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Islam, Women and Feminism

Australian Muslim Beauty Queen Comes Out In Support Of Same - Sex Marriage

Why Aren’t More Arab Women Saying #MeToo?

Muslim Woman Wearing A Face-Covering Veil Says 'Islam Protects Women Like No Other Religion’, Citing Verses from the Quran

Women’s Falkirk Fundraiser Highlights Myanmar Crisis

Kurdish Women’s Militia Vows to Keep Fighting Islamic State

Palestinian Men Dating Jewish Women Receive Threats

After Quebec's Bill 62, Muslim Women Find New Resolve to Fight Discrimination

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Saudi Cleric Says Women Are To Blame for Rape and Harassment

No Rohingya Woman Safe As Rapists Run Rampant: Experts

Fatwa Issued After Muslim Women Perform Aarti on Diwali in Varanasi

'It's Their Choice': 3 Muslim Women Weigh In On Que. Face-Covering Law

Burqa Ban is Just another Way of Oppressing Women and Restricting Freedoms

Princess Reema Should Get Saudi Women Exercising

Women’s Tournament Explores Saudi Collaboration

Saudi Female Officers to Attend To Women Involved In Road Accidents

Sharjah Women’s Sport Foundation Win New Sponsors

Iran: Women actively engage in more protests

Iran: 15-year-old girl arrested by security forces

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Taliban in Pakistan Attacks Malala in Latest Issue of Women's Magazine

44 Women Killed In The Name Of ‘Honour’ In Swat during the Current Year

Nisa Homes Provides a Safe Haven for Muslim Women in Need

Rojda Felat, Female Commander Who Led Raqqa Battle

Rohana Creates History as First Woman Malaysian Naval Captain

Cherie Blair: Lifting Of Saudi Ban on Women Driving ‘Superb — But More To Be Done’

I Am a Proud American-Muslim Woman, and Arizona Is Ready To Send Me to the Senate

Iran: Women Teachers Stage Protest in Soldouz And Kerman

Kurdish Women’s Militia Vows to Keep Fighting Islamic State

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Malaysian Debate Now Turns To Muslim Women and Hair Salons

Pakistani Women Use Hashtag to Expose Scale of Sexual Abuse

Princess Reema Opens New Gym for Women

A Saudi Arabian first: Spokeswoman at Kingdom’s US Embassy

Canada’s Quebec Province Passes Law Banning Niqab and Burqa

21 Jamaat Female Student Activists Held In Dhaka

Saudi Women to Take Rightful Place in New Ports Authority: Minister

Muslim Women Perform Aarti of Lord Rama in Varanasi

Oman Tourism Event Highlights Women’s Great Potential

Iran: Young Women and Runaway Girls Experience Mental Disorders

Belgian MP Nele Lijnen Addresses Situation of Women in Iran

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As a Muslim, I’m Proud to Support Marriage Equality
Mehreen Faruqi

Multicultural ethnic communities are not homogeneous conservative caricatures that the media makes us out to be. Groups like Muslims for Marriage Equality, the Australian Council of Hindu Clergy, the Asian Australian Alliance and the Arab Council support civil marriage because they know, perhaps better than most, that all Australians must be treated equally....

Emirati Women Seek Sex Change, UAE Court Asks For Medical Report

Two-Thirds of Afghan Girls Missing Out On School: HRW

Hazara Women of Balochistan Breaking Barriers

Iran: Cleric Admits Failure In Imposing Mandatory Veil On Women

Iran: Marriage Of Girl Children Under 10 Years

Saudi Education Ministry Holds Workshop to Discuss Physical Education At Girls’ Schools

Lack of Women in Middle East Workforce Hinders Growth

Jobs as 3rd Phase of Shops’ Feminization Start Saturday

Quebec to Vote on Controversial Face Veil Ban

Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs Raise Funds for Educating Girls

More Than 17,000 Female Teachers Needed To Teach PE

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The Doctor Brides of Pakistan: Fact or Myth?
Ayesha Masood

We also do not know the tears and restless nights these women spend, trying to make their career and their families’ work, in a society that has been stuck in an anachronistic time loop. Let our women doctors be.....


Tunisian Women Break Taboo Saying No To Children
Marta Bellingreri

“Having children is something like a visual tag in Tunisia. If you walk in the street alone with your husband and you don’t have a child who completes the ‘frame,’ people would ask, ‘When are you going to have children? Why don’t you have children? How is your health? Are you OK?’ Something is missing for them in the picture,”...


