks of Assad Forces in Syria’s Homs

Woman Burnt To Death on Kidnap Suspicion in Bangladesh

100,000 Lady Health Workers in Pakistan Get Their Service Regularised

Saudi King Backs Nomination of Dr. Al-Amoudi to UICC Board Based In Geneva

Afghanistan's First Female Local Leader Since the Taliban Assumes Her Post

Spouse of the President of Azerbaijan: A Woman of Substance

Senegal Seeks To Curb the Baby Boom

Let Our Girls Enjoy Their Childhood without Fear

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Saudi King Backs Nomination of Dr. Al-Amoudi to UICC Board Based In Geneva


Mixed-Gender Shura Council May Well Pave the Way to Greater Opportunities for Saudi Women
Isobel Coleman

The announcement did not occur in a vacuum. Before now, some women served in an advisory capacity, but not as full members, on the committee. In 2011, King Abdullah, known for relatively moderate views on women’s roles in society, announced that women would be appointed to the Shura Council and that women would be able to run and vote in the country’s 2015 municipal elections. ” [T]his mixed-gender Shura Council may well pave the way to greater opportunities for Saudi women, however incrementally.”….


Indonesian Ulema Council Pushes Govt to Circumcise Girls

Clerics Bat for Education of Girls in MP, India

Nearly 72% of Girls in Sindh Get Married Before They Turn 18

Woman in Pakistan ‘Killed By Brother’, Over Alleged Elopement

Police Stop Saudi Woman Driving Family Car

Muslim Women, Not-So-Muslim Men: Interfaith Marriage in the UK

No Female Quotas in Elections Law in Egypt on the Argument of Salafi Members

Indonesian Court Sentenced UK Grandmother to Death over Drugs

Experts Demand Legislation to Prevent Early Child Marriages in Pakistan

Try Rapists Thru' Speedy Tribunals: Activists in Bangladesh

Women’s Rights Activist Hopes Discriminatory Passport Law in Iran Does Not Pass

Al Azhar Steps In To Help Achieve Millennium Health Targets for Women

Women Hardest Hit by Recession: World Economic Forum

Al-Kuraya Sees Greater Focus on Women’s Issues

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: MUI deputy secretary-general Amirsyah Tambunan

Pakistan: Girls school blown up
New Age Islam News Bureau

Pakistan: Girls school blown up

Women welcome new Shoura appointees

Morocco’s only female minister says wearing hijab made her a media target

Co-education the problem, educate girls separately: Jamaat chief

The Voice of Libyan Women’s premises vandalized

‘Women perspectives are integral:’ new Saudi female MP Thuraya Obaid

Saudi activist defends pro-women stance

Lady, may I see your driving license please?

Opposing Saudi women in council mirrors some people’s ignorance

Govt, opposition efforts can end problem: Bangladesh

Police arrest underage females from orphanage, detain in Maafushi prison

Renowned Pakistani singer Mehnaz Begum passes away

ICC Women’s WC: Uncapped Diana Baig determined to make her mark for Pakistan

Pakistan: ‘Women judges can help reshape patriarchal society’

Faith provides the strength to fight prejudice

UW students envision designs for a school for girls in Afghanistan

Speaker Urges African Women to Advance

Women’s bloc founded in Congress

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind chief Moulana Jalaluddin Umri


Over the decades, Malappuram in Kerala has seen Muslims making much progress educationally, socially and economically but certain things remain forbidden in the community, such as a girl applying paint for a dance item. The handful of Muslim girls who defied the community diktat to dance at the five-day festival, which concluded at the district headquarters this weekend, was mainly students of schools run by non-Muslim managements....

It was against this backdrop that the Taliban decreed female education un-Islamic. They must have thought their brutality was so overwhelming that nobody would dare defy them. They were mostly right, save for a 12-year-old girl who had other ideas. The passion that burned within her for an education for herself and other girls in her area surfaced in the form of a blog on BBCUrdu.com where she wrote under a nom de plume, Gul Makai. Her pieces offered a poignant window to life in Swat.

