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Islam, Women and Feminism

Iranian Women Go Online To Protest Forced Hijab

Malala Elected Social Secretary at Oxford College

Dialogue Session: Women MPAs Admit Making Pro-Women Legislation A Tough Task

On Uniform Civil Code, Law Panel Asks Muslim Groups: Why Deny Some Rights to Women

Saudi Women ‘Taking Control of Their Finances’

Women Ready for Top Jobs in SCTH, Says Saudi Arabia’s First Female Tour Guide

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Three Prominent Women’s Rights Advocates Released after Crackdown

Women with International Licenses to Be Allowed To Drive in Saudi for A Year

Saudi Women Take To Tennis Courts

Iran: More Guidance Patrols To Crack Down On Women

Sudan: Teen Bride Who Killed 'Rapist' Husband Appeals Her Death Sentence

'I Don't Fear Death': Pioneering Egyptian Feminist Defies Threats

Pakistan Woman Flies Back To Italy after Forced Abortion

Nigeria: Female Senators Silent Over Rape of Zamfara Women - - Marafa

Saudi Minister to Focus on Women’s Empowerment At Global Meet

Saudi Arabia Supports Women In Professional Roles: Ministry

Iran: Women Employees Stage Protest At A University In Mashhad

Women Leadership Councils Empower Syrian Females to ‘Make Their Voices Heard’

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Jihadi Wives Get Just TEN Minutes to Plead For Life

Women Fill Leading Roles in Egypt’s Ramadan TV Series

French Muslim Student in Media Storm over Headscarf

Love Has No Bar: Serving Life Sentences, Hindu Man, Muslim Woman Marry In West Bengal

Malala Extends Condolences to Sabika’s Family over Phone

Pakistan Consul General visits Dr Aafia Siddiqui in Texas prison

Saudis Toughen Crackdown, Blunting Good Publicity over Letting Women Drive

Maleeha Lodhi Highlights Pakistani Women Leaders’ Role in Building UN System

Iran: Women participate in protests in Tehran and Rasht

Women should make Up 50 Percent of Decision-Making Positions: Turkish Businesswomen’s Association Head

Turkey Enters Electoral Process with Highest Ratio Of Female Parliamentary Candidates Ever

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Jurists Are Wrong, Husbands Cannot Beat Wives
T.O. Shanavas MD, New Age Islam

We, Muslims, must ask “Does anyone know a woman who spot ‘beauty and dignity’ in spousal brutality?”  Probably, Women suffering from the abnormal mental condition called masochism may find “beauty and dignity” in it.  There is no way to unmask the “beauty or dignity” in the jurists’ license of spousal abuse hinging on the verse.  There is not one incident in the life of Prophet (s) when he beat or treated disrespectfully any of his wives.  And if the Muslim’s claim of Islam being a liberator of women ought to be valid, Muslims must reject the jurists’ sanction of shameful act of wife beating by husbands.....

UAE Rated Safest Country for Women In Middle East

Somalian Becomes First Muslim Woman To Referee A Football Match In Britain

Californian Muslim Woman Stands Up To Islamophobia

‘Not Allowed To Wear Hijab’, Mumbai Student Takes College to Court

UK Girl ‘Tricked’ Into Marrying Pakistani By Mother; ‘Threatened’ With Black Magic

Iran's Rohani Calls for End To Ban On Women At Sports Events

Tension in Tapi Village after Muslim Youth Elopes With Hindu Girl, Police Look For Couple

Muslim Women Welcome Community to Break Ramadan Fast With Them

Morocco’s Women Surfers Ride out Waves and Harassment

Bangladesh’s Female Domestic Workers Tortured in Saudi Arabia, Unwanted At Home

Abu Dhabi Women to Support Family of Kerala Nurse Who Died Of Nipah Virus

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Arresting Feminists Doesn’t Inspire Faith in Saudi Arabia’s Much-Hyped Reform Agenda
Simon Henderson

His reforms were always likely to provoke opposition from within Saudi Arabia’s male-dominated, hierarchical society, which follows a strict interpretation of Islam. The apparent need to arrest women activists suggests that MbS is having to rethink his grand plans. In Saudi Arabia, MbS is sometimes likened to Saddam Hussein, the executed former dictator of Iraq. ...


