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Islam, Women and Feminism

Hunger Strike of Iranian Sufi Women in Protest to Their Ill-Treatment

Adventurous Vehicles, Unconventional Colours in Demand as Women Gear Up To Hit Saudi Roads

Abused and Destitute: Wars Fuel Rise in Global Number of Widows

By Taking a Bullet, a Muslim Woman Finds Her Calling

CFWIJ Condemns Series of Attacks on Female Journalists in Pakistan

Saudi Female Car Accident Claims Inspectors Ready for Women Driving

How Saudi Women Driving Has Changed Gender Discourse In The West

Iranian Women Continue To Actively Participate In Protests

New Online Platform Helps Turkish Immigrant Women Abroad

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Malaysia Has a Child Marriage Problem – It’s Time to Act

Shattered Dreams: Women Workers Continue To Leave KSA

Jharkhand: Fatwa Fails To Deter Muslim Girl from Yoga Routine

Presence of Arab Women in Israel Police Increasing

Boko Haram’s Sick Ploy to Turn Girls into Suicide Bombers

Ministerial Portfolios Boost Egyptian Women's Gains

Saudi Woman Instructor to Lead Yoga Day Activities In Dubai

Nigeria: Hijab OK’d For Muslim Barred From Call To Bar

First Batch of 40 Saudi Female Traffic Investigators Graduate

PIA Appoints All-Women Crew for ‘Difficult’ Flight to Gilgit

Saudi Arabia Gears Up To End Women Driving Ban

Is Malaysia Ready For 30 Percent Female Representation?

Saudi Cities Launch Community Driving Events for Women

Iran Women’s Activist Says Blocked from Protesting at Russia World Cup

Saudi Launches Awareness Campaign before Female Motorists Drive

Arab World’s First Female Politician Receives DCU’s Highest Honour

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Pakistan’s Human Sex Trafficking Racket Is Thriving in a Culture of Impunity
Zubeida Mustafa

Of all the crimes committed against children — especially the daughters of the poor in Pakistan — the most horrendous is the trafficking of girls. It is more agonising than rape. The sex trade amounts to torture. The girls who are snatched and taken away to be sold into forced prostitution have to live with this hideous evil night after night. Only a few lucky ones manage to escape or are rescued....


Egypt Fights Islamic Extremism by Allowing Women Leaders at Mosques

Countdown Begins To Saudi Women Driving

Iran Allows Entry of Women into Stadium

Saudi University Launches Survey into the Effects of Women Driving

1 In 4 Muslim Women in New York Say They've Been Pushed on a Subway Platform While Wearing a Hijab

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Nothing Unusual about Being a Devout Muslim and A Women’s Activist
Taylor Luck

Although the concept takes many forms, at the core of Islamic feminism are explicit passages in the Quran denoting the equality of all human beings. Activists call for the implementation of gender equality, in line with the Quran, in the state, the private sector, society, the family, and in everyday life. ...


Imran Khan: 'Feminism, Which Is From the West, Has Degraded Motherhood'
Mahwash Ajaz

As an example, they cited how children were neglected if a mother was at work, while conveniently ignoring the fact that children do grow beyond the age of four, attend school and eventually become independent human beings. For them, all we evil feminists want to do is cause earthquakes by wearing jeans and raise ill-behaved children because we want to put our degree to the use it was meant for....


Islam and Feminism Have Been In a Constant Clash since the Turn of the Century
Hind Elhinnawy

Islam and feminism have been in a constant clash since the turn of the century, and we can no longer ignore this fact. Somewhere between the liberal secular positions like mine, and the attempts by fundamentalists to silence us, it is often the voices of Muslim women themselves that are left unheard....


Saudi Arabia Arrests Two More Women Activists: HRW

1-Year UAE Visa for Widows, Divorced Women and Their Kids

Pakistan: First Woman to Hold Punjab AGP Office Removed From Post

Kimberley Miners, 29, Claims She Was Groomed and Indoctrinated Online By Isis

Pakistani Woman Reaches Home after Serving 12 Years in Indian Jail

Muslim Girls from Urdu-Medium Schools Score Over 99% in Class 10 Want To Become Doctors

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Do Muslim Women Need Saving? Through Behen Beti Bacho and Anti-Romeo Squads, Do Hindu Women Need Protection from Muslim Men?
Huma Hasan

Is feminism being co-opted by the right-wing forces? Do Muslim women need saving? Through Behen Beti Bacho and anti-Romeo squads, do Hindu women need protection from Muslim men? These are some of the questions that need to be answered in the wake of the Law Commission’s renewed debate on Muslim Personal Law reform, started by the latest round of consultations for a Uniform Civil Code late last month....