Can Political Involvement Of Saudi Women Influence Change?
Samar Fatany

Women in Saudi Arabia will finally have a voice in government. They will be given the opportunity to outline recommendations for better national policies and for innovative strategies to implement reforms. It is unfortunate that there are many sceptics who doubt the role of women in the Council. They continue to question their effectiveness and their ability to influence change.


Sex Slave Aged 11 'Branded With Initial of Her Abuser'

Rape of Women Used as a “Strategy” in Syrian War

Indonesia Judge Running for Supreme Court Suggests Women Might Like Rape

Wearing Skirts Is Dangerous in India and North Dakota, United States

Women Banned From Working in Boys’ Schools in Bahrain

 Kenyan Moves to 'Medicalise' Female Genital Mutilation Jeopardise Work to Eliminate It

 Syrian Refugee Mothers Worry about Expected Babies’ Fate in Lebanon

 Indonesia: Police Re-Enact Alleged Sex Abuse Case

Agony Continues For Wives of Indian Prisoners in Dubai

 Woman, In Bangladesh, Beheaded In Her House

 Women’s Nationality Supporters Hold Sit-In, In Lebanon

 PDP Women Demand Additional Political Appointments

 Madonna's Charitable Endeavours Rubbished By Malawi Education Authorities

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Syrian Refugee Mothers Worry about Expected Babies’ Fate in Lebanon


Iran: Taking Aim At Low Fertility And Women’s Mobility
Richard Cincotta

Iran’s domestic policies affecting childbearing and women’s rights have taken several abrupt twists and turns since the revolution of 1980. Most recently, the government announced that it was striking family planning services from the mix of programs funded by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, and that it was encouraging universities to restrict women from enrollment in a wide range of professional disciplines.


15 Years of Jail for Mother and 7 Children for Converting Back To Christianity

Muslim Personal Law Is Not Absolute, Indian Judge Limits Muslim Polygamy Rights

Have Governments Or Advocates Failed Domestic Workers In Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Shura: Women Will Be Amongst First Four Candidates on Any Given Electoral List

Emirati Women Employees in Demand in the Private Sector

Humanity Welcomes Back ‘Daughter of the World’, Malala Yousafzai

Give Malala Nobel Prize, Sun Woman Launches a Campaign

Hayat, Saudi Shoura Member to Women: Opt For a Career in Science

Memories of a Childhood Interrupted in Afghanistan

Man Held On Rape Charge of a 10-Year-Old Girl in Bangladesh

Rape Victims Suffer Further At The Hands Of Authority: Malaysian NGOs

Decision To Charge 15 Year-Old With Fornication Intact: Maldives PG’s Office

No More Girl Heroes: Outlawed in Pakistan

Women Entrepreneurs in Mena Are Calling Out For Financial Help

Bloggers Reject Opposition to Women in Shura

SC Admits Petition against Pak US Ambassador Over Alleged Blasphemy

Yemeni Mother-Of-Five Losing Cancer Battle to Medical Costs, In Dubai

Birth Control Law Too Late For Philippine Mum Of 22

Help Afghan Women: Women's Rights Adviser

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Malala Yousafzai

Teenage Olympian Flees Team for the Fear of Being 'Sold' Into an Arranged Marriage, Jailed

Women supporters come to Dr Tahirul Qadri’s rescue

“Big Boss” Celebrity Veena Malik does not want to become Pakistan PM!

