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This Is What the Quran Actually Says About Blasphemy

But they won’t, because blasphemy laws don’t exist to protect God: they exist to protect the fragile egos of corrupt clerics. Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation and has long stood as a beacon of hope. But Governor Ahok’s conviction, along with the ongoing violent persecution of Indonesia’s Ahmadi Muslims, threatens this thriving democracy’s future.....

This casual attitude must be contrasted with that of the Companions. They not only knew the language of the Quran better than anyone else, they were witnesses to its very revelation. Yet, they did not dare interpret it without first learning it, verse by verse, from the Prophet (PBUH) himself. And even then they exercised extreme caution in making comments about the Quran. Sayyidna Abu Bakr (RA), said:”Which land will give me protection and which sky will give me cover if I say something in interpreting the Quran without knowledge.”...

Grounding Religion in Mysticism
Dr Muhammad Maroof Shah

Metaphysics/mysticism is the Sun that illuminates the moon called religion. Mysticism is the fragrance and fruit of a flower called religion. The inner religion of moral, intellectual and spiritual elite is called mysticism. Religion is marriage and mysticism is love that makes it a joy. Metaphysics is the fire of the burning bush and the Sun of truth that burns the weaker mortals who need screened filtered soothing light of religion. Religion is the veil of a Houri or bride called mysticism....


Tolerant Islam already has broad acceptance in the Muslim world. In Morocco, for example, the constitution recognizes Islam as the state religion, but also protects other religions. Morocco teaches tolerance in all its schools, especially those training clergy. In a first in the Arab world, Morocco trained and appointed hundreds of women preachers and gave women equal rights in the household. We also find tolerant Islam in Turkey and Indonesia, where secularism is enshrined in their constitutions....

The message of egalitarianism in the Quran was an impetus for the progress of women during the period of revelation and immediately thereafter. The Quran’s re-positioning of women’s status was radical for seventh century Arabia and the principle of equality was meant to be a seed that would grow and inspire and transform society by according women their due status....

Everyone is a Traveller towards Death
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

Everyone is a Traveller towards Death
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

Death is to leap from the known world into an unknown one. It is to leave ‘one’s own’ world and enter ‘someone else’s’. How utterly astounding this happening is! And yet man’s heedlessness is so utterly strange that even though he sees people dying all around him, he does not get astounded by it! Every person’s death is a loud announcement to other people, calling out to them: “The fate that befell me will befall you, too!” But, yet, people remain completely unmindful of their impending death, of the day when, in a state of utter helplessness, they will have to give themselves up to the angels....


Is Polygamy Constitutionally Valid? Is It Un-Quranic?
Javed Anand

The patriarchs of Islam forget to remind their flock of two other relevant verses of the Quran which read: “You will not be able to treat all women equally even if you wish to do so” (4:129), or, “Allah has not made for any man two hearts” (33.4). It has been left to women (some men too) scholars of Islam such as Amina Wadud, Asma Barlas and others to point out that the continued justification of polygamy is not a Quranic licence but a convenient male construct.....

A Guide to Islamic Da’wah
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

A Guide to Islamic Da’wah
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

In contrast to the renunciation of the world and physical self denial, the Islamic concept of spirituality lays stress on being in the midst of life, facing all the difficulties and hardships, and performing all the activities with the sole objective of seeking the pleasure of God. Man is God’s vicegerent and must fulfil the specified duties and obligations.  Far from proselytising and inducing others to change their religion or way of life against their free will, Islam does permit use of coercive, aggressive or violent efforts even while exhorting people to the common good of whole mankind….

Justice: The Epitome of Islam
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

Justice: The Epitome of Islam
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

Justice is one word that captures the essence of all Islamic laws and all Islamic teachings;   that describes the overriding value that permeates all Islamic values. The Quran says: “We sent aforetime our messengers with clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance that men may stand forth in Justice.” [Q 57:25] The primary purpose of sending the prophets was to establish Justice in the world and end injustice.  Justice is the cardinal value of any civilized society and has been the cornerstone and bedrock of all great civilizations….

