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Islam, Women and Feminism

Iran: Women Entering Addiction Cycle Doubled In 10 Years

Fairfax Teacher Suspended after Complaint That a Student’s Hijab Was Yanked Off

British Muslim Who Applied For Nursery Job in Kuwait Told She Must Remove Her Hijab

Angelina Jolie Condemns Sexual Violence against Rohingya Women Refugees

Myanmar Troops Gang-Raped Rohingya Women and Girls: HRW

Dubai Women’s Run Eyes Record Turnout

Saudi Women Allowed To Work in Justice Ministry

Malala Named as One of Bazaar’s 150 Visionary Women

Parsi Woman Contests Raj-Era Personal Law

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TISS Woman Denied Job In Delhi Orphanage. Reason: She Is A Muslim With Hijab

Noh Omar: Withdraw Licences Of Hotels Banning Hijab For Staff

First Women’s Sports Forum In Jeddah Next Month

Saudi Women Visiting Neighbouring Countries To Take Driving Lessons

ECP Official Says 12.1m Women Missing From Electoral Rolls

Iran: Women Entering Addiction Cycle Doubled In 10 Years

Women And Youth ‘Will Drive Saudi Arabia’s Digital Future”

Through Ties Of Friendship,  Muslim And Jewish Women Unite Against Hate

Rohingya Woman In Bangladesh Helps Others Flee Myanmar

Pennsylvania: State Commission For Women Gets First Muslim Member

PPP Empowering Women At Every Level: Nasir

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Turkish Marriage Law a Blow to Women's Rights, Say Activists

Saudi Arabia Concerned Over Female Terrorism at Universities, Schools

First Football Tournament for Saudi Women

Dangote Builds N100 Million Mosque in Abuja, Hands It Over Muslim Women

Kerala Women’s Panel Chief Not Allowed to Meet Hadiya

Gearing Up To Support Their Team: Women in Saudi Can Now Don Abayas in Club Colours

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New Barbie Is Modelled After American Olympian Who Wears a Hijab
Christine Hauser

There was a range of reactions to the new doll online, and Ms. Muhammad said she had braced for a backlash. “As a public figure who is Muslim I am very accustomed to trolling — that is a part of my life,” she said. “But it is still very shocking to me to read the very negative comments about dolls. We are still in a moment where we are unearthing this bigoted America that we all hoped and prayed did not exist.”...


Women In UAE May Not Work After 10 Pm, Except When...

Hotels’ Headscarf Ban Sparks Uproar in Malaysia

US Company Unveils First Hijab-Wearing Barbie

Triple-Talaq Row May Not Translate Into Deluge of Muslim Votes for BJP

Twelve Percent of Women in Pakistan Contract Diabetes during Pregnancy Due To Obesity

Iran: Girl Students of a Whole District Had To Quit School

Iran: Protest of Girl Students to Extortion by School Officials

Flying Girl of Iran Hopes to Increase Female Skydivers

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Girls In Iraq ‘Could Be Married At Nine’ If Draft Law Is Approved

Kurdish Activists Denounce Iraq’s Child Marriage Bill

Bihar Muslim Girls Are No Stereotypes

This Young Saudi Woman Offers To Teach Women To Drive ‘For Free'

First Lady Wear A Hijab, Attends Malawi Muslim Women Convention

Woman Says Husband Wanted To Sell Her To IS, Moves Kerala HC To Nullify Marriage

Alternative Schooling Opens Doors For Afghan Girls And Women

UK Ministers Accused Of Hurting Case Of Woman Jailed In Iran

Body Formed To Increase Coordination Among Arab Women In Maritime Sector

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Husband Attempted To Sell Me As Sex Slave To Islamic State: Kerala Woman's Petition In High Court

Two More Women Accuse Muslim Brotherhood Founder’s Grandson of Sexual Harassment

Islam and the Mistreatment of Women


'You should be ashamed of yourself': Imam slams Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied for 'hijacking Remembrance Day' with yet another Manus Island tweet

Muslim Rape Gang Survivors: ‘Groomers Are Still Abusing Girls in Rotherham’