Fatwa Banning Marriage to Terrorists 'Has Borne Fruit'

Women Must Prove They Are Capable Of Contributing To Shoura

Journalist Arrested After Interviewing Reported Rape Victim in Somalia

Arrest and Detention of a Woman Human Rights Defender in Wau, South Sudan

'Access to Internet Is Life,' Say Women around the World

Iranian Single Women Might Need Father's Permission to Go Abroad

Woman Suffers From Deformities after Cosmetic Surgery in Abu Dhabi

Women Inspectors to Implement Women-Only Sales Assistants in Lingerie Shops in Saudi Arabia

UNESCO Lauds Liberian Women Non-Violent Role

Abu Dhabi Court Has Two Cases of Adult Sons Entitling Them to Meet Their Mothers

Where There Is Power, There Is Development: UAE Queen

Hone Children At Home: Speakers at a Seminar

Adwa Al-Dakheel: A New Kind Of Saudi Woman

Lebanese Designers Outfit Red Carpet Stars

Islamic Students Rap Audience for Not Coming to the Girl’s Defence Who Had Been Publicly Insulted

Dubai: Fashion at Your Fingertips

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: “Big Boss” Celebrity Veena Malik

For Women Victims, No Privacy in Death: Post-Mortem Unit in Khyber Medical College

23-Year-Old Mother of Two Victim of ‘Honour Killing’ In Kurdistan, Iraq

Shura' Legislative Committee Intend the Exclusion of Woman in the Next Egypt Election

Indonesian Women Told How to Ride Motorbikes

British Airways discriminated against Christian staffer: Court

Kuwaiti Women Can Now Become Judges

Saudi Arabia to Jump in World Listing, For Nominating 30 Women To The 150-Seat Shura

Saudi Nurse Hailed As Hero for Saving Man

Aid Money Stolen From Family of Indonesian Sex Abuse Victim

Kainat Malala’s Friend Slowly Picks up the Pieces

Women Marchers: Willing To Brave Everything, Unwilling To Walk To a Toilet

Fatima Bint Mubarak Hails His Highness’s Pakistan Initiative to Open “Woman Training Centre”

Syrian Women Fight the Silent Battle

Indian's subway death: NY woman indicted, deemed fit for trial

Indian-origin politician becomes Singapore's first woman speaker

At NASA for Five Days for 14-Year-Old Emirati Girl

Omani Father’s 33-Year Search For Daughter Ends in Dubai

PCP, Women’s Empowerment Group for Promoting Media Ethics on Portrayal of Women

Middle East Soccer Associations’ Campaign for Women’s Right To Play

Indonesia's World-Class Pianist ... at 14

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Kainat Riaz Slowly Picks up the Pieces


Women Rights: From Lingerie Stores To The Saudi Shura Council
Abdulrahman Al-Rashed
Even in the Saudi local customs in the past, women used to appoint men in the fields of war, business, debate and poetry, but the recent changes have disordered the concepts and roles of women in the community where 90 percent of it moved from rural areas to metropolises; the status of women has regressed rather than evolving.


'Arab Woman's Role Is To Instil Love of Jihad and Martyrdom in Her Children': Hamas leader's wife

Four Arrested Over Sexual Offences at Mental Health Institution in Maldives

UAE Prostitutes Who Strip Off Jail Uniform Accusing Maltreatment, Jailed and Deported

Anti-Riot Training For Dubai Policewomen

Senior Fatah Official’s Wife Delivers Aid to Palestinians

Angelina Gets Four-And-A-Half -Year Prison Sentence for Receiving Kickback

Norway: No Hijab for Police Officers

Teen Wins Divorce but Many Questions Remain Unanswered

Theories abound in Paris ‘execution’ of Kurd women

Oldest and Youngest Vie For Best Actress Oscar

Continue Movement to End Violence against Women: Prominent Activist of Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s Khulna Jail Has Little Treatment Facilities for Women Inmates

Plano group provides resources for Muslim victims of domestic abuse

UAE: Politics Is a Man's Game That Women Are Ready To Play

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Arab Woman's Role Is To Instil Love of Jihad and Martyrdom in Her Children


Girl's Body Found, in Pakistan, With Hundreds of Needle Pricks and Broken Bones

No Cell Phones, No Dancing At Weddings: Indian State’s Muslim Panchayat Tells Girls

