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Islam, Women and Feminism

Abandoned Babies Given Away On Pakistani TV Programme
Saudi female engineering student

Twitter used to send bomb threats to several women in UK

Topless activists enter Russian embassy in Sweden

Under-14 girls football players humiliated, slapped and forced to sweep floors by panchayat

Philippines: Unveiling Female Muslim Teachers So Students See Their Lips

Saudi Female Engineering Student Selected For Training in US

Split Shifts Aggravate Female Nurses’ Misery In Ramadan

Ethiopian Housemaid Attacks Saudi Woman Employer, Disabled Girl

Reading Quran through Kathak

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‘Re-Invite Amina Wadud to Speak At the University Of Madras’
Amina Wadud

At a time when Muslim women across India — as elsewhere in the world — are mobilising and organising as Muslims and staking claims to equality and justice, which they insist are guaranteed to them as believers and by the traditions of Islamic piety and jurisprudence, it is tragic that fringe groups that purport to represent Muslim opinion in Tamil Nadu seek to overlook their existence. Worse, they seem to not want such views to be broadcast or heard....

Women: Pakistan’s Second-Class Citizens
Sabina Khan

Women in Karak have been prohibited from leaving their homes without a Mahram due to the reason that they spread vulgarity and distract men during the holy month. Perhaps, a better way of ensuring that these weak-willed men stay chaste would be for the primitives to blindfold themselves and stay in their homes....


Afghan Militants Target Female Police Officers
Princess Diana

Self-immolation sparks new debate on women’s safety in Saudi Arab

Laws on women’s issues: All-female committee to start dialogue soon in Pakistan

Plan panel wants to make surrogacy law more women-centric

Aasia Bibi shifted to Multan women’s jail

Somalia Leads World in Per Capita Female Circumcision

Women Account For 51% of Saudi University Students

Arab Women Participate in Berlin Soccer Clinic

Afghan Civilian Deaths Increase; More Women, Child Victims - UN

Gender-Based Violence Increasing Among Syrian Families

Book on Women Rights in Islam to Counter Oppression, Intimidation In Maldives

New Online Exhibit Explores Muslim Women's Art and Voices

Diana was to marry Pakistani doctor: Jemima Khan

Wife of murdered pro-Assad analyst charged in Lebanon

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Abbas’ Fatah Party Lauds Female Terrorist as ‘Master of the World’
Afghan Female Rapper

‘In-Mosque’ Shopping Spree in Jeddah Upsets Worshippers

Maid of Jailed Saudi Princess 'Lived In Luxury'

6 Saudi Lingerie Shops Shut For Not Employing Women

Safa First Woman to Win Two Consecutive Parliamentary Elections in Kuwait

Egyptian TV Series Spotlights Underage Marriage

Haj Ministry to Open New Offices with Female Staff

Sikh Girls in Afghanistan Face Difficulty in Finding Mr Right

Afghan Female Rapper Dreams of Stardom

Afghan Women’s Rights Face Uncertain Future

Masouda Karokhi declared 2013 N-Peace Award winner from Afghanistan

6 Lessons Disney Could Learn From Pakistan's 'Burka Avenger'

Chief Shia Qazi Doesn't Agree With Police Ban on Female US Scholar

Dubai to Stage Islamic Fashion Showcase

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When Women Joined the Jihad in Syria
Adam Heffez

Women are thought of as one of the most acute victims of the rising tide of extremism in the Arab Spring. Although not necessarily the reality, the caricature of Islamists is of a boys’ club of conservative men that overpowers reclusive women. But for these female fighters, victimhood is not a result of the increasingly Islamist Mujahideen; instead, it is what prompted them to join the Mujahideen ̶ to go on the offensive against the regime and at the same time defend themselves from it….

Defying Pressure, Kashmiri Girls Embrace Music As A Career
PML-N MPA Kanwal Noman

UN: Afghan women's rights in balance as 2014 pull-out looms

Women’s Group Denounces Muslim Brotherhood

Women Are the Future, Says PML-N MPA

Indira’s ex-husband risks Islamic conversion appeal unless he returns daughter

Meet the 4 Malaysian Beauties Disqualified By Muslim Ban

Saudi Woman Abused By Her Uncle and Brother ‘Commits Suicide'

Saudi Girl Kills Herself by Drinking Petrol

‘Walking Woman’ To Visit Political Parties in Ankara

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The way to the top for Hezbollah women is still a long one. "There is no organizational or religious objection to a woman parliament member or minister.”Many municipal councils have female members. Without getting into Hezbollah women standing for parliament, what's important is to focus on influence, and the sisters influence the society and the environment."...



