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Islam, Women and Feminism

No matter your perspective, the institution of marriage is as old as the human civilisation. It is because Prophet Adam and Hawwa (upon them be peace) were tied together in ‘wedlock’ in the celestial that we derive validity to sing the praise of the Almighty each time the female and male genders find union on terrestrial earth....


Sisters in Islam: Malaysia Can’t Keep Condoning Child Marriage as It Perpetuates Poverty and Is Counter-Productive to Children’s Health and Intellectual Development

Kuwaiti Woman to Pay KD 5,001 For Illicit Relationship

Group Floats Separate Swimming for Men And Women At Williamsburg Pool

Woman Collapses after Being Whipped By Cruel Sharia Police For ‘Behaving Amorously’

Indonesian Activist Seeks Rights, Equality and Gender Justice for Women

Women in finance bring ESG benefits to Mideast

Pakistan's Female Creative Leader Makes It To 'Spikes Asia See It Be It 2019'

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.The recent decision of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government ordering female students to wear a Chadar, veil or Abaya created a storm on social media forcing the government to reverse the move. But the reversal has equally been condemned by the ‘religious’ right some of whom also invoked Islamic injunctions and Quranic verses to slam the reversal....


Pakistan Women Work Hard To Overcome Country's Taboos about Menstruation

Woman Collapses In Agony as she’s Savagely Caned for ‘Having Sex Outside Marriage’ In Front Of Indonesian Crowd

FIFA Tells Iran It Is Time to Allow Women into Stadiums

SC Summons UP Home Secretary in a Case by A 16-Year-Old Muslim Girl Seeking Validation Of her marriage under Muhammadan law

The Toronto Raptors Now Sell Hijabs. What Does This Mean For Muslim Women?

Pakistan Women’s Rights Activist Who Highlighted Atrocities by Military Escapes to US

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NGOs Urge Malaysian Govt to Follow Indonesia's Move by Prohibiting Child Marriages
New Age Islam News Bureau
Jewish and Arab Women Unite To Defy Bedouin Voter Suppression in Israeli Election
'Islam Is Right about Women': Odd Signs Spark Confusion in Winchester
Bahrain Torturing Women in Detention
Assam: Police Strip, Torture 3 Muslim Women, Pregnant Woman Loses Baby
A Muslim Woman Comic Walks Into a Bar: Changing Perceptions Through Jokes
Karnataka Woman Gets Triple Talaq Over WhatsApp from Dubai, Files Complaint
Photo Fest To Feature Arab News Series On Saudi Female Success Stories
Israeli Police Shoot Palestinian Woman, Saying she Tried to Stab them
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Iran's Female Fans Find Football Buzz in Cafes and Malls Due To Stadium Bans

Shaheen Zainab Fathima, Woman, Who Converted To Islam, Allowed Police Protection by Madurai HC

Senior Google Female Executive to Lead Pakistan’s Digitisation Initiative

Woman in Hijab Launches Racist Attack On Indian Bus Passenger

Karachi-Based Team of Women Entrepreneurs to Represent Pakistan at Singapore Start-up Weekend

Police Strip; Torture 3 Assam Sisters, Pregnant Woman Loses Baby after Beating

The Modest Motivator: Nike’s First Hijab Ambassador on Breaking Barriers for Women in Fitness

Organising Committee of Arab Women Sports Tournament Releases Competition Manifesto

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“Apartheid Israel kills children as a hobby,” Billoo wrote on Twitter in 2012. And in 2015, she wrote: “I’m more afraid of racist Zionists who support Apartheid Israel than of the mentally ill young people the #FBI recruits to join ISIS.”..


Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami Chief Asks Women To Raise Strong Voice In Support Of Kashmiris

Saudi Women to Be Hired As Drivers of School Buses

Mississauga’s Sisterhood Softball League Encourages Muslim Women to Play Ball

Modanisa Targets First Turkish Unicorn Status with Muslim Women’s wear

CM Withdraws Dress Code Order for KP Schoolgirls After Outcry

Iraqi Women Urge Parliament To Approve Domestic Abuse Bill

Egypt Promotes Women Economic Empowerment Through National Conference

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Iranian Female Weightlifters to Make History at IWF Worlds

Assam Teacher Makes ‘Hijab’ Compulsory for Girls in School; Retracts Order after Opposition

FIA Opens Money Laundering Case against Pakistan Model and Actor Sofia Mirza

Drunk Man Violently Attacks, Stabs Muslim Woman in France

Boris Johnson 'S Burqa Jibes 'Dehumanising', Says Government's Extremism Adviser

Indiana Lawyers Seek Yazidi Testimony For U.S. Woman Charged With Aiding Islamic State

Egypt's Easy Riders: How Scooter Sisters Are Taking Back the Road

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Egypt Teen on Trial for Killing Bus Driver Who Allegedly Raped Her Ignites Debate

Toronto Raptors Are Selling A Team-Branded Hijab For Muslim Women Athletes

Education Authorities In Pakistan To Girls: Wear ‘Abaya’ To Avoid Eve-Teasing And Harassment

Tamil Nadu: Parents Threatening To Kill Girl For Converting To Islam?