Women must cover their faces, says Islamic scholar

Saudi women to be allowed into sports stadiums next year - but they must sit in the 'family section'

Winds of change: Muslim girls embrace education, aim high

Muslim students in WV talk how to overcome bullying in schools

Greater empowerment of Saudi women expected

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Spend On Education For Girls, Not Marriage, Says Maulana Shakir Ali Noorie

Headscarf Ban Unfair and Discriminatory To Muslim Women — Hazlin Chong

Teacher Suspended After Video Posted Of Schoolgirl's Hijab Being Removed

Discrimination against Muslim Women In EU States Spreading Like A Virus, Erdoğan Says

Maintenance Course to Teach Saudi Women How To Repair Cars

Reducing Water’s Heavy Burden off Kohistani Women’s Shoulders

Story of Hindu Woman Who Converted to Islam to Live With Muslim Man as His Fourth Wife

Zardari Calls to Enlist Women Voters Missed In Electoral Rolls

Angelina’s Animated Film about Afghan Girl Hits Screens This Month

Iran: Plundered Women and Men Protest In Gatchsaran

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Indian Clerics Set To Counter Misconception Shrouding Rights Of Muslim Women

Muslim Woman Sings Ave Maria At Friend’s Church Funeral

Muslim Woman Issued Fatwa For Teaching Yoga in Jharkhand, India

Qatar Appoints Women To Shura Council For First Time

Muslim Women Face Religious Discrimination In Hotel Industry

Political Disrobing Of Muslim Women Is Un-Canadian

Female Admiral and Three Muslim Leaders Become National Heroes of Indonesia

Iran: Plundered Women And Children Beaten Up

Iran: State Media Confess To Rape Of Girl Child Labourers

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Pakistani Bride Arrested In Mass Poisoning Warned Against Forced Marriage

Riyadh Gears Up For Saudi Women’s Masters Squash Tournament

Ensemble Zohra, Afghan Women’s Orchestra

King Abdul Aziz University and Traffic Police to Open Joint Women’s Driving School

Muslim, Civil Rights Groups Challenge Quebec Veil Ban

Al-Akaria Launches Women-Only Panoramic Elevator

All-Women Basketball Match To Push Breast Cancer Cause

Iran: Woman commits suicide with her toddler

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Women Take A Lead In UAE's Space Missions

Iran: Injured Women Footballer Left Beside The Field

Canada Groups Launch Court Challenge To Quebec's Face-Covering Ban

Rajasthan: 'Love Jihad' Woman Returns To Husband

Released from Indian jail, Pakistani women recall warm treatment in captivity

Boris Johnson Remarks 'Had No Impact' On Jailed British-Iranian Woman

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A Lesson to All Men
Rafia Zakaria

A Lesson to All Men
Rafia Zakaria

All these findings have a bearing on the issue of polygamy because increasingly and regularly marrying multiple women is presented by the men involved as an altruistic act aimed at helping women who otherwise do not have a male protector, or children who may not have a living father….


Making Sense Of Pakistan's Toxic Masculinity
Shazaf Fatima Haider

There’s nothing new to be said when it comes to women and Pakistani society. Everyone knows that Pakistan is a patriarchy and even the misogynists will agree that misogyny is rife. I thought I’d begin by telling you about a colleague who had to quit her job because she was no longer willing to submit to the unwanted advances of her employer – be it pats on the shoulder, accidental brushes of the arm and not-so-accidental palm resting on the small of her back....