This study is an attempt at understanding the phrase The Right Religion [الدِّينُالْقَيِّمُ] in its usage across the Quran, in the context of the Creator God’s absolute right to decree and command; and through His guidance, understand the reason why there should be no change in Allah’s creation, especially in human nature....


Anyone Who Says the Quran Advocates Terrorism Obviously Hasn't Read Its Lessons on Violence
Qasim Rashid

The Quran requires that you read it in full. No “cafeteria Quran” here. As Quran 3:8 says, “We believe in it, the whole is from our Lord.” Isis and Islamophobes instead cherry pick. Quran 3:8 pre-emptively calls out people who cherry pick as “perverse” people, declaring, “…those in whose hearts is perversity seek discord and wrong interpretation of [the Quran].”....

In various Islamic discourses, the term ‘Ilm appears very frequently both in the Qur’ān and the Hadith. ‘Ilm derived from the root word ‘-l-m means the cognitive understanding of a particular thing and thereafter its acquisition. The terms like ‘Ilm, Hikmah, Ma‘rifah, Fiqh etc―and their verbs and verbal derivatives―time and again find their representation in Qur’ān and Ḥadi̇̄th that further adds to the characteristic beauty of ‘Ilm.....


In fact, every organ in one’s body has levels of faith which one needs to obtain. Allah has prescribed faith to each organ that is distinct from each other. One organ may have faith whilst the other may not. For example one may not commit the sin of back biting on his tongue, but his mind if full of suspicions and doubts. Interestingly,  It is said that the ‘Aql (intellect) is the prince of your organs, which means if one wants to conquer his body, he must strive to control and make the mind and heart submissive first....


Feud in Ajmer Dargah: Is It An 'Apostasy' To Speak For The Ban On Cow Slaughter And Triple Talaq?
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

As a matter of fact, much like the Bhakti tradition in Hinduism, Sufism in Islam has always been a glue for harmony and social affinity in India. As long as Hindus and Muslims followed the universal values and the essential ideals of Sufism or Bhaktimat, religious discord did not prevail in the country. But both seem to have lost their spiritual paths under the influence of the political motives.....

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Is Eating Meat an Obligatory Act in Islam?

Faith (Iman) begins with the recognition of the truth in the heart (Qalb). Faith (Iman) is linked with the spiritual, inner dimensions, particularly the heart. It is when the knowledge obtained has been tied to ones existence (Wujood). It also explains why matters which require faith, in Islam are called عقاءد Aqaid.....

The Myths about Islamic Polygamy
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

The Myths about Islamic Polygamy
Moin Qazi, New Age Islam

The Qur’anic institution of polygamy is a piece of social legislation which  was designed not to gratify the male sexual appetite and lust , but was intended  to correct the injustices done to widows, orphans, and other female dependants, who are  especially vulnerable. It ensured that unprotected women were decently married, and   old loose, irresponsible liaisons of men were abolished and morality was restored and upheld. The Qur’an permitted polygamy as a solution to the pressing social welfare problems during the time of revelation, roughly 1,400 years ago. The reasons behind polygamy had nothing to do with satiating men’s sexual appetites or curbing their wandering eyes.  ….

One point is amply clear to those who observe and study the strategies employed by rightwing religio-political groups and also terrorist groups: use religion and religious sentiments and constantly push that narrative to suppress rational voices. Religio-political groups do not indulge in violence directly, but the narrative gives space to violence-prone groups and also to individuals and lynch mobs. The victims are the very voices the state needs if it wants to turn the situation around, develop a counter-narrative and stem the rising tide of extremism, extremist action, and violence.....