Woman Taken To Saudi as Help ‘Abused’, Wants To Return

UAE Quizzing Women Linked To Detained Islamists for Plotting Against the State

Women in Developing Countries Lag in Internet Use, Says Intel Report

Ahmedabad, Converted to Islam woman killed by Pakistani husband

Three Kurdish Women Found Shot Dead in Paris

Women Questioned Over Links to Secret Ring, Plotting Against the UAE

Malala Honoured With Key French Award

Imposing Restrictions on Women Ensures More Violence against Them

Women Alarm over Call for Religious Police in Egypt

Controversy on Separate Rooms for Snoring Couples in Saudi Arabia

Women’s Group in Lebanon Demands Role in Electoral Debate

Indian-American Makes Move to Change California Law on Rape

Hope and despair for women in Islamic states

Women in Post-War Afghanistan Have Long Road Ahead

Manager of a Dubai 5 Star Hotel Jailed For 3 Months for Molesting Workmate

Murder of Canadian Woman in Pak: LHC Orders Police to Arrest Main Accused

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Women in Developing Countries Lag in Internet Use, Says Intel Report


Gender Portrayal On Television
Tazeen Javed
In times like these, where there is global protest about women's clothing and how it has no relevance to the sexual violence they face, here is a drama where a protagonist — who is extremely popular among women — is telling women that yes, their clothing invites men to harass them. In case anyone is wondering, the woman was wearing a sleeveless top with a shawl draped around her shoulders.


Malala, Others On Front Lines In Fight For Women
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

What all of these attacks have in common, along with their brutality, is that they are attempts at extinguishing the talent and potential of women -- or half of the population. In a world that needs every doctor it can find, every educator and politician who is willing to tackle the status quo, these young women offered a glimpse at a brighter future in which all can contribute.


The question is valid, since the BJP hasn't taken an unambiguous stand. Some party members have echoed the RSS chief by blaming "western culture" for women's woes. Others don't categorically state if 'westernisation' — read westernised women — encourages sex crimes. Instead, there's obfuscatory spiel about Indian "sanskar" teaching "res-pect" for women — or, more recently, about rape of grown-ups but not of minors being "understandable", as suggested by a BJP MP. The tactic's old. It's called beating around the bush.


Victory's Silence: The Trauma Of Violence Linked To Their Births Haunts All Adopted War Babies
Bina D'Costa
There is no way of knowing the fate of all the adopted war babies. Undoubtedly, however, their past and the trauma of violence that is linked to their births have haunted nearly all of them. Perhaps, by tracing through their histories, it could be possible for Bangladesh to obtain crucial data regarding its own interlinked past. But in this, it must be understood that it is not ethical to try to find these individuals, nearly all of whom have no intention to be found.


One popular explanation for the harassment is that women themselves are to blame for their own harassment, since, it is claimed, they flouted religious and cultural norms by adopting immodest dress and otherwise provocative behaviour.


A Controversial Tradition of Child Marriage Affecting Thousands

15-Year-Old Girl Divorces 90-Year-Old Husband

Muslim Women Fight Domestic Violence Using verses from the Noble Qur’an and Ahadith

New-Look Shoura to Have 15 Women Out Of 150 Members Council

Pakistani Women Turn To Divorce to Escape Abuse

Community Groups Vital To Address Problems in Pregnancy, Delivery and Postnatal Period

CARE Trains Men and Women in Eastern Congo to Detect and Prevent Sexual Violence

Women's groups reject Aceh motorbike straddle ban

Trio Arrested For Theft and Sexual Assault of an Ethiopian

Assefa Zardari Meets Deceased Polio Workers’ Heirs

UN Women Director Brings Empowerment Message to W. Africa

Maldivian Sentenced To 24 Years Imprisonment for Molesting His Daughters

Shortage of Maids in UAE, Market Sources Say

Anti domestic violence campaign for Scottish Muslims

Egypt to host Girls Youth African Nations Championship in Cairo

Swaziland: Women Organize To Promote Their Rights and Welfare

Urooj Khan's Wife Says Poisoned Lottery Winner Had No Enemies

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Assefa Zardari Meets Deceased Polio Workers’ Heirs


