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Islam, Women and Feminism

Miss Iraq Moves Family Out Of Country: Picture with Miss Israel Sparked Death Threats

US Woman Used Bitcoin to Move Cash to Islamic State, Police Say

Over 1,000 Single Muslim Women Apply For Haj Pilgrimage

Broken Criminal Justice System Core Issue in Violence against Women

Indian Cabinet to Take Up Today Bill Making Instant Talaq an Offence

Briefing Session Held on Women’s Rights in FATA

DRF launches Network of Female Journalists on Online Safety

Iran: Flogging Sentence for a Young Kurdish Female Student

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Why Criminalise: Centre’s Draft Law on Triple Talaq Misreads the Supreme Court Judgment
A. Faizur Rahman

The Centre’s move to criminalise instant triple Talaq (Talaq-e-Biddat) appears to be ill-conceived and thoughtless. It completely ignores the significance of the August 22, 2017 Supreme Court judgment which rendered legally inutile the use of the formulaic expression “Talaq-Talaq-Talaq” (in any of its forms) as a means to instantly dissolve a Muslim marriage. Therefore, the question that needs to be answered is: When Talaq-e-Biddat does not result in the dissolution of the marriage can its pronouncement be criminalised?...


Progress and Limits in Saudi Arabia’s Halting Gender Reform
Praveen Swami

Fundamental reform, though, is unlikely, for the monarchy’s own power, and its position as guardians of Islam, is contingent on clerical support. Even as Saudi women celebrate their success in securing the right to drive, they know more fundamental gains could take years of bitter struggle....


Virginity Tests Continue To Haunt Girls and Women in Afghanistan

Afghan Women Officers Train at Military Academy in India

Saudi Shoura Member Wants to End Male Guardianship

Saudi Women Directors Excited About Cinema Coming To The Kingdom

Egyptian Women Get Inheritance Rights

Using Fashion as A Platform To Highlight The Issue Of Child Marriages In Pakistan

Quebec Probes Ban on Women at Construction Sites near Mosques

Female MPs, Activists Urge Arab Countries To Scrap Gender-Discriminatory Laws

Muslim Woman Claims Lack of Service at Boulder Cantina Laredo

80pc Thyroid Patients Are Women: Experts

The Shoura and women empowerment

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Cinema in KSA Will Help Women Tell Their Stories, Says Filmmaker

Bangladesh Arrests Cleric over Fatwa against Women Farming

Egyptian Pop Singer Sent To Prison for Video That 'Incited Debauchery'

Iranian Media in Tailspin over Female British Diplomat’s Lack of Headscarf

Canada's Military Wants To Know Why Women Join ISIS and How to Stop Them

UK Hijab Outcry Leads To Consultations between Schools’ Watchdog and Muslim Campaigners

MPAs Demand CNICs for 0.6m Balochistan Women

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Hindu Girl Wins Award for Speech on Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

Pakistani Girl Dressed In School Uniform Walks the Ramp

Afghanistan Women Officers Gun For Equal Rights

Who Are the ‘Descendants of Zainab’, The Houthis’ All-Female Brigade?

Pak ‘Govt Committed To Fight Crimes against Women’

Effat Holds Girls’ Sporting Competition For Universities, Schools

Honour Killing In Pakistan: 19-Year-Old Kills Sister, Brother-In-Law In Rawalpindi

Young Saudi Man Gets Chaillot Prize for His Women Empowerment Program

Iran: Women’s Presence in Stadiums out Of Question for Good

Iran: Kurdish Woman Fined and Sentenced To 50 Lashes of the Whip

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Pakistani-Origin 'Sex Gangs' Target White Girls in UK: Report

Zohra: Inspiring Sounds of Music in War-Torn Afghanistan

More Hijab-Clad Girls Join Kerala Flash Mobs

Spending Power of Malaysian Muslim Women Fuels Beauty Industry

Harassment All Around, Afghan Women Weigh Risks of Speaking Out

Rape Of Rohingya Sweeping, Methodical, AP Investigation Finds

Saudi Women Break Youth Monopoly of Telecom Sector

Few Women Opt To Go For Haj Unescorted

Evidence Suggests Women Safer Drivers than Men: Expert

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Islam Is the Cradle of Women’s Rights
Maria Hanif Al-Qassim

Over the years, feminism has become a term largely associated with being both female and liberal, and that has especially been the case in the Arab and Muslim worlds. It is a term that clerics and preachers have shunned and dubbed a Western concept, a conspiracy to destroy the region’s social fabric and exploit women, among other things. However, it is my belief that Islam is in fact the cradle of feminism, and possibly one of the very few religions that recognizes the important role of women, making them equal in every sense to their male counterparts....

