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Islam, Women and Feminism

Austrian Lawmaker Wears Headscarf to Parliament in Protest at Hijab Ban

Triple Talaq via WhatsApp? Maharashtra Man Booked Under Muslim Women Bill

Women In Their Twenties Smitten For Plates With Special Dates

Women Married To Chinese Men Petition LHC For Action Against FIA

Student Protesters In Iran Continue Their Protests

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A New Era for Muslim Women at the Baton Rouge Mosque

Women’s Bicycling Banned as Illegal by Isfahan’s Prosecutor

Uber Launches New Feature For Saudi Women Drivers To Choose Passengers

Youngest Female Minister: Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 Harnessing Youth’s Potential

Midland GP Who Asked Muslim Woman to Remove Veil So He Could Hear Faces the Sack

Social Barriers Hindrance to Women’s Participation: Study

Women Of Tunisia's Sejnane Keep Pottery Tradition Alive

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Afghan Film Body Gets Its First Female Boss

French Senate Votes to Ban Headscarf on School Trips

Supreme Court of India to Hear Plea of Muslim Woman against Divorce Notices

Bill 21 Targets Muslim Women’s Rights, Says Quebec Federation of Women

Two More Hindu Girls ‘Wilfully’ Convert To Islam and Approached the Islamabad High Court to Seek Security

MPA Pushes For Day-care Facilities In Govt Depts. To Support Women Lawmakers

Egyptian Football Star Mo Salah Calls For Change in Treatment of Women in Muslim World

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Even as this is a time of joy and excitement, it is also one of tension and nervousness as sacred spaces are threatened and peace of mind shaken. Being able to read the experiences of someone who comes from your background is reassuring….

The Stories of Trailblazing Women of Kabul
Tahmina Saleem and Farzana Wahidy

Women by Women aims to demonstrate the importance of showing diverse perspectives in photography; female as well as male; local as well as international, and how different the world can look as a result....


54 Women and Children Rescued From Boko Haram, Nigerian Military Says

NGOs: Malaysia Must Not Regress On Female Genital Mutilation After US Setback

Rashida Tlaib Becomes First Muslim Woman To Preside Over House Floor

Austria Bans Headscarf for Muslim Women

Patriarchy Is The Common Enemy Of Secular And Islamic Feminism

Sharjah Women Triumph At Ramadan Women’s Sports Tournament

Emirati Al Messabi’s Vision To Become Female Olympic Fencing Referee

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

In fact, the Niqab is not allowed during one of the holiest gatherings of Islam, the hajj and Umrah as it is mandated that cloth should not touch the face. Most of those who observe Purdah wear the Abaya with a Hijab…


2 Pakistani Muslim Women, Living In India for 24 Years, Get Indian Citizenship; Thank PM Modi

MoU between UN Women and Women Parliamentary Caucus Signed For Legislation to End Child Marriages in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Maid in the Middle East: Bangladeshi Domestic Workers Recall Ramadan Abroad

Students Clash over Hijab at Tehran University

French Woman Placed Under Investigation on Terrorism Charges: Report

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It was, however, supported by conservatives in the patriarchal society. The campaign's proponents believe that immodest or revealing clothes worn by women during Ramadan distract men from their fast…

Sisters in Islam Urge Kelantan Religious Authorities to Stop Policing the Way Women Dress

Muslim Women Accuse Amazon of ‘Harassing and Hostile’ Work Conditions

Jakarta Muslim Women Concerned Over Growing Antifeminist Movement

11 Chinese Nationals Sent To Jail in Fake Marriages with Pakistani Women and Forcing Them into Prostitution after Taking Them to China

Students Clash over Hijab at Tehran University

Democratic Leaders Back Muslim Lawmaker after Holocaust Comments

The Women Defying Menace and Mistrust to Rid Pakistan Of Polio

Iranian Students Protest Mandatory Headscarf Rule

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

For many women, it is a threat to their choice of wanting to wear a Burqa or not. Public and political response to such prohibition proposals is complex, since by definition that would mean the government decides on individual clothing....

Two Pakistani Sisters ‘Married’ To Chinese Men Eventually Saved

Bangladesh Rescues 23 Rohingya Girls from Traffickers

Pink Booths in Delhi Draw Muslim Women Voters Successfully

Islamic Girls Academy Donates to the Only Muslim Boarding School in Liberia

Rear-End Crashes Top Accidents Caused By Saudi Women Drivers

Iran Parliament Upholds Women's Rights in 'Mixed Marriage' Citizenship Debate

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Hijab for Safety of Women, Ensures They’re Not Harassed

Young Muslim Women In India Are Carving Out New Spaces, Skills Gives Women Sense Of Power