An Open Letter to Islamist Extremists, from the Other Muslims of the World
Furqan Shaikh

You have discarded the majority of Quranic passages as abrogated, disregarded a thousand years of learned majority opinion, declared war without legitimate authority, transgressed all bounds regarding the proper conduct of war, failed to discriminate between combatants and innocent civilians, used the forbidden act of suicide as a military tactic, forced conversion upon non-Muslims, declared Takfir against Muslims, expelled millions from their homes, violated international treaties, belied the very name of the religion, smeared the reputation of its followers around the globe, and plunged the Islamic world into its dark ages. In each one of these, you have directly contravened the message of the Quran....

This Masjid is that of Ahl-e-Sunnat?
Paighambar Naugawanvi, Tr. New Age Islam

This Masjid is that of Ahl-e-Sunnat?
Paighambar Naugawanvi

When I finished praying, a person—possibly the imam of the mosque, who was engaged in conversation with some other people in the courtyard of the mosque—called and said to me, “Where have you come from?” I replied, “From Naugawan Sadat”. That person said, “This mosque belongs to Ahle Sunnat Wal Jama’at with Maslak-e-Ala Hazrat Barelvi. Muslims from other sects are not allowed to enter this mosque. I have informed you so that later you cannot blame me for insulting. Do not come to this mosque.” ...

Suffice to say, one can never truly know or appreciate that which is infinite. Any knowledge when contrasted to God’s knowledge, pales in comparison and is ignorance! We even see this attitude adopted by our Holy Imams in their supplications to Allah. They, whom are the inheritors of the Prophet’s knowledge, the trustees of Allah confess their ignorance and incapability towards truly knowing and praising Allah.....


On The Religious Sentiment:  Look For a Better Moral High Ground than Empty Religiosity
Babar Mirza

But that is not that. While no hanging of a blasphemer accused through judicial process has yet been reported, a 2012 study by the Centre for Research and Security Studies estimated that 52 people were murdered extra judicially since 1990 for being implicated in blasphemy charges, including 25 Muslims, 15 Christians, five Ahmadis (a religious group whose very existence is considered blasphemous by mainstream Islamic sects), one Buddhist, and a Hindu. From the viewpoint of secular human rights discourse, blasphemy in general and against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in particular is a freedom of speech issue. However, this viewpoint is too limited to deal with the theocracy in the garb of democracy that has ruled Pakistan since 1973....

Blasphemous Blasphemers: It Is Allah, the All-Knowing, All-Powerful, Who Protects His People; Not the People Who Protect Him
Brig Shaukat Qadir

For fear of your new-found stature, like that of the killer of blasphemers, Mumtaz Qadri, no one will dare try you. And if tried and convicted, your judge will have to flee the country for fear of reprisal. Shame on us, the educated citizens of this benighted country, for falling so low....

A Matter of Opinion: Most, Not All, Fatwas Are, Have Been, and Can Be, Safely Ignored
Sidin Vadukut

Each Hadith consists of two parts, the Matan, or the content itself, and the Isnad, or the chain of people who transmitted this tradition orally from generation to generation. Islamic scholars of the ninth century and afterwards carried out rigorous attempts to authenticate these Ahadith in different ways. Yet the authenticity of the Ahadith has remained a point of contention for centuries. ....

Need for a New ‘League of the Virtuous’ (Hilf al-Fudul)That Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) Had Joined 20 Years before Prophethood
Waris Mazhari

This coming closer together of various religious groups is in line with the Prophet’s saying that all creatures are [part of] God’s family. The Hilf al-Fudul underlies the need for us to unite this family of God by rising above religious and other ideological differences and working together for protecting and promoting common human values.....

معرفة unlike علم is that which is always preceded by ignorance! It is that which requires contemplation and thought to bring about the knowledge. This is why God is described as العالم (the All-Knower) but cannot be described as ‘A’rif. God does not need to contemplate a thing to know it, nor does He encounter a state of ignorance or forgetfulness. Transcendent be Thy name!....

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