Pakistani-American Kathak Dancer Farah Sheikh Gives Captivating Performance on Mughal Empress Nur Jahan's Life

Our Marriage Proves That Idea of Love Jihad Is Fake, Says Indian Hindu Woman Who Wed Muslim Man

Jerusalem … From Hitler to Trump, Between Them, Women’s Fashion And Guns

CEO Of Twofour54 Honoured As Role Model for Women

Causes Week 2017: Code For Success: Getting Women to Be Techies

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Saudi Arabia Allows First Public Concert by a Female Performer, and Saudi Women Go Crazy

Afghan Interior Minister Asked to Boost Women’s Role in Police

SLATE Organises Lecture on Muslim Women Empowerment

Nightclubs, Cafes Still Risky Business for Iraqi Women

Turkey Marks Women’s Rights Day

Turkey: Dried Fruit Business Provides Jobs to Women

Muslim Women's Council Slams US’ Jerusalem Decision

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Motorbikes- The New Symbol of Independence for Bangladeshi Women

Pakistan Sends Biggest Female Contingent To Singapore

‘Girls Will Conquer Streets’: A Muslim Woman Sends a Strong Message to Kerala’s Orthodoxy

Bahrain Takes New Step Forward To End Domestic Violence

Iran: Rouhani Counts Peddling As Jobs Created For Women!

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Criminalising Triple Talaq: BJP Appears To Be More Interested In Playing Politics than Helping Muslim Women
Tufail Ahmad

If the government is not electorally motivated on this issue, it should introduce a Muslim family reform bill which should outlaw all forms of unilateral divorce, Halala, Mehr ('dowry' given to the bride), and address issues such as maintenance to divorced wives and child custody. Or, it can stop playing Hindu-Muslim politics by enacting a Uniform Civil Code. For now, the Modi government is engaged solely in propaganda and electoral politics on the triple Talaq issue….

Saudi Women Have Spent $3.1m to Obtain Driving Licences Abroad

Iran: Deaths of 11 Pregnant Women, 39 Children under 5 in Kermanshah

Uttar Pradesh First State to Endorse Centre's "Triple Talaq" Draft Bill

Kerala Flash Mob: Hijab-Clad Students Trolled, Women Panel Asks Cops to Act

Policy Guidelines Formulated For Women Empowerment in Pakistan

Houthis Fire at Women’s Protest in Sanaa Calling for Return of Saleh’s Body

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Violence against Women: Why the UN Secretary-General Got it Wrong
Robert J. Burrowes, New Age Islam 06 December 2

Perpetrators of violence learn their craft in childhood. If you inflict violence on a child, they learn to inflict violence on others. The terrorist suffered violence as a child. The political leader who wages war suffered violence as a child. The man who inflicts violence on women suffered violence as a child. The corporate executive who exploits working class people and/or those who live in Africa, Asia or Central/South America suffered violence as a child. The racist or religious bigot suffered violence as a child. The individual who perpetrates violence in the home, in the schoolyard or on the street suffered violence as a child....


Nike Launches Its Own Hijab to Make a Statement ‘Sport Is For Everyone’

Jail Term For Triple Talaq Bad in Law and Can Backfire, Warn Experts

Bangladesh Empowers Women

Najib Makes 30pc Senate Quota for Women a Campaign Promise

SR11.6 Million Spent By Saudi Women to Obtain Driving Licenses In Three Countries

McDonald’s Guard Who Told Muslim Woman to Remove Her Hijab Is Suspended

Sophia the Robot Wants Women's Rights for Saudi Arabia

Minority Women Playing Significant Role in Pakistan’s Development: Minister

In A First, Indian Army to Train Afghan Women Military Personnel

Iran: Young Women Actively Partake In Student Protests

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Don’t Criminalise, Make Instant Triple Talaq an Offence under Domestic Violence Act

Don’t criminalise, make instant triple talaq an offence under Domestic Violence Act

Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy (IMSD) supports legislation to declare instant triple talaq as an illegal act with serious consequences for the husband who defies the Supreme Court’s verdict and the law of the land. However, it strongly opposes the reported move of the Union government to criminalise the practice, punishable with 3 years in jail plus fine....