Sexual Violence against Women Accompanies Political Upheaval in Cairo
Dr. Atiyat Mustafa

Level of Education Is Key to Uprooting Violence against Women and Children

Maghreb Women Fear Regression of Rights

Kuwait’s First Female Candidate on Women’s Participation in Elections

Female Genital Mutilation: Millions of Girls at Risk, UNICEF Says

Surrogacy Law Will Wait For Experts to Address Critical Issues

Emirati Girl with Baby from Previous Affair Ran Off With another Man

Young Female Activist Sexually Assaulted Inside a Police Station In Tunis

Afghanistan Can't Thrive If Its Women Can't Learn

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What’s So Wrong With A Burqa Anyway?
Ema Anis

While there’s nothing specifically wrong with superheroes abroad, there is the fact that they are not really ‘Pakistani’ looking; their attire is completely out of place. We don’t wear swimsuits or knee-length skirts here, do we? No matter how hard I try, I just cannot imagine a Pakistani superwoman fighting the Taliban, let’s say, in Sohrab Goth, wearing these clothes....

Burqa Avenger: The Hero We Need
Indian Express Editorial

Pakistan's first female superhero, the Burqua Avenger, is a sort of apotheosis of real-life hero Malala Yousafzai, and the villains she fights are all too familiar. Less familiar are her tools of trade. Jiya, the woman behind the Burqa, has traded in the standard superhero utility belt for books and pens, and instead of jujitsu or krav maga, her martial art du jour is "Takht Kabaddi"....

And other reports

God, Customs and Taboos!
Hina Hafeezullah Ishaq

God, Customs and Taboos!
Hina Hafeezullah Ishaq

Sadly, we are still languishing in the depths of ignorance, superstitions and un-Islamic customs; we still abide by our clans and tribes, not the Quran. Britain has finally ensured that women succeed to the crown, whereas 1,434 years have passed and we still place mortals on a higher pedestal. We fear our Biradaris more than God; we still fail to speak up for our daughter’s rights, granted by none other than God Himself. Since when did God’s words become a taboo?...


My shout out was about the wearing of Hijab of our Muslim women. I wrote on my Facebook wall, “Hijabist and non Hijabist Muslim women are Muslims. Allah judges us based on our character….” After posting that, I am now labelled as a person who advocates or promotes the non-wearing of Hijab. I became part of the other side of the “wall” of Muslims that are called “modernist.”…


Single Muslim Women Break Barriers as They Face Age Discrimination
Samina Hayyat

The Second Lady of the United States at Muslim Girls’ School in Mumbai

The Dilemma for Female Candidates in Indonesia

Samina Hayyat Disqualified as an MPA, In Fake Degree Case

For Insulting Islam, Pageant Contestants in Malaysia May Be Next In Line to Be Charged

Landmark Win for the Non-Muslims in Malaysia but Will Indira Get to See Her Child?

Regina Woman Who Converted To Islam Celebrating Ramadan

Groundbreaking: Afghan Female Pilot Makes History

Reflections on Engaging Women in Kapisa Province

Robbery Gang Uses Women in Riyadh

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Having spoken out against the Taliban since age 11, Malala Yousafzai has not only been courageous, she has learned to inspire others. As 17 year-old Ayesha Mir, daughter of the revered Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, learned of a planted bomb under her father’s car, she became angry at her father for his work as a news host who publicly criticizes the Taliban. ...


Are we as one Ummah going to keep quiet about this, or will we rise to the challenge and speak with one voice against a practice that has so many unfavourable side-effects? Islam was established as a way of life by defying the norm. If the blessed generation, the early Muslims, were concerned about not ruffling feathers, then, polytheism would have remained the status quo.....

Malala Yousafzai Inspires Girls' Education Activists in Somalia
Nada al-Ahdal

Escaped Child Bride Nada al-Ahdal: I'll Kill Myself if Forced to Marry

Saudi 'Princess' Fraud Trial: I'm so Rich I Spent £1m on Perfume

Islamic Clerics Oppose Lebanese Law Protecting Abused Women

Female Superhero Burqa Avenger Fights for Women’s Rights in Pakistan

Indonesia’s Working Women Struggle to Succeed

Frustrated, Unable To Marry, 32-Year Egyptian Girl Ends Her Life

Archiving Of Crimes against Women Begins In Pakistan

Women in Urdu journalism in Pakistan, Harassed at work

Working Women Face More Tasks during Ramadan

64% Omani Women Sought Jobs In 2012

U.S. Allies Lead in Female Genital Mutilation

Sole Woman in Mali Presidential Race Spreads Word on the Streets

Tunisian FEMEN Activist on Trial for Assaulting Guards In Prison

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Afghan Religious Leader Approves Of Restrictive Edict on Women
Habiba Sarabi Magsaysay Award Winner

Imrana refuses to accept compensation from father-in-law

Majority-Catholic Philippines Told Muslim Teachers to Remove Veils

Two Women Part-Timers Equal to One Full-Time Staff: Saudi Ministry of Labour

Malala Fund to Focus on Quality Education for Girls

Organiser Regrets Ban On Muslim Girls to Join Pageant In Malaysia

Female Jirga Head of Swat Flays ‘Flawed’ Legal System

Moro: Women Welcome Deal on Wealth-Sharing

Ideas Arabia to Launch Saudi TV Channel for Women

Afghan, Myanmar women win Magsaysay awards for work amid conflict

‘99 Hijab Stories’ Explores Women’s Spiritual Journey

Christian Youths Fault Etsu Nupe on Alleged Abduction of Pastor’s Daughter

Dubai Woman Wins 217km Badwater Ultramarathon in California

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


There should be ease in terms of divorce and the reformation. One should be given the chance twice to deal with the seriousness of Talaq, make mutual agreement and go back to his wife during three menses or in case of pregnancy (until she gives birth to her child).  In all cases one should choose an easy way as much as possible. ....