Egypt's Endowments Ministry to Appoint Female Preachers in Each Mosque

Israel Segregates Arab, Jewish Women in Maternity Wards

Ahead Of First Official Drive Next Month, Saudi Women Choose Favourite Car Colours

Pakistan’s New Law Encourages Women Participation in Elections: Report

French Muslim Student Maryam Pougetoux Hits Back Over Headscarf Claims

'They Deserve No Mercy': Iraq Deals Briskly With Accused 'Women of Isis

Number of Underage Mothers in Turkey Down 82 Pct In Decade

11 Women Benefit From Lighter Sentences In Bahrain

Women Literacy Level Observes Stark Discrepancies: UNDP

Iran, Japan to Boost Cooperation in Women’s Affairs

Women of Iranian Resistance at IAWJ Conference in Argentina

Iran: Ten-Fold Growth of Women Victims of Aids in Two Years

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pakistani Woman Acquitted After Wrongfully Jailed For 20 Years

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Appoints First Lady Muharrar

Giza Establishes the First Women and Girls Zone in Egypt

Dr Aafia’s Family ‘Rejects’ Rumours of Her Death

US Embassy in Egypt, UN Women Open Imbaba's First Women’s ‘Hub as Part of Safe Cities Initiative

Saudi Female Engineers Head to Panama to Compete With the Best at P&G CEO Challenge

Iran: Women's Addiction Has Risen To 12 Per Cent

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


‘Intersectional Feminism’ Proves That the Feminist Movement Is Often Exclusive and Largely White
Faima Bakar

Feminism often feels like it only accepts those who look like they subscribe to its ideals. Someone in a Burqa/Niqab isn’t seen as having agency therefore is pitied or only accepted if their fight is against the religious imposition. A Muslim woman who not only wears a headscarf, but a Burqa, a Niqab, and/or who has conservative views about sex and sexuality, is not usually accepted into feminist groups...


Detained Saudi Women Driving Campaigners Branded Traitors

Coalition Hands Yemeni Government Infant Girl Used As Human Shield by Houthis

Minor Girl Found Tortured, Chained At Home in Lahore

International Rights Groups Slam Arrests of Seven Saudi Women Activists

Mariam’s Journey to North Pole ‘An Inspiration for Saudi Women’

Women from the Village Waiting For the 10th of Shawwal, When Women Will Be Allowed To Drive

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

UN Slams Death Sentence for Raped Sudanese Teen

Meet Manmeet Kaur – Pakistan’s First Sikh Female News Reporter

Meet Britain’s First Female Muslim Football Referee

Iran: A Woman Becomes Press Photographer of The Year

Saudi Arabia Detains Female Advocates Ahead Of Lifting Driving Ban: HRW

Who Is Madhuri Gupta? 9 Facts about Former Indian Diplomat Who Fell for ISI’s Honey Trap

Islamic Marriage, English Divorce: For Growing Numbers of British Muslim Women, the Results Can Be Devastating

KSA Now Ready To Give Driving Licenses to Women Who Have Valid Overseas License

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Iran: Zaweh Girl Children Get Married At 11

Saudi Women Drivers Express Hopes and Fears As Countdown Begins

SC Allows 20-Yr Old Woman to Live With Her Parents

Meet the First Saudi Female to Receive the Oil and Gas Woman of the Year Award

Knitting Their Dreams, Syrian Refugee Women Create New Brand

Ukrainian Parliament Spotlights Agony of Syrian Women

Iran: Women Protesters Appear In Court

Iran: Women’s U17 Futsal Team Withdrawn From Youths’ Olympic

Islamic Feminist Asma Lamrabet Publishes ‘Women and Men in the Qur’an’ in the US

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Women Troll Men Telling Them 'You Won't Drive'

Dina Shihabi: The Actress Blazing a Trail for Saudi Women

The Women Who Seek Meaning in Terrorism

Married Or Abducted? Indian Supreme Court Will Speak To Woman Today

Meet One of Yemen’s Rare Women Gemstone Artisans

Plight of Syrian Women in Focus At Ukrainian Parliament

Women Ready to Run For Office In Egypt

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Oklahoma Muslim Woman Says Rights Violated Over Headscarf

Saudi Car Show Puts Women in the Driving Seat

E-School System to Be Introduced In Five Govt Girls’ Schools in Pakistan

Muslim Women Too Are Covered Under Domestic Violence Act: Bombay HC

Meet ‘Captainah’ Enaam, Careem’s First Female Driver in Saudi Arabia

Abouther.Com Spotlights Saudi Arabian Women

Mohammad Issues New Decree on Dubai Women Establishment

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Women Motorcyclists Ditch the Side Saddle in Pakistan

How Indonesian Women Are Lured To Jihad

Hadiya Re-Run? Uttarakhand Man Wants Wife ‘Freed’ From Parents

Afghan Woman Activist Subject of Stinging Criticism on FB

Two British Nationals of Pakistani Origin Murdered Their Sister for Contracting Free-Will Marriage

Iran: Woman Jailed For Opposing Compulsory Veil Goes On Hunger Strike

Aramco signs MoU to Launch Sustainable Development Program for Saudi women

Man Told to Leave California Cafe after Insulting Muslim Woman, Incident Gone Viral

Political Leaders Urged To Include Women Issues in Manifestos

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Girls of the Sun: Kurdish Women Fighters Film Sparks Cannes Row

First ‘Women-Specific’ Shopping Centre Opened In Istanbul

Lawyer Obtains New Footage on the Brutal Killing of Mariam Moustafa in the UK

Iran: Women join protests in Tehran, Ahwaz, Mashhad, Hashtgerd

Power to Women under Turkey's New Action Plan

Canada Seeks Backing Egyptian Woman In Entrepreneurship: Amb.