‘Western Feminism’ Created By Pakistani Men Is A Misogynistic Marvel
Rafia Zakaria

While being interviewed, Khan stated that he disagreed with the Western feminist movement, which has, in his opinion, degraded the role of motherhood. Mothers, he went on to say, wield the most influence over their children’s lives, thus implying that feminism’s focus on giving women power outside the home has shifted attention away from the truly important stuff ie taking care of their (assumedly) large broods of children....


It's Been 9 Years Since Asia Bibi Was Arrested On Blasphemy Charges for Sharing Water with Muslim Women

Hillary Joins First Ladies against Trump’s Immigration Policy

Pay More Attention To Education Of Muslim Girls — Ghana President

Study On Gender Diversity On Boards Launched

Nepotism Seen In Selection for PTI Women Reserved Seats

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The Arrests of Saudi Women Activists Sent a Chill through Saudi Arabia’s Intellectual Elite
Vivian Nereim

Instead of seeing them as allies, the new government viewed them as hostile, she said. She believes authorities want people to fall in line, not push for more change. Indeed, the women targeted have been fighting for more basic freedoms than the right to drive, including the end to guardianship, the Saudi legal system that requires women to have the approval of a male relative to travel outside the country or get married....


Melania Trump ‘Hates’ To See Families Separated At Border

The Saudi Arabian Women Driving Forward

Punjab Woman: Caring For Cows Does Not Make Me A Lesser Muslim

Muslim Woman Has Been Left Fearing For Her Life After Receiving Death Threats For Dancing In A Video Showing Her STOMACH

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Social Reforms in Saudi Arabia:  Saudi Women Stand To Benefit, But How Much Is Really Changing?
Liz Sly

For most ordinary women, the changes are more mundane — and still largely dependent on what the men in their lives decree. In the western coastal province of Jiddah, which has long been more liberal than the desert capital of Riyadh, some women have discarded their headscarves altogether, and some cafes and restaurants have abolished the separate sections for families and single men that are designed to ensure that women don’t encounter men they don’t know....


Iran: Football World Cup, Female Fans and Saudi Arabian Rivalry

Egypt Interior Ministry Deploys Female Officers to Fight Sexual Harassment during Eid

FIFA Allows Iran Women Banner as ‘Social Appeal’

Imran Khan's Ex-Wife Reham Khan Gives Pervez Musharraf Lesson in Gender Equality

Angelina Jolie Visits Iraq, Urges World Community to Support for Rebuilding

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Sara Ansari: Indian Girl Living In Dubai Is an Acclaimed UN Speaker, Budding Physicist and Just Scored 98 percent in Class 10

MENA Women In Sports Are Levelling The Playing Field

Pope At Mass: Exploiting Women Is A Sin Against God

Fitness Meets Fashion As Saudi Designer Launches First Sports Abaya

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

The Surprise Place Where Hijab Can Spell Trouble

Catholic Nuns Learn about Islam’s Tolerance At Iftar

During Ramadan, Women of All Faiths Take On Hijab Challenge to Show Solidarity

Kurdish Women Protest after Being Told By Turkish-Backed Militias to Wear the Hijab

Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad Trains For The Olympics While Fasting For Ramadan

'Racist' Man Films Himself Spraying Muslim Woman with Stain Remover

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To test the extent to which Islam itself influences a woman’s educational attainment, the researchers examined factors in Muslim communities that might play a role, such as the degree of gender discrimination in a country’s family laws, the percentage of its population that is Muslim and the share of Muslims who reported religion is very important to them. The study finds that none of these elements had a significant impact on the results.....