Aceh Women Hounded By Sharia Police Denounce Male Chauvinistic Controls
Malala Yousafzai

Report Finds Gradual Fall in Female Genital Cutting in Africa

400 Women and 300 Children Arrested Begging During Ramadan in Jeddah

I Was Seen Only As a Commodity: Acid Attack Survivor Haseena Hussain

Malala Vows to Defeat Terror with Power of Pen Speaking to Afghan Students in London

Dutch Woman Arrested For ‘Recruiting Syria Jihadists’

Egypt Army Blocks Pro-Morsi Women Marches in Cairo

Lebanese Panel Approves Draft Law on Domestic Violence

Swindled Out: Woman Flees After Depriving Three Husbands Of Cash

Pakistan: Girls Take a Lead over Boys in AKU-EB HSC Result As Well

UAE frees woman sentenced after reporting rape
30 million girls risk genital mutilation: UNICEF

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Because Sharia, the Muslim religious code that also serves as a strict moral code, considers any extramarital sex a crime, Dubai police arrested the woman and jailed her after she reported the rape to them, says the report. The court then convicted her for violating Sharia, despite having alleged she’d been raped.....


Malala’s Critics At Home Sound Much like Taliban
Sonya Fatah

I think they have the wrong lenses on. Indeed, there is deep hypocrisy in the stories and people celebrated. Indeed, western leaders are finding Malala a good cause to celebrate in the face of a fairly loss-making expedition in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Why make that relevant? Malala is 15 years old. She is brave and confident. She, unlike many of Pakistanis, has asserted her rights. Good for her....

Non-Muslim Hijab Draws Racist Attacks
New Age Islam News Bureau

Non-Muslim Hijab Draws Racist Attacks
Film-Maker Mira Nair

Turkistan Islamic Party Trains Women for Jihad

Women Star in Taliban Recruitment Video

Fatwa Prohibits 4 Muslim Finalists from Taking Part in Beauty Pageant

Malala Is Tougher Than Anyone In The Apprentice

Mira Nair Boycotts Israel Film Festival In Palestine’s Support

“Women Only” Islamic Fashion Show To Be Held In Male’

Woman Jailed In Dubai after Reporting Rape Hopes To Warn Others

Don't Undermine Role of Muslim Women in Society: Turkish Deputy Minister

11 Years Old Yemeni Girl Flees Home to Avoid Marriage: “I’d Rather Kill Myself”

Channel to Bring the Best Out Of Saudi Women

Rights Group Blasts Kuwait over Jailing of Female Activist

Dr Aafia Siddiqui can be repatriated, says official

Iranian Women’s Rights Activist Defiant Even in Death

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Women Call For Personal Status Law Protecting Their Rights
Turkey most creative writers Leyla Erbil passes

Ban in Force on Muslims Taking Part in Beauty Queen Contests- Mufti

French Police Station Attacked Amid Tensions over Ban on Muslim Face Veils

Nigeria's Senate Bans Under-Age Marriage, Girls Deemed To Be "Full Of Age" Once Married

Russian Muslims Lose Court Battle Challenging Ban on Hijab in Schools

Canada Announces Projects for Women in MENA, Including Libya

No Stamp of Approval: Femen Icon Sparks Twitter Outrage

Acid Attacks: A Look at India and Other Countries

Couple to Tie the Knot at Gezi Park after Meeting during Protests

Al-Ayed Wants Smart Goals for Jeddah Chamber of Commerce And Industry

Saudi Woman Saves 7 Lives by Donating Her Organs

Arab Spring: Harsh and Unfair To Egyptian Women's Rights

Nigeria: Women's Group Lobby National Assembly on Gender Equity

Turkey’s exquisitely ‘odd’ and relentlessly creative writer Leyla Erbil passes away

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Christian Girls Being Snatched by Islamist Traffickers in Egypt
Saudi rights activist Iman al-Qahtani

Taliban-Style Edict for Women Spreads Alarm in Afghan District

Jihad to Convert Hindu Girls to Islam Rages on In Pakistan

Hindu girl rescued after gun battle with kidnappers in Karachi

Clerics Bar Women From Markets In Northwest Pak

Saudi Woman rights activist, Iman al-Qahtani given travel ban

Women May Vote For Women in New Khyber Pakhtunkhwa LB Reforms

Widowed By Honour Killing: “My Family Killed My Husband”

Haia: Women Shouldn’t Work After 7 P.M.

Saudi King Orders Cancer-Hit Iranian Girl’s Treatment

Dr Fouzia Welcomes Development on Aafia Issue

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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