Quebec Set To Pass Law Banning Face Coverings For Anyone Receiving Public Service — Even A Bus Ride

Saudi Female Students to Get Driving Lessons in Colleges

New 'Pink Parking' For Women Drivers at Dubai Police Stations

Wan Ji: Not Wrong For Muslim Women to Get Haircut in Non-Muslim Hair Salon

Cairo Named Riskiest Megacity for Women

Over 60 Percent of Afghan Girls Not In School - Report

Iran: Women Literacy Teachers of Yazd Joined Other Teachers’ Protests

Kuwait Hosts International Conference on Women Leaders in Science, Technology

Turkey's TİKA Extends Helping Hand to Women, Girls Worldwide

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Stop Policing Women’s Clothes
Dr Shenila Khoja-Moolji

Stop Policing Women’s Clothes
Dr Shenila Khoja-Moolji

The purpose behind not policing women is to give them the space to decide what they want to wear, when, and where. It does not mean that women will necessarily choose to break the norms of a community within which they move about. Indeed, people’s choices are often mediated by the social structures within which they live. Why must we think that if as a society we were to stop opining on women’s clothes that women would necessarily decide to shed their clothes and roam about half-naked?...

Scholars Divided On Women Attempting Haj without 'Mehram'

The 'Huntress' In a Hijab

Iraqi Turkmen Woman Recalls Horrors Of IS Captivity

Cairo Named Most Dangerous Megacity for Women; London Best — Poll

Karachi Named Second-Most Dangerous Megacity for Women: Poll

Syrian, Turkish Women Find Vocations That Give Back In Southeastern Turkey

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How the Teachings of Islam Could Help Us Prevent More Sexual Abuse Scandals
Qasim Rashid

My advocacy is informed not just by the law, but by strategies detailed in Islamic teachings and Prophet Muhammad’s example to pre-empt sexual abuse. Yes, the cancer of sexual abuse against women that we see in Christian majority America is just as prevalent in Muslim majority Pakistan, but also in Hindu majority India and state atheist China. This proves that men worldwide are failing in our responsibility to end sexual abuse and gender based violence....

WWE Signs First Woman Wrestler from Arab World in Global Push

Princess Reema—The First Saudi Woman to Head Sports Federation

Pakistani Woman to Be Given Visa for Liver Transplant: Indian FM

A Jewish Woman in Azerbaijan, a Muslim Country: Serving as a Supreme Court Judge

Muslim Women Welcome Haj without Escorts

From The Raqqa Front Line: Only British Woman Fighting Isis In Syria Says She Can Never Return Home

Emirati Women Play Major Role in Sustainability, Says Dr Nawal Al-Hosany

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Over Eighty Percent of Saudi Women Said To Apply For Driving Licences

Legal Experts Welcome Move to Criminalize Sexual Harassment in Saudi Arabia

'Breath': Iran's First Oscar Nominee by Female Director

Rs 51,000 'Shaadi Shagun' For Graduate Muslim Girls

Iran's Health Minister Appoints Women To Key Posts

Feminists Are Failing To Confront Islamic Society's Treatment of Women

Mumbai Authorities Say Indian Government, Not Saudi’s Has Haj Rule for Women

Saudi Women to Steer Away Jobs from Expatriate Drivers

Iran: Girl students sent out of Tehran U dormitory

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If women are included in equal numbers in peace negotiations, the outcome of many such dialogues would be different. But it needs to be recognised that gender-related violence and oppression, the subjugation of women and denying them social justice also trigger conflict. It robs the socio-political environment of stability, and a big section of the population is left discontented....


Saudi Arabia’s Next Revolution: Female Taxi Drivers

‘Should Allow Only-Women Group on Haj’

Iran: 37,000 Girl Children of Under 13 Married In One Year

Careem Holds Recruitment Session for Women Drivers in Saudi Arabia

Arab Sisters Arrested In Abu Dhabi for Using Witchcraft to Fix Relationships

Muslim Man Checks into Hotel with Hindu Woman in Barmer, Assaulted

Saudi Arabia Stresses Its Pursuit to Promote, Protect Women’s Issues according To Shariah

Iran: Number of women imprisoned for unintentional crimes doubled

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Misogyny and Work
Zeenat Hisam

Misogyny and Work
Zeenat Hisam

This palpable fear of being stabbed — experienced daily since the last two weeks by women workers — is being laughed away by many men (and women who are safe) with the incessant churning out of misogynist jokes (‘Men are taking their wives and dropping them off at Gulistan-i-Johar for a taste of knife, ha … ha…’, ‘It must be a tailor who is not getting orders for Shalwars as girls have taken to wearing tights … ho … ho’)....