Iranian Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh Arrested

Iranian Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh Arrested

BJP Leaders Converge At Naqvi’s Iftar Party For Muslim Women

Noura Al-Otaibi, Driven By A Passion To Empower Women, Identifies Ways To Succeed In Life

Peace without Borders Announces First Saudi Peace Ambassador, Dr. Sumaya Al-Nasser

BJP MLA’s Advice To Women: Produce Sanskari Kids Or Remain Infertile

Pakistan Student, Khadija Siddiqui, 23, Stabbed 23 Times Fights To See Her Attacker Jailed

US Arrests Israeli National, Waheba Issa Dais, Who Coached ISIS Attackers Online

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Numerous Pakistani Women from Benazir Bhutto, Asma Nawab and Aasia Bibi to Mukhtaran Mai Were Failed By Pakistan’s Justice System
Ailia Zehra

Rape victim Mukhtaran Mai who dared to report the crime despite her rural background could not get justice either. A three-member-bench of the court acquitted the accused in 2011 for ‘lack of evidence’. She pursued the case for nine years, but our broken justice system could not provide her relief. She is among the numerous Pakistani women (Benazir Bhutto, Asma Nawab, Aasia Bibi to name a few) who were failed by Pakistan’s criminal justice system.....


Saudi Scholar Calls for Female Muftis to Join Top Muslim Clerical Body

Kolkata's Iconic Tipu Sultan Mosque Welcomes Women for Iftar

Border Guard Begins Recruiting Saudi Women

Can This Woman Become The First Muslim In The Florida House?

PTI Submits List of 15 Candidates for Women Seats in KP Assembly

Sports Bodies Should Boycott Countries That Impose Hijab On Participants

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The Victory of Tabassum Hasan in Kairana: Are We Looking At A Watershed Moment for Muslim Women in National Politics of India?
Syeda Hameed

Freedom brought with it two nation states and a dawn which was bloody and violent. Thousands of refugees were thrown across the border on both sides. The woman who tended to the Hindu Sharnarthis in the camps was 28-year-old Anis Kidwai whose husband, a district commissioner, was murdered in Dehradun by mobs because he was Muslim and tried to stop their killing spree. Along with Subhadra Joshi and Mridula Sarabhai, she worked day and night in refugee camps. Being Indian was her only identity....

Saudi Women Rev Up Motorbikes As End to Driving Ban Nears

Child Brides another Casualty of Syrian War

Saudi Arrests Women’s Rights Activist Mayya Al-Zahrani

Egypt’s Female Ramadan Drummer Breaks Taboos

Talibani Burqas: Delhi Minorities Commission Sends Notice to Zee News Over The Remarks

PTI Leaders Oppose Women’s Poll Nominations in Mansehra

Dir Woman to Contest Polls against JI Chief

Are Mothers To Blame For The Recent Spate Of Young Women Extremists?

Saudi Arabian Women Prepare To Hit the Road with Kingdom's Driving Ban Set To End On 24 June

1.8 Million Women in UAE at Risk of Developing Cervical Cancer

Iranian Women's Rowing Team Exercises in Black Water

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Malala Delighted As G7 Pledges $3bn for Girls’ Education

'Afghanistan's Malala' Gets Standing Ovation As She Graduates With Honours

Is The Drive To Modernise Saudi Arabia Taking A Wrong Turn?

7,500 Saudi Women Work In Industries In 2017

Saudi to Hire Women Border Guards

Al Manal Initiative Distributes 2,000 Care Boxes to Women Workers

Saudi Woman Seeks Action against Iran, Qatari Sites

Iran: Women protest in Karaj, Rasht and Tehran

Jan Kizilhan: ISIL Rape Victims Need Culture-Sensitive Therapy

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Where's The Aid Money Gone? Afghan Girls' Struggle for Education

Syrian Singing Star Assala Nasri Heads to Riyadh for Women-Only Eid Concert

Saudi Arabia Arrests 2 More Female Activists as Part of Crackdown On Dissent

Online Campaign Paves Way For Women Drivers

Saudi Women Join the Ranks of Licensed Drivers Ahead Of Ban Ending

In A First, Sherine to Perform In Saudi Arabia This Month

Iran: Six-Year Sentence Issued For Young Woman Protester in Babol

Iran: Murderer of Reyhaneh Jabbari Chosen as Trusted Attorney

How A Young Hero Rescued A Woman Trapped In Perilous Yemen Flooding

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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