How One Muslim Woman Is Helping Countless Others to Defend Themselves Against Islamophobic Violence

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

Hadiya 'Smiling And Safe', Says Women's Panel After Visiting Kerala Woman In 'Love Jihad' Case

17-year-old girl commits ‘suicide’

Another Swat girl named for Children's Peace Prize

Crossroads’ ‘Mecca Tales’ shares struggles of Muslim women

Conference of sports for women opens in capital

Women in sports inspire generations, ICSW hears

New Coke Ad About Saudi Women Driving Has People Feeling All Kinds Of Ways

Iran: Little girls punished for speaking mother tongue in class

Iran: Young women and men stage protest in Mashhad University

Women of Turkey’s political parties: More female involvement in politics needed and we work to achieve it

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Pakistani Bride ‘Inadvertently’ Killed 17 with Poisoned Milk Intended for Husband

Iran: Yong woman, 34, commits suicide in Tehran

Hijab-wearing model advocates for modesty, Muslim women

Two ‘facilitators’ in DI Khan girl’s stripping case arrested

Women abductions go unchecked in capital

Hijab emoji creator on TIME’s list of most influential Saudi teenagers

Morocco debates law to address public harassment of women but passing it may prove difficult

Iran: Yellow card for female footballer whose hair shows off

Transport company trains 30 women for driving job

Afghanistan’s first batch of women studies scholars graduate from Kabul University

Iran: Retired women continue their protest

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Islamophobes are more likely to abuse Muslim women than men

'They should be able to control their sexual urges but they don't': Hardline Australian imam says women need to wear the hijab to keep men at bay – and tells them to avoid wearing bracelets in public

Female Genital Mutilation: A Woman’s Right to Reject it over Religious Cultural Rights

Saudi TV Presenter: Muslim Women Should Pray Alongside Men, Lead Prayer

How do we know ISIS is losing? Now it’s asking women to fight.

Boyfriend of 'suicidal' death row Brit who took painkillers into Egypt 'has Muslim wife and multiple girlfriends'

Boom in entrepreneurs expected after ban on Saudi women driving lifted

Female athletes to inspire younger generations at Abu Dhabi conference

Egyptian Swimmer Farida Osman named Best African Female Athlete of 2017

Yemen Army Targets Riyadh Airport with Long-Distance Missile (+Video)

The French Muslim who renounced the veil

Book launch: Women's contribution to 18th century society was significant

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Indian woman sold in Saudi Arabia as 'slave' to return tomorrow, says Sushma Swaraj

For women, Islam means empowerment, not oppression

Father slaughters six-year-old daughter in Lahore

Taliban chop off elderly woman’s limbs before murdering her in Helmand

Appropriating Muslim Women’s Voices

How young Saudi women hanker after PGs and PhDs

Women driving: Decision soon on modalities

Dubai Women’s Triathlon off to rousing start

Pakistan court makes landmark ruling against man for second marriage

Performance review: ‘Women lawmakers lack interest in legislative process’

Women’s detention: Balohistan MNA stages token walkout from NA

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How do we know ISIS is losing? Now it’s asking women to fight

Transgender group organizes wedding for poor Hindu, Muslim women in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur

Women must wait 217 years to earn the same as men, index says

‘Reforms designed by six men ignore women’s issues’

Disabled woman burnt alive in Hafizabad

A marriage leaves Hindu girl’s family stunned, Muslim boy’s family silent in Jodhpur

Damaged road closes education door on girls

Kingston woman chooses to wear niqab

Converted woman sent to women’s home

Outrage at video of Afghan colonel sexually exploiting woman

Afghan girls' education: islands of progress in a sea of adversity

Iran: Active participation of women in the fourth day of protest

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India's 'love jihad'- Are women being recruited for 'Islamic State'?

Inquiry rejects press claims about 'Christian' girl fostered by Muslims

Rajasthan HC raises question on woman’s conversion to Islam, interfaith marriage

US woman posts anti-Muslim tweets after New York attack, gets banned by Uber, Lyft

USAID engages communities in Balochistan to promote girls education

8 accused of torturing girl in Dera Ismail Khan remanded into police custody

Woman gives birth to quadruplets

Facebook, TOBB to train 5,000 female entrepreneurs in Turkey

Hasina 30th on Forbes’ Power Women list

Stung by secularism, now defending it: A Muslim feminist worries about Erdogan's 'new Turkey'