Muslim Girl in Vienna Harassed For Wearing Burqa

A Page from the Diary of a 25-Year-Old Muslim Woman Travelling Alone

Saudi Women as Traffic Cops under Consideration

‘No Lecturer Posted In Naudero Girls’ College since Inception’

Tribal Women Flay Islamabad Police for Violence

Imam University Denies Seizing Cell Phones of Women Students

Iraqi Women Visit Historic Monastery after Its Recapture from Islamic State

Educated Girls Can Make Better Future for Themselves: Hale

6 Bangladeshi Girls Awarded For Their Role in Preventing Child Marriage

Traffic Police Warn Women about Unauthorized Driving Instructors

Luxury Motor Show in Riyadh Enjoys Huge Female Turnout

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Many Muslim-majority countries have official fatwa councils. Saudi Arabia’s decision to add women to these councils is not particularly path-breaking. There is a long, if contested, tradition of women’s authority in Islam, and women hold official religious positions in Morocco, Turkey and elsewhere. The Saudi government has no doubt examined these experiments and deemed it prudent — and harmless to their grip on power — to install women as state muftis.....


'Want Equality for Women, Get Men to Carry Baby for 4.5 Months', Says Muslim Clerics' Body

Iranian, Malaysian Women to Bolster Trade Relations

Jihadi Brides, Dating and Identity: British Muslim Women Speak Out

Hadiya ‘Love Jihad’ Probe: ‘Two Hindu Women Said Were Lured To Islam, But Not Forced’

3 Saudi Women Get Top Positions in Tawafa Firm

Pakistan Returns Woman Who Crossed LoC Erroneously

87,575 Business Licenses Issued For Saudi Women

SR40 an Hour to Teach Driving To Women

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Wanted: Violent Muslim Women
Rafia Zakaria

Muslim women are smarter than Muslim men. The sly manipulation of faith that lies at the core of all terror groups and that is so useful in recruiting men is unlikely to be quite so effective in drawing in women. Unlike Muslim men, Muslim women know and remember that the violence now being demanded of them by ISIS is a mere redirection of the violence that is inflicted upon them.....

Chasing Feminism in Pakistan
Inamullah Marwat

After having studied theoretical discourses related to feminism, having discussed its various nuances with a diverse spectrum of students from different backgrounds in Pakistan and having observed Pakistan’s slow pace to catch up with feminist ideals being followed at large across the world...


Indian Clerics Slam Idea of Allowing Women to Go On Haj Alone

Saudi Woman Booked For Driving Before Lifting Of Ban

Shark-Suit Wearer Runs Afoul Of Austria’s Burqa Ban Law

Ogun Muslims Demand Use of Hijab in Schools

Saudi Arabia Authorities Warn Against Driving Lessons for Women

British-Iranian Woman Jailed In Tehran Faces New Charges, Says Husband

Irish Senate Delegation Meets Iranian Female Lawmakers

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Want Girls to Get Education: Malala Yousafzai, the Youngest Nobel Laureate
Malala Yousafzai

Saudi Husband Justifies Posting Photo of Teaching Wife How To Drive

Grooming Gangs 'Are Abusing Girls across the Country', Victims and Investigators Warn

Women Must Save Their Country, Says Nurul Izzah

Saudi Music Video on Woman Driving Goes Viral

Pakistani Women Are Living In 'Entirely Different Society' And Are 'Shockingly Badly Integrated' In Britain Says Official Audit

Iran: Women Stage Protests In Khorassan And Lorestan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Men are the main cause of half the problems of the world. Let us imagine a world without men for one day. Women would walk in streets with comfort and ease and, more importantly, with a strong feeling of freedom. They would swim in seas and in swimming pools, and would walk in parks late at night without the fear of being attacked. No woman would cry. In fact, life would be a bed of roses....


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