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The Arabs to whom the Quran was revealed first seem to have ignored Quran’s historical dimension of FATABIRU. In the name of preventing people from shirk (setting up partners with God) they have destroyed many landmarks of Islamic history in Arabia. Going by the fact that the Arabs continue to destroy the remaining remnants of the Islamic past, in future there will not a be single historical proof of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his message on earth. The detractors of Islam may even say that Muhammad (pbuh) was a fictitious personality because they do not find any historical or academic proof of their existence in Makkah or Madinah....

One thousand years ago, Muslims, Christians and Jews sauntered down the same cobbled pathways in the sun-drenched cities of southern Spain, living, flourishing and contributing to Andalusia’s fashionable society and culture…..


Last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar wrote poetry in Punjabi, too, and had his works published at Royal Press situated inside Red Fort in 1855. A mathematics professor of Benaras College John Thompson had his A Hindustani-English Dictionary published in 1881 and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, known as the brain behind Aligarh Muslim University had written A'thar-as-Sanadid....


Encroachments of Pathan-Era Monuments in Delhi Eat Up Slice of History By Richi Verma


In honour of International Women’s Day, I thought it would be interesting to introduce people to several names of important Muslim women in history that they may not have encountered before. Although the names of such extraordinary figures as the Empress Theodora, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Joan of Arc, Anne Boleyn, Caterina Sforza, and Elizabeth I are generally well-known, their counterparts in the medieval and early modern Muslim world are not.....


Redevelopment of Mecca: Bulldozers Bear Down On Site of Mohamed’s Birth
David Usborne

The Saudi royal family are adherents of the Wahabi faith, an austere interpretation of Islam that has served as the kingdom’s official religion ever since the al-Sauds rose to power across the Arabian Peninsula in the 19th century. The kingdom’s rulers, who deny Mohamed was born in what is known as the House of Mawlid, are opposed to preserving relics of the Prophet because they say it encourages Shirk, the sin of worshipping idols other than God....

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A cautionary tale of a vibrant and thriving culture lost in time, these photographs collected on a community Facebook page in Afghanistan are likely to leave you in disbelief. The country we’re so often shown today is comparable to a broken medieval society, but not so long ago, the barren landscape was dotted with stylish buildings, women wore pencil skirts and teenagers shopped at record stores.

As you browse the photos that capture progress, hope and that rock’n'roll spirit in the air, keep in mind the implications of what happened to this culture in just a few decades....

Another Lesson in History
C. M. Naim, New Age Islam

Another Lesson in History
C. M. Naim, New Age Islam

Whenever I read such ‘historical’ accounts, and it is sadly too often, my first impulse is to wonder: do Pakistani Urdu newspapers have editors and sub-editors? Or do they have only wealthy and privileged owners, with hordes of cowering minions, and a changing stable of fantasizing columnists? Some of the latter seem equally privileged, for many often describe the meals and trips they enjoy with assorted bigwigs of Pakistan....


This foundation of this mosque was laid by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in 622 CE. The original mosque was an open-air structure covered with palm fronds. It had a raised platform for the recitation of the Qur'an. It was a rectangular enclosure of 30mx35m with a roof more than 2 meters in height. It had three doors Bab Al-Rahmah, Bab Gariel, and Bab Al-Nisa. A shaded platform was created inside known as Suffah. This is known in Arabic as "Dakka Ashab Al-Suffah" place for the companions of Suffah….


My Visit to Bibi Zainab’s (AS) Shrine: Memories Cannot Be Destroyed
Zain Gardezi

Bibi Zainab (AS) will always remain an inspiration to everyone fighting against tyranny and oppression. As for the place at which she was buried, it will always remain in the hearts of those who cherish it and remember it. If only those who attacked it had a heart of their own, they would understand the transcendental value of what they destroyed....