Iran: Women actively engage and lead protests across Iran

Yemeni woman succeeds in resolving bloody tribal feud

Top IOC official wants more UAE women in sport

Iran: 8.5% upsurge in death rate of drug-addicted women

More than 30% women in UAE nuclear energy industry

Children of Emirati women can now participate in UAE sports events

Ride-Hailing Apps Free Pakistani Women From Abuse, if They Can Pay

Pakistani police arrest men for marching girl naked through village

Iran: Women win medals, despite lack of government support

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Triple talaq horrible practice, leaves women helpless: Canadian activist
Dr Sheema Khan with Christopher Gibbins

Pakistan: Woman stripped, paraded in village for brother's affair; 7 held

Three women held for ‘links with banned outfits’ in Chaman

Missing girl,8, found murdered

Yemeni woman resolves long bloody conflict between two tribes

Female Saudi Shoura member asks big football clubs for women-only teams

Safe haven turned into nightmare for Somali woman

Women honoured for helping lost schoolgirls

Iran: Women and men arrested for activities on social networks

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Harassing Women
Bina Shah

Sexual harassment can be blatant or subtle, but the result is that it creates a hostile environment for women, in which they become psychologically affected and unable to do their job. In the case of a patient, the doctor’s office or emergency room transforms from a safe space in which she entrusts her life to the doctor’s care into yet another minefield where she has to defend herself against unwanted attention — the doctor holds power over the patient, no matter what their classes outside the emergency room…


Despite new law, Men still killing women for 'honour' in Pakistan

PCSW takes note of violence against woman

Kerala ‘love jihad’ case: Bring Hadiya here, says SC; hearing on November 27

Two months after ban, instant triple talaq still rampant, says Shayara Bano

Ordeal of a homosexual woman in Pakistan

13 deaths in family: Daughter-in-law held for spiking lassi with poison

Quetta ATC sentences man to 14 years in prison for throwing acid on women

Seven held over DI Khan girl torture case

Eight held in DI Khan for parading a woman naked

Saudi Arabia to open stadiums to women

Girl, paramour ‘behind’ 13 in-laws' murder

Video shows woman slapping Syrian soldier, calling him an ‘animal’

Bahrain appoints first woman foreign ministry undersecretary

Saudi women seize new business opportunities

Women find some respite in Libya’s ‘families only’ cafes

Preparations under way to issue driving licenses to women

Locked in room, 17-year-old girl seeks help from Dubai cops

Iran: Young women actively participate in student protests

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Arabia to Open Sports Stadiums to Women From 2018

Saudi Shoura Member Discloses Move to Raise Women’s Representation in Diplomatic Positions

Hadaf to Bear 80% Transportation Cost For Working Women

Bahrain Appoints First Woman Foreign Ministry Undersecretary

Two Emirati Women Help Reunite Lost Girls with Father in RAK

UNSR Asma Jahangir Expressed ‘Deep Concern’ Over Women’s Rights in Iran

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


‘She Has Every Right to Choose’: Family Stands By Kerala Muslim Woman Who Married A Christian

Two Quebec Muslim Women Accuse Kathleen Wynne of Burqa Betrayal

Riyadh Calls On UNSC To Address Challenges Affecting Women, Society

Furey: Progressive Reaction to Bill 62 Lets Down Vulnerable Muslim Women

I Said No to Marriage and Dedicated My Life To Archaeology, Says Dr Asma Ibrahim, Curator Of State Bank Museum

Models in Headscarves and Islamic Robes Take To the Catwalk for the First London Modest Fashion Festival Aimed At 'Empowering Muslim Women' Worldwide

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Woman Hit by Car in Leicester Was Hate Crime Victim, Police Say

Punjab Decides To Constitute Special Courts for Women

Female Islamic Bands Are Emerging As a New Fixture at Women's Celebrations around Egypt

Kerala 'Love Jihad' Case: State Women's Panel Seeks Police Report on Hadiya's Condition

Awards to Celebrate Qatari Women’s Achievements

NCSW, PCSWs Seek Registration of Women Voters

Iraq Is 'Refusing To Extradite' German Jihadi Schoolgirl Facing EXECUTION for Running Away To Mosul And Marrying An ISIS Fighter

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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