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Islam, Women and Feminism

BJP’s Ishrat Jahan Using Islam to Boost Political Career

Saudi Female Footballers Show Will To Succeed

Members of First All-Female Afghan Orchestra Missing In Slovakia

South Africa Army Reviews Uniform Policy, Allows Women to Wear Headscarves

How to Protest Hijab Bans and Support Muslim Women around the World

SANDF Headscarf Case: Muslim Major May Get Interim Relief As Policy Talks Continue

Amid Rising Hate Crimes, Muslim and Jewish Women Travelled To Auschwitz Together

Female security guard makes women take off their Burqas in St George's Hospital, Mumbai

500 new drivers’ licenses obtained by women

91st Woman Executed in Iran during Rouhani’s Presidency

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I must emphasise though, that Zaira Wasim’s declaration struck a particular chord in my heart. I’m no celebrity by any measure, but I was 17 when I turned towards spiritualism, and in a step that shocked everyone around me, decided to adopt the Hijab....


Woman Threatened To Stab Muslim Teen for Wearing the Hijab, In East London

Woman Loses Custody of Daughter in Saudi Arabia after Bikini Photos Shown To Judge

Triple Talaq Petitioner, Ishrat Jahan, Says Threat to Life for Attending Hindu Religious Ceremony

UN Representative: Pakistan Signed MOU to Protect Women against Sexual Harassment

90th Woman Executed in Iran during Rouhani’s Term In Office Since 2013

Syrian Women Make Toys for Living in Turkey’s Hatay

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All of this has fed a new hopeful sense of coming change in Afghanistan. A new narrative is said to be taking shape, with the conflict-scarred country moving forward towards a brighter future, which is to be based on an intra-Afghan consensus....


We must make a distinction between theology and law. Dalit entry into temples, women’s entry into the Sabarimala temple and mosques do involve legal issues because of the right to equality and non-discrimination. But as far as women entry in mosques is concerned, it is to be kept in mind that the Supreme Court held in Ismail Farooqui (1994) that mosque is not even an essential feature of Islam....

Sindh Assembly Raises Alarm over Kidnapping, Forced Conversion of Hindu Girls In Sindh

Malaysia's 'Phoenix': Hijab-wearing Wrestler Nor Diana Breaking Barriers

Muslim Women Celebrate Guru Purnima In Varanasi

Has the Taliban Actually Become More Progressive on Women’s Rights?

In The New Afghanistan, the Future of Women Must Be Protected

66 Russian ISIS women jailed in Iraq: Lavrov

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“The first generation establishes the mosques and the schools for the community,” Kamran said. “The next generations get to do things like civic engagement. It’s a time for us to step up.”...

‘Believe All Women’ Makes the ‘Pence Rule’ Just Common Sense

Two British Women Refuse to Board Plane with Muslim Passengers, Get Kicked Off

President Trump Falsely Claims Rep. Omar Praised Al Qaeda

American Mother Loses Saudi Arabian Custody Battle for Her Daughter

About 450 Foreign Women Drivers Hired By March-End

Women Seek Clarity on New Sponsorship Rule in UAE

Egypt’s National Council for Women Visit Women’s Prisons to Ensure Quality of Care

Saudi Women Rev Up Volkswagen Sales in the Kingdom after a Year on the Road

What's Behind Quebec's Ban on Religious Symbols?

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

 Iranian Women Take Off Their Hijabs As Hard-Liners Push Back

‘Tackle Child Marriages among Non-Muslims Too’: Women’s Aid Organisation, Malaysia

View From The Courtroom: New Law Soon To Check Child Marriages In KP

Birmingham School Protests: Muslim Women's Voices Are Being Lost In the Debate

Special Haj Training Camp Held for Women

Princess Duaa is Supreme Chairwoman of the Arab Women Foundation

40 Emirati Women To Gain Tourism Skills

In Agony, Yazidi Women Torn Between Islamic State Kids And Return Home

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

American Muslim Women Are Fighting For the Freedom to Swim

Saudi Women 'Will Be Able To Leave the Country Without Man's Permission'

Agony of Yazidi Women Torn Between IS Kids, Or Return Home

Two Women Thrown Off a Thomas Cook Flight for Complaining About ‘Terrorist’ Muslim Passengers

Muslim Head Coverings: The Difference between Hijab, Niqab and Burqa

Saudi Activist Successful In Helping Women Seek Asylum From Gulf States

3,000 Young Saudis Undergo Intensive Guidance and Counselling On Marriage through Al-Zawaj Program

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Princess Reema Bint Bandar: Walking in Her Father’s Footsteps

Women in Syria's Raqqa Enjoy Newfound Freedoms after Islamic State  

Afghan Women Note Taliban Shift after Doha Talks

Saudis to Let Women Travel Without A Male

Crackdown On Dissent Accompanies Reform For Saudi Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Mesbah says women ­experiencing violence should not have to rely on a third party to prove they have been separated for 12 months, or be forced to wait a year before being allowed to get ­divorced....