Domestic Violence in the Middle East

Afghan Women Weave War Into Their Rugs

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Malay Shariah Courts Need Urgent Reforms to Protect Women

Iran to Arrest Actress for Supporting ‘Blue Girl’ Who Set Herself on Fire

Women at Malad Housing Society Insist On Unity in Diversity, Set an Example for Mumbai and the Rest of the Country

Iraq Sentences Islamic State’s Woman Chemical Weapons Expert

A Middle East Bikers’ Club Hits the Road for Women’s Empowerment

Toronto Raptors Launch Line Of Team-Branded Athletic Hijabs

Teen Egyptian Girl’s Case Puts Legal System under Spotlight

Iran in no hurry to allow women into stadiums after 'Blue Girl' death

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She was a pioneer, opening the first art college for women in Turkey, and encouraged artists for decades. And she was a cunning marketer who sometimes bent the truth about her artwork as a way to support herself when the going got rough....


Abuse of Female Political Prisons on Rise in Bahrain: Rights Groups

TV Needs To Stop ’Empowering’ Muslim Women By Removing Their Hijabs

Why Kuwaiti Women Are Increasingly Turning To Egg Freezing

French Court Finds Saudi Princess Complicit In Violence against Workman, Gives Jail Term

Women Workers Return Scarred From Saudi Arabia

Survey Finds Modest Gains in Support for Arab Women’s Rights

Saudi Women’s Economic Participation Up By 23.2% In Q2

UN experts: UAE forces sexually abuse inmates in Yemen

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Four Arab Women and Their Quest to Scale Mount Everest

283% Increase in Number of Working Saudi Women

Despite Tensions, BCCI Hopeful Of Hosting Pakistan Women Cricket Team

Arab Woman Loses Dhs194,000 In Attempt To Marry Sales Executive

Iran Insists On Banning Women From Sports Events Despite Protests

Yazidi sex slave survivor to face one of her ISIS rapists in German court

As Peace Talks With the Taliban Collapse, Afghan Women Demand To Be Heard

Muslim Apprentice Nurse Chases Men on M25 Saying They Threw Eggs At Her And Called Her A ‘Terrorist‘

Meet the Women with Guns Who Fought Isil in Syria - And Are Now Battling Its Patriarchy

Pakistan Sikh Girl ‘Conversion’ Case: FIR against Muslim Man Quashed

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Women in Baghpat District Of UP in India Are Being Forced To Marry Multiple Husbands

Egyptian Woman's Egg-Freeze Decision Creates Debate On Taboo Subject

Care Assistant Jailed For Punching Muslim Woman and Ripping Off Her Hijab In Racist Attack

Iranians Call on FIFA to Act after Young Iranian Woman’s Fatal Self-Immolation

Where Are The Film Roles For Muslim Actors Who Wear A Hijab?

After Breaking Glass Ceiling In Israel, Druze Woman Aims For Equality

Egypt’s Women’s Right Centre Condemns Assault on Woman by Niqab Wearers

Three Egyptian Architects among Finalists for Tamayouz Award

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


2 Muslim Teachers Fired From Canadian Schools For Refusing To Remove Headscarves

Husband Gives Triple Talaq through Voice Message Sent To Brother

Canadian Artist Commemorates Muslim Female Travellers

Saudi Women Directors Bring Empowerment Message To Venice

Chandrayaan-2 a Giant Leap for South Asia: Pak Woman Explorer

A New Face in Kosovo Looks to Transform the Role of Women in Politics

Inside the Minds of the Women Who Joined ISIS

After Breaking Political Glass Ceiling, Druze Woman Aims For Equality

Jawazat issues passports to Saudi women thru Absher

Pakistani Woman Police Officer Slapped By Lawyer Demands Justice

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Tunisian Women Absent From Presidential Campaign

Suicide Bomber in Muslim Woman's Gown Dies In Apparent Attack on Military Unit In Philippines

