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Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Islamic State has given money to prospective allies. The group has accrued substantial financial resources in Iraq and Syria from smuggling oil, selling stolen goods, kidnapping and extortion, seizing bank accounts and smuggling antiquities. In Nigeria, for example, Islamic State used its booty to aid cash-strapped Boko Haram, which had suffered military setbacks at the hands of the Nigerian and neighbouring government forces....


Children in Pakistan Face Countless Dangers from State or Non-State Actors
Zeeba T Hashmi

One of the gravest concerns that should be on the priority list of the government, besides educational reforms, is to prevent our children and youth from being recruited by jihadist organisations, Madrasa (seminaries) and the militant wings of political parties. Pakistan has not lived up to its frequent commitments of regularising the Madrasa despite a crying need to do so. Moreover, Pakistan has not been able to control the finances these seminaries have been getting....


ISIS Slaughter in the Sacred Syrian City of Palmyra: The Survivors' Stories
Robert Fisk

“The Daesh forced the people to leave the bodies in the streets for three days,” Ahmed continued. “They were not allowed to pick up the bodies or bury them without permission. The corpses were all over the city. My family said the Daesh came to our house, two foreign men – one appeared to be an Afghan, the other from Tunisia or Morocco because he had a very heavy accent – and then they left. They killed three female nurses. One was killed in her home, another in her uncle’s house, a third on the street....


While the Islamic State seeks recruits and volunteers from all corners of the globe, some of its most valuable and dangerous new members are coming from Central Asia and other ethnic Turkic regions. From the Republic of Georgia to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan to western China, hundreds of committed fighters, many with valuable military experience or training, are either traveling to Syria or Iraq to fight with the Islamic State or pledging allegiance to the group in their home countries....

Is It Called ‘Terrorism’ Or ‘Violent Extremism’?
Faisal J. Abbas

However, the next part in the Canadian definition is even more alarming as it suggests that “Radical thinking is by no means a problem in itself” and explains that it (radical thinking) only becomes a threat to national security “when Canadian citizens, residents or groups promote or engage in violence as a means of furthering their radical political, ideological or religious views....


Forget Will to Fight, Iraq is In Free Fall
Fareed Zakaria

The vast majority of Sunnis oppose Daesh and flee every place it seizes. But they cannot find towns where they can resettle. The ethnic cleansing of Iraq — with Shias moving to Shia areas, and Kurds and Sunnis doing the same — began with the civil war in 2006 but has accelerated dramatically. Even Baghdad, which was a diverse and mixed city, has been segregated into sectarian ethnic enclaves and become mostly Shia....


ISIS Attracts Because Arab Systems Repel
Rami G. Khouri

We know from polls over the past decade that nearly half of all young people in the poorer Arab states see their government institutions as lacking credibility or even legitimacy, but most of them do not join ISIS or undertake an equally desperate action. The bottom line is that so many of these people see ISIS as a viable, if desperate, last alternative to their current life....

Elimination of Terrorism
Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi

Elimination of Terrorism
Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi

Some Muslim organisations have initiated efforts to counter extremist thinking as per their available resources but this endeavour is on a very nominal level. The Pakistan Ulema Council has been carrying out a struggle to contain extremist thinking through a systematic campaign but at the government level, effort has never been made to support such campaigns against the militant mindset. The need of the hour is that those Muslim leaders and clerics, who are regarded with respect by the youth, should come forward and denounce the extremist mindset….

The north-eastern Nigerian city was accustomed to violence — Maiduguri, considered a stronghold of the militant group Boko Haram, has been under fire for years. But the suicide bombing on Jan. 10 was a whole new kind of horrifying: A young girl, no more than 10 years old, had been turned into a weapon of war. “It’s something quite new, and it’s disturbing, using these young, young girls wearing Hijabs,” a top federal police official told the Times....


The destitute and yet devoutly religious people of Afghanistan were content with their way of life, exercising greater jihad in the face of many hardships. They neither fought each other, despite their poverty in a multi-ethnic country with the countless difficulties of a rugged terrain, nor did they ever venture out to harm others outside of their borders....


The State of the Caliphate: The Fortunes of War

In Iraq the jihadists had been pushed out of 25% of the territory they had grabbed in their blitzkrieg advance a year ago and been expelled from Tikrit, Saddam Hussein’s hometown. There was even talk of an offensive later in the year to retake Mosul, Iraq’s second-biggest city....