Women Fight for Release of Loved Ones Held by Yemen's Houthi Regime amid Torture Claims

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Islam’s religious values are separate from laws of countries, including views on women’s rights. In Islam, based on Ali’s interpretation of the Quran, freedom and respect are never rights denied to women.  She cites a verse in the holy book that says “it is not lawful for you to inherit women by compulsion. And do not make difficulties for them in order to take back part of what you gave them, unless they commit a clear immorality. And live with them in kindness.”...


Online Outrage at Sudan Death Sentence for Girl Allegedly Raped

‘My driver sisters:’ New traffic signs in Saudi Arabia address women drivers

Pakistan:  Police Foil Bid To Marry Minor Girl Off In Swara to Settle Family Dispute

Islamabad Airport Security Female Personnel Being ‘Forced’ To Wear Hijab

Iran: Pharmacy Denies Medicine to Mal-Veiled Woman, Ill With Cancer

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Kasur Rape Victim's Father to Sue Pakistan TV Channel for Making Telefilm on Daughter

Women Standing in Iraq Election Battling Abuse Including Sex Tapes

First Muslim Woman from Telangana to Crack UPSC Has A Message

Egyptian Weightlifter Sara Samir Raises the Bar for Women

Karnataka Election 2018: Muslim Woman Asked To Remove Burqa at Polling Booth, Starts to Cry

Militants Continue To Target Girl Schools in North Waziristan

Iran: Plundered women and female students protest in Tehran, Orumiyeh

Iran: An Elementary Girl’s Hair Is Cut At School Formal-Veiling

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Bahraini Girl Reaches Everest Base Camp At 13

Saudi Designer Points the Way for Women Drivers

Women Are Most Oppressed In Iran – Maryam Rajavi

Iran: Number of Women Prisoners Twice the Prisons’ Capacity

Somali Woman Stoned To Death by Al-Shabab Terrorists for ‘Marrying 11 Men’

Women Police Stations in Sindh Renamed As ‘Women and Children Protection Unit’

Iran: Women actively participated in teachers’ nationwide protests

Turkey, Google Join Forces for Digital Literacy for Women

Bahrain Airport Company attends Women Power Summit

Iran Clinches 2018 AFC Women’s Futsal Championship Final Spot

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Berlin Court Bars Woman with Muslim Headscarf from Teaching Primary School

‘Afghan Mona Lisa’ Worries About Spiralling Security Threats after Repatriation

Lebanon's Winning Women: Six Females Voted Into Parliament

Iran: 37,000 Marriages Of Girl Children Under 15 Years In One Year

New Bylaws for Female Chauffeur Service in Saudi

Two Girls’ Schools Hit By Bomb Explosions in North Waziristan

Women Harasses a Man in Sindh via Facebook and WhatsApp

WOW Club ‘Super Women’ Fair a Ground-Breaking Event

Women Health Care Professionals Honoured By DHCA

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Killing Women and Some Men In The Name Of Honour Continues Apace In Pakistan
Rafia Zakaria

The only way to end this kind of crime, which kills scores in brutal ways within the country and allots Pakistan a reputation for misogyny and barbarity the world over, is to make sure that these steps are carried out, that laws that do not work are replaced with ones that do....


'How Can Women Replace Qazis': 1st Female Waqf Scholars Unsettle Many

Kenyan Islamic Leaders Speak Out against Female Genital Mutilation

Islamic Centre to Encourage Women to Hold Leadership Positions

EEOC Sues Employer That Fired Muslim Women over Skirts

Smear Campaigns Shame Iraqi Women Candidates into Withdrawing From Polls

Iran: 18-Year-Old Mother, Three High school Girls Commit Suicide

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Number of Female Lawyers on the Rise in Saudi Arabia

Tunisian Capital Gets First Woman Mayor

Saudi Women Seeking Driver Jobs to Face Tough Restrictions

Afghan Girl Coders Design Games to Fight Opium and Inequality

Statistics Reveal Declining Unemployment Rate among Saudi Women

Saudi Couple Meet Indonesian Maid They Forgave For Murder of Their Child

Egypt: 'Divorce Radio' Is Giving Women Guidance and Support in the Face of Divorce

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Kerala Woman ‘Confined’ By Mother for Two Years for Affair with Muslim Rescued

‘Adrenaline Junkie’ Women Bikers Practice Ahead Of Saudi Driving Ban Lift

Malala Condemns Assassination Attempt on Ahsan Iqbal

Malaysia Election: UMNO Women's Wing Making Headway in Rural Kelantan

Iran Jails 16 Women for Joining Daesh in Syria

Samar Saleh: First Saudi Woman to Be Appointed Commercial Attaché

Turkey: In A Land Of Men, Women Have Few Title Deeds

Three Islamic State Arab Female Members Arrested In Nineveh: Source

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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