Say a Prayer: The Muslim Woman Who Photographed Bradford's Last Synagogue

Kerala Man Booked For Giving Triple Talaq to Wife via WhatsApp

Saudi Females Take Scouting Pledge

Abu Dhabi TV anchor launches FNC election campaign

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Singer, Sinéad O’Connor: ‘I Have Been A Muslim All My Life and I Didn’t Realise It’

Female Trainees Graduate Through Saudi Ministry’s Leadership Initiative

Kerala Braveheart, Sifiya Haneef, Conferred Neerja Bhanot Award

Kuwaiti Woman Earns Global Recognition In Malaysia

Saudi Women Directors Bring Empowerment Message To Venice

Afghan Women Determined To Vote In Presidential Elections

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Turkish Gov't Vows Zero Tolerance on Violence against Women

Why Are There So Few Statues of Women in Egypt?

Saudi Women Directors Bring Empowerment Message to Venice

Afghan Women Determined To Vote in Presidential Polls

Iran Detains 22 Men and Women for Attending Mixed-Gender Party

Angelina Jolie Sends Message of Support As First Independent All-Afghan Movie Premiers In Venice

UP Woman Given Triple Talaq for Giving Birth to Girl

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Hindu Women Making Strides in Government Jobs in Pakistan

Young Female Football Fan in Iran Sets Herself on Fire To Protest Jail

Hindu Girl, Kidnapped In Pakistan, Reunited With Family: Report

Muslim Children Get Catholic Education In Flexible Madagascar

The Movers List: Khadijah Safari is helping women smash through the barriers by bringing religion and MMA together

First Friday rally in Ashland supports congresswomen, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

Spain Issues Arrest Warrants for ISIS Women Trapped In Syrian Camps

NASFAT Tasks Women on Effective Parenting

Police Rescue Hafizabad Woman Held Captive By Brothers For 10 Years

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


From ‘Katateeb’ To Scholarships: Girls’ Education in Saudi Arabia Takes Quantum Leap

Women Engineers to Give Beauty to the ‘Bride of Red Sea’ Parks

UN Women To Extend Quality Social Services For Violence-hit Females

Europe’s Barely Clad Feminists Partner with Burqa-Wearing Islamists

Jinsha Basheer, A Software Engineer In An MNC, Resigned Her Job To Continue Fight Against Crimes And Expose Them

An Iraqi-Born Artist Rejects Identities Imposed on Women

Sikh Labour MP Asks Boris Johnson to Apologise for 'Racist' Remarks against Muslim Women

National Sports Council D-G Blasts Terengganu Exco over Comments About Female Gymnasts’ Attire

Israa Ghareeb: A Palestinian Woman Who Lost Her Life In The Name Of ‘Honour’

259 Bangladesh Women Workers Waiting In Saudi Arabia to Return Home

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


At A Sprawling Tent Camp In Syria, ISIS Women Impose A Brutal Rule

100 Females Enrol In King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals For Higher Studies For First Time

52% Married Women In Pakistan Have Unmet Contraceptive Needs

Paris Pool Closes Due To ‘Pro-Burkini’ Protest

Palestinian Woman Allegedly Killed After Posting Picture With Fiance

Egypt's Islamic Institutions Set Four Conditions For Freezing Women's Eggs

Women have key to peace and development of nation: moot

Egypt’s Women’s Right Center Condemns Assault On Woman By Niqab Wearers

Egyptian MP Proposes Law to Allow Women on State Council

MP Proposes Allowing Female Judges In State Council Positions

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Having considered all this, it becomes easier to see why Bangladesh’s small legal linguistic tweak is such a paradigm shift. Because be it a Bengali bride, a Pakistani newlywed, or a young Iranian student, we are all living in a part of the world where our virginity isn’t a personal matter....


Since a law making it illegal for Muslim men to divorce their wives by pronouncing the word “Talaq” three times was finally passed by the Indian parliament at the end of July, it has been the focus of bitter argument....


First Saudi Woman Appointed As Traffic Collision Inspector with Najm

First Major Russian Brand to Feature Hijab-Wearing Model, Titled 'Just Be Yourself'

Aasia Bibi: Pakistan Is My Country, Pakistan Is My Homeland, I Love My Country, I Love My Soil

Two Muslim Women Brutally Attacked At London Tube Station

Muslim Woman’s Niqab Is ripped off as she’s ‘Beaten in London Street In front Of Her Horrified Children’

Pune: American Woman Abuses, Assaults Doctor Wearing Burqa, Booked

249,000 Kuwaiti Women Married To Foreigners Until 2018

Islamophobic Incidents Rose 375% After Boris Johnson Compared Muslim Women To ‘Letterboxes’, Figures Show

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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