The surprising thing is that those who played an important role in the establishment of the Islamic civilisation were not Muslims in the first place, according to the standards of the Wahhabi Islam that has wielded a severe blow to the religion of Muslims. They were Kafirs and Satans. The rulers who led this phase of the Islamic development, such as Al Amin, Al Mamun, Al Mu’tasim and others were Mutazillah and preferred intellect to imitation. They had the belief in the status of the Quran as something created. The movement of translation that is considered as the foundation stone of this civilisation was initiated by the Christians who were experts in Greek and Siryani languages. As for the roles of other characters of this movement such as Farabi, Ibn-e-Sina, Razi, Hafiz, Ibn-e-Rushd, Abul Nawas, Ibn-e-Rumi, Al Muri and others, they were unanimously declared Kafirs by many big religious scholars of the nation such as Ghazali, Ibn Al Salah, Ibn-e-Taimiyyah, Ibn al Qayyim and the kings following their path and all the extremist jurists of the Hanbali school who even today roam about with the dagger of Takfir in their hands....

Tipu Sultan - India's Brave King against the Mighty British Empire
Mike Ghouse

Tipu was a secular King in the times when it was not a common thing. Dr. Gowda's research is an eye opener. Unfortunately, a few right wingers in India have maligned him for the excesses’ done by his fanatic deputies in Kerala and Mangalore, where they forced Hindus and Christians to convert to Islam. On the contrary, Tipu granted lands to build temples, and he defended the Sringeri Matt (Hindu Sanctuary) from attacks from Marathas, and has protected the Ranganatha Temple in Srirangapatna....

Causes For The Rise And Fall Of The Muslims
Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

The major reason for the fall was that democracy did not last beyond the fourth Caliph and the Caliphate became a dynasty from the fifth Caliph. This did not pose a serious problem as long as the Caliphate was in good hands. In dynasties however, one bad ruler can in the space of a generation or over two decades, undo the good work of several centuries. This invariably proves to be the undoing of all dynasties. Prodigal luxury and boundless wealth soon corrupt those with absolute power. The competition that is inherent in a democracy is absent in dynastic rules....

“Give him alms, woman, for nothing in this life is sadder than being blind in Granada,” said Mexican poet Francisco de Icaza. Famous worldwide for the Alhambra, the city has much more to offer, especially for those with a passion for Islamic history.  Over five hundred and twenty years have passed since that time (and one thousand years since Granada was founded), but the city’s main attractions remain the Nasrid and Zirid monuments in the Alhambra and Albayzín,....


History of Muslims in Britain: Queen Elizabeth I to George I
Nabil Matar
The first English Qur’an was published in 1649, and although it was prefaced by a hostile diatribe, the edition proved so popular that there was a quick re-issue, which worried the Interregnum authorities. As the collection of Islamic manuscripts grew at the Bodleian, having been started under the auspices of Archbishop William Laud in the 1620s and 30s, numerous scholars approached the study of Islam, for the first time in British history, through Islam’s own sources. The result was an impressive and detailed range of information about Islam that challenged traditional views.


 The mention of Saudi Arabia often leads people to envision an oil-rich, nearly-empty desert where Islam originated. For some extreme Islamists, pagan antiquities are sinful. Before the Washington exhibit opened, an Egyptian fundamentalist threatened to destroy pre-Islamic monuments, like the ancient Sphinx and the Pyramids, if he's able to....

Myth and Mythology of Events
Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

Myth and Mythology of Events
Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

One such historic event for Muslims is the momentous event of Karbala and Imam Hussein bin Ali’s death, accompanied by about seventy of his supporters and family members, including an infant child at the hands of the army of Yazeed; considered a villain, the son of Muawiyah. This occurred only about fifty years after Rasulluah’s death around sixty one Hijri. Prior to this tragic event a similar situation had emerged, when Imam Hassan bin Ali confronted Muawiyah to challenge his grab for power. Imam Ali the fourth Khalifa had appointed his son Hassan to take over after his death. That occurred at the hands of an assassin!...

Martyrdom of Hussain: A Symbol for Oppressed People All Over the World
Aamir Raza Husain

Husain also died that afternoon, but there was no lap for him to rest his wounded head. His body was desecrated, his head was cut off and his lifeless body was crushed under hooves of horses and left in the desert of Karbala. But his message lived, carried to the world by his sister Zainab. In the last fourteen hundred years, the sacrifice of Husain has become a symbol for oppressed people all over the world....