Letter to Law Minister of India

Lyari’s Female Boxers: Punching Their Way out Of Fear and Taboos

Iraq Child Marriage Bill Draws U.N. Ire

Turkey Marks Women’s Rights Day

Kerala: Burqa-Clad Muslim Girls Dance in Flash Mob in Malappuram, Get Trolled For Insulting 'Islam'

Hadiya Case: NIA Questions Shafin Jahan Again

ECP Launches Campaign to Register 12m Female Voters

Prominent Iranian Female Prisoner Has Forgotten How Her Children Look Like

Student Shares Her Story as a Muslim Woman In America

UN women’s empowerment event begins in Sharjah at a crucial time

In Afghanistan, a Struggle to Leave No Woman or Child Behind

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Failure of Religious Leaders Made State Intervention on Triple Talaq Inevitable
Tahir Mahmood

Religious leaders have wasted precious time available for stopping by their own edict the “bad in theology good in law” practice of triple divorce. In my opinion, the object can be achieved better by enacting a law to insert new provisions into the two existing Muslim law statutes —…

The Women Teaching Moderate Islam to Italy's Inmates

Malala Yousafzai: Loved By the World, Despised By Her Own

Iran Forces Thai Male Coach to Wear ‘Hijab’ In Women’s Match

Najib Proposes At Least 30% Women Senators

Saudi Female Diplomats Are Making Great Progress, Says Ambassador

Difference between Islamic and Western Feminism

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Apologises To Afghan Women Over 'Head Scarf' Remark

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Free-Will Marriage in Pakistan
Hajrah Mumtaz

And yet, against that is the fact that a young woman was recently telling me about several of her female cousins’ elopements, girls that lived outside of urban areas. The reason, she said, was that they weren’t able to stand up to patriarchy when it presented them with an arranged marriage. Some of them, I was told, were hunted down. The others were ostracised. In the case of one cousin, Swara was suggested as a way out by the groom’s family, but the family/Jirga jury was out on that....


McDonald’s refuses to Serve Woman Because She Is a Muslim

Swiss Woman to Face Trial for ‘Promoting Jihad’

Iranian Child Bride Slams Harsh Iranian Muslim Regime

15 Arab Female MPs Walked Out of Women’s Forum when Israeli Female MK Got Up to Speak

600 Expected To Take Part in Women Investors’ Exhibition in Riyadh

UAE-Born Expatriate Women Recall Emotional Connection with ‘Home’ Country

Sarah Jessica Parker Coming to Meet UAE’s ‘Gorgeous Women’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Madinah Leads the Way with the First All-Women City Council
Malala Yousafzai

Saudi Women Shine at Arab Women of the Year Awards in London

Instant Triple Talaq Non-Bailable Offence, 3 Years Jail, Fine For Guilty: Draft Law

Special Centres to Hold Arrested Female Drivers in Saudi Arabia

Women Join Opposition Police Forces in Aleppo’s Liberated Areas

Judge Suspends Part of Quebec's Face-Covering Ban

Swiss Woman to Face Trial for ‘Promoting Jihad’

Malala Yousafzai Condemns Terror Attack in Peshawar

Iran: Religious Authorities weigh in to Stop Women’s Demand

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

‘Beti Bachao, Bahu Lao’: RSS Group to Help Muslim Women Marry Hindu Men

Pakistan World's Fourth Worst Country for Women, Says Report

Somalia: Commanding Attention - a Female Al-Shabaab Ex-Commander Speaks Out

Saudi Women Scholars Call Out Prince's Reform Agenda

Balqees Fathi Shines at Saudi Arabia's First Female-Only Concert

When It Comes To Women, Trump Is Turning Back The Clock

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Women Need To Play a Role in ‘Restoring’ Saudi Islam
Sheema Khan

The postcolonial period had ushered in a more egalitarian view, in which men and women are on the same moral plane before God. However, this approach has had uneven acceptance. Very rarely will men give up their privileged position to be on equal footing with women. Yet Muslim women still insist on gender justice....


Saudi Arabia appears to have opened up opportunities for women by realizing that the country cannot advance until women’s rights are improved in the kingdom. But it is clear that in the case of Iran, women are unlikely to be able to effectively continue the advancement of their rights until religious figures change their outlook toward women and the government demonstrates political will to engage in such reforms, too....


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