Bangladesh: Bloggers in Peril
Shahedul Anam Khan

Four bloggers in Bangladesh have fallen victim to the wrath of extremists who choose violence to articulate their differences. It is only very recently that in Bangladesh the word ‘blog’, or for that matter ‘bloggers’, has come to be seen in pejorative terms by some quarters. Bloggers in general are being portrayed as sinister people involved in vilification, defamation and disparagement of religion, particularly Islam....


Filling the Political Vacuum: IS is Witnessing a Rebirth at a Time When It Should Be Diminishing
Osama Al Sharif

IS fighters were able to capture the strategic Syrian city of Tadmur with its world heritage ruins of Palmyra, as Syrian government forces pulled back suddenly even after repulsing the first wave of attack. Few days later IS militants took over Al-Walid border point; allowing them to link large swaths of territory between eastern Syria and western Iraq….


Choosing the Known Devil in Desperation
Gwynne Dyer

The Islamic State and the Al Nusra Front are both takfiri groups who believe that Muslims who do not follow their own extreme version of Sunni Islam are ‘apostates’, not real Muslims, and that they deserve to be killed. Around one-third of Syria’s population are ‘apostates’ by this definition — Alawites, other Shias, and Druze — and they are all at great risk....


ISIS is Not Misleading Us through Media Disinformation
Diana Moukalled

ISIS is exactly as it presents itself: a blind killing machine whose violence and love for control has no limits. Yes, ISIS is launching a psychological and propaganda war and it’s succeeding at that. However this organization, which the entire world is supposed to be fighting, is still capable of expanding and achieving gains on ground....


I wanted to understand how European children were falling for this propaganda, and to grasp the mindset of soldiers who spent their days torturing, stealing, raping, killing, and their nights staring into their computers and bragging. Perhaps this man would give me an insight. For now, however, it was getting late, and my boyfriend, Milan, was due to come round....


Qatif is the Pride of Saudi Arabia
Abdulateef Al-Mulhim

The people of Qatif enjoy the love and respect of all the people in the Kingdom. Thus, it would be impossible for the IS or any other terrorist outfit or country to drive a wedge between Saudis. Sunnis or Shiites in the Kingdom are citizens enjoying equal rights and opportunities....


Baghdadi, You Are Wrong
Mike Ghouse

Al-Baghdadi, the self proclaimed Caliph of ISIL released an audio message on May 14, misrepresenting the values dearly held by millions of Muslims for fourteen centuries. He said, "Islam was never a religion of peace. Islam is the religion of fighting” and added, “It is the war of Muslims against infidels....

Educated Militants
Huma Yusuf

In a Pakistani context, the obvious example is MIT graduate Aafia Siddiqui. Militants ranging from Osama bin Laden to the Nigerian ‘underwear bomber’ have hailed from affluent families and earned college degrees before turning to jihad....


The Islamic State (IS) caliph’s recent remarks about the knowledge, competence and credentials of Mullah Omar, the Taliban’s caliph, have not merely spawned the strange scenario of two contending caliphs muddling the most flaunted Muslim concept of a single unrivalled Caliphate but are also feared to be fuelling fresh turf wars among terrorists trampling various regions....


Saudi Suicide Bombing: Shi'ite Stronghold Qatif was a Sunni Terrorist Target Waiting to Happen
Gianluca Mezzofiore

In Saudi Arabia, this tension has only been fuelled by the war in Yemen, which pits the Sunni Wahabbi Saudi government against the Shia Houthi rebels, who are widely perceived to be backed by Iran, the Shia powerhouse in the Middle East and Riyadh's main rival….


Rather than inducing panic in Western capitals, it should lead to a realistic assessment of the Islamic State’s strengths and weaknesses. One setback in a long war must not trigger hasty strategic shifts that lead to foreign countries’ becoming mired in Iraq once more….


An American in Mumbai
Khaled Ahmed

Nadir Soofi, a Pakistani American born to a conservative, religious Pakistani father from a “military family” and an American mother, was shot dead by Texas police as he and a friend were about to assault a “blaspheming” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas....


An ‘Indian Brother’ Finds Mention In Al-Qaeda Leader Osama Bin Laden’s Diary
Praveen Swami

Newly released documents recovered from Osama bin Laden’s safe house in Abbottabad show the al-Qaeda leader received multiple payments from an individual he identified as “the Indian brother in Madinah”....


In the West erroneous views are basically determined by the lack of knowledge of Jihad and its role for Muslims. Common myths about this noble practice are perceived as ‘holy war’: Islam is spread by force by sword or guns: it is wrongly equated with acts of violence/terrorism against civilians and suicide bombings: and Islam / Quran promotes clash of civilization….


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