I Worry About Our Family Back Home: Zakir Naik's Wife

88th Woman Executed During Rouhani’s Presidency

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


If India Follows West Example to Ban Burqa, Here’s why Hindu Women Will Pose a Tough Challenge

East London Muslim Woman in Niqab Told ‘There Was No Need for Al-Qaeda in the Area’

Young Emirati Woman Lawyer in UAE Raises The Bar

Gender Quotas a Solution to Feminising Senior Roles in Saudi Government

Over 856,000 Domestic Violence Injunctions Issued In 27 Months

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Debate Rages in Egypt as Christian Women Told To Cover Up

Pakistan cracks down on Chinese trafficking of women

‘Around 85000 Female Doctors Not Working After Getting Medical Education In Pakistan’

Egypt: Activists Campaign to Raise Awareness Of Female Detainees

Arab Women Scientists Call Out Gender Discrimination in The Workplace

US Report Calls Aasia Bibi’s Acquittal a ‘Landmark Decision’

‘I See Malala as My Leader’, Says Father Of Young Pakistani Activist Made Famous By Taliban Attackers

A Database of Expertise: Online Register for the World’s Women Scientists

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Kashmir's Muslim Clerics to Focus on Women's Rights during Holy Month

Why Afghan Refugee Women in Pakistan Fear Repatriation

Israeli Teen Held over Palestinian Woman’s Death Moved to House Arrest

Trudeau declines to say if Asia Bibi in Canada due to ‘security issues’

UAE Minister of Culture Celebrates Saudi Pavilion’s Focus on Women at Venice Biennale

487 Women among 6,270 Lawyers in the Kingdom

Young Women Victims of Suicide In Iran Under The Mullahs’ Rule

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Female empowerment is something that has been achieved by many women; however, the Burqa we all wear might be invisible to the point that we do not really notice its presence anymore. Therefore, I will keep my Afghan Burqa well-kept and in clear sight, so I can always remember that my freedom is not to be taken for granted....


Chechnya Gets Female-Only Taxis before the Start of Ramadan

Unlikely Woman New Heroine Of Turkish Opposition

Microfinance Funds Hope For Syrian Refugee Women

FIA Intensifies Crackdown on Chinese Gangs behind Fraud, Women Trafficking

Saudi Government's 'Wife-Tracking' App Linked To Domestic Violence and Abusive Working Conditions, Says Rights Group

'Dehijabing' By Female Celebs Can Have Negative Influence, Says Perkasa Women's Wing Chief

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Pakistani Christian Girls Targeted By Chinese as Brides

Muslims in Agra Angry over Mayor’s Call to Ban Burqa, Demand Apology

91 Percent Saudi Women Do Not Practice Sport: Gastat Survey

Saudi National Guard Recruiting Women Cadets

Malaysia's First Female Chief Justice Unfazed By New Post

Women Are Powering Sudan’s Drive for Change

Uber and Takamol Partner to Empower Working Saudi Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim teenagers in New Zealand have been quoted saying they felt happiness in seeing Sudanese political activist Alaa Salah standing on a car in her headscarf, chanting and looking ready to rule the world. In Sri Lanka that has seen decades of war...


Celebrating 'Burkini' Is Betrayal, Not Benevolence

Uber Pens Partnership to Give Affordable Transport for Saudi Women

FIA Registers 8,500 Complaints Concerning Women Harassment

This Ramadan, Ulema to Focus on Eradicating Domestic Violence against Women

Women, Hopeful for Change, Are Driving Sudan’s Uprising

‘No Society Can Prosper Without Women Participation'

Women’s role in economic development stressed

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Instances of headscarved Muslim women being refused entry at various supermarkets and prominent establishments was followed by the usual scaremongering via alarmist infographics doing the rounds yet again ‘educating’ the public of the differences between the Burqa, hijab, and chador....


“The MES will not encourage any type of veils on its campus. Managers of each MES institution will have to ensure that girl students do not come to the campus with their faces covered. They are hereby asked to include this as a rule on the campus from academic year 2019-20”....

Jamaat-e-Islami Rejects Call for Ban on ‘Burqa’ in India

Behind Kerala Veil Ban, Story Of Uniform, Two Girls Out Of School for a Year

Muslim Women Are Abandoning Surgery Career Dreams over Fears Of Breaking NHS Dress Code

New Zealand Official Lauds Status Of Emirati Women

Bank in Surat Bans Burqa, Backtracks After Protests

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Niqab Not Mandatory in Islam: Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen

German Woman Who Converts To Islam Goes On Trial

Saudi Court Releases Four Additional Women Accused Of Undermining Security

US Female Landlord Who Refused To Rent to Muslim Men Settles Lawsuit

Burqa Ban: Muslim Women from Mumbra Protest against Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut

First Women Emirati Doctors Honoured

Amnesty Demands That Saudi Arabia Free Remaining Women Activists in Jail

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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