Woman Arab Doctor Defies Odds Running an Emergency Room

Egypt’s Fatima Qandil: The First Female Judge to sit on the Judicial Panel of the Egyptian Criminal Court

How Muslim Women Break Stereotypes By Mixing Faith and Modesty with Fashion

Turkish Businessman Refuses Entry to Veiled Muslim Women In Istanbul Hotels, Cafes

Canada Pledges CAD 400m In Support Of Women, Girls’ Education In Developing Countries Including Afghanistan

‘Quality Education’ Key To Boosting Saudi Women’s Workforce Participation

Afghan Women Note Taliban Shift after Doha Talks

A Lesson from Pakistan on Protecting the Rights of Muslim Women

Supreme Court Refuses Early Hearing on Nikah Halala and Polygamy of Muslim Women

Islamic Headscarf: Iran's Promotional Video Divides Opinion

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Shoura Votes Down Proposal to Increase Women in City Councils

Meet the Pakistani Playing Marvel's First On-Screen Hijabi Character

Stop Victim Blaming Says Indonesian Woman Heading To Jail

Dewi, a Young Muslim Woman, On Her Meeting with Pope Francis

Sudan: From Syria to Sudan, Women Rights Defenders Need More Than Likes

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Indonesia's Aceh Says Women's Football 'Forbidden' Unless All-Female

Bosnia: Turkish First Lady Opens Workshops for Disabled

We Can Create A Utopia For Women By Designing Feminist Cities

Taliban Assurance of 'Women's Rights' Has Big Caveat

The Muslim Feminist Who Escaped Her Past in Saudi Arabia

Turkey's Erdogan Pushes For Gender Segregation In Universities

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


In Pakistani newspapers, news stories featuring men killing their wives, sisters and daughters are so commonplace that they do not get any mention save the bottoms and sides of inside pages....


Ivanka Trump Hails Participation of Afghan Women In Intra-Afghan Dialogue In Qatar

Princess Reema Bint Bandar Meets President Trump, Presents Credentials As Saudi Envoy To US

Coalition for Women in Journalism Urges Pakistan Government To Ensure Safety Of Journalist Asma Shirazi

The Activists Leading Efforts for Women's Rights at Afghan Talks

Human Rights Group Asks Nicki Minaj to Cancel Performance in Saudi Arabia

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Dilip Kumar rose to become the country’s foremost actor, though it was a known fact that his real name was Yusuf Khan. In Baiju Bawra, a film that set the tone for musical innovations, the immortalised Bhajan, “Man Tarpat Hari Darshan Ko Aaj’’ was composed by Naushad, penned by Shakeel Badayuni and rendered by Mohammad Rafi....

Zaira Wasim and Nusrat Jahan have brought opposing perspectives to drawing room conversations. Both deserve a fair hearing, once we allow ourselves to get beyond the ‘Imaan’ and ‘Sindoor’ level of sentimentality....

Women’s Soccer Rejected As ‘Haram’ By Islamic Groups and Scholars in Aceh

Aligarh: Muslim Woman Asked To Vacate House After She Joins BJP

'Let a Muslim Woman Challenge It': SC Dismisses Hindu Mahasabha Plea on Mosque Entry

Sh Qaradawi’s Daughter Remanded In Egypt Again

By Breaking Taboos, This Urdu Writer Helped Poor Women Gain Control over Their Lives

‘Equality of Women’ Motto Adopted By Saudi Arabia for Haj 2019

Libyan Women Ignore Barriers to Launch Businesses

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The other effort that has to be made is to involve Muslim men rather than consider them adversaries. It is not as though there are no women’s rights champions among Muslim men, in fact many of them have weighed in on the side of women whenever a contentious issue has arisen...

One of the most popular images from Sudan’s protests that led to the overthrow of Omar al-Bashir is that of Alaa Salah – a young, female university student. The image of her speaking to a crowd highlighted the presence and role women had in the uprising....


Digital Illiteracy A Hurdle For Arab Women

Improperly Veiled Iranian Women to Be Stopped At Airports, Banned From Travel

Thousands of Iranian Women Participate In Free Iran March In Berlin

Triple Talaq Issue Is Always A Favourite During Elections But Create Space For Muslim Women In The Mainstream

The Woman Reconciling Faith and Women's Rights Through Retreats

Nigeria: Yemi Osinbajo Urges Muslims, Christians to Unite Against Terrorism

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Niqab Banned In Tunisian Government Offices

Bright Orange Bikes Help Women Break Barriers in Iran

Nigerian School Makes Muslim Girls Remove Headscarves

In Tunisia, More Women in Office Can Make All the Difference

Why This Photo of a Politician with Malala Is Being Criticised

International Bikini Day 2019: How Burkini Continues To Spark Gender Debates across World

Pakistan Hindu Girl Taken To ‘Madrasa’, Family Kept Off

With Her Daughter, Two, Despite Calling for a Caliphate – And Insists: 'I Never Killed Anyone'

Madison Woman Vies For Miss Muslimah USA Crown

Religious Women In Mideast Try To Be The Heat, Modestly

Yazidi Women Training In Israel To Help Their Community Cope With The Trauma Of ISIS

Princess Haya Could Flee What Many UAE Women Cannot

Idea of 'Women's Universities' in Turkey Receives Full Support from Scholars

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Just like Ruhani managed to find her way back to her art, she believes that even Zaira will, if her decision of quitting the industry was influenced. Because "once an artist, always an artist."...


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