15-Year-Old Maldives Girl Faces Flogging After Alleged Rape by Step-Father

Eight-Year-Old Schoolgirl Killed After Rape in Pirojpur, Bangladesh

Pak Woman Doctor 'Kills' Infant Son by Throwing Him from Roof

Life-Term for Indian Mother in UK for Killing Son Who Could Not Memorise Quran

Grassroots movement: The uprising of women in the Arab world

Saudi teen hides on wedding night to avoid 90-year-old 'husband'

Sixty yrs old Muslim Deputy Mukhiya, son attacked for ‘daring’ to sit in Siwan, Bihar

Three Arrested For Kidnap and Rape of Woman in Sharjah

Two GCC Nationals Charged With Molesting Maids

Rape Flourishes In Mogadishu's IDP Camps

Indian-origin Muslim politician Halimah Yacob to become S'pore's Ist woman Speaker

Saleswomen in Saudi Arabia Seek Proper Training and English Language Courses

Daughters of Former MP under King Farooq Killed In Luxor Palace

'Girls Impact the World' Film Festival calls on young filmmakers

Model Village Planned To Honour Arfa Kareem, IT Genius

Murder of Canadian Woman in Pak: LHC Orders Police to Arrest Main Accused

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Life-Term for Indian Mother in UK for Killing Son Who Could Not Memorise Quran


The plan to regulate how women sit as pillion riders on motorcycles in the city of Lhokseumawe in Aceh is not only stupid, it is also grossly indecent. The mayor of this gas town, Suaidi Yahya, may have cited sharia (Islamic law) in support of his plan, but the very idea itself is discriminative and indecent.

Pakistani Imam, Wife Face Illicit Liaison Charge In UAE

Domestic Violence in Saudi Arabia, a Large Hidden Issue

11-Year-Old Indonesian Girl Dies after Alleged Sexual Abuse

Bangladesh Woman Murdered For Dowry, another Severely Tortured

Man Arrested In Mecca for Seeking To Marry Jewish Woman

'Accept Women's Marriage Registration Testimony' Chief Rabbi Metzger

Malala Yousafzai top name, Apocalypse top word of 2012

Breaking down The Abaya: New Design Line Hits UAE

Israel Public Sector: Women Earn 24% Less Than Men

Pentagon Undeterred By Sex Scandals; Policy on Women Proceeds

13 Suspected Pro-Jamaat Female Students Held In Bangladesh

Literacy Programme Brings More Than Just Cosmetic Changes to Girls’ Lives

Mai Hopes To Become First Saudi Woman Football Coach

Bangladesh Woman Conquers Highest Point of Antarctica

Women take on the MEN-A challenge, Seminar being hosted in UAE

Malawi’s Women Stand Up For Healthcare Rights under HIV/AIDS

Malaysia's Star Everywoman: How a Feisty Fictional Character Got Out the Vote

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Maha Al-Muneef, founder and executive director of NFSP


I Found My Ultimate Freedom Being a Muslim Woman
Sister Christina

Canada Recognizes Muslim Woman Efforts

Gulf businesswomen need to be in the public eye

Sister Christina’s Journey to Islam: I Felt the Power of That Night: I Found Peace

Saudi Arab: Dar Al-Hekma graduating students exhibit creative graphic designs

Women in Islam

Trafficked Bangladeshi girl sent home

Child sexual abuse - the ultimate taboo

International Women Summit on Jan 29

‘My husband would tie my hands and feet and flog me’

Female education in Sindh

Lack of birth control in Oman for single women can lead to tragedy

Two Women, Two Faiths and Lady Mary: Interfaith Dialogues

Dishonoured cheque lands Kashmir woman in jail

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: I Found My Ultimate Freedom Being a Muslim Woman

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