The Saudis Are Bulldozing Islam's Heritage. Why the Silence from the Muslim World?
Damian Thompson

As for Islam’s second holiest place, the city of Medina, a recent article by Jerome Taylor in the Independent revealed a megalomaniac plan to pull down three 7th-century mosques. Taylor added: “Ten years ago, a mosque which belonged to the Prophet’s grandson was dynamited. Pictures of the demolition that were secretly taken and smuggled out of the kingdom showed the religious police celebrating.”...

Medina: Saudis Take a Bulldozer to Islam's History
Jerome Taylor

Three of the world’s oldest mosques are about to be destroyed as Saudi Arabia embarks on a multi-billion-pound expansion of Islam’s second holiest site. Anger is already growing at the kingdom’s apparent disdain for preserving the historical and archaeological heritage of the country’s holiest city, Mecca.  Most of the expansion of Masjid an-Nabawi will take place to the west of the existing mosque, which holds the tombs of Islam’s founder and two of his closest companions, Abu Bakr and Umar....


Muslim World Stunned By S. Arabia`s Plan To Destroy Prophet`s Mosque

Fars News Agency


Makkah to Have 100 New Towers

UAE Government News


Article Accuses Saudi regime of Politicizing Pilgrimage

Al-Quds al-Arabi Online

Chapter 54 of the Quran was revealed eight years before hijrah (The Bounteous Koran, M.M. Khatib, 1985), indicating that it was revealed in 614 CE. If Ayesha started living with the Prophet at the age of nine in 623 CE or 624 CE, she was a newborn infant (sibyah in Arabic) at the time that Surah Al-Qamar (The Moon) was revealed. According to the above tradition, Ayesha was actually a young girl, not an infant in the year of revelation of Al-Qamar. Jariyah means young playful girl (Lane’s Arabic English Lexicon). So, Ayesha, being a jariyah not a sibyah (infant), must be somewhere between 6-13 years old at the time of revelation of Al-Qamar, and therefore must have been 14-21 years at the time she married the Prophet.

Ahadith and Politics in Early Muslim Community
Dr. Adis Duderija is a research associate at the University of Melbourne, Islamic Studies

It seems that the large bulk of the rules and regulations pertaining to hadith methodology was formed by the proliferating ahadith material whose content (matn) was neither systematically criticised nor disturbed as long as its isnad (chain of narrators) was sound as defined by traditional scholars of ahadith science. Young Muslim community, after the Messenger's death went through very tumultuous times. Schisms rooted in differing political, theological and legal understandings of what Islam is supposed to represent emerged. …

A Region at War with Its History
Fareed Zakaria is editor of Newsweek International

There are less medieval factors. It has long been apparent that the dictatorships of the Middle East form close alliances with religious leaders to crowd out other leaders and groups. Coupled with a historically weak civil society, this has created a one-sided political system in which religious parties enjoy powerful advantages in ideology, organization and, perhaps most of all, lack of competition. …

A Brief History of Modernity
Aakar Patel is a director with Hill Road Media

The history of modernity reads approximately like this. Around the time of Buddha, 500 years before Christ, the world was an ignorant place. It had little science. Reason was subordinate to power. As easterners, as Hindus and Muslims, should we accept this sequence as pure? Are we mere recipients of modern culture or participants? Did we have any contribution to make? …

Kemal Ataturk and the Punjab Government
Yasser Latif Hamdani is a practicing lawyer

It is clear that Jinnah’s admiration for Ataturk went beyond mere tribute. To him Ataturk and his secular Turkey were examples for all Muslims, and indeed all people to follow. Under Jinnah’s presidency, Muslim League celebrated the Kemal Day on Ataturk’s birthday. The Muslims of South Asia have had a long and emotional relationship with the Turks and especially Kemal Ataturk… 

Vatican 'wants to see' 1,500-year-old ancient script Has been hidden by Turkish state for 12 years Handwritten in gold-lettered Aramaic The 1,500-year-old tome was is said to contain Jesus' early teachings and his prediction of the Prophet's coming. In line with Islamic belief, the Gospel treats Jesus as a human being and not a God….

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